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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 24, 2016 6:00am-9:01am PST

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kristin fisher be part of it next year. >> it was ugly at the 5k. >> that p haep thanksgiving, everybody. have a great day with your family. >> enjoy the parade. enjoy fox. >> the trump administration taking shape day by day with the president-elect making more and more appointments and, in fact, new announcements expected right after the thanksgiving holiday. good morning, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett live in "america's newsroom." heather: and i'm heather childers. bill and march that are out, but -- martha are out, but we are in. gregg: and the parade just outside our windows. heather: mr. trump naming the first two women to his administration, south carolina governor nikki haley accepting the post of u.n. ambassador while michigan republican donor betsy devos is tapped as the next secretary of education.
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as we wait to see who boards the trump train next, dr. ben carson says that he is weighing an offer to be hud secretary. president-elect trump meantime releasing a thanksgiving video calling for national unity. >> we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly, unfortunately. but we have before us the chance mow to make history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities including our inner cities. gregg: garrett tenney is live in washington with more. garrett, how are folks reacting thus far to these new cabinet picks? >> reporter: there's a lot for republicans to be happy about. the president-elect is adding diversity to his cabinet with these two women. you mentioned bette city devos -- betsy devos.
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she's a longtime advocate and national leader in the push for the expansion of charter schools and school vouchers, and like nikki haley, she was not a trump supporter throughout the republican primaries, so her selection is another indication that mr. trump is continuing to look outside of his inner circle as he pieces together his administration. there are already some signs though that devos could face pushback. teachers unions and several prominent democrats have already come out criticizing her nomination. gregg: and, gater, as we understand it -- and garrett, as we understand it, there are a few others we may hear about soon, right? >> reporter: yeah, as soon as tomorrow. secretary of commerce is one of those, and billionaire investor wilbur ross is expected to take that role. another cabinet post that we're waiting on is the head of housing and urban development, and after saying last week he was not interested in serving in
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government, dr. ben carson has now been offered that post. last night he told "the kelly file" that he's still mulling over that decision though. >> we did, in fact, have a discussion about things that needed to be to done in this country and when the various options were, whether i could do it from inside the government or outside the government. the offer is on the table, and there are a lot of other possibilities that we're considering. we're considering which is the way that i can be most effective. gregg: now, a couple other big posts are secretary of defense and the secretary of state. retired marine general james mattis is still seen as the likely and leading candidate to head the pentagon, and we have heard from some sources that former gof nominee mitt romney -- gop nominee mitt romney is mr. trump's top pick to head the state department. no announcements today so, again, tomorrow is when we're
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expecting to hear a couple more. gregg: we'll be talking about romney as secretary of state, garrett tenney, thank you. heather: huckabee said he should have them sign a loyalty pledge. [laughter] joining me now is sarah westwood, white house correspondent for the washington examiner. happy thanksgiving and thank you so much for joining us today. how you doing? >> i'm good. happy thanksgiving to you too. heather: so we heard garrett just mention two women, adding diversity to his nominees for his cabinet. let's start with nikki haley and her thoughts on her, his choice for ambassador to the u.n. >> right. nikki haley is the first appointment in the cabinet, she was announced before betsy devos of someone who posed donald trump during the primary. she backed senator marco rubio in south carolina during the primary race even though donald trump won her state by 11 points. she's the first concrete example
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of donald trump making an overture to the wing of the party that initially rejected him and resisted him all along throughout the campaign. it's clear he's not just taking meetings with people like mitt romney and nikki haley, he's actually open to having them help him run the administration. so he's building this team of dissenting voices -- heather: not only dissenting, she actually said in terms of mr. trump, he is everything that a governor does not want in a president. now, her experience -- she was twice elected as south carolina's governor. she's married to a combat veteran, she has two children. her parents migrated or immigrated here from india. but in terms of the experience that she would have to be the ambassador to the u.n., does she have that? >> the experience most often cited is the fact that she's led trade delegations on behalf of south carolina that put her in contact with foreign leaders. but you're right that she doesn't have the kind of experience in foreign policy
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that potentially a senator or someone else who's been involved in the foreign policy sphere for a number of years would have. that being said, she's not the only experience-free candidate that's being floated as a name for a cabinet position. you mentioned ben carson, does not have any experience in the housing market, but that being said, he's being floated for hud secretary -- heather: so why? let's move on to him. why do you think he would be mr. trump's choice? >> that is an excellent question that many people are starting to ask, you know? ben carson is very well respected conservative figure, she's a brilliant neurosurgeon and a very loyal trump supporter ors, but he's -- supporter, but he's not necessarily someone who has the experience to be running a cabinet, and that's why he's a pick that could potentially cause some problems for donald trump. a team of people who are well suited to their ben carson doesn't exactly fit the mold. he seems to be the odd man out in that regard. so there will be some questions,
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potentially, in his confirmation about his experience -- heather: so we only have about a minute left. speaking of not fitting the mold possibly. betsy devos. there is some controversy. >> right. potentially her ties to common core could be a problem for trump supporters, and then on the other side you have teachers unions opposing the fact that she is such a staunch supporter of school choice. but for trump it shows a serious commitment to the policies he espoused on the campaign trail. one of the may job promises he made was -- major proms he made was increasing school selection. it shows he's definitely going to try to make good on those promises. heather: she did tweet out last night many of you asking about common core, to clarify: i am not a supporter, period. >> so she sat on boards of groups that have pushed common core -- heather: okay. >> there's been rumors that her
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husband has pushed it legislatively. so these are just connections that she has, not necessarily overt moves she's made. heather: yeah. her husband part of the amway family. they're been big donors to the republican party, candidates and the party itself. all right. a lot more picks to come. thank you so much, sarah, for joining us today. >> thank you. heather: go enjoy some turkey. >> you too. [laughter] gregg: speaking of turkey, a significant presence in this year's thanksgiving day parade comes after isis propaganda called the parade, quote, an excellent target. police not taking that threat lightly. right now thousands of officers on patrol protecting new york city's streets, notwithstanding the extra precautions, the mayor of new york city says festivities are on. >> new yorkers are very clear that no matter what is going on around us, we are always new
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york, we remain true to our values. new yorkers are strong and resilient. gregg: we're live here in new york, rob schmidt, happy thanksgiving to you and everybody out there. are you noticing a difference in security from previous parades? >> reporter: hey, gregg, happy thanksgiving to you as well. the big thing that you're going to notice if you're watching the parade and especially if you're here in new york city, more specifically, the one thing is there will be no cross-town traffic. so the biggest change for a parade that millions of people watch live right here on sixth avenue, it'll be coming by in the next hour or two, is that there will be no way to get through midtown, and that is because of the bastille day attacks in nice, france, where we saw 86 people killed. this is a reaction to that. they have filled up a number of trash trucks here in new york with sand to create barriers so that no vehicle could get anywhere near this parade. also police cars are being used as barriers as well.
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so we're seeing a reaction to what happened there. and this, of course, all after that threat that isis put out in a magazine, an isis magazine, a threat telling their supporters that this is a great venue for a terrorist attack. of course, this is something our entire country watches, part of the fabric of this holiday. that attack even had a map of the parade route. so, obviously, a reaction to that here. but right now as we speak, the parade's still up on the upper west side. it just kicked off. it'll be coming down through here in the next hour or so, but the nypd and the mayor saying there are no credible threats to this attack disturb or this parade. they had a press conference last night, let's listen in. >> we're ready for this parade. i know the mayor spoke about the critical response command. this is the second year we're going to be using them, the strategic response group. there will be long gun teams x be there'll be sand trucks too. there's going to be 82 sand trucks, 114 blocker cars. >> reporter: and those are the same, those sand trucks are the
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same ones that guarded trump's election campaign headquarters the night of the election. we saw them sitting outside the hotel just a couple blocks north of here. they're extremely heavy, but there are millions of people out here today. the nypd and the mayor saying this is a great day for the parade, the the weather's holding out, they're hoping we beat last year's record which was, i think, three and a half million people. gregg: yeah. even as i was trying to get into the building, it was just packed. the crowds out there really massive. rob schmidt, we'll check back in later on. thanks very much. heather: there were people out this at three a.m -- gregg: is that right? heather: i realized some people had the day off -- gregg: it was a party. [laughter] heather: hopefully, everybody will stay safe. and still to come, a tragedy this holiday though we do have to tell you about. a sixth child has died after that terrible school bus crash in tennessee amid some disturbing new questions about the driver. plus, this -- >> he didn't just go after him
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from a standpoint of saying i disagree with his policy on immigration, i disagree with his policy on taxes, he attacked him on a personal level about his character, his integrity, his honor. gregg: well, mike huckabee talking about mitt romney, and some leading republicans are reportedly a bit angry about the potential for a romney secretary of state. former governor mike huckabee saying choosing romney would be an insult to trump voters. really? we'll debate it, coming up. heather: plus, a live look at times square for you as we celebrate this thanksgiving. we will show you some of the festivities as americans prepare to gather around the table with family and friends and us as "america's newsroom" continues. ♪ ♪
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hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again. heather: welcome back. unfortunately, we have some new details in that horrific crash in chattanooga, tennessee. aicsth child has died -- a sixth child has died after a school bus smashed into a tree on monday. witnesses say that the wuss was going -- the bus was going well over the speed limit at the time. the driver now facing charges including vehicular homicide. police say that tests reveal there was no alcohol or drugs in his system.
6:16 am
investigators say it's still unclear why the driver left his designated route. ♪ ♪ >> personally, but i'm still very unhappy that mitt did everything he could to derail donald trump. he attacked him on a personal be level about his character, integrity, his honor. >> i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> right. >> and so, you know, he's got to make his decision. gregg: some growing backlash from top supporters of president-elect donald trump amid reports that mitt romney is the leading contender for secretary of state. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, as you saw there, said choosing romney would be an insult to trump voters. really? let's bring in a democratic separatist, adam goodman is with us, republican strategist and principal of the victory group. good to see you both.
6:17 am
so, robin, an insult to trump's supporters? really? or is that a bit of an overstatement? >> you know, i do think that's an overstatement, especially considering the thanksgiving message that we just heard from donald trump today which calls for unity, which calls for all americans to pull together regardless of these differences from the campaign cycle. we're beyond that now, and now whoever can best lead the country has the best experience needs to step forward regardless and put those differences aside. that was the message from donald trump. i suggest they play that video on loop until it sinks in. >> you know, it wasn't just mike huckabee, adam, but newt gingrich jumped into it, and he said romney would represent the tough -- would not represent the tough-minded policies that trump campaigned on. he said romney lacks vision, he questioned romney's loyalty.
