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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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game. i would like to see it a little more even shall wouldn't you? when news break out, we break in because breaking new changes everything on fox news channel. go army, go navy. beat everybody else. "your world with cavuto" is coming up now. ♪ thank you, shepard very much. the scene out cytohair international airport earlier today, a lot of people striking there for what they call a living wage. they want it up to $15 an hour. these are hourly workers. the airport pays them, not the airlines at least directly. their beef was the fact they've been working a long time as airport cleaning hands, wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers oraa cyst the baggage handlers and they felt they should get a bigger slice of the pie here that would essentially be for some of them a doubling in their wage, for some of them a few dollars more. let's just say you do not want to mess with coverage of such an event when it involves jeff block trying to get to the bottom of what the strike was
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about, and then this happened. >> reporter: you said you worked there 16 years. >> i've been advised not to talk to you guys. >> reporter: you've been advised not to talk to me by this guy here? >> yes. >> reporter: why did you do that, sir? hey, buddy, hey, you guys. why don't you turn around and have the courage to turn around and talk to me instead of trying to stifle people's ability to talk. the woman had a good story to tell and you tried to cut it off. so nice job. i'm glad you did that. but you're just on live television here on the fox network. this guy just tried to stop me from interviewing somebody. i don't like that. i don't like that. yes, you are doing that. this guy did it right here. >> i'm not. >> reporter: don't like that at all, neil. >> all right. fox business network jeff block reporting live from the interior of a trunk. let's get to him right now. jeff, how you doing now? what happened? >> reporter: this woman came up to me and had a compelling
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story. i was trying to tell her story, which would have been a benefit to the sciu, the service employees international union which is trying to organize these workers. some of the workers are paid very small amounts. this woman only gets to work seven hours a day so her employer can keep her from getting benefits or over time. that's a great story. they would have argued for union organization, but the union only wants you to talk to the people they have already vetted and are sure they're going to toe the company line. that's what happened right there. that guy tried to block the interview. it really ticked me off. i don't like that. >> it did, and you were remarkable. it was happening live and we were covering it. as you said, this woman, whether you agree or not with the hike in the minimum wage there for these workers, she was a perfectly fine spokesperson for that cause and for this strike and you have an sciu guy who is there who, you know, is clearly trying to silence her. now, she went back to talk to you. did anything happen to her or
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did the goon or whatever come back to her? >> reporter: no, i went back. we were still -- as you know, we were still on live and i walked back to her because she and i had a perfectly nice conversation and i was quite sympathetic to her polite. listen to what she told me later after i kind of chased the guy away and went back to talk to her. >> i work for a company called scrub, and i have been out here 16 years and i make about a little over $11 an hour. we work seven hours a night, you know. >> reporter: so you don't get benefits. >> no holiday pay or anything of that nature. >> reporter: now there you go. whatever side, neil, you're on, that woman has a compelling story to tell that would argue for maybe why a union would exist, to try to protect this woman's benefits and at least do something that's fair. but the union -- as i told the guy afterwards, i walked up to the guy -- he still wouldn't talk to me and i said, you just screwed yourself over,
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pal, because i was trying to help you out with that story. that story would have been beneficial for you to be heard. and here you try to stifle it. it was a bad rap sometimes. >> i'm sorry, my friend, but it reinforces everyone's worst suspicions that union folks -- i guess you have union workers putting these people up to the strike. that's not the case at o'hare, but all of this around the fourth anniversary of the push for higher minimum wage, more to the point a $15 minimum wage which seemed unthinkable a few years ago when they were doing this. we're getting closer and closer to that level as it is. >> reporter: yeah. i think the presidential campaign recently concluded, just taught us anything, it is if you try to control everything and try to spin everything your way, it can come back and shoot you in the foot. it really can. >> remarkable reporting, jeff. i'm glad you're okay. jeff block covering something that -- well, as you can see, that young woman was a very fine spokesperson for a push for higher wage, whether you agree
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with whether it should be $15, that's your call. in the meantime, strikers are trying to get their story out. a union guy trying to sit them down even as they push to organize the workers. we have a good discussion with this now, whether it is fair or right, where the whole battle is going, four years young now. conservative rue veer sydney, christi christ christie seltzer, what do you think with this guy looking like a goon? >> i don't think there's a company in the world where every employee is allowed to freely speak to the media. i mean, look, i'm actually a pr consultant, right, so i probably would have also said, look, here are some people that might have some good stories that you might want to talk to. at the same time i hear you, thoobl what you want to do is get out this message. you want to get out this story and talk about this issue because it is one where a majority of americans do support raising the minimum wage.
