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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the factor. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump offering up a few more major cabinet announcements this holiday weekend but it's one of the big positions that he hasn't filled yet that has folks taeg and his own team at odes. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for kelly tonight. tonight, adding a third female to his team, k.t. mcfarland and former campaign general counsel and current transition member donald mcgwan to the post of white house counsel. but it's mitt romney who has
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been floated as a possible secretary of state that is reportedly dividing the trump team down the middle. chris stirewalt, pete hoke hoax stra join us in a moment. but first we have more on the romney reaction. >> what are your source telling us at this hours? >> new information tonight is that donald trump and mitt romney traded phone calls over the thanksgiving holiday. we did not know they had continued the conversation. what that tells me is that by them speaking by phone, mitt romney is still a candidate, despite the fierce comp thags's happening in the grass roots and among his own team. you had kellyanne conway out there talking about loyalty tests on all of this. and it tells me, i have a source senior in the transition telling me that as you suggested, if mitt romney wants this he's
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going to have to issue a public apology. >> it could undermine him. >> and if he was put in the role, what would it be like for mitt romney knowing that people in that administration were fiercely against him. >> and he was on bended knee to get the job. >> it's opening una lane for rudy giuliani who has met with the president-elect about this job. and nobody was more loyal when you're talking about rudy giuliani. but there's a fierce battle going on behind the scenes about whether or not you go loyalty or go with romney. it wasn't just policy. he called donald trump a phony, a fraud and a hack. this might open a third lane. >> who could that be? >> someone like retired general david petraeus. he served the bbc i've served other commanders in chief, i could do it again. this seemed to say wait a second, this could be almost a dream team on the side. >> charles krauthammer said he
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thinks that would be a wonderful thing. >> pa tretraeus as secretary of state and lieutenant general michael flynn, national security adviser. what's wrong with that picture? two thing. donald trump spent a lot of the campaign saying i don't have an itchy finger on the trigger in terms of warmongering. and david petraeus, one of his problems was mishandling classified information. think about how much time donald trump talked about crooked hillary and mishandling classified information. it would get awkward to bring him back. >> the team is somewhat divided? >> fiercely divided about whether to go to giuliani night or the mitt romney night. >> mitt romney still in the mix and talking with donald trump
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over the holiday. >> joining me now, chris stirewalt and pete hoax tra and a national review editor. chris stirewalt, i'll start with you first. how does that end for president-elect trump and his team? >> it could be quite favorable for donald trump in this way. if you create this dynamic, is it a, b, a or b, a or b when it's c, d, e, f, g that shows up. oh, you sofltd the problem. it's important for trump to send a signal to his base. >> could this open a door for a third option? newt gingrich can think of 20 names to fill this role. >> i think what donald trump is doing, it's fascinating. everybody seems to be focused on
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the intrigue. they've been focused on that through the whole process because he's doing things differently. by the time donald trump gents done, he's going to have a dream team to itchment his implement immigrati immigration, fix education. he's picking strong people totally in alignment with him. he's going to do the same thing with the secretary of state. >> but for the same being, mr. hoax tra, as ed henry is reporting and a tweet from kellyanne conway today, the team is divided when it comes to choosing the secretary of state. there are some inside his campa mitt romney. >> i doubt he's going to publicly apologize and i doubt
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he'll get the pick in the end. and rudy is trying to publicly jam mr. trump on this. he'll accept nothing other than secretary of state. one of my favorites, a great compromised choice is john bolton who unlike romney or rudy has substantial foreign policy experience and would avoid this war other the loyalists and the interlopers. >> you're throwing out another option there, but let's talk about general petraeus. he's said if he is asked to fulfill a role for donald trump's administration he will accept. is he a viable option? >> there's petraeus, former marine general kelly. >> senator bob corker. >> so the list goes on. the idea that you're limiting -- would you, for example, have figured that mickey hailey was going to be the choice for -- no, you don't pick that. i think what trump is doing is
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smart. you weigh your options, you use surprise to your advantage aeng there is one other problem and ed alluded to it and i think it's something to remember. if he stacks his administration -- the secretary of state is not the most important job. it's the most prestigious post, thomas jefferson but it doesn't matter the way it used to be. secretary of state is a nice honor for someone and they have have a lot of control over embassies and all of that jazz. but this isn't the most important appointment. >> still donald trump said he's going to surround himself with the best people and where he's lacking experience he's going to surround himself with the smartest people to help him do this job. mr. hoke stra, petraeus has thrown his name into the ring. if mitt romney were to be named into this role, knowing that there are those inside of donald trump's own team that don't want him there, what would it be like
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for mitt romney to do his job? >> i think it would be just fine for mitt. clearly donald trump is and has made it very clear, only he knows what's going on, he is in charge and he's going to run this organization. i think the bigger question is mitt romney willing to accept that kind of leadership to implement donald trump's agenda, which is exactly what donald trump will require from all of the people he puts into his cabinet. he's willing to take differences of opinion. but if people don't perform or they cross him one way or another, you can expect the hear to term you're fired. >> what do you make of the diversity we're seeing now, rich. another woman naumed to his cabinet, this after he was facing headlines that his team was lacking diversity. they were quick to jump to that conclusion and now we've got three women on the trump team.
