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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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content there. e-mail us about the media, comments or questions. we're back here next sunday as we are every sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. hello, everyone. president-elect donald trump pushing back against those plans to recount the votes in one or possibly three states that you know were pivot al to his election victory over hillary clinton. mr. trump calling the attempt led by green party candidate jill stein, quote, a scam, and he's even claiming she will not spend any she collects on the recount on the recount effort. with welcome to "america's news headquarters." eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. hillary clinton officially joining that fight. clinton's cam saying it is
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onboard if stein follows through with recount requests in michigan and pennsylvania. >> so what will happen? live from mar-a-lago. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, eric. and this morning the president-elect unloaded on liberals that are supporting this recount effort using hillary clinton's own words to try to convince them to cut it out. he took to dwiter, as he often does this morning to write this, quote, hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. and that shot at the left preceded a six tweet long posting of hillary clinton's answer from a debate about respecting the outcome of the election. so trump is arguing that clinton's wish was to be done talking about challenges and loopholes by now without really calling her out directly. but his new white house chief of staff reince priebus does have a
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direct message for clinton allies lending their services to the recount. >> it was their team that cut a deal with our team that said when the ap called the race they would call within 15 minutes and concede, which they did. it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. >> reporter: another top trump aide came out this morning very forcefully against the possibility of mitt romney joining the cabinet. kellyanne conway says she's not sure it's worth giving him the secretary of state job just for the sake of party unity. >> there was a never trump movement and then there was governor mitt romney. he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches i can recall in this calendar year and they were both about donald trump. >> reporter: as far as we know the president-elect still has
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not left mar-a-lago since arriving tuesday. this afternoon he will pack up and head home for manhattan where tomorrow eight potential new members of the administration await him for job interviews. eric is this. >> peter, a busy day tomorrow. thank you. arthel? >> a busy day tomorrow as president-elect trump still working to build his administration as congress returns to capitol hill for a lame duck session. mr. trump holding a series of meetings tomorrow as he prepares to select his secretary of state, secretary of defense, and other major positions in his cabinet. kristen fisher is live in washington with the latest. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hey, arthel. the biggest and most buzzed about hole in mr. trump's cabinet is that secretary of state spot, as you heard from our own peter doocy and why that hole has not yet been filled. part of the problem is deep disagreements within his own team about mitt romney. trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway saying she has personal concerns about the prot inspect
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of romney being selected as secretary of state. she's worried it would be a slap in the face to the many trump loyalists who felt betrayed during the trump campaign. >> i'm all for party unity, but i'm not sure that we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> reporter: now conway was quick to add she would, of course, support romney if that's who trump ultimately picks for secretary of state. and reince priebus, tried to spin these internal disagreements as a good thing. >> it isn't a matter of warfare. there's a the lot of opinions about this and, yes, it is sort of a team of rivals' concept if you were to go to the governor romney concept but i think that should tell all americans about where the president-elect's head is at which is a place that will put the best possible people together for all americans. >> reporter: some of the other top contenders are former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, former u.n. ambassador bolton and bob corker, also retired
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general david petraeus. some democrats have said they may try to block him, even some republicans doesn't seem sold like florida senator marco rubio. >> so you're not ready to say if you'll support the confirmation of jeff sessions as attorney general? >> no, i never do until that person works their way through the process. in the case of pompay or nikki haley they'll come to our committee. i think they were a good choice. >> reporter: finally, jerry fallwell, says the president-elect offered him the job of education secretary last week, but he turned it down for personal reasons. so we can expect much more about all of these appointments some time this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow. arthel? >> and we will be watching. thank you so much. eric? he imprisoned people, drove his nation to poverty and desperation. killed americans, put political opponents and human rights
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advocates behind bars, brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, and now some continue to praise fidel castro two days after his death at age 90. president obama restored diplomatic relations with hav a havana. we're told there may be a change with donald trump, reince priebus telling "fox news sunday" the castro regime must change. >> if he doesn't get whatever it is that he wants, would he reverse president obama's opening to cuba? >> absolutely. he's already said that would be the case. and what that deal is is yet to be determined. there have will have to be some movement in order to have a relationship with the united states. and i think the president-elect has been very clear about that. >> well, would there be that movement? joining us is john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n., fox contributor, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and on the list for a possible secretary of state. so, ambassador, what do you predict will be different under president trump? you do you think the castro
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regime under new rule will change? >> no, it won't. it's fixed in history. i've always believed that when fidel finally met the actuariel tables it would be like the popping of a balloon. this iconic figure once dead would remove the will legitimacy had. president obama extended diplomatic recognition, lifting economic sanctions, that the regime would be provided with enough economic wherewithal to sustain itself in power. i think our policy should be to look to find ways to have this regime collapse of its own weight. i think that's far and away the most likely course here. remember the last leader of east germany when the country dissolved around him, i think raul castro could have that distinction in cuban history. >> now how could that -- what do you predict?
