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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 24, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm PST

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time it snowed in japan's capital, that was november of 1962. gregg: ah, that was a good year. yeah. plus, pretty, even though it didn't stick on the ground. heather: hope you have a great thanksgiving. gregg: and to everybody, happy thanksgiving. heather: i'm headed back home. see ya. gregg: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ arthel: and a happy thanksgiving, mr. visit earth -- leland: and to you as well. hopefully, the turkey is just about ready to go. arthel: ready to eat. president-elect donald trump spending thanksgiving with family in florida, but he's not taking time off from building his cabinet. as we told you. happy thanksgiving, everyone, we're so glad you can join us on this thanksgiving day, i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee. leland: mr. trump is working in palm beach x he is tweeting
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about it. i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. he's in palm beach, but his focus remains -- according to him -- on the white house. the president-elect yesterday nominating the first two women to key positions on his team, and new announcements could come right after the holiday. we don't expect much news today, so who will be next to join the trump administration? peter doocy live from just across the bay there, mar-a-lago in the distance. peter, what's going on today? >> reporter: i tell ya, leland, we just found out that the president-elect is not just preparing for a big dinner with family, he's also working to fulfill some big campaign promises that he made like convincing american companies to keep american jobs and factories in this country. just a little while ago mr. trump tweeted that, quote: i'm working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress, will know soon. the big news last night was
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about dr. ben carson, mr. trump's campaign rival turned critical surrogate. carson has said the president-elect wants him to come onboard as the nominee for housing and urban development secretary, but he just can't make up his mind about whether or not he wants to take a formal administration role or if he'd prefer to be on the outside looking in as an informal adviser. >> people who haven't spent their lives in government, but he went back and clarified that. nobody wants to talk about that. you know, the fact of the matter is, you know, every job is very important, but in terms of complexity, i can guarantee you that very little of it comes close to neurosurgery. >> reporter: a carson appointment wouldn't make waves among trump loyalists, but a romney one would. and the president-elect is still, apparently, considering the 2012 gop nominee who spent months encouraging republican primary voters to pick anybody but donald trump as his next
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secretary of state. leland? leland: an important distinction to bring up. obviously, that video we just saw, peter, was from mitt romney and mr. trump meeting last saturday, a much-anticipated meeting. have we gotten any more news in terms of where we are on a possible romney nomination, or are we right back to where we were on saturday? >> reporter: land, this morning we actually got some tea leaves from a top trump adviser, kellyanne conway, who wrote this on social media, very interesting: kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state flew around the world less, counseled potus close to home more and were loyal. good checklist. read into that what you want as trump supposedly is picking between mitt romney and rudy giuliani as the top two finalists for that job. you mentioned at the top yesterday the two nominations were both women to join trump's administration, and that could quell some of the controversy that people on the left have
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been trying to stir up about mr. trump's cabinet so far lacking diversity. leland. leland: we will see the picks as they come along. more with that on the political panel. peter, i've got to ask you. it's thanksgiving, it is palm beach, any idea what the president-elect is eating, doing today? any relaxation planned? >> reporter: the only words that we've gotten at any time since we've gotten to florida is just that this is a working trip. obviously, the weather is a lot nicer here than it is at his fifth avenue complex in midtown manhattan not far from where you're sitting, but it sounds like he's working and that is, obviously, something he was doing yesterday as well because news about these picks to join his team, the transition team and then the senate says it's okay, the administration, kept coming pretty steadily. leland? leland: we'll await more news. peter doocy working as well on thanksgiving, hope you get some turkey on the beach, buddy. take care. >> reporter: thanks, leland. arthel: leland, i'm guessing that lobster is somewhere on the
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menu. leland: possible, yes. i don't know, though, if they will have a fried turkey, which i really hope they do. maybe when they get to the white house -- arthel: they're missing out, definitely. okay. we're going to pick up where peter left off and talk more about president-elect trump's putting some diversity in his cabinet with his latest two picks, a transition that had been dominated by white, male trump loyalists taking a turn. south carolina governor nikki haley and charter school advocate betsy devos becoming the first two women tapped to join the team. former presidential rival ben carson, dr. carson also in the mix. and joining me now to talk about this is susan appreciate cho, washington examiner's chief correspondent. happy thanksgiving to you. >> and to you. arthel: let's look at some of president-elect trump's selection, diversifying his transition team. let's start with south carolina governor nikki haley as ambassador to the united nations.
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governor haley, as we said, not only female, but also indian-american as well. >> that's right. she was the first female governor of south carolina, elected in 2011. she's very popular in her state and really won wide praise for her handling of the confederate flag controversy that followed that tragic shooting in charleston. and i think, you know, she's an interesting pick because, you know, she's a governor moving into a position that will deal with international affairs. she's, in trump's words, a proven dealmaker, which is something you probably need to have skills for in that position. and she, again, as you say, she mixes up that homogeneous photo lineup that we've been looking at for the past week for who trump has chosen for his cabinet. arthel: also mixing up the photo that you're talking about is michigan billionaire betsy devos, education secretary advocate -- she's hoping to be the education secretary as well as president-elect trump is
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hoping for that as well. as you know, ms. devos is an advocate of vouch arers -- >> yes, and charter schools, that's right. arthel: absolutely. and she's hoping, perhaps the gop establishment, susan, they're hoping that devos would give more, you know, decision-making power to the states and school districts. what do you think about that? >> right. the republicans have been battling for this for years. they just passed a bill that was signed into law this past year that aims to do just that, give states more control of education. you may remember common core, a very controversial education program that stirred up a lot of opposition at the local level. well, republicans are trying to return more of the decision making to the states, to local school boards. this is something devos is certainly an advocate for as well as vouchers and charter schools which give parents more of a choice outside of the public school system. now, this will draw a lot of
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opposition from democrats who are longtime opponents of privatization of schools because they feel it detracts from the public school system because it takes away students. and in the case of charter schools, it takes away resources, and that would certainly happen with vouchers too because vouchers are taxpayer-funded reimbursement for folks who want to send their kids to private schools. this would be a marked departure from the obama administration oversight of the department of education. but it is certainly something that president obama talked about on the campaign trail. she falls right in line with that. what she doesn't fall in line with is she's not a trump loyalist. in fact, she gave money to other republican candidates, was a frequent opponent of trump. and as soon as he chose her, one of the first people to praise her choice was governor jeb bush who, of course, was a big opponent of trump's. arthel: that definitely falls under the lines of diversity, for sure. and by the way, as she is new to the international spotlight, definitely national spotlight in
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terms of our coverage, i'm told the pronunciation is devos as wt correct -- >> ah, thank you. arthel: all right. let's talk about president-elect trump's looking to tap dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. as you know, dr. carson originally saying, look, he's not interested in a cabinet position, citing his lack of government experience. so will dr. carson accept? >> i don't know, it sounds like he's on the fence, you know? he said repeatedly that running a big government operation isn't necessarily something he wants to do. now, he didn't want the job of health and human services. housing and urban development is a whole other line of work. one thing ben carson talked about and he's written about is his opposition to president obama's fair housing program which attaches federal funds to the way local communities set up affordable housing. and he's been a staunch critic of that.
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again, if ben carson duds decide to take the -- does decide to take the job, he again would be a really big switch from the way hud is operating right now. so what we're seeing here with president trump's cabinet picks -- of course, we have the mix of loyalists with those who are more gop establishment -- but what you're seeing is he's making sure they're aligned with what he has talked about on the campaign trail. and i think even trump has been a critic of the way hud has been run by the president. and this, again, it's swinging things right in the opposite direction from the way the obama administration was running things. it's very likely to draw sharp criticism from democrats. but, you know, this is the way the election turned out, and when we're heading in the other direction now from what the obama administration was doing. arthel: all right, susan, happy thanksgiving to you -- >> you too. arthel: leland wants to know, are you frying a turkey? >> i'm neither frying, nor baking. i'm going to a relative's house, so i'm really winning. arthel: are you going to be kind over there?