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>> and the other head lines we were seeing is that the transition was in total disarray and the trump administration was on the verge of collapse at the outset. instead we've seen picks moving quickly, very strong and i think he deserves credit whether he picks romney or not for secretary of state. he's reached out to all factions of the party. >> that sounds like a compliment from you. >> it is. when i get a white house offer, everything is forgiven. >> trump is tweeting national review. >> in you go. chris stirewalt maybe at the end of the day what you're saying is, maybe it's going to bring everybody together. >> well you know what, day after thanks giving. we'll accept this happy thoughts. there will be trouble ahead, it will be hard again but this is not the make or break. this is some people who are airing some bad feelings they have. >> but there's still a lot of positions that have not been
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fulfilled. he still has a lot of decisions to be made and right now with this division we're seeing within the transition team, those who have not supported trump, it's given them an opportunity to say look look look, they can't get their act together. >> he does have his act together. division is okay. it shows that donald trump is a big man. he can accept division within his team, get conflicting advice and then he will make a decision and he will expect the team to implement his direction. it's what all good leaders do. >> so you would say this is par for the course as far as this point in a transition team for a president-elect? >> yeah, i think so. it was a very very tough campaign and to put people back together is going to be difficult. >> all right. >> but he's doing it. >> rich, last word to you. >> this is part of any transition. there are going to be divisions and i'm sure there were a lot of
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obama people who weren't particularly thrilled picking hillary clinton as secretary of state but politics always make strange bed fellows. >> i thank all three of you for being here live with us tonight. as president-elect trump seek to fill out his cabinet, some are questioning the net worth of his potential nominees. but does having money mean they can't help. working class americans? anthony scaramucci is a member of mr. trump's transition team that we just talked so much about and he will be here to respond next. >> i have made billions of dollars in business making deals. now i'm going to make our country rich again. ♪ when you have $7.95 online u.s. equity trades lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade,
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during the presidential election then candidate donald trump vowed to make america great again for all americans. but tonight he's taking some heat for appearing to stack his cabinet with the super wealthy. politico with the headline, trump's team of ga zillionaires. politico surmises that if trump
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appoints folks like rudy giuliani and mitt romney, his cabinet could be worth as much as $35 billion. the "the new york times" deputy washington editor jonathan wiseman sarcastically tweeting between some of those names and others, this is going to be quite the working class administration. in moments we'll be joined by anthony scaramucci, a member of donald trump's transition team. but we begin with peter doocy reporting tonight from palm beach, florida outside mar-a-lago. >> reporter: because working class voters propoeld trump to the presidency, some on the left are crying foul that the billionaire is surrounding himself with other billionaires. the two people who are the president-elect's favorite ever favorites, wig burr rot and rickets, another, harold hamm, an oil bill neionaire.
6:17 pm
politico did the math and speculates if you add up the net worth of the rumored cabinet secretaries, the sum could reach $35 billion. but the current administration behaved basically the same way, even nicknaming one the buffet rule. there's commerce secretary penny prit kerr, a businesswoman worth $2.5 million, her dad helped found hyatt hotels. and then secretary of state john kerry worth $103 million and married to these so heinz. and bob mcdonald made $15.9 million in 2013 alone while working as the chef executive of proctor and gamble.
