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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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didn't know. we're letting you in on biggest deals. at best buy. a 49-inch toshiba tv for 199 bucks. wow. happy day after thanksgiving everyone. it was great to be with you. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. good morning. it's friday, november 25th. the shopping chaos taking a deadly turn. one shopper killed over a parking spot and fights break out at a walmart. the breaking details straight ahead. in unprecedented apology might be in the works for mitt romney. the backtracking that may be happening behind closed doors in order to secure one of the top spots in the trump administration. will he say i'm sorry now? aretha franklin serenades the nation. >> ♪
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>> what happened next no one expected that led to an internet meltdown. break it all down for you. "fox and friends" begins right now. ♪ good morning. happy friday to everyone out there. i'm stuffed after yesterday. i don't know about you guys. >> i woke up hungry. >> i overate. >> when you eat too much, that's true. you wake up and hungrier. >> i ate like half a potato. >> i'm stuffed. >> i wept to my sister, she's the only family i have in new york city. she's wearing her apron. she made truffle mashed potatoes. that's the only thing better than mashed potatoes. the whole apartment smells like
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truffles. unbleefl believable. >> thes her son harrison wearing -- he's nominated for the best thanksgiving outfit you've ever seen. >> he was wowing everyone. he was like a boss. >> what did you do, ed? >> this is my family. uncing on the right, frank on the left. i'm in the back. my parents, my wife. >> sister colleen and there's my parents and my sister colleen on the left. we went to a restaurant, morton's in manhattan. i was doing double duty. >> last night our neighbor goes crazy and he sets up christmas lights. he's been working on it for months. he raises money for st. jude's children's hospital. my kids wanted to donate money to him. we're going to go down and walk across the street. this was amazinamazing. they put their money in the give jar last night. it was raining and cars were pulling up and cars were stopping.
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>> i love that. you're going to pay the electric bill. >> beautiful. >> l.e.d.s now. >> it's the cutest -- you have the cutest kids. teaching a good lesson on thanksgiving. >> their favorite was the big nutcracker. there was a giant nutcracker. >> harrison is going to give them a run for their money. let's talk politics this morning. >> even though it's thanksgiving holiday, there's a lot of moving and shaking. >> the "wall street journal" leads that there's a clash between mitt romney and rudy giuliani is intensifying. >> i have information on that. first, on "fox and friends," mike huckabee on wednesday said this about mitt romney. >> well, look, it's not about that i don't care for mitt personally. but i'm still very unhappy that mitt did everything he could to derail to donald trump. he didn't just go after him from a standpoint of saying i disagree with his policy on immigration, i disagree with his
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policy on other things. he attacked him on his caketer, integrity, honor. there's only one way that mitt romney could be considered for a post like that. he goes to a micro and repudiates everything he said in that famous salt lake city speech afrd everything after that. >> pick it up from there. mitt romney called donald trump a phony and a fraud. this is not i have a different view of the world. this is personal and he's got to do something dramatic to be secretary of state. that was mike huckabee two days ago. yesterday i spoke to a senior transition official who told me there are discussions about the possibility, i want to underline that word, that mitt romney might issue a letter, a statement, some interview with somebody saying i'm sorry. i went too far in order to get this job. >> would that be groveling? would that go too far? >> my theory is they don't want
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him for secretary of state. that's my theory. >> they want the apology. that's all they want. they want mitt romney to come down, sort of get down on one knee and say i'm sorry. and not actually get the job. >> mr. trump's -- beg for apology and ultimately not get the job. >> i hear what you're saying. you're only going do an apology which would be extraordinary unless you're going to get the job. on the other hand, to your point, if you were to get on bended knee and say i'm sorry, i never should have done that, how could you then be secretary of state and have credibility. not just in in country but around the world, and say i'm so sorry. >> putting your con senscience total box. he said he -- he would have to take his conscience out of his brain and -- interesting you use that word. he's senior in the trump transition poll. sort of in the spirit of if mitt romney does issue an apology, it
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would be in the spirit of i was wrong, here's why. and here's why i now think donald trump is the right person to lead our country and i want to represent us around the world. >> scolding. >> i find this so crazy. when you think mr. trump who values loyalty more than almost anybody, we all remember that speech that romney gave in my hometown of salt lake city, utah. it was personal. it was real. what i heard behind closed doors is a lot of mixed opinions about whether mitt romney would be a good fit for him or not. kellyanne conway was voicing her opinion. she's very close to -- she feels one way about this. she says kissinger and schultz as sec of state -- were loyal, good checklists. when i read that tweet, you know what kellyanne conway thinks about this.
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my sense is that some of them feel the same way. i've been through this with my dad. you value loyalty, you want people around you that trusts you. >> i'm telling you, i feel like they want the apology and not the job. we'll see. remember during the campaign we saw what unfolded in the midsummer in indianapolis. carrier air conditioning basically came out, made the announcement they're moving out of the united states. remember in sort of secret phone video of one of the workers being told that day, we're going to mexico. and, well, donald trump on thanksgiving apparently, tweeting out, i'm working hard each on thanksgiving trying to get carrier air conditioning to stay in the united states. will know soon. carrier responding. carrier has this discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. however, the fact that they felt
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compelled, again, on thanksgiving to say yes the president-elect is right, we're working on this, clearly they're reconsidering. >> big picture here, think about ford, okay, mr. president-elect, we're not going to move jobs out of u.s. he's having an impact whether critics want to admit it or not. >> that's the big take away. if you followed closely on the campaign. this was the biggest part of his message was the economy, it was jobs, it was i'm going to bring jobs back, and better jobs to the american people. to you voters. that's why so many of them voted for mr. trump. there was this hope that things would get better and he was going to make this country move again. he's already working on that. >> by the end of the day, it's always a business decision. if they're able to get the cheaper labor and all of those things in mexico, the tax benefits. not paying as much. it still comes down -- >> who is going to cut a better deal with them.
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it's about a cutting a negotiation. other cases, keeping jobs in the united states. stop these companies from taking down to mexico. taking them to china. >> immigration policy will be a big part of that. how he wraps it around. we want to get to other headlines and bring in jackie ban yez this morning. >> did you hear about donald trump's menu? it was something. >> i wish i had it. >> thanks, guys. fox news alert. a fight breaks out in a reno, nevada, walmart parking lot. a frantic search is under way for the suspect who police say shot a man to death over a parking spot of all things. at this hour, his identity is still unknown. in chicago, if you're going shopping on the magnificent mile, expect to see this. >> black lives matter activists planning protests outside stores
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today to draw attention to recent police shootings. they blocked people from entering businesses imt it cost some stores 50% of their black friday sales. today the first service member has died in the ongoing fight to defeat isis. the military member was killed after being injured during an iid blast. their name not released. at any one time, 300 u.s. service members could be operating -- really sad morning in hollywood. florence henderson, the beloved tv mom of the brady bunch, she died. >> here's the story of a lovely lady. ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ ♪ >> that's a great show and a lovely lady, indeed. the former broadway star became a household name as karld brady. she raised six kirksds believe it or not and brought smiles to
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so many faces. she died from heart failure at a los angeles hospital surrounded by family and friends. florence henderson was 82 years old. believe it or not, guys, she was on "dancing with the stars" on monday. >> that's what i thought. i was surprised to hear that news. >> at the age of 82. >> she was lovely as ever. >> so sad. >> thank you, jackie. for giving thanks to what we have and fighting over dvd players. that can only mean one thing. black friday. >> millions of americans are in malls across the country hoping to score deep discounts. >> marissa mitchell from fox 5 in atlanta from toys-r-us in kennesaw, georgia. good morning. >> reporter: we're in a bit of a lull right now. there were some early shoppers yesterday who started on thanksgiving. this store has been open since 5:00 yesterday. right after dinner, they came out. you see some women there. they're getting their shopping going right now.
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but this store has seen many people coming in looking for some of the popular items that we have this yeefrmt take a look over here this way. all things pokemon. so very hot. the ninja turtles. all of those items. you may remember the nerve ball shooters. they're coming back with a bang this year. the one toy you will not find that's really, really big nationally is the hatchimal. toy creatures that you rub them, and then they hatch. a lot of people bought them at several local stores here starting yesterday. if you're just now getting here, you won't find that. a lot of the holiday spirit. people are out here shopping with family and friends. we'll see if they can get it done today in time for the holidays. that's the latest in kennesaw. marissa mitchell for fox knaus. thank you, marissa. already at 6:00 in the
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morning. we've got more on the show. our next guest says the african-american response has been the worst of all. a message for them, that's next. he's been disrespecting the national anthem all season long. but nfl quarterback colin kaepernick, he's not done yet. >> there's more? our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight... which is good for me hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer.