6:18 am
are those fair points? >> well, i agree with governor huckabee and others that, you know, mitt romney actually represents the very system that donald trump not only ran against, but won against. and his foreign policy, as much as his foreign policy bone bonas are unphone, what is known about -- unknown, what is known about mitt romney is his outspoken antipathy -- gregg: well, but that's not unusual. it was a vicious campaign back in 2008, and allegations of racism occurred during the south carolina primary, and yet hillary clinton served president obama as secretary of state. >> gregg, it's a great question. the difference is that the bitterness that ended with the primary between now-president obama and hillary clinton did not end after this primary in the republican party. and the biggest thing here, gregg, frankly is there are better choices. in my opinion, people like rudy
6:19 am
giuliani who's a true post-9/11 leader, smart, intuitive, intelligent and built ask to move. and what we're looking for is someone who's going to stand with our friends, take on our enemies, take out isis and deal with a position of strength as an extension of what i think will become known as trump doctrine, and i think that's going to be a breath of fresh air. gregg: the point that this was an excessively personal attack, according to huckabee, you know, he was attacking his character, his integrity, his honor. want to play a clip here. here's mitt romney during the campaign. listen. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [applause] he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy
6:20 am
hat. gregg: well, isn't romney a sucker if he serves as secretary of state, robin? >> no, not at all. you know, the campaign was vicious. the 2008 campaign was also vicious as we just heard like -- but the truth of the matter is that donald trump is the president-elect. we've got to move past these differences. whoever can get the job done regardless of your loyalty to donald trump, i admire the fact that some democrats such as myself have stepped forward and said i, we can help. in the best interests of our country, if buck help, be you've got the talent9 and expertise, not just trump loyalists. that's ridiculous to me. >> adam, weigh in on this final point. does this show a new, different and more inclusive donald trump? you don't have to be an ardent loyalist to serve under him in a key cabinet position. >> gregg, i totally agree with that and with the thanksgiving message, by the way. and i do think it's a sign of
6:21 am
presidential maturity that president-elect trump did meet with mitt romney as he's met with others. i think that's all to the good. but the idea of trusting america's foreign policy to someone who clearly is on a pleatly different -- completely different page than the president-elect i think is a risky proposition and not with the upside of the team of rivals, fraught with perils this won't worked out as planned. gregg: all right. adam goodman, robin, thank you very much for being with us, both of you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> you too. heather: coming up, another cyber attack threatening our national security, this time personal information of u.s. sailors exposed. how did this happen? gregg: and let us not forget all of the brave men and women who are overseas keeping all of us safe this holiday season. >> this is matt and joe, i'm with the big red one here in iraq, just want to wish my family and friends back home a
6:22 am
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♪ ♪ gregg: the names and social security numbers of more than 130,000 current and former sailors have all been compromised. it happened last month. a navy contractor was hacked.
6:25 am
it's not known who has the information right now, but so far there's no ed that the data -- no evidence that the data has been misused. the u.s. navy says it will be informing everyone affected in the coming weeks. we'll are a live report next hour. heather: law enforcement on high alert after four officers are shot in separate incidents this past weekend. reports indicate that in several of the shootings, the gunmen targeted police in san antonio, detective benjamin marconi, a 20-year veteran, was ambushed. his death marking the 57th officer fatally shot in this country this year. caroline shively is live for us from washington. caroline, it feels like more police officers are being killed this year. do the statistics bear that out? >> reporter: they do, heather. specifically, shooting deaths. according to the officer down memorial page, gunfire deaths
6:26 am
for officers are up 67.6% compare today this same time period last year. line of duty deaths are also up 13% since the horrifying ambush of detective marconi this weekend, a university officer has been killed in michigan. officer colin rose with the wayne state university police department was questioning someone about recent thefts when the man pulled a gun and shot him in the head on tuesday. he succumbed to his injuries yesterday. officer rose was surrounded by more than 100 officers when he died last night in a detroit hospital, heather. heather: so what is being done to try to bring down these numbers? >> well, the international association of chiefs of police says they are working with individual communities, but they need help at the national level. the association hopes that president-elect trump will take a look at the justice system as a whole and get police departments the help they need. >> it's just been a horrible year for law enforcement. actually, the last couple years. shootings in total are up 10%,
6:27 am
we have 128 officers killed in the line of duty this year alone. >> reporter: chief dural warns there's not one quick fix to this problem, and it will take time. heather: so troubling. they're out there just trying to protect all of us. thank you so much, caroline. have a great thanksgiving. >> reporter: you too. ♪ >> today we continue to give thanks for those blessings and be to all who insure that they would be our inheritance. we remember the determined patriots who landed at the edge of the world in search of freedom. we give thanks to the brave men be women who defend that freedom in every corner of the world. gregg: president obama thank our troops this holiday as they celebrate thanksgiving overseas. in afghanistan members of the u.s. military taking part in the turkey bowl football game. [laughter] looks like they're trying to have some fount there. in kuwait -- some fun is out there. in kuwait, serving our country in that volatile part of the world.
6:28 am
here's a look at the uss ronald reagan, just completing a three month patrol in the asia-pacific region. heather: wonder what they're eating there? gregg: it looks good. heather: we definitely want to say thank you. gregg: they're such remarkable people, and it's got to be so difficult to be away from your loved ones on christmas, thanksgiving, all the other holidays, but they do so to protect our freedoms, and god bless them all. heather: yeah. thankful for them and their families as well. well, a fox news alert for you and a warning to the u.s. from the supreme leader of iran. what he's threatening to do if the u.s. renews sanctions against the islamic republic. gregg: and the trump rally rolls on. wall street giving thanks as the markets keep marching into record territory. how long will the bulls keep roaring? before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. heather: iran is warning of retaliation if the u.s. extends sanctions first put into place back in 1996. now, the threat comes after the house voted overwhelmingly in favor of the extension which would be ten years. u.s. lawmakers say that the sanctions must be renewed to give the president the option of quickly reinstating them in case iran violate ares the nuclear -- violates the nuclear deal. but iran's supreme leader saying, quote: if the sanction
6:32 am
is put in place, it's a violation of the nuclear deal, and they should know that the islamic republic will certainly react against it. joining me now is lieutenant colonel scott mann, founder of mission america. so, or first of all, on this thanksgiving, want to say thank you to you and thank you for your service. >> thanks for having me on, hearther. heather: -- heather. what could iran possibly do? >> well, i think they've already shown us what their colors are. even when the deal was underway, the way they've captured our sailors, fomented instability in yemen, the list goes on. and that was when, supposedly, this deal was underway. so they're going to, quote-unquote, retaliate, heather, no matter what we do. and i don't think anybody really thinks that these guys are going to be responsible partners for stability in the middle east. it's just not in their interests. they're going to continue to stir up trouble in a range of ways over there.
6:33 am
heather: so the house passed this, to extend the sanctions, it has to go to president obama's desk where he has said he will veto it. but on top of that, republicans sent president obama a letter, and in that letter they asked him to take no further actions to bolster international trade or investment in iran, and then word comes just yesterday the president okayed the airbus sale of over 100 planes to iran. so do you think that president obama in his final days is going to do more action like that? >> well, if he does, heather, i don't think it's going to matter too much because i don't think this incoming administration, you know, is going to continue down that path. so anything he does like that, i think it's, it's unhelpful, for starters, but it's going to be undone in short order. i think the smart thing certainly for president-elect trump to do and his administration is to met this deal expire in 2016 and
6:34 am
recognize that iran is behaving like an enemy of the state, and that's not going to change. and we need policies and strategies that reflect that. heather: yeah. the president-elect has voiced his disagreement with the nuclear deal. also some of the appointments that he's making, a possible secretary of defense general mattis, he's also said that he's very much against a lot of what president obama has done with iran. >> yeah, totally agree. and general mattis is a true warrior and, i think, a great, you know, selection for secretary of defense if that happens. one other thing i would point out, heather, just on the human side, you know, after you and gregg pointed out the service of our men and women overseas, this is the third administration that has come into power post-9/11 x be let's not forget the men and women who are going to execute these strategies and policies. they've been going over there time and time again. we need to get this right and, you know, they deserve a
6:35 am
strategy and a policy that's worthy of their sacrifice. so i would ask all americans as we go into this new administration to remember that the men and women that'll execute this need a strong strategy. heather: a couple of other nominees who have also voiced their opinion disagreeing with the nuclear deal who have already been officially announced, general mike flynn for national security adviser and congressman michael pompeo for the cia. what do you think needs to happen in order to make it right, and do you think they will do it? >> well, first of all, that whole deal just needs to be scrapped. i mean, any kind of, you know, basically paying iran to not produce, you know, nuclear components is ridiculous. it's patently ridiculous. you know, i think we need to go back to a policy of containment with iran. we need to push them out of iraq and yemen and syria and not allow hem to foment instability -- them to foment instability the way they are. you know, they have killed u.s. troops in iraq, and we're going
6:36 am
to have to take a hard line stance against them. they are not amatic, practical d a pragmatic, practical partner. i think we're going to have to hit the reset button on that. unfortunately, we've allowed them to establish themselves in some very dangerous places in the middle east. heather: yeah. and they haven't been following the deal as it's, as you mentioned in the very beginning of our conversation. but what do you think about some of the other appointments that i mentioned in terms of the president-elect and his plans moving forward with security, foreign policy? >> so far i'm pretty encouraged by it, heather. i think -- but here's my concern. whoever comes in to these appointments, if they're the same old advisers who subscribe to the western way of war in fighting fighting this asymmetric fight that we have been in 15 years and it's just stir and repeat --
6:37 am
heather: so do you think that general flynn or congressman pompeo would be part of that, stir and repeat? >> no, i don't. i think general flynn, for starters, his focus on just kind of holistically going after this threat and attacking it from all directions and his work in the intelligence community, he's a really smart guy, and he's open to innovation on this, and i think he listens to the troops on the ground which is what we've got to do. so i think he would be an excellent choice. heather: all right. thank you so much for joining us. and, again, thank you for your service s and i hope you have a great thanksgiving. >> thank you. and please remember our troops thanksgiving. heather: absolutely. 100%. thanks. ♪ ♪ >> this historic political campaign is four over, but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our cup and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in this effort.
6:38 am
it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens, because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and i mean absolutely nothing. let us give thanks for all that we have, and let us boldly face the exciting new frontiers that lie ahead. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. gregg: and, of course, that was president-elect donald trump appealing for unity thanksgiving holiday after a pretty bruising campaign season. mr. trump tweeting late last night, quote: happy thanksgiving to everyone. we will together make america great again. well, today the future first family is spending the holiday in palm beach, florida, before heading back to new york city this weekend. in the meantime, president obama saving two turkeys from the dinner table. here they are. tater and tot pardoned by the president yesterday during an annual holiday tradition.
