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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the guy still hasn't been tried yet in, where is he? in los angeles. the trial's coming up. greg gutfeld's next. i'll be back next week. hey, there, champ, it's thanksgiving. i bet you ate a little too much stuffing, didn't you? that's all right, my little friendly feline. you just sit back and enjoy this special thanksgiving "greg gutfeld show." and please, please, don't soil the couch. it's the question on everyone's mind, in the weeks and months ahead, am i as hot in person as i am on tv? the answer is, sadly, yes. but as donald trump paved the way for future celebrity presidents, michael moore wonder
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as much recently. >> the dmts would be better off if they ran oprah or tom hanks. or why don't we run beloved people? we have so many of them, the republicans do this, they run reagan and the terminator and other people. why don't we run somebody that the american people love. >> dude, if you want me to run, just ask. although moore could be on to something with oprah. imagine a president who did this all the part-titime. >> everybody gets a car! you get a car! you get a car! everybody gets a car! >> that'd be amazing. we'd save detroit. though speaking of actors, duane "the rock" johnson, a registered republican says he hasn't ruled out politics. he told "gq," which i believe is a magazine in england, quote,
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the thought of being president is alluring. and beyond that, it would be an opportunity to make a real impact on people's lives on global scale. he's already a political leader. i don't understand one single thing he just said. my pick for future celebrity president, these two gentleman. >> those guys will be celebrity some day, i guarantee it. and then they will be president, because of mr. trump. the fact is, while barack obama was the first black president, donald trump was the first entertainment president. and if that's not trailblazing, i don't know what is. which is why i'm betting oprah is silently fuming, as is george clooney, ellen degeneres, tom hanks, and peter sklari, the
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other bosom buddy. they've got to be pissed that trump pulled it off before they did. so maybe in 2020 you'll see this merging of the performer and the political. the benefits of diminished reliance on the half-bureaucrat, as famed trump's everything, which means no christie, unless it's brinkley. no more clinton unless it's george. and no more bush, unless it's that horrible bush featuring gavin rosdale. at any rate, i welcome our future celebrity overlords, may that rule for many years or until the robots crush them under their magnificent robot feet. i've got to welcome the guests. he puts the "fox" in "fox & friends," brian killmy. his book, thomas jefferson is now out in paperback and i hate him for this, it's number one on
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amazon. i hate you. >> "new york times." >> screw you, even more! >> i'm your guest! >> i know you're my guest, but that doesn't mean i have to be gracious because you're rubbing your best-selling book in your face. >> why's he yelling? >> i'm just angry. >> he's so sharp, he sleeps in a block of wood. she's like a highway in alaska, nothing but cold shoulders. yeah, that's her, "national review" reporter, kat timpf. and a satellite dish is his dinner plate, tna wrestler, tyrus. not always. all right, i want to -- tell me, first of all, what do you think of my theory that he's broken the glass ceiling of entertainment and now you're going to see all sorts of types coming forward? no, yeah? >> well, am i supposed to do the polite thing and agree with the host? >> yes. >> can i do the other thing and
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actually answer honestly? >> yes. >> it all depends on how he does. if trump is enormously terrific or fabulously fantastic, the next thing you know, there's going to be people lining up saying, all you need is an instinct to lead and a little bit to have fame and a little bit of charisma. however, if he crashes and burns, it's over. for example, the governor of california did not do too well. he didn't know what he was, a democrat or a republican. he married a democrat, but ran as a republican, next thing you know, his numbers were terrible. and the guy that replaced him did a lot better. that's not good for famous people. >> it is like schwarzenegger replacing gray davis, they expected the memoterminator andy got kindergartner cop. thank you. and remember jesse ventura. chuck, is there somebody that you see as a democrat that could pull this off in 2020? >> when i run campaigns, i spend a lot of time trying to take old
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white men and trying to make them entertainers. a lot of times i'm like, they want to talk about policy, they want to put three or four different hundred paragraphs on a mail piece. no, no, talk about a slogan. maybe make america great again or something like that that's catchy. but they don't end up being that way. that's one thing, honestly, that an entertainer has. they're used to the camera and used to smiling. they know how to act. barack obama had a little bit of that. when he got in front of people, he made people go kcra-cra in '08. if you get that with policy, it's the nirvana. >> what about oprah? >> i like oprah. i would run oprah's campaign miami a good-looking man of color and i would be perfect to do this for you. i need a car. >> tyrus, don't you think donald trump is the rosa parks of celebrity presidents? >> damn, no! rosa parks was the rosa parks. >> you know what -- >> here's the thing about donald.