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every time it is on the ballot, pretty much it succeeds because most people believe the system is rigged. if you work 40 hours a week you should be able to lift yourself out of poverty and in many cases it is not able to do it. >> what a lot of people have a problem with is doubling it in some cases here. but leaving it aside, does an event like this and a disruption like this, coming as it does after most of the rush of the thanksgiving weekend travel season, does it help or hurt their cause? >> i think this harms their cause, neil, because what they're doing is disrupting businesses, they're blocking traffic in some situations, and they're keeping other americans have getting to their place of employment. just to comment on the lady who wanted to speak to the fox news reporter, there were thousands of stories like hers that should be heard by americans.
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unfortunately, you have union leaders who are stifling the voices of the rank and file workers. listen, minimum wage, i think it should be a competitive wage based on what the employer can afford to pay their workers. this lady said she can only work x amount of hours, she can't get benefits. i mean it is unfortunate, but it should be a competitive wage and not a government mandate determining what americans should be paid. >> and if you're restricting people's hours, you're restricting how much they can make, period. >> right. >> no matter the minimum wage. scott, before i go to you i wanted to get your reaction to president-elect donald trump on this subject because with the first fox business network debate featuring the republican candidate at the time, and he was the leader then, this issue of a higher minimum wage came up and this answer surprised a lot of folks. listen to this and react to it. >> i hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out, they have to work really hard and they have to get into that upper
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stratem. but we cannot do it if we're going to compete with the rest of the world, we just can't do it. >> so do not raise the minimum wage? >> i would not raise the minimum. >> what do you think of what he was saying then? he has since tried to adjust it to maybe a higher wage is in order, just not a doubling of it. what do you think? >> i think he softened a bit on that stance, which i think is correct. it is maybe more in the business's court where there's sort of deeming they do that allows them to raise their wage gradually over time. that's what we've seen happen in seattle which is interesting. seattle passed a minimum wage was back in 2015 and you saw worker's hours cut, benefits cut, job losses. in fact, small businesses suffered unmercifully. >> that's not true. >> yes, they did, christie, because they saw costs going up that were unnatural to what is going on in the environment. i'm all for people to make more money but for the government to controlling it is not right.
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it hurts businesses more than it helps the workers. >> you're right -- >> christie first. >> what seattle found, they're phasing it in. large employers pay $123 and small businesses less. what they're finding is there's been minimal disruption in terms of prices and hiring. what they've been able to do is put a little more money in worker's pockets for low wage workers that can use the money for basic life necessities like food, buying diapers for their kids. of course they're putting the money back into the economy. it is a great example of how you can do it on a local level and have it succeed. >> people should be striving to make as much money as they can and not rely on a government mandate. >> who is relying on a government mandate? >> you spoke already. >> jeanine, go ahead.
