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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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earlier in the show we asked peter if he had any idea what the president-elect would be having for thanksgiving. he just got back to us. apparently there's a buffet at the big club in palm beach for events like this but the president-elect may be doing ala cart tonight. >> i'm ed henry. president-elect donald trump says he's not taking day off on this holiday. i'm working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress. we'll know soon. the carrier corporation announced it's planning to move heating and air conditioning business in indiana down to mexico. 1400 people work at the plant in indianapolis. during the campaign, of course, donald trump threatened to impose a 35% tariff. peter is live in palm beach where they use a lot of air conditioning and donald trump is
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spending thanksgiving with his family. happy holidays to you. how is carrier responding. >> reporter: they are well aware of how donald trump is spending his first day as the president-elect and they are well aware of this tweet that the whole entire world saw because everybody looks to see what the president-elect of the united states is writing. their response posted shortly after mr. trump tweet, carrier has had had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. >> and that is the first word that we got from mr. trump about carrier since last night when he published a thanksgiving message that started with something we haven't heard very much from him in the last year and a half or really any of the time he's been a public figure and that is a prayer. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward
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as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. in declaring this national holiday, president lincoln called upon americans to speak with one voice and one heart. that's just what we have to do. >> we have also confirmed a report that was buzzing on social media earlier today that the vice president elect has taken more classified intel briefings so far than the president-elect but intel officials that we have spoken to say that there's nothing out of the ordinary about that at this point because sometimes administrations wait until late november or early december to start giving top level officials the classified stuff. >> peter, certainly an increasing story about the intel briefings. i want to press you about what we're hearing about potentially more cabinet announcements in the near term. >> reporter: we could get some
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tomorrow, ed. we have been led to believe by transition officials that the heavy hitters would start being announced between thanksgiving -- after thanksgiving and before christmas. dr. ben carson is the one who says he's been offered the job of hud secretary and he thinks he would be very well qualified for that position. it would require him to try to clean up the inner cities. he is scoffing at the suggestion that the reason he is waffled so far is because he's concerned about not having relevant background experience. >> the fact of the matter is, every job is very important. but in terms of complexity, i can guarantee you that very little of it comes close to neurosurgery. >> trump loyalists seem fine with carson as a nominee but not everybody is crazedy about mitt romney for secretary of state.
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kellyanne conway said she has been getting a lot of messages about mitt. kissinger and shultz as secretary of state flew around the world and counselled potus close to home more and were loyal, good checklist. read into that what you will. >> people will be reading those tea leaves and wondering about rudy giuliani and david petraeus and other power players that might be secretary of state. have a good thanksgiving in florida. >> thank you. >> let's bring in the political panel. the former chief of staff to the republican senator from utah, mike lee and he worked for president obama's 2008 presidential campaign. thanks for coming in. can we start with you robin, as a democratic strategist, what do you make of early moves by donald trump bringing in nikki haley, someone he clashed with during the campaign and very critical of him and mitt romney
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as potential secretary of state despite the fact there's not a lot of love lost there. >> you know, ed, i'm glad you brought that up. i'm encouraged about this because for a while we thought that donald trump was only going to be appointing trump loyalists. so i'm glad to see he's reaching across, mending bridges. his message for the thanksgiving was all about unity and coming together to heal the divisions of our country. i think the move to appoint nikki haley is a very good one. it works multiple levels for him because henry mcnaflter will slide in as governor of south carolina and a trump loyalist. that gives him some diversity in the cabinet with nikki haley, an american-indian. >> what do you make of this as a conservative, boyd? i wonder if there are some on the right looking at this skeptically and thinking that perhaps donald trump is too flexible for conservative's liking? >> i think what you're seeing the weight of the office starting to settle in on mr.
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trump and the fact he's looking at these different people creating the team of rivals approach so to speak is good. it's good for the country. you're seeing the country exhale a little bit because of it. i think it also demonstrates that governor pence is having a major role in impact in putting together the administration. it's interesting, often the biggest mistakes politicians make going into office, they bring the loyalists into positions of governing that are vastly different than campaigning. so i think the fact that mr. trump is moving this direction is good for the country. we're seeing the stock market settle a little bit and financial markets are improving and everyone is starting to see he's serious about governing and that's what everybody wants him to do is actually govern the country and bring everybody together as he said in thinks thanksgiving message. >> robin, i noticed in the last few moments, that keith ellison from minnesota who is weighing whether or not to run for dnc chairman put out a tweet that was interesting.