6:18 pm
he did bring aboard a secretary of state that ended up being dead broke, but hillary clinton ended up being worth more than $15 million while in office and a whole lot more now. >> anthony, thanks for beington >> it's great to be here. >> can you clear some of this up? there is a lot of talk about him surrounding himself with billionaires as if that's a bad thing. >> i think the only thing that peter left out, with the trump bump all of those people are a lot richer, including mr. buffet. >> you're referencing the stock rise. >> yes. the denegration of wealthy people and the divisiveness of that class warfare is coming to an end. that's a good thing for the american people. the other thing that that article left out is every one of these people is an unbelievable
6:19 pm
philanthropi philanthropist. >> betsy? >> he's dedicated her whole life to education, how to help poor people in the inner cities get their children the quality education they need so they can have an aspirational working class conversion into the middle class and hopefully -- >> by the way -- >> i think this is a fantastic thing for the american people that he's focused on mere tookcy and talent as opposed to picking people as their net worth not being enough. >> now democrats are crying foul. isn't that a key point? this isn't trump supporters that are crying foul saying we don't like what we're seeing. this is the left that is criticizing. >> this left has serious talking points about railing on rich people. they think that they class division is a powerfula antidot.
6:20 pm
people want wage growth, jobs, they want quality education for their children, they want a right sizing and evening of the playing field. let it be fair for the american people and the american worker. if there are super distinguished people that are done amazing things with their lives that's led to the great american success story that you've heard about, so be it. let those people help the rest of us get to where we want to g. >> when you dig in -- you're looking at meneau chan and bann bannon, as you know his goldman sachs background, you're talking about wall street background. how important is that considering donald trump said he made his election on the system is rigged. well a lot of main street and those making the average $55,000 a year in this country, they
6:21 pm
think wall street is rigged. how is that for them to see him put -- >> i'm proud of goldman sachs and worked on wall street for 28 years. and i've had this conversation with the president-elect and i'll continue to say the same thing. there might be bad actors on wall street, but there are bad actors in many areas. these guys have been terrific people, high ethical, high integrity. i've worked closely with both of those people and i have a tremendous amount of confidence in them that they're going to do the right thing. >> while you're here with this news on the divided transition team. >> very divided. >> mitt romney, we saw the tweets from kellyanne conway. how is it going? >> as it relates to kelly anne, i love her because she's been so instrumental in the success of the campaign. everyone respects her. she's entitled to her opinion and she's swearing it over
6:22 pm
twitter. god whether he says. i said this to block berg, the transition has been nothing but orderly. the information is provieted to the president-elect and the vice president-elect. >> is he still being considered? >> i have to take pence at his word when he says he's been considered for secretary of state. there are other candidates in the field. there's a very ordly and disciplined process. what the president-elect is doing, he's doing a wide ranging search so when the people are finally declared, he can say i went through a rigorous recruiting process and i picked the best person or to quote mr. trump an a plus plus plus player is going to join the administration. i'm proud to be a part of it with him. it's been a fantastic two weeks for us a eni think the american people are going to be excited about their new administration. >> thank you for being here. >> good to be here. here with more is david
6:23 pm
wool, an attorney and trump supporter and christopher hann is a radio talk show house and fox news contributor. david, what do you make of what you just heard from anthony? >> he's right on. mr. trump was elected by the american people with the full knowledge that he's a hardworking very successful billionaire. so the idea that people are going to be offended that his cabinet members or at least a few of them are successful millionaires and billionaires is absolute garbage. >> chris, to david's point that he's making out of the gate here, you're talking about the american people who elected a billionaire. so why does the left think that they're going to be a problem with him surrounding himself with other, not all, but some other billionaires? >> you know, i think it's much ado about nothing. the president-elect can surround
6:24 pm
himself with whoever he wants to. the question is whether those people want to perform for him. i don't afree with a lot of these people. i didn't vote for donald trump. but now he's the president-elect of the united states. i'm going to give him latitude to make these decisions. but when or if they stumble, he's going to be held accountable. personnel is policy. i'm more concerned about their experience than their net worth. >> that is the criticism. when you look at this politico article, trump's team of gazillionaires, stacking his administration with masters of the universe. >> right. >> a lot of the names they're talking about haven't even been named to his administration officially. >> this is a whole trend, if you haven't noticed. mr. trump wasn't a politician before he was elected. this is the whole thing going on right now. the people that don't have experience in government, that aren't politicians but are very successful are being placed in high positions in the cabinet.