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how could that possibly happen that cuba would go the way of east germany? how could the theoretical wall fall when the billions of dollars are going to prop up the military and the businesses that are owned by castro? >> well, that's the great risk that obama's life line to the castro brothers regime may be enough to keep himming going. i don't think so. i think this is a time now when the cuban people who have just waited, let's face it, for a long time, 58 years, for castro finally to pass from the scene, i think a lot of the feelings that have been repressed that have only come out now will surface. this regime is not popular. it has not enhanced the life of the cuban people but, more importantly for the united states, i think this is a hemisphere wide opportunity with fidel finally dead to go and make the case that it's time to reject his leftist views of the
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world. it's a time to push back on external interference in this hemisphe hemisphere, a time for regimes like nicholas meduro, danny ortega, nicaragua, in low live yeah, ecuador. their days are numbered, too. >> what type of message would you want to see from the trump administration when it deals with those left regimes? look what's happened in venezuela. it's been totally decimated. >> yeah, well, that's part of the problem is under chavez and now venezuela the civic institutions have been degraded to an extent that's going to make it hard for any successor government to govern. i do think we're seeing another opportunity here that we missed at the end of the cold war in the early 1990 when the united states and latin america could have drawn much closer together. i think with the passing of this relic of the cold war and the terribly destructive ideology that he represents, we've seen major changes in countries like
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brazil and argentina, for example, moving away from argentina. rousef in brazil to much more sensible policies. i think this is a moment that a new administration can seize, not just in u.s. relations with cuba but across the entire western hemisphere. >> and do you think we should send a representative to the funeral? there is a diplomat ambassador there. >> of course president obama will decide who goes. who knows, maybe the president will decide he wants to go himself in a real administration you'd send a low-level functi functionary from the embassy to fill the american chair and let it go at that. >> and finally last night, ambassador, i took this photo. it's at the cuban mission and i saw the book case of flowers and there was the photograph of fidel castro and it's not as many as there were for michael jackson, not as many as for princess di, but what would you
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tell those people, those americans or cuban americans who in their sense of respect and sympathy put those flowers there? they're enjoying the freedoms of our country that their country men and family members can't afford and can't celebrate at home. >> sure. it was probably, you know, the political science faculty of columbia and nyu going down to pay respects. the real attitude to display is what you've seen in the streets of miami ever since the news of fidel castro's death came out. this is a moment when human liberty can legitimately be celebrated and we can hope for the sake of the cuban people and our own sakes in this hemisphere this is a moment of possible change we should seize. >> it could be a turning point and perhaps it may continue. ambassador john bolton, as always, thank you for your insight today. >> thank you, eric. >> of course. arthel? this is a fox news alert. a deadly shooting overnight near
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bourbon street in new orleans. authorities say one person has died and nine others were injured. at least two men, both armed, have been arrested. it's not clear at this point what caused the violence but the incident is under investigation. will carr is live in our los angeles newsroom with the details and, will, this is a very busy weekend in new orleans. >> reporter: absolutely. you know being from that area, and witnesses described the aftermath of the shooting as pure chaos. they said there was a stampede of people running from the area. some tourists were trampled in the process. this all took place in the bayou classic weekend, four days of events including a big college football game last night. so bourbon street was packed with tourists when the shots rang out at 1:30 this morning. >> i can't tell right now and i need an ems asap.