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>> i'll bring something. [laughter] arthel: all right, susan, happy thanksgiving. good to see you. leland: coming up later, we're going to talk to a child psychologist about how to deal with, shall we say, unruly relatives or political conversations -- arthel: pass the peas, not the politics. leland: good advice. you see? we don't even need a psychologist, we have arthel. all right, coming up, terrorists have long targeted american holidays for their attacks, and president obama has been getting an update on threats both here and abroad after meeting with his national security team. he's urging everyone to stay vigilant as they enjoy their holiday together. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington with more on this. hi, catherine. >> reporter: well, thank you, leland. the white house and the president's national security team issuing this statement about his intelligence brief before the holidays, taking down these lone wolf or small cell attacks takes intense coordination at home and with foreign intelligence services. the statement reads in part, quote: the president was also briefed on recent successful
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military operations against isil and al-qaeda that targeted key external operations plotters. he instructed the department of defense and the intelligence community to maintain our relentless pressure on terrorists seeking to harm americans. earlier this month the homeland security secretary told reporters the threat from self-radicalized terrorists has remained a constant. >> our basic assessment of the global threat environment has not changed. we remain concerned about home grown violent extremists who could strike the homeland with little or no notice. >> reporter: and after this week's terrorism arrests in france disrupting another plot possibly targeting paris, the state department this week issued a travel alert for u.s. citizens in europe warning of a heightened risk during this holiday period. leland: catherine, is there a pattern to these arrests, or do they seem to be discreet incidences? >> reporter: well, that's a great question. the man from brooklyn, new york, who was a legal permanent
9:13 am
resident from yemen, in this arrest does a appear consistent with unconventional threats. according to the criminal complaint, he expressed his support for attacks by isis in times square using a garbage truck to mow down pedestrians. this was the same tactic used in france last july to kill and injure nearly 500 people. terrorism analysts say isis is adopting crude strategies to circumvent the new high-tech security measures. >> the success of the nice attack, which was one man with a lorry killing scores of people, i think isis drew the necessary conclusions, and they realized even with low investment, almost nil investment, you can get a lot of return for your terrorist buck, if you will. >> reporter: for some context, the intelligence community in this country really sees terrorism on a spectrum from those who are inspired to act by isis on one side to others who are recruited and and directed by the leadership in iraq and syria. for the most part, europe has
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seen both, and the majority of plots in this country, though, have been very specific to this internet radicalization. leland? leland: yeah. and and so difficult to track, as you point out. more on this with steve rogers after the break. catherine herridge, thanks so much. arthel: all right, leland. iraqi forces reporting new gains in the battle to liberate mosul. the latest progress on the ground and how u.s. troops are contributing. plus, thousands of people forced to evacuate as a rash of fires burn in israel. how they started and who authorities think may be to blame. that's coming up next. >> as far as we're concerned, there isn't an issue of terrorism. we are considering and looking into the possibility how the fires started, whether they were deliberate or not. that is something that is being investigated.
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you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. re welcome back on this thanksgiving -- leland: welcome back on this thanksgiving. a car bomb in southern turkey exploding outside a government facility, at least two people killed, 33 injured in the blast. the turkish energy minister, obviously, called this a terrorist attack. a suspect reportedly being treated for a gunshot wound. no claim so far of responsibility for this latest in the string of deadly attacks in turkey over the past year. most of them, if not all, have been linked east to isis or to -- either to isis or kurdish militants. arthel: and meanwhile in iraq, coalition forces are expanding
9:18 am
their foothold in the isis-held city of mosul, liberating three more neighborhoods. benjamin hall is reporting live from london with the latest. benjamin? >> reporter: hi, arthel. well, it is true that three more areas have been liberated in mosul, but we're just getting reports of a bomb in baghdad which has killed over a hundred people, and every today in mosul dozens of civilians continue to be killed in the city itself. iraqi security forces is now been rounding -- have now been rounding up and searching male residents, screening them, urging them to disclose any information they might have about isis members who are now hiding among them because, of course, one of the great threats is isis fighters will displace people seeking to carry out attacks at a later date. arthel? arthel: very horrible there. i want to ask you, benjamin, what about the thousands of u.s. soldiers involved in the operation against isis on this thanksgiving day? >> reporter: well, thousands, as you say, indeed. not least those aboard the uss eisenhower which is operating in
9:19 am
the persian gulf at the moment, and jets continue taking off from that carrier every day for operation inherent resolve. the crew there will be spending their second thanksgiving away from home, but celebrations won't stop them doing their job, and jets will continue to patrol the skies over iraq and syria, bombing isis terrorists and day and night. meanwhile, u.s. troops have also taken time to remember their families and celebrate thanksgiving away from home while taking part in the fight against isis. >> my first time away from home for thanksgiving, so definitely a little hard, but i'll be able to call my family on facetime later, and i'll be able to share the holiday with them that way. >> reporter: there are 5,000, at least, servicemen and women serving in iraq, 5,200 on the eisenhower and thousands of others around the world. arthel: very important. we appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their
9:20 am
families for being away from their loved ones on this thanksgiving day. benjamin hall, thank you so much. leland: staying overseas, arson is suspected after several massive fires have broken out all across israel. now four palestinians possibly connected to cells are in custody. the flames have been fueled by strong winds, forcing thousands to abandon their homes, and you can see those fires still burning out of control. john huddy live fr jerusalem with what officials are saying about the cause. john? >> reporter: yeah. well, earlier afternoon and evening, leland, officials were saying that they're investigating all possible causes including arson. well, now they're focusing more and more on arson as the cause of some, if not all, of these fires. not only the ones that are raging this hour in the city, in fact, some politicians and security officials are going so
9:21 am
far, leland, as calling in the arson intifada. and the reason being is that the growing belief at this point is that palestinian suspects may be lighting these fires, taking advantage of the dry and windy conditions that we've had all week. several of these fires erupted at the same time in different parts of the city this afternoon, and, you know, obviously that's the concern, is that suspects are doing this in a coordinated effort. having said that though, security officials don't believe this is the work of a larger group such as hamas or hezbollah. but, again, the working assumption is that these are all acts of arson. not only the fires here where some 60,000 people have already been evacuated from homes and buildings, some of those buildings going up in flames, but also some of the fires here in jerusalem as well, leland. leland: so difficult to track these groups. john huddy live from jerusalem where it is already thanksgiving night. thanks, john. best to you and the crew. arthel?
9:22 am
arthel: definitely. >> reporter: thanks, leland. arthel: all right, john. a surging u.s. dollar could end up complicating one of president-elect donald trump's key campaign promises. we're going to get into that with our next guest, so stick around for that report.
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>> hello, i'm lance corporal armondo nava. i want to wish all my friends and family back home in mcallen, texas, a very happy thanksgiving. from all the marines and sailors with the 31st, happy thanksgiving. arthel: very nice. well, a slice of home for the holidays as american troops celebrate thanksgiving in afghanistan. our men and women in uniform giving thanks and counting their blessings as they enjoy their holiday meal at nato headquarters in kabul despite being thousands of miles from their loved ones. the troops want the folks back home to know they're safe and that the partnership for training afghan troops makes the effort worthwhile. >> it's always hard being away from your family on thanksgiving, of course. you know, you miss your loved ones at home, of course. but being here, i mean, being with all the new people that, you know, you have all the camaraderie with, you know, being able to be here training
9:26 am
and advising the afghans coming here even for dinner tonight, you know, i think it's such a great next opportunity outside of being with your family on this holiday. arthel: and for that dinner, the pentagon delivering nearly 15,000 pounds of turkey and 9,000 pounds -- pies, that's going to put on a lot of pounds. [laughter] but they deserve it there in afghanistan. the menu also includes roast beef, ham, shrimp, stuffing and eggnog. leland: there you go. [laughter] right now president-elect donald trump saying he's not taking a holiday from trying to put more americans back to work. mr. trump tweeting just a few hours ago on this thanksgiving: i am working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac, carrier air-conditioning company, to stay in the united states in indiana. making progress, according to the president-elect, will let you know soon. let's bring in the managing partner at the soriano group. happy thanksgiving.