6:25 pm
but don't kid yourself. there are going to be a lot of people of ordinary means as well that are going to serve as the conduits to ordinary americans to get this whole ball rolling in the make america great again movement and that's going to be hang ve happening very soon as well. >> i don't think anybody expected donald trump to be filling his cabinet with people who were lifetime government workers. that said, you do need some experience to make sure that the trains run on time. when george w. bush got elected president in 2000, he turned to some experienced republicans who had served with his father's administration to show the country that he was serious about governing. i fully expect before this is done donald trump will pick some people like that as well. and i think this is fun for us to talk about right now but u want to see the full picture before i cast judgment on what he's doing. >> that may well be why he's trending toward mitt romney as secretary of state because he
6:26 pm
does have that governmental history, he does have that persuasive history of getting things done in government. i mean that may override all of the other candidates in the end. >> i'll believe that when i see it. >> pointing out some of the hypocrisy here is that the position that put up the red flag, wilbur ross, the billionaire being considered for commerce secretary, remember who filled that position for obama, penny prit kerr, a billionaire herself. >> this is nothing new. >> thanks to both of you. >> thank you. there are vulnerability concerns for the country and now there are new questions surrounding president-elect trump's intelligence briefings. krystal ball is here next on that.
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breaking tonight, french prosecutors say the arrests of five men this week disrupted a quote imminent isis attack there. this comes as the radical terrorists are ramping up attacks in iraq and syria. and there are concerns here at home of the terror threat as the transition takes place between
6:31 pm
the obama and trump administrations. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports from the white house. >> sandra, good evening. president obama has said that the u.s. counterterrorism apparatus is stronger than it has ever been. but as we approach the first transfer of power in washington in close to aek the cade, analysts say that terrorists are looking to test the outgoing and incoming administration. >> our intelligence agencies and communities are on a razor's edge. they're always trying to get in fron front of the cycle of the terrorists, where do they convene, where do they develop their energies and resources from and what are they seeking. this is a tenuous time. >> the romney transition team of 2012 had a so-called black swan unit.slsh
6:32 pm
author of "shall we wake the president" has cataloged eight man made that could come with mr. trump. >> this is a cyberattack, bioterror assault, outbreak of a new disease that was unexpected, an economic collapse. there's all kinds of things that could happen in a first year or indeed anytime throughout the administration. but the first year is the most dangerous because the presidential team is not yet ready. >> washington post reported on wednesday that the president-elect has only twice availed himself of the presidential brief, the most sensitive information. that report was the product of quote former members of the ic who are bitter they lost out on jobs they felt they deserved. the officials said mr. trump is speaking directly with foreign members and his landing team at the national security council. >> thank you. here with more, a fox neuews
6:33 pm
contributor and krystal ball. i'll start with you. donald trump only gone to two of them, criticism that he's not attending these as he should, what's in the broiefings? >> sensitive information, classified information about the threats facing our nation. it's not unprecedented. he gets the set the pace. other presidents have waited longer for that particular intelligence. he's most interested in building a teamupport him. he doesn't have the background in national security that others have had. barack obama knew nothing. let's be clear about that. he built his team. donald trump is building his, starting with general flynn and k.t. mcfarland, he's going to build it with people that will advise him, nor those under
6:34 pm
barack obama who have blamed america first and put us in a weak transition. we're in a weak position because barack obama put us there. his job is to put america back in charge, in a leadership role. he's building the team to do that. he'll get briefings in due time. those who say he's notious seriously, they're looking at ways to criticize. >> this is a vulnerable time. while he needs to get to the intelligence briefings, mike pence has been getting all of them, his vice president. since this is historically a vulnerable time. why the criticism coming on behalf of donald trump? >> well, look, as pete was just saying, donald trump comes in quite unexperienced in foreign policy. and i think it's legitimate for folk to wonder is this someone who is going to buckle down and be able to focus and absorb the information that he's going to need to be able to make those
6:35 pm
decisions that only a president can make. lock. i don't want to overstate the case here but i do think it's troubling that you don't see him really diving into these intelligence briefings the way that president obama did. he dove into the briefings and asked for a so-called deep dive to get up to speed. it is a bit dribbling that you do see that doubling down. when you're president, you have to be able to do a lot of things at once. the idea that he can't build his team out and also be receiving these briefings i think doesn't hold up to scrutiny. he's going to have to do a whole lot more than that at one time once he is actually president of the united states. >> let's talk about the threats because we have to take these seriously. and at a time of vulnerability. you're saying he can't go to every one of these meetings because he's got to put together the right team to combat isis when he gets into office in
6:36 pm
january. how serious are the threats that general rosen reported on? >> of course they're serious. it's foolish to think that barack obama because he had a couple of deep dives understood it better. he called isis the jv team. he set a red line he wouldn't enforce. he put us in a vulnerable position. donald trump knows america is a force for good. wants to rebuild the military. understands that our allies need to be supported, that iran shouldn't have a nuclear bomb. all of the things that the obama administration abandoned. those core principles put him in a strategic advantage. he's listening to advisers like general flynn and k.t. mcfarland. if you have a core, a belief, that matters more than sitting in a couple of briefings. >> if you have a belief, that's fine. but you have to know something about the world. >> he doesn't know anything about the world?
