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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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theaters and flat jasper will be there. that's it for us. special report is next. >> this is a fox news alert in washington a somali born teenager used a car and a knife to bring a morning of terror to one of the largest universities. just moments ago the ranking member of the house intelligence committee said of the attack, quote, it bears all of the hall marks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been spoifl radicalized. what was initially reported as an active shooter turned out to be a young man who plowed into a group of pedestrians and got out of his car and began stabbing
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people. fortunately an officer who was nearby on another call shot and killed that attacker before he could continue his knife rampage. nine people were hurt, one critically. senior correspondent mike tobin is in columbus, ohio, tonight with the very latest. good evening. >> we now know who, abdul razak ali artan, the motivation however remains a mystery. police say that most of the attack has been captured on security video and we'll see that over time. the attackers car jumped a curb, slammed into pedestrians, wrecked and got stuck. according to the newspaper, suddenly he lunged from the car and began hacking at people with a knife. a that is why 28-year-old officer alan horujko was on scene so rapidly. he shot and killed artan.
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>> we can prove to you that the suspect was by himself in the vehicle and committed this act by himself today. ongoing investigation to determine motive and if anybody else was involved in this act. >> reporter: now many students thought was a hoax when they received a buckeye alert for an active shooter advising them to run, hide or fight. they now know it's real. >> people like really running and like really screaming. oh, this is like something's going on. and then i heard the three gunshots and from about that same area and i was like, crap. what do i do? >> you never like think something like this is going to happen. it's mind blowing. the most tragic thing you can imagine happening to a school, especially after, you know, like a big weekend like we just had and thanksgiving and everything. this is just -- this is crazy. >> reporter: just a short time ago, law enforcement sources
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told fox news they are investigating a facebook post with a declaration against unfair treatment of muslim and that links back to artan. this attack follows an isis video posted november 26 which encourages what they call revenge attacks against infidels which encourages the knife or ied. it even goes as far to give instructions about selecting the right knife for the attack. brett. >> live at the ohio campus in columbus. thank you. now the presidential politics. it is now official, donald trump has been declared the winner in michigan by some 10,700 votes. that win gives trump's the state's 16 electoral votes now giving him 306 to hillary clinton's 232. he only needed 270 to win the presidency. the michigan result was a long
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time coming but now the focus son something else, a recount spurred on by the green party candidate, president-elect trump is mocking the efforts to recount ballots in three crucial electoral college states including michigan. the clinton campaign has joined the cause anchored by green party president jill stein even though no one has produced any indication let alone proof of any specific wrong doing. that drama occurs as speculation mounts on the president-elect's major cabinet picks expected very soon. we have fox team coverage tonight. peter doosy is at trump tower but we begin with chief political correspondent karl cameron and the recap story and where it may be headed. >> the peaceful transition of power got more complicated today and yes there will be at least one recount. in wisconsin they rejected jill
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stein's recount. instead local clerks will decide how best to recount starting this thursday. they have to finish by december 13th. the commission chairman a democrat repeatedly predicted trump's victory will hold. >> we're going to look back when this recount is completed and find that the system worked well. >> stein missed the deadline for a voter initiated recount in pennsylvania last week. requiring at least three voters in each of pennsylvania's more than 9,000 voting presinkts to download an affidavit from the commission website, fill it out, sign it in the prechbs a notary have it starved then deliver to the count's clerk office for certification. >> in pennsylvania it is especially complicated. >> stein filed a lawsuit in pennsylvania seeking a statewide recount despite missing the deadline. if approved trump gets seven dasz to object and contest it. >> last night i congratulated donald trump. >> the president-elect blasted the clinton campaign for joining stein's recount efforts over the
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weekend. >> recount, no. >> stein's just trying to feel her coffers. >> clinton's campaign tweeted, we are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won election but thinks there was massive fraud. >> in addition to winning the electoral college in a land slide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this? election officials in those three states have denied any voter fraud. his unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in california and elsewhere are absurd. they are unbecoming of a president-elect. >> but just as donald trump redefined what it means to be a
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presidential candidate he is now redefining what it means to be a president-elect. his tweets on recounts will soon be forgotten. of course there's hillary clinton's concession as well, brett. >> a lot in 140 characters. >> you bet. the state extreme of candidates for some of the top jobs in the trump administration to be continues at trump tower. have you seen this elevator area. it's busy. most of the attention sont secretary of state position and the alleged tension within the trump brain trust over former gop nominee mitt romney who was one of trump's harnest critics in this campaign. >> reporter: the vice president-elect wasn't kidding, david pa tracius visited the 26th floor of monday days after telling he'd be willing to serve