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let's not kid ourselves. yes, he was an entertainer, but his process was eight years. he started his campaign eight years ago, with the birther movement. and he started building and he was coming out saying that things need to change. so he built it from the ground up. ronald reagan was a governor before he was president. so i don't think so much as the americans will get caught up in the guy saying, i'm the most electrifying president and i have a great catchphrase, you still have to be able to do things. yes, he was an entertainer, but he had a strong message that he built over time and that's what made him so powerful. it wasn't like donald just showed up and said, make me president or i'll fire you. >> you don't think the rock couldn't do that? >> the rock is the same guy in every movie. am i the only person who seems to notice that. >> is that a problem? >> yeah! >> and like i said, he's the king of hollywood, i get it, cool, happy for him. but i don't know anyone who actually goes to his movies. he might be a robot. so it has to be the right celebrity and the right situation and he has to have
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something behind him more than movies and a smile and a catchphrase. >> i have another theory, kat, that there are a lot of people that are kicking themselves that they weren't the ones who did this. some people that might be in cable tv that might have very successful shows, maybe somebody like glenn beck or john scott. >> i think anthony bourdain would be a great president. >> he would be high and hung over all the time. >> you know, he's food in different countries, what more do you need to know about different countries. i would vote for anthony bourdain. >> do you know that he -- when our show is on, his show is on. >> hmm? >> i just want to point that out. >> run a clip of anthony bourdain. >> i just -- well, yeah, you can get him out of there and he can be the president. >> that's great. the benefits of being a big star is that it doesn't just affect
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the american public, foreign governments and royalty and -- they fall for american celebrity. kim jong-un fell for dennis rodman, and he's not even a real celebrity. >> yeah, he is. >> he's not even human anymore. >> yeah, he is. dennis rodman marrying himself made more sense to me than anything has probably ever. >> he actually is a trump supporter. >> yeah, dennis rodman -- i like dennis rodman. >> i didn't say i didn't like him. i just said -- >> that's my kind of celebrity. >> imagine if you were tom hanks, go to -- name a troubled country. >> gabulgaria. >> i think he could solve it lake that. >> bulgaria is out of power lifters. >> wasn't he in "tropic thunder"? >> yeah. >> he might end up like that. >> i don't think -- tom hanks. before you send the celebrities over, settle problems,thal end up performing every night. >> something you have to think about as far as the name i.d. donald trump didn't spend as near as much money as hillary clinton did, because everybody
7:10 pm
already knew him. it's a strong that does work when you have 100% name i.d. >> here's what really bothers politicians the most. you know why? this is their profession. there's a lot of people watching you right now and saying,ic do what greg does. no, they couldn't. you work 20 to 24 hours. a round of applause for greg. he cannot be replaced. unless, of course, he is. so they can say, wait a second, i've been doing this my whole life. working on campaigns my whole life. this is my moment. and all of a sudden someone skates in from "the apprentice". >> hillary is -- we're going to talk about it. hillary is devastated, not because she lost, but because she lost to donald trump! it's like, how did this happen? barack obama, i can understand. >> yeah. it is, like, celebrities don't do this. they don't walk into hospitals and push the pediatric neurosurgeon aside and go, i'll take care of this!
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this is gooey. put this over there. we've got another wet and gooey thing over here. but you know what, every star, in their head, every star in their head thinks they could rule the world, because that's the kind of ego appeared to insecurity that forces you to get into the entertainment industry, correct? >> because there's something lacking in your life. so what you do is go out and become famous and rich. and i feel so bad for those people. because there's an emptiness and there's a void. and you know, we should be -- if you see a celebrity, give 'em a hug. >> then you'll probably be tackled. >> that's true. >> chuck, any -- who do you see in 2020? is there anybody that you see that is out of the ordinary, that is the democratic version of trump? >> i mean, oprah was actually a good choice. everybody loves oprah. somebody in that vein, because normally stars have done something at some point to make somebody mad, but that hasn't stopped donald trump. he's the president now. the sky's the limit. >> isn't that amazing? he is the president.