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>> it is not working in seattle, employers are letting people going or they're not able to hire people, and there are restaurants, for example, using tablets to take people's orders so they're not even able to hire waitresses like they used to years ago. so it is not working. you pay more for something, you're going to get less of it, christie. that's basic economics. >> look, here is the problem. if you leave it as jeanine said to what the employer feels that they can afford -- >> it is competition. >> -- to pay, yes, then many employers will pay what they -- probably below the minimum wage. they don't think they should pay any minimum wage. right now the federal minimum wage is 7.25 an hour. >> it is competition. >> you and i both know you can't live on it. >> christie, the economy improves, it can go up. >> you want higher minimum wage, it is not just higher, but double the federal level. >> well, that's -- >> scott, you look at it and say what? >> it is unsustainable, neil. the double, whether it is crazy, gradual, two bucks this year and
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three bucks the next year as some laid out, it is still unsustainable from the standpoint of it is an unnatural occurrence. it is an unnatural progression. if the economy gets better, if we get some good policies out of washington for the first time in eight years. >> all right, guys. >> maybe you will see wages go up across the board because it will help the economy. >> guys, i'm jumping on you but i don't mean to, a short time ago president-elect vice president-elect mike mens was aspeaking at trump tower. >> another announcement before the dinner hour is coming, but it is exciting to see the caliber of men and women stepping forward to stand alongside this president-elect as we work to build a team to make america great again. also, our hearts and our prayers go out to the people of tennessee who are struggling with extraordinary wildfires. the president-elect today spoke to governor bill haskell in tennessee and expressed our
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concern and our prayers and our support for his efforts, for the families in tennessee that have been affected by these wildfires. but stay tuned. it is going to be a busy week. i will be in washington d.c. on capitol hill tomorrow, but the work of the transition will continue at the pace that's taking place to this point, and i think the american people are seeing the leadership and the energy that our president-elect is going to bring to the white house. that's a short time ago. he is also not only the vice president-elect but leading the transition team effort and he alluded that the health and human services appointment, representative tom price, a surgeon, a doctor by training, to take over that huge institution with a better than one trillion -- that's trillion dollar budget and 100,000
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workers. he also alluded to the fact later on tonight there might very well be another cabinet appointment. if that is so, more than half of the trump cabinet will have been chosen by this state. again, there are 15 positions. that would make eight filled or at least announced. we'll have more on that. new details on possible terror ties to this ohio state attacker, but the question is, does someone who claims sympathy for our support of a terrorist organization mean that person is a terrorist? why what happened there and the history and the course of events leading up to the events might make it a moot point. stick around.
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abroad. catherine harris with the latest. hey, catherine. >> reporter: neil, law enforcement tells fox news that agents are getting the necessary authorities from the court to review electronics. whether artan was following it and with the new claim of responsibility this afternoon, if there's any evidence that isis in fact directed the attack. two law enforcement sources told fox news artan came to the united states as a somali refugee. in august the ohio state newspaper, this is the article, ran an interview with him and he identified himself as a muslim. he was looking for a place to pray openly and worried how it would be received. authorities are looking for evidence of premeditation and whether he had help when he drove a car into a crowd of students and got out with a knife. a senator on homeland security committee said there's a lot more to learn.
1:18 pm
>> we have to find out what signs were missed in this process and how do we stop it in the days ahead. this is one of the most difficult cases we've seen in a while. there are other signs that have to be there. we have to know from the muslim community how it is happening and why it continues to happen this way. >> reporter: fox news confirmed minutes before the the attack the suspect posted on facebook about the american cleric anwar al-awlaki, he's like the god father of the digital jihad and has shown up in almost every case in the last six months in this country, neil. >> catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> doctor, there were clearly like in many of these cases warning signs, you know, travel to and from certain areas, the whole nine yards, now, it is easy to do the monday quarterback thing so i'll try to avoid this but there are a lot of things we missed. why do we keep missing this sort of stuff? >> we keep missing it because of
1:19 pm
the access of homeland security, the access of the public conversation is about violent extremism. we keep waiting for them to commit or think about an act of violence, and many of these folks are islamists. they're not going to commit or think about an act until a few hours before they do it. so we need to shift the access, which i hope will happen now with the trump administration from countering violent extremism, which is a whack-a-mole program to fighting violent is violent islamism. these common things that we keep seeing, what a surprise, anwar al-awlaki is on his website, these are all precursors of radicalization that we continue because of political correctness, because of fear mongering that we continue to ignore. >> one thing i found interesting is once again it brought up a
1:20 pm
controversial tenet certainly of donald trump's when he was running for president, extreme vetting of muslims. i don't n i don't know how one would do that. i think he has dialled back. what do you think extreme vetting should be and who should be vetting? >> i heard him vetting everyone who is coming from caldrons of jihadism, where it may be. most are muslim majority countries but it is not just muslim. anyone who bears ideologies -- >> what if you are coming from paris, you have been living in paris for a long time, we know such elements are there? how far does it go? >> american is an idea, not just the land. you need to embrace, not only say you're not against us but embrace the ideology of americanism and reject the islamic state and theocracy and
1:21 pm
the sharia state. so there's ways to vet those ideas just as in the cold war we vetted against communist adherence, et cetera. then domestically for those who are already citizens we need to be not taking away their rights but monitoring, sermons and other things that can be anti-american, con spir torl and be caldrons. the somali community, god bless them, majority are proceed american, but in minnesota a caldron of 40 or 50 jihadists that have gone to fight abroad. there's a problem that many grievance groups are preventing us from addressing. >> always a pleasure having you. thank you, the american islamic forum for democracy. when greg tariff writes something it gets a lot of responses. this one off the charts. a simple question. he asked this, did hillary clinton just burn her get out of jail free card because of the -- well, the request for the recount. greg is next.