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spl protests erupting across the country in the days following the election. one member of the african-american community is calling these acts embarrassing. >> he writes, if we encountered racism, we were taught to address it through proper channels. more commonly, we moved on. racism was beneath us. i can't help but find the black response to trump's election a little 'embarrassing. >> the man behind that at the leadership institute, jeremy hunt joins us now. nice to see you, jeremy. welcome to the show. >> great to be here. good morning. >> what prompted you to write
3:18 am
that? >> it came from a lot of frustration that i was feeling. first, at our lack of kmoount communication about urban progress and what's going on in urban communities that are hurting so much. basically, my response was, why aren't we talking about the issues that are hurting them right now? secondly, we as black americans, our history is not one of victimization but it's one of triumph. that's the message that i want us to send in the article. >> from what we heard from mr. trump throughout the campaign, he wanted to make the inner cities better, do a better job at bringing this country together. so far in the last couple weeks, we've heard this message of unity. why do you think the african-american community should give him a chance? >> well, i honestly don't think it's all about how we see president-elect trump. it's about how we see ourselves. how are we going to join together and look to the institutions that we can control, the black church, our local businesses, our local
3:19 am
schools. if we can come together and look at good policy at the local level for ourselves, it doesn't matter who is in the white house. it's about how we can come together and find solutions for ourselves. >> president-elect teaming up with dr. ben carson to make the cities great again. what things would you like to see them do in the early days to work to get our inner cities back up and running? >> absolutely. i would use my own organization as an example. the douglass -- we've been hosting forums around the country in different cities, like richmond, atlanta, charlotte, basically talking to local faith-based leaders in different urban communities and opening up the conversation so they can talk to policy experts to find local solutions that work. i am telling you right now, i do not think there's going to be a one size fits all national solution to the issues plaguing the black community. it's going to come from us and looking internally about what we
3:20 am
can do to help ourselves. the white house cannot do as much as we can do four ourselves. >> it's a great op-ed. thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much. democrats are demanding an immediate investigation into his quote chaotic transition effort. is it really what the democrats should be worried about right now? a fair and balanced debate is coming up. aretha franklin serenades the nation. ♪ ♪ >> what happened next no one expected and led to an internet meltdown. >> a tease.
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we're back with quick headlines. a manhunt is under way right now for these two escaped inmates in california. police say laron campbell and chavez cut through their jail cell bars, then climbed down using a rope made from bedding and from clothes. both were facing false imprisonment and weapons chafrjts police now saying a connecticut man may have been stabbed to death over a pack of cigarettes. the 26-year-old went missing last weekend after partying in new york city. tried to leave the party to buy cigarettes when he was stopped by a second suspect. investigators believe this might have led to the deadly altercation. over to you. donald trump is not each in office and democrats are demanding an investigation into his early decisions.
3:25 am
senator elizabeth warren want the government accountability office to investigate him and the perceived disarray of the president-elect's transition effort and whether it has affected his ability to serve the public. joining us now for reaction. attorney brunell donald shea, the former vice chair of diversity outreach for donald trump, and democratic strategist scott levinson, good morning to both of you. we appreciate you joining us. scott, can i first ask you, what do you think about this idea of investigating donald trump before he takes office? >> i think democrats and the 2 million more americans who voted for hillary clinton care deeply about civil liberties, care deeply about the constitution and care deeply about conflict of interest. we still don't even know what president-elect trump's income tax looks like, what his business investments are. it's not clear, we expect
3:26 am
scorpions to act like scorpions and donald trump said he used the tax code for his own benefit. he'll get the chance to use -- i think americans care whether he's using the u.s. government as a personal piggy bank. where does it stop? does he turn the white house do an air b and b. he's already made it clear to government institutions and foreign governments that they should use trump hotels. i think americans care about this and we got to look and see where his business is personally profiting. >> let's hear from the other side. >> god bless you and god bless america first. what i would say is this. the democratic party on november 8th, i think they have not realized something. donald j. trump is the president-elect of the united states. and basically what has happened, the dividing all the tax, everything that they tried to do during the campaign and failed
3:27 am
is the same -- >> answer the question. >> i am answering the question. >> when are we going to address his conflict interest brunell? >> there's absolutely no -- [ overlapping talking ]. >> excuse me, sir. i i think i allowed you to talk. >> absolutely. >> the president-elect said he's going to put his assets into a blind trust. his children are going to be running that business. >> he in fact has not said that. >> we have until january 20th, 2017 to -- in order to make that happen. so what i'll say to you is this. the attack, the dividing, the dits respect of our -- disrespect of our president is un-american and you lost the election. >> un-american is not following the constitution. nothing american about hauling in the -- hold him to the rules of the constitution.
3:28 am
you're a lawyer, you know better. >> i want to bring brunell in on another point. dr. ben carson was assumed he'd be up for health and human secretary. instead, he might be the housing and urban development secretary. he's somebody who grew up very poor in detroit. he talked about pulling himself up by his boot straps. brunell, is this something that can bring people together and might make a difference in the inner cities if he takes that job? >> i do believe it will. dr. ben carson has a lot of love from not just black people, white people, hispanic, arab. he has a lot of good stock in america. we believe he's got a brilliant brain, we all know that. him growing up, with the hardships, with the hurt and the problems and the struggles, he has a firsthand understanding of what people in a lot of these core communities, violent communities are going through. i believe he's going to take
3:29 am
that into leadership. i believe he's an excellent pick. >> scott, 30 seconds. what do you think? >> for people who don't want to do identity politics. it sounded like identity politics by code. competence should drive these -- dr. carson has love for the inner city and the country. but competency and experience is probably a more appropriate criteria for these elections. >> he's competent. very competent and blessed. i know he's going to do -- >> we're blessed to have you both here. >> god bless you. >> thank you. it's going to continue off line as well. >> thank you. did the president, president obama just make it easier for iran to supply terrorists? what we've just learned, ahead. getting ready to battle the black friday crowds. we've got the inside scoop on insane deals. like this 60-inch hd tv for
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to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet? ♪ people watching the parade and now all empty. new york city at 6:30 in the morning. how did you spend your thanksgiving yesterday? >> carolyn sent a picture of her husband and son. >> that's a beautiful picture. >> this picture of tyler, 19 months old.
3:34 am
ohio grown corn on the cob. i love that. >> this photo of jordan and leah getting a pie with lessons from grandma mona. >> that's the best. grandmas have the best recipes. >> pecan pie yesterday and pumpkin pie. send us your photos: we'll show them later in the show. >> look forward to that. let's go to jackie for headlines this morning. jackie, good to see you. >> i made rookie mistakes on my meal yesterday. >> no pictures of that, huh? >> no. >> stuffing? >> no. it was the potatoes. i cooked them too long and forgot the yeast in the rolls. >> you can't do that. >> it was more like matzah. >> totally embarrassed. the family of a missing mother of two who vanished nearly a month ago was found alive. >> she has been located and reunited with her family on this day. she was bound with restraints
3:35 am
but was able to summon help from a passing motorist who notified law enforcement. >> incredible. she was taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries and reunited with her husband. she's expected to be okay. remember how we agreed to sell boeing airplanes to iran. they're using the planes to help terrorists. reports say iran is smuggling weapons to hezbollah and groups in syria on commercial jets, that is. the reports days after the obama administration approved another plane to sell planes to iran. a group of senators calling on the administration to investigate. embattled san francisco 49ers quarterback colin capp kaepernick has been kneeling during the national anthem enraging fans again. praising castro with -- the reporter questioning why the quarterback wore this shirt of castro and malcolm x earlier in the season. kaepernick went on to praise
3:36 am
cuba's education system saying the u.s., they could learn a thing or two from the dictator. the nfl serving up a great helping of football on thanksgiving. the curtain descending on the colts. the defense stands tall on two goal-line stops. the steelers beating the colts. the cowboys holding off the redskins 31-26. the great aretha franklin, she's the one who stole the show. listen. ♪ ♪ >> that lady can sing. she really belted it. the grammy winner belting out a 4:35 amazing version of the star-spangled banner. the queen of soul inspiring the hometown detroit lions who defeated the vikings 16-23. those are your headlines.
3:37 am
that lady can sing, guys. >> oh, yeah. >> unbelievable. that will get you on your feet. thanks, jackie. are you a bargain hunting this black friday? before you leave the house, we have inside scoop on unreal deals. >> founder of shop list amy suel is here. >> great to be back. thanks for having me. >> black friday is the time we shop for ourselves as well as other people. i work with several people to put these ideas together. walmart has great deals such as a 60-inch advise yoe hd tv only $398. you can get this in store and online. easy to go out and get that. >> picture frame. >> if you wants to display photos on vcanvas print, they have -- you have to start with a good photo. go to personal sale.
