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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 26, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. watching. environmental protection agency it right here on fox news channel. doug mckelway with "special report" next. >> a black friday for millions of american shoppers while the president-elect shines some light on who will be in the trump creation. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier, the day after thanksgiving is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. we will go live to a virginia mall shortly. first, donald trump is also doing some shopping this holiday weekend. is he looking for the very best people to put on his white house team. and tonight we have a few more answers but the big question marks remain. correspondent peter doocy is live at the trump resort in palm beach, florida. hello, peter. >> >> good evening, doug. the president-elect's first order of business after
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thanksgiving was naming two officials to top posts to reveal a lot about the direction mr. trump plans to take the government. >> the next white house now has a top lawyer and a deputy national security advisor. the president-elect made former fec commissioner dom mcgan for rewriting rules literally to white house counsel. is he said to know a lot about government ethics making him asset to incoming president to pledges to drain the swamp. mr. trump made k.t. mcfarland a major critic of the obama administration anti-terror strategy who has been in the pentagon under reagan deputy national security advisor. until earlier today mcfarland was a fox news contributor. earlier this week. fk far land outlined the dangerous international chess board awaiting the next president. >> whether it's china, russia, iran, north korea, radical islam. they all -- a new president
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always gets tested but all these countries are lining up to test this new president. >> as trump prepares to take over the u.s. government, the russian government is trying to position itself as the leader in syria with a spokesman saying that, quote: if washington cannot or does not want to fight terrorists, it should not get in the way. disputes like this one will be handled, come january, by the next secretary of state and the names floated as frontrunners for that spot, mitt romney and rudy giuliani have the transition team taking sides. so much that the incoming administration may now be looking elsewhere for a top diplomat according to a report in the "new york times." but also cites red flags in rudy giuliani's business background as the reason is he no longer the shoe-in he believes himself to be. but romney is still rubbing some trump backers the wrong way since he effectively campaigned against trump during the primaries. trump insiders tell fox news romney may need to apologize to trump if he wants to come on board. which would be fine with some. >> i hope both of them actually have homes in the
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administration. so, excuse me. it's tough to pick because i think they would both do a great job. >> but still could be a problem with others. >> this election was a referendum on the trump doctrine. trump rejecting globalism, rejecting open borders. rejecting international norms in favor of america first. negotiating from strength. securing the borders. nobody has been a stronger articulator spokesperson for that viewpoint than rudy giuliani. >> mar-a-lago behind us is being protected behind us by land air and sea. the secret service is trying to figure out how to stake their equipment on two back-to-back floors inside trump tower. this report says that would cost at least $3 million per year. money that would be paid to the owner of the building. the trump organization. doug? >> peter, we know he is
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going to be at mar-a-lago through the rest of the weekend. what does he have on the agenda for next week? >> on monday, mr. trump is going to have 8 more potential administration job holders, job seekers come to visit him at his 26th floor office in that midtown skyscraper. among them are well known milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. the former sec commissioner paul at cibs and a republican pennsylvania congressman lieu barletta. they are telling us tonight, doug, they like everyone that's coming on monday for multiple positions. >> peter doocy from palm beach, florida. thank you. let's talk more about some the big jobs available and who donald trump is now considering. chief national correspondent ed henry is live tonight at the fox news world headquarters in new york. good to see you, ed. >> good to see you, doug. >> what you can tell us now about the latest information on contender, mitt romney, which you have been talking about for secretary of state? still top ranked? >> yeah. i have got new information tonight which is that
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president-elect trump was telling some of his advisors today that he got a phone call over the holiday from mitt romney. he didn't get into the details about exactly what they discussed. but what does that tell us? number one that mitt romney is very much alive as a contender for secretary of state. and number two, that he is interested in it because of what we first reported here on this broadcast last night which is that i'm told by a separate source involved in the trump transition that there have been conversations with mitt romney about him having to apologize to donald trump in some public way if he wants to be secretary of state. if he was not interested in apologizing over some of those nasty comments earlier this year. he wouldn't still be calling donald trump, campaigning for. this you know who else is campaigning rudy giuliani. he told the "wall street journal" today about the dozens of countries around the world since he has visited since being mayor of new york. that tells us rudy giuliani is still in the hunt. >> if romney didn't make the apology and got the job it
