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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters starts now. we begin with a fox news alert. a knife wielding suspect that mowed down victims on campus of ohio state university. we know of at least eight people who have been hospitalized. here is the osu police chief. >> about 9:52 p.m., a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb and struck pedestrians. he used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. officers were on scene in less than a minute and he ended the scene in less than a minute.
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the suspect is d.o.a. the investigation is on going. i want to thank the officers who did a great job and did what they were trained to do. >> what do we know at this point? >> the 1:00 p.m. news conference cleared up so much confusion on this and gave us information on exactly what happened. the details were really strange there for awhile. campus police say he drove his vehicle into a crowd of students. calls came into 911 reporting the accident, but he jumped out of the car and started attacking people with a knife. students near watts hall told to run, hide, or fight as a last resort. students not in immediate danger were told to shelter in place. the hero police officer could be
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the reason that no students were killed. within one minute of the 911 call, that officer arrived on the scene and killed the knife wielding suspect. nine students taken to the hospital, one in critical condition, eight in stable condition. watts has science and engineering buildings. the campus president said the university was prepared. >> this is obviously a tragic situation and something that as andy was saying earlier we prepare for every year. our faculty and staff are all trained. and the best that we can do is be prepared and respond appropriately. >> really a horrifying story, but the preparedness of campus police. that officer arrived in one minute and ending the threat within one minute of arrival.
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>> very quick response there. what are we hearing from governor kasich? >> yeah, a nod to the great police work from governor john kasich. he said my thoughts are with the victims of this attack and i pray for their safety and recovery. i thank the first responders that effectively contained the incident before further harm could be done. we're waiting to learn more on the suspect, including his name. >> we're thankful for our first responders and the good job they do every day. steve loomis, president of the cleveland police patrolman's association. let's talk about what we heard, and what rob talked about there. officials saying this person jumped a curb, drove into
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pedestrians, and then got out to start stabbing them. what does that say about what went down here? >> it is absolutely preplanned. in my mind, to pull a fire alarm to get everyone out. >> there was reports that someone pulled a fire alarm and that sent people outside where they would have been in the path of this car. someone asked a question about that at a press conference and it didn't seem like we got a full fledged answer. that raised the question if someone was working in concert with the person driving the car. >> or it could have been him. in the investigation it will pan out, but the men and women of the police department did a outstanding job, the students did a outstanding job. it's unfortunate that we have to train our students to be prepared for these types of situations.
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we had a similar event up here in downtown cleveland years ago, and it is just a tragedy that we have to prepare for these. >> to neutralize these within a minute, pretty incredible, and we know they talked about running these drills. a number of the witnesses said the attacker was silent during the whole thing. wasn't saying anything or giving anything that was a clue as to motive. what does that say to you about maybe the mental stability or the motivation, that they didn't say a word. >> i'm he is isn't a to really guess, but most name have a hatchet and try to kill people are crazy in some way, shape, or form. the investigation will pan out. i'm sure the fbi and the feds
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are involved now. they will find out and search homes and things like that. they will do a fine job with the investigation to lead us to a motive and those types of things, so -- >> they're calling it an active crime scene, this transpired just hours ago, saying this was just the start of the investigation. how will they put the puzzle together. >> they will get the individual hi identified. they get phone and computer records for him. they will do facebook surfing, and they will get to the bottom of what the motivation is one way or the other, trust me, they always do. the feds and the dpsh they do a very good job looking into these situations and unfortunately there are people that live among us that want to do us harm. they are just going to school, trying to get an education, and
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didn't deserve that. >> how much do you worry about the fact that's there are college campuses, malls, that will are people expecting this, armed with weapons of their own, what do we begin to do to reassure people that look at these campuses as socially soft targets? >> it is very, very difficult to defend the soft targets. like we snau front. this is reminiscent of it. you have to educate your kids and families. i am a father, and that is exactly right. you run, fight, hide -- it
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doesn't matter you have to be aggressive about getting yourself out of that situation and they were well trained. the campus seemed like they had a good policy in place. and then the response from the first responders was incredible. less than a minute to neutralize that situation is fantastic response time. >> probably saved a lot of lives there. i heard one woman talking about how a lot of students were former military and she felt like she was in great hands, kudos to our first responders and our veterans on campus. >> training training training not only for the first responders, but for the law abiding citizens out there. you to be watching out
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unfortunately. >> steve, thank you so much, sir, good to see you today. >> a potential battle over secretary of state playing out now at trump tower. there has been some debate and some division over the top candidates for secretary of state. meanwhile, a top homeland security official in the george w bush had min strags is under consideration for homeland secretary. do we get a sense of how close trump may or may not be to offering petraeus a job in his new administration. >> all we know about petraeus in the elevator on his way up or in the lobby outside of his office, all that we know is that he said nice things about trump and that he sounds eager to serve.