3:38 am
they'll step you through the process. >> i've been eyeing an espresso. i have this machine in my apartment. i don't know what i'd do without it. >> if you want a coffee fix and espresso fix, they are offering 30% off most machines. i love this, it brews the large cup coffee as well as the espresso. >> i think that's what i have. it lasts for a long time. >> have a lot of seasonal flavors and you can get those as well. that deal goes through december 9th at >> i caught a whiff of that. i thought it was clayton's cologne. but it's a strawberry, chocolate mix. >> i was wondering why he's getting closer. seems so fresh. how do you ship these? >> share i's berries does this. they arrive in great condition. they're offering 50% off of many of their products this weekend. everything from some of the gourmet berries they're famous for as well as gift baskets. go to
3:39 am
>> all kinds of things. peanut butter, caramels. great mix. it's a great gift. >> there are things we couldn't fit in the studio. another big deal. appliances. >> black friday is an awesome day to get deals. >> 44% off of the kenmore washer drier pair. there is normally $2600. it's only $1449 for the pair this weekend. if you're in the market for appliances, great time to shop for those. you can find them in store as well. >> you don't want to give them that for christmas. i wouldn't recommend that. >> i got my wife a vacuum cleaner. >> chocolate covered strawberries, those go a long way, guys. >> great to see you. >> thanks for being here. the mainstream media, meanwhile, changing the rules of journalism on the fly. >> i believe from being truthful, not neutral. we have to be prepared to fight,
3:40 am
especially hard right now for the truth. >> wait, was that a declaration of war on the next president of the united states? >> look who else is getting her holiday shopping done? the latest hillary clinton sighting. she was out shopping. that's straight ahead. our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight... which is good for me hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of ath centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever.
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test test test test test test. t test test test test test.
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welcome back. some quick consumer headlines for you. starting with a major recall from kia. the car maker recalling more than 70,000 of those sportage suvs that you see on the screen. a possible engine fires. if you drive one, expect to hear
3:44 am
from your dealership later this month. remember buck i balls. at one time, the high-powered magnets were the black friday craze. they were banned in 2009 over fear that is kids would swallow them. a federal judge just overturned that ban. they could soon be coming back to store shelves near you. abby and ed. >> that's good to know. thank you, clayton. president-elect trump going around the media to deliver a thanksgiving message of hope. >> we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly, unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. >> an olive branch, a message of unity but some in the media are raging war and against the
3:45 am
danger against president-elect trump. >> i believe in being truthful not neutral. we have to be prepared to fight especially hard right now for the truth. >> now, joining us to react on this rocky start to the relationship, amy homes. >> good morning. >> what do you think about some journalists basically declaring war. amanpour on cnn was comparing him to stalin or others who killed -- >> putting him behind bars. >> listening to the hysteria, you start to think that the journalists are looking forward to martyring themselves to the cause of anti-trump. i think she went hysterical over a tweet of donald trump's after he won the election on november 8th. where was the same outrage when a fox news correspondent, your own james rosen actually was persecuted by the obama administration, when he actually
3:46 am
was named a criminal co-conspirator in a leaks case? >> reporting the news. >> for reporting, what we commonly call reporting. >> not those kinds of speeches. >> there were not. the a.p., for example, under this administration, 20 reporters at the a.p. had their telephone records subpoenaed. this current administration, the obama administration has had more leaked prosecutions than every administration combined since the american revolution. but yet, we're hearing about donald trump tweets. >> why do you think that the coverage has been so unfair? because no matter where you stand politically, watching this campaign play out, you have got to agree that reading "the new york times" every day for example, it has been ridiculous and now you look at two weeks into his president-elect status, it's still been pretty bad. >> it's silly. the american voters went to the voting booths on november 8th, i think, too cast a vote against
3:47 am
media bias. certainly polling has shown throughout this election process that the media has held a low regard by voters. >> what is their strategy? what are you saying to your staff? let's stick with our message of going against mr. trump. >> we need to reflect and look at how we got it so wrong and yet, we're back to square one. >> i really appreciate that donald trump is doing, like, sort of a modern fireside chat by doing the youtube videos and he's getting criticism for this. he's going around the media that speak directly to the voters. i would like to remind the reporters, there was a president they really loved who did this. his name was fdr. >> there's a little thing in terms of what you can report on, president-elect is saying, even on thanksgiving, i'm working the phones trying to keep carrier here in the united states. where is the coverage of that? where is the fact that, as president-elect, he's keeping jobs here in america?
3:48 am
>> one would think. he's damned if he does or doesn't. bret baier, your own bret baier, he reported that donald trump has moved faster in naming cabinet positions than previous presidents, yet he was criticized that he was going too slow by the media. >> disarray going on. only days in. >> days in. the media declared war on donald trump 18 months ago. first they didn't take him seriously, tried to make him a clown, reality show host, now he's the president. >> lessons learned. very interesting. >> good to see you this morning. happy holidays. >> you too. the next president is not even in the white house and democrats are building hillary 2.0. >> carley shimkus is here with the top trending headlines and a bizarre family tradition. what is going on out there? we're going to investigate. that's next. ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> welcome back. we all celebrated thanksgiving yesterday and hillary clinton celebrating her thanksgiving with some selfies. >> carly shimkus is here with more. hillary clinton on thanksgiving taking selfies? >> yeah. i feel like the latest social media trend is to get a selfie with hillary clinton. >> if you can find her. >> well, apparently she's out and about. because a lot of people are taking pictures of her and thanksgiving was no different. she was at the grocery store for some last-minute thanksgiving items and a lot of people wanted to take a picture with her that were at the grocery store as well. one woman says she was
3:53 am
surrounded by people and she seemed very happy to accommodate all the requests and bill clinton was in the corner of the store looking at the cheeses. and then hillary clinton posted this tweet of signs that people left on her front yard and she said i was greeted by this heart warming display on the corner of my street today. thank you to all of you who did this, happy thanksgiving. it turns out a six-year-old boy, that was his idea. >> do you think she was cooking or not? >> i don't know. she went to the grocery store so maybe she did her own cooking too. >> at least she had a nice cheese spread. >> ivanka trump on social media as well. >> she shared a message of gratitude as well. she posted the picture. the other woman in the picture is her maternal grandmother. she said i feel blessed. one of them was a post-dinner
3:54 am
selfies and she says is it too early for seconds? my answer to that is no. never too early. >> and i love how she's willing to post everything on social media, whether it's her workout glasses or taking her kids to school. >> the official democratic party twitter account, they thought they were offering a nice message to president obama. didn't turn out that way. >> kind of back fired. the official democratic party twitter account posted a short picture. >> some conservatives said thank you for a very, very different reason. jesse tweeted 960 state legislature seats, 60 house seats, 14 governors, 11 senate seats, from the bottom of my heart, thanks obama. >> and thanks obama for 2010, 2014 mid terms and for 2016. none of that would have been possible without you.
3:55 am
well-done, sir. and we need to thank potus for refusing to fight for we the people for eight years and thereby giving real donald trump key to white house. >> you have the crazy thanksgiving day tradition. everyone is handing out spoons. >> it's the shimkus family spoon-off. after dinner, we grab the spoons, put them on our nose and we see whose spoon stays on the longest. >> what do you win? >> just the respect of grandmas and aunts and uncles. >> you have a trick. >> she's totally got tape on
3:56 am
that. >> she picked it up a notch. >> i don't really give myself many compliments but i'm good at this. >> is that your family? >> oh, that's my sister and my two cousins, danielle and jaclyn. my sister did pretty good this year. >> you won today. >> thank you. >> i beat clayton yesterday at carving. we have video. here's the thing, i have years of practice. >> do you have tape on there? >> i promise i don't. >> the proof is in the pudding. what will happen with the current investigations into hillary clinton? congressman darrell issa says they are not closed just yet. he joins us live. and the president-elect working through the holiday at the mara lago resort. we've gotten our hands on the menu. >> some celebrities were there.