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anothing noticing and deadly, we can tell you three deaths have been confirmed in a tennessee wildfire. hundreds have been forced out of their homes and a lot in if gatlinburg, tennessee area where not too far from dollywood which is in extreme peril right now. we will keep an eye on it for you. man, oh man, that has quickly gone from bad to worse. all right. some greg jarrett right now, and saying that hillary clinton camp now moving on to sign on to these recounts in at least three crucial states, she might have squandered her get out of jail free card with president-elect trump. gregg, good to have you. explain what is going on here. >> reporter: well, anybody who has ever played the game monopoly knows when you get that
1:26 pm
get out of jail free card, you hang on to it because you're going to need it. you don't trade it or give it away or sell it. she got one of those cards. it was amazing. on election night she telephones donald trump and according to him it was a lovely conversation. he thought her concession to him was gracious and magnanimous, and suddenly he began to hint, you know what, i don't want to pursue her criminally with the department of justice or a special prosecutor. you know, he then tells the "new york times" that, you know, the clintons have suffered enough, it is time to move on. he all but guarantees it is over and the nation will move on. so think about it, neil. she has got this get out of free jail card. what does she do? she squanders it. she wastes it. she does the one thing guaranteed to antagonize donald trump and that is to join the recount effort, and he immediately is furious, in a tweet storm. i think, you know, with the wave of his hand he can signal to his
1:27 pm
attorney general, you know what, i've reconsidered yet again, do what you think is right. what do you bet jeff sessions will pursue a criminal case? >> as the new attorney general if he gets approved. you know what is interesting too, gregg, the recount would have gone on because jill stein, you know, had the money. >> reporter: right. >> all of a sudden where that money is coming from we don't know, to call for the recounts, first in wisconsin, likely michigan and pennsylvania now as well. so it wasn't as the recounts wouldn't happen. now, the clinton folks argued they wanted to be there and have sort of a legal seat at the table to make sure, i guess, that their candidate wasn't adversely hurt by this process. it doesn't matter now, right? >> reporter: no. how does it make sense? it is devoid of common sense and good judgment because it is an absolutely futile effort. look, in pennsylvania alone, you know, you miss most of the deadlines, you have to get a judge to change it, and you've got to have proof and there is
1:28 pm
no proof. so it is -- >> what they're looking for, gregg, they're looking for signs of hacking, right? >> reporter: right. >> someone could have rigged it. >> reporter: but there is none. there's no evidence of that. >> it wouldn't make enough of a matter to compensate for the difference, even post states like michigan where you have 10,000 plus votes, you would have to find a lot of ig regularities to change the results. >> reporter: you would. in pennsylvania he has a 70,000 plus lead here. you know, generally recounts don't change the outcome, especially when there's a huge lead like that. she would have to win all three of those states, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. it is a futile task, so she wasted her get out of jail free card for what? for nothing, neil. >> that's amazing. gregg, great writing, reporting as always, my friend. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> gregg jarett, who might have a future at this law thing. a pretty good lawyer. in the meantime, a big thing going on in new york, we don't know where it will take place.