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would be terrible embarrassment. if they are hopelessly split is there a third option. >> david petraeus, the retiring general has emerged. he is trying to rehab after some of some of his issues after having to step down as cia director. he told the bbc that he served under other commanders in chief. he would love to serve again, basically. if you stack all this up, if david petraeus wound up at the state department and general james matis is talked about by donald trump himself as a strong contender for defense secretary and then you already have lieutenant general michael flynn who has been appointed national security advisor. you see matis there, you are talking about maybe a dream team of retired generals making up a very solid national security team. the problem with that picture, of course, two things. one, remember during the campaign donald trump had a tamp down this idea that he had an itchy finger on the trigger and wanted to go to war. you stack up all those generals that might send the wrong general message. petraeus had a trouble
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mishandling classified information. he spent all the time in the campaign crooked hillary mishandled classified information beating up on hillary clinton. he said petraeus did a lot less and got punished more it still could get kind of awkward, doug, to say the least. >> there is a new contender for the white house press secretary. tell us about that. >> monica crowley. the hill reported this. i i'm told it's true monica crowley a fox news contributor is in the running to be white house press secretary under consideration. she had high profile talk today with a very senior trump advisor. she is sharp and shrewd. she is somebody who could obviously bring a lot to the table. i'm told she has indicated privately she would be honored to serve. she is at least not jockeying but interested in it. let's not forget laura ingraham another fox news contributor. she is interested in this. radio talk show host. somebody very prominent in the conservative movement and brings a lot of skills to the table.
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i have heard a lot of trump advisors in private talking her up as someone who is savvy. sean spicer see him there in the middle. a lot of assets. very well in the republican debates. senior advisor at the rnc. why is that significant? hiss about reince priebus is now the chief of staff. he have a say in this as well. >> three pretty strong counter punchers in that group. >> big time. >> make sure you stick around after "special report" when ed will be guest hostin hosting "tucker carlson tonight." looking forward to that, thanks. >> looking forward to it thanks. >> jill stein has pulled the trigger on the vote recount process tonight. she beat the deadline to get her request in for wisconsin. and that may be only the beginning. here is correspondent rich edson. >> in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. she finished fourth, losing by millions of votes. and in those three states, green party candidate jill stein wants a recount. she claims the cause of if you are terring democracy
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and election integrity in her effort and denies she is trying to deliver the white house to hillary clinton. >> we do not have a smoking gun that shows that there was beyond a doubt vote fraud going on here. but, let me say, we do not need to prove that there was fraud in order to justify a voting system that is secure and that we have confidence in. >> donald trump won pennsylvania by about 70,000 votes. wisconsin by fewer than 30,000. he is up in michigan by 10,000 votes. if recounts were to award clinton electors in these states, she would win the white house. >> only ultimate outcome were to you prevail would be to give hillary clinton the election. okay. even if you are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, it still works out that you become a proxy for people who are ultimately in the quest for power. >> computer science experts prompted the recall effort when they claimed a hacker
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could influence the outcome of the presidential election. in a post on medium jay alex holderman from the university of michigan writes quote american voting machines have serious cyber problems. the only way to know is whether it paper ballots and voting equipment in critical states like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. though holderman adds the likely reason for the unexpected outcome in those states inaccurate polling instead of a successful hack. stein's campaign says it has raised about $5 million for the effort. twice its original target. citing expensive attorney fees the stein campaign is now asking for $7 million. her website includes the disclaimer, quote, we cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of the states we are targeting. if eraise more what's needed surplus will go to integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform. today was the deadline for recount of wisconsin.