9:27 am
>> thank you. leland: we saw a lot of controversy after president-elect trump talked about keeping ford and taking credit for the ford plant staying in kentucky. and now he's talking about trying to keep carrier air in indiana, something he campaigned heavily on. they were one of the companies he used to talk about on the stump. how much can the president-elect really do about this?y good move for a president to start approaching the ceos, the chairmens and the boards in all these different companies, because they mean a lot. whether they're going to go that direction depends. but we do know that his infrastructural plan has to do with rebuilding the u.s., and these are companies that play a very strong role in that plan. leland: but what can a president-elect offersome other than calling up and saying, all right, mr. ceo, i really want you to stay in america. the laws are the laws, at least right now the tax structure is the tax structure. other than saying i'm going to go after you on twitter, what carrots does he have, if you will, to offer? >> that's a very great question because we're looking into his
9:28 am
actual plan, the tax incentives and private equity that will go into this infrastructural plan. so i think his conversations with the ceos have to be about taxes incentives at this point. leland: essentially saying, hey, look, don't move yet. i'm going to help you stick around coming in a couple of months, i have new tax plans coming, and when you do, i'll say nice things about you on twitter, is that kind of the way the sales pitch goes? >> not exactly a couple of months. i think we have to be realistic about that. the last time we had a tax reform, it took about six months, and it could go up to five years. he has to be realistic and proactive on this approach. leland: it sometimes takes a while. the one thing we've seen that hasn't taken a while is the market reaction to mr. trump's election. and now all of a sudden we've got the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500, record highs. everybody thought that if trump was elected, things were going to go in the tank. hasn't been the case. that's all well and good. what does that mean coming
9:29 am
forward into the busiest shopping season of the year? all of a sudden consumers have enormous confidence? >> that's one of the three metrics that you have to the take into account. one is the supply and demand approach, the sentiment and psychological approach and then the technical factors. when the gdp data comes out and any other -- leland: yeah, but if you're at home and your 401(k)'s doing well, you may feel better about buying a new television, more christmas presents, all those kinds of things? >> perhaps. that's the psyche part of consumption, right? which is one of the three metrics that i mentioned, so it depends. leland: now to the economic factors. the other part of the post-trump election economic reaction, if you will, has been a very strong u.s. dollar which, it's kind of hard to the break down the effects quickly. but essentially, it's great for u.s. companies that want to buy things from overseas, goods from china are now cheaper than ever. >> sure. leland: but for american companies that want to export things, those goods are more
9:30 am
expensive. >> you have to look at this from a trading perspective as well. so when consumption happens elsewhere, importing, exporting our goods and our services, they want to pay with u.s. dollars, and they want a return in u.s. dollars. it's the opposite. so if we start importing more, if our dollar is weak, they're going to start cashing in those corporate bonds so that they get paid in their own currency because their dollar is worth nothing. strong dollar is a good move. leland: strong dollar and also it has an effect, at least to your point, a psychological effect about what it says about the united states. all right. appreciate you being here. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, marco. >> an honor and a pleasure as always. leland: good to see you. arthel: okay. well, president-elect trump naming a strong advocate for school reform to his cabinet. what lessons can we learn from mr. trump's choice for education secretary? plus, the toms were flying
9:31 am
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9:34 am
poultry or paltry attempts at humor yesterday as president obama performed the final turkey pardon of his presidency, sparing the birds named tater and tot as part of an annual tradition. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live from the white house with more. happy thanksgiving, turkey. [laughter] >> reporter: and to you, arthel and leland. greetings from the white house where president obama yesterday participated in his final turkey pardon event, and where he also made it abundantly clear he was determined to leave no pun unturned. in a nine minute ceremony in the rose garden yesterday, mr. obama conferred clemency on tater and tot, two 40-pound turkeys raised in iowa and named by school children in the hawkeye state. presidential daughters, sasha and malia, whose eye-rolling at their dad's jokes came to be an integral ingredient in this event skipped yesterday, but his departure will not mean a
9:35 am
reprieve from this holiday tradition. >> what i haven't told them yet is that we are going to do this every year from now on. [laughter] no cameras, just us, every year. [laughter] no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> reporter: the president's jokes were objectively awful in this year, complete with references to riding the gravy train to freedom and the sentiment, yes, we cran. but there were serious moments as when the chief executive defended his economic record in office and when he sought to summon our better or angels after what he called this long campaign season. >> we have to see ourselves in each other, because we've all got families we love, and we all have hopes for their better future. and we lose sight of that sometimes, and thanksgiving's a good time for us to remember that. we have a lot more in common than divides us. >> reporter: indeed. and for those of you who want to know what becomes of tater and tot now that the president has spared them from the grisliest
9:36 am
of fates, follow me on twitter, @jamesrosen, and i'll tweet out the next and final destination for them. arthel: a good way to get twitter followers. [laughter] i don't blame sasha and malia. come on, the president knows his jokes are outright bad, those puns are bad. he knew it, he delivered it with that kind of tongue-in-cheek attitude. all right, well, happy thanksgiving to you, many rosen. >> reporter: and to you, my friends. leland: there you go. all right. president-elect trump naming a strong advocate for school choice to his incoming cabinet. obviously, has to be confirmed by the senate, choosing betsy deso to become his secretary of education. ms. devos saying the status quo in education is not acceptable. probably have a lot of people who would agree with her on that. eric schiffer, contributor to the washington times, israel ortega, gentlemen, appreciate you being here. happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving.
9:37 am
leland: before we get to the education pick, we want to pick up where we left off with mario in the last segment. mr. trump tweeted out this morning about trying to keep carrier air-conditioning -- somebody he'd gone after on the stump -- here in the united states. just a couple of hours later on thanksgiving, carrier responding. carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration, and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. wow. that does not exactly sound like the response you'd expect when the president-elect calls you out on twitter, israel. >> no. but i think, look, president-elect trump though is following through on a promise that he made on the campaign trail to make creating jobs and to try to convince companies to keep manufacturing jobs here. so i think at very least he's flying and -- trying and putting himself out there, and i think a lot of americans are going to be appreciative of the fact that he's doing this. leland: all right. on the other side of this
9:38 am
though, if all of a sudden he talks about carrier and says these things and carrier makes its own decisions, the board of directors have to do what's in the best interests of the shareholders, employees and everybody else, that's their fiduciary respondent, and all of a sudden he tweets about this and fails even before he becomes president, what does that do? >> well, we'll see. i mean, i don't think they're closing the door entirely. so i think this is part of, i think, president-elect trump's, you know, promise to do more of this, and i think we'll see, you know, obviously the private sector has to consider what they need to do, as you point out. but i think the president has the bully pulpit, he's going to use it, and i think we'll see if more companies think about, you know, and i think one of the big things is reforming the tax code, something tangible that he can work with congress to do. leland: right. often said the real power of the presidency is the power of persuasion. eric, to you on this now. we have this cabinet pick, betsy
9:39 am
devos, clearly aligned with mr. trump on a couple of key issueses, vouchers, school choice, someone who's not necessarily lock, stock and barrel behind common core, but the democrats have come out already and just eviscerated her. >> well, they have, and for i think obvious reasons. look, i think what she wants to do and i think what trump wants to do is to take the standard up, and common core certainly they're not about common core, but they are about taking the standard up. and look, charter schools in a lot of cases are just a better situation for kids. and there's a lot of reasons for it. i think one of the biggest is they understand the children's ecosystem where the public school is not even oriented that way. so there's a lot of challenges. we certainly still want to focus on the public schools, and we need to take care of our children there. but being able to give this option to parents, i think, is a great thing, and i think it's a wonderful thing to focus on improving education through this
9:40 am
process. leland: israel, why -- obviously, the democrats are deeply entrenched with the teachers union, we mow that. is there another reason why school choice and teacher accountability is so scary to them and they find it so abhorrent? >> it's about control. it ultimately comes down to control, and i think they are worried that if charter schools continue to expand in the way that they have been for the last few years, that they're going to have less control about a system that, frankly, works well for them. unfortunately, it doesn't work well for students. and i think that's why i think this pick is very aggressive, it's very bold. and i think, again, this is donald trump also -- he talked about school choice on the campaign trail, and he's following through on this. and so i think it's going to be, certainly, questions are going to be very hard for betsy devos at the confirmation hearing but, ultimately, i expect her to get confirmed. leland: israel, you just picked up on the issue of the confirmation hearing.
9:41 am
eric, we heard the outcry on jeff sessions and how unpleasant confirmation could be. it doesn't seem like ms. devos is going to face that type of scrutiny or challenge really. would that be accurate? >> i think it's accurate, leland. i think that, you know, most people -- certainly the republicans are going to be for it, and i think many democrats, i think, are becoming more open to this argument. certainly, of raising the standards and certainly open to the argument of charter schools. you have certain congressmen that like it. and so i would imagine that israel's right. i think she's going the get through, and think it's a great thing for education, most importantly for kids, and that's what matters. leland: how much can really be changed when it comes to school choice, when it comes to vouchers, when it comes to accountability at the federal level? how much can the department of education really change this, or does this have to go down to the state and school board level, israel? >> i think it's a little bit of both, leland. i think certainly the secretary of education can also just get
9:42 am
out of the way and, frankly, allow the statements to do what they need to do. but i can tell you too that i've been talking to education reform advocates, and they tell me one of the things they'll be pushing for is increased funding for charter schools, and that's something that betsy devos has been supportive of in the past. that's something very specific she can do if she is the next secretary of education. leland: well, and if she is, we'll see if she does it. eric, israel, thanks for being here. >> thank you. leland: all the best. arthel: remember when someone thought it would be a good idea to take a sledgehammer to president-elect trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame? mr. trump, as you know, was still a candidate at the time. well, now we have an update on that vandalized trump star. yeah. plus, you just might want to think twice about having that glass of wine with dinner tonight. why? why? well, our next guest says it could be a drink or two or three or four could be crucial to your health.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
leland: and on this thanksgiving, we have some new information for you. president-elect donald trump's celebrity status has been restored. here's why. his star on the hollywood walk
9:46 am
of fame is back less than a month after a man vandalized it. james otis was arrested after admitting he used a sledgehammer and an axe to destroy the star. you see the end result there. it took a couple of weeks, but workers have finally fixed the star. it was first awarded to the president-elect back in 2007. arthel: okay. all is in order on the hollywood walk of fame again. all right. have you heard how a drink away could keep the doctor -- a drink a day could keep the doctor away? experts say drinking the right amount could prevent a stroke, but drinking too much could trigger one. uh-oh. joining us now, dr. earnest patty from st. barn bus hospital and, dr. patty, hi, first of all, and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. arthel:while we're talking about this, anybody watching this probably -- i shouldn't say probably -- many people are are drinking. so if they are drinking,
9:47 am
partaking, how much is too much, dr. patty? >> well, the exciting news was they discovered if you had one to two drinks a day, it decreased your risk for a certain type of stroke. the problem is, though, if you drink three, four, more than four glasses a day, now you actually flip it the other way and increase your risk for stroke. arthel: okay. i'm not a doctor, but i'm going to guess does it have something to do with constricting the blood vessels? >> what they really think it has to do is is affecting a part of your blood that helps form blood clots. they think it will decrease that. the problem is, you know, if you don't drink already, i wouldn't rush to start drinking every day because you still need to do more research on this. you know, the jury's still out if this is going to be a long-term effect. arthel: so just to recap, so if you drink -- what's okay to drink? >> they said one to two drinks a
9:48 am
day. arthel: a day. and it doesn't matter if it's wine or whiskey? >> they weren't specific. they said one to two alcoholic drinks. you also get the benefits from red wine for cardiovascular health, so i'm assuming that'd be a good first choice. arthel: we're talking about that because you kick off the holidays and some people, not everyone, like to have a glass of wine or two. but in terms of trying to prevent strokes, i would imagine that factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, your family's history, dna, your age, the part of the country you live in and also your baseline stress level, all that would come into play. >> sure. also what type of health are you in. stroke is a big problem in the united states, and it's coupled very tightly hypertension and poor cardiovascular health. exercise, proper diet, proper sleep, you know, decreasing your stress level at work, all those things come in to play.