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there was an interview where he said if a president asked you to serve, the only answer can be yes. the last government job the retired general had was cia director and that has been filled for the next administration. today's meeting would be about something else. he is the headliner today. tomorrow it will be mitt romney. trump administration are already complaining about mitt romney because of all of the nasty things he said in the 2016 primaries about the man who is now the president-elect, but romney got a rare call back for a second meeting and that says a lot. >> all right, now of course mr. trump, the president-elect, is talking about millions of illegally cast votes. so what kind of evidence does he have there has been voter fraud?
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that is it benefitted democrats, what can you tell snim. >> as democrats met up with the green party, trump said he thinks something fishy was going on, too. he said in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of illegal people who voted. we know that he spoke to president obama on the phone for about 45 minutes this weekend but no one will say what those two were chatting about. >> wouldn't we like to know? president-elect trump sounding off on the recount effort in wisconsin. we have a update for you, stick around. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p you didn't read your
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this is a fox news alert on the recount of wisconsin. that comes as hillary clinton's campaign joins green party candidate dr. jill stein's petition. if all of the voted would have gone for clinton, she would have won the state. we understand that stein has now filed for a recount in another state, in pennsylvania, another critical one. >> that's right, she just filed a petition in a state court for a recount. it's a different, harder process
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there. she is buying time for them to get the recount effort watches, but in wisconsin, trump got a perceived 246,000 more votes. jill stein got about 31,000 total votes. she want as recount in michigan as well. they stilt the recount will cost six million to seven million. the stein campaign says the recounts are not intended to help hillary clinton, they're just about integrity of elections. the clinton campaign says they're participating for the same reason. >> what is the trump campaign saying about this recount issue today? >> as you imagine they are pushing bad hard, listen. >> it is a total hypocritical
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move. the people who said he should have been quick to concede are asking for recounts. and saying we're getting attacked to parties paint in a recount by a man that we didn didn't -- who thinks there was massive voter fraud. nine dead after a shooting in the french quarter. police say it started when two men got into an argument and both drew guns. all of those wounded were just caught in the cross fire. general david petraeus arriving moments ago to trump tower. mitt romney will be meeting with mr. trump again tomorrow.
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police in the philippines diffusing a bomb found just feet from the u.s. embassy. they spotted it and quickly notified guards. they said the device was sophisticated and could have done plenty of damage. it is similar to one recently built by an isis group. this is a fox news alert,
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general david petraeus arriving at trump tower to talk to the president-elect about the secretary of state job. he is a former director of the cia after he stepped down because of an extra marial affair. and mitt romney will meet again with the president-elect tomorrow. in the meantime, maybe not such a merry christmas behind the scenes, there is a lot of back and forth in trump world about what is going on with mitt
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romney and others. i want to play kellyanne conway talking about the back and forth with romney. >> i'm all for party unity, but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. i am just me, i'm not donald trump, so as his former campaign manager, the number of people that feel betrayed to think a governor romney would get the most prominent post after he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> is she going rogue or is it a coordinated messaging system? >> you can only take people at face value, and we can only assume that what she says is the case. these folks fill betrayed and she thinks is would be a big mistake. and in fact, we can know that there are others, like newt
11:24 am
gingrich, rudy giuliani that say don't go to romney. now the question is is trying to jam the president-elect on this pick the way you get the pick you want? they may be able to scuttle a pick, making is sound like trump would be betraying his base. but does that mean that gingrich gets the pick or another loyalist? not necessarily. it may make it less likely that no president-elect or president wants to look like he is being publicly jammed. >> i feel like there is double and triple mind games going on here. >> it seems like everyone is lined up for the same job.