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pennsylvania and michigan next week. though she did finish well behind the frontrunners. she did finish in wisconsin in the number it would take to overcome trump in those states. >> voting rights advocates have joined the legal wrangling in governor's contest. social justice asked a federal judge late wednesday to reject a lawsuit questioning the verification of voters who use same day registration to cast ballots. unofficial statewide results show roy cooper leading pat mccrory by about 7700 votes. there are increasing concerns tonight that terrorists may want to strike here in the u.s. during the presidential transition. chief washington correspondent james rosen has more on that story tonight from the white house. >> preserve, protect, and defend. >> since america last witnessed a presidential transition, the terror threat has metastasized with dozens of new islamic militant groups at large and most audacious of them isis
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reaching well beyond syria and iraq. now is the next transfer of power in washington approaches, analysts say the u.s. intelligence community is on edge, bracing for terrorists in other u.s. adversaries eager to make their mark. >> they want to test administration's incoming and outgoing to see what kind of resolve we have whether we will be feckless or go toe to toe with the enemy. the period is ripe whether they are political events, strategic events or simple tactical terrorist events. >> president obama has said the u.s. counter terrorism apparatus is stronger than ever. >> we've seen much better cooperation between the fbi state government, local governments. >> law enforcement veterans say the next weeks and months present acute concern. >> security now going to be heightened to the highest limit you can possibly imagine until and maybe a little bit after january 20th. >> 9/11 a set of mass
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casualty attacks on the homeland coordinated by tear group overseas remains the ultimate example of a first year crisis for a national security team not yet fully formed. even earlier, just 70 days into his term, george w. bush had to deal with the deadly coalition of a u.s. spy plane with a chinese fighter jet, the incident that landed the american crew in captivity for 11 days. days. [chanting] >> uprising in iran brutally crushed by the regime and swine flu outbreak. romney transition team of 2012 formed a black swan unit game plan for first year crises. >> you can't prepare for every event twattle. can you prepare for how you deal with eventuality. you don't know exactly what's going to happen. do you prepare yourself to deal with all kinds of crises so you can be nimble and a jill and juice whatever playbook you have
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to face whatever you face. >> a "the washington post" story from earlier this week asserted that the president-elect has only twice availed himself of the highly classified compendium of threat reporting known as the presidential daily brief. senior transition official says trump has been hearing directly from world leaders and also so-called landing team he has in place here at the national security counsel at the white house. doug? >> james rosen on the north lawn tonight. thank you, james. >> you bet. >> let's dig deeper intothat rus responsible for some sort of interference in the election process. catherine herridge tells us what she is hearing tonight. >> since the cold war, russian intelligence has understood the power of information warfare. technological advances in the last five years, including the explosion of social media outlets have created new opportunities for moscow to aggressively push propaganda and criticism aimed at russian policies after the european union voted wednesday to counter moscow's
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disinformation campaigns, president vladimir putin accused the europeans of censors dissenting views. >> this means that we are witnessing a certain, in fact, an absolutely obvious did he go grey gation of a political point of view democracy in western societies. >> despite putin's public protest, experts who analyze social media say the russians are stepping up their game. >> they are trying to give the appearance that there's a public opinion, public attitude. public sentiment that favors whatever position they're trying to advance. they're trying to mask some of the discontent with the things that they're doing. >> the 2016 election exposed the prevalence in popularity of so-called fake news. on different platforms and with different ageneral does. >> i think even 10 years ago the russians would have had a hard time getting anybody to believe a lot of these fake source. but now with so many people sharing on twitter and instagram and facebook. it's almost like rocket fuel for prop dan das who are trying to influence u.s.
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election. >> with a little training, experts say a closer look at this fog of digital information shows what is authentic and what is automated or so-called bought. >> if you are someone who posts on social media. you will generate kind of a following. what you often see in bots is they originate from nowhere and there is no history behind them. >> testifying before the thanksgiving break, the i couldn't tell going director of national intelligence cited moscow's recent successes in this arena. >> russians have a very active and aggressive capability to conduct information operations, so-called hybrid warfare. that's been a long-standing practice of theirs going back to soviet era. and i anticipate that it will continue. >> and told lawmakers that publicly calling out russian backed hackers just weeks before the election in addition to dialogue between the u.s. and russian
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governments temporarily blunted the activity. >> thank you catherine. >> you're welcome. going to the mall on this black friday. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. greenville, judge rules dylann roof is competent to stand trial for the killing of nine black whopperrers. that comes after a hearing behind closed doors earlier this week. fox 59 in minneapolis with reaction to word that president-elect donald trump is trying to get the owners of air conditioner maker carrier to cancel a flanked move to mexico. trump tweeted yesterday is he working on the matter. the company acknowledges that there are talk bus says nothing has been decided. and this is a live look at the massachusetts state house in boston from fox 25. one of the billing stories there tonight, charlie baker declares green friday. is he encouraging people to buy their christmas trees, holiday plants and wrotes at local farms.
