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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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go to, @sean hannity on twitter. that's all of the time we have left. we will see you hopefully back here tomorrow night. ♪ unafraid. here's tucker. ♪ ♪ >> oh good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn and morality enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. tonight isis is praising the stupidity though plowed into people with a car yesterday and slashed victims at ohio state university. they are calling him a soldier of the islamic state. the horrifying attack could have been much worse and would have been if it weren't for the fast response of a ohio state university police officer pictured there on the screen. he shot the suspect dead in minutes. he is being praised as a hero. not everyone on the activist left is impressed by what he did. some have imputed racial motives to the shooting. among them is tareq nasheed
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he tweeted this yesterday. so white officer alan horujko shot shot and killed the black somali stabbing suspect in ohio is being paraded as a hero. that's interesting. >> thank you for come on the show. >> thank you so much for having me, tucker. >> this struck me when i read it as a pretty cowardly thing for you to say for a bunch of reasons but mostly because it's imprecise. you don't spell out what you mean you say that's interesting. why is that interesting? would it have been better if this guy, the murderer had continued to hack people with a butcher knife? is that what you are saying? what are you saying? >> no. i'm saying, tucker, what's cowardly is to make up a false narrative that i didn't say or even imply by saying i was not impressed or dissatisfied with the policeman's work. basically that tweet was very vague and neutral. it was basically a statement it wasn't even my opinion. so for you to start off the segment saying it was cowardly. that's disingenuous. >> i'm asking you to explain yourself and asking you what
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did you mean by that. >> and i will be glad to do that. >> this guy who shot him is he a hero or isn't he? >> i will be glad to answer that. i don't want to do the false narrative thing because that's very disingenuous. >> okay. just answer the question. >> let me explain what i meant. okay. no, i didn't think that the guy was wrong for what he did. the guy was a hero. the comment was meant to racialize the actual shooting in the event itself. when that happened online, there were lot of people who played the race card and the minute they found out hot suspect was they kept talking about black somalian and then they started talking about black lives matter and then they start talking about obama and then they racialize it. that's normal. >> i'm sorry there is only so much i can take. i spent all afternoon livin'ing to podcast which is the most racialized thing i have ever listened to in my life. >> which is not true. which is not true. which is not true. >> you sent a series of tweets here noting the race and nationality of the terrorist and you also put
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quotes around the word terrorist. if you drive your car through a crowd of people and murder someone with a knife, are you not a terrorist? why did you put quotes around it? >> i didn't say that the man wasn't a terrorist. tucker, are you going to say anything honest before we get the interview started or just a bunch of projection of suspected. >> i'm asking what you meant why did you put quotation remarks around were views. >> i didn't know if he was the suspect or not or the only suspect. i didn't have all the facts. i wanted to wait for all the facts coming in. >> you have trouble drawing labels. >> which is something you should do. >> if someone drives his crowd through a crowd of people. here is what we knew he drove his crowd through a crowd of people hitting them intentionally and attacked one of them with a knife. what else do you need to know that man is committing an act of terrorism? what's the missing piece there for you? >> we didn't get all the facts initially because initially they said that there were other suspects. so i didn't have all the facts then. so i wasn't in the position to label anybody or bring my
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opinion to the table. i wanted to wait to see what all the facts were before i labeled people. that's what you should do tucker. >> no, wait a minute, what you actually did race hatred. what you do for a living making this about race from a start which race didn't play a role. you make the comments this is a white supremacist country. the guy who did this imported here taxpayer expense from somalia. living entirely on taxpayer expense. government subsidized education at ohio state. why would import africans in large numbers and pay for them to live here? that doesn't fit your narrative, does it? >> so we don't live in a system of complete white supremacy? serve lying, tucker? >> huh. so the overwhelming immigrants in this country are nonwhite. why would a white supremacist country import massive numbers of nonwhite immigrants? >> you say nonwhite. there is hispanic people how say are nonwhite but they