3:57 am
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simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th. ♪ good morning. happy friday. it is november 25th, 2016. i'm abby hunts man and we begin with a fox news alert. the brack friday -- black friday shopping chaos already taking a deadly turn. one shopper killed over a parking spot and a fight breaks out at a walmart. breaking details straight ahead. is mitt romney ready to eat these words? >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a allow -- lousy hat. >> and coming up, a formal
4:01 am
apology. and working to fulfill this campaign promise, listen. >> within 24 hours, they will call and say, sir, we've decided to stay in the united states. >> well, the progress he's made to keep jobs right here in america. we'll see if it happens. plus, we get a look at thump's thanksgiving menu. see if you can find the turkey? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. i actually read the menu yesterday. we're all feeling full this morning. you said you ate so much that you are hungry. >> i overate and i woke up this morning and said is there any turkey in the morning? >> no leftovers here. we're getting down to business. we have a segment coming up with the best leftover recipes,
4:02 am
including a mac and cheese and a spring roll. >> my wife made a turkey stroganoff. it was amazing. >> speaking of leftovers, there's some leftover animosity from the campaign, even though mitt romney was not involved in the campaign at all, he was making his views known. >> he said this is a time for choosing and you can't choose donald trump. that was back in march. now, he's a lead contender for secretary of state. there is a huge clash going on behind the scenes among loyalists saying it should be rudy giuliani, some saying maybe it should be romney and a couple of days mike huckabee was on the show saying he should have to apologize for all the awful
4:03 am
things he says about donald trump if he wants the job. i'm now told by a senior trump transition official, that they have had conversations about that. a letter, a statement, something from romney saying i'm sorry. >> do you buy it? >> i buy it it's being talked about. to me, it's remarkable. >> maybe this is my personal feeling. behind the scenes, they are saying look, he's not getting this job at all. we want him to go out there and publicly apologize. this is our plan. we want him to publicly apologize. look at kellyanne's tweets. >> she tweeted, kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state flew around the world less, counselled potus close to home more and were loyal. good checklist. >> as you said, we had governor
4:04 am
huckabee on the show two days ago who has been a loyalist to mr. trump for a long time and he said -- he's actually flabbergasted at the fact that romney is being looked at. he says romney does need to apologize to be considered. here's what he said. >> it's not about that i don't care for mitt personally. mitt did everything he could to go after donald trump. he didn't go after him with saying i disagree with his policy on immigration, on taxes, he attacked him on a personal level about his character, integrity, his honor. when you do that, there's only one way that mitt romney can be considered for a post like that, that is he goes to a microphone and in a public place and repud yates everything he said in that salt lake speech. >> before we give you this job, you need to apologize.
4:05 am
if he takes this job, he would have to put his conscience in a safety deposit box. >> if you disagree with him about everything and you have to put your conscience in a safety deposit box. >> you are right. big issues like russia for example where donald trump has been saying all throughout the campaign, let's have a more friendly relationship with russia. let's work with them. whereas going back to the 2012 campaign, mitt romney was right in going after president obama saying we need to be tougher with putin. bring in people with different ideas. he did that with nikki haley. i'm heard that what they are talking about. they are talking about that romney feels like he had a conversion that maybe he was
4:06 am
wrong a few months ago and he wants to make it right now. if you apologize like that -- >> i'm sorry. >> are you golfing -- groveling? >> what about finding the person that is the best for each of these positions? you think about secretary of state, that is arguably the most important cabinet position. you are dealing with russia, china, asia, middle east, isis. is there romney most importantly the best person for the job, that's what people should ask. >> he said they are our toughest gop political foe. our viewers are responding. >> a public apology is definitely needed and he also needs to stay out of government for one year to reflect. >> now is the time to put aside past squabbles and move on toward a common aspiration.
4:07 am
>> and leave the decision to donald trump. that's why i voted for him. that may be the most important point. donald trump has said i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are even are. a lot of this is just idle talk and speculation. at the end of the day, it is almost like celebrity apprentice. political apprentice here. they were going to bedminister. now working the phones to palm beach. >> and mr. trump loves this. this is what he does. >> we're all trying to figure it out and piece it together. you remember over the summer when carrier air conditioning company in indiana, we learned this was a video shot in february and over the summer we learned that they were going to be moving their plant to mexico and this is in indiana, they were going to lay off these folks, unless they were moving to mexico with them. >> they were not happy. >> donald trump said he wanted
4:08 am
to keep companies like that in america. he tweeted this. >> i am working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier air conditioning company to stay in the u.s., indiana, making progress. will know soon. >> we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. we played that clip at the top of hour. donald trump said within 24 hours, i can get carrier to respond. keep these jobs. >> that was within minutes. they are responding to the president-elect. he's getting their attention. ford motor company did almost the same thing. >> they said we're keeping jobs here. it's all good and well to be friends with the president-elect but at the enled of the -- end of the day is comes down to money. >> now they have somebody as president-elect who is saying not so fast. it will be an interesting. >> this is two weeks after election day.
4:09 am
we'll see how it plays out. we want to go to jackie ibanez. and a fox news alert we're starting with. >> fox news alert. black friday shopping turns deadly when a fight breaks out in a walmart breaking lot. a man shot a man to death over a parking spot. at this hour, his identity is still unknown. in chicago, expect to see this if you are going shopping on the magnificent mile. >> no peace! >> arm in arm, black lives matter activists planning protests outside stores to drive attention to the most recent police shootings. those demonstrations cost stores last year 50% of their sales. and a man charged with
4:10 am
murdering a 29-year-old wayne state police officer. he was taken into custody yesterday. he's accused of shooting colin rose. he was shot in the head as he was investigating several car break-ins. and the country is mourning the loss of its tv mom. florence henderson of the "bread -- -- brady bunch has died. ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ >> she became an icon as carol brady. she stayed active until the sixth decade of her career. even competed on "dancing with the stars." she made a cameo with maureen mccormick. you are in my heart forever, florence. she died of heart failure
4:11 am
surrounded by family and friends. >> still looking so beautiful at the age of 80. that will good down as one of the best shows of all time. from giving thanks for what we have to fighting each other over dvd players today, that could only mean one thing, it is black friday. >> millions of americans already at malls and department stores all across the country hoping to score deep discounts. >> annie yu is live from clarksburg, maryland. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. i feel a little behind on my shopping list. meeting a lot of eager shoppers this morning getting an early start. we see a lot of tired yet determined shoppers here in clarksburg, maryland. this seems to be the hot spot. the tory burch store.
4:12 am
they are offering a 60% off until 8:00 a.m. people have waited in line for 2 to 3 hours. what brought you here? >> you? >> oh. >> i was up. i watched the news. i saw there was a sell until 8:00. i live an hour away. i got in my car and i drove to the sale. >> i think you are going to be able to snag that 60%. we've seen lots of shoppers leaving the stores with bags and bags of gifts for themselves as well as family members. they are going to stay open until 10:00 tonight. they opened up at 6:00 last night. thousands have come through and their parking lot has reached capacity. that's the latest in clarksburg, maryland. >> from wttg in washington, d.c. all nighters for some people. hillary clinton meanwhile
4:13 am
resurfacing again and republican lawmakers say they are not done with her scandals just yet. >> congressman darrell issa is here with what they have planned live. president-elect working through the holiday. the man still has got to eat and we've gotten our hands on the menu and it's "yuge." i didn't see any crab legs. >> foie gras. >> lobster bisque. ♪ g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer.
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hillary clinton resurfacing for thanksgiving. all smiles for the super market but her troubles appear to be far from over if republicans in congress get their way. congressman darrell issa joins us. happy thanksgiving, sir. >> good morning, ed. hoel your turkey day was the kind we like to have with friends. >> it was and with family. president-elect donald trump fresh off his victory is now saying wait a second, everybody calm down. i don't want to hurt the clintons anymore. she already lost. the fbi has already determined
4:18 am
that laws were not broken or at least that it would not be prosecuted by most u.s. attorneys around the country, let's move on. why don't you want to move on? >> i think it's important that the president do essentially what he does, which is get out of the business of prosecuting, but at the same time he's appointed or proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job and so when we look at jeff sessions in concert with fbi and other organizations, they need to do their job, and i think that's what the where the balance of the next president is going to come is reestablishing the independence of the department of justice. if he doesn't do it, congress will certainly push for that, but i think you are going to find a president who says let them do their job, stays out of it, and certainly doesn't -- you know, he hasn't said she's innocent. that's a decision that needs to be made by the professionals. >> so it's possible that the
4:19 am
president-elect by saying i don't necessarily want to prosecute or hurt her, but to your point, if jeff sessions has been nominated, if he is confirmed as attorney general and finds laws were broken, nothing the president-elect has said so far has closed the door to a prosecution. >> exactly. and unlike president obama who said there isn't a smidgen of evidence and who con sthrant was trying to essentially jury tamper. it's important that this president stay out of it. trump will have the right to pardon her but pardoning is separate as to whether she and many others, including the founta fountain. you mentioned the clinton foundation. where do you think an area of
4:20 am
prosecution could happen? i talked to james comey. he never saw laws were not broken. he said they may have been, but he didn't just think it would be prosecutable? >> i think that's exactly right. he said he didn't have the evidence to prosecute. he said no prosecutor would. if he continues to do his job and if he finds the evidence necessary, this new department of justice is not going to have a bias from the top that the last one did. remember, the last administration was sent an order by congress to the u.s. attorney general in washington, d.c. to prosecute or to bring before grand jury lois lerner and they refused to do it. it's that kind of interference that the american people are tired of. >> congressman darrell issa, you know better than anybody in terms of draining the swamp, changing washington will be a
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time now for news by the numbers, 10,704, that's how many votes donald trump won michigan over hillary clinton. the closest presidential race in state's history. unbelievable. 2020, that's when new york senator kristin gillibrand could be running for president.