6:39 am
>> malia and sasha, by the way, are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet is we are going to do this every year from now on. [laughter] no cameras, just us every year -- [laughter] no way i'm cutting this hasn't cold turkey. gregg: oh, yeah, hold the laughter. the president and his family are celebrating their last thanksgiving in the white house today. i had to explain to my youngest daughter, she said so what exactly happens to those turkeys? i said, well, they don't get their heads cut off. [laughter] but i think there is turkey on the menu at the white house today, so -- heather: hopefully, they didn't know that. gregg: not all turkeys were saved. heather: sasha and malia were not there. a lot of people noticed that, the two little boys were his nephews. gregg: they were adorable, and tater and to,t, cute names. heather: now to this fox news alert. isis is now claiming
6:40 am
responsibility for a bombing attack that killed at least 80 people in iraq. it was a car bomb that blew up at a gas station just south of baghdad. the attack, retaliation in part for iraq's continued offensive in mosul. which reportedly is driving the islamic state from several of the neighborhoods there in recent days, so we will continue to follow that for you. gregg: a police officer facing a violent suspect, and the incident is all caught on camera. the officer stopping this car when suddenly an armed man pops out of the trunk. the dramatic video coming up next. heather: plus, president obama urging vigilance this thanksgiving after heating with his security team. -- after meeting with his security team. as we pay tribute to all of our troops serving overseas on this holiday. >> this thanksgiving we want to say thanks to the entire pacific victor team. >> family members who stand by their war fighters no matter what. >> to our disciplined, professional soldiers who are
6:41 am
motivated and ready to defend our alliance. >> and to our fantastic civilian work force, we couldn't do it without you. >> to all of you, thank you for staying ready to fight tonight. happy thanksgiving. mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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6:43 am
heather: welcome back. some tense moments for a police officer in lewiston, idaho. the officer stopped a car without license plates, suspecting that it belonged to someone who had outstanding warrants. when he realized that it was the
6:44 am
suspect they were looking for, the suspect's mother was driving, and then this video showing the officer moving towards the back of the car when the suspect himself -- armed with a gun, look at that -- pops out of the trunk. the officer knocked him to the ground, and then that suspect was later arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. his mother also arrested for obstruction of justice. wow. gregg: harrowing, that's amazing. heather: scary stuff. gregg: great courage by the officer to overcome the suspect who had a gun in his hand. all right. what a week it has been for the stock market. have you seen what's happened in the dow hitting all-time high after all-time high, finally closing above 19,000 for the first time ever. stocks summering since the election -- surging since the election, and can they're calling it the trump rally. so what will a new administration mean for the economy and your pocketbook? be let's bring in a guy who knows. steve moore, economic adviser
6:45 am
for donald trump, visiting fellow for the heritage foundation, and, we're proud to say, a fox news contributor. steve, great to see you. happy that's to you and your family -- thanksgiving to you and your family. my goodness, consumer sentiment has shot up. new orders for manufacturing goods have gone up which means businesses are obviously optimistic. what do you think all of this means for the trump economy to come? >> well, it's donald's dow, isn't it? we've seen an amazing run-up, and we're at 19,000, could 20,000 be too far behind? i think there is a new sense of on the ott mitt romney, a new -- optimism, a new beginning for america. i talked to a hot of people who didn't even vote for donald trump who are feeling a kind of sense of economic optimism with respect to stocks and with respect to jobs. gregg: right. >> of course, donald trump is going to have to deliver, and i think he will. but it's exciting to see, you know, this kind of environment where people are starting to say
6:46 am
let's give -- even people who didn't support donald trump, let's give this guy a chance -- gregg: sure. clinton supporters looking at their 401(k)s may say, well, maybe he's not so bad after all. it's not just equities, but we have to look at economic growth which has really been moribund, and that's putting it politely under president obama. donald trump promised 4% gdp or more. and, you know, nobody's really done that since ronald reagan did that. how's he going to do that? you're the guy advising him. >> well, first of all be, i think 4% growth is very achievable. you know, we've within growing at 1.5% for the last year, so that would be a big bump-up, but you're right, we had some p quarters, gregg, that were 8% growth. and even under bill clinton we had some very high quarterly growth rates, so i think it is achievable if we turn the policies around. now, that's going to start, in my opinion, with a tax cut to bring our business taxes down and make america more
6:47 am
competitive. i think we've got to produce more american energy. one of the things i've found working on something called the trump leadership council which was a number of major ceos of fortune 100 companies sitting around the table telling donald trump the biggest problem they face in terms of expanding their businesses right now is the stranglehold of regulations. if you ease those, i think you can bring a lot of jobs back. and incidentally, gregg, that's a great way to bring down the budget deficit too. if more people are working and paying taxes, that's a great way to reduce debt. gregg: right. listen, you're going to make a lot of people happy if they have more money in their pocket to spend, that boosts economic growth. but the question is how quickly is president trump going to do this? is this front burner stuff? how soon do you think he can cut both corporate and individual taxes and, you know, reduce all of those onerous regulations? can he do it in 100 days? >> look, on the regulatory front
6:48 am
i've got some good news for you. a lot of the regulations can be, that are really hurting the economy, for example, the clean power plant bill that has really hurt our coal industry and put tens of thousands of coal miles per hours out of jobs, donald trump has pledged on the first day in office he can sign an executive order to repeal that law. many of the obamacare regulations, the 50-worker rule -- gregg: right. >> a lot of these things can happen literally in the first week. gregg: what about the tax cuts though? >> that's what i was going to say. the tax cuts are going to have to, obviously, be done through congress. gregg: right. >> i think we get it new the house, because i talked to paul ryan about and the chairman of the ways and means committee, we have a tax plan that's similar, i think we can get that through the house literally in 30 days. but you know, the senate tends to be the graveyard, right? gregg: yeah. >> that tends to be the place where everything slows down.
6:49 am
i would love to see a tax bill that passes with, you know, 10 or 15 democratic votes. there are about 10 or 12 democrats who are up for re-election in 2018 in states that were carried by donald trump. you know, you'd think they might want to be a little cooperative. maybe we could throw in a little stimulus of the infrastructure spending, and you've got a bill that creates jobs, and i'd love to see that pass with 80 votes. i'll tell you one thing, you're not going to believe this. there was a bill when ronald reagan did tax reform in 1986, you're not going to belief this, it passed 97-3 in the united states senate. gregg: right. >> i think we're capable of something like that. gregg: and that, of course, led to increased gdp. i've got to ask for a quick answer on this, but the fed is going to meet on the 19th and. >>th -- 13th and 14th. it's clear they intend to raise rates, and so on and so forth. how much might that hurt the housing market which is, of course, closely tied to our economy? >> we've seen a little bit of
6:50 am
kick-up in interest rates, or haven't we? this has been an amazing, you know, financial market situation. the stock market has gone up and at the same time the interest rates are rising, and that's because people are feeling more bullish. i'm going to headache the case to you this little rise in interest rates is a sign of economic optimism. gregg: really? okay. >> yeah, it is. gregg: tell that to mortgage borrowers -- [laughter] >> well, look, we still have interest rates as low as they've been in 15 years, what are you complaining about? gregg: i know. [laughter] i'm sorry, i don't mean to be a complainer. stephen moore, keep in touch and happy thanksgiving to you. >> you too. have a happy thanksgiving yourself. take care, bye-bye. heather: well, georgia getting into the holiday spirit what they did to thank the first responders in their hometown. >> you have to give back, and this is one of the, just one of the ways that we give back every year, and we appreciate every first responder out there.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪muck. heather: and happy thanksgiving to you. thank you so much for joining us on this day which is to reflect and appreciate what we have. and one family in georgia is embodying that spirit with a free holiday feast for first
6:54 am
responders in their community. natalie from our fox affiliate waga in atlanta has that that story. >> reporter: for resident ronnie mayor, it's an annual tradition, and it's his way of saying thank you to first responders for all that they do. >> you have got cranberry sauce -- >> reporter: the mayor kitchen is always busy the night before thanksgiving. for the past several years, ronnie mayor and his wife debbie have hosted a thanksgiving feast for first responders. >> you have to give back, and this is one of -- just one of the ways that we give back every year, and we appreciate everything first responders out there. >> and while the mayors are hard at work, so are some local businesses who also take part. >> this will be our cornbread stuffing. this along with many others that we'll be baking off in the morning. >> chef and owner joey reilly of kaleidoscope will serve the stuffing and dressing.
6:55 am
>> one thing we can do is provide food, especially days like the holidays when they're either not with their family or whatever, and a hot meal goes a long way for a lot of people. >> reporter: the food will be served at fire station number two on dresden drive, but ronnie says the celebration is open to the all first responders and their families. >> if you're a first responder or if you don't even have a family to be with or you don't have thinking to eat for thanksgiving, please come join us. 12, 3:30, 4:00, you come at quarter after 4, we're going to feet you too. we have plenty of food. >> these guys are working really hard, and sometimes we have time to cook and sometimes we don't, and it's a really busy time for us. for him to come out and prefer prepare our meals, they are very grateful. >> reporter: ronnie says this is the least he and his family can do for the men and women who risk their lives every day and have to be away from their families during the holidays to
6:56 am
continue protecting us. >> i always put a little love into it. >> reporter: and the thanksgiving meal will be served here at the county fire station number two beginning at noon tomorrow but, again, it is open to all first responders who want to stop by for a bite. heather: looked really good. gregg: good for onny and his -- ron think and his wife. and all the other cooks involved, you're very thoughtful. heather: doesn't matter what time, just head on down. gregg: we are counting down to key appointments in president-elect trump's administration. so which cabinet posts will be filled next? and what do his choices so far say about the tone that donald trump will set come january? all of that coming up. heather: plus, isis calling the macy's parade an excellent target. so what does the president have to say about security this holiday season? as "america's newsroom" continues this thanksgiving, right after this break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
heather: a fox news alert, president-elect trump appointing the first women to his cabinet at some key posts including defense and state are still up in the air. good morning to you, i'm heather childers, and we are live in "america's newsroom." gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett, in for bill and martha, the two of us. happy thanksgiving to everybody out there. thank you for sticking around with us.
7:00 am
so mr. trump's latest picks are in, south carolina governor nikki haley for united nations ambassador, michigan billionaire and charter school advocate betsy devos for education secretary. longtime supporter, dr. ben carson, telling fox news he's thinking about an offer to oversee housing and urban development, hud. in the meantime, the president-elect calling for unity in a special thanksgiving message. >> this historic political campaign is now over, but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in this effort. it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. heather: peter doocy live for us at mr. trump's estate in the palm beach, florida. looks like you've got goodwet there, peter. do we know how close ben carson is to actually giving trump an answer since we're already talking about it?
