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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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trump's lies destroy logic as well as truth. is he like godzilla marching through truth town destroying every truth in its path. send us your crewless. you know the address @ tucker carlson. o'reilly is next. >> >> girls and i in the bathroom were shaken up we are like did this actually really happen. media instinct is kind of that it's not real. >> chaos at ohio state today. looks like some terrorists put some students? real danger. we'll have an update. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. you all live for it. >> another higher education controversy in massachusetts as the american flag has been banned from a campus there. we will tell you all about it. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> fidel castro not of this earth anymore, but the left still loves him. we will tell you what a
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terrible tyrant he was. >> hail trump. hail our people. tail victory. >> also ahead, talking about tyrants. what is the truth about the white power movement in the u.s.a.? caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have three talking points memos one on donald trump saying millions of illegal aliens voted in the last second election. second white power and third why the left loves deceased dictator fidel castro. first two stories on college campuses lead the factor this evening. today at ohio state 11 people were hurt. one critically when they were attacked by a somali-born man who was then shot to death by a police
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officer. terrorism very possible. joining us now from washington with the latest. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin. all right. who was the guy, jennifer, and what do they think the motive was? >> well, bill, what we have learned is his name abdul allali artan. video of him driving into campus and plowing into students as he left the hall there. then he got out of his vehicle wielding a knife. if it hadn't been for a police officer who had been called nearby to a gas leak, he is the one who shot and killed the 18-year-old somali and he would have done a lot more damage if he hadn't done so. >> is he an ohio state police officer? i know a lot of police he is an ohio state guy. >> is he an ohio state police officer, yes. >> he is the big hero tonight. >> absolutely. >> this plays into a number
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of things politically. so here you have an 18-year-old somali. somalia, obviously a terror haven, al qaeda and isis. here, as you pointed out legally, got legal status, i understand it's a refugee situation, all right. and donald trump, one of his main campaign themes was no more of this. we're stopping this. >> absolutely. >> so this story, i suspect, is going to get very big in the next 48 hours. >> absolutely. in fact, we know that the fbi has been called in. we know that they are looking at possible terrorism ties overseas. and we have learned from our own sources here in washington that there was a facebook post basically a declaration of some sorts in which he was complaining about the treatment of muslims and how muslims had been attacked in the past. we also know that isis had put out on saturday a video in french calling for attacks on westerners. and that had been translated into english and just last month isis put out a newspaper calling for knife
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attacks on westerners. >> all right. so i think it will be more for this story to come. just real quick. 11 students, i guess they are all students hurt. one critically. is that the status right now? >> that's the status right now. we understand most of them are expected to survive, bill. >> all right. jennifer. thank you very much. now let's turn to another higher education situation. this one in massachusetts. hampshire college says it will no longer fly the american flag. >> this stands for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. >> the symbol was raising the temperature of the controversy that disagreement in getting us away from the underlying values that we wanted to discuss. >> joining us now from boston, adrianna connie -- cohe. it seems almost impossible to believe. let's start with the college. hampshire college is, what,
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a small liberal arts school? >> that's right. in western massachusetts. >> and the student body, is it a radicalized school? is it something that has been known in the past to do these kinds of anti-american things? >> well, you know, we haven't really seen that lately. but what has happened is political correctness has run amuck on college campuses all across the united states, bill. and in massachusetts now, these students took -- prout the flag down to half mast right before veterans day. and then someone burned the american flag. we presume it was students. the day before veterans day. and then the school replaced the flag on veterans day and flew it high. and then they cowardly decided the school president and officials decided to take the flag down and burn the american flag on campus. complete disgrace and outrage. >> does this have anything to do with the election of trump? >> i think it does because the flag was first lowered
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in response to the presidential election. some were unhappy with the results. >> jonathan lash comes across as a weasel, this is disruptive. somehow an american flag on college campus is disruptive. to me just cut the college's throat. alumni donations in which these colleges depend, particularly a small place like hampshire, they are going to dry up. this is not going to go over well. radical students not goings to give any students anyway. students well off are going to say i'm not going to support that has lash been challenged at all? >> yes. absolutely. so just yesterday, thousands of people from all over protested are the banning of the american flag. there was a rally on campus. a peaceful -- many, many veterans came and they expressed their this is disgraceful. totally dishonoring our veterans and what the flag stands for there has been a
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petition filed on people are saying less funding to the school because if they don't like our flag then they shouldn't like our tax dollars and i agree with them. >> i don't know how much money that school gets in state and federal funding it it's got to be looked at. >> we apologize for the audio. the satellite sometimes that happens. next on the rundown, donald trump tweeting he believes millions of illegal aliens may have voted in the presidential election. can that possibly be true? and then fidel castro no more but the left still loves him. we will tell you the truth about the cuban lowered up ahead.