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>> reporter: bullets hit eight men and two women, killing one in the process. the victims' ages range from 20 to 37 years old. officers swarmed the area immediately. it's unclear if the shooter was arrested, but we do know two people including one of the people who was shot were taken into custody. >> we were able to make two arrests on the scene. one was in possession of a firearm. another subject who may or may not be affiliated with this event was arrested in possession of a firearm. in addition to eight other firearms arrests we've made over the past 24 hours. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans tweeting the shooting was unacceptable. police and ems were on the scene and responded fast. we will pursue this investigation aggressively. this is eerily similar to a shooting on bourbon street in 2014 when the same number of people ten people were shot, one was killed. the gunman in that shooting was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison. arthel? >> will carr, thank you so much.
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>> meanwhile, someone got a really, really big early holiday present. hear about the powerball jackpot. nearly half a billion dollars. what would you do, though? >> first i have to count it. plus, president-elect donald trump saying it's, quote, sad that hillary clinton is backing a recount of wisconsin. what will the recount show us? the fair and balanced debate up next. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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a quick check of the he headlines just in time for holiday shopping spree that's going to be one big one. a lucky american hit that $421 million powerball jackpot. that winning ticket was sold in tennessee but so far no one has come forward to claim their prize because they're probably still in shock. >> the b.a.r.t. system after that transit system was hacked, officials confirming they've been compromised for days. it's caused delays. they click their way to discounts. shopping on the internet on
9:19 am
friday. that's up nearly 22% from last year. >> there's no straw too tiny for hillary clinton to grasp it and we're sad, live out a psychodrama in public. the fact is she lost. she lost decisively. she lost according to the rules of the game. and at some point she will disappear to write her memoirs or something else. >> and that is newt gingrich on hillary clinton joining the recount efforts in wisconsin. mr. gingrich saying the move smacks of desperation. meanwhile, president-elect trump taking to twitter and using clinton's own words to mock the recount attempt led by green party candidate jill stein. what does it all mean in the grand scheme of things? a chief political correspondent for conservative review is here, and a fox news contributor. also former congressman dennis
9:20 am
kacinic. i'll start with you. is hypocrisy at play or is it prudent for the clinton campaign to have an attorney present for this recount effort? if you're in a tight election and have a doubt about the outcome, you don't concede. the fact that wasn't done and we're in the middle of a political transition right now makes it very difficult for people to be able to support the idea. those who support hillary clinton still want to see her win. but to cast doubt on the legitimacy of a trump presidency by not pursuing a process that's been open since the day after the election is something that i think is not going to do the
9:21 am
country any good. >> how do you see it, jill stein, her camp is starting this but now the clinton camp is saying, okay, i will check it out, too. >> there's no evidence of any electioneering, tampering that occurred here. there's no evidence. what i think is happening, arthel, the left is continuing their temper tantrum. they're trying to delegitimize trump's presidency and i think they're trying to keep the country divided. but i think there's something else that's going on here. there is big dissension in the far left and left, butting heads right now within the democrat party. i think there was a big power struggle and i think jill stein is basically trying to do a hostile takeover of the democratic party. she has the name. she has money. you also have congressman keith ellison who wants to head the dnc. they are far left. what they should be doing is figuring out why their left policies are not working for the
9:22 am
voters. they lost a lot of voters who are union workers. they didn't get the black voter support that they were counting on. that's what they should be looking into. >> we just showed or read you the tweets or told that you donald trump took to twitter blasting mrs. clinton. does president-elect trump have a right or a good reason to blast hillary clinton for getting involved in this jill stein recount? >> well, look, there's an attack on his legitimacy so you can expect him to reply. i want to say this elects wasn't about left, right, about democrat, republican, liberal/conservative. the american people wanted change, they wanted change in 2008. they didn't see it delivered. so they went for it in 2016. they say it's flat-out wrong. there's numbers here people will look at. if there's any change at all it would be surprising but i don't expect the outcome of the election to change anyway. i think president-elect trump
9:23 am
should probably best advise focus on his transition and not worry about the outcome changing. >> and, deneen, do you think that it perhaps might be time to rethink the voting system overall? i know you said particularly the democrats need to figure out their in-party fighting in terms of who their constituency is and the issues that are really important to them. but, meanwhile, what about the voting system overall? is it time to rethink it? >> no, absolutely not. what we have to keep in mind is that there are the big cities that are california, philadelphia -- i mean, pennsylvania. big cities in pennsylvania, california and new york. what we want is fair representation of all of the states so we have to have inclusion of the small cities and big cities and i think doing away with the electoral college or reviewing it, revising it, is not in the best interests of our country. it is constitutional and i think that is the best representation for the state.