1:29 pm
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you are looking live at the trump tower, and we're told a big dinner planned with the president-elect and the guy he had a bad relationship with, mitt romney. we are told as well on the menu a big serving of crow for romney. >> lose weight just
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
. all right. you heard it here a few minutes ago. mike pence hinting that an announcement, presumably a cabinet announcement, could be coming before dinner. now, we don't know whether they're planning an early dinner, but we know president-elect trump will be meeting with mitt romney tonight. a lot of folks are saying within the trump campaign, are you kidding? not that guy. he has ripped you a new one throughout the campaign, and clearly indicated he was going to vote for someone else other than you. so what is on the menu tonight? maybe a humble serving of crow for governor romney? erin joins us now political commentator extraordinary. what do you think? >> don't forget he has made some disparaging remarks about romney, too. >> absolutely. >> he called him a choker and loser. everybody is saying will mitt romney publicly apologize. i don't think he will. remember, when he ran for president in 2007 and in 2008 and 2012 a lot of people wanted
1:34 pm
him to apologize for passing universal healthcare in massachusetts and setting up for obamacare, and he never was going to apologize for that. i don't think he's going to issue some kind of public apology. he may say after talking to donald trump he thinks he's very serious about foreign policy. we could see something like that coming from mitt romney, but i don't think a public apology is coming. >> what is more involved is donald trump -- he has been very magnanimous some of the choices. nikki haley was no big fan of his, now going off to represent the country at the united nations. so he shows a seem of rival spirit but it is a different enchilada. >> i agree. there's new reporting that says kellyanne conway asked donald trump if she could make the comments and air her grievances about mitt romney and donald trump said yes. remember this, if mitt romney becomes secretary of state, donald trump will be his boss. so i think this past week and a half of mitt romney having to endure this has been a test, and it looks so far like mitt romney
1:35 pm
is passing that test. he's not saying anything negative and he's not deploying anyone to say anything negative about what is going on behind the scenes either. >> can he risk, that is donald trump then, not picking romney? that, in other words you brought him close to the finish line and then you take it away as if he was just sort of trying to dangle this out there in the hope that maybe you'll not say anything bad about me even if i don't choose you? >> that could be, and we could see him go a different direction like a bob corker. he obviously met with bob corker today. think about the long game on this though. we've already heard rand paul say rudy giuliani would have a difficult time getting through some kind of senate confirmation. you could see a corker or mitt romney sailing through senate confirmation, which is probably what you want early on in the administration's top diplomat. this is the only person meeting with donald trump for dinner for this role.
1:36 pm
they're trying to establish a rapport and see if they can work together. >> do you think they can? leaving aside whatever animosity in the campaign, and there's a lot of it, unprecedented policy, dynamic opposing views on foreign policy, particularly dealing with russia, so leaving the other political stuff aside, can they overcome that? >> that remains to be seen. who knows. i think that's what having multiple meetings is trying to achieve, and this dinner will try to achieve it too. >> i guess. erin, thank you very much. another position that got a lot of interest is this treasury position. it looked like there was one candidate in the very beginning, and then this guy emerged. john alison, why he's getting a lot of new attention and why he's here after this. are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use.