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the state's industry helps drive the local economy. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> the leader of the cheyenne river sioux tribe in source, is calling for boycott in north dakota. protesting the ongoing effort to complete the oil pipeline. city authorities in bismarck say they have nothing to do with the pipeline dispute. stocks are up in short trading day today. the dow gained 69. the s&p finished ahead 9. nasdaq jumped 18. for the four day week the dow, the s&p 500 and nasdaq were each up about 1.5 percentage points.
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a significant number of you right now have your aching feet up and are hoping you did not do too much damage to your financial today. millions of you braved the crowds to hunt for deals american ritual known as black friday. tradition, optimism, pragmatism and some unfortunate cases survivalism. caroline shively trying to survive tonight from the pentagon city mall in arlington city, virginia. >> the international council of shopping centers predict that 150.7 million americans plan to shop this weekend. lured in by black friday and small business saturday deals. >> finding out the sales going on early. most the time we make friends with somebody in line. >> the national federation of retailers reports that last year more people shopped online than in stores over this holiday weekend. even ahead of cyber monday. >> i mean any time that you can get out of waiting in line at the mall and going through that whole fever of
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parking. why wouldn't you just want to with a few clicks buy what you need. >> to pull shoppers away from cyberspace and back to the mall, stores are offering big price cuts this weekend. jefferrys estimates wal-mart is offering 4% more in discounts over last year and it's not alone. >> there are a lot of stores that will do things to incentivize you to shop in the store. they will be offering free gift cards, free movie tickets. >> shopping has turned fatal in a few spots across the country. shootings outside stores in new jersey, tennessee, and nevada have killed two people and wounded another two. including this dispute over a parks space that left a man dead in reno. but shopping across the rest of the country appears to be going smoothly. the national retail federation predicts shopper also spend more than $655 billion this holiday season. that's up 3.6% from last year. analysts are basing those rose numbers on lower unemployment numbers, higher
1:24 am
wages, and possibly a so-called trump bump. a further stabilizing of the economy, following the uncertainty ahead of the election. >> looking at folks with lots of bags, lots of shopping going on. i think it's a good indicator that we're going to have a good season. >> while this entire weekend san important bellwether, black friday is no longer the busiest shopping day of the year that honor now goes to super saturday. the weekend before christmas. retailers are hoping that day makes these crowds look small. doug? >> caroline shively in a busy arlington, virginia tonight. thank you, caroline. >> holiday shorps along the magnificent mile had to deal with other obstacles. protesters did their way to disrupt the day and make a pointed. mike tobin is in chicago to show us what happened. good evening, mike. >> good evening, doug. in the cold weather, the demonstrators knocked off 3 hours earlier than their planned departure time. their numbers never mounted
1:25 am
into the thousands as promised. never really caused major disruptions of the retail here in chicago shopping district. they did block some stores. their numbers in the hundreds. they blocked the nike store and apple store. they blocked the crate and barrel store. made things difficult for shoppers come and going but didn't stop all together. we saw a lot of familiar faces. people eager to engage in protest not so eager to engage in the political process. >> we have to stand up and fight back. you know. >> did you vote? >> of course not. the reason why. >> why not? >> because reasonable in this country. this country is based on genocide, slavery and war. >> now, the organizers say the goal was to raise awareness. they are also pushing establishment of a civilian police accountability committee. as we watch people coming and going here from the magnificent mile they are mostly concerned with their shopping. it's hard to imagine that the message got through to
1:26 am
them especially judging by the looks on their face. it's been over a year since the macdonald shooting video was released and it seems a lot of the emotion has dissipated, doug? >> mike tobin on chicago's magnificent mile. an epidemic of counterfeit dollars in san francisco. correspondent claudia cowan tells us tonight nobody is laughing about this funny money. >> it was the biggest bust ever by the u.s. secret service. the agency charged with investigating counterfeit crime. 30 million in bogus bills. part of a global investigation that focused on six counter fitted rings in peru known as the largest distributor of fake u.s. dollars. secret service agents working alongside peruvian police arrested 48 people and seized 1600 printing plates and a number of offset printing presses. similar to the machines, agents are now looking for in the san francisco bay area following influx of bogus bills that started last summer. >> this is a quick and easy
1:27 am
indication this is counterfeit. >> secret service agent dave thomas says most funny money is easy to spot from the smooth feel of the paper to the painted on water marks. someone is making high quality fakes, mostly 20s and 100s using expert offset printing methods and resulting in 6 million counterfeit dollars circulating around the bay area this year. up from 5 million in 2012. a 5% increase may not sound like a lot but it could mean a big hit to small business owners. >> if you look at the back seeing the color is not there. >> san francisco merchant says he has mistakenly taken in about 200 counterfeit dollars this year and now keeps a bogus bill by the register so his staff can quickly compare. nationwide last year, the secret service seized 146 million in fake bills. out of 1.4 trillion in circulation. today estimates one in 10,000 bills is a phony.