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the incoming administration. >> i was with him for an hour, he basically walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of the variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> tomorrow mitt romney returns for another discussion about the vacant secretary of state slot, even though top trump advisor kellyanne conway is openingly campaigning against the 2012 presidential nominee who openly campaigned against donald trump in the primaries. >> i'm also part of unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. what donald trump decides kellyanne conway and everybody else will respect. it's just the -- the backlash from the grassroots -- >> the incoming whies chief-of-staff reince priebus sees things differently. >> it's not a matter of warfare. it is a sort of team of rivals concept if you were to go toward the governor romney concept but i think that should tell all americans about where president-elect's heads at which is a place that will put the
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best possible people together for all americans. >> part of mr. trump's thanksgiving in florida was spent asking club members who they thought should be the next secretary of state. romney or rudy giuliani. according to a report in the new york post. rudy giuliani was quoted over the holiday as, my knowledge of foreign policy is as good or better than anybody they're talking to and he is been by trump's side longer than just about anybody this campaign cycle. another earlier endorser, senator bob corker who would bring to the cabinet experience as the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. the parade of prominent republicans in and out of trump tower continues. trump deserves flexibility to build the team he wants. >> i think he has a lot of people to pick from. he has to choose someone he's comfortable with because he won the election. i think there are a number of
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qualified candidates that could fit the bill. >> reporter: tomorrow when he comes for a rare dinner meeting mitt romney will join rudy giuliani as the only administration job seeker to sit down with the president-elect more than once since the election and we've learned over the weekend mr. trump and 2012 opponent president obama talked on the phone for 45 minutes but both sides are tight lipd about what they talked about. brett. >> peter, thank you. more on the transition with the panel tonight. a republican elector from texas says he is resigning rather than cast an electoral vote for donald trump. art is a republican, trump is not billow i cannily qualified for office. texas does not require electors to vote. the associated press is reporting california republican
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congressman darrell issa. there's plenty of intrigue on the other side of the aisle tonight. democrats are preparing for a vote of whether to get rid of their current house leadership or stay the course that has led to massive losses over the last election cycles. from capitol hill, good evening, mike. >> reporter: house democrats are are expected to vote by secret ballot with nancy pelosi trying to lock it up and a challenger from ohio trying to shake it up. >> i think even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party right now. we can't claim to be. >> pelosi has been the top democrat in the house since 2003 and she argues she's the one that knows how to return democrats to the majority. she initially bragged that she has the support of two-thirds of her caucus but is scrambling now to hold on to power.
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she announced friday she's adding members to the communications committee trying to broaden support with two coming from the heartland. congresswoman from illinois what matt cart right is from pennsylvania. pelosi's challenger says it's more than just messaging. >> we can't keep saying it's a communication issue. we've been saying it's a communication issue since 2010. >> reporter: pelosi handing out more titles could damage the cloud of the black caucus. pelosi needs strong african-american support. an expansion of leadership has cut into the power of instant leader of james cliburn. richmond warned, writing, quote i understand responsibilities will have to be reallocated in
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order to make room for leadership table for others. bears the blame for our losses. pelosi is expected to win but with secret ballots we'll see, brett. >> live on the hill, thank you. morning in havana to begin week long services bidding farewell to long time dictator fidel castro. here at home whether president obama's outreach to cuba will be another legacy item threatened by trump. we start off on the streets of havana with correspondent steve harrigan who's standing by live. >> reporter: it is quiet on the streets of havana during this mourning period. the government has pretty much shut down the sale the alcohol, concerts and in some cases
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birthday parties. the official mourning of fidel castro began at 9:00 a.m. monday with a 21 gun salute but hours before dawn, thousands were already lining up to pay their final respects to the man who ruled the island nation of 11 million people for 49 years. >> translator: i came to church today for the soul of fidel. he was the man who taught us everything we know, the man who educated us, who taught us how to live. >> reporter: after two days here, castro's ashes will go on the road, across country moving east where he began the revolution in 1953. his remains will be interred in a cemetery sunday. in a police state where people closely guard their public activity there has been little display of emotion. castro had been largely sidelined by illness for the past decade. the passing appears to have been met with indifference. in sharp contrast to south
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florida where the news sparked celebrations among many cuban americans who hold castro personal responsible for dividing their families. >> i think is the beginning of the end, he has been the key person. everything else is a component but i think after him -- after he's gone, i think we're going to start seeing the changes and i'm i'm sorry my husband's no longer here to see it. >> raul has vowed to step down in 2018 raising the possibility of a generational change in cuba's leadership. it's mainly regional leaders who confirmed they're coming to the services. it's not clear if european leaders will come, even cuba's close alley russia is simply too busy to attend the funeral. >> live in havana.