7:01 am
>> reporter: it's interesting, heather, we know that dr. carson says he wants to serve in some way. he just hasn't decided from what he's telling us whether or not that would be in a formal role in the cabinet or in more of an informal advisory role that wouldn't require him to only focus on one area or the other. so after all the rumors swirling around about him, here's how dr. carson tried to couch all the speculation last night. >> we did, in fact, have a discussion about things that needed to be done in this country, and what the various options were, whether i could do it from inside the government or outside government. >> reporter: a carson appointment would be a sort of reward for being one of trump's highest profile surrogates after being a front-runner in some early presidential polls himself before dropping out. but there are now some others, outsiders, who say they would come and work for president-elect trump now, and that includes retired general david petraeus who says he
7:02 am
doesn't know the president-elect, but he's heard positive things and would come onboard if asked. >> i've been in a position before where a president has turned to me in the oval office in a difficult moment and turned without any pleasantlies and said i'm asking you as your president and commander in chief to take command of the international security force in afghanistan. the only response can be, yes, mr. president. >> reporter: petraeus most recently served as cia director, and that position has been filled, nominateed by mr. trump, so it'll be interesting to see if that comment by general petraeus gets anymore the mix for another job like perhaps defense secretary which mr. trump has been talking a lot about general james mattis for. heather: okay. we'll see what happens with that. i'm sure on mr. trump's time, whenever he feels hike he wants to do that. do we know much about what they're doing, the family, there for thanksgiving? >> reporter: we know that they are expected to be here for the
7:03 am
next several days at mar-a-lago which is an estate in palm beach, a resort that has basically been turned into a fortress. the roads surrounding mar-a-lago have been completely swarmed by just about every law enforcement agency that you could think of. the air space above has been completely shut down through the end of the weekend, and we've been watching in the causeway as coast guard boats have been crisscrossing the water warning anybody that gets too close trying to see their neighbor, the new president, that they need to move away as fast as possible. heather: one more thing though. were you on president trump's plane, the media, to get down there? >> reporter: we -- i was not, no. heather: well, from what i understand, we're going to talk a little bit more about this, that's why i asked you, the media was not on his plane. they had to take a separate plane there -- >> reporter: right. which is -- and that was generally the custom throughout the campaign with mr. trump. he'd be on his plane, and there'd be a charter flight with
7:04 am
a handful of pool press members that would go either a little bit before or after. heather: all right. we'll see if that continues. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: thanks. happy thanksgiving. gregg: joining me now, jamie weinstein, senior editor for the daily caller. jamie, let's begin with nikki haley, u.n. ambassador, trump's pick to be that position. she was absolutely scathing, you know, during the campaign toward him, ridiculing him for his personal bankruptcies, his temperament, saying, you know, he's exactly what we keach kindergarteners -- we teach kindergarteners not to be. what does this aabout her willingness to accept the position and trump offering it to her? >> it's interesting. so far this is not the breitbart news cabinet shaping up, and nikki haley is a prime example. as you mentioned, she was a critic of trump's certainly during the primary.
7:05 am
i think she reluctantly got behind him in the general election. but i think it shows that donald trump is willing to reach out perhaps to people that weren't fully onboard in this campaign. he appointed loyal wrists like jeff sessions and they're talking about ben carson, but he is looking at nikki haley and others who were not fully onboard. one interesting aspect is by appointing nikki haley to the u.n., one of his top supporters, his earliest and highest official supporter at the time, henry mcmaster, who was the lieutenant governor of south carolina, now becomes governor of south carolina by appointing nikki haley to the u.n. gregg: very interesting. let's talk about betsy devos to be secretary of education. she is, of course, a strong advocate for school choice and vouchers, and she has said most recently that she is against common core. is this an issue specific appointment that underscores donald trump's commitment to
7:06 am
fulfill his campaign promises for, you know, school choice and get rid of common core? >> again, not so much. breitbart news, which has been a strident backer of donald trump, has criticized this pick. they say that though she says she's against common core, she's really for common core. she was on jeb bush's, one of his education organizations which is pro-common core in their opinion. jeb bush has praised her. so though she is for school choice, this has not satisfied a lot of the people in kind of the breitbart news wing of party that helped elect donald trump. gregg: yeah. >> they're critical of this choice. >> so is randy wine gartner, the american federation of teachers, who said devos will destroy public education in america. [laughter] well, maybe that's best endorsement for devos. >> yeah. i think she just unified everybody in the republican party -- gregg: yeah. i was going to say, whenever she speaks, it creates the opposite
7:07 am
effect. it appears donald trump has seriously offered the position of hud secretary to dr. ben carson. carson spoke on the campaign trail eloquently about reinvigorating the inner cities. what do you make of that choice? >> it's not surprising that ben carson would be offered a position. he, again, was one of those early, important supporters as soon as he left the race himself, he quickly got behind donald trump. so that is something that is not surprising, that he would reward ben carson in this way. i do wonder if ben carson will ultimately accept this position. it is going to mean he's going to have to be in washington d.c. he's are ea tired -- he's a retired neurosurgeon. he's never really run anything of this size or scope before, so it will be interesting if he accepts a position like that or does something like newt gingrich is doing in becoming kind of an adviser at large to donald trump. gregg: greg well, you know, when reagan was governor and president, he always had his
7:08 am
kitchen cabinet, and i wonder if that's shaping up to be newt gingrich and mike huckabee and ben carson and, who know, giuliani if he doesn't take a cabinet post. >> yeah, i could definitely see that. ben carson, if if he accepts, i think he certainly has an option to pick something in the administration. but i'm not sure as someone at his point in life wants to get back in and running a whole agency, something he's never really done before. but who knows? gregg: yeah. and, you know, if the nichen cab -- in the kitchen cabinet, if you add all the kids, it's got to be a big kitchen. >> huge kitchen. gregg: i think there's a big one in the white house. thanks for being with us, jamie. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. same to you. ♪ ♪ heather: meantime, president obama calling on americans to stay vigilant over the holidays after meating with his -- meeting with his national security team. chief intelligence correspondent katherine catherine herridge joins us live from washington with more on this. got to keep americans safe on
7:09 am
this thanksgiving, catherine. >> reporter: well, that's right, heather. the white house and the president's national security team issuing this statement ant his intelligence brief before the holidays, taking down these lone wolf terrorists takes intense coordination among agencies and foreign intelligence services. the statement reads in part, quote: the president was also briefed on recent successful military operations against isil and al-qaeda. that targeted key external operations plotters. he instructed the department of defense and the intelligence community to maintain our relentless pressure on terrorists seeking to harm americans. earlier month jeh johnson said the threat from the self-radicalized terrorists has remained a constant. >> our basic assessment of the global threat environment has not changed. we remain concerned about home grown violent extremists who could strike the homeland with little or no notice. >> reporter: the intelligence community sees terrorism on a spectrum there those inspired to act by isis to others who are
7:10 am
recruited and directed by the leadership in iraq and syria. europe has seen both, while the majority of plots in this country have been driven by internet radicalization, heather. heather: and we have the brooklyn man who was just caught planning an event in times square. what is proving to be the most effective strategy for disrupting these plots? it's very difficult to do. >> reporter: well, let's talk more about that arrest of that brooklyn man on monday, a legal permanent resident from yemen, he seems to really underscore this recent warning from homeland security. according to the criminal complaint, he expressed his support for an attack in new york times square using a garbage truck to the kill and injure people. terrorism analysts say many of these suspects leave a trail on the web. >> most of the arrests are coming as this arrest apparently came in new york through the internet. the fbi and others are catching people on the internet saying
7:11 am
things they shouldn't say, and thus, being flagged. we have to revisit this whole see something, say something to make it really work. >> reporter: after this week's terrorism arrests, the state department issued a travel alert for u.s. citizens in europe warning of a heightened risk of terrorist attacks especially during this holiday season. heather: catherine herridge, thank you and having a good thanksgiving. >> reporter: you too. gregg: new concerns about potential conflicts of interest in a trump administration, but president-elect says his business interests will not matter to him when he's in the white house. our legal panel is here to weigh in on that. heather: and no one wants a family argument on thanksgiving, of course not. so how do you avoid it? well, maybe one topic i bet you're thinking of it to not bring up at the dinner table? we'll talk a little bit more about that. ♪ ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system?
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so, stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. heather: ah, politics. front and center right now as president-elect trump appoints key members of the white house team.
7:15 am
and you might want to keep your political opinions to yourself this weekend. a recent poll showing that 53% of americans dread the thought of talking about politics at the thanksgiving dinner table. we have a democratic strategist and former president of the young democrats for america, and carrie sheffield a senior writer for opportunity lives. thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving, and happy thanksgiving to each of you. >> happy thanksgiving, heather. heather: good thing or bad thing, to talk about politics today? [laughter] >> well, i grew up in a household where it was totally o.k. to talk about politics, it was encouraged to develop opinions, but probably today given the way the election cycle's gone, i think it's probably good to enjoy the turkey and football and the macy's thanksgiving day parade. heather: you know, carrie, regardless of how you think about it, you think you should or shouldn't, 60% of people say it's going to come up anyway. [laughter] >> true.
7:16 am
well, and if you dig into the numbers actually, almost 60% of republicans say they're excited to talk about politics, but 63% of democrats say they dread it. so my advice is dig into who is going to be at the table, and if it's all republicans, it can be a celebration. if it's all democrats, it could be therapy, but i would say avoid mixed company. i think you should make sure people are even interested in politics. if you start talking to me about rbis and who's traded to the yankees, i know nothing about baseball. [laughter] don't talk to me about should ben carson be hud sector or bob woodson? -- secretary or bobbed woodson. heather: something else that's interesting is actually where you're having thanksgiving dinner apparently applies in terms of how you feel about it, and more people are more inclined to talk about politics if they're at someone else's house or someone, another family member's house. 66% of people say then they'll talk about politics, but if
7:17 am
they're at their own home, not so much, 54%. >> yeah. that's not actually very surprising. i think it's sort of like, you know what? not in my own house, but when you're at somebody else's house, you kind of sometimes forget your own rules, so you don't apply them necessarily. i do think it's funny when you have conversations around politics, you know, i was thinking about archie bunker and maude and the '70s tv shows where they would be really funny but heated, and now it's kind of come to arguing about, well, you know, this article says birth control makes women looking unattractive. i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but i would like to think most women who use birth control probably don't think they're unattractive. it gets to those type of emotional arguments, i think that's when things go off the rails. heather: what about asking people around the table what they're thankful for? apparently only 5% of people are thankful for this election season or our political leaders in general, carrie.