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violation of the emoluments clause, no wall, no lock her up, plenty of lobbyists, maybe some folks were highed to. he's coming at this from the left and saying the opposite of what you're saying, you're giving donald trump props here and he's saying this is a disaster. >> i've heard both. i've heard both sides. the far left is of course decrying -- especially betsy devos, they take strong issue with that. i understand why. so there are things to be concerned with and jeff sessions, of course, but i'm still hopeful and encouraged specifically with these two recent appointments because specifically, these were not -- it's sort of changing my perception a little bit about trump and his mentality because like i said, for a while, i thought we were all going to get
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hard core conservatives and only trump loyalists. i think there is some middle ground here. >> boyd, in terms of trying to find middle ground, i'm also intrigued what's going on with the retired general james mattis, a high profile meeting a few days back he talked about whether or not he may be the defense secretary general, mattis and editorialized, on the question of whether the u.s. military should use water boarding and other forms of torture, a position he advocated frequently during the campaign to great applause, trump bluntly stated he changed his mind after talking to james mattis, the retired marine corps general who headed the central kmond. mattis told him of torture, i never found it to be useful. one of the key democratic talking points in the campaign has been donald trump is unstable. we can't trust him as commander in chief, doesn't have the right temperament. what do you make of him --
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saying, maybe i'm going to change my position? >> i think the demonstration of good leadership and this whole idea of political rhetoric versus the practicality of governing. if that settles in, you look at things different. he's bringing people in from very diverse backgrounds and ideas. and i think this is an important point. so often we allow the stri dent voices at both ends of the political spectrum to keep us a safe distance from solving the problems that face the nation. so i think him taking counsel from a retired general on something like this issue or whether it's dealing with someone like a mitt romney, all of those things are good indicators that he's going to do this a little differently than the rhetoric of the campaign. the challenge will be in that team of rivals and in unique coalition he's put together with blue collar voters that will it end up like thanksgiving dinner? i come from a family of 11 kids, never sat at the big kids table. who gets a seat at the table.
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do they get heard? can all of those people come together? >> i hear your point but in the campaign, donald trump looked voters in eye, particularly conservatives and said, i think we should bring water boarding back. this is how we're going to get tough on terror and now it sounds like he's shifted his position big time and you're giving him a pass. >> i don't think it's so much giving him a pass but doing what hillary clinton asked all of us to do, to give him space and chance to lead. so i think you're going to see a lot of things play out. we can't swing back and forth wildly as we go into a new add understand. president obama had similar things where promises from the campaign trail had to be altered a little bit. you have to look at the role of congress which is a vital component to a lot of these things. it's not about giving a pass. it's about creating space. because it was such a polarizing election, i think that because the democrats and republicans are both hurting and kind of in a hole right now, it might
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create space for us to have say different kind of conversation as a country. i can't think of anything more important than that. >> i want to give robin the last word. is there space now here? democrats initially after the election, there were protests fine and then there were riots as you know. as we move into the end of the year and beginning of ayear, is folks will come together or not? >> you know, i sincerely hope so. americans -- donald trump won because he's the change candidate. he did not used to be a republican. so you know, americans want us to work together and try to timely get legislation passed. we had the party of no for more than six years. now it's truly time for us to try and find middle ground and work together. >> i want to assure you, you finally have a seat at the adult table. no longer at the kiddy table -- >> thanks, ed. >> enjoy your turkey, guys. >> you may have seen the report