4:25 am
and those long black friday lines, thanksgiving weekend is a great time to head to the movies. >> here's with best films to see in the theaters is kevin mccarthy. >> good to see you this morning. happy thanksgiving to you. it was a wonderful day yesterday. i hope you guys had a wonderful time with your families. >> we did. and moa lana is out. that the cinematography is off the charts. >> i really love the film.
4:26 am
i think the rock did a good job and lynn manuel miranda did the music. i recommend seeing it in 2 d. >> rival also in theaters starting today. >> yeah. this movie is absolutely mind blowing. >> i can't describe it to you. i can't comprehend the epic element of this ending. it's one of the most incredible endings in a movie. it has jeremy render, amy adams, it's going to sit with you for weeks. it's a phenomenal movie and the music is a leading character in the movie. i recommend seeing it for sure. >> kevin and i have been texting back and forth this week. we're both comic book nerds. dr. strange one of the best marvel films ever produced.
4:27 am
it was one of those that when you walk out of the theater, you are still thinking about it. >> this movie was amazing. for me, imagine the matrix, inception, and harry potter rolled up into one film. it's well-made. the action is incredible. the 3 d is one of the best 3 d conversions i've ever seen. benedict cumberbatch is so good. it lives in the same world as iron man and captain america and the agen engineers -- agen -- avengers. >> what about hack saw ridge? >> this film is inspiring, incredible. about a gentleman named desmond doss who saved 75 lives in world war ii without firing single
4:28 am
shot. incredible, inspiring film. please see it. well-done. >> and a chick flick on thanksgiving weekend. tell us about "loving." >> it's a film that's very important. it's the most important film you will see this year. it's about the lovings who were mattered -- married in washington, d.c. and lived in virginia. this went to the supreme court and obviously they ruled in their favor. it's a monumental landmark case. highly recommend seeing this move ie. >> not quite a chick flick. >> it looks fabulous. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. clayton, i'm going to see you. we've got to see "dr. strange" and nerd out. a college president has an unusual thanksgiving message for his students bashing the next
4:29 am
president of the united states. and are you preparing to battle the black friday crowds? we're plotting out your day with the best deals out there to metropolitan -- to help you make the great decisions.
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4:32 am
♪ ♪ >> in my drive-in this morning at 4:00 a.m., you see the christmas lights going up. christmas trees being sold on the streets. >> it's awesome. look at these photos. hailey sent us this photo with her and hersons and her husband
4:33 am
wearing their pilgrim hats. and beverly sent us this picture with her and grandchildren wearing shirts with the order in which they were born. i love it. >> send us your photos this morning. we'll continue to share your photos throughout the show. we want to get over to jackie ibanez. >> happy friday. black friday that is. your headlines now. the family of a missing mother of two who vanished nearly a month ago is found alive. >> shear papini has been located and reunited with her family. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help of a passing motorist who notified law enforcement. >> she was taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor
4:34 am
injuries and reunited with her husband. expected to be okay. and young women and men chant about dead cops. it was within days before four cops were shot within a 24-hour berd. >> what's better than 6 dead cops? 7 dead cops. >> horrible. some of the protesters wearing red face masks with soviet hammers. and one liberal college leader using facebook to slam donald trump. vassar president saying mr. trump's rhetoric threatens various minority groups. he said recent protests warmed his art. he wrote a president-elect urging him to condemn the hate
4:35 am
speech and acts of violence being perpetrated in our country. and trump celebrating thanksgiving with a 24-course menu. there was wedge salad, maine lobster bisque for soup and legs of lamb. selections of pies and cakes were also up for grabs for dessert. those are headlines. do you think they did any cooking themselves, guys? >> no. >> do you? >> i was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. are you bargain hunting this black friday? we've got the inside scoop on some unreal deals. joining us next is amy sewell. let's look at electronics and let's look at laptop. this is a great time to buy them. office deep -- depot and office
4:36 am
max is only $169.99. it includes a year of microsoft office 365. a great deal. >> playstation that i know that best buy and other places are stocking up like at game stop right now, these deals are pretty hot. >> game stop is the only retailer that's offering $50 of both -- the uncharted 4 ps 4 and any x box one bundle. you can find those at game >> and with a $60 game bundled inside the package. >> if you are looking for creative personal items for your kids, put me in the story has 30% off. they have a lot of popular titles and characters in there. they will work your child's name and photograph in the story.
4:37 am
go to put me in the and they will step you through the process. let's talk some meat and omaha steaks is one of our favorites. what are they doing? >> they are having 68 to 72% off for a lot of their steak packages today. we have two different ones that range from 68 to 72% off. if you want to send a gift that you are sending later in december, go ahead and take advantage of the sale prices today and schedule your delivery later on. >> we've got steaks. >> the chicken fried steaks which are to die for, you are the minute you're at that tour new york cheese steaks and filets. one of my personal favorites, i love their carmel apple tart let's. they have won doctorful sides and desserts.
4:38 am
>> and suits, i wear these suits from our friend at bo book & taylor. they decked us out here at fox. tell us what they are doing. >> i think this is one that you all worked out that you have the deals of. >> i'll tell you a little bit about it. >> 50%. if you buy one, you get 50% off the other right now and they did brian, steve, myself. so book a and there's a black friday gift card. buy one and get the other 50% off. there you go. a handsome suit. if i do say so myself. >> amy. >> happy shopping. happy black friday. >> it looks better on you than the mannequin. >> coming up, the mainstream media instantly pouncing on president elect trump's pick for the department of education
4:39 am
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know better sleep with sleep number.
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4:42 am
well, we can see that it's all heating up inside the trump transition team right now. who will be the secretary of state? that we're going to be talking about. >> will it be mitt romney? >> in a moment or so. one that's already been chosen is betsy devos, president-elect trump tapping her to run the education department, but the media is teaming up with the teacher unions to try to take her down. >> who really has the children's best interests in mind? here joining us is michael mccain. welcome to the show. let's read what "the new york times" had to say about betsy did he vos. the media is already trumping --
4:43 am
jumping on this choice. >> she's been a fervent school advocate for three decades now. she's been ecumenical. i don't think it's inaccurate to say she's a supporter of school choice. >> you have a lot up in arms over this pick. she talk about student vouchers and other things that could be appealing. should they least take a listen to what she would say? >> i would hope so. there's a lot of promising research from charter schools, from school vouchers and others that show they have a positive impact on children's lives. so i understand that there's a sort of reflex if opposition to that that people have. if you dig into the research, there's a lot of reason to be optimistic. >> where is she on common core? donald trump said we got to
4:44 am
common core. it's overblown, not a big deal, being exaggerated. meanwhile, betsy devos seems to have a different position than donald trump and says we should keep common core. what the real deal? >> on her website, she did a q & a, she is opposed to common core. she had been a couple of boards of organizations that did support common core, she has come out and said she doesn't spore the common core. >> where does she come out on public schools? criticism, of course, is she's out of touch, she's a product of private school her whole life. her kids are in private school. how could she really relate to the public school system? >> i think one of issues facing families today is that too many families, particularly low income families don't have good options of schools to send their
4:45 am
kids to. someone who has been advocating to say we want to give them more options, it may be a charter school and private school and want to support them as they do that, that seems really in touch with what's happening in family's lives. >> she's had her path she's talked about publicly with education. it comes down ultimately what mr. trump wants to do with education. she will serve as secretary but it's coming from the very top. what do we know about what he said about education? >> i think that's important. i think it remains to be seen exactly his vision of what the federal government has to -- what role it can play in all this. look i'm as big of a school choice supporter as you are going to find, you don't want necessarily want the federal government at the helm of this. if we've learned anything in the last 10 or 15 years of education reform, it's got to come from the bottom up, not from the top down. it's important that they articulate the role of the federal government in this.