9:49 am
the exciting thing with this though was they were under the assumption that alcohol was not such a good thing for you, but in this limited study it showed that one to two drinks would decrease stroke risks. the problem is people who then run and say, well, if two are good for me, i'm going to do four, the converse was four or more actually flipped it the other way and increased your risk severely for 'em bolick strokes and also for hemorrhagic stroke tremendously. so you have to be careful with the research and how you interpret it. arthel: i'm glad you repeated that. people are home, everybody's busy sort of cooking, half listening, and people are taking a sip of the sherry or whatever they're cooking with -- [laughter] >> one for me, one for the turkey. arthel: again, the takeaway is two drinks a day is okay. more than that, what happens? >> more than that it increases your risk of having a stroke. both hemorrhagic and/or throm bolick strokes. arthel: and either way --
9:50 am
>> they're both bad. exercise, everything in moderation hike we always talk about. -- like we always talk about. arthel: happy thanksgiving, and thanks for bringing your gorgeous niece. leland. leland: more proof that wine means god loves us. a powerful storm heading our way triggering flash floods intense enough, as you can see, to knock over lamp posts. we're going to tell you where this is happening. plus, a major uptick in security at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll tell you what sparked it as we continue to honor those who protect us here and abroad. >> hello. i'm staff sergeant kenly allen with the 160th by decade in -- brigade in kuwait. happy thanksgiving to all my family and friends back home. i love you all, and i'll see you soon. war eagles.
9:51 am
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arthel: right now torrential rains in northern italy, take a look here, causing a burst of flash flooding. you can see the river overflowing into the streets, knocking over a lamp post there. heavy rain has caused damage across the region, but thankfully, no reports of any deaths. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
leland: the nypd leaving nothing to chance at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade that just wrapped up. the department ramping up security after isis magazine called the event a, quote, excellent target, and dozens of dump trucks were filled with sand. that was just part of the many new security measures. rob schmidt live from our new york city plaza on sixth avenue. rob, we know you've covered this for a long time. is it notice write that there is -- noticeably that there is more security compared to last year's? >> reporter: there's always a lot of security, leland. this year it was in a different way. first of all, just a testament to new york efficiency, i love this city. the parade is still going on. it's still happening just to our south. it's already come through this area, and look what's happening? sanitation already cleaning up the streets, moving the red lights back in to place. so just that fast, everything gets back in order here in new york. like i said, it's still going on
9:55 am
to our south, south part of midtown, the parade continues right now. and the difference in security that we really saw was as far as a vehicle threat. and that's because of what we saw in nice, france, on bastille day this year, that terrible attack with that truck mowing through that controlled, all of those people who lost their lives. that was a terrible story. this is a reaction to that and, basically, they have used those dump trucks like you talked about, leland, the same ones we've seen outside trump tower on election night, they've used those to create barricades through all the streets as this parade runs south for two miles through new york city. there's so many different ways cars could get in here and do something hike that. that's been a reaction to that. there's no cross-town traffic in new york, but right now we can tell you that the nypd as well as the mayor's office saying there were no direct or credible threats to this parade. and as i said, it's come through here at this point, but it is still happening just to our south.
9:56 am
leland: you think about this, rob, what the nypd is dealing with, trump tower and the security there, you have the macy's day parade on thanksgiving, then you're going to have the nypd getting ready for new year's eve and the events around times square. how are they changing their preparations dealing with all these large events? >> reporter: well, i just think they've always had to be prepared for things like this. this city has large events all the time, and i know they have beefed up certain departments of the nypd. we have counterterrorism, critical response, there's a number of ways that they're now prepared. it is the largest, most manned and most funded department in the country. and like you said, they handle big things all the time. they handle the u.n. every year which is just a huge security ordeal. leaders from all over world come here. we had the pope last year. there's always something big happening in new york, and with the election just a couple of weeks ago, we had both candidates here in town. that was a major security detail. and actually, we got some details into just how high-tech the nypd can be in a news
9:57 am
conference last night. let's listen to that. >> radiation detectors will be another -- we'll have a helicopter up in the sky, a down link to see what's going on. and each of our officers are going to have a smartphone, and if there's any issues on the route, we'll deal with any issue as soon as it comes up. >> reporter: they are on it, and this has been a great parade so far this year. it's moved on from here but so far so good. leland, back to you. leland: new york's finest, new york's strongest behind you. rob schmidt, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. arthel: new next hour of "happening now," president-elect trump spending this holiday weekend working on putting together his cabinet. we're going to talk about his choices when we come back. stick around. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors
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>> reporter: y we got an update with how it is going of the thanksgiving holday. i am working hardine on thanksgiving trying to get carrier a c company to stay in the u.s. indiana, we'll know soon and that companiy responded and wrote this. carrier has had discussionses and look forward to working together nothing to announce at this time. mr. trump is working on uniting after acknowledging a brutal campaign. mr. trump said he knows that hurt feelings don't heal overnight but this holiday is a time to move forward. as for the positions in his
10:02 am
cabinet. secretary of state and hud secretary. that is interesting because we got a tweet from kelli ann. kissinger and schultz flew around the world less and counselled pot us at home read what you will. >> ben carson said he was offered a job. and hinted why he would be perfect for the job and despite reports of accepting it. all he will say you now is this. >> we did have a discussion about things that needed to be done in this country, and what the various options were. whether i could do it inside or outside of the government. >> there have been reports and buzz about others accepting different roles in the administration, but our latest
10:03 am
guidance from the transition team is not to expect anything on the holday. arthel? >> thank you, peter. your office today in that background. take care. no announcementes today but possibly early next week as mr. trump continues to build his cabinet. billionaire wilburr ross who is known for restructuring companies is considered for commerce secretary. and todd rickets is up for deputy secretary. for more on this founder and executive director. charlie noise to have you with us and happy thanksgiving and stick on the economic front ter morning on thanksgiving morning and now the response from carrier. how much political capital is he risking here in if carrier
10:04 am
decides to leave isn't that it a thud. >> we are starting to see a redefinition of using twitter. he cannous a lot of pressure on companies. and that will be part of his strategy to keep the jobs in the united states. with one tweet president trump can think about a couple of that outsourced jobs. i think you will think twice of buying a carrier air-conditioner because of outsourcing the jobs to mexico. you have to applaud president-elect trump first of working on thanksgiving and fulfilling the campaign promise. and putting pressure behind the scenes is something he is focused on to it keep american jobs here. >> i know turning point focuses
10:05 am
on millennials and college campuses. and does the twitter conversation between president-elect trump and the american people make a difference. and doesn't that make inroads of that segment of the population? >> when ever he tweets it gets out on television. cnn and you guys cover it. it is interesting to see how donald trump is redefining the way to advance his agenda. with carrier air. >> when you talked to millennials and college kids that you are trying to organize it, are jobs number one? or is it social issues we hear that kids care about? >> it is jobs and a lot of young people don't trust the government or politicians and that's why the margin with donald trump and hillary clinton was less than anticipated.
10:06 am
she only one them 22 percent. and young people in particular want the government to work for them again. they see politicians getting richer and washington d.c. richer. and it is a good thing that the president use social media. >> you talk about the idea of connecting with younger voters and the issues they care about and then you look at the list for potential and current cabinet picks so far. wilbur ross and todd rickets successful and owner of the chicago cubs and ben carson and jeff session ises has been in washington 20 plus years. they are not like wild outsiders to shake things up. does that speak to what the younger generation.
10:07 am
>> betsy devosand a champion of school choice is a phenomenal pick for secretary of education. young people under 30 believe that a zip code should not determine a child's future. ross and it is a dream team. they are putting congressman and senators in a crucial role as commerce secretary if they go through. >> they will negotiate. >> charlie, charlie. current commerce secretary is a billionaire hotel heiress. >> she was self made. and ross, and fair, and we'll get back to miss devosand also a billionaire and came from huge moneyy back in michigan and inherited and married the old fashioned ways.
10:08 am
how is that change? >> look at duncan who is education secretary and that is teacher bought and betsy devoswho doesn't owe anyone. and knows how to create the charter school. it is widespread and very, very popular and i know a lot of people are trying to attack ross and ricket and devosfor being a billionaire club. it is a good thing that it is a to put them in. castro in san antonio, it is trying to get him a political office for the future. i don't understand the argument. these are specialist and devos, knows how to create the charter school.