9:24 am
>> i have to leave it there. i started with you, representative kucinich and i will end with deneen and i thank you both. good to see you both. world leaders showing very different reactions to the death of fidel castro. how are the cubans themselves remembering the dictator who oppressed and persecuted so many of them over his decades of complete power. back here at home president-elect trump has been vowing to yank federal grants from the so-called sanctuary cities. why the country's largest police union says that could have a devastating impact. our next guest says the process is already under way. bill assumed it was a costume party. bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's, kraft real mayo spreads on smoother and still has no artificial flavors. no wonder the holidays taste so good.
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a wide range of emotions and reactions around the world over the news that fidel castro's
9:29 am
death. many celebrating in the streets of miami, but in the country that castro led for several decades people are showing much more measured response and some diplomats are taking the same approach. steve harrigan joins us by phone from havana with the latest. steve? >> reporter: people are uncertain just how to react. where the government enforces control over protests and even people's emotions. what we'll see here now is a funeral procession beginning monday morning where we will see public mourning in havana, people will file by a picture for the only lead er, the past 0 years. that will go on monday and tuesday here in havana and the ashes of fidel castro, he was cremated on saturday will be carried along a procession, that will trace the reverse routes of the route he came to power in all the way back in 1959.
9:30 am
it will go all the way back to santiago for three days. of course in it power now is fidel castro's brother, 85-year-old raul castro so with fidel leaving the scene to an 85-year-old in charge, we could see a change in the next few years. the mood here is really strange. people, many of them, uncertainly how to feel especially for many of the elderly cubans i've spoken with. he's really been the only figure they've ever known in charge. so it is jarring. celebrations, any parties or anything are all completely shut down here in cuba. one grandfather was holding a birthday party for his 1-year-old had to be canceled. that's a sign how much the state is controlling things here. the big question now is what will the relations be between cuba and the u.s. to force president obama to reopen after
9:31 am
a 50-year layoff, to reopen the embassy here, beginning the process two years ago. to what extent will that continue under president-elect trump who has made known his feelings if he wants to reverse some of that the u.s. has given to cuba. the other big question here, where is the cuban economy going to go? really it can't get much worse here for many people who earn just about $20 a month. they've lost the soviet union as a backer, venezuela as a backer. it continuing to open up may be the only way for this communist regime to stay in power. arthel and eric, back to you. >> steve harrigan, thank you very much. live there in havana, cuba. eric? >> arthel, back here at home the nation's largest police union is expressing concerns this weekend about president-elect trump's pledge to withhold federal money from the so-called sanctuary cities. a growing number of mayors have been vowing not to cooperate with deportation orders in their cities. this as the national fraternal order of police is out with a warning. the fop says it does not support
9:32 am
the idea of sanctuary cities but does not support the with holding of safety funds as a hammer. the group fears public safety could be at risk. this comes as federal law enforcement grants are set to be cut from those cities and that could mean billions of dollars. our next guest used congress' power of the purse to do that. he is texas congressman, a member of the house appropriations and commerce, justice, and related agencies. he joins us this afternoon from houston. congressman, good to see you. can you explain how in your view it is basically a done deal being that you used the power of the purse to start this already before the new administration even takes power. >> yes, eric. there's no legislation required. congress does not need to pass a bill. very quietly, last july, i created an off switch which is in place. loretta lynch, the attorney general, agreed with me.
