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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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trump's lies destroy logic as well as truth. is he like godzilla marching through truth town destroying every truth in its path. send hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show donald trump's tweet that millions of people voted illegally starts an uproar which is weird because that's not at all what he wanted. and is a booze-free wedding a good idea? only if you don't want it to be snooze free. and can you be a police officer if you have breast implants? i guess the only way to tell is if you feel a cop. did anyone see what i did there? >> i saw it written is it i didn't know what you meant. now i get it. her smile lights up a room so
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much she changed my view. mess america 2008 kerstin haglin. he has the perfect hair for sassy exits. he is my second feaf ret pod person after donald sutherland, columnist john pothorist. and he would be in hell already if he could fit in a hand basket. next to me -- -- we are short hd today -- it is tim dillon. okay let's start the show. it it's been three weeks since the end of the decisive election and the country is still not healed. on sunday a hollywood film director got into an ugly confrontation with someone he called an alt right plane
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passenger seated next to him. the director of the new king congress movie posted 74 tweets about the incident and i'm going to read all 74. he began the older guy next to me is scrolling his heavily leftist dominant feed. black lives matter is a terrorist group post. he commented they don't provide anything. th fact, we need to start taking something. now he is liking every link regarding trump's cabinet appointment. he is listening to diana crawl. ohe is alt right. he is liking endless articles about how the media is in hillary's pocket and millions of illegal votes. weird combo. let's fast-forward. imagine seeing a grown ass man eat an airplane cookie with the hand motions and man riches as if he was su cking a
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peach. trust me. it is gross. i would pay good money to see that of the switches back from a red wine to scotch. witness a refeel on both and drops the effing glass on my feet. glass shatters. i just realized my phone is not charging. when this scumbag got up he broke my charger and later he con officialed he called me a liberal ass [bleep]. he purposely bagged his bags on me. the film director gets restitution by stealing his charger. i got your card, mama. >> all of that explaining should have gone down. >> i mean, come on. >> they were using actual glassware. >> i never had glassware on a plane. >> that's dangerous. >> that should be disallowed.
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>> i read the whole thing and that's what a diseased social media is. this guy is live tweeting and this is another guy's facebook. this shouldn't be happening. i sit next to people on planes that are miserable i am next to them. i sweat and talk about conspiracy theories. the point is they keep it to themselves and they are not tweeting. i was waiting for the guy who isett 2002ing it and i was waiting liking come on, you have to agree with something the guy is doing. now he is scrolling through eggs this trump -- through these trump posts. oh he likes panera. i like panera. there has to be some agreement. >> from the headline when i saw this i thought, oh some right wing guy got in this guy's face. he didn't at all. it seems like the gay was just mind -- the guy was just minding his own business. the director is the bigger
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jerk, is he not? >> we are a divided country. this man's facebook is all of our business. i think it is very important we know what some guy on a flight next to a guy whose beard seems to have in it the entire jungle of skull island. look at this guy. i mean, seriously somebody should -- if that guy had literally come with scissors and cut his beard off the entire plane would have applauded. >> let's look at the tweets. kevin, he says the flight attendant brought him another drink which he is smugly drinking. how do you drink smugly? >> i'll show you. >> i didn't know that was possible. >> i read every tweet and i thought am i reading the twitter feed of a grown man or
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12-year-old girl? oh my god, look at the way he eats. look at his butt, becky, omg. he is fat. look at that sweater. he attacked the man's sweater. >> he repeatedly attacked his ugly sweater. >> he thinks the election is still going on. people are in the mind-set like the election is still going on and they are doing something, like these tweets matter. you are doing nothing. >> for many it is still going on, is it not? >> i know. >> kerstin, what do you think of the comment of the 12-year-old girl? were you offended? >> me? no. i was thinking the same thing. you read through the tweets and you say what happened next? what happened next? he is obviously a story teller and a director and he did that with his tweets. also, it is very clear that this gentleman sitting next to him who was alt right guy who really there was nothing -- >> i didn't see anything alt
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right, did you? >> there was nothing alt right about it. you can see this guy was clearly drunk. the guy was tweeting and amping up the whole conversation to make it explode for retweets or whatever. now i know what skull island is. >> do you think it was a promotion? >> it wasn't not of the it can't do it any harm. >> i saw the trailer for kong skull island this weekend. the most interesting thing about it is one of the co-stars is bree larson who won an oscar this year and barely in the trailer because they are too busy showing you giant liz verdicts -- lizards eating kong. >> is skull island where he was originally from? is that his home, skull island? >> i think that's jordan's home. they worship his beard. >> king kong ironically alt
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right. >> he is the founder of the alt right. >> that's where it comes from. from one tweet storm to another donald trump was active on twitter this weekend. the president-elect made claims about voter fraud writing in addition to winning in a landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally and blasted recount efforts by jill stein calling it a scam. and noting that hillary had already conceded and, quote, nothing will change. trump concluded so much time and money will be spent and the same result is sad. trump was responding saying they would back the efforts in wisconsin. i think it is too late for them of the -- for them. trump will be our next president. th are usa hats with the number 45 stitched on the side. he wore one of those hats on sunday. once the hats are made there is no going back.