4:46 am
>> we appreciate you being here. there are some folks in particular saying the best thing donald trump can do is have secretary devoss gs is focus on shutting the department of education down and hand these responsibilities back to the states. >> thank you. forget standing in line. go on line. kurt the cyber guy with the best deals for cyber monday. coming up. >> there he is. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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so from giving thanks for what we have to running out at the crack of dawn to buy more stuff and beat each other at parking spots. black friday has finally arrived. >> throw any elbows? >> yes. >> my kids just all joined me, so it's kind of turned into a family tradition but we all get together and go. >> the nutrition, go shopping. millions of americans going to the malls hoping to score some deals. >> and jake hamilton from fox 32 in chicago is live at the second largest mall in america, the woodfield mall in schaumburg, illinois. good morning, jake. >> we're about 40 minutes outside of chicago and this mall has been open since 6:00 yesterday afternoon, and take a look behind me. you see it's fairly active. people are moving around. they got their shopping bags. this, they are saying, is actually a lull. it was at its peek at 3:00 this
4:51 am
morning and by noon today, you won't be able to see the floors. now, a lot of people are out here, obviously. the stores are sort of opening up in layers, if you will. a lot of them are opened and packed. some of them are still closed and have lines waiting outside the door. people are fighting for parking spots and now getting started. here's the thing is i do this live shot just about every black friday. i actually had a guy just come up to me and say i spoke with him last year and he said that black friday is now his new american family tradition. i said what did you have for thanksgiving yesterday? he says who needs thanksgiving. black is what it's all about. we're going to be out here as this is the lullest it's going to be all day. this will be a busy day on any other day of the week. they are ramped up and excited. and they are shopping. you are giving thanks for what you got, and now it's time to
4:52 am
shove people aside and save 20 bucks on an hd-tv. people are very excited and they are only qog to get more excited. >> it's funny when you interview the same guy that you run into the mall that you interviewed last year. >> we appreciate you joining us. an si standing by with cyber monday deals. >> some of the biggest sales of the season are right around the corner and this coming cyber monday is said to be the largest shopping day in history. online sales are expected to reach a record $3.5 billion this year. here with a preview is kurt the cyber grow. >> 11% growth year over year. >> what are the deals? >> you don't want to go out and need a first aid kit to do the whole black friday thing. stay at home. there are good deals to be found. this one in terms of technology, this one we found right here is
4:53 am
dell and you'll notice-size a touch screen, so this is a laptop. it's one of best that's out there. sps 13. it regularly goes to 1599. costco has got it for $300 off. but an outstanding deal right here, and we found this at the microsoft store and this is a beautiful hp and it's an hp notebook. it's 15 inches. signature edition. regularly $499. today, $299 for a 15 inch laptop that also has touch screen on it. >> for the costco you have to g. >> love it. you don't break a nail. >> my husband just got me these. i'm obsessed. >> anybody in america that has outstanding sound at their house, this is what they are using. it's one of easiest and most intelligent ways to put sound in any room. these ones are discounted. this is the play one from sonos. you plug it in.
4:54 am
you download the app and it sources a bunch of the different music that you already have, such as what's already on your computer or your device or it will tap into many of the music services that are out there. >> i love it. you can get a few different speakers and put them in different rooms. >> you can do your home stereo for a home theater system. room to room. it's very inexpensive and they never go on sale to $199 is their normal price and today they drop $50 off of it. >> get on it. >> this year, cyber monday, walmart has really done this, go to, there has never been a better time to buy a television set, period. this is it. here's one of them. and these around the junk that's left over from the year that they are trying to unload. these are actually the really good current models. you are looking at a 60 inch right there. regularly $1699.
4:55 am
579! crazy prices on that one. >> amazing. >> what you want to do, no matter where you are shopping on cyber monday, first of all, they are bleeding all these days together, so you can find some deals today, some you have to wait until monday. the number one thing you want to do in addition to a laptop or desktop computer use your mobile device or smart phones to also shop at the same store. chances are you could find a lower price being presented on your phone than on your desktop. >> that's interesting. >> you got a question about the hat? >> i wanted to know how much was the hat? >> try it on. it's actually not a hat but i believe -- >> how much does it go for? it's not sale. >> coupon sites and apps, if you are in a store, always like snip snap is outstanding for that.
4:56 am
always check at the check out. if you are at home, price compare online. if you are on amazon don't click on that add to cart or buy button just yet, look at the link that says other sellers many times you'll find a lower price that's on the terms you want. >> good advice. >> happy turkey sandwich day. coming up, we know one person who isn't black friday shopping right now. geraldo rivera. he is joining us live next. his world turned upside down when he won the white house. we're talking about impersonator john d. demon aco. he joins us next. people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"?
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning to you. it is friday, november 25th, 2006. i'm abby hunsman and this is a fox news alert. the black friday shopping chaos already taking a deadly turn. two people shot dead outside stores. is mitt romney ready to eat turkey? maybe even eat these words. >> donald trump is a phony, fraud, he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> this morning, i have new details about unprecedented talks going on inside the trump transition team about a possible apology from the governor to the president-elect next. and aretha franklin serenades the nation. ♪ ♪
5:01 am
but what happened next, no one expected and led to an internet meltdown. we'll explain. bigger than kanye meltdown? >> bigger. hour three starts right now "fox & friends." ♪ the gyms will be packed this morning with people trying to work off those calories. >> if you eat too much, they say that makes you hungry because you stretch your stomach out and it just wants more. >> when i woke up at 4:00 in the morning -- >> abby's stomach stretched a millimeter. >> i celebrated because obviously we had to work yesterday, so i celebrated in
5:02 am
new york city, i con get to utah. but my sister moved here. she made truffle mashed potatoes. they were the best thing ever. and her son. how adorable is he? >> my mom came in to make potato dumplings, we decided to go to morton's. to give her the day off. >> you want to see some amazing christmas lights? our neighbor sets up this massive christmas display, all in an effort to raise money. they want to take some money there and a little card, they wanted to go down and donate some money, we took them down. >> month reno -- moreno just
5:03 am
emailed us. your picking up the electric bill for the next week. >> your kids were so excited to give back. >> i think their elf on the shelf shows up day. >> that elf is a little creepy. >> he keeps them in line. he's making sure they keep their rooms clean. >> jackie has headlines for you. >> he arrives today. >> your friends at amazon, that's nice of them to send him, jackie? >> right. >> he's arriving today. >> thank you. another rookie mistake. fox news alert for you. black friday turns deadly in two states. you are looking at brand-new video from may's landing in southern new jersey where a person was gunned down outside of macy's early this morning. at this hour, it's unclear who shot the victim and why. this is unbelievable. and reno, nevada, one person is
5:04 am
shot dead, gunned down in a fight over a parking space at walmart. how did we get to this point? that suspect is still on the run. in chicago, expect to see this if you are going shopping on the magnificent mile. [ chanting ] >> black matters activists planning protests outside stores today to draw attention to recent police shootings. last year, they blocked people from entering the businesses along chicago's shopping strip. those demonstrations cost some stores half of their black friday sales. 50%. and tragedy in syria where the first u.s. service member has died in the ongoing fight against isis. he was killed during an ied blast. at any time up to 300 service members could be operating in the country. and the story of this lovely lady has come to an end.
5:05 am
florence henderson has died. ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> the former broadway star made countless people smile as carol brady. her career covering six decades. she was also on "dancing with the stars." maureen mccorporalic -- mccormick tweeted this picture. >> she was on "dancing with the stars" on monday. >> impressive. >> a couple of days ago. >> still looking so beautiful. >> she will live on forever. thank you, jackie. we want to check in with geraldo rivera. when he was on this program a few days back, and all but endorsed mitt romney for secretary of state and i warned him it might be the kiss of
5:06 am
death. a senior transition official telling me a conversation going on whether mitt romney needs to issue a public apology to donald trump if he wants to become secretary of state. what do you think about that? >> i think it's gracious. thanksgiving time, why not? the words were very harsh that governor romney uttered in the heat of the campaign. he said that was about an electoral politics and i had a different preference. now we're all on the same team. we're all patriots. we want the best for the united states. i still think that mitt romney would be a superb choice as secretary of state. i think also general david petraeus. he had some problems recently but i met him when he was 2 star, and 3 stars and 4 stars and director of the cia. i hope governor romney very
5:07 am
publicly says listen, hot stuff was said by a lot of people. >> i want to challenge you. i don't buy it. i think that they want this public apology. they are not going to offer him the job. why would you ask for them to issue a public apology? can't they go behind closed doors, shake hands, and say, look, we had our differences, here's what we're going to work through as a businessman and this is a new frontier. why do you have to have him write a letter and put it out there publicly? why make him grovel? >> i think the apology has to meet -- it has to be in kind. there was a big blow, a body blow in public, the apology should be similar, i think in scope. >> i think more substantively, look what you are looking at. you have the pay tray --
5:08 am
petraeus moderates and others, such as rudy giuliani, even though i know them all and great respect for them. they are flame throwers. we need solid citizens respected worldwide with tremendous experience, without, you know, making money like giuliani did overseas or some of the, you know, the problem he was having when trying to get confirmed for the u.n. ambassador job. i understand how people are ticked off because he's a moderate and he's not part of the trump ethos that was presented during the campaign. so what? we're past that now. we're all on the same team. speaking of a feud that's going on. the dnc is now facing a class action lawsuit from bernie sanders of all people, his supporters, rather. do they have a case? there's so much talk about how the republican party so divided
5:09 am
they can't figure out how they stand. then you have the democrats, the progressives, bernie sanders supporters, they saw the wikileaks. they know that the dnc wasn't wanting bernie sanders to be their nominee. >> the democrats are in total disarray. we all had family, you know, debates yesterday about politics and so forth. i think the democratic party, the family is so totally dysfunctional, they would be better off to lay low for a while, lick their wounds and get their act together. to me, the most significant thing in your question particularly, you mentioned wikileaks and how debbie wasserman shultz was laid low by the the wikileaks, to me that's the biggest untold story and that will get to the impact that wikileaks and was it the russian intelligence hat on their
5:10 am
electoral process? this time it was the democrats. next time it could be the republicans. our entire election affected in a way that i think was under reported and very substantial. i think we've got to really stop those leaks. we have to really address our cyber security and i want president-elect trump and it seems like he totally gets it to address what i consider an existential crisis. if we're not safe on the internet with our country, then nothing is safe. >> we didn't have to use surveillance. we asked you politely to offer some photos and you were generous. how did your thanksgiving go with family? >> it was terrific. i'm out here with cleveland with my in-laws, jerry and nancy. we love it here in northeast ohio, hotly contested presidential background in ohio. ohio going for donald trump, of course. even though we had our political discussions, it was terrific. everybody sat there and politely
5:11 am
gave their points of view. we watched a lot of football. you mentioned florence henderson -- >> why do we have a hard time? >> i want to say hi, florence henderson, rip, wonderful lady on "dancing with the stars." watching football, antonio brown great other colleague on "dancing with the stars." he was great yesterday. he caught a lot of great passes. great country. we had a lot of fun. >> thank you for joining us. transitioning here a bit. fox news alert happening right now. tens of thousands of people forced from their homes as wild fires rage out of control in israel and we have just learned that those fires the work of terrorists. more on that coming up. and from the next secretary of state to homeland security secretary, president-elect trump has some big choices to make.