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thank you. the reaction to castro's death here in the u.s. has become yet another passionate political argument. with very different statements coming from different politicians and very different perspectives on what comes next. correspondent kevin cork has that part of the story from the white house. >> reporter: pathetic. that's how some have described president obama's statement regarding the death of cuban dictator fidel castro who died over the weekend at the age of 90. the president said in part we know that this moment feels cuba and in the united states with powerful emotions recalling the countless ways in which fidel castro altered the course of individual lives, families and of the cuban nation. adding quote, history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular people on the people antiworld around him. florida senator marco rubio tweeted president obama issued a
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path thet tic statement on the death of dictator. >> why does obama persist in showering love on our enemies? castro was not left a sheik. he was a murderer and a thug. there was this from carlos curbello. because they see and listen to politicians like the president in this case who are unwillingly to state a simple truth that fidel castro was a dictator, a murderer and enemy of the united states. >> today in calling him a towering figure white house press secretary josh ernst about the dictator didn't whitewash his past. >> to issue some sort of bliftering statement and engage in mutual criminal nations that are tied to the pass that doesn't advance democracy on the island of cuba.
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>> reporter: a cold war that you that could just as easily refreeze under a trump presidency. speaking out .president-elect tweeted if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal. >> president obama not the only leader being criticized brett for the passing of fidel castro. so it kaunt prime minister justin trudeau. for using the hashtag trudeau to ridicule his blowing p glowing statements. they are worth a read. >> kevin, thank you. the reaction to fidel castro's death creates rif today also marks the first commercial flight in more than 50 years.
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passengers erupted into applause when the inaugural flight landed. the white man accused of gunning down nine african-american church goers in south carolina last year will act as his own attorney. the judge called the move unwise. the 22-year-old could face the death penalty if convicted. up next more than one million protesters take to the streets of south korea. we'll tell you why. >> fox 32 in chicago where police say at least 68 people were shot during the thanksgiving weekends. eight people died. last year eight people were killed and 20 wounded during the same four day hoold weekend. chicago's murder tally now stands at 685 this year, according to the chicago tribune. west dakota fox and bismarck as
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north dakota's governor signs an emergency evacuation order forcing propertiers to leave that area. the government says harsh winter continues notified tribal leaders that all federal lands will be closed to public access december 5th for safety concerns. and this is live look at san francisco from our affiliate fox 2. one of the big stories there tonight police swarm a hotel in search of two inmates who escaped from jail last week. the men were not found there. federal law enforcement personnel had joined local he agencies in the search for the two fugitives. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report, we'll be
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the organization that monitors chemical weapons used worldwide said syria was behind three attacks involving color reen gas and that isis used muster gas in that country. syria becomes the first state in the in the 19 year history to be found guilty of the most fundamental tenent. iranian small boat -- the chopper was investigating after two boats were spotted nine miles after the carrier. the boats eventually got within a mile of the carrier a naval officials calls the behavior unsafe and unprofessional. french fighter jets conducted an air strike in southern libya that apparently killed a senior al qaeda leader.
