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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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this same to be planned? any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it is too early to say. only thing you can say based upon common knowledge this was done on purpose. to go over the curb and strike pedestrians and get out and start striking them with a knife. that was on purpose.
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>> what can i say about it the injuries. >> there were multiple injuries with lasriations and cut andpjo stab wounds from the butcher give and other people were hit by the car and our understanding that none of the individuals have life threatening injuries. >> did they have surgery? >> two have completed surgery for orth pedic issues. we'll release more information at a later time. >> you called for staff to come to the hospital. talk about that. we saw them arriving.
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>> we have a process university wide when the buck eye alert goes out we jump into action. the active shooter protocol goes out on the campus. it is a code yellow and disaster drill. and we have emergency department and surgeon and nurses and therapist and people descend. we train and work with other hospitals in the city to train for these type of events. i can't tell you how proud i am to work in the university and see my colleagues come together in a moment that all of us would have hate to happen on the campus. and it is great to see the response and i am glad people were not further injured talk
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about the mood on thanksgiving. and we can see it on the faces of the students. >> it is a tragic situation. we prepare for every year. our faculty and staff are trained because we have sewn this happen. and we want to be prepared and respond appropriately. we are are so grateful the police were on the scene and the injuries were not more severe and understand that people have been treated and released in some cases and in and out of the operating room. and we are pleased it is not more serious. afternoon. >> what do i say to them? >> regardless of the circumstances, we are are here for them and hope they have a full and complete recovery. and let them know we care about them as people and patients. >> how do you reassure the
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safe. >> we all do to be safe as we can. and we all have safety protocolt and we all fear that things like this happen. but we can be safe as possible and with our safety personnel and officers we are here and pleased it is not more serious. >> what do you plan to be doing about the classes >> we cancelled today. even though the situation was neutralized rapidly, we wanted to give the police a chance to begin their investigation. we held the people in place until it was seis cower. and now disrupted the schedule for half a day and emotionally draining and frightening. and it was a good day to take a step back in classes and get our footing tomorrow.
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>> can you speak to the nature of the alert that went out. is that a normal alert. >> we have a protocol for what one does with an active shooter. and therefore the active shooter protocol is in place to protect people and not engage and find places to be safe and hide in place while professionals arrive to neutralize the situation. make the campus safe and secure and we have information to let people know it is normal activity. and we do that through text messaging in the campus. >> can you repeat the name. >> michael drake. >> it is an ongoing training program and so when you see tha
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referenced in an alert message, that rings a bell through the members of the campus community that it received training. >> [inaudible] >> the public safety team has done training in the community and why they use key words to remind folks of options for a violent intruder whether it is a gun or combiechlt those are key words to remind people of their training. >> and what do you have to say to the community? >> it isáwzñ a citiy made up of great neighborhoods, and we are in one of our greatest neighborhoods and we are here to show support and solidarity with professor drake and the community is lifted up in thoughts and prayer and victims of a senseless tragedy and grateful for our first
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responders that are on the scene and helped to ensure that the situation did not escalate dramatically. i am here with chief jacob and chief oconner and send a clear message that the city of columbus will devote the resources necessary and work closely with president drake and his team to make sure that everyone feels safe in this neighborhood and throughout our great city. and grateful again for dr. thomps and the amazing folks here in the other hospitals that are treating the victims here today. >> i want everyone in columbus to lift up in our thoughts and prayers of the victim and their families. what do you say to the parents of two college age students. and talk to the parents and families of what they can expect
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apz6uu students safe and talk t their emotional and social >> we are pleased no one was injured more than they were. and it seems the tragedies happen on far too frequent of a basis. to make the campus safe, we have multiple trainings in place to and we are pleased with how they work andy people have responded to the tragedy today. and we'll continue to work with our staff and students and that is our work on a daily basis. and the cooperation with the city and police and fire and that makes our job that much easier. and we live in an unstable world unfortunately. >> and chief jacobs. can you talk about the news?