7:12 pm
>> fyi. >> is this a fox news alert? >> every now and then, you have to run the alert in your head and go, he really is president. >> we've got two more months to get used to it. >> it's an exciting time. >> the most exciting thing is seeing the cameras on the elevators, 24 hours a day, there's cameras on the elevators. you don't know who's walking in and out. all right, coming up, a story so disturbing, you wouldn't want to sit next to it on the bus. what's president obama going to do after he leaves the white house? if i were him, i would hang out at the cheesecake factory and work my way through the menu until i passed out in my own filth.
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so what's next for obama in this political drama? adopt a poor llama or just hang in pajamas? in the bahamas. president obama has said he and his family will stay in washington for the next couple of years so his youngest daughter could finish school.
7:17 pm
which wouldn't have been awkward if hillary had won, but she didn't. so president obama is kind of sticking around in a town where the white house and congress will be run by republicans, but he's still beloved by the left. it's kind of like being a divorced dad that the kids still love after mom went ahead and married donald trump. meantime, hillary clinton isn't playing for sympathy at all. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week where all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book or my dog and never leave the house again. >> i should have looked at that first. >> probably use the full screen. >> but the question isn't, what happens to the clintons now, it's, what happens to the democratic party with the clintons now? the dnc put all their eggs in the clinton basket, but now that
7:18 pm
basket is emptier than a zombie's coffin, which as you know, is empty, because zombies walk the earth. they aren't in coffins, you idiot! hence, empty as a zombie's coffin! all right. tyrus. isn't president obama kind of like the jock who just graduated, but he can't go play p pro sports. >> so like the creepy guy driving around in car while all of us are walking home? >> yes! but it's not his fault. they would want him to play another senior year. >> the coach is fighting hard for eligibility, he was born at midnight in august. i've been there. the best thing, in my opinion, and i have a lot of respect for president obama. i think the best thing to do is to ride off in the sunset and just move on. it's time. you know, just don't look back. you did the best you could do, and just go away. because --
7:19 pm
>> go away. >> just go away. >> that's what i would do. if the house was burning down behind me and i didn't leave any fingerprints anywhere, just, don't look back, hon, and just go. you did the best you could. >> they'll forward the mail. >> because everybody else you try to help, it makes it worse. because you're way cooler than they are. >> you just blend in with the crowd, no one would ever recognize you. >> and just like him in washington, he stuck out like a sore thumb. it's time to move on. >> kat, i would say he should retire and play golf, but isn't that what he's been doing for eight years? >> yeah, that's -- very good. >> thank you. >> that's like being like, instituti constitution! usa? >> or hello, chicago! >> the democrats, obviously, have a lot of thinking to do about why they lost. he can be a part of that or not. right now, nobody's really a part of it. they're all saying, racism, sexism, james comey. even if all those things are true, you can't blame other people.
7:20 pm
you can, but you can't change other people. you can only change yourself. so even if they can't think of anything off the top of their head, they have to really think about it. right now, a lot of top democrats are being like the friend who tells you, when you go through a breakup, the guy is a jerk. when they should be saying, maybe don't call 911 if he waits longer than five minutes to text you back. >> that's so true! all right -- >> what was the question? >> i don't know. >> he didn't really ask me a question. >> i want to ask chuck, can president obama run -- this is how stupid -- run for office somewhere else. can he be mayor of chicago? >> there's nothing precluding him from doing that. >> why doesn't he do that? >> under obama, being the democrat on the panel here, in the last eight years, let's look at some facts. >> you know what show you're on?! >> listen up, america. we've lost 11 senate seats, 60 congressional seats, 14 governorships, and 900 state
7:21 pm
legislatures. whatever we been doing ain't working. so it's time to do something different. you know, i worked for bernie sanders. a little bit of a resurgence for an old socialist. we almost won, all right? so even that, okay? but we had a constant message. it's time to -- as a famous guy once said, it's time to drain the democratic party swamp, right? and it's time for some fresh blood. maybe some mexican redneck blood, but some new blood. someone with fresh ideas that can relate to populist views, but also bring people into the party. and not just talking about how ugly and mean everyone else is, but how we all have a common struggle. maybe i should run for something. >> you convinced me, young man. brian, i don't know, what do you see obama going? should he -- should he become like president of the moon? >> well, i don't think that position's available right now. he's broken new ground. >> are you saying because he's black, he can't be president of the moon? >> please, put me in that --