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there's been no official word from either france or the u.s. major political upheaval tonight in south korea. the embattled president has accepted the resignation of her justice leader. chief washington correspondent james rosen shows us what's happening. >> reporter: for the fifth straight weekend massive crowds estimated up to 1.5 million strong flooded seoul to demand the reds ig nation of park. >> translator: i came here so our children who will live longer than i will will know about such i am proper politics and power and to show the children a peaceful rally. >> park's the country first female head of state elected in
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2012. she is accused by prosecutors in a scandal centered on the influence of this woman, a family friend to whom president park allegedly gave classified information and favored with government decisions on matter as sensitive as a controversial merger involving tech giant samsung. i am sorry. i committed a sin that deserves death. >> reporter: in a region menace by north korea ruler kim jong-un host to 28,000 american troops. >> translator: reckless provocation will be the road to destruction r park has accepted responsibility for the scandal but refuses to resign. the state department recognized south koreans right to protest and pledged support to the alliance not the president. >> the republic remains a stead fast friend and partner.
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nothing's going to change about our commitment to the security of the peninsula anks rz president-elect forms his government south korea counts himself among those allies unnerved by his demands that they pay more. >> the smarter approach would be to have a strategic dialog, talk about what more we can do together as allies. it's not just about money, it's about whose taking risk, whose taking missions who's going to be doing the fighting. >> one key decision the new president will face early on will be whether to move forward with the plan deployment in south korea of termnal high altitude area defense, among those displeased with the plan on the leaders of china who are said to see mr. trump's decision as an early indicator of whether beijing can do business with him. >> back here in the u.s., the election of donald trump is unprecedented in many ways. the potential of overlap between
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the duties of president and the business interest of the president and those possible conflicts could get sticky. correspondent doug mccelway reports. >> reporter: such arrangements are at the heart of ongoing discussions over a blind trust. >> i would put in t in -- i don't know if it's a blind trust. is that a blind trust. i don't know. but i would probably have my children run it with my executives and i wouldn't ever be involved because i wouldn't care about anything but our country. anything. >> reporter: the founders anticipated such quid pro quos in the constitution which forbids a president from receiving gifts from a king, prince or foreign state. never before has the u.s. had a president who's name is embracened on for profit high rises. the potential for conflict of interest or for great financial benefit or for loss is unique in
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modern u.s. presidencies. experts say having his children run the trump companies would not fit the classic definition of a blind trust. a truly blind trust would be unfair to the trump children. >> it would basically put his children out of work and have to start a whole new business and that would set up the whole set of new problems. >> reporter: the ethics for the george w bush and obama administrations have teamed together a bi-partisan plan for a trump blind trust one that allows the trump children to retain some influence. >> the cash will be taken put behind a big beautiful wall in the blind trust so mr. trump does not know what the trustee is doing with his cash and we would set up a second wall, an ethics wall, mr. trump and his kids agree not to talk and the government does not engaging -- >> none of it would be without risk liquidating trump's property would expose him to
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pont underperformance. critics say his objection to an offshore wind fall near his scottish golf course. >> experts say ail blind trust is not perfect. it may hurt donald trump and his children over the loss of control over the business empire they worked so hard to build. it may save them from scandal if it goes unattended. doug, thank you. today's stocks were down, the dow lost 54, the s&p 500 dropped 12. admit it, you were on your computer at work today. looking for holiday gifts on sale. you had plenty of company. this is cyber monday which is supposed to be the number one online shopping day of the season. fox business network correspondent adam sha peer owe tells us how this year's version is shaping up. >> reporter: pack ages zoom down the conveyor belts at
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so fast you can see why they expect to exceed the 54 million items they sold last year on cyber monday. this amazon fulfillment center in new jersey is one of 0i67 nationwide and also one of am zan's largest, one million square feet or 28 football fields kramz with tens of millions of items that whiz down 12 miles of automated conveyor belts eventually landingchristm >> there's always something to do. you're always on your feet, you're always motivated. everybody here is motivated. >> a digital incites which tracks retail sells this cyber monday will go down in history. almost $3.4 billion in sales. amazon's doug harrington is counting on it. >> so far this hoifld season, thanksgiving and black tri were bigger than last year.