9:33 am
i did this quietly and thoughtfully behind the scenes. there is a new policy on the website, last july 7th, telling every city and state in america you must comply 100% of the time to hand over criminal illegal aliens in your custody to be supported or you will lose all your federal fund iing. that's already the policy of the department of justice, eric. i saw to that personally so on day one, at noon on january 20th, president trump has an off switch, which i created which he can throw at noon to cut off all federal law enforcement funding to the cities that are providing sanctuary and protection to dangerous criminals illegal aliens in their jurisdiction. >> congressman, if the current attorney general lynch has already set that out, how come it's not processed? >> in most cases when somebody has a legal problem you tell them they have a legal problem and then give them a chance to
9:34 am
fix it. so on july 7th the attorney general notified all 50 states and all cities in the country you've got a problem. if you're a sanctuary city you have a problem and you must fix it. and the policy of the department of justice has been in place since july 7th. the cities and states have had since july 7th to repeal their sanctuary policies. they've had plenty of time if in the next grant cycle, eric, begins in january, and the grants go out typically in june or july. so on january 20th at noon, president trump, there's ten cities that i got certified as sanctuary cities and these, again, are cities providing sanctuary to criminals convicted of dangerous crimes. i got ten cities including chicago and new york. donald trump can throw the switch and cut off money at noon on january 20th. if they won't fix it, their
9:35 am
money can be cut off at joon, january 20th. let me show you what mayor de blasio says. they're saying if they get the funds cut back. it will be devastating to the cities. they say it's a horrible thing. >> if undocumented people feel that local police forces are deportation forces that it will actually hurt the work of law enforcement to make it harder to keep our cities safe. people in their own communities will set their own standards. we have to fix the national policy. >> certainly they will not comply with this. what does that mean and what do you tell him? >> it's his decision. you either hand over criminal illegal aliens in your local custody or walk away from all your federal money. new york city received about $15
9:36 am
million last year, eric, and federal law enforcement grants and the policy i set in place that donald trump can trigger on january 20th at noon. that will disappear for new york and if new york continues to refuse to do their job and hand over these dangerous criminals to be deported, new york city and all these other cities will owe a refund. the policy i had the department of justice put in place says you lose your money and if you continue to refuse you write the u.s. taxpayers a refund check which means new york city will owe us as taxpayers a minimum of $211 million as a refund this is very simple. this is a public safety issue. it's about protecting lives and property. and you must hand over criminal illegal aliens in your custody to be deport ed to federal authorities or give up your federal money. it's that simple. >> finally, let me show you figures, these come from the department of justice. it may be more money than that. >> it is. >> here of the top ten, it was
9:37 am
$342 million or so, california was tal it lid up at $132 million in grants. >> that's correct. >> new york $60 million a year. then you talk about the refunds. can you explain that because california would owe washington -- would have to pay back $3 billion, new york city would have to pay back -- >> that's correct. >> $1.5 billion. i mean, they're not going to do that. >> well, they're going to have to under the new policy adopted by the department of justice at my insistence last july 7th and did this quietly because i didn't want attorney lynch or the obama administration to foul this up. i felt donald trump would win the election and i supported him for one of many reasons this is one of many reasons i did, january 20th the money is gone and the policy says they will owe us a refund check for every federal dollar they receive if they refous to change their policy. so california will have to write a check, eric, for several billion dollars. and that's a minimum figure. the days of accepting federal money and refusing to follow
9:38 am
federal law are over. this is very simple. if you want federal money, follow federal law. that's been the policy since july 7th and now donald trump can put that into place. he can throw the switch at noon on january 20th and make sure if you want federal money follow federal law. very simple. >> this is shaping up to be quite a fight between washington potentially and the city halls across the country and it seems this train is really coming down the track. congressman joan culberson from houston. >> thank you. >> we thank you for joining us and explaining this. i'm sure this will not be the last time we see you on this vital issue. thank you. >> thank you. >> arthel? >> okay, eric. how will relations with china and russia differ under president-elect donald trump? our next guest tells us what those key adversaries should expect from mr. trump's administration. stick around for those reports. all finished.