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news, police and emergency crews are responding after several people were reportedly shot at a park in louisville, kentucky. you see live pictures there. police say they are aware of reports of these shootings but they are unable to provide further details as of 2:00 p.m. thursday. a local news crew reports that a news photographer saw a body in the middle of the park and lots of police officers on the scene. we want to be careful with these reports. reports of multiple people shot in a park in louisville, kentucky. very sad and tragic on thanksgiving, especially. we'll bring you any updates as we get them. in the meantime, as we mentioned, president-elect donald trump received two intelligence briefings since the election. a number that u.s. officials say is notably lower than any of his predecessor s either party. the "washington post" reported on the story and fox news confirmed it. a source tells us that vice president elect mike pence has been receiving the briefings every day. in response to all of this,
12:16 pm
senior team officials in one of the top officials told the "washington post," national security is the president-elect's top concern. nunez is a republican congressman from california, top on the house intelligence committee as well and told the post, look how many leaders he's met with and phone calls and positions he's filled. people who are being critical need to get a life. chief intelligence correspondent katherine is live in washington right now. what do you make of these reports? >> i have confirmed independently the president-ee lek has taken the highly classified twice since the election and president-elect-pence vice president elect pence has taken the briefings on an almost daily basis. every president-elect approaches it differently. other president-elects have not begun briefings until late november or even early december. this is a reminder the president's daily brief is
12:17 pm
considered the crown jewels because of the credibility of the information and quality of the analysis. it provides a summary of key security developments as well as an update on cia covert programs. president obama in a significant departure from past practice has elected to take the pdp on his ipad and not in person from a cia briefer. it's not accurate to say as the "washington post" headline has reported that mr. trump has turned away these sessions. the office for the director of national intelligence, this is a group charged with running the briefings is not offering any comment today. >> what do we know about the trump team's focus overall on national security? >> contact on the transition team says the number one priority right now is assembling a world class team for the president elect and strong foundation can make everything else run smoothly. the president-elect -- appointed
12:18 pm
mike flynn to be the national security adviser and between flynn and other members of the team, the transition makes the argument that they are helping mr. trump keep up to date with world events and in the coming days as these nominations fall into place, we're told mr. trump will be reviewing a critical set of topics but we can't tell you more of what the topics are at this point. >> thank you. >> donald trump said he would like to work towards establishing closer ties with russia. but it turns out that work might have started before the election. what we're learning today about a closed door meeting between one of donald trump's sons and group that has backing from the kremlin next. first, a thanksgiving message from one of our brave service members serving overseas. >> i'm bar re -- barry keller from delaware. i would like to say hi to my wife and kids and granddaughter and my parents. happy thanksgiving. all finished.
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president elect donald trump's oldest son held talks in paris about the possibility of russia to end the war in syria. people who said they were at the meeting, donald trump jr. reportedly met with politicians
12:22 pm
and businessman and president-elect has said he would be willing to cooperate with vladimir putin and wants to see a new day in relations. last month the obama administration ended talks with moscow over syria. critics say donald trump jr.'s meeting raises questions about a possible conflict of interest as he continues to involve family members in the transition to the white house and business dealings. a national politics editor for the wall street journal, i wonder since people have heard about a potential business conflict. this seems uncharted in terms of the president-elect's son going on almost a diplomatic mission before he even won. >> this is a fantastic scoop by my colleague at the wall street journal. interesting on several levels. one it shows once again that family members of donald trump look to be playing prominent roles in his administration, whether they are formal or not.
12:23 pm
and second, donald trump has said he wants to change the united states' relationship with russia. that makes a lot of people nervous and remember george bush and barack obama also wanted resets with russia. it didn't work out so well. here we learn of a meeting between donald trump's elder son and not the russian government but groups allied and blessed by the kremlin in the month before the election. >> let's dig deeper on that. when you mention this scoop, was there anything that was seen as improper that was discussed at the meeting or was it just something that donald trump jr. can say we talked about a broad range of issues, we're opening the door and there was nothing improper here? >> well, setting aside for a second any business dealings that donald trump may have with russia, they have said we don't know about it, he didn't release taxes, let's set that aside.