10:09 am
>> how much influence does betsy devos, have when it comes to the education policy? she controls the department of education. does that affect the state or local level whether or not charter schools are allowed. she can't renegotiate union contracts. there is a lot of things the secretary of education doesn't have control over. >> there is a lot she can and can't do. the policy has to go through congress. she will have a receptive ear from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. that's a great way to look at it. donald trump overperformed in the african-american vote particularly in pennsylvania and michigan. failing school and high rates of crime and what bets devos, can do. work with governors and decentr
10:10 am
decentralize education and put parents and communities back in charge. there are limits to your point of what she can do without congressional consent and putting forth legislation. >> and looking down in the states and local levels as well. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. all the best. arthel. >> leland, there is a new controversy brewing over the 2016 election result. jill stein pushing for recounts. rich is live with the story. >> is she trying to change the result? >> her campaign it is denial. the stein campaign is trying to
10:11 am
reinstate. and they want to confirm the results of the election. >> experts say there has been be hacking and we really need to make sure our vote is fair and accurate and we are out here anding for a hand recount here in wisconsin. it is not about the candidate and who is winning. it is the ente grittiy of our election and democracy. >> if it awards them to hillary clinton she would win the electoral college. the deadline to file the request is for wisconsin recount is tomorrow. they have raised $3 million to foil the recount request. and the stein campaign add that attorney's fees could raise the costs of six 6 or 7 million. >> doe we know if there is
10:12 am
evident of voter hacking. >> there is no evidence. in a medium post. we have pointed out for years voting machines are computers and they have reprogrammable software and if they infect machines with malware they can give any answer. the only way to know if hackers accessed that for a manual recount. and he figures it is likely incorrect polling instead of a hacked election. rich, thank you. president obama has a warning to president-elect trump. this is not iowa sis or
10:13 am
al-qaeda. woe tell you what is. and trying to keep us safe from terror groups. waiting to attack this holiday season. >> spoking of keeping us safe. how about a holiday sought out to a brave hero in uniform. >> i want to wish my friends and family in long island, new york happy thanksgiving. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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10:16 am
>> i think what everybody sgraes it is a bipartisan view that the north korea nuclear program is moving at a pace for the next administration is probably roaching a point, you can't wait but may have to take action because of the redlines. >> that is jerry seib talking about the growing threat of north korea's nuclear program. and tells how the white house is sending a warning to president-elect trump that kim jong-un and the rogue regime will be a top priority for the next administration and the u.s. will need to get more aggressive
10:17 am
in that threat. >> and in the u.s. armies, it is so good to have you here and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thanks for having me. >> we want to get your expertise. and how big p of a threat and what kind of damage can north korea cause. >> it is a great question and interesting problem. we didn't get here overnight. this is decade's worth of policy that led us to a failed in bilateral and failed six- party talk and patience that the obama administration took and saying in another way we will not engage the problem. this goes back to president bush and clinton and madeline albright, andy we are in the
10:18 am
precipice. it is disingenious to say it is a big problem. it is a problem. we watched north korea advance nuclearization goals for decades. it should not be a surprise they will a chief them in the next presidential administration. difficult problem and no easying solution. >> what is the best way to fight kim jong-un. disarm him especially if the nukes are. and talk them through talks and intelligence and military leaders? is there a permanent fix? >> if there were a good or easy solution, we would have seen it from the administration that wins a nobel peace prize. we need to huddle in our security team and get the best
10:19 am
and brightest minds and sit down and krft a policy with our best partner and make sure we have an agreement. and bilateral partners with china is hugely important. we have to define what we are doing and that shouldn't be done in the punditry or television. it is the best and brightest minds and that is consistency with the trump administration. they will formulate the policy behind closed dorand this is not a easy solution. they are on the path to achieving their goals and talking with them will help some what. we don't know what their long- term interest are. and what is the gavenlt they have those. we just don't know them. >> jason, you mentioned china as one of those countries to be in
10:20 am
on the talks. can you get cooperation from china on this matter and the other countries that are aiding kim jong-un with nuclear materials or physical or financing. how do you stop them? >> china is a huge part of the solution and it requires an administration that is willing to engage in east asia. we did the famous pivot to east asia. and the next administration has to be be on the engagement path and talking with the leaders in china and oast asia partner and japan and neighbors to say how do we level your security agreements successfully so that we can move forward and keep north korea from getting too far. >> before i go. do you feel optimistic, jason?
10:21 am
>> optimism with north korea is a stretch. they will have a real politic solution in place. we'll see great dialogue in the next four years. it is not a solvable problem in any simple request. >> you are right. optimism, north korea, oxymoron. >> and happy thanksgiving. >> thousands of people are evacuating their homes today as a late season hurricane roaches the coast. we are tracking the storm. and plus, busy and crowded holiday season brings out terror threats and attacks. remember the under wear bomber on christmas day? and what is done to keep celebrations from being targeted
10:22 am
in the future.
10:23 am
10:24 am
>> a fox news extreme weather alert. thankfully not in the united states. there is a category storm. it is striking an area that has
10:25 am
a low population. 10000 evacuated. and five this happened were evacuated in neighbors costan riowa can and throw storm related deaths were reported in panama. if it you have friends and family down there for the holiday check in. we'll follow hurricane otto as it makes its way on shower. >> four inmateses in the california county jail. they cut through bars in a jail in san jose, california. and used sheets to propel. the deputy spotted them. and two were recaptured. and the others, these two right here are at large. they face weapon and false imprisonment charges. police are using canine units in
10:26 am
the search for the ones. keep a safe distance if you spot these two men. >> now information on inteleigence agencies saying that terror groups are making noise and chatter in the holiday season and all the way through inauguration day in january. a big crowd gathers risk to airports and bus stations and don't forget your local shopping mall. they will be packed. tomorrow, steve rogers, former member of the fbi task force and retired from the naval intelligence. >> it would be a nice to have a thanksgiving to not talk about this. >> but thank god we have the
10:27 am
manpower and equipment to prevent a terrorist attack. extraordinary amount of police manpower and look you had a beautiful parade and people were protected. >> live pictures on sixth avenue. and they are cleaning up the macy's day parade. it was like an armed camp. and then the other thing that people saw new this year of the dump trucks lauden with sand to protect from cars or dump trucks or a delivery truck from being turned into a weapon and driven into a crowd like we saw in nice, france. are we always planning for the last attack. it doesn't seem as we are moving forward. >> we are doing that and also putting measures in place for lessons learned from past
10:28 am
attack. >> shouting out to the new york police department and police in new jersey. collaborating intelligence to address a possible terrorist attack. you didn't see the radiation. and a lot of dogs. and i noticed something different from the past, immens amount of officers out there. eyes of officers who are traped to prevent an attack was extraordinary today. >> for the department that is well versed in this and part of the department that deals with experts in this field. this is a light work out. and all of the sudden, going to oklahoma city and farmington, nebraska and police departments are not equipmented to deal with this thing. and shopping malls and be be it holiday concerts and throw
10:29 am
ceremonies. or do we have to accept risk. >> you identifieded the concern. and they city is well guarded and what about the civic activists taking place. a lot of training have to be done. and that is with regard to intelligence information. it will be be cotly are but as the now administration takes problem. there is more to more quickly. we want to get to the time of year spectacularly. and the shoe bomb are.
10:30 am
and the under was bomber in detroit. and it combuoyance the busiest travel time in the year as well. is it possible for the tsa and those groups to stop the terrorist attack or is it a cat and mouse game. >> you can't prevent every terrorist attack. but if you see something, we say something. we have to work together as professionals and citizens in this country. >> we saw that in the underbomber and shoe bomber. >> it was people. thank god we have a resilient nation. we'll beat them before they beat us. >> thank you, steve. >> and thank you very much and the good lord. >> arthel. law enforcement on highway alert
10:31 am
to protect themselves. this is after a san antonio officer fatally shot right outside of police headquarters. and how can they curtail the violence. >> and a tennessee community rolling after a deadly school bus crashes.
10:32 am
10:33 am
10:34 am
are >> welcome back on this thanksgiving. police officers face a growing threat after four of their own was shot. they were targeted in san antonio. and that is what officials call an ambus. 59 officers have been killed in the line of doubt. it is a sat story. that is according to the officers down on the memorial page. 3100 died in the line of doubt.
10:35 am
and he was a ness system si he was shot. and he was shot in the head. there was 40 emergency vehicles transported him to the hospital. and the sprl association of chiefs of police are roaching out to communities. they are setting up a task force. >> we hope the criminal
10:36 am
commission. >> and they are up with detective mar coni shot in the. >> sad statistic. thank you so much. >> and toxicology reports showed that the driver had no alcohol or drugs in his system in the time of the crash. he was challengered with reckless driving and endangerment. >> hewas not driving on the designated route but a winding rod and he was driving above the speed limit. now the mother is raising
10:37 am
question about the mental stability. >> the ntsb said they would check for a longer list of drugs and could that result in changes of charges or defense even? >> great questions. our hearts go out to the community. we are in breaking knows mode. and what he said. and now we are in's phase that shed light on the moments before the crash. speed matterses. location and spode matters. why was he you off his route.