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say this about the quest to fill a donald trump cabinet, the treasury position is getting actually as much if not more interesting than the secretary of state position. former banker john alison built up the drama a little bit when he was among those considered. this is very interesting what is going on here. you just saw a believe of gary cohen of goldman sachs, he is among those being considered. john is pretty interesting because former ceo of bbnt, one of those banking institutions in the middle of the melt down they didn't really want money, but the government kind of forced it on them. the loan to pay it back and all of that, but it was a very tough period. john, to add insult to injury, said as they were cooking up dold frank, i don't like it. i have serious issues with it and about it. and he is still alive to tell us about it. john alison, good to have you. >> thank you, neil. good to be you. >> when people noticed you were
1:41 pm
meeting with donald trump they said, okay, this changes a lot of things now. it showed it was a wider berth. we are going to run through a shot a lot of the treasury possibilities but your name changed the dynamics a little bit in that you were very critical of what has been done to police wall street because you argued it went way too far, right? >> i do, neil. i think dodd/frank has been very destructive to the u.s. economy not because of its impact on wall street but its impact on main street. the practical effect has been a radical, tightening of lending standards in community banks and kept them from doing what i call venture capital, small business lending, which is what i did that creates a lot of jobs and lots of new businesses over time. banks can't do that anymore and dodd/frank is the reason for that. >> we were showing, of course you're in that mix, jeff hench en, the congressman in that mix, eric cohen of goldman sacks in
1:42 pm
that mix, i think they might include some of the doorman in the lobby of trump tower, i have no idea. how does the process go? i don't want to give away or betray confidence here, but you get a chance to talk to mr. trump himself. what is the order of events? >> well, i was solicited for this job. i had no idea, and frankly i'm enjoying the lifestyle i have now, but i thought it would be very interesting to talk to president-elect trump, and it was. we had about an hour and a half conversation. vice president-elect pence was there, steve bannon was there. we had a chance to talk about public policy, particularly about deregulation and what ought to be done from a tax policy perspective. was an interesting, interesting conversation. it was kind of like a job interview would be best i would describe it. >> it is interesting. there's battle back and forth, john, and you and i have gotten
1:43 pm
into this in prior administration, where they seek out a wall street or bachking executive, that is usually the traditional route these things go, or they go to manufacturing, someone like a john self from the railroad type or paul o'neill -- i'm not talking about the yankee player, i'm talking about the guy that served on the company of america. there's a split redo. we go that route, traditional manufacturing, banking. what's the benefit of having a banker in that job? >> well, i think the benefit is that somebody in the banking business has a good understanding of financial markets and how they work. of course, the treasury operates in financial markets. but, you know, i think the most important thing is the person having, you know, a good set of public policy perspectives and a very active and thoughtful mind. >> what would yours be, john? there's been a lot of people on his feet, not just individual
1:44 pm
tax cuts but individual tax cuts and they want them proposed in the first 100 days because time is wasting. are you in that camp? >> i'm for lower, flatter taxes, but i'm also for less government spending. i think that's a -- you need to combine the two together in the process, at least have a formula how that works out. but i really think the biggie is deregulation. i think you need to either eliminate or reform -- >> would you eliminate dodd/frank? >> i would definitely if you could, eliminate dodd/frank, do something about the epa. i think those things alone would have a huge impact on the economic growth. >> the reason i mentioned the wall street thing, say what you will, and i have great respect for him as an individual, but hank paulson, the former chairman of goldman sachs, many argue a long with others in the financial melt down, didn't appreciate the magnitude of it until too late, so that's the
1:45 pm
rap against wall streeters coming in to essentially police wall street, sort of like the fox guarding the hen house. what do you say to that? >> i think there's some truth to that. you know, this is not because i necessarily want the job, but i think it would be very nice to have a true commercial banker in there that understood main street banking, which is very different than wall street banking. the treasury side is pretty easy when you have the lowest risk rated credit in the world. it is how those policies impact main street, and due to president-elect trump's credit, i think he seriously wants to figure out how to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of the average american through a faster growth rate. >> if he waited that would be bad? >> right. >> john allison, we'll see what happens. >> thank you, neil. >> the republican congressman who is getting a big bump up in attention and notoriety because of this doctor who conquered the
1:46 pm
house will now be at the helm of the biggest bureaucracy on the planet, after this.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