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>> reporter: shoppers spent almost $5.3 billion thanksgiving day and black friday that's up 18% over 2015. it's one reason shark electronics which makes portable speakers for stereos expects sales to soon triple. the other reason is amazon. cofounder says shark electronics ships direct pli from amazon. there are no stores and subsequently no overhead. >> we were two, three guys crammed in an office selling thousands of products. so right off the bat you're saving a ton. >> and so are consumers who expect online deals from retailers like amazon to help them pick, pack and ship just about everything. >> go online, see the upcoming deals, watch them and when they go live, we'll text you and you can buy them with a single click. >> and the numbers are
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staggering. 122 million people will buy something online before the end of cyber monday. here at amazon that means they're going to ship roughly 629 items every second. i hate to be the guy that has to lick all those stamps. >> 629 a seconds. president-elect donald trump bashes the recount effort. what will come of it and what's next for his transition? we'll ask the panel when we come back.
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regardless of who is declared winner the american people deserve to have pay voting system we can trust. >> we're not counting illegal votes, we're not counting dead people's votes. in wisconsin elections are fair and accurate. >> i don't think that hillary clinton who got 2 million more votes than mr. trump in the popular election thinks that
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it's going to transform the election, but do people have the legal right to do it, yeah we do. >> there is a respect for the process and the peaceful transition of power which is why this recount by jill stein and now the hillary people is just so confounding and disappointing. if they're going to be a bunch of cry babies and an election they can't turn around. >> well the recount is moving forward in wisconsin. it may happen in michigan, in pennsylvania led by dr. jill stein the green party candidate that has not been sitting well with the president-elect who tweeted over the weekend in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. so why isn't the media reporting on this. serious bias, big problem. big problem with both of those tweets, factually, but also what about dr. jill stein, the green party candidate. she is behind this effort.
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she raised $6.2 million in five days, that's more than she raised in the last two presidential cycles, 2016 she raised 3.5 million, 2012 she raised 1.2 million so she's raise aid lot of money for these recounts and is being backed by the clinton team. let's bring in our panel. george will, and charles hurt. george, first of all about the recount and stein and the clinton team saying, yeah, let's go for it. >> stein is driving this and i think the clinton team feels they have to go along or what would they be saying. it's not the question of do they have a right, of course they do and the president-elect having spent the preelection period saying the whole thing is rigged and now saying afterwards that there's these millions of fraudulent vote cast is in a weak position to say that people
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shouldn't proceed. it just means that the post frack chal politics that we got used to during the campaign did not end on november 8th. i think all sides ought to step back and think about what happened in 1960. richard nixon lost a thin race to kennedy, there were serious allegations of fraud in texas which he narrowly loss and in il-illinois where he lost by 8,000 votes which is chump change when you're stealing votes. nixon was urged to challenge both states if he'd won both states he's been president, and he said no the country cannot stand this uncertainty, and he stepped back so we're now in a position where nixon, his model of statesmanship compared to the current leadership. >> charles, i should be accurate
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here the pennsylvania recount filed for this afternoon the deadline is today requirements for approval are very difficult so she petition a court to move forward with that. so we're still waiting on whether pennsylvania is actually going to do it on the vote total between all of these three states, 70,000, 10,000, 27,000. remember the recount in florida in 2000 we are fighting in court after court over 531 votes. so puff so you have a big hurdle. >> i understand why jill stein is doing it. she's raise aig lot of money off of this. she's building huge voter rolls which are beneficial to anybody's who's in politics. i understand why the people gave money to this effort who bank rolling it, they are delighted to -- do anything they can to
1:41 am
delegitimize trump's presidency. what i still don't understand is what on earth -- i understand the clintons are begrudgingly going along with this and they're sort of some chatter among their top staffers about not really being fully behind it but why would you go along with this at all? i think it's terrible for her. i think it's terrible for her future in whatever it is that she wants to do. of course you have the voters who in 2000 were told all the problems are caused by paper ballots and now all the electronic ballots or the problem. >> i agree. jill stein needs a lot of attention. she's probably going to be asking for recount until kingdom come, the clinton campaign didn't have to join in. they admitted that they had their own investigation, didn't find anything of concern. so why be associated with this ludicrous effort and then leak articles to politico how they
1:42 am
find this all so irritating all though the hillary campaign for wisconsin is soliciting with volunteers for states she never dpan campaigned in. >> irritated most of the small circles have no elusions -- pennsylvania and maybe michigan will come even close to flipping the result of the presidential election. the election they know is over and it goes on as you mentioned. >> jill stein cost hillary clinton the presidency just her margin alone without gary johnson's in three states. she should stay away from her as humanly possible. >> there's speculation that hillary clinton is doing this to preserve her viability for potential run in 2020 which strikes me as totally absurd on its face. stranger things have happened, of course. but i think donald trump's tweets about this are the height of irresponsibly.