10:38 am
there is nothing to indicate dui. but the dreaded d. driving while they will come to light and in turn drive what he was charged with. >> he had a seasonal job with amazon and they are trying to determine if fatigue played a role. >> they will key the scientific children and yes. they are 7 or 8 years old. but they are victims and they will find out what they suand heard. >> right now, we don't know.
10:39 am
when would they? >> even though they are children they are witness and they will see what they are seeing and if he said anything in advance. there is a lot of things they don't know. and who the child has good information or not. >> i guess where i was going with that one. they are children is there a particular amount of time to make sure the children could handle the questions about the tragic day >> it is a balancing. you want the information afterwards. but take in account they were children that went through a traumatic experience. and you have to after you interview them figure out what they saw and an likewise it. their brains are well developed and the factor of him working at
10:40 am
amazon. they will start to come out in the investigation. >> i want to play sound from the police department in chattanooga. >> the media is reporting claims that the driver on the bus asked the children if they are prepared to die. none of the witnessed provided that information to our investigators. >> windy, if of the police department and they find out if they get it from the source. the worth of throw children on the bus and one of whom did not survive. and they can prove that the
10:41 am
driver said something to the affect are you ready it die to the children on the brous. is that ady miss able in court. >> if that is corrob greated by the audio equipment and some of damaged in the crash and some not. >> right now he is chargeded with crimes with the intend of recklessness. there is another update november 29th. and time is of the essence when you talk about criminal charges. and you being very well see more source charges down the line. >> the bus driver was involved in a side swoiping a kiowa an
10:42 am
and causing damage, two months going and he was arrested and charged with five counts of reckless ingauge: >> it has turned to that. frankly the fanth that they are going after him for negligence homicide. and that is a all of the factors and why was he on a path he shpt have been on. mother was not a witness or someone that. and they have always the think of things. they have a school bus driver that has a prior insdept. and because of his driving. he was driving alone and as a result of 5 or 6 deaths.
10:43 am
this is a serious matter not only for the driver but school system. >> unspeakably sad. sorry we had to see you on such a sad story but nice to see you none theless. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. >> new security concerns after the u.s. navy said personal info of 130000 sailors was hacked. how did it happen and who is responsible. and just before thanksgiving downer, a third of americans are stressed out at the idea of talking politics. i am stressed out because i am hung row and want food. >> coming up. a child psychologist on tops of
10:44 am
how to keep calm in the dinner table. man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i'll do that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin. plus, it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that's what i wanted to know. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and, in rare cases, fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily. and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding,
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plus less major bleeding. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> new information about hackers targeting the personal information of some of our military members. the u.s. navy said the names, social security number and other sensitive details of more than 130000 current and former are sailors were broached on a contractor's lap top.
10:47 am
investigators say the into was accessed by unknown people and the navy has been notifying affected sailors. there is no evidence that the information was misoused. >> it is that time of year. they make movies about family craziness in the holidays and there are reports many people foremore hostility than usual if politics comes up at the dinner table. how do you deal with the uncle that will not stop. dr. bega l is here to help us deal with uncle wilbur and so much more. do you not talk politic and make a rowel no, not happening. >> i would acknowledge it. i like to talk about the big
10:48 am
pink elephant. and emotions are highway and it feels personal for so much people. not much left to it say that hasn't been said. and take this and come back to family. >> we heard president obama and president-elect trump say similar thing and strike that tonight. and if only we take that advice. >> are families divide? >> i am. everyone has such a strong opinion. their opinions may differ on the certain issues and that is creating divisions with families everywhere. >> you talked about p the passion and the rhetoric from the candidates and their surrogates was so incredibly intense and devicive from the candidates itself, does that give people freedom to be harder and tougher on their family members that have a different
10:49 am
opinion? >> i think it brought passions up higher to support the candidateses they believed in and gave them permission to have behavior that was similar to the candidates. >> the issue of cell phones. a third or half of the people sit down at thanksgiving dinner and pull their phones out. is it all right to say it is a now hours it is enough. >> regular dinner and having time without technology is important. take 30 minutes and connect with each other. >> dealing with kids as well. and how do you in a larger sense tell kids that the president-elect can talk about people on twitter and maybe watching cable news, you will hear the president-elect
10:50 am
terrible names and how do you say, when you go to school tomorrow, you can't do that? >> kids are aware of the contradiction. yeah, it is not fair. he is a grown upwhat, it is not fair, but he or she is responsible for their actions. this is my expectation of you, and this is how we will proceed. >> and you don't get any turkey or -- >> i give them the turkey and the peas, but maybe out the pumpkin pie. >> you're in the middle of dinner three hours from now and the shouting match starts is there any way to diffuse it? >> my personal favorite line is i love you too much to have this fight with you, i'm going to walk away and leave. once you are already in the shouting match, no one will calm down and start being rational. so just find a way to exit.
10:51 am
>> okay, appreciate you being here, enjoy your thanksgiving dinner. i know it will be peaceful. on that note, we'll be back.
10:52 am
10:53 am
welcome back, the lapd using
10:54 am
football to build bridges between the police and community. an inner city team coaches by officers to get the police to help children trust them. they see it is a way to prevent hostility before it returns. >> the los angeles neighborhood still emotionally scarred from anti-violent riots. they have come to practice for the only grass field seen for miles, but they are not just preparing for the next opponent. every run, pass, and touchdown fills a gap between the community and law enforcement. >> you have to get your hands dirty so when they're 15, 16,
10:55 am
17, 18, that relationship with law enforcement is different. >> the deal is to keep the kids off of the streets. so those that patrol during the day have traded one yun for ago. >> rather than just arresting and moving on to the next problem, we're preventing a problem before it starts. >> it's not bad, and you should just respect the police, and then they give you respect back. >> and it's working. the three housing developments involved in the program have seen a 50% reduction in homicides since they hit the field to 2011. this year violent crime is up. the program is so successful it branched out. officers filling in at
10:56 am
father-daughter dances, tutoring, and going to parent-teacher conferences. >> football is a carrot, but we're using it it as a way to mentor and to be a focal point in these kids lives. we're helping them out to just do better things in their life. >> parents say the program is changing not only the kids mind-sets about law enforcement, but the communities as well. >> happy thanksgiving, perfect story for today. >> you bet. >> probably changing some of the officers perspectives as well. what a time we live in. in the next hour of "happening now, technology in the white house for years progressive leading tech workers have flocked to the obama administration. so, will they stick around for mr. trump? will they even be asked to? important question. plus, what is lighting up the
10:57 am
night sky that kept police in multiple states busy with a whole lot of phone calls? a visitor from outer space? maybe, we'll tell you what scientists think. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
10:58 am
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11:00 am
the trump team running on full steam this holiday expecting to make lots of choices this holiday weekend. hello, everyone. happy thanksgiving to you. welcome to a third hour of "hap "happening now." >> a lot of news today, wilber ross, is reportedly expected to be president-elect donald trump's choice for commerce secretary. not official, but the announcement could come soon. and mr. trump that has yet to hold a press conference opting for another video message to call for unity on this holiday after a bruising election. we have it all live from palm beach florida. they're working thanksgiving behind you.
11:01 am
as far as we know he is working on two things today. first is keeping american jobs in the united states. he says "i'm working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress, will know soon. carrier then said we have had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. kellyanne conway recently wrote she thinks a deal will happen. the second thing dr. trump wants to do is encourage americans, spending time with family, to find a way to move forward. he know it's will take time to get over the results of the election, but he thinks this is a good time to start.
11:02 am
he says he prays we start to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. no rest for the president-elect on his first thanksgiving since the election. >> more on the carrier callout with a panel later. any leaks about when it might come, peter? >> it has been a mystery, leland, and the biggest mystery is around dr. ben carson who says he has been offered the job of h.u.d. secretary, and he says in a facebook post, and that he thinks he would be perfect for cleaning up the inner cities, but now she brushing back against reports that the reason he has been unsure is because he doesn't have relevant background experience. this is what he said about that. >> people who have not spent their lives in government, but he went back and clarified that, but nobody wants to talk about that. the fact of the matter is every
11:03 am
job is very important. but in terms of complexity, i can guarantee you that very little of it comes close to neurosurgery. >> it has been quiet here except for an extraordinary security presence. there are officers everywhere on the roads, above in the sky, it's all quiet because the air space is closed as long as the president elect is here, and we have seen the coast guard using boats with sirens and big guns for everyone from sailboats to kayakers telling them to beat it when they get a little too close to their neighbor. >> we just heard from the white house about what president obama will be eating today. the menu coming out. i'll read off a few of my favorites, honey baked ham, mini
11:04 am
blt, grab cakes, coconut cream pie, apple pie, cherry pie. any idea what mr. trump will be happening? >> not yet, but this is a very nice resort from what we can tell. i'm sure it is something pretty tasty. >> you look on their website there's a lot of pictures of dining room tables. we'll have to wounder about wha is on the table. i'm good with those mini blts, i would do primed rib, creamed horse radish. >> cornbread stuffing. >> we'll check in with james rosen at the white house see if he can get us a doggy bag. >> talking about software engineers and other technical staffers working in washington many from silicon valley, now
11:05 am
wondering if they want to stick around to work on projects for the trump administration. john gabrielle is here. all right, john, hi, first of all. do you -- happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you think politics will get in the way of hiring tech employees or accepting the offer? president-elect trump may not be a techie but he likes social media. >> i think every government worker, especially those that came in in the last eight years, are they in the beltway to help out with an agenda, or to help out america? and i think those who are there to help out the country, they want to stay and improve no matter who is in charge. >> that's what i thought, too, but i'm not the expert you are on these topics. but let me, talk to me more specifically, what kind of tech experts are we talking about?