12:24 pm
this happens, it happened that people in the orbit of the incoming candidate will meet with foreign leaders to get a sense of each other. this is the candidate's eldest son and remember this was 'time when the u.s. intelligence community was saying russia was interfering in the american election. and it was in that background that donald trump met with allied groups in paris. >> let's stay on russia then we'll get more to the president-elect's kids. we reported that mitt romney continues to be a very serious potential secretary of state. he is someone who has a much different view of russia than the president-elect. he talked about getting tough with putin while the president-elect has talked about having more friendly relations with russia and this meeting with donald trump jr. may have been a step in that direction. what do you think of that push and pull in a potential trump administration? >> that's what's so fascinating here. just like donald trump has
12:25 pm
broken with republican party leaders and republican orthodoxy on trade and immigration and other issues, here's another one. you know, john mccain says any thaw with russia is unacceptable. mitt romney called russia the number one political foe and james mattis, under consideration for secretary of defense said the obama administration did not do enough to deal with russia's incursion into crimea and donald trump is saying, wait a minute, we need to make russia an ally in syria and work with russia. if romney and mattis come into the administration, it looks like there would be tension over this point. >> i've got one minute. another interesting dimension seems to be one of donald trump's daughters also sat in on a meeting that the president-elect had in new york with the prime minister of japan. this doesn't say there's anything improper but suggests that his children are having a big role in the transition and may have a big role in governing
12:26 pm
as well. >> and mr. trump himself has said his son-in-law, jared kushner might be a great envoy to the middle east to deal with the israeli/palestinian situation. this is unchartered territory. donald trump himself, if you look at his recent inviews such as with the "new york times," seems to be thinking out loud what the proper stance should be regarding the role of his family in the administration and how he's going to handle his many business interests around the world at a time when he's dealing with foreign governments. >> he certainly is inheriting the major national security challenges around the world. we appreciate you walking us through these challenges. you too, ed, thank you. >> some of the president elect's rivals are refusing to go quietly. a recount raising millions of dollars in less than one day.
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
four others wounded but expected to live. that's coming from a police official who just had a news conference. here's a look at the park from above. it's the annual juice bowl happening a youth football event in the community. as of right now police say they do not have anybody in custody. we are watching these live pictures from the scene. several people -- we can see them crying as police try to calm them down. again, this was a youth football game. police now confirming two people shot dead, several others wounded in a park in louisville. i believe it's shawnee park. the mayor of louisville, greg fisher, he was about 200 yards away from the actual gunshot, it appears he has not been harmed but obviously he and other officials in louisville trying to get on top of af situation with a gunman still on the loose in louisville, kentucky on thanksgiving. we'll bring you more updates.
12:31 pm
now back to politics. 2016 green party nominee dr. jill stein says she's raised enough money now for a recount in wisconsin. now she's asking folks to donate even more money to do the same in other key battlegrounds that went to donald trump, michigan and pennsylvania. dr. stein is calling for an investigation into the voting results in those states to see if there's evidence of any cyber attacks. a group of election lawyers and analysts is calling on the clinton campaign to request a recount in those three states in case hackers affected the results. so far there's no evidence of hacking. there no evidence that the clinton campaign will do anything. meantime, we're getting a bigger picture of how close the race was in michigan. election officials say donald trump won by fewer than 11,000 votes in the big state much michigan, making it the closest presidential race in state history. but state officials say they still have to certify those results and we expect to get those on monday. in the meantime, rich, if
12:32 pm
there's no evidence of any hacking, why is jill stein doing this? >> well, at a group of computer scientists, says the only way to confirm a cyber attack changed the results of the election is to examine the voting machines and paper ballots in the close states. wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. jay alex halderman writes, we've been pointing out that voting machines are computers and very programmable software. if hackers can modify by infecting the machines with malwear, they can cause the machines to give any answer whatsoever. he sums it up saying america's voting machines have serious cyber security problems. he believes the surprising outcomes in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania are the result of expectations set by bad polling instead of an election hack. the only way to find out is for a recount, ed. >> it is a lot of money but this is recount effort, to have enough support. does jill stein think any of
12:33 pm
these states will tilt to her or hillary clinton? >> well, green party candidate jill stein is leading the effort. her campaign said it raised $4 million, more than enough to pay for the recount in those three states. she's short about $2 million in the amount they say they will need including related attorney's fees. stein finished nowhere near winning the election or state but supporters say they are simply motivated by confirming the election results. >> the experts are saying that there have been some hacking and we really need to make sure our vote is accurate. we're out here asking for a hand recount here in wisconsin. so it's not about the candidates, it's not about who's winning. it's about the integrity of our election, democracy. >> the campaign denies it's requesting recounts to elect hillary clinton. if hillary clinton were to secure ee lector rats in the states, she would win the