7:18 am
>> well, i think a lot of them would be thankful that it's over. the other thing is if you're a republican and maybe be you have democrats at your table, be gracious in victory, because you don't want to start a food fight. my rule is as my mother and probably your mother, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. heather: i definitely heard that one. so what do you do? how do you avoid it? gregg was just saying to me go late, leave early. [laughter] >> go late, leave early, don't go -- [laughter] there's a trending hashtag on how to avoid politics at dinner. i joke that, you know, if somebody brings up politicsment grab your plate, say work is calling and run ott of the room. [laughter] there's various ways to get around that. stuff stuffing in your mouth before you say anything, things like that. [laughter] heather: carrie, maybe sit at the kids' table. >> yeah, that too. >> you know what? honestly, it's a hot more fun. put the snapchat filters on, the adults aren't going to do that.
7:19 am
[laughter] >> i would be absolutely happy to talk about the minions this time at the kids' table. heather: i want to let you know from each of you, what are you thankful for? >> i am thankful if for this country and the sacrifices of our forefathers, our foremothers, everybody in the armed services today. i'm to grateful that we had a smooth transition of power in this country. you know, there was a lot of bickering, a lot of fighting, a lot of hot tempers on all sides. i am so thankful that we are in this country and we have our freedom. heather: and atima? >> i'm thankful for my family and friends, as someone whose parents are both immigrants, i am very thankful for having a contentious election cycle but still a smooth transition ofty e white house to another. heather: all right. see? if we just have a conversation hike that at the dinner table -- like that at the dibber -- dinner table, it would work. thank you for joining us. >> thanks.
7:20 am
happy thanksgiving. gregg: saturday night live had a solution to the argument over politics at the thanksgiving table, press the play button on an adele song and suddenly everybody's passions evaporate. heather: that's a good idea. gregg: there you go, everybody. all right, the navy rocked by a data breach, sensitive information of more than 100,000 sailors have been hacked. plus, frightsenning moments inside a wine shop -- look at that, that's in that guy's pocket. what was it that went off? and he had to be hospitalized with surgery. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> his pocket started ebb gulfed in -- engulfed in flames. there were sparks, and i thought it was fireworks, fourth of july. and then i realized it was his electronic cigarette.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
heather: listen to this. a clerk at a new york city wine store suffering severe burns to his hand and leg after an e-cigarette explodes in his pocket. the device suddenly going off like fireworks, look at that, sending his coworkers running for cover. >> i started racing, and then my
7:24 am
instinct was just to, like, find cover because it was coming towards me, you know? it was shooting at me. then my friend was pan bicking, and -- panicking, and his hand was burning because he's trying to take the vape pen out of his pocket but, you know, it was just, it was sad. heather: i'll bet he was panicking. the man is in stable condition, that's good news, after being admitted to a hospital burn unit. no word on why the e-cigarette caught fire, but i'm sure they will look into that. yeah. gregg: dangerous stuff. all right. the u.s. navy says it has been the victim of a massive data breach exposing personal information including social security numbers on more than 130,000 sailors. rich edson has that story from washington. rich, what happened? >> reporter: good morning, gregg, and even more americans. you can add them to the list of persons whose information was compromised.
7:25 am
hewlett-packard enterprise services, the navy says the company has told employees a worker on a navy contract had their laptop compromised, and the names and social security numbers for more than 130,000 were accessed by, quote, unknown individuals. in a statement, the spokesperson writes, quote: the navy takes this incident extremely seriously. this is a matter of trust for our sailors. we're in the early stages of investigating and are working quickly to identify and take care those affected by this breach. the navy says there is no evidence to suggest misuse of that information, and its investigation continues. it is still unknown how that information was compromised, who may have it or what they planned or doing wit. it's becoming common place for the u.s. government, the navy says it is reviewing credit monitoring service options for those affected and their personal information exposed, gregg. gregg: and, rich, it was just this week, wasn't it, that the pentagon expressed the importance of cybersecurity? >> reporter: as the government continues dealing with cyber
7:26 am
hacking of the office of personnel management, the state department, the internal revenue service, the pentagon noted a few days ago the importance of protecting its networks. >> secretary of defense, who's been incredibly focused on the cyber threat facing this country, he's articulated a cyber strategy that he's detailed on multiple occasions. he has committed once again in terms of the top priority for our cyber strategy is to protect our own networks. >> reporter: that was from tuesday, the same day the navy says it determined this information was compromised. gregg? gregg: rich edson, thanks very much. ♪ ♪ heather: we've all heard this expression that every vote counts. well, get this, a utah state lawmaker has won his re-election by three votes. republican re very christianson was trailing on election night by almost 200 votes, but the results shifted as all of the ballots were counted. his opponent, suzanne
7:27 am
harrison -- though you can imagine -- is not going down without a fight. she says she will request a recount. that is close. gregg: boy, three votes, and who knows what's going to happen. it should be mandatory if you're within that many votes, i'm sure. all right. thousands of people are forced from their homes. wildfires raging across israel and the west bank. arson must be to blame. heather: plus, president-elect trump rejecting criticism that his business will create a conflict of interest. could it pose an ethics problem for his administrationing? but first, a message from our service members overseas this holiday season. >> hello, this is lieutenant colonel ruth chris toe, and i'd like to wish my family and friends in north carolina a very happy thanksgiving. i love and miss you all. go canes!
7:28 am
oh caroline. so corporate put you up in a roadside motel. . .
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heather: fox news alert arson suspected in a rash of fires in israel. several palestinian suspects now in custody as the investigation continues. firefighters are battling hot windy conditions to try and beat back the flames and official are appealing to other countries for help. john live in jerusalem with more. hi, john. >> hi, heather, greece has sent aerial support.
7:31 am
greece has sent planes in, turkey, russia, italy are also going to be lending a hand sending planes and other equipment to bat it will blazes as well. they have been raising throughout the country at this point. so far we will start north of tel aviv. 60,000 people according to officials have been evacuated from homes, from buildings, some of those buildings as we've seen in the video catching fire, there have also been other fires in jerusalem and areas in and around jerusalem and city around jerusalem and fires breaking out including in jerusalem as well. i can actually smell the smoke from our studio here. about 3 dozen people have been injured so far. mostly smoke inhalation as often the case.
7:32 am
no reports of any fatalities, however, we don't really have a number as far as the exact size of these fires. we are waiting on that. as far as the cause and arson you mentioned heather, israel's national security agency confirmed their investigating all possible causes including arson specifically looking at arson as the cause of fires there. some officials, israel education minister and one of them are calling the fires terrorism in the form of arson. this is their intentional set by palestinian suspects angry about the political situation. that kind of thing, but having said that, security officials maintain if that's the case, they're likely isolated incidents and not necessarily the work of a larger organization such as ha has and hezbollah, but that said, a spokesperson for police force told fox news that four palestinians have been detained
7:33 am
in jerusalem suspected of negligence in the cause of of at least one of the fires and four other palestinian suspects are being detained and detained in possibly connection with fires there and suspected arson as the cause. they're investigating all possible causes. the concern is because of the dry, windy conditions the fires will rage into tomorrow and possibly even the weekend. heather: even while they're all in custody or questioned or held, at least one other fire had broken out. >> correct. in jerusalem that's what we are hearing now. you can even smell the smoke. heather: be careful, happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. thanks.
7:34 am
>> mr. trump saying legally the president cannot have conflict of interest because the law carves out an exemption for the president but that hapt stopped the critics. former corporate general counsel and national law journal contributor, ken, good to see you. emily, attorney as well. nice to have you here emily. let me begin with you, emily. if you read the federal statute on conflict of interest it applies to all public officials exact the president and the vice president, so in so far as that conflict of interest statute, trump is right, isn't he? normal federal employee would be subjected to. they don't apply to the president and vice president. the assets that we have seen from prior incoming presidents
7:35 am
that's been normalized but not required. what he's on hook, however, the united states constitution that prohibits personal gain. >> that's a serious problem. before we get to that, ken, let me get your opinion on this. federal statute is one thing but there's a different standard for congress if they become angry if the president were to personally enrich himself and his organization by using his public office. >> yeah, you're exactly right, greg. listen, he may be correct on the technicality that he can't have a conflict and doesn't need to sell business holdings, the reality he's running the risk and big risk here that it's going to be a less effective president dealing with congress as you fore sho -- foreshadowed.
7:36 am
he may be perceived as getting kid tbloaf treatment from tus government. many properties deal with the u.s. government. the property in washington, d.c. will have to negotiate annually on its rent with the u.s. government. he will be in the position to appoint his people who will be negotiating with his company and perhaps him. that's going to make him look bad and may make him less effective as a president. he probably doesn't want that. basically prohibits him from accepting compensation from a foreign government. my goodness, he has a lot of foreign businesses and apparently some foreign governments are involved with those foreign businesses. so if as president his trump organization receive
7:37 am
compensation from those companies, wouldn't he be violating the constitution? >> exactly. and that's where a kind of formal separation that he can take to create between himself and the businesses. it would be beneficial. >> why -- like what? >> people mentioned the blind trust, you have to be independent. >> well, you have to sell the assets as well and a trustee reinvest assets, that's what a true blind trust is. when trump uses blind trust he may have used it incorrectly or not understood it. you can't really do that. my question, emily, let me stick with you for a sec, he's the owner of the trump organization, right, so even he doesn't take any compensation from that organization while president and they receive foreign government donations or compensation, i should say, he's still the owner
7:38 am
and compensated in way he gets interest after presidency. that's a violation of the constitution, isn't it? >> exactly. that's what you could argue, that's why it would be advisable for him to step away and create that formal separation from his businesses even with a mem ran tomb of understanding while sure it's a piece of paper, it would at least demonstrate that he's refusing to cross the line and to formally separate and that would provide, by the way, additional defense that if he is sued in his capacity as not the president, obviously, or as simply donald trump, owner of the trump empire, then it would enable him to defend that and say i was simply acting in official capacity and therefore insulate him. >> how does he set it up so he doesn't violate the constitution and get in trouble?