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i think that's in the constitution. john, what do you think? do you like the hats? 45. classy. >> he had one good tweet and a bad tweet. the tweet that said the recount is ridiculous. that's a good tweet. the tweet that said i would have won except for the illegal of millions of voters who don't exist, that's a bad tweet. you scored 50% and that's a pretty hypers 10 for him. he should stay there and take a break and get off twitter and leave it alone and start making cabinet appointments and stop dangling mitt romney out there like a worm. >> he is consenting to it, is he not? >> mitt is having dinner with him on tuesday night. either he will offer the secretary of state-ship or he will serve him a dead fish on a plate. >> i don't know. >> he has to get off twitter and get on snap chat.
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>> no, please, god, no. >> build a wall. >> you can't underestimate trump. he has been out smarting everyone. he is like -- it is to a point where everybody he does it looks crazy. i literally don't even think it is crazy anymore. no, no. wait. something goodwill come out of it. it is ridiculous he made a hat. >> why? >> what do you mean, why? he is the president and making a hat. it is ridiculous. >> look at the picture. >> grandpas wear hats on their head. >> he doesn't want to mess up the hair. you have to go with the big hat and otherwise he will have the flat head, right? >> what do you think about trump? he goes as goofy as the other side every time. jill stein has a goofy
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recount. he adds to the goofiness and it is genius. >> it is political theater and it is going to the extreme and he is coming back in a way that jill stein in this whole recount is going at it. this is what his supporters love about him and he can say random stuff and throw it out to the twitter universe and they lap it up of the no one takes his tweets seriously. yes we can all sit here and go there is no evidence to back up this claim that there are millions of illegal voters that ushered in -- that made hillary able to win the popular vote. no one takes them seriously at this point. >> maybe kevin does. there must booy some -- there must be some is illegal vote. >> there are millions living here illegally and working here illegally. why aren't they voting? >> they are voting against the guy that doesn't want them here illegally. >> it is hard to vote illegally. actually trump recorded a
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video with billy bush. >> i don't remember a video he made with billy bush. >> he went around and tried to vote illegally three times and wasn't on the polls and wasn't able to. >> i could have voted three times in three states if i wanted to this election, but i chose not to because i believe in law and order. >> can you travel uh -- a lot? >> i am registered in michigan where i am from and i have a michigan license because i knew it would be a battleground state. i lived in new jersey where i am on the books and the election before that i was in manhattan on the upper west side where they don't ask for id. i could go to each. if you didn't vote the last time in manhattan they will say let's check the previous election and they will find you because they want you to vote. they assume you will vote democrat. >> do you think an illegal immigrant will work that hard strategically?
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and millions will? >> the simple fact of the matter is he is calling into question the results of an election he won. he does -- it doesn't make sense. he -- >> he may not want the job. >> order -- or di narily you don't come plane -- complain about the vote when you won. is she in hot water? trump's former campaign manager has been waging a complaint about mitt mom re's election -- mitt romney's nomination to secretary of state. >> the messages i received all over the country and the number of people who feel betrayed that governor romney
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would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> romney tried to hurt trump, where is your evidence, lady? well on monday morning msnbc reported two sources at the top of the trump organization seen here possibly said that donald was furious at conway and kelly anne went rogue at the worst possible time. she said the report is false and sexist. john harwood agrees saying my reports indicates that kelly anne was not defying trump with her comments on romney. >> i am not sure we would trust john harwood's reporting since trump said he was one of those people who mistreated him and was awful as the moderator of the cnbc debate. i am not sure his inner workings to trump land are
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things we should pay attention to. obviously we are many unconventional aspects of the trump organization and it includes public in fighting like you would see on "game of thrones." which is filleting whose finger and which is bolton and which isy -- which is throwing people off the balconies. >> i think kelly anne, she has to be taking direction from the campaign. do you agree? >> i imagine there is some play there and there is some move being made. kelly anne conway, do you think she is going out on her own and saying -- does she care that much about the integrity of -- she doesn't care.