1:43 am
the problem for trump is not only that he's president-elect and he needs to act with more dignity but also that his tweets are not backed up by any evidence. he's produced no evidence on a transition call today apparently reporters asking his team for evidence couldn't get any evidence from his team to support the claims he's made. the problem is that it's not that voter fraud doesn't exist, i think it does exist. we've steen examples of it in the past but when trump does something like this he makes hysterical and outrageous claims it hurts -- >> one group that says they have evident true to vote but they haven't produced it. in all these states you mentioned they say there's nothing even close to those numbers. >> in new hampshire and virginia have photo id. but my argument here is not that voter fraud doesn't exist. i think it does exist. i think where it exists it should be starved out and
1:44 am
challenged you have to do this based on evidence. it hurts people to determine to root out actual voter fraud. >> i want to turn now to the transition and the pick of possible cabinet positions. it has been busy at the elevators at trump tower as you take a live look. i don't see any movement right now but the guard is getting ready to push the button perhaps. the big deal today was david petraeus, former general meeting with donald trump, president-elect. tomorrow mitt romney and this as two key aids to the president-elect at least throughout the campaign expressed some pretty poignant thought about romney. >> i think there's nothing mitt romney can say that doesn't sound phoney and frankly pathetic. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump
1:45 am
now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. so said george to be considered for secretary of state having dinner tomorrow night with the president-elect, david petraeus what about this public talking about the decision making that they're boss or used to be boss, is about to make? >> we've seen this movie before, exactly 40 years ago, another outsider who just been located president, jimmy carter was going through his transition, saying we're not going back to the old establishment stand byes and the equivalent of kellyanne conway, who said if after the inauguration, his secretary of state another pill ar of the establishment is the national security advisor then we will
1:46 am
have failed and i will quit. after the election vance was secretary of state, hamilton gurgan did not quit. so what about this? >> is this somehow -- donald trump is given kellyanne conway some leeway to express the angst of the base and may actually choose romney or do you think this is some internal back and forth? >> i think there may be some internal discord here but primarily i think they're putting mitt romney through the ringer and it's highly entertaining and it doesn't mean that at the end of the day he doesn't actually wind up picking him but making him gravel not once but twice publicly to sort of -- he did say some pretty harsh things about donald trump and for him to sort of, you know, auditioning to then be a secretary of state i think says
1:47 am
something about mitt romney as well as donald trump and then giving him the job just means for four more years he's going to be donald trump's international step and fetch. >> let's put up the short list, you have david petraeus former general and who met with him today, mitt romney, rudy giulia giuliani, and senator bob corker, outside shot i suppose, john bolten still talked about for this position as well. >> i think romney is going to get the shiv at the dinner tomorrow night. i think it also could be a dark horse that's not even up on that list. there's still the potential for surprise. i think the most shameful thing that donald trump did was to let this orchestrated attack on mitt romney take place through kellyanne conway and others while then calling on to msnbc
1:48 am
anchor and telling her that he was furious she had gone rogue. he's humiliated kellyanne conway who's been nothing but loyal to him and nobody really knows what he's doing. i think it's outrageous. you don't think there's another level to this? >> i have no idea. we've seen a list of potential secretaries of state that now problem is 15 deep, the short list that you displayed is the right one, the finalists. donald trump has every reason to be frustrated with what mitt romney said to him about during the campaign. he also has every right to hire him as secretary of state if he thinks he'll be the best man for the job. romney fits a certain profile. i'm not saying that the obama administration would be the model for this but hillary clinton, a former nominee, john kerry a normer nominee. mitt romney would make a certain amount of sense.