6:37 pm
>> he seemed unaware that putin has been in crimea. let me finish my point here. some point you're going to have to stop blaming obama and we're going to have to start assessing president-elect trump. the fact of the matter is he doesn't demonstrate a lot of foreign policy knowledge on the trail in the debates or otherwise. you can have a theory about the world -- >> some would say that you're blaming donald trump for not doing the right thing and donald trump's team says he's trying to put the right team together. >> you've got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> you don't think donald trump can walk and chew gum at the same time? he's doing both. >> thanks to both of you. for the second year in a row, black friday is met with anger in the city of chicago. hundreds of protesters storming down one of the busiest retail centers of that area. we'll show you what they hope to accomplish next. i've been on my feel all day.
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bokwopg developing tonight, disruption frp holiday shoppers in chicago. as protesters from the black live matter movement surge on michigan avenue. for more on that we go to fox's mike tobin in the windy city. >> reporter: we did see them block the entrances to the coal hawn store, the nike store, apple store, crate and barrel. there were pushing and shoving with police officers, a couple of demonstrates detained. a lot of faces we've seen before, people who show up at these demonstrations, very eager to engej tage the protest.
6:43 pm
not that'ser to engage the political protest. >> we have to stand up and fight back. >> did you vote? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> there's no reason to vote. this country is based on genocide, slavery and war. >> reporter: this is for the police shooting of laquan mcdonald. the stated goal of the organizers is to push the establishment of civilian police accountability council. however with all of the causes piling on, john cass says what we're seeing here is the galvanizing of the left. >> you've got to step out of the box and look at what's going on. and what's really going on is the left is organizing these young people to get ready for the next election and moving the party to the left. >> reporter: the difference with the demonstrations last year is they came right on the heels of the release of the laquan mcdonald video. and the emotion was raw. since wednesday there have been
6:44 pm
two police involved fatalities in the city of chicago. sandra, back to you. >> thank you. joining me mow, kevin jackson, conserve tich radio host and fox news contributor and 0 key ma ro marra, democratic national committee member. thanks to both of you for being here. kevin, what do you make of the protests that you're seeing right down the magnificent mile there in chicago again? >> well, the real question might be do black jobs matter because they're interrupting a lot of the cash flow that the retailers will have. as far as the protest goes, it's a legitimate protest. laquan mcdonald was shot. and so it's a legitimate thing. but i think in terms of where the passion lies, it should go against rahm emanuel and not the police. >> the protesters, some of the
6:45 pm
chants they're chanting are to get rid of rahm emanuel. i want to bring you in because i want to hear from you. what are they asking for? what do the protesters want? >> well from what i've read and what the protesters want, what a lot of the protests around the country are asking for is for better relationships with police and the community. >> how are they going to accomplish that by trying to stop commerce in the city of chicago? >> no protest is ever effective when you're having it on tuesday in the middle of the day. we're talking about it now because it's on black friday which a lot of shoppers are out there. they're doing their job. most successful protests have been at times when the people are out and about. they got the attention they were looking for. they're looking for civilian accountability council, an independent council to work with police on building better
6:46 pm
relationships with the community. but the police commissioner sets the agenda. >> but you look at the protests and you just wonder, is there a better way than by trying to do what they see is the right thing by doing something like shutting down retailers, blocking customers from walking through their doors? >> well, of course there's a better way. and the idea that they really want to have a better relationship with police is unfortunately betrayed by the idea that they're going around killing police. if you want to have a dialogue with police, you got to be honest -- >> i want to get to the question -- i want to get to this with both of you. are we going to see changes coming with the donald trump doj, especially talking about senator jeff sessions as attorney general. will we see changes, kevin, as to how they deal with groups like black lives matter? >> well, first of all, i don't think the onus is on donald trump. it's at the hands of the
6:47 pm