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are labeled as white. a lot of people classified as white that you say are nonwhite. you play this racialize game. who is nonwhite and who is white? >> i guess the point i'm making it's not 1955. totally different country than the one you seem to be addressing in podcast. >> not really. not really. >> answer.t different, sir? >> it's different in this way. it is entirely multiethnic country. not just black people and white people one oppressing another. it's a much more complicated landscape which you may have noticed if you go outside. when you tweet out that this is a story of a white man killing a black man, that is misleading. that's not at all what happened there was no racial motive that we know of here and you are implying there was. >> i didn't say there was racial motive. >> of course you did. you said a white officer shot a black somali suspect. >> tucker, this is fox news. you guys are the race casino. forget about the race card. it's a race casino. difficult for me to specify the race of a suspect and police officer and that's supposed to be some kind of problem when you i do doo tall the time and
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arbitrarily blame black people all the time for problems in this country. >> excluding you from that category watched what happened yesterday. >> i will take that. >> they didn't see the race of the terrorist or the race of the cop. they saw an american stopping a lunatic from murdering more people on a college campus. >> so why did your white supremacist colleague make it racial? why did they make it racial? >> i'm afraid, tariq. >> how did they make it racial? >> i don't know of one person on this here you have a white man killing a black man. here you have a police officer, representative of order. stopping a mass murderer from continuing. >> so was it black lives matter fault you guys always seem to blame black lives matter and black lives matter is any person you choose to make black lives matter, so. >> okay. i'm missing the thread of your argument but i think you have made your argument. >> you are not missing it. you got it you are a smart guy. suspected white supremacists are very smart. so you got it. >> thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. well, and today, isis
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through its news agency and yes it does have one claimed responsibility for that rampage we have just been talking about at ohio state. that he's investigators are looking into evidence of the shooter's growing fervour on social media mike tobin is in columbus, ohio with the latest on that tonight, mike? >> tucker, investigators tell fox news that abdul ali artan was indeed a consumer of isis propaganda and there are more and more indication that's self-radicalized. he ranted online about the treatment of muslims. he referenced a boiling point, lone wolf attacks and threatened sleeper cells. he praised anwar al awlaki a u.s. cleric killed by drone strike symbol for wanna be. homeland security was warning about homegrown attacks. >> there are couple of things though that we know. the first is that there is plenty of available evidence to indicate that this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been motivated by a
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desire to carry out an act of terrorism. >> most of the attack victims have now been discharged from the hospital. none of their injuries are considered life-threatening. for the first time, we heard from one of the victims. >> it happened so fast. i turned to go back in the building. all of a sudden this bang on this car and i get flipped in the air. and you know, it all happened so fast. literally, at least it seemed to me maybe in the time frame is a little compressed. 15 to 30 seconds i heard the shots. and it was over. >> artan was a food student, consume louconsumecouplelousy. he had no history of problems. good kid from a big family. none of them saw this coming. tucker? >> thanks a lot, mike, appreciate it we will continue to monitor developments in the story which is interesting. the more we know the more interesting it is.
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turn now to the trump transition also underway. president-elect trump made big cabinet decisions today big ones. tonight the president-elect is having continuer with mitt romney the governor of massachusetts. celebratory dinner or consolation prize for the governor? peter doocy is braving the cold. >> tucker, i'm just as curious to hear who is going to pick up the check mr. romney or mr. trump. but their dinner comes just a little while after word came out that tomorrow we are expecting a trump transition team nomination announcement. that would be for treasury secretary steven mnuchin is expected to be the nominee. he has a lot of experience on wall street. he has a lot of experience in holiday but none in government. as for that dinner though, that is the big story tonight. we understand that motorcade is loading up and they are on their way somewhere off campus. it is rare to seed the president-elect leave trump tower during the transition while he is in town, so we
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are waiting for word about where they're going and what they're eating. hopefully during your show in the next couple minutes. but the dinner also comes after a morning that we learned something pretty extraordinary. we learned that the -- from the transition team communication director jason miller that trump knew, his advisor kellyanne conway was going to hit this weekend's sunday shows and hit antagonistic about romney and did he not try to stop her. we did see another secretary of state contender bob corker visit trump tower he was a staunch trump supporter. he did say this on his way out. >> again, i'm here. there are discussions underway about other things. again, this is a decision that he needs to make. the secretary of state's role is so important to a president. he needs to choose someone that he is very comfortable with, that he knows there is going to be no daylight between him and them.