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>> it may not be as bad as it was during the civil war when one in three bills was a fake. these counterfeit rings are still a problem former chants who take in bills with no value and give back real cash in change. and there is no recourse for those who have been swiddled. >> counterfeit currency is like a game of hot potato. whoever has it last is the one who is out the money. >> with the holiday shopping season now underway, merchants are being told to be extra weary of counterfeiters taking aim at clerks coping with long lines and busy cash registers, doug? >> claudia cowan tonight. shearls are returning to their homes tonight after a massive fire forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. correspondent john huddy has an update tonight from jerusalem. >> the city of high of if a, israel is blackened. so 70,000 residents that were evacuated are returning to burned out buildings and apartments like this woman who says his mother's home
1:29 am
was destroyed. >> the memory of my parents burnt out. >> the wildfire wildfires in haf a are under control thanks to air tankers. only minor injuries have been reported. no fatalities. at least a dozen wildfires continue to burn in the jerusalem and judean mountains. fire trucks going into a place that's been evacuated. it's about 12 miles west of jerusalem and you can see there are trucks coming in and out just down the road is where the fires are raging. israeli officials blame palestinian arsonists for the fires. benjamin netanyahu called it a terror of fires. the others the fire into faw fat fa -->> so far at least onen
1:30 am
people have been arrested. the wildfires are not only burning in israel but the west bank as well. helping israeli crews on the fire line. egypt, jordan, tuckery, russia, and the united states have also sent crews, planes and equipment to lend a hand. a 747 super tanker arrived at the airport earlier this evening from the united states and that will obviously be used, if necessary, to help fight the fires as more crews are showing up. this is the longest stretch of dry conditions in recent history here in israeli. that coupled with the strong winds, perfect fuel for the fire. that said, there is some good news on the horizon. next week the forecast is calling for rain. doug? >> great news indeed. john huddy in israel tonight. thank you. syrian opposition activists say government air strikes and rockets took out two women's health centers today. they say at least 12 people
1:31 am
were killed. syrian warplanes and artillery continue to pound the city of aleppo as government troops try to recapture that city. we now know the name of the american service member killed yesterday in syria. 42-year-old senior chief petty office scott cooper dayton became the u.s. first combat fatality in that country since the president ordered 300 troops into syria. the pentagon says he was killed by improvised explosive device. dayton was a 23 year navy veteran. please join my colleague, bret baier, sunday afternoon for a fox news reporting special on the state of the u.s. military. we're going to see where the troops are after 15 years of war and eight years of president obama. here's a preview. >> why have you decided to support donald trump? >> there needs to be a wholesale change in d.c. he is from the outside. he brings a different perspective. he is not adherent to the same special interest groups. just a fresh set of eyes and
1:32 am
ideas on everything. >> though polls showed the majority of veterans had decided to vote for mr. trump before the election, that support was hardly unanimous. >> look, if i had a question about penthouses, polo matches or palm beach, i might ask donald trump's opinion. when it comes to keeping americans safe, donald trump is just not going to get the job done. >> fox news reporting how we fight premiers sunday arch at 3:00 p.m. eastern. a few more hires for the donald trump administration. the big jobs and the big names are still out there. we'll discuss with the panel after a quick break. the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back
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that will complement the fantastic team which we are. crucial. nothing is more important than keeping our people safe. don mcgahn white house chief council. deep understanding of national law. play critical role in our administration and i'm
1:37 am
grateful he is willing to serve our country at such a high level capacity. let's bring in our panel. lisa booth. karen mcnulty and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, comments on the picks today? >> kt as we all know is a superb choice. she goes all the way back to nixon and kissinger administration. reagan. she is very experienced. she is written. she is thought. and i they think she will be a really good balance to that team. mcgahanna i don't know. mcgahn, i don't know. will he be the one to tell donald trump he will interest to divestments or all of them if he wants to have an administration. within the law or ethics we would expect. that's going to be a tough choice because trump is a