democrats like rahm emanuel and the blaaltimore mayor and other. is donald trump going to address it? i think he will. he's going to take a tougher stance with respect to law and order. the actual conversation between police and the black community does need to be had but not lopsided the way the left wants toe do it. >> what do you expect from president-elect trump's doj? >> what i would expect is what has been yup held, the doj is the nation's cop. they go into police departments that are doing civil rights violations, that's what was done with baltimore, done obviously with ferguson. given sessions history, asking actually praised trump as recently as august of 2016 on calling for the death of five men called the central park five, most people know that, way after the years they were exonerated, he's believed in stop and frisk which is
6:48 pm
something that is not legally upheld in the united states, or certainly -- >> sure it has been. >> i don't have much time. kevin, i'll get your response to that. >> now? >> yes. >> sorry. a lot of the policies that she's talking about, they are legal and they do prevent crime. >> wasn't held up by a court in new york. >> well, you know, that may be true but it's not illegal. but the point is this. these policies do work, they do stop crime in the neighbors where they should be stopping crime. >> i will stop you there. it's good of both of you to come on. conversation will continue. thank you. all right. some folks on the left still aren't done complaining about the election. can you believe that? we'll explain next. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] a new effort tonight to challenge the revolt of the november 8 election. a failed green party candidate is asking supporters for some $7 million for recounts in three states. a former bernie sanders ka pain staffer and no me ki kons.
6:53 pm
tez land, what is she trying to do? >> looks like the green party is all about the green. i was all for people who were willing to offer dr.stein a protest vote after sanders fell off. but to ask millions of americans to give her money for a company that you know good and hell well is not going anywhere is flat wrong. she's raised more money that she actually raised to campaign which laid off hundreds of people who believed in her effort. to keep taking from americans is a ponzi scheme and a hot mess. i'm disappointed in seeing her actions. >> there's no guarantee what happens to your money if you donate it for this cause. >> yes, and dr.stein did say that. i've. critical of dr. stein since day
6:54 pm
one. guess what, now she's making the case that she might have been the spoiler and the truth is she might have. the three states where she's contesting the election would have actually determined the election for secretary clinton, she could have won. we're talking about -- like 1.2% in michigan, .7% in wisconsin. that is enough to determine the outcome of the election. the problem is that we do need an audit. we need to revolutionize the way the process works. >> she's pushing on a recount based on evidence of nothing. there's no evidence that anything went wrong. is there something we don't know? >> what was that? >> is there something we don't know? is there a scam? is there something wrong with the election? >> i'm not siding with dr. stein but there have been multiple sources that have come out and said that the electoral process is flawed in michigan --
6:55 pm
>> i'm talking about -- >> yeah, absolutely. >> tes land? >> we don't need an audit. dr. stein needs to have a seat. i'm just saying she wants to continue to organize the green party and donate your money so i continue to organize. like bernie sanders said did with the revolution. if you want to give your money to an organizer, fine but to say you're going to get a recount when you got 1% of the vote is not going to make up 99% of the vote. >> i pear you, cloetly agree with you. we need to start from the ground up. but we have a problem in the primary system and the electoral system nationally. when the states determine the primaries, when they oversee the primary outcomes, that's a problem. when pennsylvania relies on paper ball lots and if there was a close race and they had a recount, major problem. >> this sounds like a conversation for a whole other day. thank you to both of you. we'll be right back. different angle.
6:56 pm
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thank for joining us tonight on your holiday weekend. let us know what you thought about tonight's show. tweet me and join me weekdays on outnumbered at noon eastern time. that's it from us in new york. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." welcome to the special edition of "hannity." donald trump's promises. now tonight for the hour we're going to take you through the very specific policy issues that president-elect donald trump plenled to you, the american people that he will act on once he's sworn in as the next commander in chief. over the course of the next please dental campaign we had the pleasure of interviewing donald trump many times on this program and he laid out a specific agenda to address america's problems and the challenges that the country faces. first, donald trump campaigned all across the country speaking directly to you, the american people about what he will do as the next president. let's take


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