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>> and somebody who has been much more vocal with his desire to become the secretary of state is rudy giuliani who has said recently he thinks he knows more about foreign affairs than anybody else the trump team is talking to. he was not seen today, despite speculation he was going to be around. and when transition officials were asked where the mayor was, they just said they didn't know what the mayor's schedule looked like. today we did see nominations as well for h.h.s. that would be congressman tom price and transportation former labor secretary elaine chao got that nod and we heard that senator jeff sessions, the a.g. in waiting is probably going to be able to get started right around the time that trump takes his hand off the bible because his confirmation hearing is going to happen before the swearing in. tucker? >> interesting. good news. thanks a lot, peter, appreciate it. ♪ ♪ >> oh, you see the storm clouds gathering that means time for bitter storm. nightly forecast of social
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media's most intent weather patterns. well the eye of tonight's storm is hovering over singer john legend who turns out is not simply recording artist but incisive political commentator as well. in a recent interview legend whacks poetic about the obama administration noting that americans are quote appreciate how scandal-free his presidency has been. praised obama for lowering unemployment and increasing incomes. presumably not just in los angeles. twitter disagrees with a lot of that carla wrote this scandal count for your information? irs targeting, fast and furious, executive actions, benghazi, iran deal, lying about knowledge of the server, presumably she had more characters she could go on. of course she could. major lag wrote this i love when rich people talk about my financial status as if they have any fridgen clue about how the middle class live. stone magnolia wrote whatever celebrities are thinking, think the o opposite a handy rule of thumb. write that on your hand. that's tonight's twitter
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storm. >> up next, senator rand paul of kentucky on who ought to be secretary of state and why. and, should burning the american flag be a crime? president-elect trump says it should be. we'll talk to someone who said not only should the flag burning be legal, it ought to be encouraged. prepare your stack of beer cans to throw at the television set. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> trump transition team works into the night. the secretary of state among the most powerful has not
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yet been chosen. the top three contenders appear to be mitt, general petraeus and rudy giuliani. tonight president-elect trump is dining with mitt romney. trump rival rand paul has been thinking a lot about who ought to get that job and he joins us now. senator, it's great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> so here's some of the names we that have been floated we just named them. in addition to romney, had you former mayor giuliani and also john bolton. would you be happy with any of those three. >> i think it's important that we or president trump, president-elect trump nominate someone who agrees with donald trump. donald trump spent a lot of time traveling the country saying the iraq war was a mistake. that nation building hasn't worked or very expensive and regime change has led to unintended consequences. that's exactly where i am. that's why i like donald trump. he recognizes iraq war was a mistake and some of the problems. he should appoint somebody who recognizes that i think
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both giuliani and bolton, i would call them unrepentant advocates of the iraq war. they haven't learned any of the lessons of the middle east. so i don't think they would represent donald trump very well because they don't agree with donald trump's positions on the middle east. >> what about mitt romney? >> i don't know as much but i know he has been fairly hard core about support of the iraq war. i haven't heard anything from romney saying well, he is skeptical or thinking that we should learn some lessons from that. but another reason why, i think this position is very important is donald trump also says he wants to build our nation here at home. infrastructure. you can't do nation-building abroad and at home. we don't have enough money for that i think really you need a secretary of state who believes nation building is too expensive overseas. we put hundred billion dollars into infrastructure in afghanistan. we don't have the money to do that and build our roads and bridges here at home. so yourselves needs to agree with donald trump on nation building in order to have enough money left over for domestic policy as well. >> has there ever been a secretary of state in
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american history who felt that way? is it your job where your views conform to the job and find yourself identifying a lot more than the concerns with other countries than you thought you would? >> no. i think you want somebody who one does generally agree with the world view of the president. so i think donald trump's world view has been iraq war as a mistake. regime change and nation building doesn't work. they may not agree completely you may not get a clone of donald trump. he should appoint somebody who actually agrees with donald trump. >> you should say that he believes iraq war was a mistake. we heard from the press for a year and a half he was every bit as implicated in the iraq war as hillary clinton. >> sometimes the press completely gets it wrong. this is a time where i would be home throwing things at my tv why don't they get it they kept going back to some interview on howard k. stern from 10 or 15 years ago. the point isn't exactly when he understood it it's that he understands it now. hillary clinton never understood it. hillary clinton continued to be for she said she changed