12:34 pm
presidency. the stein campaign notes the deadline to file for recount is tomorrow. michigan and pennsylvania died line deadlines are next weekend. >> meanwhile, stock market setting record closes ahead of the liday. quiet for thanksgiving but some investors are warning the market might be getting ahead of itself. this week it closed above 19,000 for first time ever. the question now, how long can this last? some analysts say investors might be putting too much early confidence in the president-elect's economic policies which could be years in the making and mark avalon, the president -- good afternoon. we appreciate you coming in. is there anything to the idea this is a trump bounce or might this have happened even if hillary clinton had gotten elected or markets waiting for a fresh face? >> that's tough to say but one thing is certain, it was a shift in which stocks were attractive to investors and financial stocks had a great run and that
12:35 pm
clearly was because of a trump victory. the environment on the regulatory front for large bafrpgz and financial institutions and a lot of industrials have done well and hopes of an infrastructure spending bill. no one knows what would have happened with the overall market if clinton were elected. >> let's break that down. you make an important point, in terms of obamacare, donald trump will need help from congress, whether he repeals it or changes it. that's something that's going to take longer but he can move on removing banking regulations for example, trying to roll back some executive actions by president obama in the banking front. is that why we've seen some banking stocks just get red hot already? >> well, that's a big part of it. regulatory costs were real to the banks and they were tremendous finds and under a lot of pressure and a lot of scrutiny. but also, the hopes for this
12:36 pm
growing economy, whether it's from infrastructure or corporate tax reform, have caused interest rates to go up. while that causes pain in some areas, and some areas for inv t investors and main street, higher interest rates helped bank profits. banks had the double benefit of less regulation and higher interest rates and that's what's driven them higher. >> if banks are doing well and likely to get more profit from higher interest rates, that means you and i are paying more for our mortgages probably and that's the money going in their pockets. it might seem that's a bad thing for consumers but it seems if interest rates are going up, that suggests that the fed believes this economy is a bit healthier, is that true? >> the economy is getting stronger. it's been getting stronger this year and the fed was making rumblings about raising rates and the december rate hike was in the cards we're pretcy certain that's going to happen in december. but the markets already moved. the 10-year bond has rallied
12:37 pm
significantly since the lows in the summer. it's moved dramatically since the election. the markets are moving interest rates and we expect the fed to follow in december. >> i've got one last question for you, mark and this is something that affects every one of our viewers, whether for business or personal, it seems like as the economy picks up, oil prices go up. that means you're going to pay more at the pump, doesn't it? >> yeah, that's a natural head wind of a market expansion of a growing economy. we have rising rates which could be a head wind and rising oil prices which could be a head wind. while the news is good now, markets move in both directions. >> i've got 30 seconds, if there was one piece of advice you would give viewers into the new year what they should be doing with money, what would it be? >> my biggest advice is to not get emotional. don't read the headlines and feel you missed a chance at the stock market at a all time high. stick with your plan, don't chase news and headlines and don't be emotional about your
12:38 pm
money. >> seems like good advice in general. we appreciate you coming in on thanksgiving. >> my pleasure, happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> lots of u.s. troops are spending this thanksgiving holiday far away from their loved ones and some of them helping iraqi soldiers in the battle to take back the strong hold of mosul. a senior commander says the fighters have forced terrorists out of three more neighborhoods in mosul, allowing people to make their way to displacement camps and isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing south of bag datd. at least 56 people died in today's blast there. benjamin hall with the news live in london. tell us about this bombing today. >> well, devastating bombing and seems to be rising, we're hearing over 100 killed in the incident. it was targeted at shia pilgrims who came from bahrain and baghdad. it seems an attempt to deflect attention from what is happening
12:39 pm
in mosul itself. in mosul that battle still rages on and the death toll continues to rise. including women and children who are caught in the middle. snimers and ghost car bombs are among the most deadly employed. now 100 more iraqi special forces arriving to replace some of the men leaving after 20 straight days of bitter fighting. the battle has been -- progress is still very slow. remember the soldiers are six miles from the city itself. it's going to be a long way from here. >> benjamin, i mentioned at the top, thousands of u.s. soldiers are in harm's way and involved in the operation against isis. what are they doing specifically and who do loved ones need to know about what's playing out? >> first and foremost, they continue to do their job and do not get holidays the way the rest of us would. they are trying to celebrate thanksgiving and in some of the
12:40 pm
bases and we've seen on the uss dwight eisenhower where jets continue to take off there trying their best. this is the second thanksgiving that they have been away from home but the celebrations won't stop and jets will continue. iraq and syria as they bomb isis terrorists day and night. their influence on the battle cannot be underestimated. at a u.s. base south of mosul, they took time to celebrate thanksgiving and remember families and remember what thanksgiving is all about, even though they are near the front lines of this battle against isis. >> i want to tell my family to be thankful that all of these people are out here and to be thankful for being alive. >> there are 5,000 troops based in iraq and 5,200 on eisenhower but 130,000 u.s. servicemen and women outside the u.s.