7:39 am
>> the way to do it is to sell -- the challenge in fairness to him, assets, real estate companies, it's very difficult to sell those quickly. we don't have that much time left before he takes office. it could take years typically to sell those types of assets in a fairway. >> what does he. he can't do that. >> my take is the best option he has is to set up a blind trust run by independent manager. >> he still knows what the assets are. he still knows that the foreign business has entanglements with his own business and may be receiving compensation from a foreign government. he still knows it. >> the best option would be to tell and if he can't do that, independent manager. he still stands to benefit including after he leaves office. now the benefit, though, to violate annullment clause he has to have a better than fair
7:40 am
market value to be in violation. if it's a fair market transaction, that's not an issue. that's an important distinction. >> are we going to see four years of member of congresses and other critics accusing him repeatedly of conflict of interest and personal enrichment, ken? >> yes, i think it's going to be a mess. i also think he's going to get sued for acts before he was president. >> yes. the bank accounts open, everybody, sue me. >> exactly. >> is he going to be -- >> that's what they will try to do. distract him as much as possible to distract him from actually serving our country.
7:41 am
>> emily and kent, good to see you both. heather: you would think it would continue, 118 countries and sell all of that. >> no, you can't sell it all. it would take eight years and he has long-term contracts. you can't get out of contracts. >> he makes money off of his name. >> part of the problem he criticized hillary clinton for ties for clinton foundation for personal enrichment and he will be accused of the same thing. hat heat -- heather: he's not president yet. we will see what's going to happen. >> it's going to happen. >> i'm asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare and save health care for every family in north carolina and frankly in the united states. >> but with millions of users repealing obamacare could be complicated and risky proposition for republicans, what changes can we actually expect to the law? >> and a deadly construction
7:42 am
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7:44 am
greg: president-elect donald trump not taking much time today. i am working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the united states. making progress, will know soon.
7:45 am
carrier made headlines when the company announced it was shutting down a plant in indiana moving it all to méxico and that announcement was caught on video tape by workers and later went viral and became a rallying cry for mr. trump during the campaign. heather: one of the promises he's work to go keep. another one speaking of the president elect, he's a familiar campaign promise. >> premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, by the way, doctors, they are leaving, they are quitting. i have a friend who is a doctor, he said i have more accountants than i have nurses. it's so complicated and deductibles are going through the roof. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family in north carolina. heather: so now he has changed the tone a little bit on the future of the healthcare law hinting at fixes in some areas
7:46 am
rather than a full repeal. so what can we expect next year? dr. debby, associate professor at nyu school of medicine. thank you so much for joining us on this thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. heather: as we talk about obamacare, we just heard the president elect talking there. he said doctors are quitting, is that true? >> well, some doctors may be quitting. i mean for a doctor the main issue is related to electronic medical record and some of the costs and the surface of electronic medical record may not sound like a big deal and patients see where doctors are spending more time on computer rather than talking on the patient or documentation after words, all this tends to affect the patient care and communication because records don't always facilitate but more
7:47 am
importantly -- heather: doctors and the patients, there's also the uncertainty which makes it hard to plan for the future. >> i think that's the biggest issue facing patients. the uncertainty whether you're sick, healthy, for the current law or against it. not knowing what's going to happen in the future can definitely create more anxiety and stress. there's the uncertainty, lack of transparency in terms of figuring out which plan to get or what's the best for you, right, most people need to talk to someone else to try to figure out, well, which plan should i get and then there's also a fact that you might not know, well, what does your plan cover in the next year and will your plan still be around, all of these things make harder for patients. well, i think both sick and healthy people are affected by this. now healthy people, the issue is that most of the time they will buy plans that have low premiums and high deductibles. but the problem is they're actually two, so first if they
7:48 am
have high deductibles, they are stuck with a lot of costs. that mri can cost you about $2,000 and you get stuck with that bill. first, you might find yourself paying a med cull cost plus premium and second in terms of hospital and healthcare providers, cost get down to patients and they're worried about getting paid at tend. both of those things can cause healthcare providers to pull out it of the plans. heather: pay more for better outcomes. >> on the surface that sounds great. if your patient is healthy and you get rewarded for that, that would be ideal. we should reward people for keeping their patients healthy. but the problem with that type of incentive is that down the
7:49 am
road it creates another unexpected side effect where people might feel like let me cherry-pick the healthy patients . if i get punished for treating the sick people, let me avoid treating sick people. that's not the intended consequence here. but that's something unintended that might come up down the road. i already have started to see it myself even practicing in new york. heather: well, you know, people bottom line, they just want to have more control over what they pay. >> i think people in general, americans and most people want to have control over what they're doing, right? so if you're -- if you're a healthy person and nonsmoker working out all of the time, you may not want to subsidize somebody who is maybe obese, not working out, smoking, kind of has high-risk habits, right? it doesn't have to be that extreme. if you're older, you've had your
7:50 am
kid and you don't necessarily want to subsidize somebody paying for maternity care. in general, it's very difficult. but there's a couple of things that are different there. everybody has to have driver's license, follow certain rules but in health care that's not the case. het -- heather: it sure isn't. i have to wrap you up, hope you have a great day. >> you too. greg: what's happening on the ground and how the terror group is losing ground there, but first, let us not forget the men and women who are protecting us overseas. >> hello, i'm corporal radio operator with the 31st marine unit, i want to wish my friends
7:51 am
and family back home in new orleans, louisiana a very happy thanks giving from all the marines and sailers with the 31st, happy thanksgiving greg: isis claiming
7:52 am
7:53 am
responsibility for a truck bombing at a gas station south
7:54 am
of baghdad, it killed at least 28 people. officials believe intended target was a bus full of iranian pilgrims running from celebrating a major shiite holiday. the attack after forces expand in mosul. iraqi soldiers taking back three more neighborhoods there with the help of u.s.-led air strikes. benjamin is following all of this from london and benjamin, what's the latest? >> hi, greg, we are hearing not only have they taken back the three neighborhoods but also today shiite militias have cut off the main road between syria. nevertheless inside the city of mosul itself the battle continues to rage and dozensover civilians are being killed every day including women and children caught up in the middle. snipers and car bombs continue to be deadly weapon by isis and it's not just civilians.
7:55 am
there's casualties among iraqi soldiers and that figure is being closely guarded. we do know they are dying every day, greg. greg: thousands of u.s. soldiers involved in the operation against isis that thanksgiving. >> you're right. thousands of them. not at least the 5,200 aboard the uss eisenhower which jets are taking off every day. the crew there is spending second thanksgiving overseas aboard the thousand foot long aircraft carrier. south of mosul known effectively as key west, u.s. troops took pause to remember families and celebrating thanksgiving. >> i want to tell my family, thankful that all of the people are out here and just to be thankful for being alive. that's all. greg: u.s. marine hamilton over
7:56 am
there reminding people that if you look at all the his or her -- horrors around the world and to be thankful. greg: thanks, ben jam -- benjamin hall. massive security force on duty keeping new york city safe as we all give thanks for our blessings this holiday. a third hour of america's news room coming up next. stick around
7:57 am
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8:00 am
greg: and everybody else out there as well. heather: there's new reaction, coming in to president's elect recent pix after he taps nikkei hailey as un embassador and charter school advocate betsy to lead the department of education. garrett is following all the breaking developments from washington for us, garrett what is the latest, just keeps changing. >> it absolutely does, heather. president-elect trump can feel good about himself because most of hashest critics are praising decision. jeb bush said, quote, she's an outstanding secretary of education. i look for her bold leadership and nebraska senator tweeted betsy nomination is great news for those of us who care educational reform. duvas is a former chairwoman but
8:01 am
gained national prominence. her strong support to both charter schools and school vouchers has not made her many friends among democrats or teachers' unions. house minority leader nancy pelosi wrote, unfortunately betsy has dope nothing divide and those who make investments the most. now, if you're looking to unify republicans, having nancy pelosi come out against you certainly goes a long ways to do that. >> certainly does. could we be hearing an announce meant soon about dr. ben carson? >> we absolutely could as soon as tomorrow, in fact, after turning down a number of cabinet positions, dr. ben carson is now considering if he will join the trump administration as the head of housing and urban development, last night on the kelly file dr. carson said he is still thinking this decision
8:02 am
over. >> we did, in fact, have a discussion of things that needed to be done in this country and what the various options were. whether i could do it from inside the government or outside the government. the offer is on the table and there are a lot of other possibilities that we are considering which is the way that can be most effective. >> despite the holiday, mr. trump is not taking the day off, this past hour he tweeted, i'm working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., in indiana, making progress, will know soon. somebody who will likely be working with that secretary of commerce and that's another position we could hear an announcement on very soon. right now we are told that billionaire wilbur ross is the leading candidate for that job. happy thanks give to go you and to greg and everyone at home and
8:03 am
safe travels from south carolina. heather: we are working very much just like the president elect is. greg: you got it. now from president-elect cabinet picks and the ones to come, let's bring in kara. let's begin with betsy duvas. here is the thick. some people are saying she's in favor of common core and to prove it jeb bush tweeted out an endorsement as secretary of education and he, of course, fought a lonely battle to maintain common core. trump is against common core how are we to make sense of this? >> if you listen at the critics, betsy duva has been accused of supporting common core and came out in response to allegation
8:04 am
and said while she's been a part of organizations that have taken stance on common core, she doesn't agree with those positions. greg: why would jeb bush say it's a bonderful appointment? >> if you look at jeb bush's record she's been advocate for charter school and voucher and -- greg: when he endorses her, he's really talking about vouchers, charter schools, school choice, all of which donald trump promised? >> definitely. i think that's a broad brush endorsement and fair. greg: let me talk about nikki haley, people are already saying, well, she has no foreign policy experience. from trump's point of view those with deep resumes have made a mess of american foreign policy so let's get fresh eyes and new blood into the mix and nikki haley satisfies the criteria.