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>> impact segment tonight. donald trump tweeted on sunday that he believes millions of illegal aliens voted in the presidential election. immediately mr. trump was mocked and scorned by those who don't like him. now, the factor can't k. not possibly verify whether mr. trump's statement
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contains any truth at all. what we can tell you with certainty, however, is that there is an amazing amount of confusion over illegal aliens voting. and that is the subject of the first talking points memo me. as you may know, california, along with 11 other states now gives illegal aliens license to drive. and once you have a valid drivers license in california, connecticut, oregon, vermont, and west virginia. you're automatically registered to vote. if you use some slight of hand. you must provide a valid social security number to prove you are here legally, but that can be done via computer. and as we all know, phony social security numbers are legion. now, in california, if you are undocumented you get a stamp on your license that federal limits apply. and the law in all of 12 states says illegal aliens are not allowed to vote. however, who is checking?
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the answer, no one. as far as we can tell. and as talking points stated it's not hard to game the system. so it's not inconceivable that millions of illegal aliens did vote on november 8th. the it's not a fact either at least at this point. joining us from washington is charles krauthammer. so in california alone, more than 800,000 illegal aliens applied for driver drivers licee drnses. trump tweeting millions voted. not sure is he going to be able to back that up. what's your feeling? >> well, of course is he not going to be able to back it up. and, you know, it's like jill stein saying in wisconsin and michigan there could have been fraud, there could have been systematic cyber attack there could have been some kind of russia than begans in this election and therefore let's do a recount. there could be a lot of things. that doesn't make them true. i mean, it could be that there are aliens circling
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the earth and on election day they and they are invincible, of course they train their ray guns on the ballot boxes on several states. as a result. 3 million g.o.p. votes disappeared. anything could be. >> the alien ray gun thick we are not going to buy. >> tell me why he? they are invincible. >> i give information that's accurate. i took a hard look at this california thing today and my staff. if you wanted to, you can get a license if you are not in this license legally and you can game that system in both. not that hard to do it. there is nobody checking it. i assume it's the same in the other 11 states and washington, d.c. if you have a scenario that easy. and it is easy. okay. then by saying well, i'm
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extrapolating information from that that millions might have voted possibly have voted. that's what trump should have said. >> well, yes. and that's a big difference. there is a difference between saying x might have happened. and saying x did happen and as a result i won the popular vote. and that's the issue here. i agree with you. there should be laws where it is impossible. >> impossible. >> for a noncitizen to vote. >> because if you. >> candid only for the citizenry. but to extrapolate as you're doing, i think is simply illogical and unbelievable leap. >> that donald trump made. not me. i'm just saying that the system is rife for corruption. i believe the california authorities in san francisco want illegal aliens to vote. they want that. they have made it so with a wink, wink, wink, if you do it this way you will be able to. you mentioned jill stein. she is trying to raise money to get a recount. i ignored the story because
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i don't think anything's going to come of it and i don't even want to give this woman attention. i think she should go on pbs. take over the miss rogers show. called miss instead of mr. and have a nice career. what do you say? >> look, this is a joke. this is a fundraising scam for her party. she could have raised the money. look, if she really cared about the outcome of wisconsin and michigan, she wouldn't have campaigned there. siphoned away. the vote that would have obviously gone to hillary and given her the state. she caused hillary to lose wisconsin and lose michigan. if 1/15th of the people who supported her in the election had gone to hillary in michigan, she would have -- hillary would have won the state. >> that's very interesting. >> in one quarter of those had gone to her in wisconsin, had gone to hillary, she would have won -- this is the ralph narrowed of 2016 now cashing in on her sabotage is no
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other word. >> it's not going to have any effect on anything. >> zero. no effect. >> okay. finally, we have the debate about electoral college and popular vote. we reported before the thanksgiving break that in california alone hillary clinton won the popular vote by more than 3 million. okay? and nationwide she won by about 2 million. so, california basically is so far out there you don't even have republican party running anymore. it's two democrats running against each other that if you were to throw it over to the popular vote, you would only have a 1 party system in the united states. there would only be a one party system. because you could go in to california, new york, florida, illinois, and put together any of and you would win. >> well, that assumes that the patterns of the vote are never going to change. they always do. reagan carried california. you know, things change over
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time. there will be a different world. >> i don't think california is ever coming back, charles. >> well, look, it may or may not. there are other states in the country. look, i'm a conservative. i believe in stuff that works. if stuff works you stick with it. we have been a quarter of a millennium with the electoral college. it gives prominence to the fly over states, the swing states that would otherwise be ignored and that serves the country well. so you don't get these heavy population centers determining the elections almost in advance. >> isn't it amazing though that jefferson and franklin and john adams was so perspicacious to figure that out. they knew that philadelphia, new york and boston was overwhelming the rest of the country. that's why they designed it. >> and i'm not so sure they designed it for that reason. i think they designed it to put a filter between the people and the presidency.