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>> every aspect of the investigation will be mulled over and federal and state partners and try to identify potential motive behind the attack. and obviously with the purposeful intend that was noticed driving on the sidewalk, we are going to look at the potential that was planned and with regard to multiple injuries. we will work with the agencies to try to determine what is talked about whether on line or whatever else, we'll continue to look at that. >> what you receive so far lookses like a terrorist attack? >> we have to consider that possibility. we had an attack this year earlier with a man with a knife
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causing multiple injuries. we are are always aware of that potential. that's why our federal partners are here. >> can you talk about the shooter and not someone with a knife? >> well, with the amount of people here on campus. it was very chaotic and i am very proud of the student and faculty and staff at osu, to do what they needed to do and that is to get to somewhere safe. people didn't try to be part of the scene but tried to get away with it. we should not take for granted the best thing to do is protect yourself. and i do believe that the response was appropriate. couldn't have asked for more. >> there is no indication of a gun right now? >> there is no indication of the
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fire arm used by the suspect. we haven't searched the vehicle yet and that is to be done. >> any indication of multiple suspects at all. >> no indication of that. reports are checked out but we is have a lot of witnesses to interview with regard to the aggravated assault and continue to find out if anyone else was involved. >> you have stepped up a police presence here and throughout the city. >> that will be up to osu. we don't have information to tell us that there is a conspiracy going on. >> two people were taken out of the parking garage, were they bystanders. >> we believe that people fled the scene and might have gone to the vehicle and hunkered down when the police searched the building. it was obvious that we were going to do the search and until
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we know their motives, they are suspects. >> are they still considered potential suspects? >> not that i know of. >> was the is a student or mail or age? >> i don't have the information. >> and someone was hiding and later gone to the hospital. does that mean ten injured in total or is that person included in the nine. >> that is included in the nine. >> who is the lead investigator. >> columbus police. >> columbus police are investigating the suspect attack and officer involved shooting. we are fortunate that the officer was able to deal with the situation so fast. >> we would like to tell students to contact their loved one and same with faculty and staff. they know they are safe. and their family members see it
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on national media and don't know they are safe. let them know that they are okay. and that would be a great assistance to us. >> have you reached the victim's families to it let them know what happened. >> i believe most of the victims had a chance to do so. >> i can't guarantee that i will have. most of the victims were awake and talking and i would expect to haj@fr contact with that the family. >> and the roads are off campus and that is a normal traffic flow. >> we opened that up a while ago. >> the only thing we are looking at now is college and 19th. >> and lane avenue should be open, too. >> and did the officer warn the suspects they were about to shoot. were there warnings? >> he engaged the suspect and commands were not followed and the officer did what he would do
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to stop the threat. >> other than the attacker was anybody shot. >> we'll have an update later. >> and can we get a couple of -- >> police and civic and campus authorities in columbus authorities. talking about what happened in ohio state university. a gunman. i am sorry, a report of a shooter on campus. but someone rammed his suv to people on a sidewalk there and started to hack at them with a butcher knife. eight people were hurt. there was a campus police and he fired three times and the suspect is now dead. no word yet on the motive or if the suspect was an ohio state student. it is over and classes
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>> election officials are set to recount the vote. wisconsin setting a time line to set the votes. and once it receives the cash to pay for it the and meanwhile president-elect donald trump can claiming he would have won the popular vote if there had not been serious voter fraud. trump won the electoral vote but hillary clinton leads bite popular vote and driving democrats crazy. carl cameron is live in washington with more on this one. take it away. >> looks like wisconsin will go