11:25 am
>> in the meantime, there is the arguably more important position of secretary of state, but that is a throw back from the times when secretaries of state were crucial for the conducting of foreign policy. now presidents do their own foreign policy because of air travel and teleconferencing. the secretary of defense is really, really, really important because they have to go to the me pentagone. could trump switch? anything is possible, trump has never done this or anything like this before, so he is making his way through so you can see certainly petraeus move over to a different position.
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>> whoever hits that pentagon spot will have to do with a lot of restaffing and returning people that think they suffer ad lot of attrition. new detailed unfolding after that attack at ohio state university. the investigation into the suspect and what we're learning about that person and the potential motive for this rampage. a former homicide detective joins us live to talk about that. and under way across cuba after the death of fidel castro. what the trump presidency could mean for our future relationship with that country. >> what that deal is is yet to be determined. but we need to have a relationship between cuba and the united states.
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11:31 am
what does your gut tell you about what we're learning about the attack? >> one of the things that i'm interested in is what is the motive. is this an isis inspired attack? that is what the federal agents are trying to find out right now. they're looking through telephones, calls, social media, try to figureer find out what is going on. >> they said at 9:52 a car was hitting pedestrians, by 9:53 an officer reported shots fired. what kind of training, what goes through your mind as an officer when you're responding to this kind of scene and you to quickly act as they did, probably
11:32 am
heroically saving lives. >> many colleges went into a phase of training their law enforcement personnel on how to respond and react in an efficient and fast manner. this is what you had here. you had law enforcement officer very close to that seen so they could react. what is going through his mind is the adrenaline. trying to be able to help and save those students if they are in peril. >> i thought it was interesting to see the students very well aware of their surroundings. they were showing they were inside rooms with stacks of desks put up against the door. this is clearly the thing in 2016 that students and people have to think about on campuses.
11:33 am
>> not only students and individuals, but we all have to be very vigilant these days. these people are terrorist inspires and so students are strained just as they are to go into the classroom and to learn, they're also trained to protect themselves on many campuses in america. >> we all have to be aware of our surroundings and have a plan. they have not ruled it out, they have not rule it'd in. we thank you for lending us a little bit of your insights and we know you'll stay on it. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, ted. tributes under way in cuba after the death of fidel castro. the somber memorials are very different from what we have been
11:34 am
seeing in miami where they are celebrating. >> shannon, the official morning here started in havana with a 21 gun sa lute. there was hundreds of cubans lined up to pay their financial respects. after two days here, his ashes will go on the road across the entire country going east to the place where he started the revolution in 1953. they be in a cemetery, fidel castro leaving the scene at age 90 leaving his brother raul in charge. he ruled for eight years officially. he says he will step down in two more years. we have seen a generational change in leadership preponderate biggest question that remains now are where are u.s. and cuba relations going. we saw dramatic turns in the obama administration.
11:35 am
a real thawing. now reopening, increased trade, an american airlines flight, the first in 50 years from miami to havana today. that going forward but it could be reversed. a brutal dictator, so we could see a real shift in what has been a real -- >> the white house responding a short time ago to the death of fidel castro after their interesting release this weekend. republicans criticize president obama for not being tough enough in his statement on the leader's death. >> i think she a figure that had a profound impact on the history of his country and the methe
11:36 am
hemisphere. there is no white watching. the kinds of activities he presided over. >> okay, we have robin here, welcome to you. >> hello, shannon, thank you so much. >> mercedes, i know you have a very personal connection. i think we have a picture of your parents on their wedding day in havana. they left that country and you are here and living the american dream. i have to ask you about what josh ernest staid. he was a towering figure with an impact on his country and the hemisphere. that is accurate. >> talk about a politically correct statement. my father was a political prisoner, in jail for six years. they stole my father's properties, his home.