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the filter would be the electors who they imagined would be people of high character and who would choose. they were very suspicious of the rule of the masses. >> of the mob. >> and that's why they did this crazy bicameral congress and all the separation of powers. it was a way to put the ultimate decision outside the hands of the people. but none the less, it found the new purpose to empower the smaller, thely no over states and that works. stay with it. >> all right, charles. thank you very much as always. directly ahead fidel castro. why are some liberals and world leaders saying good things about the man? then later, white power. the media would have us believe it's sweeping across the nation. bolder dash. we will tell you the truth moments away. "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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personal story segment tonight. fidel castro. [speaking spanish] >> that is the subject of the second talking points memo. vicious dictator being praised all over the world. i object credible. justin trudeau said quote. while the controversy figure both mr. castro's supporters and detractors recognized history dedication and love for the cuban people who had a deep and loving affection for he will commandante. that does not include the 7,000 executed by castro. i'm not sure if their families have a deep and lasting affection tore el commandante. prime minister trudeau needs to up his game a bit. it's getting embarrassing. here in the u.s.a. here is what jesse jackson said quote. while he denied many political freedoms he at the same time did establish many economic freedoms, e.g.,
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education and healthcare. many economic freedoms, reverend jackson? the average wage in cuba is $20 a month. a month. mos of the population lives in duquesne shacks without air conditions and modern conveniences. economic freedom? what a joke. you want to look for sanity on the issue you have got to go to bernie sanders of all people. >> you are right it is a dictatorship. they do have a decent healthcare system. and the decent educational system. a lot of people have left cuba for better the cuban economy a disaster? no, i do not praise fidel castro. >> now, i visited cuba last spring. it's a mess 1959 when he replaced the vial dictator battista, it's always been a mess. cuban people have no freedom.
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estimated 1.5 million of them have fled the island. and the population is only 11 million to begin with. up from 7 million when the dictator seized power. but still the left loves fidel. they love him because he provided his people free medical care. one problem. there are few doctors left in cuba. most of them have departed so they can earn a decent living. they are out of there. if did you go to the hospital. forget about even having sheets on the beds. so why then are some lion lion izing fidel castro. where am i going wrong here, mr. maxwell. >> i don't think you are. i think one of the frustrations for myself as a cuban american in miami was the way that people either on the right or left romanticized or overestimated the role of fidel castro. it's one of the reasons miami some braced ronald
5:25 pm
reagan when he came here in the 1980s and kind of spoke our frustrations with the castro regime. >> so you and your family, you had to get out of there, right? you and your family had to get out of there. what high school did did you go to in miami, by the way? >> i went to columbus high. >> i taught high school at pace, which is right up palmetto from christopher columbus where you went. and you know what my cuban students about 60% of the school was cuban taught me? do you know what they taught me? because i met their families and parents, of course. those are some the hardest working people on earth. okay? who turned dade county into an unbelievable economic success. and then you go 90 miles and you see deck ka decay and people sitting around and nothing works. so why then do you hear in your these left wingers primarily although sanders was honest say he was such a
5:26 pm
great guy? >> i think there is public consumption. a lot of countries respect fidel castro. i think people in latin america and europe have domestic constituencies that are kind of left wing and liberal and admire fidel. >> why would a guy like justin trudeau the prime minister of canada who i don't believe knows anything. all right and i could be wrong. this guy looks like a camp counselor to me anyway. getting my cheap shot in. why would this guy say oh, el commandante. everybody loves him. why would he do it? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> so you never thought about because i -- jesse jackson it's always all about race with jackson. he somehows believes that was astro was a good race guy, which is, again, just totally insane. castro was stalin light. hitler light.