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forward. they met today and they decide to jill stein, the green party candidate would not get a full handy recount but leave it up to the local election officials to decide how to go back and audit the vote. and the democratic chairman said that this is not likely to change the outcome, but they will go forward on it and they have until december 13th to do a recount. >> this is notes inially a for jill stein. but this is the kind of stuff donald trump is ticked off b. you mentioned three states where there was illegal votes cast in california, new hampshire and virginia. they are states run by democrat
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and all of their election officials said they don't have evidence of widespread voter fraud at all. we thought it was over. >> and democrats areng to find solid footing. a dire warning from the democrat challenging nanciy pelosi for the post of house minority leader. can congressman tim ryan change the direction of the party. you didn't read your
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the man challenging nancy pelosi for her minority leadership post in congress
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congressman tim ryan said the party needs to reinvent itself. >> i think even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party. we can't claim to be. it is about having a new message and messenger and reach those folks. >> democrats not a national party. we'll talk to matt viser with the boston globe. mime warren on line editor for the weekly standard. michael, what do you think about that? are democrats no longer a national party? >> look at the numbers to see that that is the case. the democrats will have 195 house seats at the end of this when all of the votes are are in and you look at 50 percent of those house seats are in three places. california, and new york and new
10:25 am
england. 60 percent of the house seats are concentrated on urban areas throughout the country and tim ryan is right. this is not in a conventional way a national party. but does tim ryan have an answer to get democrats back to a competitive place where they lost societies in the last few years. listening to his fox news sunday interview i didn't hear specifics and i wonder if changing the guard is what is the democrats need. >> matt, if you jumped on interstate 80 and drove coast to coast, you you would spend a lot of hours s p republican co >> yes, there is large swathe of the country that are ñ7tqxred. you can drive through and not hit a democratic county in a lot of instances and that is driving some of the fefshor for
10:26 am
candidates like elizabeth waren sort of an appetite for a popullist rhetoric that donald trump did better at tapping into in this campaign than hillary clinton did. that's where you are getting movement from people like tim ryan. the massachusetts' delegation. they are pushing for new leadership in the house and democrat caucus. there is a lot of angst and new vision to attract or win back voters in states like michigan, pennsylvania, and ohio that democrats have been able to attract in the past. >> nancy pelosi is a democrat from san francisco and has been leader of her caucus in the house for a decade and a half. doesn't she represent efrlg that was defeated or rejected by
10:27 am
voters in the last election? >> yeah, you could say that it. andy think there is a question of what does tim ryan or any of the other younger democrats offer that nancy pelosi doesn't? there is a model for democrats that doesn't depend on economic popullism or like elizabeth warren. democrats look at what they did in the senate and house, they found democrats to run in virginia, like jim web or bob casy in pennsylvania representing the districts on social issues and like life or guns? and i wonder if the democratic party of twaent 16 can pull that off in the way they did in 2006. ? that is a question we don't know the answer to it?
10:28 am
>> if tim ryan is wanting to give birth to it more centrist democrats, not a lot of success. >> it is different in the country than it was in washington. nancy pelosi has had a hold on the democratic concan cause. and he is there & we mentioned a younger crop of people who are kind of taking control of the party leadership in washington. and have been old and in their positions for time sometimes. and but that the the ship. >> thank i, >> president-elect trump had
10:29 am
frequent run ins with the media and setting up an epic battle which is the white house press corps. and a flag flight in a new england college when the school decides to stop flying the red, white and blue and sparking outrage. >> too much blood has been shed for our country and our freedom. >> stand up for something but don't take the flag down to do it. the flag of the united states of america. i'm terrible at golf.
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"happening now", a battle brewing in washington and not just with one new's out let. and the former press secretary for bush 43 writes an op- ed, while the press in an institution is largely in decline. the briefing room is one of the last bunkers of power and a place they dominate and satisfy with predate social media and they struggle with how news is made and covered today. >> molly hemmingway. and susan crabtree.