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she sent a message on twitter screw romney. who cares? you won. it is over. >> something is going on. >> something is going on. she said, look, the decision is up to him, but she has an opinion and maybe that's allowed in the trump campaign. >> you know what is interesting when watching this play out is a lot of people including kelly anne conway say the way to get to donald trump and influence his opinion is going on tv as a public spokesperson for donald trump and going on tv and making your argument and making your way. i also think there is a play here and he can please everyone by pleading the republican establishment and shaking hand and inviting him in and showing he is talking with him as well as please his base of supporterses by having his spokesperson go out and saying i am with you and i am seeing all of your messages and i am seeing i don't like mitt romney. there is a strategy to please
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everyone. >> maybe you can please everyone. >> i think they planned this. they said let's mess with romney. we hate him. let's get him to burn his frequent flier miles. >> he has a private jet, please. >> do you think he uses miles? >> here is what it will show. trump is a bigger man and he is not a petty guy, and that he will do what is best and he says even though romney -- he went at hillary clinton viciously and said it is politics. i am not gonna prosecutor. i think he gets what politic svmentz it shows he is a bigger man than that. >> i think romney may well be in because why would he be having a second meeting with him? he has a meeting with him tomorrow. >> what about guiliani? he was so loyal. >> here is the thing. newt didn't get a job.
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who else? christie didn't get a job. rudy is being hung out to dry. >> he doesn't like the loyal people. >> he seems to like people who maybe give him a a little zest as my grandmother would say. >> he is a genius marketer. he wants people that appeal to a lot of audiences. he knows how he needs to govern for the whole country so he has to diversify his cabinet to appeal to a broader audience. >> he will find a basement part of the white house for chris christie. >> or he will go and get mcdonalds for the white house. coming up, is free wedding a good idea? it is not. find out why i encourage drinking at weddings next.
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this is a fox news alert and i'm kelly wright in washington. terrorism suspected it in monday's attack at the ohio state university in columbus. a somali student plowed his car into people on campus and then started stabbing people. it injured 11 people before a police officer shot the suspect to death. the victims are expected to survive. law enforcement has identified the attacker and he is seen in this video. he is a student at the school. and a wildfire is burning out of control at this hour in tennessee. the city of gatlinburg and pigeon ford are being evacuated. the emergency management agency says 30 structures in fat lynnburg are on fire including a 16-story hotel. a male evacuee suffered burns, but there is no word of any fatalities. the wildfire is also burning dangerously close to dollywood and that's dolly parton's
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amusement park. dozens of people staying there have also been evacuated. and vice president-elect mike pence promising some beg news from the transition team. mr. pence saying last night, quote, there will be very important announcements tomorrow. president-elect donald trump met with several candidates for the top cabinet post. the lineup included david petraeus, a contender for secretary is of state. later today he will meet with mitt romney, another person mentioned for the top diplomatic post. and michigan officially giving the election win to president-elect donald trump nearly three weeks after people in the state casted their votes. mr. trump edged out hillary clinton by just 10,000 votes. that's a look at news at this hour. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to, the most powerful name in news.
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an australian news site claims it is a growing new trend. dry weddings. they recently hosted an alcohol free wedding and wanted to maying sure their nuptials are authentic and reflected who they were on that day. instead of alcohol they served fruit-infused sparkling water and they said their decision was not motivated by money or religious beliefs, but because the couple wanted their guests to share in the raw emotion of what the event means to them. if you think of copying them, don't. your wedding is special to you, but to the the people who attend it is a huge chore. weddings take all day and you need a drink to get through them. all of the people standing in long lines to tell you how beautiful you both look? they are bored. they can't wait to get some of the free booze.