. the american people think that there isn't an alternative to where we are right now, and there is. there are positive solutions that don't require putting washington in charge of our healthcare. >> how do you bridge that gap between kicking the president's plan just down the road, saying it is a disaster, and starting fresh, which i guess would be your approach? >> exactly. we do need to start fresh because the first step out of the shoot from the president's plan is that the government runs things, and the american people are seeing exactly what that gets you. all right. the georgia congressman, dr. mike, talking to me a few
1:50 pm
years back saying, you know, republicans do have alternative plans to the president's healthcare plan they just couldn't get past go, especially with an administration that wasn't going to entertain any of their ideas. now be approved. craig smith is the chairman and to give that guy credit, early on, he had plenty of ideas and marketplace ideas to keep prices competitive and low. it wasn't that republicans didn't have idea and now he'll be head of the hss and that $3 billion budget and the 100,000 folks there. can he get what he wants? >> i believe he can, neil, and you're right. dr. price did not sit on his hands. in 2009, he opened up the empow empowering patient first act. let's allow insurance companies
1:51 pm
to compete across state lines. i mean, this guy went to work right away in 2009 when he knew they were going to be steamrolled by the democrats and dr. price, i don't know how else to put it, neil, this man is wickedly smart. i mean, he was 20 years an orthopedic surgeon, he ran his own clinic, a clinic at a hospital, he knows the patient side of it, the financial side of it. but more importantly, he has not been dragging his feet in congress. i mean, look at his pro growth budget act he tried to get through. he saw the devastating crushing impact that obamacare had on people taking full-time jobs and having to go to part-time jobs and companies that wanted to expand past 50 and had to stop. so i'm excited about as a businessman, neil, this is one of the better picks that
1:52 pm
president-elect trump has made, in my opinion. this guy is going to do a terrific job. >> another thing about it, too, it confirms that donald trump is quite serious when he talks about dismantling obamacare. it's a more technical question for you but is that doable? one of the first things you discovered, like any bureaucracy is getting entrenched in the system and entangled. now you're talking about whatever republicans come up with, what do they do without the 20 or so million americans who have health insurance? how do they cover them in the interim switching to whatever the product may be? >> we have obviously medicaid that can fill the gap and dr. price understands how that works. i've got to tell you something, neil. this is just congestion stjectu behalf. i happen to believe that dr. price, along with jason chaffetz
1:53 pm
already have the structural pieces in place from the bills they offered up in the past. all they have to do is have a bill waiting on president-elect trump's desk come january 21st and it be a practical bill. you can start going out of the obamacare and into the new plan. there's a little house resolution passed call 1990, which restricted the treasury secretary from i mplementing th law that was signed. it will go into effect in 2017. that's why in arizona, we can see 118% increase in premiums. >> at not only there. craig, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> by now you've heard about
1:54 pm
this plane crash in colombia taking out the entire -- or most of it -- the entire brazilian soccer team. this was that soccer team minutes before takeoff. what happened? after this. your insurance company won't replace
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that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. all right. a plane carrying members of the brazilian soccer team crashed in colombia. there are six survivors and 71 killed outright. ph phil keating has the latest. >> the black boxes have been discovered and they are in perfect condition. hours before the crash, you can see the excitement on the
1:58 pm
chapecoense players. there they were to play in the south america championship, enormous on the whole continent. instead, their plane slammed into a colombia mountain shortly after the crew reported an electrical emergency. today, 71 are dead and 6 survived. rescuers struggled to find survivors amid thousands of pieces of wreceling with the te journalists, including six of our own colleagues from fox sports brazil. it was a dream season for the players seen here after their improbable wins. over two of argentina's fiercest soccer clubs to make it to the final. you can see how excited they were five days ago after the
1:59 pm
fairy tale year. the colombia team want the cup and championship to be awarded to this team even though the entire team is now gone. >> do we know whether weather was a factor or anything like that? >> it was bad weather, a lot of rain and you could see the radar. the plane circles around the airport a few times. it has been speculated by one of the survivors that the plane actually ran out of fuel about five minutes before landing so that or the electrical issues are the two prime focuses of the investigators. >> in miami, you heard earlier vice president-elect mike pence will have an announcement coming
2:00 pm
before dinner. we don't know whether they are having an early-bird special, an early dinner. it could be resolved and they could make their decision after that. i'm going to check on the way out to make sure. we'll see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan will generals and dana perino and this is "the five." another very busy day for the president-elect. mr. trump meeting with more potential nominees for his cabinet, including three contenders for secretary of state. developments on that just ahead. first, to the two major appointments today. president-elect has chosen elaine chow from the labor secretary to head the transportation department but the bigger news is a selection for health and human services secretary. he picked georgia congressman,


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