7:22 pm
i'll have to apologize tomorrow. usually when i get the trouble, i get to talk. so this is what i think's going to happen. i think it's the opposite of what everyone's saying. i think he's going to basically be running the dnc from around the block. they said, they like me. i'm going to be here and i'm still going to criticize the current president. he's made that clear yesterday, in his hour-long press conference. here's what he did, with harry reid and nancy pelosi, and barack obama, he suppressed all the talent coming up. he's like, well, michael jordan retires if there's no scottie pippen. wait a second, i've been passing the ball to the guy in the middle. it's going to take a while to get the talent back. and i think it might be cory booker. i think cory booker as the best presence, he has a bit of a background, he actually has experience. and he was told, get out of here for eight years. now, i think, the senator from new jersey has got to best shot if i was to pick somebody right now. >> the average age of democratic leadership is 78 years old. >> is that amazing? it used to be the republicans that were the old guys and the democrats young, and somehow --
7:23 pm
>> that was the young guy's campaign, '74, vermont, a whippersnapper. >> exactly. i have a feeling also about hillary and bill. i think the worst-case scenario for them is that they're stuck with each other. >> oh, yeah. >> and the energizer. >> yeah. >> i don't think the speeches are going to be flooding in, anymore. nobody wants to pay $250 grand to somebody who lost. >> twice! >> two times. >> she lost twice, yes. >> the foundation's going belly up. i heard that donations have stopped. who would have thought. >> how weird? >> it's as if they only wanted to donate when she might have some kind of influence. >> exactly. >> i think there's a future with chelsea. >> that's the rumor. she's going to have to speak at some point. eventually. then you need a slogan. is she old enough we can actually talk about it? >> she's in her 30s now. we can talk about her. >> she's got a baby. >> amy carter just got freed up.
7:24 pm
>> i love amy carter. >> don't talk about amy creatoa. >> there are kids coming up. the obama kids in about 10 years will be 25, 30. they could be, you know, another layer of politics. >> absolutely. no, i think michelle, she looked tremendous in the last month, to see her, very natural. >> yes, the hispanic congress in caucus will be the largest it's ever been. 18 new members elected to congress. new leadership is coming up. >> but who? >> ruben gaigo. >> don't you know ruben? >> i'm trying to wrap this up, kids. we've got more to talk about. coming up, a story so hot you'll need oven mitts for your eyeballs. what's the worst holiday movie of all times? if you said "human centipede," you' you'd be wrong. ♪
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the white house saying, history will be the judge of castro. and the clinton campaign now joining an effort by the green party to call for a vote recount in three states. green party candidate dr. jill stein filed for a recount in wisconsin on friday and plans to do the same in pence and michigan. president-elect trump says the people have spoken and the recount is just a way for the green party to fill their coffers. stein has raised nearly $3 million for the recount through online efforts. now back to "the greg gutfeld show." for all your headlines, you can logon to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news if . it is still november, but it is officially christmas season, which means two things. one, double the usual amount of fist bumps from bill hemmer, very excitable young man. >> he doesn't even know you. >> i know. >> or maybe he knows me too well. and to cable shows that have
7:30 pm
segments about the best christmas movies of all time. screw that. instead, let's ask, what's the worst christmas movie of all time? that's easy, "love, actually." we will now play all 120 minutes of the movie in its entirety. >> oh, hi? >> who is it? >> well, it felt like two hours. the segment is over. we'll be right back. actually, i kid, i hate that movie. i hate that movie so much, but i'm going to give you my list of the most overrated hollywood movie movies. all of them. they all stink. think about it. a movie can't be designed as a
7:31 pm
holiday movie and be great. instead, a great movie has to end up being a holiday movie. it's why "christmas with the cranks" was so bad, but "christmas with the cranks ii" was so great, because nobody expected it. all right, i have a feeling you have something -- >> i have, you want me to go to the worst christmas movie ever. show of hands in the audience, how many people saw "christmas with muscles." it is starring hulk hogan, it is fantastic. and ron howard's younger brother. >> he didn't make this movie with his wife and his best friend? >> no, that was more surveillance. >> there were muscles in that, as well. >> you had gave me power in the break to toss to a clip. >> toss to a clip. >> by the power vested in me, let's play a clip of "christmas with muscles." >> someone's been very naughty.