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president-elect donald trump promising major foreign policy reform like scrapping president obama's landmark transpacific partnership trade deal so what does this mean for nations like china and russia? joining me now is christopher cox, the grandson of president richard nixon and a former executive director to the mccain campaign joining us from palm beach. hi, chris. we'll talk about why you're in palm beach later but first this little nugget. good to see you, first of all. there was a little item in page six of all places that had a mention that you may be the ambassador to china. any truth to that? >> i think everything on page 6 you have to take with a grain of salt. right now the thing we have to
9:44 am
focus on is bringing smart, talented people to the trump administration. donald trump is looking for the best and the brightest and my goal is to bring as many of those in as possible and to make this the greatest administration that we've seen. and i know that that's donald trump's goal and we're all going to be supporting that. >> so have you gotten a phone call? [ er ] >> no. i think at this point, like i said, it's just bringing people in who are the best. that's my goal. >> i'll let you off the hook. page 6 does get it right a lot, i'm just saying. let's move on to -- >> that's true. >> i want to keep talking about china, chris. how should president trump proceed with china? should he be more diplomatic or take on a more big footing or forceful approach? >> sure. well, the most important relationship for the world in the 21st century and china provides many opportunities and many challenges. of course when we talk about trade we need to have new trade
9:45 am
agreements that are more fair for the american worker, and that's something donald trump has articulated. i think from what i've seen certainly this weekend and in previous days that have gone forward since the election, donald trump has focused on north korea as well and he knows that china is the solution to solving the problem of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula. and i think that's going to be the biggest challenge is how the united states will work with china to get rid of nuclear weapons in the korean peninsula. i think donald trump is focused on that as well and will not lose sight of that. with the south china sea and the east china sea, figuring out those disputes will be a major challenge as well. and one that i think donald trump is certainly prepared to take on. >> this is where mr. trump's deal making skills will come quite handy. >> yes. >> let's talk russia now. russia has an aircraft carrier, as you know, in the eastern mediterranean sea for the war, the civil war there in syria. it's a very complicated situation.
9:46 am
how should president trump play his political cards with vladimir putin? >> absolutely. syria actually presents one of the earliest challenges that will come across donald trump's desk as he starts his presidency. and i think this is a great time for donald trump to show that the united states is still capable of projecting force and i think if we were to respond by moving an aircraft care wrrier the coast of syria and we were going to have a strict no-fly zone, that would end the bloodshed we've seen in syria and the targeting of hospitals and civilian targets in aleppo and other parts of syria. it's been just horrendous. and the bloodshed needs to end. i think donald trump really has an opportunity to do that. and then if you combine a mixture of force, which would be the no-fly zone, with diplomacy, taking our best diplomats and sending them to every corner of syria that doesn't involve the islamic state, if donald trump were to do that i think you would see just a powerful
9:47 am
message sent to the world that the you states is back. >> and means business. >> back in the game of fixing the world's problems in a way that doesn't involve putting too many of our troops in harm's way. >> quickly you're in palm beach. i heard you were at mar-a-lago. what was that like? >> it was fantastic. the trump family does a wonderful thanksgiving and it was great to be with old friends and new friends and it was just a fan ttastic time and some of e best turkey i've ever had on thanksgiving. it was really wonderful. >> all right. good for you, chris cox, good to talk to you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. eric? >> there had better be some of the best. >> i was thinking the same thing, the best money can buy, it had better be good. >> or else it's going back. meanwhile, up next, what is it like to get the nation's highest civilian honor? it's the presidential medal of freedom. one of baseball's most beloved voices, there he is, longtime l.a. dodgers announcer vin
9:48 am