5:12 am
republican strategist tony saia joins us next. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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5:15 am
welcome back. president-elect donald trump has
5:16 am
already filled some high posts in his administration but he still has some hard choices to make for his cabinet. here to break down the positions that still need to be filled is toniy staic. let's start with what we know so far. the picks that he's made. >> sure. i actually think this is a great decision right here. he's made some decisive choices early on to show the type of direction he's going to appoint to the administration. reince priebus as chief of staff is interesting. he understands washington, the critique of president-elect trump and his group is they are outsider. it's important that he has steve bannon in there. he has beat the elite media through breitbart. i think he clearly has a target on his back but a lot of that is unsubstantiated stuff, but bannon represents that outsider kind of populist touch that the trump white house has to maintain in order to stay true to its message. i think jeff sessions outstanding pick.
5:17 am
one of the earliest supporter. >> same with nikki haley and betsy devos. >> she's one of the biggest leaders for school choice and donald trump has made it central. it's one of the more dynamic picks he could have made for this position, emphasizing that is going to be a top priority for the administration and nikki haley getting a high profile post. she's been a conservative darling. she did not necessarily endorse him early in the process. ths a very good way for him to show he's going to include a lot of people. >> everyone is speculating about the positions he's not picked yet. most importantly secretary of state. there seems to be some conflict going on behind closed doors about who that person is going to be. >> there's no doubt that loyalists to the trump campaign, people who supported him from the start, want rudy giuliani or see giuliani a much more natural pick. his credentials are outstanding.
5:18 am
mayor of new york city. he's understood world terrorism, global events better than most people. he would be a terrific choice. mitt romney does not seem to be as conventional because of the harsh criticism he offered president-elect trump. the reality is he has a lot of procedure around the world. george h.w. bush and reagan were political rivals. there is a time for healing in a political coalition. >> romney said mr. pretty nasty things about mr. trump and his character. who is best for these jobs? politics aside, these are big positions? homeland security secretary? >> congressman schulz is a very
5:19 am
nice pick. sometimes being lax. i a lot of people think that rudy giuliani is a natural for that too. only donald trump and mike pence know you need to pick the best person for the job. >> speculation continues. great to have you here. coming up, aretha franklin serenades the nation. take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ the bombs bursting in air >> beautiful voice. but what happened next no one expected and led to an internet meltdown and his world turned upside down.
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> steve, if memory serves me, last year, you witnessed some morons -- >> morons? >> buy a tv and it wouldn't fit
5:24 am
in his car and he broke it in half trying to shove it in his car. >> we have footage of that. >> since you brought it up first, and i will be kinder than use the wordd moron, we have moe as we would call morons today. the tvs are getting bigger, the cars are getting more economical and the trouble shopping with the small car and the big tv is getting worse by the year. so here is last year's picture if you recall and the good thing about target was and at least they took the broken tv back after this guy said i didn't do this. it came that way. that was the fun part. he only looked like a liar 100%. >> that was his very story. that's why we came back here. it's not as crazy any more. we have people shopping for things they don't need. look at what we have. we had a lady who bought a german shepherd an ugly sweater.
5:25 am
we have a people shopping with their buick. we have a couple of twins who outfitted their buick as rudolp. can you tell they are twins? this is stop number one of how many? >> we probably have another three or four. >> three or four today. >> what is the stupidest thing you bought so far this year? >> basically i'm asking you on national tv did you waste money? yes or no. >> yes. yes. >> did you really need this? did you sleep out to get this? cheddar cheese balls, a long line for these? >> about three or four. >> was there a mad rush. >> mad rush. we had to race through stores. >> that's typical. we'll let you get going. they have got life saver
5:26 am
gummies. on every store here in senators square which is about 20 chain, they all have a now hiring sign, please apply within. so i'm good that i see that a lot of people buying tvs. that means we all have a job a little longer, should all of our tv jobs evaporate. we have a future in retail at the christmas season. >> and we all need cheese balls. >> great to see you. he made a big splash imperson ating the tonled during his apprentice days. >> your task this week is to identify and find america's most beautiful and fun resort. little richard, you are fired. >> after that "yuge" election win, john demonico is billed as the number one donald trump
5:27 am
impersonater. nice to see you. >> good morning, everybody. i'm so excited to be here. i just landed. i just got back from mara lago. >> the menu looked incredible. >> i went to mcdonald's. i love mcdonald's. tremendous. theburgers are great. consistently fantastic. >> what about mitt romney and the cabinet? >> i've been watching you guys. i want to get to this. there's a little confusion around mitt. he's not going up for secretary of state. he's going up for my secretary. okay. he types 120 words a minute. he can get my coffee. so don't worry about it. >> thank you for clearing up that confusion for us. >> he's going to be an apology tour. 12 cities. every day he's going to apologize for one year. maybe i'll let him have a job. he has to be nice. he has to be nice to me. >> this has been a whirlwind for you right now. has somebody called me? >> he calls me every single day and says thank you. the last time i was here,
5:28 am
kellyanne was here and i walked up behind her and she was getting coffee. i said kellyanne you did a fantastic job and absolutely tremendous. she turned around, i know who you are? can i get a self-ie? >> you've been impersonations for mr. trump for years. >> it originally started as a voiceover. i got a call. i used to do tough voices and somebody called up and said hey are you doing trump yet, no, not yet. we have an audition on monday. they said do you want to go in? i ran out and bought the first season of "the apprentice. "i broke his voice down by elements because i was in -- more scientific approach. i had to figure out ways where nasal placement. >> and the hair. you remember when he said two
5:29 am
years ago he would change his hairstyle. >> i'm dreading that. these are not inexpensive wigs. >> everyone wonders what's on his head. what is it? is that real hair? >> it's human hair. >> walk us through election night. all the pundits are saying and it had to be wilder for donald trump, the president-elect. for you, this is a good gig. hillary clinton is going to win, according to all the pundits and i might get a gig here and there and now your phone must be ringing -- what happened at 4:00 a.m. election night the next morning? what was going you through your mind? >> i woke up. my facebook page had hundreds and hundreds of, dude, you are set. it's going to be incredible and just texts and emails and everything else, but, you know, the thing was i knew he was going to win because back in august, i had sat on channel 4 in england, i had been on the road for a year nonstop and i could feel the enthusiasm and i was doing events of anywhere from 500 people to 5,000 people
5:30 am
and overwhelmingly it was always for trump, and people would whisper in my ear. they do a photo op. they would say by the way, i'm voting for you. >> real quick. how do people find you? >> johnny >> the media thinks they notice the first issue you are going to focus on your first 100 days in office. what issue is that going to be? >> it's going to be a wall. it's a fantastic tremendous wall. we're going to be putting a trump hotel on top of the wall. it's going to be a very luxurious hotel. all the windows are going to face the american side. >> big league? >> it's going to be. >> what's the lip thing? it's your mechanism to get it going? >> he does this thing where his vocal production is right there in front, so you have to do to
5:31 am
get the sound exactly right. >> you are the best i've seen. >> every week he says john be what am i doing wrong? i like that. he's a very talented young man. >> you are going to be a busy young man? >> you are going to be busier than the president-elect. >> thanks for having me. fox news alert. happening rients, tens of thousands of people being forced from their homes as wild fires are racing out of control in israel. the fires are the work of terrorists. >> odds are good your lunch menu has turkey sandwiches on it right now. that's so boring. we're taking your leftovers to a whole another level. like spring rolls, mac and cheese. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime
5:32 am
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5:35 am
♪ >> that's pretty awesome. >> everyone is so happy this time of year. the day after. you just stuffed yourself silly and now it's all about the deals out there going shopping, clayton, as you love to do. >> keep me out of the stores. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "fox & friends." we have great deals coming up for you and we'll show you some leftovers, what do with it. >> serious soirs overseas. >> we begin with a fox news alert for you. tens of thousands of people fleeing from their homes as six separate fires rage through israel right now. prime minister benjamin netanyahu telling residents to get out as quickly as they can. saying the flames are the work of terrorists.