7:32 pm
>> what are you going to do about it, santa? give me a lump of coal? >> how about two lumps of coal? >> by the way, that's called santa with muscles, not christmas with muscles. >> santa with muscles, that's the problem. you just got word from a fact checker. >> i saw it up there on the -- up on the screen. i learned to read in the first grade. >> i apologize. you can't mock your guests like this. do you mock all your guests? >> if i can't mock my guests, i would have nothing in life. >> what would christmas be without a big guy throwing people around. >> all right, i want to tell you why i hate "love, actually." it's because of that scene where the guy's holding the cardboard with the writing on it, and in the next ten years, that's all you saw in commercials and in
7:33 pm
videos. you always have people writing -- i hated that! >> first of all, i think, u2 ruined that first. forget the sign. you don't mow another man's lawn. that was his best friend's girl. that whole movie was full of just terrible things. he teaches his son to be a terrorist, running through the airport, going through tsa. how is that a christmas -- that movie was terrible. the only movie worse than that was "elf." i hated the "elf." >> "elf" was -- >> no, it's terrible. >> she's too precious, that girl. >> there's only one christmas movie, as far as i'm concerned, and that is "a christmas story." the greatest christmas movie of all time. watched it last night. love that movie. >> i've never seen "love, actually." >> and you shouldn't. >> i don't want watch movies with "love" in the title unless "murder" is also in the title. >> i don't like the comma. why is the comma in there!
7:34 pm
because it's so precious. love, comma, actually. oh, that makes me think! >> my favorite christmas movie is "eyes wide shut." it really gets me in the spirit. >> it has a good moral. chuck >> what happened to you? >> what is your least favorite holiday movie and tell me what you might like? >> the one that i dislike was the one -- "the grinch that stole christmas." nobody has a life-sized plushy toy scaring little kids at christmastime. >> someone tell that to my uncle mike. >> the all-time best of all-times was that horribly animated "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer," that is like -- >> made me cry. >> they're sitting there watching. and the movie that probably should be made a christmas movie is probably "the good, the bad, and the ugly," because that is christmas at my home. >> you know, i like holiday movies that you watch with your family, that have surprising nudity in it. just because of the discomfort, the discomfort that it causes. >> it catches you by surprise.
7:35 pm
>> like, for example, i don't know -- i saw "the crying game" with my mother. >> what?! >> there's a scene -- there's a scene that is completely unexpected in that. we actually saw it in the theaters. in san carlos, california, in 1992. and there's an interesting scene. you have to be fairly forward-thinking, to accept it. but we were just sitting there -- and it happened, anyway. >> it brought you two closer. >> right. >> the most underrated christmas movie, "fred claus." no one ever thinks about santa claus's brother, fred. >> can we go back -- you and your mom were in the movie theater, with a dude curled up because he found out the love of his life was caitlyn jenner? >> yes. >> wow. >> "the crying game" was a decent film -- >> but not with your mom!
7:36 pm
>> we didn't know! we didn't know. i didn't know. maybe -- >> you knew! >> all right, i got to go. more stuff. coming up, a story so explosive, we advise you to cover yourself in kevlar. we discuss the stories of the month with our agreeable correspondents. plus, what's offensive about apple picking? i don't know, but leave it to kat to find something. men. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day.
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yeah, so when he takes over in less than two months, will president-elect trump become more moderate? indeed, we've seen signs that mr. trump could be softening on some things. joining me to discuss this and other important stories is our agreeable correspondent, jerry carbondale! yeah! jerry, good to see you again. how was your thanksgiving? >> oh, great, greg. fantastic. family, friends, great food. >> really? you didn't spend it arguing with relatives? yes, yes i did, and it was horrible. a lot of tears, i would say the dinner table is no place for politics, greg. >> but, then, when else will you ever talk about important issues with your family? >> it's very important to talk about things with your family, greg, and you think no better time than the holidays. >> so what do you think about
7:41 pm
this more moderate trump? >> i think it's a great idea. you know, we're a divided country, greg. it's time to heal. >> but what if he breaks campaign promises. doesn't that make him just like every other president, which he promised he wouldn't be? >> you know, you're not going to bring people together by going soft. trump should stick to his principles, greg. that's what we need right now. >> but then he could alienate half of america, who already fear a polarized nation. >> that's true, greg. what you just said, i agree with that. >> yes, all right. i don't know what you agree, but that brings me to my next question. do you think he'll actually build the wall? >> yes, no question, he has to. we've got to have a wall, greg. he promised a wall, he's going to build a wall. we will accept nothing less. >> but he seems to be wavering on it. he said it could be just a fence in some areas. >> a fence is a wall, greg. >> really? >> yes, i've always said that. a fence is a wall and a wall is a fence. >> i've never heard you say that, jerry.