scully. he received that prestigious award last week, and he sat down with fox sportscaster jim gray to give an inside look at what he called a humbling experience.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
president obama naming 21 recipients of medal of freedom
9:52 am
including sports caster legend vin scully. now retired this year after 67 years in the dodgers broadcast booth. jim gray sat down with scully to talk about the meaningful tribute. >> vin, congratulations. what does this honor mean to you? >> it's overwhelming as you would know, jim. first of all, you feel inadequate because it's such an incredibly award. there are no words for you to use. in or business in sports you are aware of the various awards and even as a sports caster there are awards but this award is something that you never, ever think about and suddenly to have it, to have the president of the united states put it around your neck and you're in the white house, i don't know how anyone could get poetic because it just about draws a blank in your mind. >> and when he was talking about all the honorees and brought up
9:53 am
your name, what went through you as he was talking about you? >> what am i doing here? because the credits of all the others are overwhelming. i mean, you talk about great scientists, you talk about an architect like frank geary and i'm thinking i'm a sports announcer. it was a very humbling experience, believe me when i say that. >> you'll be 89 in a few days. >> right. >> how would you describe your career and your recent retirement? >> i could sum it up by saying the grace of god. he's helped me every step of the way. i didn't accomplish 69 years of doing sports. he's the one who gave me the path to follow. so i'm so grateful. i give thanks to him every day because really i feel that it's been a gift and because it's a gift i don't feel like i should take a bow for it. it was something that he decided in his grace and i just followed
9:54 am
direction so yeah. it is great but it makes me realize how much i owe. >> to be loved by the public and to be the only sports caster in history to get the medal of freedom, to have that honor, vin, and have it yours, how will you hand that will? >> well, i -- i can't believe the -- as you just said, loved by everybody. you know, i can't believe that. i have the award. they can't take it away. i knew a few days ago i was worrying about a recount but they allowed me to get it anyway. but i would say i think i have it in the proper perspective as far as my life. it's wonderful. but i'm going to put it away and that basically will be the end of it and its relationship with me. >> how did you manage to withstand the test of time in a world where things change so instantaneously? >> well, i don't know. i do believe very much in god.
9:55 am
my faith is very strong. and whatever happens, i figure it's in his hands. i'm never going to let it go too high or too low and kept me pretty much on a steady path, yeah. >> when you started this 67 years ago, you covered connie mack. >> really. >> connie mack was born when abraham lincoln was in this office right behind you. and during the civil war. to think that you have now broadcast throughout the span of people 154 years covering that period of time. can anything like this ever been duplicated? >> i can't imagine but, you know, records are to be broken and all of that. i remember the very first game, it was an exhe bigs game and i walked in and there's connie mack looking like connie mack and jimmy dikes was getting a shave. that was the opening scene in my
9:56 am
career. >> thank you. >> thank you, jim. thank you so much for your help. >> a great vin scully. and it was a wonderful h1n1 nor for all. and we'll be right back. just like mom, you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, designed around one pan and your schedule. made for real, real life.
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10:00 am
passing by immediately worked to lift it off of the girl. she is in stable condition at the hospital. the truck driver saying he'll cover the medical expenses. >> thankfully. wow. we're back at 4:00 and 6:00. leyland and -- >> well, coverage continues. %'s team holding no punches today. against hillary clinton. as she signs on to a left wing recount effort in some key battleground states. >> i think the american people know this is a waste of everyone's time an money and only for -- to divide this country. >> plus, president-elect trump working on building more of his cabinet. major roles such as secretary of state still unannounced. and the fallout from the death of cuban dictator fidel castro continues. how will it affect our relationship with the communist island and will the cuban people finally find freedom?


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