12:41 pm
our thoughts go out to all of them on thanksgiving. >> we certainly are thinking of them and in fact in afghanistan this is what thanksgiving looks like for the troops in the capital city of kabul. u.s. and nato soldiers sat down for a home style meal. >> you miss your loved ones at home of course but being here, i mean, being with all of the new people that you have all of the comradery live and being able to be here with afghans coming for dinner here tonight even, it's a great opportunity outside of being with your family on this holiday. >> we're thinking of you as well and u.s. military report it shipped 15,000 pounds of turkey to feed the troops in afghanistan. our best wishes to them. fox news chief political anchor talked about the fighting forces. president-elect donald trump could face when he takes office. here's a preview. >> why have you decided to support donald trump? >> there needs to be a wholesale
12:42 pm
change in d.c. he's from the outside. not adherent to the same special interest groups. >> polls show a majority of veterans decided to vote for mr. trump before the election, that support was hardly unanimous. >> if i had a question about penthouses, polo matches or palm beach, i might ask donald trump's opinion. when it comes to keeping americans safe, donald trump is not going to get the job done. >> you can catch the full interview on fox news reporting how we fight, the special premieres this sunday 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. another family is spending this hol mourning the death of a child. the sixth victim of that horrifying school bus crash in tennessee. now feds say the bus driver had no business being in the area in the first place. the in new clues as they try to piece together the final moments before the bus left the road. that's coming up next.
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
when the bus plowed into a tree. 37 kids were on board and investigators say walker was not on his decembsignated bus routen the crash happened and police chief says a blood test did not find drugs or alcohol and now word of the first lawsuit filed after the crash. joining me now is nicole deboard, thanks for coming in on thanksgiving. horrifying case because first of all, this driver wasn't even supposed to be on this route and he was telling the kids before the crash, are you ready to die? >> these facts are really egregious and the prosecution has their work cut out for them because they are going to be so many details to collect in this investigation to make sure they've gathered all there is to gather. the defense is going to have an enormous task ahead also trying to make sure they understand all of this evidence and how this happened, how we got to where we're at and what just awful timing for such a tragic case.
12:47 pm
it is terrible in every way you could possibly look at it. >> absolutely. you have the criminal and civil. i mentioned the lawsuit, we'll get to that in a moment. in terms of criminal, multiple felonies because we have six children killed. how long could he be in prison? >> so, for each of these counts, he could be assessed prison time and the prison time for each of these cases, which involves each separate person who died, could give him prison time that is stacked on top of the next prison time. so he could for example get 15-year prison sentences which are all stacked one on top of the other. and you know, he could end up spending the rest of his life in prison with charges of this nature. even if they find the conduct to beess or just negligent. when you add up all the time he could receive for these charges it could be a significant amount of time. >> and what about the lawsuits? update us on first lawsuit that came in.
12:48 pm
obviously, i'm assuming that parents may want to sue. that may be furthest thing from their mind right now. the tragedy is still sinking in. we want to focus on that, of course. in the days ahead can they get some kind of -- it will never be enough but can they get some kind of compensation? >> it's possible they can and more than compensation most of the families want answers. a lot of times civil lawsuits are filed to get these answers and get the discovery that you get when you file a civil lawsuit. certainly compensation is part of that. these cases will not be resolved any time soon. the investigation both on the criminal side and certainly on the civil side is just beginning and so, while they do have time limits to get a civil lawsuit filed, we won't have answers to exactly how the cases will be resolved perhaps for years. >> the bus company just contact d us a moment ago and they tell us they have no comment on this pending litigation.