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take a look at the boxes. are they filled with raw emotion? no. there are cash and prizes in there. give them a gin and tonic. it is the least you can do. >> kerstin is it moral to have a dry wedding? >> no. we are invited to weddings and i love them all, but i really want a glass of wine at reception and i wanted wine at my own wedding. i married a southern guy from a southern baptist family and i said i am not having a dry wedding. >> did he not want alcohol? >> yes. he wanted to make sure his colleagues he was inviting from all over the u.s. didn't get drunk at our wedding. he said i want to set a good example. i'm like, i have been waiting all my life for this wedding and i want to drink a glass of champagne at my wedding. that's what people look forward to. it is part of the experience. >> that's it. it is not just about the
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couple, but you want this will to have a good -- want them to have a good time. >> you are all gentiles. weddingswedding are about eating and not about drinking. it is about eating and eating more and eating some more. the only people who don't eat are the bride and groom who have no time because everybody is bothering them and you have to dance and do this -- but it is more like taking away from precious eating time if you have alcohol. you can have it, but don't drink it because it is -- there will be a vianeze display for dessert and then the cake. you have the cake and then more cake. eating, not drinking. that's why the jews have survived these many mill --
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millenea. we have survived because we are eating and not drinking. >> you know, it is funny john goes on about that. i don't think i ever had food at a wedding. did comes out and i am running around. >> well you are a psycho path. what do you mean you never had food? >> well it comes out and i say it is cold. i never had the cake. >> wedding cakes are not good usually. >> they are like rubber chicken dinners. >> what is wrong with you people? >> what kind of weddings have you been to? >> do you want bad food? kosher food is bad food, but man there is a lot at a good jewish wedding. you are digging in and the cake is really bad because you can't have dairy because you are eating meat so you can't mix meat and milk, and nonetheless you are piling it in there because that is what you are supposed to do. >> i only go to weddings if i
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am morbidly obese. >> shillue hasn't had a piece of cake in his life. >> i don't eat at weddings. >> or anywhere. >> they come around, kevin, with the food and they put the plates down and when they get to the table they are putting it away. >> you stalk them. your eyes are on them from the time they enter the room to the time they leave. >> kevin, what is the answer? >> leave it to a hipster to say don't get booze. i will represent the trailer faction and i will say if you don't have booze you don't have fights afterwards. what is the point of a wedding if there is not going to be a good knockdown. >> if you don't have enough food your aunt gerdie can't be piling the pastries in her percent to take home for the children the next day. >> uncle tim and uncle tom are not going to slug it out to see who is the bigger a-hole at the wedding.
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can i say that on tv? >> you can. >> well i'm in. please invite me to the next one. >> there is two americas. coming up, it is like the half time super bowl. half time with tv's andy levey coming up, and the "red eye" pod cast is coming up. subscribe on
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> let's get to it. >> tom, you pronounced the direct are's name and it is probably jordan vogt roberts. >> it is vogt. it may be jordan vogt clinton. you said the plane should have done down. >> yes. >> look, that's obviously not fair to the other passengers. >> we don't know what they were doing on facebook. >> my first reaction to reading this was [bleep] i don't want to be trapped on a plane with either of these guys. also you said you would have thought they would at least come to an agreement on something. >> something like the guys -- you like a greek yogurt parfait.
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he said we don't have a desire to hear each other anymore. kevin, can i see that smug drinking again? >> that's so good. it is really good. >> i enjoyed that. >> you said it is clear that the guy sitting next to him was drunk. he was just trying to amp everything up to get retweets. at a certain point he was doing this for the attention. >> it is a total performance. he is a director and involved in the movie business and he understands the power of the twitter. he keeps people going on and on and on and he is trying to do it for show. i feel bad for the poor guy who is now drunk and he broke someone else's charger and lost someone's drink by shattering it on the floor. the poor guy was bated into a horrible response. i feel bad for the guy. >> you said the most interesting thing about the skull island trailer is bree larson is in it and they barely show her. i hope it is better than the
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last godzilla. >> the last godzilla was pretty good. it was good. it was the matthew broderick godzilla that was awful. that was terrible. >> the last one was not good. >> it was pretty good. >> the actors were good actors, but the movie was -- >> i disagree. the guy who directed it is now the director of "rogue 1" the new "star wars" movie who had to go in for extensive reshoot. >> allegedly. >> tom skull island is the home of kong in kong mythology. >> the question was asked. >> trump tweets about millions of illegal voters. kerstin you said there is no evidence of millions of illegal voters. >> that's right. voting in this election. >> you also said nobody takes trump seriously.