10:34 am
susan, you are in the briefing room every day. is change coming to the white house press corps. >> i heard rumors about. that i am passionate about it. i believe there is an obvious and no surprise to anyone that there is an obvious liberal bias. i have been from the washington avenue. and i was like a skunk in it the white house party. and when you come across the press pool and where donald trump dodges the press corps. that is not good. but every institution in washington can use reforming and so can the washington correspondent's association. >> you say, molliy no one takes the white house press corps. >> they have put a lot of
10:35 am
credibility on the line in arguing that hillary clinton should be elected president and it was the moral duty of journalist to oppose donald trump. some less fair than others. and they lost. and so donald trump has kind of an upper hand right now and i think that it is a bad situation and good to have a media to hold powerful people accountable, but we have broken trust with the viewers and reader and listeners and i don't get a feeling that political media is trying to make up for how poorly they handled the campaign cycle. >> and space is not owned by the press corps. but the taxpayers of the united states and if he wanted to keep the press corps out, he could, couldn't he? >> the correspondent's association determine who will
10:36 am
sit in the special room or not. it is true, that the trump administration can do anything they want to. they can turn it in to a kitchen and with the low favorability ratings that media have more than half. country would cheer if he did that. show they will put the best construction on what donald trump is saying even as they report. and do a better job just for the entire government project. we need a good media. we haven't had it. it was more as the communication arm of the democratic party. >> it was a bowling alley up until the lbj era. no one is suggesting that the press doesn't do its job. but there is a feeling that
10:37 am
certain perks that come with being the new york time and or nbc or one of the traditional media outlets, that could go away? >> every, every presidency has their certain pet reporters that they treat separately. in the obama administration, i witnessed at times, you are in the basement with the washington examiner along with bloomberg and other good media outlet and you would see the reporters going to a private briefing and they were seen as important reporters or friendly reporters. and we saw it again and again. and certainly, donald trump has a lot of lee way. even if he doesn't change the seating charge. he being do it 50- 50. and half to the media power sharing arrangement. or he could call on the
10:38 am
reporters that he wants to. the white house controls the relationship. and in the p president obama white house, you saw the front row get attention. they dominated the briefings as you saw it was political theater and us in the back, we had to wait the entire press briefing. it is controlled by the trump administration. and as molly said, it could have a recelt. i don't see it happening unless press and media. f the way i am not sure a reset is possible. >> based on everything on the campaign. you can sort of smell change in the air. susan and molly, thank you. >> and now the dow has been on the winning streak since election day. stocks are moving lower.
10:39 am
the dow down 30 ponents on the day. this as cyber monday on the year. they started before today with amazon, target and walmart kicking off deposits earlier this month. and a judge shows dylanroof can act as his own opportunity. he stands accused of killing nine parishioners in a back charleston church. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds)
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10:43 am
the american flag after students burned a flag in protest. vet and their supporters say it shows disrespect to the men and women to the military and the school is standing by the decision. molly line is standing by with this one. it is not going away any time soon? >> a great many showed up and they were brought thereby veterans. and the veterans sending a clear message saying that freedom is not free and they would like to see the american flag put back up. the college administration decided not to fly it on the flag poll. the president johnathon lash empsidewaysed not flying the flag. and they are seeking to have values. and not make a political statement. the battle has been going on for
10:44 am
a long time in the small liberal art's school. it was put down to half staff and then the flag was burned. the board of trustees allowed the flag to remain at half staff to facilitate a dialogue. >> some see it commentary on the results of the presidential election and thisleb>q was not intent. and then when it was seen as disrespectful by the veterans of the community the call was to take it down. it was explained like this earlier this month. >> we'll not fly the u.s. flag for the time being. and hope it will enable us to focus our efforts on sdraeszing racist and islam phobe and i can anti- imgrant and lbgtq rhetoric. >> president lash met with the
10:45 am
vfw and expressed his regret that a unknown person or persons burned the flag. meanwhile, it is down and the dialogue continues and the college sees the conversation as an opportunity learning opportunity. >> oh, my goodness. i think there are more important learning opportunities like hitting the books around there. molly, thank you so much for that. >> new information on the charleston south carolina massacre. the judge ruled that dylanroof can act as his own opportunity. roof stands accused of killing nine black parishoners. since then there are a number of legal developments in the case. a federal grand jury returned a 33 count indictment against roof. he was arraigned on federal
10:46 am
charge and then may of this year, the government will seek the death penalty in this federal case. and jury selection began and three weeks ago, it was delayed after the defense filed a motion questioning roof's competency to stand trial. is comp at the present time to stand trial. joining us is jonna. and heather. a trial attorneys. and the judge is saying he's comp at the present time to stand trial. own opportunity. >> every criminal defense attorney clifrjed it is not a good decision on any point. but there is a method to this guy a madness and this is what it is. if you will recall, his defense
10:47 am
is not that i need to be acquitted and somebody else did it. his defense was let me live. and if the jurors will watch him represent himself, he may play on the sympathy of one who is not going to be in favor of flipping the switch. >> there was a thinking that he might try to moint an insanity defense. but if he's asking to be his own opportunity and saying to the court and jurors, saying, i am competent. not work. >> i disagree with jana. >> i dis(p ee with jana. effective. he has an opportunity, and that taefrn is losing it because he is upset that dylanis not objecting when he is be.