12:49 pm
i've got 30 seconds. tell us the first lawsuit i mentioned, what does that basically say or what can we expect from that? >> it says that the bus company was negligent and that this driver is negligent in his conduct and reckless. because of that conduct, the bus company should be held accountsable. that's what parents are saying and that's what the lawsuit says. >> we'll follow up on this story. nicole, we appreciate you coming in today as they seek accountability but as we mentioned, our hearts go out to them because the tragedy is still sinking in for them right now. we appreciate you coming in and explaining it on thanksgiving. >> thank you for having me. take care. >> you too. it's also been a very difficult week for our nation's law enforcement. yet another officer dies after a shot to the head. if it seems like these murders are becoming more common, you're right, the stomach turning new stats on our heroes coming under fire. that's next.
12:50 pm
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. there's word of a second crime scene, possibly, we underline possibly related to the first.
12:53 pm
this from the louisville journal, police confirmed a separate but possibly related scene in front of the jean snyder u.s. courthouse is unfolding at this time. police believe one victim was in a black vehicle that was stopped in the middle of the road. that again from the louisville kourier journal. they do not have anybody in custody. a reporter from the courier journal is saying mayor of louisville was 200 yards from the shooting and never in danger but this reporter is saying to understand the big picture, 112 homicides in louisville this year alone. incredible. meanwhile, a police officer at wayne state university has died a day after a gunman shot him in the head while on patrol. that's the word from police officials. he was 29 years old. police say he died last night at the hospital in detroit. the shooting happened tuesday night not far from wayne state university's campus in detroit. they arrested a suspect near the
12:54 pm
scene. the police chief says he does not believe this was a targeted attack. it's the latest in a series of police shootings this week alone. last sunday you'll remember investigators say another officer injured in an ambush in missouri when a gunman shot him twice in the head. good to see you, carolyn. what do you have? >> numbers on police shootings are up across the board. according to the officers, brings the number of officer gunfire death to 59 so far this year, up 74% from 2015, a total of 131 officers died in line of duty deaths so far this year, up 13%. another worrying statistic, ambush deaths. the international association of chiefs of police says there have been 20 fatal ambush killings of police officers this year, the most since 1995, that includes detective benjamin marconi in
12:55 pm
san antonio. a suspect said he was mad about a custody dispute and said he is sorry to his family. >> they want help from president elect trump in his administration. what might he do to help? >> they want help on a national level. the international association of police chiefs wants a federal commission set up, the last time that happened was 1965. >> we're hoping that a real good look by the president elect and his team by putting together a national criminal justice commission might be one of the answers we need. >> also stepping up the task force for violence against police officers, they'll be setting this up bringing together the brightest minds in law enforcement to get answers and redoubling efforts to reach out to communities where this violence
12:56 pm
we'll be right back with a look at the birth of the sandwich. we give thanks to the man who created. on this day in history. but first, thanksgiving message from america's finest. >> psp haney with 101st airborne in iraq. i want to wish my family in madison a happy thanksgiving. and i love you guys. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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on this day in 1762, the word sandwich appeared in writing for the very first time. it is named after a british nobleman. great man, really. he chose his title, earl of sandwich after a sea port town in south england. he was playing cards when he asked a chef to bring him something toet that would not interrupt his very important game. his friends asked to quote, have the same as sandwich was having. which was beef between two slices of bread. a few months later another man wrote in a diary he noticed a lot of wealthy british families eating quote unquote sandwiches. something he described as quote truly english. 254 years ago today and we salute you. from all of us on the fox news deck, happy thanksgiving. a special with host david mcdowell starts now. we will leave with you highlights from another
1:00 pm
spectacular macy's thanksgiving day parade. 57 days until the first 100 days is the president-elect about to thank american voters with a big tax cut. hi, everybody. i'm degiagen mcdowell and this a special edition of "your world." a big to-do list in the first 100 days in office, including tax cuts for individuals and companies. some want to do it all at one time, is this the best way it rev up this so-so economy once and for all? jonathan, you first, do both of these tax reforms need to get done at the same


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