8:05 am
>> i think that's exactly right. if you listen at the american people, at least half of them said in the election is that we have seen where supposed book smarts have gotten us. we are ready for people with common sense and street smarts, if you will, in addition to wisdom and leadership potential. president-elect trump said he heard the message loud and clear. greg: mitt romney is being considered along with rudy giuliani reportedly for secretary of state neither of which have a lengthy foreign policy resumes. those highly respected among republicans. what do you make of those possibilities? >> one thing that you have to respect about at least the rumor that is mitt romney and others have been vocal critics of trump throughout the campaign are being considered for such an important post is that maybe trump isn't as motivated by his ego as he's been accused and, in
8:06 am
fact, is interested in putting in place the smartest and the most reasonable people to get things done across the country. a resume doesn't necessarily mean anything. greg: it's no secret that romney referred to then candidate donald trump as a fraud, which has prompted mike huckabee to say in order for him to say he's secretary of state he must repuduate and apologize. in politics, enemies become your friends after the election. >> president trump has indicated by talking to mitt romney and others like we discussed that he's willing to put the past in the past. it is reasonable for him to say i need to be able to trust my closest advisers and so wanting to get some sort of public
8:07 am
statement that people heist appointing in important positions are on his team and aren't going to come out and say anything contrary to the president's agenda that could harm negotiations. greg: ben carson may be the next hud secretary, he spoke about reinvigorating the inner cities. >> yes. greg: would that be a good pick? >> i think it would be a great pick. i think if you look at the primary responsibilities of hud, it's overseeing low-income housing and fha, that's where hud goes, i think we all saw in carson during the primary campaign as someone who is thoughtful, who is wise, who is compassionate and carrying all the things you just mentioned and so, i think, we should take
8:08 am
him at his word that he cares deeply and desires deeply to go in and change some policies so that we can actually begin to help the people who need it most. we have long waiting lists in section 8 housing, financial problems over and again and so i think putting someone like ben carson in place is a great idea. greg: democrats having criticizing the pace of disorganization of this transition. are you seeing that in truth? >> i think all we really need to know is that one of president obama's former senior aides david axelrod came back and said let's think back of 2008, i don't remember us being criticized. so i think people are always looking for something to complain about but we have a lot to be thankful for and how trump
8:09 am
handled the transition with the picks and the pace. greg: happy thanks give to go you and your family. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you very much, same to you. heather: dr. carson would be in charge of 32 billion-dollar department of homeland security there. health and human -- wait, housing development. we are trying to say homeland security because of the next story because of the next story beefing up security after isis threat to target the holiday event. rob smicht is live. >> i have been out here for a few parades, heather, we are on sixth avenue. the parade going and half over at this point towards macy's and midtown. the one thing you're going to notice here, no cross-town traffic. nothing vehicle wise can come through this parade.
8:10 am
that doesn't happen anymore and that's simply because of what happened in nice, france. you remember the horrible story where the truck mows through that crowd. what we have seen number of police cars blocking streets so nobody could get through if they tried. they are using the trucks, the sanitation trucks that they fill with salt which creates extremely barrier that really nothing could get through and they are placing the strategically all around the city. this is about a 2-mile par aid route, offers opportunity for people to watch parade and security nightmare that the nypd has to deal with keeping the area safe. that being said, all in response to an isis article that came out just a couple of weeks ago in a magazine asking people, you know, saying this is a great venue for an attack, asking followers to do something with the parade, posting a picture of
8:11 am
parade route. that being said, nypd and mayor said there have been no credible threats at this time and so far so good, heather. heather: nypd, they know how to deal with events like this? >> the department that has thousands upon thousands of police officers and they handle major events all of the time. every year the united nations convenes on the east side, that is a major security operation. world leaders from everywhere including the president come to new york. we also had the pope last year which was a huge operation and we had a couple of weeks ago both candidates for president watching the election results come in about a mile apart here in manhattan. they are no stranger to this kind of operation and they spoke last night also about what kind of high-tech stuff they have at the nypd. >> we do have radiation detection, we will have a helicopter up in the sky and so all of our police officers, each and every are going to have a
8:12 am
smartphone and if there's any issues on the route will be able to connect with the incidcent command post and deal with any issue as soon as it comes up. >> also a chopper overhead monitoring everything. they say that this is a safe event and they have a lot of eyes on it and thousands of police officers here and so far it has been a lot of fun and really cool to see the floats go by. >> reassuring for the folks out there. heather: rob, have a great thanksgiving, thank you. greg: breaking news overseas to tell you about. brand new video coming to fox news showing a construction accident in china. we will have the very latest on what's happening there. heather: president obama warning about threat of north korea. what does he have to say about the incoming president about how to handle the volatile region? greg: mr. trump has not held a news conference since he won election two weeks ago, should he face the journalists, a fair
8:13 am
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8:16 am
china has had several safety related issues at workplaces in recent years and this appears to be yet another one again. 67 people have died when a scaffold collapsed. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. heather: president-elect donald trump releasing a video message for thanksgiving. but the president elect is catching some flat for not holding news conference since winning election. a break from tradition that's been going on for decades apparently. let's bring in kristin, director of students for life and daniel, she's an attorney and political columnist. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, heather. heather: happy thanks give to go you as well.
8:17 am
let's start talking about this. kristin, i will begin with you. you know, the people that are giving him flak is the press who hasn't really helped him out. >> that's exactly right. for all of the talk of the obama campaign and the advance use in technology, you really look at it, it was a 70-year-old man who really went to digital media and went to people online and the entire campaign and didn't rely on traditional media to do that. heather: he went against the grain in a lot of areas and it worked for him in the election, so why not just continue that trend? >> i think we will see president-elect trump seeing the trend reaching out and i think
8:18 am
more now than ever the democratic institution of the press is important and we have to make sure that we don't see any off the press. john adams, second president of the united states say that is the free press is essential to the security of the state and we do as individuals need to get unbiased news and means watching fox and msnbc and consuming and wide variety of sources, but when it comes directly from the horse's mouth we have to make sure we can verify and research and that the american people get the knowledge that they need because knowledge is power to make sure that they know what's going on. heather: youtube videos, he put one out talking about his first one hundred days and what he hopes to accomplish, put another one out yesterday, thanksgiving, calling for unity. when you see him on youtube, there's not an opportunity for journalists to get involved and maybe not to say everything he
8:19 am
said the way he said it and put words in his mouth. when you talk about trusting what he said, that would be the best way to do it in. >> americans simply don't trust traditional media. media research council poll said that eight in ten americans didn't think they were getting unbiased news. two-thirds of them thinking the media was favoring hillary clinton. so no wonder why we are going and relying on digital media to go right to the horse's mouth to hear from our candidates, hear from elected officials and hear what they have to say and we will research it on our own. heather: daniel, at the same time if you ask the majority of people say specifically with twitter that the president elect should may be stopped? >> well, i think what you're seeing in twitter is really a
8:20 am
again win side of president-elect trump. he doesn't like to be criticized and certainly let you know what he thinks. as it relates to mr. trump, he showed throw -- through extent of campaign trail that he was loose with the truth. he said that the president was rude and that television cameras actually show and that was proven by news reporting of that event to be untrue. so i think that we need a mix, social media and traditional media. what matters the most is people, all of us know that we know what's going on that we get clarity and transparency. heather: do you think it's fair as we said he's getting flak for this, not giving the news conference since he was elected? but he's been doing a lot of
8:21 am
work, he's working today from post on twitter and did the same amount of pushback happened during the election when it came to hillary clinton who really cut off the press, she did not give news conferences? so are they both being treated the same way? >> i think they are. the washington post is saying that donald trump hasn't given a real press conference in 1420 days, the third day of the dnc. there's a little bit of a difference in treating the way that he's outreaching. let's remember we need to hold him from the same standard and expect the same thing from him. heather: hope you have a great thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. greg: the number of police officers killed by gunfires skyrocketing this year. the latest just last weekend in the state of texas. so what can the president elect do about the targeting of our police officers?
8:22 am
that story coming up. plus a new push for recount in key swing states that hillary clinton narrowly lost to trump. a female candidate is behind that effort but it's not who yok hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
8:23 am
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8:25 am
heather: manhunt underway for a suspect that police say shot and killed a security guard at a astronaut in york county, virginia. officials say that the guard was guarding when lewis shot him. authorities have identified the guard at 424-year-old richard irvin, drivers should avoid the area. greg: president-elect trump campaigned on a law and order theme and when it comes to protecting police officers, he certainly has his work cut out for him, so far this year 59 officers, that number says 57 have been killed by gunfire, dramatic 74% increase over last year. caroline is live in washington with more and caroline, such an incredible high numbers. the numbers tell the story. >> they absolutely do, greg and think about this, there have been 20 ambush killings of police officers this year. that's the most since 1995.
8:26 am
according to officer down memorial page 131 police officers have died in the line of duty, that's up 13%. but the gunfire death statistic is the greatest jump. fifty-ninth officer to die in shooting this year is colin, died last night, witnesses say he was trying to handcuff a suspect on theft charges when the man man pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. a man has been arrested in that case with who previously served time for assaulting a police officer, greg. greg: police want a change at a national level, what exactly are they asking for? >> well, the international association of chiefs of police are saying a force for violence against police officers but
8:27 am
they're also asking for help from the new administration. >> we are hoping that a real good look by the president elect and his team by putting together a national criminal justice commission might be one of the answers we need to look at a holistic approach for once. >> chief says the last time a commission was set up in 1965. the time has come so they can act and move forward, greg. greg: that's way too many deaths of police officers. carolyn, caroline, thank you. >> you bet. heather: word that president obama warned president elect about north korea and the nuclear threat should be top national security priority. how should mr. trump handle it. plus, we all know the results from election day for the electoral vote but while hillary clinton won the popular vote now there's a new development regarding three key swing
8:28 am
states, right? greg: that's right with green-party candidate jill stein behind it. what she raised millions of dollars to do? >> it's unusual in such a short period of time in this young century. we've had two elections where the loser got more votes than the winner, it's something that we should look at. >> happy thanksgiving, i love you
8:29 am
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oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. heather: new push for recount in the presidential election and coming from green-party candidate jill stein who just raised millions of dollars for the effort that focuses on recounts in three key swing states, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. rich is live for us in washington on this. rich, what is behind this effort? >> good morning, heather, and the stein campaign is to restore confidence in the system. this effort is, quote, not intend today help hillary clinton, though delivering those three states to clinton would change the outcome of the election and in each of those states several thousand votes could flip the results. in a statement green-party jill
8:32 am
stein after divisive and painful presidential raise reported hacks and individually e-mail accounts are causing many americans to wonder if your election results are reliable. these concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. we deserve elections we can trust. the campaign notes the deadline to file request for wisconsin recount is tomorrow, michigan and pennsylvania's deadlines are next week. it has raised more than enough money, attorneys fees could raise the cost between 6 and $7 million. clinton nor her aides have offered any public comment on this effort, heather. heather: is there any specific evidence of cyber interference? >> no. though a group of computer scientists it is possible for a hacker to have influenced the outcome of the election and given the cyber theft and emails and internal documents from clinton campaign chairman john podesta and the democratic committee these scientists say
8:33 am
it's worth investigating. jay of the university of michigan writes in a medium post quote, american's voting machines have serious cybersecurity problems, the only way to know if whether a cyber affected result wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. heather. heather: there were no incorrect polls this time around. i don't recall one that was incorrect. [laughter] thank you so much, have a great thanksgiving. >> you as well. greg: now to president obama's foreign policy advise for his successor with word that mr. obama has warned president-elect trump about the nuclear threat from north korea saying it should be a top national security priority. joining us now to talk about that, peter brooks, senior
8:34 am
fellow at the heritage foundation and former deputy defense bureau. good to have you. >> good to be here. greg: north korea has successfully tested nuclear weapons. they are believed to have 20 to 40 of them. they have a delivery system. so does that make north korea the number one national security priority for president trump? >> that's interesting that they said -- i can understand why president obama said it's a critical, very important national security threat but considering isis and challenges of terrorism, you know, i don't know exactly where it would rank. it would be top five in my view. there are a lot of things to be concerned about. north korea is trying -- developing a submarine launch ballistic missile and making inner continental missile
8:35 am
mobiles which are difficult to defend. strategic patience. there have been four nuclear tests during president obama's tenure out of the total of five and i think we are probably going to see another one perhaps early in the trump administration, but, yeah, there are real challenges. it's unpredictable. north korea is a wild card and they have a tendency to be provocative and they decide to test new administration early next year. greg: provocative actions, nuclear testing by north korea always seems to happen during a u.s. political transition, right? so it's going to happen. >> we had one in september. that was to most recent one. i wouldn't be surprised if we do see one early on. we have to be ready for this. the important things is think about policy as we go forward towards north korea.