11:06 am
>> you have people from different disciplines, people who created the social media bubble that we're experiencing now came on to help out obama with things like obama care, trance forming the entire digital world in dc that was very out of date, and so you have a lot of people working on this, but as we have seen with, and i think obama care is the best example of it. despite having great minds and hard workers, it didn't pan out the way they wanted it to. i think they need to set aside their partisanship. if they can't handle it, maybe silicon valley is better for them, but it's time to set aside your partisanship and work for the american people. they serve the american people, not the president or congress. that is really what they need to focus on. >> to your point, in the tech driven existence today, talk about how crucial it is to have
11:07 am
the best and the brightest on staff. the really problem plagued launching of obama care. especially now, lots of cyber security issues. we really need to have really excellent technicians and people working on behalf of the american people. when we come to security, you always track the best and brightest that will pay top dollar for these people. you have cyber threats coming out of people that want to pry into our secrets. i think the people working in it security tend not to be as partisan as your general software engineer. and the people in the government that don't want to work in the current administration, they can get out of the beltway, make
11:08 am
government smaller, start a business, employ people, if you toptt be ready. and not someone who works if the gsa, and not to insult the bureaucrats, but they need to understand there are a lot of ways to help the -- and they have people who look at their job as a way to push their partisan view. good riddance, it's better not to have those people. >> all right, speaking of thanksgiving, president obama has some thoughts for us. he is asking us to set aside any negative feelings from the election and focus on the shared
11:09 am
values. who better to talk about that than james rosen. >> good afternoon from the white house where i heard your pleas for a doggy bag from the thanksgiving meal that the balms are enjoying, so if you just bear with me, i have for you, leland, and ourselves, something that came directly from the obama's meal table tonight. actually it says chicken salad on it. so i think i have been mislead. >> you misleading us as well, shocking. >> delivering his final thanksgiving address and he never even spoke of his successor. >> as long as we continue to
11:10 am
welcome the contributions of all people, as long as we stand up for one another, speak out to what is right and stay true to our ideals, not only when the is easy, but also when it is hart, no one can take away our liberty, our besties are ahead. >> and he took part in the final turkey pardoning event. he put his own stamp on this event in the form of ever more awful puns. jokes so bad his daughters in years past started rolling their eyes and they avoided it with a scheduling conflict. >> they met their fate with courage, sacrifice, and proved they weren't chicken. >> it's not that bad now, come
11:11 am
on. >> and we just learned that a short while ago, he was dressed informally in the oval office and placed phone calls to nine service members deployed overseas. back to you guys. >> james rosen, the north lawn with his chicken salad sandwich. we'll try to get you pie later. >> and making new gains in the mission to reclaim the city of mosul from iraq. they freed innocent civilians in three earn towns. we're also getting information today about a devastating car bomb that went out south of
11:12 am
baghdad. it is up to them, most of the people killed were pilgrams visiting holy shrines. in mosul the battle continues to rage. devastates footage emerged earlier of a father trying to save his 15 month baby. that child sadly passed away. now the battle has intensified. there has been 20 straight days of hard, bitter fighting. yet there is still a long way to go. they're six miles from the city center itself. none of it possible without the help of u.s. military and we saw today how some of them are celebrating thanksgiving out there including on the uss dwight d. eisenhower and jets
11:13 am
continue to take after every day. for the crew, this is their second thanksgiving away from home. and they are bombing the isis terrorists day and night. their influence on the battle cannot be under estimated. meanwhile, they celebrate thanksgiving away from home while taking part in the fight against isis. >> i am just thankful for being alive. >> so joe hamilton there reminding all of us that with everything going on there is a lot to be thankful for. >> we are thankful for our troops and the families.
11:14 am
donald trump considering a new relationship with russian president vladimir putin. our panel will tell us what they think a diplomatic reset would mean for russia, and perhaps more importantly what it would mean for the united states. >> and this streak of light caught on a police officer's dash cam. what is it? we'll tell you when we come back. hello, i'm chap lin michael ferguson. i just want to say happy thanksgiving to my wife, kimberly, my son elliott, and my daughter samantha. and so all of those at dupont, washington and san antonio, texas. happy holidays. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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11:17 am
may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. a a. i would be concerned, i think the vast majority will be up set. >>. >> mitt romney to serve as his secretary of state. he took a hardlined stance.
11:18 am
mr. trump, who had kind words for vladimir putin indicated he would pursue a diplomatic reboot with the russian president. i could keep reading your resumé, but it troublely sound like thanksgiving. is it a pick that republicans can get behind unlike some of the other picks that are causing some controversy on the left? >> it is interesting to see that mitt romny is up there.
11:19 am
he is so different. he is the typical interventionist. what he has been saying in the past eight years about russia, iraq afghanistan, it doesn't square up with what he is trying to do. as to your question of whether or not democrats could or could not support him, i don't think we're too enthused. but there are so many other bad picks it is a whomp-whomp moment. >> so not a hill to die on? >> i think you will see more in terms of going after sessions and bannon. there are so many other folks named to the cabinet so egregious that -- >> so far we only had two official cabinet picks that we know of, de voss and sessions.
11:20 am
how does this square with president elect trump's world view. >> russia is a geopolitical foe. >> that is your typical republican us versus them. that is not a newfound post neo conservative deal making. >> yeah, he has a different point of view on russia. he said that and he was put down by president obama, and in the next few years russia shot down a passenger jet, invaded ukraine, put up a base in syria. that doesn't mean we need to be fighting with russia. so mitt romney might not agree with a lot of things donald trump said, but hillary clinton didn't agree with a lot of things that barack obama said.
11:21 am
there is no problem with aing a different viewpoint. they both started off with some money in the bank, and to have that competing with donald trump, and having hardliners in his ear, it will be good to get a broad rain of viewpoints. mitt romney is not just a yes, sir man for donald trump, he will have different viewpoints. >> it appears they made up whether or not they walk down the perverbial cabinet aisle is yet to be see. gentleman, thank you for being here. >> a report calling attention to the number of intelligence briefings that the president-elect is opting to take. what it may say about the role
11:22 am
of the vice president in the incoming administration, and calling for a recount. will it impact election results? >> i want to wish my family back home a happy thanksgiving. e kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
11:23 am
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11:25 am
a giant fire ball was sparking fears of an alien invasion. police from the florida keys to alabama and as far north as georgia got more than 100 calls about the bright flashing light across the sky. as you might expect, some people were panicked and thought it was the ail yents coming for thanksgiving. experts say it was probably nothing more than an extra bright meteor. >> that is worn -- boring, i thought it would be aliens or something. president-elect trump will have a very full intell platter once he takes office.
11:26 am
as president-elect, he already has access to a classified document known as the president's daily brief. a summary of key developments from the major key agencies. reports indicate he has chose ton receive only two briefings since the election. telling the washington post "his pace is not as frequent as most recent president elects but it's not unprecedented over the decades-long scope of these briefings." meanwhile, mike pence has taken the briefing nearly every day. let's bring in the republican strategist now. ultimately the president of the united states has the nuclear codes, the commander in chief. if he is not intimately and thoroughly briefed and
11:27 am
informationed on critical information, is he at a distang for split second decisions? >> i would disagree with the assessment that he is not being briefed. delegator in chief or commander in chief. >> delegator in chief. allowing people he trusts to brief him on these issues. he is president-elect, putting together his cabinet. he is very key individuals who are going to advise him on national security issues, that's his primary focus right now. at this point if there was something to happen, it would be president obama, within his authority to make a decision
11:28 am
versus president-elect trump. >> i want to move on, i got your point, i appreciate your point and i want to move on. he did telegraph that dynamic when he asked mr. kasich to be in secretary of state. he is staying true to what he suggested. >> he did make that agreement, but it was alleged proposal made to john kasich. the key is that a president cannot have responsibility for everything, they can delegate authority, but they can't delegate responsiveness. >> you're saying, i think you're
11:29 am
saying the president doesn't -- he should not have responsibility for everything. so the president should not be bother today be laden with critical information. >> you cannot, as president, do every job title. that is just not possible in this scenario, i think president-elect trump is doing what he needs to do to put together key members of his cabinet. he is not a national political figure. he is putting together -- mitt romney, who, for his cabinet, for secretary of state -- >> by many accounts, would be a great choice as secretary of state. >> absolutely, i agree with that
11:30 am
assessment. these are people that would be honest and give a true assessment of any scenario and situation. i think he is doing the right thing, approaching his inauguration -- >> i'm being told in my ear that we have to go. we're about to hit our hard break. thank you for calling me giani. >> happy thanksgiving. >> moving on. you may have heard of sanctuary cities, but what about a sanctuary campus. that is one exclusive southern college is proposing. but can they do it? and trying to beat back isis forces to take back mosul.