1:38 am
unique president-elect. will be a unique president with all of his holdings in the world. that's going to be really difficult issue. and he will rely on mcgahn to give him the legal advice. >> karen, had you suggested moments ago during the break that he is not a yes man, mcgahn. >> is he not, interestingly enough, i was talking today to bob bauer who has been barack obama's white house counsel. and he pointed out that mcgahn is an ardent libertarian which makes him suspicious of expansive executive power. and when he was at the federal election commission, he was a real disrupter, so, bob bauer said, you know, this is a guy in this office who is not going to be a yes man. >> he is a naval academy graduate. former fec chairman, federal elections commission. he held his biography at the law firm of jones day where he works that he led a revolution in campaign
1:39 am
finance. the left center for media and democracy sees it very differently noting that mcgahn played a lead role transforming the fec into a toothless watchdog that's their expression. >> i guess it would depend on your vantage point. he has surrounded himself with independent thinkers. people known as mavericks. look at senator sessions he hasn't been afraid to rebuck the republican party. general flynn known as a maverick. independent thinkers aren't yes men or woman. what is important as republican if you look at the fact that donald trump right now we're looking at a really united republican party. some of the various picks that he has made so far i think show good faith effort in trying to unite the republican party. you have got someone like nikki haley very critical of him throughout the general election and some of the general election and definitely throughout the primary race who is brought into the fold as, you know, u.n. ambassador pick. that's a apostolic sign for the republican party. bringing in some of these diverse voices from the
1:40 am
republican party in trying to unite moving forward building that important coalition that he is going to need to get things done. >> change subjects to internal rivalry between mitt romney and rudy giuliani, at least there are backers seem to be duking it out behind the scenes. what do you make of this, charles? i'm hearing some speculation that romney may not be the top choice now that giuliani is rising to the surface and looking for apology from romney. is that true? what do you make of it? >> i think there has been a furious counter attack by loyalists who are with trump from the beginning when it was rather unfashionable and romney, of course, was the lead attacker, lead critic of trump in the late primaries general election. so, understand why they feel there is a matter of loyalty. you know, trump is going to have to choose. if it's loyalty, is he not going to choose mitt romney. if it's choosing who would
1:41 am
be the best man for the job, i think probably if you had an independent panel, they might, you know, marginally prefer a mitt romney. simply because he has less baggage than giuliani. and as trump himself a himself s said he looks the part. he looks to be born secretary of state. i don't know whether that means he would be a good one or not. i do think we should keep our eye on a third possibility that would resolve the issue by not resolving it and that would be david petraeus who to the world represents america at its strongest and most decisive. he is the guy who saved the iraq war and written and thought beeply abou -- deeply ae new kind of warfare. >> this loyalty is rising to the surface. i had a family room are bush administration senior
1:42 am
advisor telling me about a rivalry in the state department during the bush years there were two distinct camps there rivalry so intent that one camp would send out leaks to the media trying to block information to the other camp. rivally so init's that it escaped the attention of the president itself. this is a serious matter. >> but the question would be were mitt romney to get the job whether he would then staff the state department bureaucracy with people who were loyal to him or whether the white house would want to have their own people in these jobs. the idea though that he is going to somehow back down from the criticism that we heard him making of donald trump throughout this presidential campaign, i don't think it's going to happen. i mean, this is a guy who titled his 2012 campaign book no apology. so, i think with mitt romney, you're gonna have it take mitt romney as you get him. >> there is this question i raised it with ed henry earlier if he were to make
1:43 am