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her mind on the war. but she continued to be for regime change in libya. she continued to ton for regime change in syria. hillary clinton never learned the lesson of the iraq war is that sometimes you change a regime, for example, when we got rid of saddam hussein, iran became stronger. iran is more of a menace now than when saddam hussein was a counter balance. that was an example of regime change destabilizing a region and making us less safe. got rid of qaddafi, same thing in libya. hillary clinton never understood that donald trump did. that was a big difference and yet the media quibbled about when he became opposed to the iraq war, which wasn't so important as did he understand the lesson of the iraq war. >> so you are saying whoever takes this job needs to understand the lesson of the last 15 years in the foreign policy. >> absolutely. >> i'm wondering does the republican establishment in washington understand it? we will see who is chosen as secretary of state. he will have a massive below them. have they internalized the lesson? >> the interesting thing is his pick for national security advisor general
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flynn. >> yes. >> has said that the historical lesson is that the iraq war was a strategic failure. so there are people, even from the military. there were many people in hillary clinton's peculiar many of the generals, other than petraeus, but many of the generals were saying regime change isn't going to work in syria. we are taking our eye off the isis because we are getting too involved with trying to replace assad. petraeus sided with clinton, of course, i don't think he really get the lesson either. if you look at hillary clinton's book about it, she was all for regime change. we have got to get rid of assad. so was petraeus. many of the other general notice region at the time were actually opposed to regime change. >> if you were to boil down the purpose of america's foreign policy to a refrigerator magnet you would gte give to donald trump to look at every morning as he pulled his orange juice out of the fridge, what would it say? >> defend america. >> defend america? >> yeah. the thing is also a difference between the secretary of defense and the secretary of state, secretary of defense has to have us prepared. we have to have the strongest, mightiest military that says don't ever mess with us. but the secretary of state
11:21 pm
needs to be a diplomat that tries to look for solutions other than war. >> right. >> so, for example, if i were contrasting john bolton with anybody else on the planet, i would say almost everybody else on the planet is more likely to advocate for war being the last resort. i would worry that john bolton would advocate for war being the first resort. >> john bolton as you put it everyone else on the planet. does not sound like a ringing planet. >> everyone comes in ahead of john bolton. >> senator rand paul headed off to john bolton. good to see you. >> thanks. ♪ >> and here's something new. the latest technological gadget you absolutely have to have for reasons no one can really explain to you. it's here. get your credit card ready here it is. snapchat has released a pair of so-called smart sunglasses, they're called spectacles, a word we have heard before. they allow users to record short point of view viewers post them to the app. live
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your life entirely on video. set you back 129 bucks if you are able to get your hands on pamplet it turns out in order to generate hysteria with artificial short tableg they are being sold only at vending machines called snap bots random. there is one bring and mortar store. open only until new year's eve. just in case you weren't spending enough of your time sending contrived images of your life to people you barely know on social media or blowing enough money on chinese made devices certain to become obsolete a year from now, have you got a new option. congratulations to you. and according to the supreme court, burning the american flag is covered under the first amendment. it's legal but few people do it because it's horrible. my next guest says more people should do it. we'll report and you can decide.
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is there anything more
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infuriating than watching some entitled a historical loser build the american flag. for many people there isn't anything more infuriating than that that would include president-elect donald trump. who apparently watched a segment of flag burning on "fox & friends" tweeted this nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there should be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. while it is legal to burn the flag it's legal to do it. some encourage it to do. flag mark, i always take guests seriously. it's hard to take it seriously. i want to ask you a straightforward question which is why would you burn the american flag? >> well, one would burn the american flag in a situation where the government has gotten so far right that the only why it really protest it is to assert our rights as a citizen to go ahead and burn the flag and be that offensive because what's happening in america is that offensive.