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he is the president- elect. >> sad. exclamation point. >> just once in my life i want to have a -- >> ♪ just once in my life no one takes his tweets seriously. >> i think jack schaefer put it correctly. trump tosses off these the way squid fills the sea with ink to escape predators. you said trump needs to get off twitter and on to snap chat. >> why are you giving him ideas? >> it would be hilarious. >> president on twitter, if we are already there you go to snap chat and donald trump calling them losers. >> trump is question an election he won. >> you know it is driving him nuts he didn't win the popular vote. >> you noy it is driving him -- you know it is driving
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him nuts. that's not how we choose a president. >> it doesn't stop him from driving him nuts. >> i have a hang nail and it drives me nuts, but i don't tweet about it every five minutes. >> he said the hat was ridiculous and you disagreed. i think putting 45 on the side to signify the number of business conflicts of interest. >> it was an odd choice. >> is trump mad at kelly anne conway for her appearances? all i hear is conway tweety. somebody here is feeding someone to the dogs, but they can't figure out who is who. i don't think there is anyway she is saying more about the direction. >> yawn if that is true. the general at atmosphere is everyone has a right to do what they want to.
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until they get in trouble they should just go wild. >> a free for all. >> i kind of agree with you. this is trump's strike that jea to please -- strategy to please everyone. >> oh yes. and kelly is single handedly responsible for so much of trump's success. she is a great woman. she is super professional. she won't go rogue just for the sake of it. there is something going on. >> you do think rom flea will be secretary of state. >> my sources -- -- >> your sources or sauces? >> my sauces are barbecue. no, there is no way he is bringing him for meeting number two to say i'm sorry. >> i don't think he will be secretary of state, but i have been wrong about pretty much everything so you may be right. >> it will be him or that it hat will be secretary of state. >> the msnbc show on which it
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was claimed trump was furious at conway is still the only cable news show named after an act. i don't know about tucker carlson. booze at weddings so guests can share in the raw emotion will leave it to cristo, the groom's name to have no booze and horseshoes. nobody objected and they came to the wedding. nobody took it badly and said we're leaving because you don't have alcohol. it seemed obvious. and lastly you said the problem is that everyone at that table is a gentile and that weddings are about eating and not drinking. a -- as a nongentile i think it is about both. >> you are obviously a reformed jew.
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>> i am so far past reformed. i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, what is up with the ice skating rink. first, kennedy. >> coming -- hello "red eye" drivers. on the next "kennedy" andy levey. and what are they up to over there? it will be great.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright in washington. a quick-acting officer is credited with saving lives by shooting the suspect in monday's attack at ohio state university in columbus. a somali born student at the university plowed his car into students on campus and then began stabbing them. 11 people are injured, but all are expected to survive. the suspect has been identified and he is a student at the school. law enforcement sources are looking into a facebook post believed to be from artan. it is described as a, cot, -- quote, declaration of unfair treatment of muslims. reports from some survivorss from a plane crash that the charter plane was carrying 81 people including a brazilian soccer team. the soccer team from a small
12:45 am
town in brazil was heading to columbia for a regional tournament final. there is no word on a death toll. and mike pence is promising big news from the transition team today. last night mr. pence said, quote, there will be very important announcements. president-elect trump met with several cabinets. the lineup included dave vaid petraeus -- david petraeus and later he will meet with mitt romney, another person mentioned for the post. and late last night fox news did confirm that mr. trump has tapped the georgia gop congressman tom price at -- as health and human services secretary. price a six-early it congress -- six-term congressman has been an outspoken opponent of the 2010 laws. now back to "red eye."