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we shall see. could be soon. next up the death of fidel castro and the political fallout
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this is man who murdered people and to his very last breath was still an enemy of the united states and then his brother is just the same. >> there certainly is no white washing the kind of activities that he ordered and that his government presided over. >> okay. there is the white house today getting challenged on the statement from president
1:53 am
obama that history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people on the world around him talking about fidel castro. we offer condolences to fidel castro's family. donald trump's tweets when the death became news were a little different. first saturday fidel castro is dead. and then today if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal. back with the panel. charlie? >> you know obviously if i had del gone his brother already taken his place there is not much of a difference there it is a reminder of what a stunning disappointment president obama has been. he came in with a credibility. reached young voters like nobody we have ever seen before. he really could have had an ability to shape the way young people think about communism and freedom and he was more interested in being
1:54 am
cool with, you know, beyonce and jay-z. it's a real sad loss for america. >> a.b.? >> i agree that the liberal swooning over castro is just so embarrassing. the statements from president carter from president obama, from justin trudeau canada from jill stein were just unbelievable. but that said, i think trump sounds a very serious note about reversing that opening that obama created. it can be easily done. i don't know how much business development has actually sort of taken off and how difficult that would be but i think that it's a good -- they're not committing to anything but it's a good note that trump duration is starting on. >> the clip you played from josh earnest, insisting that the white house isn't white washing what castro had done and then using the word activities instead of atrocity or brutality or anything else. white washing the white wash as it were. president obama's statement
1:55 am
was embarrassing and it was predictable. he what is a whole section about his own diplomacy with cuba and fidel castro and literally not a word about castro's victims. if anything were to sum up the obama's approach to cuba, that's it? >> there is a dissidence speech online, george, that is just so powerful about the atrocities and the pain that their families had suffered in havana. contrast that by some of these statements, it is remarkable. >> it is. and it's not just donald trump we should watch here because although the president's latitude is at its greatest in foreclosure policy, it is not absolute and congress has a role. nothing happens in government without money. all money is spent by congress. and congress can exercising its somewhat atrophy powers can say no money shall be spent to implement the following policy. the reproach mond if that's what it is with cuba. no embassy can be opened without money spent from
1:56 am
congress. congress can take charge to this and begotten opening toward cuba. >> we will follow it. that's it for the panel. coming up next, a power power of a
1:57 am
>> finally tonight, a priceless reaction from a young sports fan. this young man waits in the tunnel before a cleveland cavalier's game and snags a high five from point guard
1:58 am
kyrie irving. watch this boy's classic reaction. >> kyrie. oh my god. ♪ look at that hand. i'm not washing it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. i did. break is never long enough but it's really good to be back. "tucker carlson tonight" starts in 8 seconds. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it is tuesday november 29th. terrorism not being ruled out in the violent rampage in ohio state university carried out by a somali refugee.
1:59 am
>> the samly refugee with the type of attack hitting people with the vehicle, using the knife. >> the hunt right now for clues as chilling new information emerges about the suspect and his past. >> a dire situation breaking outover night. down south firefighters scrambling to keep dolly wood from going up in flames. the mass evacuation at a popular resort town. >> we are live in washington. foov of starts right "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> five people miraculously surviving a horrific plane crash overnight in columbia. >> the chartered plane carrying
2:00 am
81 people including a brazilian soccer team when it crashed into the mountains outside of the city killing 17. >> the flight radar you can see here the plane circling before it went down. >> news of the crash quickly spreading through the soccer world. this is video posted to the team's facebook page showing them checking in for the flight earlier in the day. >> they were flying from bolivia to columbia where they were set to play in the south american club finals. >> the stays mayor calling it a quote tragedy of huge proportions. we will continue to follow the story for you. >> to another alert this morning. i can't take it any more. the chilling words posted online before an ohio state university student rammed his car into a crowd of people pulled out a butcher knife and slashed everyone in his


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