11:28 pm
and there are situations that justify burning the american flag. and we have the right to do so. and it's one of those things that you don't take lightly. and it's an important issue. but it's something that we as citizens need to be able to assert our rights, you know. >> you said three times you have a right to do it and no one is contest the supreme court has done it you also have the right to scream obscenities at old ladies and you don't one presumes. you are not a decent person if you burn the flag here is why. it doesn't just represent the government but the deaths of many thousands of americans who literally died for it and you insult their memory when you do that. so why? >> right. yeah. so there is no constitutional requirement that a person has to be a decent person. the real issue here is that donald trump is announcing that he wants to take away our rights to burn the flag. and the thing is the united states is a government of the people by the people and for the people. and that means the people are dominant over government. as long as we can burn the flag, then we, the people
11:29 pm
assert our governance over the government. if they can take away then the government has dominance over the people. that's not the way the united states is made. >> i sort of buy a lot of what you are saying. i do think we ought to resist government's encroachment into our lives. where were you when they started telling you how many gallons you can have in your toilet tank or when the obama administration started spying on people's email and g mail. i don't remember you jumping up and down. i think you are a malcontent and enjoys infuriating decent people is what i think. >> you haven't looked at my record. >> i have, actually. >> when obama started the nsa spying, you know, there was somebody who got nancy pelosi booed at netflix nation that person was me. and that was at an event that was worth burning the flag over. i didn't burn the flag over. if somebody had burned the flag over that they would have been well-justified to do so. the government has no business spying on people of the united states. >> well, i'm with you there. but, mark, look, when you look at the picture of the second flag raising at iwo
11:30 pm
jim that. it's an actual event that happened and thousands of marines died and there many felt they were dying for that flag or the raising of the flag over the smoking ruins at 9/11. do you say to yourself by desecrating this object i'm committing symbolic violence against these people and why would i do something like that you? are not attacks the government. you are attacking your fellow citizens. >> not at all. the people of eye owe jima didn't i do die for the flag but the right to burn the flag. freedom of the united states can assert your dominance over government by burning the flag, you know. yes, it's despicable and yes there are despicable people who do that this country is a free country and we have the right to be despicable. >> you keep using the word the right. it doesn't mean that you ought to. again, there are countless things you are allowed to do that you don't do. by the way, if you want to assert your autonomy as a person, then why not say something interesting or compelling or make an argument that wins people
11:31 pm
over? you're not doing anything like that. you are doing something in fact very bal and ordinary and stupid burn ago flag. >> i'm not advocating that people burn the flag especially right now. i'm actually advocating that people not burn the flag today because trump wants us to burn the flag in order to create division and in order to keep distraction from the fact that the russians rigged the election in his favor. you know, and that we have incompetent president and he doesn't want people focusing on the recount. so, he brings up nt flag-burning issue saying well, you know, i'm king and by fiat i'm going to take away your right to burn the flag. in order to get people like me to come on advocate burning the flag. i'm advocating not burning the flag. >> so, mark, you keep referring to government for the people, by the people, which i think most people certainly me would agree with. with the majority of americans wanted to ban flag burning and i think probably most do, would you abide by it? i mean that would be government by the people, for the people, the people's will would be done. so you would stop flag burning if we had a national referendum that banned it?