5:36 am
60,000 people have been evacuated in what officials are describing as unprecedented. the family of a missing mother of two who vanished nearly a month ago is found alive. >> sheri papini has been located and reunited with her family on this day. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist who notified law enforcement. she was taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries and reunited with her husband. expected to be okay. some heroes wear capes, others masks. one australian man becomes an overnight star after chasing a hit-and-run driver in his underwear. >> i've seen all this commotion over here and i was in me jocks and the men that crashed into the thing.
5:37 am
all i had with me is my undies on and he started to taking off the street. i said what are you doing, mate? >> he said don't be try to be a hero. >> he flashed his lights at police to get their attention. mcconnell calls his new fame, absolutely ridiculous. good for him. those are your headlines. back to you guys. thank you, jackie. we're so excited for this segment. your thanksgiving feast has ended and all the guests are gone but there is one more thing that you need to kpr and that is most importantly the leftovers. >> and our chef, good friend, steve dephillipo. >> the first rule was at your restaurant, davio's. >> what does real date? >> we ended up geth mattered.
5:38 am
>> i'm here to take the stuff that you have from thanksgiving and make different things, different flavor profiles something that is totally different. this is a quesadilla, a spreadable feta. it's amazing. by the way, we went and got all this stuff at the store. this isn't stuff that chefs do and we took some turkey and put some hot sauce in it. >> what kind? >> any kind. it doesn't matter. >> you don't have to go to a specialty grocery store. >> you can get it at sam's club. we're going to add some tomatoes and cheese. what's really good about this, this is all stuff that you have. >> you are not eating the same thing. >> like saturday, sunday, you want to throw everything out. >> mexican twist. >> you are so tired. >> you got to have the hall
5:39 am
pinots on there. d what we did is we took the turkey and made a traditional davio's bowl. this is mac and cheese and we use brussel sprouts and chieves on there and the cream -- you know the onions that you have, that's in there. >> i'm eyeing the spring roll. >> you make them with turkey grant -- cranberry. >> we thought it wou be cool to take the turkey and make it cheese steak style. over here, those are potato cakes, we took those and made potato cakes. >> in new york, you got to go to davios and in boston, and the new one in philadelphia.
5:40 am
>> we're also in atlanta. four in matches -- massachusetts. >> these are such great ideas. >> we want to have fun with it. an egg on the top. you don't want to keep eating the sandwich. i grew up eating that sandwich. let's do something different for a change. >> happy thanksgiving. ed over to you. we're going to eat. >> oh, yeah, big time. our next guest worked on president obama's transition team. why he says america needs to give ben carson a shot, a democrat saying it's time for ben carson. people across the country making that mad dash for deals. we're live in the middle of it all straight ahead. g new cars.
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president-elect donald trump has been diversifying his cabinet, tapping charter school advocate betsy devos for education secretary. considering dr. ben carson to head up the u.s. department of housing and urban development. and after years of failing schools and cities sinking into disrepair, should the black community get behind mr. trump's picks? >> joining us. >> where do you think donald trump should take this plan for inner city development? >> well, i tell you i've work closely with betsy devos. i'm excited for her being there. of course, there are a lot of people coming out against it. the most important thing to know is she cares about kids and puts
5:45 am
kids first. this idea of having expanded school choice is a big deal. i think if we fix education, we fix poverty in america. betsy gets that and one of things she's also going to bring to the table, this is very important, on the heels of a divisive campaign, she's a natural consensus builder and she understands the need to collaborate. she's worked for folks like booker and joe lieberman is on our board. she's going to make a huge difference for school and education in america. >> what do you think is going on, kevin, with dr. ben carson? initially there had been an idea, look, he's a brain surgeon, health and human services department might be his place and now we're hearing housing and urban development. he grew up poor in detroit. he made a lot out of the fact that he pulled himself up by the bootstraps. he's on the fence about whether he wants to serve on the cabinet or not. what would be your recommendation about how he might be able to best serve, not just the administration, but the
5:46 am
american people? >> well, let me tell you. i think this is a real good opportunity for ben carson to make a huge difference. as you said, his background in detroit, he understands what it feels like to grow up poor in a working class inner city community. but hud is a cleeper -- sleeper in all this. if president-elect trump serious, you can do some really good things with hud. i remember jack kemp years ago created this approach where he empowered low income public housing residents into home ownership, made a big difference in our cities around america and when i was on the city council in dc, i worked with andrew cuomo. i think ben carson can do it. one thing he needs to do is he needs to be very visible in these communities, work with mares, city council members so he can come up with some creative ideas and stimulate the economy. he could do it, but he would have to want it. >> not everyone sees it as you
5:47 am
do. here's one headline from slate. they said hud is essential to the fight against poverty. ben carson will lobotomize. what do you make of that? that's harsh. >> it is harsh. there are a lot of folks who are somewhat concerned because i did not support the president-elect, but i do that now we've got to fly the plane while we fix it, and i think with some of his advisers, if dr. carson would really look at some of these opportunities, you can stimulate some amazing things in inner city through hud block grant opportunities and i think we have to give him a chance, if he gets in there, and i think it's a two-way street. he can work with elected leaders. he can empower the clergy to work with him. there are all these kind of opportunities.
5:48 am
we need to incite opportunities. americans working off their turkey hangovers with a little bit of shopping. next, the black friday steals and deals you would not want to miss. ♪ the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at and save 30%. offer ends monday.
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all right. i am so nice and toasty in this heated jacket. i'll tell you about that in a second. first, black friday is here and it's the perfect time to start your holiday shopping. here with these black friday steals and deals is host of "to catch a contractor."
5:52 am
you were kind enough to let me wear one of these heated coats here. >> milwaukee gave us some great heated jackets. this is a time to go gift shopping. home depot providing all the great deals. these heated jackets are an awesome gift for anybody. they are fleece lined. they got a battery that lasts up to eight hours. hand warmers in the pocket. they are just awesome. toasty. >> deals just keep on flying. >> right now, black friday right now. this mighter saw, super great price, only $169. get all your trim done around the house. >> 63 piece home set. >> no, we're going to this rigid wet and dry vac. you get a blower at the same
5:53 am
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5:54 am
and poe tats know. power tools. check this out. home depot has got the best power tool deal out of anybody. these three sets right now, dewalt, mkta, rigid, you get a drill, driver, and case for $299. if you buy it right now, you get a third tool for free. that is the best deal in power tools right now. if you have someone that's a diyer or anybody professional, that's a deal right there. this is one of my favorite things, guys. i use this every day on my job sites. this is a milwaukee garage light. it works on battery. it's super bright. it's adjustable wi -- by tripod. this thing folds up super easy.
5:55 am
when you are done with it, all you do is pack it up and put it right in the truck. how cool is that thing? >> you can use it as a battering ram too. >> it's tremendously easy to set up. it's total portable. it's only $249. this is a great buy. it works on milwaukee rechargeable batteries that run their tools too. >> i use their hand drill. love it. >> this is actually a 9 1/2 hour battery. they come with a regular battery. you can get the extended. it runs for hours and hours. >> i was thinking this jacket keeps me so warm because it's eetd. my lands are a little cold. i need some gloves. >> these are huskies mechanic gloves. these are great stocking stuffers. dewalt has got the two tape measure kit under $20. the gloves, tape measures and
5:56 am
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>> thank you so much for watching. >> these jackets are nice. >> you guys are taking the week off? >> oh, you are? >> we'll be sleeping in. >> i'll watch as well. >> have a good weekend. >> "fox & friends" for after the show show. bye! arthel: and we begin with a fox news alt as we watch for news in the transition from the obama administration to president-elect donald trump's team. mr. trump has a number of critical cabinet slots yet to fill, including secretary of state and rumors about his pick are stirring up some opposition. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville in for martha maccallum -- gregg: good to see you, and i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. some trump loyalists reportedly not very happy at the idea of mitt romney as secretary of state because he was, of course as you know, a very vocal opponent of donald trump during the campaign. it's a working holiday for t


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