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fish are for eating and not for skating over. my grandfather used to say that. in japan a park called space world bought 5,000 dead see creatures from a fish market and froze them into the floor of an ice rink as a new attraction. some were embedded with their mouths open and parts of their body protruding from the ice. they called it a world's first and put captions like i am d-d-drownding and suffocating. it got cold response from oacial meed jaw. one mother said it is as if they are alive. i feel uncomfortable letting my kids skate on them. they plan to replace the dead fish with dead people. actually they plan to let the rink melt and then hold a
12:47 am
memorial service for the fish are with a priest. interesting. john, what do you think got these people so upset? >> the problem is they were not eating the fish at a nice, jewish wedding. the last time i was on this show we were talking about how there was an ad, a furniture company somewhere in texas did an ad for a 9/11 sale featuring the buildings collapsing. people have bad ideas sometimes. that was one and this is another. >> it is interesting you say that. to me, especially with the japanese, do we have a picture? show a japanese fish market. they have fish laid out on the the -- look at that. this is a fish market. >> what's wrong with it? >> there is nothing wrong with it. there are dead fish everywhere in japan and what is wrong with skate ising on them? >> the fish is coming out of the ice and you will fall. that's weird.
12:48 am
>> i think that was an unwise design choice. >> that's stupid. major skate will hit the fish mouth and you will break your ankle. >> most are under. >> that's cool. i think you had an idea with people. that could be fun too. >> what do you think? no, that was a joke. >> look at that. >> i like it. >> that's disgusting. >> if i had children i wouldn't want them skating on there either. it is gross. when i eat my seafood i like it cooked or in a fillet. when they put the whole thing with the eyeballs and the crawfish -- fish are gross when you really look at them. and that's distracting. if you are looking at the fish you are not looking where you are going. you smash into people and fall like me who is clumsy. >> i have skated on frozen ponds, haven't you? >> i have, but never with food
12:49 am
underneath it. i frankly find this to be a smack in the face to all of the starving ice skaters in india. >> skating on the gangi. >> they took the fish now. how is this a solution? they will chop up the fish and make them into fertilizer. they have to do something with them. no one was eating the fish. >> and now they will contribute to the ecosystem. this -- they are not just a toy. >> what if it was like puppies or something? >> fish are in water and you go to the aquarium. sometimes they have the glass bottom. a glass bottom boat. >> in -- this is something that when it was story boarded they found it really great and then you visualize it and see it in reality and you say this
12:50 am
is disgusting. >> they do that. >> i'm surprised because i think it is disrespectful and i feel like so much care goes into good sushi and you are not respecting the fish to throw it under the ice. >> should women with fake breasts be allowed to enter the police force? that's next.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" andrew schulz, remi spencer and mike baker. >> great news for women with breast implants who dream of a career in law enforcement. a german court ruled breast implants cannot disqualify a woman from being a police officer. a woman's application to join the force was denied three years ago under regulations that prohibit implants -- prohibit the job because of implants. a medical report from the university of bahn concluded otherwise will the judge said the police need to review. obviously this is a rare case. most police officers look great the way they are.
12:55 am
like officer sabrina dct tiff jd sergeant pepper anderson. john, what do you think of this requirement and should it it be important to the united states? >> i can't believe there was a reg that said you couldn't be a cop with a breast implant. what will happen? if the cop gets shot the breast implant would explode? i think what would happen is past the breast implant president i don't think the breast implant is what you would care about if you are shot. >> maybe it is something else. maybe it is jumping roof to roof. >> you think breast implants like don't stay in place? >> i don't know. >> what, do you think they are balloons? >> they must have had a reason. >> obviously you don't know because you are dudes and you haven't talked with your girlfriend about breast implants.
12:56 am
it will be fine. the likelihood of that happening, a tear or puncture is really not legitimate. here is what i thought about. cops have been having a hard time. law enforcement is down. it is hard to do their jobs and they got a bad wrap and bad press. if a cop needs breast implants to feel better about themselves and boost their self-esteem they should be able to do it. >> more power to them. >> i agree 100% and i have seen a lot of questionable porn and the breasts are never exploding on duty. i have seen strippers do magic. the boobs are fine. >> can you tell when they have breast implants? >> yes. >> of course you can. >> what about you. >> i like that answer. >> these are the things i like.
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>> all right, i am really glad this is a segment my children will not be watching. >> kevin downey, junior and tim dillon. i'm tom shillue. bye.
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theaters and flat jasper will be there. that's it for us. special report is next. >> this is a fox news alert in washington a somali born teenager used a car and a knife to bring a morning of terror to one of the largest universities. just moments ago the ranking member of the house intelligence committee said of the attack, quote, it bears all of the hall marks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been spoifl radicalized. what was initially reported as an active shooter turned out to be a young man who plowed into a group of pedestrians and got out of his car and began


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