11:32 pm
>> no. there is certain inalienable rights protected by the constitution. so the individual is protected from the majority because, you know, yes, the majority would vote against burning the flag, you know, pause it's offensive. but the reason it's, you know, the fact it's offensive makes it such a sacred part of free speech, you know, to be able to do something offensive is, you know, is ultimate, you know, expression of freedom. >> right. that's a childless understanding of freedom. i have heard it before. i'm missing your argument here. are you making a an argument that the people rule. i thought that was your argument. >> yes, the people rule. >> small grouch discontents rule. you don't care what the majority thinks. you don't actually think what the majority thinks or the people thinks you want to do what you want to do. which argument are you making. >> inalienable rights certain things protected. our rights are protected, you know. the majority of people don't want them. because we have answer alienable rights, you know, people have the right to free speech eaten if they don't want to hear what the
11:33 pm
people have to say. so, you know, this is a right of free speech. >> so you are saying that. >> you know, protects our rights, you know, the people, you know, to make sure, you know that in case the government gets too far out of line we can overthrow the government. >> i get that but, i mean i don't want to dignify this. this which is kind of a stupid argument with too many questions. let me ask this last one. where does that right derived from? where do you get the right to burn the flag i know the majority of justices said that it is not in the original documents. do you get that from are god? where do you think that right comes from. >> i think it comes from the revolutionary war. people rose up to overthrow the king of england, you know. they pitched the tea into the harbor and rerose up and formed our own nation on the basis of freedom and we created this experiment where the united states is a government of the people, not a government of kings. and donald trump is trying to turn it back into a kingdom where he can by fiat say you lose your citizenship if you burn the flag. he doesn't even understand,
11:34 pm
you know, that that's not the way laws work in the united states, you know. >> what i find so remarkable is that the government has more power over your life and my life now than it did eight years ago by a lot. they are more intrusive. making more decisions for me. more points during the day where they are telling me what to do at gunpoint, in effect, you are not saying about it and reducing the old thing to burning the flag. i spent all day on your website. you're just a garden variety liberal who doesn't like trump because is he a fascist. the russians stole the election. think deeply about what you are saying you might arrive at useful conclusions. >> if you read from my website. obama is ththey were tired of republicans. they wanted change. and trump is change you can believe in. i will guarantee you things are going to change under trump. i have no idea what they are going to change into but there is going to be change happening. >> right. >> it's probably pretty scary. because the man has never held a real job working for somebody else in his life. >> i have heard.
11:35 pm
this we are out of time. let me end by saying please don't burn the american flag. i can't control it people really did make real sacrifices. i get your point we let you come on tv and talk five minutes about it don't do it? >> i agree with you do not burn the american flag because trump wants you to. >> that's stupid. just don't because thens of thousands of elderly men who risked their lives were hurt by it don't be a pig. i will end on that, don't be a pig, mark. thanks. >> okay. talk to you later. >>' cases clog our federal courts every year. we investigate that next. plus your time is running out to send in your mean tweets. we have the cruelest ones. they are diabolical, basically. don't miss that it's at the end of the show.
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president-elect trump ran a campaign to crack down on immigration. costs tens of billions of
11:40 pm
dollars each year and clogs the court much more than we ever knew. how bad is the problem? went to the numbers, unlike anyone else and joins us from west coast bureau with his report. william, thanks for come on. what did you find. >> well, tucker, you know, can you order that border security doesn't begin at the border. it starts in washington where policy is set. so here is the headline for this story. more than half of all federal prosecutions are immigration-related. that's 52% compared to 12% for drugs, 6% for weapons. 4% organized crime, 26% for everything else. so you have 70,000 prosecutions for people illegally entering the u.s. 6 thousand for everything else. where just four years ago drug was number one. did you go back to 1992, immigration was 2% of the case load. not 52%. now 77 or 70,000 sounds like a lot. but, remember, the border patrol apprehended 400,000 illegals this year. so 20% are being prosecuted.
11:41 pm
also 70,000 is down from 95,000 four years ago. so, we are prosecuting less, not more, the last four years. this is opposite of catch and release. which many people would argue is happening to some extent today. secondly, i spoke to the former u.s. attorney pete nunez for san diego. he said when the immigrant gets six months to two years in prison for entering illegally, that sends a message. secondly, the real value in prosecuting is a single conviction will bar an immigrant for applying to legally enter for 10 years. that is a huge deterrent. but, of course, it's not cheap when you -- when it cost 25 grand to put somebody in prison. none of this addresses the real problem that the b patrol is experiencing right now, which isn't mexicans trying to sneak in but central americans wanting asylum. new figures from the center for immigration study, jessica vaughn shows that the u.s. resettled 59,000 children from central
11:42 pm
america this fiscal year. that's up 25,000 for 2015 and just last week the border patrol caught on average 247 unaccompanied children per day. that doesn't count families, which is about the same amount. so, the point is that agents right now are saying hey, these people should not be getting asylum but under president obama they're getting a court dated for which 51% of the children, 84% of the families don't show up to court. tucker? >> amazing. the talking point you keep hearing that net migration is going back to mexico. you are saying really the problem is from central america. >> yes. about 177,000 were caught from mexico last year. the real problem are the central americans which is costing, i mean, two years ago only 64 kids a day being caught. now you are up to 250? that's up almost a five fold increase. that's the problem. the question is what do you do with them?