5:27 pm
frank ler light. i'm going to rule this place. you get out of line you are going to the dungeon or i'm going to shoot you and that was. it was there anything more to him? >> i think he did capture a sense of nationalism and pride in many parts of cuba. in you had an election in cuba, you might be surprised in how much support he had from other parts of the island. of course, we never had that experiment go forward. >> he did have support. you cannot deny that even when i went in april, there were people who viva fidel. do you know how much he stole from the rich and middle class? $9 billion worth of property. people who didn't have any property, they said good, good. you stole $9 billion from these people and we like that. >> yeah. i think there was certainly part of that that was part of the revolution. i mean, you were looking back at a history that occurred 50 or 60 years ago.
5:28 pm
it's interesting. i met a lot of cubans on the island where i brought in all the complaints that my family and i had with respect to the revolution. and they pointed out that the revolution was like a volcano. it was like a force of nature. it created a lot of chaos and pain. and i was lucky because i got out. and they were left behind. and so one of the interesting things that i thing we face today is acknowledging our history. acknowledging our feelings about cass have to and thinking clear eyed as americans what do we want the future of cuba to look like. >> capitalistic country friendly to us. beautiful beaches there. no reason people can't prosper. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening with white power. the media's you to believe it's growing fast in the u.s. later, watters talking to the folks about christmas. >> if you were to give hillary clinton a christmas gift what would it be. >> i think trump already gave her that by not sending
5:29 pm
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(sfx: park rides, music andoooh!d sounds) when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part. >> campaign 2016 segment tonight. creating a mythological situation. that is the subject of the third talking points memo. the liberal press furious that donald trump won the election. so now they are putting out absurd story lines designed to den great those who voted for mr. trump. the top one is that somehow
5:33 pm
the white power movement is gaining momentum in the u.s.a. because of trump. you may remember that on november 19th about 275 hapless nuts showed up for a white nationalist conference in washington, d.c. 50 reporters were there to greet them. 275 morons covered by 50 journalists. that meeting got more press than a louis farrakhan rally ever has. and the minister routinely draws thousands of people to hear him say things like this. >> everywhere the white man has gone his nature drove him to kill. kill the brown. kill the red. kill the yellow. kill my own white brother. and kill the blacks and make sure that the black never
5:34 pm
rise again. and hell followed. everywhere he went hell followed. >> now, talking points is not suggesting the media cover farrakhan. that sound bite is to simply illustrate the extreme rhetoric is not unusual in a country of more than 330 million people. it happens all the time. now for some stats. according to the fbi, in 2015, there were about 1,200,000 violent crimes committed here in the u.s.a. the same year, there were less than 6,000 hate crimes reported. i mean, come on. that sound like an epidemic of hate driven violence to you? does it? and then there are the folks who voted for trump and whom the media are trying to make into some kind of fascist cadre. bret baier had a very fine
5:35 pm
special trump revolution where every day americans got their say. >> if we let everybody go to mexico, we're north going to have any jobs for our grandchildren. >> i think everybody is just mad they got up with the government letting things like this happen. >> i appreciate any candidate that's going to do more to keep jobs in america. >> that doesn't sound like a nuremberg rally, does it? yet, folks like those are routinely demonized by left-wing media as racist or whatever truth is there is no substantial white power movement in this country. donald trump won the election because of economics. the press will never tell you the correct news. they continue to brook rub busch. >> there was a time when people would at least keep these thoughts to themself and the thing that is so absolutely frightening since the election of now president-elect donald trump is that we are seeing
5:36 pm
americans all over the country, and people all over the world normalizing hatred, bigotry, racism and antisemitism, religious freedom, people are completely against it. and we don't bat an eye. >> and that statement is completely insane. and irresponsible. and no serious news agency should foster something like that. summing up, the press is trumping up, pardon the pun, a white power movement story lion that simply doesn't exist. it's vile to suggest that it does. individual nuts are everywhere. assigning them status is grossly dishonest. i am so tired of this i can't tell you. and that's the memo. when we come right back, we have reaction to that talking points. and then watters ginning up christmas. >> what would you give trump for christmas? >> probably nothing. because it looks like he has it all.