7:42 pm
>> yeah, that's one of my favorite quotes, in fact, i've had it framed and it's hanging on my bedroom fence, at home. >> jerry, as always, you've confused me. >> thanks, greg. >> i'm happy you're happy. as always, you're consistently inconsistent. so apple picking, right? harmless fall tradition for all ages or the most controversial all-american pastime you never knew about. we sent kat timpf to bite through the waxy surface. >> reporter: apple picking seems like an innocent fall tradition, but it may be rotten at the core. let's find out. how do you know that the trees actually consent to having the apples picked off of them? >> i'm actually not sure at all. >> yeah. >> i have absolutely no idea. i hope i don't get in trouble for this. >> do you think it's okay for people to just pick parts off of your body and turn them into
7:43 pm
butter and thighs? >> no -- >> my logic is solid. >> the only apple native to north america is the crab apple. are you concerned that these apples over here may not have been properly vetted for coming to this country? >> nope. i'm sure they had a good inspection prior to coming over here. >> uh-huh. >> i'm sure they weren't just allowed free housing and everything. >> i don't know where you are politically, but i'm a little concerned that we're not properly vetting the foreign apples we're letting into this country. are you concerned about this. do you think they should have to take a citizenship test? >> no. >> any test? >> no. >> i think we should be more careful than that, but whatever. it's your country, you know. did you notice there's no granny smith apples at all? do you think that's agest and sexist? the female apples reach a certain age and all of a sudden nobody wants them around anymore. >> the younger, the better. >> so if an apple a day keeps a doctor away, why do we need
7:44 pm
obamacare? so you're the manager here. where they pick the apples off the trees? >> yes. >> and you think that that's good? >> well, it's not so great for the trees. we get a lot of broken branches and apples dropping to the floor that are wasted, eventually. so for the trees, it's not great, but for little kids and families, it's a great experience. >> how do you sleep at night? >> i never looked at it that way. >> where was that again? >> i don't know, i was on the train for a long time. >> on the train for a long time. we probably spent quite a bit of money for you to do that segment. >> yeah, it was worth it, though. >> thank you for that, kat. i've learned nothing. coming up, we discuss the best toys of all time. stick around. ♪
7:45 pm
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7:48 pm
the national toy hall of fame has announced this year's inductees and once again poisoned darts were tragically
7:49 pm
overlooked. it's a toy where i come from. instead, joining the 59 other toys in the hall are dungeons and dragons, oh, scary! fisher price little people. fell on one of those once. what i told the doctor. and, of course, the swing. i have one of those, it fits five people. toys are judged on three main criteria. they must be at least 20 years old, be highly recognizable, and foster creativity and learning. it's also the same criteria i have for my masseuse. other finalists this year included care bears, the game, "clue," rock 'em sock 'em robots, which i love, transformers, and of course, discarded oyster shells for the poor kids who live by the sea. we always laugh at the poor kids by the sea. all right, chuck, i don't know how old you are. i put you at maybe 42?
7:50 pm
>> close. >> all right. so that has a lot to do with these favorite toys? >> i was thinking that all the little toys -- then i thought, what was the thing i looked forward to and enjoyed the most as a child growing up in rural east texas was my daisy b.b. gun. when i got that thing, it was like you were the emperor of the world. you got that pack of bb and put them into your mouth and shot them into the bb with the spit and everything. i was a bird's worst nightmare. >> bb guns were amazing. although, i would always feel self-loathing if i ever shot anything? >> not me, i killed a lot of things. >> did you promise not to shoot people? when we got our guns, we promised not to shoot each other. >> we had bb gunfights in our neighborhood. we would put all the clothes on we could and shoot each other. >> they would be suing each other now. >> the swing to me is very boring until you're an adult. but what about you? what was your toy as a child? >> it was g.i. joes.
7:51 pm
the kung fu grip, the eagle eye, it was something to build on. we also had hot wheels. hot wheels were collected in a little canister. we would have inspections in my house, to see how they were doing and we used to race them. you were not able to actually afford a track. what did you do with your hot wheels if you can't race them? >> i have the x-rays. you know welcome i like toys i got from gas stations. remember when you would go to a gas station and they would give you like a truck? >> no. >> or like, you get like a little car with the name of the gas station -- i like that. kat, how about you? did you have a favorite toy? i envision you being alone a lot in a room? >> okay, well, yeah, wail, i love that. but my favorite thing to do is i would take sticks from the yard and i would put two of them together, like this, and i would put them all in a wagon and take them to my neighbor and i would be like, look, it's a cross, and try to sell it to them.