11:43 pm
that's expensive. it's about $3 billion dhs is asking for next year just for the unaccompanied children. tucker? >> amazing. totally changing this country, too. william, thanks a lot for that interesting numbers. one of the most anticipated dinners of the year is underyway. you were not invited sorry about that. president-elect donald trump and mitt romney are sitting down to eat in new york city. the pair is being joined by their wives melania trump and ann romney eating at the columbus international hotel. the two feuded, of course, during the campaign intensely. but now that governor romney is one the finalists for secretary of state, this dinner could be seen as a reproach, if i'm even pronouncing it correctly. also today president-elect trump named elaine chao for health and human services and georgia congressman tom price for medicare and medicaid services he named
11:44 pm
sima verma. steve mnuchin as secretary of state of the treasury. well, the praise for totalitarian lunatic fidel castro has not ebbed since he has descended into the hot place for eternity last friday. nobody loves fidel more than liberal journalists. we will send geraldo to reeducation camp. we will do our best. stay tuned. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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one of our friends, even our misguided friends into the building here on fox onto the show. we are joined by old pal fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. geraldo like taking a page out of fidel's book we have been monitoring your social media. we noticed the other night that you had nice words to say about commande castro it raised the question in my mind what is it about this guy that so excites liberal journalists. not his policies. he failed obviously. a totalitarian who didn't have a free press. it couldn't be that. something irresistible about the guy to liberal intellectuals and journalists. what is that? >> i'm not sure that i characterize myself as a liberal intellectual. like many moderate intellectual and i do definitely consider you a friend. you know. i think that was astro was women of the most charismatic figures i ever met in my 47-year career. he emanated a kind of authority. he was very colorful, humorous. i know all of the back story. and i know how outraged so
11:49 pm
many people are that i take a nuanced view of this man. but i think he is one ever the most iconic figures of the second half of the 20th century. more than that, you say he had failed policies. i guess you could say he had failed policies although literacy and health in cuba is better than anywhere else in the developing world. >> not even close. >> he survived for 11 american administrations. he thumbed his nose at the great colossus. >> i get it the great century. >> a half century. >> if he was 5 feet tall and weighed 300 pounds and had a cleft palate. nobody would be sticking up for him. a lot of people with daddy issues looked at him and say you are so great because you are so handsome. that was part of it, no? >> i think it was more rock star than daddy. >> okay. i'm not a shrink. that was his appearance was part of it. >> why is it? and, you know, going back to this philosophical
11:50 pm
ideological divide. why is it that conservatives are okay with china, okay with doing business with vietnam. >> i'm not. >> 50,000 gis perished. okay with doing business with saudi arabia and continue pot dictator in africa and latin america except for fidel castro and his brother raúl. i don't get this collective outrage. >> here is the difference you have got to do business with the saudis because they control the price of oil biggest excess supply. i want my son to grow up to be like a saudi sheikh. you know what i mean surrounded by hookers in dubai. no one heroes worship. kind of creepy way, no? >> look at -- yeah. i think that historically, hhe is the most significant figure in latin america cincy money bolivar in the 18th century. he was someone who embodied a since of dignity and
11:51 pm
equality for the latin people visa we the united states and the western world. even though they were poor they had a sense of pride even now people in miami. so exexiles in miami are celebrating the death of fidel in havana and much of latin america and indeed through much of the developing world his passing is a sad, is a tragic event. he is 90 years old. >> let's be totally honest, in a police state can you really take people at their word? people wept for days when stalin died. presumably some felt it others were worried about going to the g gulag. is it naive to say people of cuba would feel any way at all? we have no idea because they go to jail if they express views different from the government. >> you give their secret police too high a grade in terms of their efficiency. there are hundreds, literally hundreds of thousands of people night and day in the streets of