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do you know what i mean? he has everything. maybe he should give me something for christmas. [ laughter ] >> the factor will be right back.
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america. joining us from boston mary mary anne marsh and from washington katie pavlich. >> i think it's important to go back to some of the numbers that we saw coming out of this election. donald trump received nearly three times the votes from muslim americans than mitt romney did. he also received more hispanic votes than mitt romney did. and african-american voters stayed home rather than going out and voting against him. so this idea that there is a white lash in america isn't true just based on the facts of the numbers. the second thing is because of these accusations have been repeatedly played by liberals elections after election with the race card, the accusations then get watered down. they do a disservice to actual victims of hate crimes and prejudice because nobody is actually taking the real situations seriously as a result of them constantly accusing people not just certain groups, everyone who happens to disagree with them of racism and bigotry. so that does a disservice to people who are actually true victims of these crimes. >> now, mary anne, were you
5:42 pm
surprised that 50 journalists showed up to cover 275 nuts a couple of weeks ago in washington? a little out of proportion? >> well, i'm always surprised when there are 50 journalists anywhere for anything. and certainly that spoke volumes. you made your point. but, what speaks to me is some of the statistics that are come out recently after donald trump's election. first of all, the new york city police department has reported a 400 percent increase in hate related crime reporting. >> that can be 10 to 40. all right? i mean, come on. you skew raw numbers. we put the raw numbers up on the screen and it's infinitesimal. >> 400 calls to the attorney general's office in less than two weeks on hate related crimes reported. >> this is spin. >> yes. no. that's a fact. >> they advertise in massachusetts where you live. they advertise the calls. you didn't say that. >> they never had that.
5:43 pm
>> i do live here. >> if you had been the victim of a race crime, call this number. i'm surprised it was just 400. with all the nuts that see you and the other colleges should have been 4,000. >> they have never had that hotline. >> come on. >> they were getting calls. they were getting calls. they never had a hotline like that. they set one up. >> what did you think was going to happen. >> 400 calls. are you saying these 400 things didn't happen? do you think people aren't being attacked or criticized. >> set up a hotline to advertise for hate crime, people are going to call. in there are a few bars up there in boston. >> and they are investigating them. >> more tower to them. i don't want hate crimes. let them investigate. i can tell you how thrilled the boston pd is about that. you don't believe katie pavlich that there is a white power of any significance, do you. >> no, absolutely not. >> why are you telling the folks there is? >> well, because the media was against donald trump
5:44 pm
from the beginning. >> purely driven to make trump look bad. >> driven by two things. driven by trying to make trump look bad. also driven by their own need to prop up their false narrative that donald trump is a racist. that all of his followers, not just a few are racist. so they are trying to make themselves feel better. >> you don't believe, mary anne marsh, i know you don't believe that there is some white power explosion in this country. do you? >> i don't believe that. but i do believe that people now say and do things publicly that they never used to do. >> which people? >> hold on. >> 1950s? >> hold on, bill. during the campaign, on this show, you would ask donald trump when he would denigrate a group of people or an individual do you really need to do that? do you think that's really smart? so you tried to tamper him and try to reel in his behavior. instead, he has continued it and as a result now. hold on. >> there is no effect. >> that's not true, bill.
5:45 pm
he said and did things that people most people get fired from their jobs, expelled from school or grounded by their parents. >> that is fair. >> do you know, ma mary anne we don't care. we want to have jobs in this country. we are voting for him. >> so it changes the boundaries of what is acceptable now in society in politics. >> it doesn't change them until the stats stay there is a problem. and the stats do not say that. >> it's been two weeks. can't get. >> it's been two weeks. >> i just want to say that we -- everything that is reported of people saying they are victims of crime should be taken seriously and investigated by the police. but from a media journalist perspective all of those accusations should not be taken at face value. one of those viral stories ended up being fake. you can't have perception that being are being accosted for race reasons if if it's not true. >> watters on deck goes to pittsburgh to talk christmas is that still aloud?