7:52 pm
my favorite childhood toy was capitalis capitalism. >> interesting, tyrus. you know, you're a large man with a lot of toys. >> i'm just terrified about her childhood. i'm not afraid of a lot of things, but i am afraid of you. >> just over and over. >> by the end of the show, i'm usually over there. >> there's some stuff, yeah. >> i still collect toys to this day. godzilla, transformers, he-man. me and my brother, that's how we dealt with stuff. we played with toys all the time and played outside. that's why i'm so upset that dungeons and dragons got in. i think it's worst game ever created and it started the revolution of not going outside and playing anymore. everyone would sit on their butt and pretend and not deal with real things, not go outside and play, because you might fail -- >> evenminecraft -- >> even the weird creepy stuff
7:53 pm
you did. you had to do outside and do it. the dungeons and dragons, it started the internet trolls we have today who sit on their computer and talk about how tough they are all the time and don't actually go outside and do nothing and live in their parent's -- it's all "dungeons and dragons" fault and the fact it got in there drives me crazy. >> i think we have to call keith adler. this is a therapy session. >> i'm just keeping it real. >> i would like to take those dice and whoop some dude's -- >> i would argue that some of these things keep people off the street. if they're indoors playing in the bailout, they're not in your way. i think the greatest toy ever is your imagination. i could spend hours, sometimes days, just coming up with things. sometimes i had no choice as a child, because,, you know -- >> friendless? >> yeah, i was friendless and spent a lot of time in an institution. but i always felt that i didn't really need many toys. i think toys are overrated. >> really?
7:54 pm
>> i never heard that expression ever before. >> that's what my parents would say, come christmas. they would say, oh, toys are overrated. daddy, ways this? it looks like an empty bottle. >> once you find a ship, you put it in there. i've got to go. got to get to the racetrack. >> that has gone totally off the ra rails. >> i like talking about toys. it's about you're era. i like smashup derby. remember smashup derby? the two cars that hit and everything falls apart. >> do you remember the happy days smashup derby? >> i love how much younger i am than all of you. >> it won't last much longer. >> i know, i'm worried. especially because i'm a woman, it's like i'm 20 years ahead of what a man ages. >> that's why they call it a man's world. >> i'm against that, by the way. it should be a guy's world. all right, don't go anywhere. final thoughts up next.
7:55 pm
blp oh, that's lovely...
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that will impact the p and l that i think... hey guys, i gotta call you back. (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? i'm good. i was just thinking of you. how is everything? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday. well, we're running out of show, so -- >> what you wanted to say all show, but haven't had the chance to say, so here's your chance to say it, right now. >> ryan, got anything to add? >> meet me in jacksonville december 9th., one of our radio affiliates, because they have this radio show that everyone listens to. and i'll be signing "thomas jefferson: the eee pirate." but you've got to get tickets, first. >> that's fantastic. >> wish you meant it.
7:59 pm
>> chuck? >> listen to the road to revolution podcast. imagine that, mexican redneck worked for bernie called road to revolution, it's funny. my son and i do it together. get two different perspectives. the old man and the young people. >> speaking of young people, tyrus? >> i would like to give a shout-out to anyone who made the mini marshmallow. you took something that was great and made it special. and you know -- >> it was edison? >> yeah, did the mini mashlg ma marshmallow. >> i feel like that's off. >> kat? >> i hate a whole pie one thanksgiving when i was a child and then i threw up and then i got grounded because they knew i ate a whole pie. >> well, you should have thrown up the evidence somewhere where they couldn't find it. >> i know.
8:00 pm
i get bumped every time. >> that's a lovely thanksgiving idea. >> thanks to brian, chuck, tyrus, kat, and our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. evening. cleared -- watters' world is on tonight. after hillary clinton's crushing defeat at the polls. how are are democrats dealing with it. >> and also donald trump on a collision course with the left. >> you are everything wrong with this country. and watters' world is collateral damage. and turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie and football. what is thanksgiving all about p. >> why did the pilgrims come here? >> empire. >> new land. coal? >> watters' begins right now. >> welcome to watters' world i am jo


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