11:52 pm
havana, even as we speak. you know, far more than the organized outside world, the people of cuba are truly mourning, it seems to me, i'm not there right now, the passing of this figure. now i also think -- i hasten to add i also think the cubans are ready, willing and eager to go from fidel to an embrace of the united states that, you know, cubans love america. >> they move miami tomorrow all 11 million could. >> commercial airlines have started flying there. i think in 10 minutes cuba is totally going to be in the american sphere of influence. >> may i ask you one question though, as a journalist you spent all these many decades, probably close to five as a journalist and the currency in your world and your life is freedom of expression. how you can get past the fact that fidel didn't allow a free press or any criticism of him, a cultive personality an they will to
11:53 pm
journalism. >> how does get passed it with vladimir putin. >> trump is not a journalist. is he a developer or something. we are a journalist we hate that. >> united states of america. i think that fidel -- how do i goat past it? that is a fair question. i think that you have got to spell out all the things that fidel castro did that are horrible, depriving people of property and the political opponents that he assassinated an so forth. there is blood on his hands, clearly. there is blood on a lot of hands. on a lot of people that the united states does business with. >> it's about controlling people's minds. lots of governments kill people and it's always wrong but it's very common. but controlling what people think is the worse sin of all, isn't it? and it's a sin that effects us directly. we are the people who say what we think. we are journalists. >> i get that embrace of the constitution and free speech. but i find it ironic that you say how fidel quashed free speech and yet you want
11:54 pm
to jail people that burn the american flag and contravention of the constitution. >> i'm certainly not for that i'm for people saying what they think no matter how unpopular, i really am. >> i have been with rock stars, all th the rolling stones, the peettles, i have been with yasser arafat and charles manson and every dictator in general from southeast asia to the tip of latin america, there are people that you connect with in a way in an intrapersonal way that has nothing to do with the outside world. like i like you, i really like you. you and i come from different sides of the street. we probably agree on a couple of things in the middle there. and, yet, i find you engaging in many ways. i find you refreshing in many ways. and come to bury castro not to praise him tonight. >> i hope you will come back tomorrow night and tell us what a great guy charles manson is. geraldo, thanks for joining us. >> he wanted to put my head in a basket.
11:55 pm
>> i bet he did. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. on that note. >> coming up, i'm ready to take your criticism, a lot of it you sent in some very cool tweets. we're not afraid. we will bring them to you at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online. let's chat in football terms. this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team. we know you have goals. like getting exposure for your idea or business. with godaddy website builder, you can easily create an awesome mobile-friendly, get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now.
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>> this shows goes boast way not just me on one end of the camera. we have send and receive. we asked for your feedback about this program and you have sent it first up mike evans wrote: have you ever traveled outside of the u.s. or is your ignorance gained from others? fair question. mostly book learning my ignorance. as your king wrote this please give your guests time to speak. this proving your point and exposing the truth, calm down and restrain yourself. [ laughter ] the two things i can't do but thank you. joseph wrote this tucker carlson has the most undeserved ego on his show. i ron der if he knows how much of a joke is he to serious people. and i don't want to know. finally c smack note we all
12:00 am
know tucker is the kardashian on cable news. by the way i'm pregnant i want to announce that tomorrow your day to be king for a d >> welcome to "red eye." hello, i'm your friend. >> coming up on the big show. a a man is banned for life from flying delta airlines after he rudely shouts pro-trump and anti-clinton remarks at his fellow passengers. itence as the question of what gavin mcinnes is up to on the days he is not on "red eye." and are celebrity feminists hurting their cause? some say yes, but their publicist says no. and an albuquerque res september -- resident has a pay as you go policy. back to you, poll. >> thank


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