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, "watters world." 27 days before christmas and they will fly by. it's a great season if you believe in it. we sent watters to pittsburgh to get things underway. ♪ ♪ >> do you say happy holidays or merry christmas. >> i say merry christmas but i'm careful who i say it to. >> you satan the bus. >> no. >> for christmas what do you think we should get hillary. >> a new job. >> maybe some tissues? [ laughter ] >> something nice, something
5:50 pm
to celebrate the holidays. >> soap on a rope? >> no. >> it's a lot of nonsense. if you were to give hillary clinton a christmas gift, what would it be. >> i think trump already covered that by give hillary clinton a christmas gift, what would that be. >> trump covered that by not sending her to prison. >> merry christmas hillary. >> i would buy her a book from emily post on etiquette. >> she was a problem saying i'm sorry. >> as all females do. >> what would you get trump for christmas? >> nothing. >> he has everything. he needs to get me something for christmas. >> a new toupee. >> that's all real. i'd get trump a filter. >> definitely coal. >> i wouldn't do it personally. >> that's a lovely accent you have. new jersey? >> christmas season is upon us. where was jesus born? >> jesus was born somewhere in
5:51 pm
ru jerusal jerusalem, i believe. >> wow. wow. >> where was jesus born? >> bethlehem. >> bethlehem. >> correct. the three wise men brought gifts for the jesus baby. what were they? >> some sandals? a rope and some bread. >> food. >> man, i haven't been to sunday school in years. >> what were the gifts? >> help. >> gold, franken sens and wings, i don't know. >> frankincense, myrrh and something else. >> what is myrrh? >> something they use in making perfume. >> are you wearing anything right now? >> no. i don't wear cologne. you are. i can smell you from here. >> stings the nostrils. >> what was jesus's profession. >> a prophet.
5:52 pm
>> a carpenter. >> a carpenter. >> what got you into carpeting? >> i guess i'd have to say je s jesus. >> the christmas tree itself, where did that originate from? >> buffalo. >> buffalo is a city. >> probably not the middle east. >> sweden, maybe. >> close. >> norway? >> closer. >> finland? >> we can stop now if you want. >> i believe it was germany. >> maybe germany. >> germany. >> unbelievable. >> wait, was that real? >> that's exactly how i feel. >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> i'm watters. >> what? >> and this is my world. >> oh. >> do you want his out gautogra? >> she looked entirely confused by you, watters? >> they mostly are. >> now in january, coming up fast, we begin the spin stops here tour going to tulsa,
5:53 pm
oklahoma at the box center, bok center, in redding and my question is are you? shape for this? you're going up against miller and many in these tours. >> i'm going to try my best not to overshadow you. >> if you start to overshadow, you might have trouble with miller. >> aim worried about miller. i said miller, i'm so excited to be on tour. he says, watters, my name is dennis. i'm not in showbiz yet. >> we're going to be in omaha at the century link, followed by the tacoma dome. tickets are going really fast. do you think that's for you? >> that's what i'm hearing. >> if you want an unforgettable gift, get ticket to the shows. the show in west bury, the nighttime is sold out. we put in a matinee at 3:00 and miller and i will take naps. >> collar up or down. i don't decide. >> you're a little cocky.
5:54 pm
you're walking into me and miller and these live shows. >> i learned it from you. >> you're walking into the lion's den here. you've got to be in shape. >> i'll be ready. >> woatch "rocky" be in shape. the factor tip of the day, where i disappeared during thanksgiving. the tip, moments away.
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thank you for being honest even when i don't want to hear it. you're welcome. olivia, germany, my husband is an active duty army officer and every night i set an alarm for 2:00 a.m. so we can watch "the factor." he isn't always reaccept tiff to that. couches can be very comfortable. clear water, florida, o'reilly, your books are informative but "give please a chance" can be life change for a child. james patterson and i very happy with the response to the book, themed at the 2 to 5-year-old crew. it was fun to do. and the urchins will have a real book in their hands and they'll like the real book psychologically off the chart. graham, just finished" killing the rising sun" why weren't the japanese atrocities as widely reported as the gnat city
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do not be splenetic when writing to the factor. i'm bill 0 o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new indications an attack on one of america's largest universities may have been the work of a jihadist with the top democrat suggesting this bears all of the hallmarks of terrorism. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly reporting tonight from chicago. the chaos all started shortly before 10:00 a.m. local time at the ohio state university where students had just returned from thanksgiving break. the man plowed his car into pedestrians, got out and started slashing innocent bystanders with a knife. 11 people were hurt. the attacker would later be identified as abdul


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