11:37 am
when my father protested against the government he was thrown into jail as many of his colleagues were. he retold the stories of his friends being executed by firing squad by castro and the military. so where i think that he is just missing the point, is that he was not only ruthless, but he tortured, executed, and millions of cubans who really, what they thought, what they wanted was freedom. and now we're seeing a country where the only people who benefit are the cuban military, the communist that support fidel castro, and the rest have been left behind in poverty and these conditions where they is a v no hope in their future. >> robin, where are you on this? for the most part, regardless of party there has been a lot of interesting responses. there has been plenty of
11:38 am
criticism of the white house and what they said about castro. it was neutral at best. party aside, there are human rights watch groups and these have been documenting his abuses for decades. not to mention all of the people that lost their lives and risked their lives trying to escape their brutal regime. should we have heard something different from our administration? >> you know, i'm glad you asked that. i completely agree for the most part, it is inarguable. he walked the line and gave a very tepid and diplomatic response. we saw the responses from donald trump, and he gave a message that will appeal to those who voted him into officer. for the most part when he said that he was a brutal dictator.
11:39 am
my only issue is that the president-elect trump is talking about rolling back the executive actions that benefit us both. and that these are mutually symbiotic. >> let me just make this very clear. the deal, the deal pushed forward by president obama, when you do businesses with cuba, you're doing business with the cuban state entities. flexion, hotels owned by cuban military. it says people that support the castro dictatorship, it's not the millions of cuban people. so to allow him to move forward. he ended up being a deal, they had to do nothing. the castro government didn't have to make any changes. it sounds like we're going to have a different conversation going forward. thank you very much for your
11:40 am
time. this is a fox news alert. new details on the identity of the ohio state university attacker. jennifer griffin joins us with more. >> we can confirm at this point that the attacker at ohio state university was an 18-year-old o somali. he was brought here as a refugee. we're told the fbi has been looking into any possible terrorism ties. it's not clear at this point if anyone who was self radicalized or may have ties to overseas. >> this is sbhon was from overseas, is it your understanding, came has a ref ju. >> that's correct. achieved legal permanent resident status. it's not clear how old he was when he brought here. >> that will be an interesting
11:41 am
part of the conversation. thank you for the important detail. we know you will continue to dig, let us know when you get more information. >> the fight now over sanctuary cities, several are vowing to defy president-elect trump's plans. one state vowing to cut off all funding for any sanctuary cities within it's borders. more on that coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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11:45 am
president-elect's trump there awarding him 16 e he will tor yal votes. the 2016 vote was the closest president race in michigan in more than 75 years. >> texas cracking down on sanctuary cities. we are joined now with more. hey, traice. >> they were responding to someone that the city of austin was pledged to remainasked if t anything his office could do, and he saidly sign a ban on sanctuary cities and funding will be cut to the sanctuary cities. that could be a double whammy.
11:46 am
president-elect trump also said he would cut funding to sanctuary cities. now abbot believes he has enough votes to actually pass stuff legislation against sanctuary cities. democratic governors across the country are vowing to defy the stance against illegal immigrants and dan malloy is threatening to sue the feds if any funding is cut. >> that is such an interesting web to me, you sue for money that you should not be getting because you're breaking the law? okay, we'll watch and wait. another interesting twist, the department of justice has now gone after the denver sheriff's department because they're only hiring u.s. citizens to be deputies. what is going on? >> and now the denver sheriff's department has agreed to not only pay a $10,000 fine, but
11:47 am
also to go back through all of the job applications for the past two years and give those applicants the chance to complete the evaluation process. with no consideration of their citizenship status at all. and from now on, where ever the have's department puts up those job notices, the posters, they have to provide a copy on the exact poster in whatever language the applicant prefers. apparently it doesn't matter if they speak english and colorado has a state law that says you don't not have to be a citizen to be in law enforcement. >> we'll follow up with the justice department who has been very busy on some things. thank you very much. >> sure. >> are you still looking for cyber sales or great online deals. maybe you're shopping right now. we're live at an amazon shipping center with the low down on the
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it is cyber monday, in case you didn't know, and both online and brick and mortar retailers are offering dealslure us all i. adam, i probably have a few orders waiting there behind you. good to see you today. >> reporter: it's good to see you and there are some deals to be had. there's about a million square feet of space here, 10 million items. at the end of the day let's talk about the numbers, because not only but all the retailers have online deals going on for cyber monday. adobe digital insights estimates that we as americans will spend $3.36 billion, that's with a b,
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today, just today, buying stuff. 49% of us don't tell the boss. 49% of us will be shopping while we're at work. what are people buying? i'm going to show you some of the discounts at amazon. these shark electronics portable speakers, usually about $110. you can get this for the teenager in your life, $70. but the best thing they have got right now, i call it shag rug elmo. it's actually love to learn elmo. this is on sale from $70 to $33. so has deals that will run through december 22nd. all of the retailers are offering deals for cyber monday. this is the big day, it's going to be historic, according to the analysts. and 122 million of us, shannon, are going to be shopping. so shag rug elmo, you can't beat it. >> you've got to get it done. there are several people on my list that would love to spend the holidays with elmo. thank you very much. let's take a closer look at the holiday sales so far.