the apology and not get the job it would be embarrassing with him. >> he staked a lot of ground throughout the election giving that big speech more than any other important figure like him did as far as, you know, pointing out his flaws as a candidate. but, again, it's back to the coalition building and my perspective. so i think if you tap someone like governor mitt romney, you know, that helped heal the republican party, helped build that coalition, because if you look at the senate, republicans are probably going to end up with 52 republicans in the senate. donald trump doesn't have, you know, big margins there. so he is going to need to bring the party together. i really think we have seen him take good faith efforts to try to unite the party. whether it's giving the nod to paul ryan to run again as speaker of the house or tapping some of these different individuals. even someone as i mentioned before like nikki haley who has been critical or mitt romney who has been probably his biggest critic. i think that would go a long way in uniting the party. >> one observer says donald
1:44 am
trump has this way of throwing shiny object over here and might surprise with you entirely different pick. john bolton comes to mind. >> although he dame to the foreearly. he has faded. he was also furiously attacked not because he was anti-trump or neocon, a word that is thrown around washington without any meaning but has baggage from the decisions made in the bush years. but, i think the one person who might come out of the cold or might come out as a shiny surprise would be petraeus. >> next up. the friday lightning round.
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>> not that, you know, hacking or fraud has necessarily taken place. i don't think we have evidence of that. but i think it's only natural and it's good for americans to be reassured that our votes are counted. especially after such a divisive and bitter election. >> green party candidate jill stein officially making the request now for recounts in three states, michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. she has gone through the formal process to do that in wisconsin right now. jonah goldberg how know very well had an interesting tweet about in this morning. he said jill stein's react is incredible. step one, cost the dems the election, step 2, wait for trump panic, step three, bilk millions for recount. why is jill stein doing this? tonches raise money. this is really weird. i looked up the vote total in michigan. she got 16 times as many votes as the margin by which
1:49 am
hillary lost. meaning if 1/16th of those who went for the green party had switched over to hillary, she would have won. in michigan the number is one quarter. so here she is, she campaigns, she takes the votes away, obviously from hillary, and now all of a sudden she wants a recount which is sort of absurd. you know, there was no evidence whatsoever that there was any tampering or fraud here. and it's a way to raise money for her and she will use it 2020 in between now and then. it's a neat trick but rather unseemly. >> karen? >> it's astonishing because she is also saying send me your money i can't guarantee there is going to be a recount. if there isn't just trust me for use it for making elections transparent and legitimate. the fact that people are actually sort of opening up their checkbooks or pay pat accounts or whatever and giving money to this is quite astonishing. >> lisa. >> she is a real piece of
1:50 am
work as charles pointed out she siphons off votes in a way that matters. if you look at states like wisconsin and then founding this based off of, you know, no evidence that there was any sort of tampering or any sort of compromising of votes here really only to escalate her own name and green party making money for a recount that shea cease can't guarantee is going to happen. yeah, she is real piece of work. if you are part of the democratic party right flourntion you would be sitting back which i'm sure the disaffected ones are the ones voting for her. you are really just elevating her own name for personal gain when she hurt your party and candidate to begin with. she is a piece of work. >> she a ralph nader of 2016. at least he had the decency not to cash in on depriving somebody else of the presidency. >> there is no shame. >> topic number two. there is there a double standard in first lady
1:51 am
fashions? first lady disanner designing fashions for first lady michelle obama mall refuses. says: >> i'm assuming you are not an expert in first lady fashion so i will go to lisa next. >> who cares? if she doesn't want to dress the first lady so be it. that's her right as a business owner. obviously as a business woman melania trump's outfit choices throughout the campaign cycle she will be fine. who cares if she doesn't want to dress her, who cares. >> there are going to be plenty of people willing to step into this. also melania trump coming from the fashion industry, one thing that michelle obama done has really highlighted a bunch of up
1:52 am
and coming american designers and i wouldn't be surprised if melania does the same. >> charles, i will let you get to the double standard component of this. i remember the incident where the christian florist from washington and the christian photographer from the state of mexico declined to work for gay couples absolutely secured. >> some of them had their shop shut down. of course it's a double standard. if you are offended by certain things, you are okay. if you are offended by other things and, in fact, these people wouldn't do, say, a florist arranging for a gay marriage were saying exactly what barack obama had said eight years earlier that liberal icon that he opposed gay marriage because it was against his religion. no was position of these folks and they were pillarried for it. >> is there protester if a teak out there. we saw for the second year black lives matter protesters walking down the