10:48 am
defense. he had things to argue in that respect. he was arrested in the past for having illegal drugs and said that those contributed to insanity defense. and now he's representing himself, that will be out of the windowo. orn some people just want to be a martyr and make a statement and go out in a e3ñpblaze of gl does the court have to let him do that? does the court have to offer an opinion there? >> he has the right to defend himself. it is not a wise move. the judge stated on the record that it is an unwise motion. and the judge saids you are competent. and then he made a motion to relieve his attorney. i don't know if he will fount an
10:49 am
insanity defense. you can'trbz÷ do that without a attorney doing it for you. and so perhaps his new opportunity is i don't care what you do to me. >> we'll continue to update our ñ in the case. it is sad all the way around. >> thank you. >> and serria's russian backed army making new progress to reclaiming aleppo. where the government troou troops are now.
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hello, everyone, i'm shannon green. we will have details on the vicious attack at ohio state.
10:53 am
and one governor says he will ban sanctuary cities, how will he do it? and will wisconsin go through a hand by hand count of their ballots? america's election headquarters is coming up. right now new developments out of syria in what could be a turning point in the four-year long battle for the rebel held city of aleppo, and syrian government forces just expanded their control, taking over half of their largest city. fox news contributor, thank you for joining us today. you basically described two wars going on inside syria right now that are being fought in strap cities. going have isis in raqqa and completely separately russia
10:54 am
with president assad. is it really that cut and dry? >> nothing in syria right no is so cut and dry. they like the new york of syria. it's a commercial hub and has huge important to the opposition and the regime. they're moving into the ground into these neighborhoods, they're supported by the air force that are carpet bombing the neighborhoods and starving them out. at the same time, you have the u.s. backed kurds attacks isis's capital. russia is not bombing isis. they're bombing various groups, third party groups, so to speak.
10:55 am
so the west has to choose assad, iran, and russia or isis. >> why does assad and iran for that matter, why are they not fighting back against isis or would they be if we weren't there. the united states swat supported the administration and the half measures, but the russians are perfectly content as is assad and the iranians to let the united states take on isis and go after the capital of raqqa and that has it's own complications with the turks and various sunni rebel groups, so if we ever do go to the negotiating able to, they're in an extreme position of strength.
10:56 am
>> what are the implications of that going forward? giving everything they're doing around the world and trying to exterminate christians around the world. to attack american citizens. in one sense we don't have a choice, but to go in and back the group going after isis. >> you're absolutely right and i don't mean to say that we should not be going after isis. i think we should be doing more in arming the groups against isis. i just want to be very careful is the notion that we should work with the russians against isis. the russians don't care about isis, they care about preserving the assad regime. >> thank you, we'll be right back. see me. see me. see me to know is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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it's been great to have you here for a few days. >> thank you, so much, i enjoyed it. >> and they get more of you, right? >> yes, 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. i want to wish my dad a
11:00 am
birthday, he is 80 today. >> thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters starts now. we begin with a fox news alert. a knife wielding suspect that mowed down victims on campus of ohio state university. we know of at least eight people who have been hospitalized. here is the osu police chief. >> about 9:52 p.m., a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb and struck pedestrians. he used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. officers were on scene in less than a minute and


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