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more than 122 million shoppers are projected to be shopping online. we spent about $2 billion online on thanksgiving already. another $3.3 billion on black friday. this is the first time we have surpassed $3 billion. here's more help. tips for us. >> shop till you drop. >> like we discussed during the commercial, you snooze, you lose. i already lost something that sold out online. so what do we need to know? >> clothing, shoes, beauty products. while thanksgiving and black friday were for other things like electronics, this is the day for those types of items. you're seeing 50% off sitewide on gap, old navy, ann taylor, a bunch of other retailers, talbot, the list goes on and on. this is the day to stock up on stuff from your favorite retailers because this is where you see the site-wide discounts. >> are people always looking for big items, special items? >> well, walmart has tripled its
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assortment this year. a lot of products. they have gone from 8 million products to 23 million. they have a 32-inch samsung tv for $148. that's a $420 tv. they have toys, they have trampolines. they also have some name brands, luxury brands, you wouldn't normally find at walmart like kate spade, like uggs, rebecca minkoff, cartier. >> cartier is at walmart? >> they're making some interesting news. >> that should be a fox news alert. i have to go, my computer is calling. >> something very different for walmart. they have more fulfillment centers and upped the ante. target, 15% off site-wide. no coupon code required. kohl's, 20% off. best buy giving amazon a run for the money. they have really good deals. they too have beefed up their e-commerce. >> most importantly, how do we
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keep ourselves safe online doing the shopping? >> this is the time of year you hear and see more scams. you want to use secure sites only. look for the lock i con. https. so basically common sense. you don't want to go into a free public wi-fi area and start shopping up a storm, because that's just stupid. you want to have very secure passwords. a lot of people just use password or their pet's name and that's not a good idea. it's expected to be a big one. we could surpass the numbers we see on black friday. if we do, today would be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. >> can you quickly tell us anything about travel? >> very good travel deals too. is telling me that they're seeing extravagant flash sales to the caribbean and to europe specifically. we're talking 20 in excess potentially of 30% off, paris, london, amsterdam, st. maarten,
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they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. because they weren't just thinking about their future... buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. an attacker is demanding $73,000 in ransom after crashing the mass fare website this weekend. they read out of service or you're hacked. apparently a lot of people want to know the meaning of xenophobia. it's defined as fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures or strangers. searchers for the word spiked after brexit and after president obama said in a speech describing donald trump's campaign rhetoric that it was
12:00 pm
more about nativism and xenophobia than anything else. it is time to go cyber shop and it's time to check in with the shepard smith coming to you live from the news desk on cyber monday. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. on the campus of ohio state university where we're getting brand new information about today's attack. investigators say the suspect plowed a car into a crowd, then slashed at people with a butcher knife before a cop took him out. ahead, everything we know about what went down at the home of the buckeyes. plus a lot of politics today. president-elect donald trump trying to choose his cabinet but his own senior advisor, kellyanne conway blasting mitt romney as a possible pick. so is disagreement bubbling inside trump tower? or is it all really part of the plan? and wisconsin election staffers sit and talk about a possible recount after accusations that hacking may have given donald trump the


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