1:53 am
magnificent mile in chicago. they did imagin manage to until mother nature caused them to break up this afternoon. see in these type of protests a muddled message is it indeed the black lives matter protest. president-elect, imforeign relation policy? is it wall street? we saw the occupy wall street protests kind of dissolve because there was such a mixed message from -- just didn't stand the test of time like the vietnam war protester. their protests were the vietnam war. >> these protests tend to be more effective when you are able to say not only what you are against but what you want to see happen now. and i think though the black lives matter movement has had some, you know, some real effects and some real cities in this country. once you have them with the stop trump, with everybody else, that does sort of complicate and confuse the message. >> but when we see this morph into the actual shooting of police officers that takes on a whole new
1:54 am
light. >> i actually think it's the black lives matter protesters that help elect donald trump. because i think there is a lot of americans across the country when you see buildings being burnt down. cities being burnt down. police cars being burned and some of the rhetoric we have seen from some of the individuals that associate with that movement, i think that's part of the reason that donald trump run. he run as a law enforcement candidate. and i think they helped him get elected. >> charles? >> it's what james dean said 60 years ago. in rebel without a cause when he was asked what you running against? and he said what have you got? these are people unserious as occupy wall street and they will, as the winter winds approach, they will dissipate and we won't see them again. >> will they arise again in trump administration. >> they will arise when spring comes and weather is good. they will disappear again next fall. >> still to come winners and losers with the panel.
1:55 am
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great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. and we're back with the panel now. womenners and losers. lisa let did you go first. >> windsor governor nikki haley she already was a successful governor for south carolina. she can tout bringing volvo for the first time to america and building a factory in south carolina along with her happened ling of the shooting in charleston and now she is going to add some foreign policy chops to her resume if she makes it through the senate confirmation which she probably will for u.n. ambassador. setting her up for future presidential run. so winner for her. loser is the democratic party as a whole because throughout the entirety of this election cycle, the republican party was going to end up in ruins after the election. when in relates they won rest bullet states. they haven't won dating back
1:59 am
to 1984. the democratic party is trying to figure out what their future is with contested leadership runs as well as some of this information coming out about keith ellison. >> carrie? >> i'm going to do winners and losers media division. i think the winner this week was the "new york times" by sticking to its guns and demanding that donald trump, if he came to their office do it all "on the record" gave us one of the fullest and most interesting looks at our president-elect that we have seen. and i think the losers were all of those broadcast executives and on air journalists who agreed to meet with him the day before and essentially become, you know, props for a week where he was able to say he really dressed them down. >> 20 seconds, charles. >> winner k.t. mcfarland. the right pick. she will do very well. loser, he may get secretary of state although i doubt it. mitt romney, the very talk about him having to apologize in advance is utterly humiliating. >> thanks for watching "special report" tonight. i'm doug mckelway. good night from washington.
2:00 am
"tucker carlson tonight" with guest host ed henry coming up next. ♪ ♪ from us in new york. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." welcome to the special edition of "hannity." donald trump's promises. now tonight for the hour we're going to take you through the very specific policy issues that president-elect donald trump plenled to you, the american people that he will act on once he's sworn in as the next commander in chief. over the course of the next please dental campaign we had the pleasure of interviewing donald trump many times on this program and he laid out a specific agenda to address america's problems and the challenges that the country faces. first, donald trump campaigned all across the country speaking directly to you, the american people about what he will do as the next president. let's take


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