8:36 am
we should have a strong declaratory policy that alliance are strong. one thick -- one thing that we haven't done is missile defense, having defense against the missiles. greg: shield. is that workable, operable? >> we have one in the pacific with sights in california and alaska. i think we need to refocus on this because of the growing threat from north korea. everybody is surprised how far north korea has gone. they have short-range missiles, intermediate that can reach with nuclear weapon guam and the concern about the continental united states. greg: the only country that has influence over behavior is china and they have been reluctant to exercise that power and
8:37 am
influence. can trump force the chinese, i mean, he has said during the campaign that he will label them a currency and hit them with heavy terrorists, might that get their attention and cause china to put the firm fists on north korea to knock it off? >> they are worried about chaos in north korea, loose nukes, they are only willing to go so far in putting pressure on this regime that they do have an alliance with, agreement with, treaty with. they have been close. they fought together against us during the korean war. now, the other thing that people are overlooking as the united states and others do have opportunities to make it much more difficult for north korea instead of operating through beijing. it would be great if beijing would do this but they have not done enough. going after north korean banking
8:38 am
is critical and the bush administration did it to some effect and made north korea come to the negotiating table. international banking, north korea doesn't do much in terms of trade but they do some and that's one way to get at them. greg: i wonder whether cutting off north korean banks contacts with other nations would do any good. aren't they already isolated in the world? >> not as much as you think. the way they keep control in north korea, kim jong un, the leader takes care of the elite, military, intelligent services, the party, if you cut them off where they can't get luxury goods, they can't travel and sort of things you can put more pressure on them. there's going to be leakage, they can work through china and other places, during the bush administration they went after a bank in macau and north korea came to the negotiating table because of their inability to get something, they do need to get something from outside of
8:39 am
north korea. >> the only time that we got china to do something is when we went after the administration. china had the capacity. but let me ask you about the military option because prior presidents have always said that's still on the table, always on the table. you never rule it out. but that would certainly if exercised create a, you know, security crisis in the region, would it not? >> absolutely. you have to remember pull out a map is the first thing i do when there's a crisis. the capital of seoul which is a large met tro poll attended area of 10 million people is only 25 miles. the south korean capital is 25 miles from the demilitarized zone in the world in terms of demarkation. north korea not only has nuclear weapons, they have chemical weapons, they probably have large artillery force that could
8:40 am
rain all sorts of weapons on seoul in short order. we have 28 to 38,000 brave americans right now working with 650,000 south koreans to keep the peace, but that could change very, very quickly. ultimately, if there's a war it would be very ugly, it would be very -- it would be devastating, we would prevail but the problem is what happens between before we do prevail over the north korean regime and what does china do, what would china do the same thing in 1950 and come to the aide of north korean allies. greg: korean war. we know how that worked out. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, sir. heather: back at home no major weather trouble for most of the country this thanksgiving, that's good news. although there could be some snow in the northeast, a storm in the northwest but earlier los angeles, look at this, a traffic nightmare. greg: yikes. heather: everyone was on the
8:41 am
road. greg: 405. i've logged a lot of hours turned into days on the freeway. heather: looks like a river of cars, 405. if you think starting out earlier may have helped, think again. greg: that's worse. it's not moving. heather: 50 million people would be hitting the road this year and we sure hope that everyone getting to their holiday dinners on time. that picture was put on twitter and they were doing #mannequin challenge to that because no one is moveing. get it. greg: my daughter saw that and she said, when are they going to create the aerial cars? i said what do you do about cars? virtual highways. helping to feed the needy, one chicago restaurant is spreading that message this thanksgiving. heather: plus your favorite
8:42 am
pooch may be more like you than you think, new research with surprise insight into your dog memory.
8:43 am
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heather: we all know that dogs are smart, right? the man's best friend has pretty good memory and a new study researchers say that dogs like humans appear to have memories linked to specific times and places. greg: let's bring in dr. kelly powers, a surgeon at stanford hospital. good to see you, thanks. what do you make of this? >> happy to be here. today we are talking about dogs and as a dog owner i have to say i took interest in the study. our dogs smarter than we think
8:46 am
in yes. they actually can recall memory based on events and experiences which is different than the former, what we thought before. looked at 17 dogs, 35 trails and out of 35 trails these dogs were able to recall experiences successfully. 33 out of 35 times. heather: they are not just copying what the owner is doing, fetch, they are actually going away and coming back? >> it's a paradigm shift. the old school thought that you train on repetition and reward. sit down, here is a trick. they know, exactly that there's some kind of survival here, based on survival. they are getting food or they know where to go to get their water or sleep. this study changes things. it's looking at more self-awareness. they are aware of where they are, kind of not based on survival. greg: of course, i knew this all along.
8:47 am
i watched lassie and those were really smart dogs. >> yes. greg: long before your time. >> i don't know that my dogs can actually do this. these dogs are talented, i should say. heather: they go away from a period of time and they come back and they say the researcher would say, okay, i think specifically now, something like that and they would mimic or do the command that they had previously been doing to get a treat. >> correct. do as i do experiments. heather: that's bizarre to me. >> i don't know if mines can actually do this. this dog apparently. greg: are there particularly types of dogs that are more adept at this? >> the study does not say. heather: be careful what you do
8:48 am
and say around your kids, be careful and do around your dogs. [laughter] tbreg greg all right, amazing study and i wonder -- what use is it? there has to be a practical use for this? >> you know, i don't know. it's eye-opening. it's so different than what we are used to. heather: have a great thanksgiving for sure with your furry friends as well. greg: they would push me out of the bed. heather: my dog was the smartest dog ever. she lived 148 years, very smart dog. greg: all right, so much for the dogs. the segment is going for the dogs. it's the day we give thanks for all that we have, a day to help those in need. that's certainly true for one chicago restaurant, the turkey
8:49 am
shop gourmet grill closed its doors on the monday before thanksgiving and transformed itself into a soup kitchen. last year they gave away more than 200 free turkies, this year they we wanted to top that, boy, did they, owner goal to give a thousand birds, a go fund me page with a simple plea, let's give away a thousand free turkies. >> people in chicago, it's not just about violence, it's about the love that we do and not just about the things that people constantly talk about the media. it's not about that, it's something else. greg: 30 days to receive the turkey goal. heather: great americans out there. la police officers, they are taking to the football field what they hope their new roles will do for communities, plus our troops serving overseas, taking time out and celebrating
8:50 am
the holidays as we thank them for keeping us safe. >> hello, i work with stationary unit. i want to wish all my friends in el paso, texas happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
heather: happy thanksgiving to you. we are paying tribute for troops serving overseas on this holiday. here is a look at some of the thanksgiving celebrations going on in afghanistan. u.s. troops in cabul joining nato partners for a traditional thanksgiving meal and one soldier from florida says despite being away from home in the holiday, there's still a festive mood. >> you miss your loved ones at home, of course, but being here, i mean, being with all the new people that you have all the commodore with, being able to be here and training and advising coming for dinner tonight. it's a great opportunity outside of being with your family on this holiday. heather: over in iraq troops here enjoying a thanksgiving meal. this one is near mosul. our thanks to all of our troops for your service and to their families who were separated for them on holiday as well.
8:54 am
greg: the lapd is using sports to build trust in the community. the bears are inner city football team, coached by officers in a way to get kids to trust the police and to stay out of gangs. with antipolice sentiment boiling in parts of the country, many see this as a really good way to stop hostility before it even begins. will carr explains. >> go. >> still emotionally scared from brutal antipolice riots in the 60's. >> go. >> a group of kids and coaches have come together for football practice on the only grass field seen for miles. >> are you ready? >> the bears aren't just preparing for the next opponent, every run, pass and touchdown is tackling the trust gap between
8:55 am
community and law enforcement. >> if you're trying to change that, you have to get your hands dirty and working to kids 9-12 so when they're 15, 16, 17, 18, that relationship is completely different. >> the goal keep the kids on the field and off the streets so these four coaches all los angeles police officers who patrol during the day have traded one uniform for another. mentoring the players at a time. >> we are preventing a problem before it starts. >> for many the police officers have become family. >> they're like another dad, more parents for us. they give us good advice. all cops are not bad and we should respect police. >> and it's working, 50% reduction in homicides since the bears hit the field in 2011.
8:56 am
this year violent crime is up across los angeles but dropped, but the program is so successful it's branched out. officers filling at father-daughter dances, tutoring and going to parent-teacher conferences. >> we are using as a way to mentor and really be a focal point in these kids' lives where we are helping them out to do better things in their lives. greg: players parents tell us of a program like this can make teenagers respect members of law enforcement in south los angeles, then it can work anywhere. greg. greg: will carr, many thanks for the great story, congratulations to the officers and go bears. happy thanksgiving. heather: very good example. and to you too. president elect joins family in palm beach, florida estate, the progress that mr. trump says he
8:57 am
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heather: well, a white thanksgiving for people who celebrate it in tokyo. it is their first november snowfall in more than half a century, but above freezing temperatures kept the snow from sticking in most of the places, still did cause some minor traffic delays with the morning commute.
9:00 am
and listen to this, the last time it snowed in japan's capital, that was november of 1962. gregg: ah, that was a good year. yeah. plus, pretty, even though it didn't stick on the ground. heather: hope you have a great thanksgiving. gregg: and to everybody, happy thanksgiving. heather: i'm headed back home. see ya. gregg: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ arthel: and a happy thanksgiving, mr. visit earth -- leland: and to you as well. hopefully, the turkey is just about ready to go. arthel: ready to eat. president-elect donald trump spending thanksgiving with family in florida, but he's not taking time off from building his cabinet. as we told you. happy thanksgiving, everyone, we're so glad you can join us on this thanksgiving day, i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee. leland: mr. trump is working in


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