11:31 am
a fight like no other. what is going on here? >> watch your mouth. ♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good.
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aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
11:33 am
ie. happening now, a new push for a recount by green party jill stein after the result of three swing states that president-elect trump won are
11:34 am
being challenged. rich, what exposure to hackers might these voting machines have if that is the reason for suggesting a recount? >> states insteadly moved to electronic voting machines after the prolonged recount in florida in 2000. now they're warning the newer electronic voting machines could be vulnerable to hackers. they say america's voting machines have serious cyber security problems. the only way to know if a cyber attack changed the result is to examine evidence like paper ballots. he adds the reason for the unexpected results those state social security more likely to be in polling but not a hacked election. >> so what is the stein camp's
11:35 am
mission here? is it to change the election results or challenge them? >> jill stein is using those concerns to justify a recount, and she is requested one. they have raised more than $3 million for that effort. it may cost up to $7 million including attorney's fees. she says after a devisive and painful race, many americans are wondering if our election results are reliable. it needs to be investigated before the election is certified. we deserve elections we can trust. they say it is not intended to help hillary clinton, but saying it would also change the outcome of the election. say also note that the campaign
11:36 am
to fi-- deadline to file is comg up. >> in a city not known for providing sanctuary to immigrants has a college who is considering becoming a sanctuary campus. it would make the school one of the first in the nation to adopt the measure. but is it possible? would it work? is it legal? it's all important questions. gentlemen, happy thanksgiving. taking on so many meanings in the political season so far, but really does what a college say mat tore law enforcement that
11:37 am
enforces immigration law? >> no, there is no precise legal definition, okay, of a sanctuary city or sanctuary college. people throw all of these terms around mixes apples and oranges. it is a matter of federal law. they developed saying we're not going to ask individuals, and and saying we're not going to comply with an order from ice or federal agents. and a college, a university, cannot prevent, real simple, federal law enforcement action by ice or other agencies in terms of seasons, arrests, or court orders. they can implenty informal
11:38 am
internal policies but the discussion is very mixed up and legally they're not on strong ground at all. on the other side of this, is there federal funding in someway in jepty if the trump administration wanted to go after those dollars. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the question, i apologize. >> michael, i don't know if you can hear us now. we'll get the producers to sort it out while we give that question to drug -- >> when you talk about sank chew
11:39 am
way cities, the immediate explanation was that the trump administration can certainly, you know, threaten for later of better word, it has to be related to the particular program. if you're doing a ahead program, you can't take away immigration, but i think to the legislation. >> doug, appreciate your information on this. michael, can the federal government take this one step further? can they say we want information on you, demanding they check their roles about whether or not people are here legally or not and enroll in classes.
11:40 am
>> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry, i did hear you now. the federal government can do that, a private institution, really a hollow gesture been and in the end, the federal government and trump, if this is his mandate, he has to enforce the law as he sees it. and they are powerless to object. >> we'll see if anyone decideds to take them on. well see how it evolves. all right, a local sheriff inform wisconsin was preparing
11:41 am
to humanely kill an injured dear when this happened. >> are you okay or -- okay, so i think the deer is okay, and is just going to run away. so fortunately his life was spared. very good. >> a nonthanksgiving deer. which is good. >> there we go. >> and moving on, perhaps things are a little tense at your family gathering. too much political talk -- >> no, music, baby. all right, so if things get really intense, take it outside like these guys, the utah department of resources releasing this video. the bucks were seemingly oblivious to the guy filming so
11:42 am
close. this brings up questions. first, the sanity of the person so close to these two -- are they elk, deer, something like that, with big horns. >> i agree with you, i would have gotten the buck out of there. >> me too, three hours have gone by awfully quick, but let's call it one more reason to think twice about smoking, even e-cigarettes you should not smoke. this one e-cigarette exploded in a man's pocket. and security on the minds of millions of americans this holiday weekend. isis threatening the thanksgiving parade earlier today, but the mayor says that never stopped new yorkers, not even today. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have.
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zlorchlgts zlorchlgts. so a clerk at a store suffering from burns after an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket, his co-workers were running for cover. >> my instinct was just to find cover. my friend was panicking and it was burning because he was trying to take it out of his
11:46 am
pocket. >> that is scary. so the man is in stable condition after being admitted to the hospital. we don't know why it caught fire at this point. >> our producer brought up a really good question. okay, tragic. hopefully no one was hurt, but if that happened in grand central station, you can imagine how frightening it could be for people. and speaking about how vigilant it is, the macy's day parade, heavily armed officers and bomb sniffing dogs, greeting spectators along the parade
11:47 am
route. this is president obama reminding people to be vigilant here and abroad especially during the holidays. >> the white house and the president's national security team and the intelligence briefings he has given, but among forng intelligence services overseas. he said the president commended the continued operation to ensure public safety and directed they all main teenage vig lance and prevent attacks by individuals. >> our basic assessment of the
11:48 am
global threat environment has not changed. we remain concerned about home grown violence extremism that could strike with little to no notice. >> and a legal permanent resident from yemen. an attack by isis in new york time's quare using a garbage struck to mow down pedestrians. the same ak tick was used in paris last year. tourism analysts say many of these suspects leave a trail on the web. >> the fbi and others are catching people on the internet saying things they should not
11:49 am
say. so we have to revisit the whole see something and say something to make it really work. had. >> this week's arrest in france, the state department issued warnings for the heightened risk. >> we heard of president obama getting the briefings, and staying up late, is the president-elect getting those on a daily basis? >> president-elect trump turned away the briefings, but the facts here are more nuanced, i have been able to confirm that he has taken the brief twice since the election and his vice president has taken it on an almost daily basis.
11:50 am
some other pleresident-elect's have not taken them until december. the office of national intelligence is reporting today, but it looks like a case where it may have been misleading. having two is in fact not that unusual based on other president-elect's at this stage of the calendar year. >> we saw the same kind of reporting and then have to be walked back over the criticism of the transition. >>. violence against the police is on the ride. how many officers have already paid the ultimate price this year.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
this morning in virginia, the incident comes as new reports say the number of officers shot in the line of duty is skyrocketing, up 70% from this time last year. >>le h the numbers are up across
11:54 am
the board. there have been 59 officer gunfire death sos far this year. a total of 31 offices have died in duty deaths, and that is up 13%. colin roads died last night in detroit. he was a wayne state university police officer. witnesses say he was trying to handcuff a suspect on theft charges when the man pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. the suspect then shot two more times. a man has been arrested in that case. >> so disturbing. what are police doing? nationally? >> they are asking for national support as well. the international association of chiefs of police are setting up a task force for violence against police officers and asking for help from the new add understand. the chiefs want the federal government to set up a national
11:55 am
criminal justice commission to look for a wholistic approach. there have been 20 fatal ambush killings of police officers this year, the most since 1995. the latest was detective benjamin marconi, shot while writing a ticket in his patrol car. >> i believe there is people acting out based upon what they hear and rhetoric that's out there. but it is a shame when an officer can't be parked in front of their police station doing their job and trying to take action and they become the victim of a vicious assault. >> the last time there was a national criminal justice commission set up was in 1965. chief deluca says the time has come for more federal action. back to you. >> thanks, caroline. >> on this thanksgiving, of course there's a lot of folks celebrating far away from home like our troops, like police officers out on patrol, but these guys might just hold the
11:56 am
record for how far up they are celebrating thanksgiving. we're going to show you how they do a turkey dinner in space coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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a thanksgiving feast that's out of this world. the crew on board the international space station enjoying a traditional holiday meal more than 200 miles above earth. turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans along with cranberry sauce, candied yams and cornbread dressing and cherry blue berry cobbler. three russian astronauts chouing down. the holiday would not be complete without football. they'll be getting live games beamed up as well. >> technology is grand, vice president elect mike pence cooking up for something good this thanksgiving. he and his wife volunteering with an indiana organization that prepares food for people in need. the team had the vice president elect slicing and dicing veggies and prepared thanksgiving meals. pence tweeting out, the best way to give thanks is to give your time, talent and treasure. earlier in the show we asked
12:00 pm
peter if he had any idea what the president-elect would be having for thanksgiving. he just got back to us. apparently there's a buffet at the big club in palm beach for events like this but the president-elect may be doing ala cart tonight. >> i'm ed henry. president-elect donald trump says he's not taking day off on this holiday. i'm working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress. we'll know soon. the carrier corporation announced it's planning to move heating and air conditioning business in indiana down to mexico. 1400 people work at the plant in indianapolis. during the campaign, of course, donald trump threatened to impose a 35% tariff. peter is live in palm beach where they use a lot of air


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