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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump has had a busy day. just moments ago, we learned he has selected a treasury secretary nominee. according to two sources. he is steve mnuchin, banker, fund raiser, movie producer. this comes on top of couple other major hires today. the biggest, of course, coming out with word of this treasure are ry secretary nominee. correspondent peter doocy is live outside trump tower in new york. busy day, peter. >> reporter: very busy day here in rainy midtown, manhattan, bret, mnuuchin, announcement
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about his nomination expected to come at some point tomorrow. he has no government experience. almost his entire career was spent in wall street. helped bankroll movies like "x men" and "avatar" and "the new york times" first reported he was going to be the pick as treasury secretary. we just confirmed that as you just said with two other sources. mnuchin's experience with the campaign was as national finance director and the transition team saw him fit to serve as the transition secretary. that's where we are. now, here in new york, it is suppertime. the other big headline of the day is about to happen, that is mitt romney and the president-elect donald trump sitting down for supper and romney's not the only high-profile person who came to midtown to talk about a high-level cabinet post today. in fact, we just heard a few moments ago from senator bob corker who could be romney's competition for secretary of state. >> anybody who feels like they could further our country's
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national interest around the world would obviously want to talk about that and would be honored to serve in that capacity. >> reporter: senator bob corker campaigned with trump this summer. senate foreign relations committee chairman was was once rumored to be on the v.p. short list. his visit to the president-elect's manhattan skyscraper came hours after a transition team official revealed adviser kellyanne conway had her boss' blessing to go nuclear on mitt romney on a handful of sunday morning talk shows. >> kellyanne approached the president-elect before she went on the shows this weekend and asked his permission to go out there and offer her viewpoint on things and he said, sure, you've been a loyal trusted aide and should feel free to share your opinions. >> reporter: other face-to-face meetings with incoming president today included concerned veterans for america ceo and fox news contributor, house homeland security chairman, mike mccaul of texas, marcsha blackburn and former vice president dan quayle who said he came by is a say
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congrats following breakfast with vice president-elect mike pence. >> he's moving forward and going to make america great again. >> excited about the nominations today. >> reporter: no nominations for cabinet secretaries came today as well, congressman tom price to run hhs and help the i co incoming administration. elaine chao. she is married to one of trump's key partners on the hill, senator mitch mcconnell. >> i've heard rumors there should be an outstanding appointment announce the later today. someone actually asked stu if i was going to recuse myself. let me be quite clear. i will not be recusing myself. >> reporter: also today on capitol hill, mr. trump's attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions found out he may be on the job the day the next president takes over because his con ffeirmation hearings will happen before mr. trump is sworn in.
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>> expect it to be before the inauguration for the reason that that has been done in the past. >> reporter: democrats looking at these nominees don't foresee any big speed bumps. >> you look at sessions, elaine chao and price today, and those are people i think that are not going to have trouble with getting up on the hill getting senate confirmation or going through the process. >> reporter: if you thought you were going to have to wait until the 2020 re-election campaign to see stadiums packed with trump supporters, think again because we just learned that the day after tomorrow, the president-elect will hit the road and visit an arena in cincinnati for the first stop of a thank you victory tour. bret? >> peter doocy outside a busy trump tower tonight. let's bring in chief political correspondent, carl cameron. steve mnuchin is a guy who trump knows very well. >> sure, his former campaign
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finance chairman. source noting, of course, donald trump didn't spend anywhere near as much money as his rivals but mnuchin was a key figure and always saying he could bring in a lot more money if trump actually needed it. he's an ex-goldman sachs executive which is interesting because trump made some hay beating up ted cruz's wife for being an ex-goldman sachs executive. so now he becomes treasury secretary and this is one of the top five -- we ought to be careful -- >> yeah, nominee. >> he's the appointee, selectee for the nomination. he can't make it until he's actually sworn in. >> exactly. some people said part of delay here was concern about the confirmation hearings and his ties. obviously as a former goldman sachs banker. there's a lot of stuff. a lot of paperwork. >> the whole drain the swamp thing will be attacked by the liberal media. saying, well, wait a minute, this is a goldman sachs/wall street executive, trump was supposed to be a blue collar guy's president. and now the guy who's going to be running treasury is somebody who's been in finance all of this life? seems like good experience for
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the job. >> but for finance people and for people on wall street, and for people watching this very closely, you think it's a calming -- >> he's a familiar face. he's a known quantity. and in what has been sometimes topsy-turvy process in this transition. he's one of the folks that they said from the beginning is expect to be the appointed nominee. and now he's going to be. >> and everyone can learn to pronounce his name. >> mnuchin. >> flag burners, should be prosecuted, punished according to the president-elect with jail time. polling citizen, that was the headline from the early morning tweets that sent political commentators into a tizzy today. and carl here has the reaction, fallout and perspective tonight. >> reporter: the president-elect goes on another tweet storm including one over a veteran's protest against hampshire college in massachusetts for removing the american flag from scam u campus after a student flag burning protest. "nobody should be allowed to burp the american flag, if they
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do, there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail." the white house dismissed trump's remarks. >> we have a responsibility as a country to carefully protect our rights enshrined in the constitution. >> reporter: in 1989, the court ruled it was a form of symbolic speech protected by president 1 the 1st amendment. the supreme court struck it down as unconstitutional, too. as for trump's threat to revoke a flag burner's citizenship, the supreme court ruled revoking anyone's citizenship is unconstitutional. trump's at odds with some conservatives including the late supreme court justice antonin scalia and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> the supreme court has held that activity is a protective 1st amendment right. i happen to support the supreme court's decision on that matter. >> reporter: nearly four years ago, trump tweeted a quote from the nation's first president saying "if the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and
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silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter." george washington. this morning trump communications director jason miller said this. >> flag burning should be illegal. end of story. the president-elect is is a strong supporter of the 1st amendment. i think there's a big difference between that and burning the american flag that has absolutely in place in our society. >> reporter: liberals express outrage at trump's opposition to flag burning as a form of protective speech, barbara boxer of california and none other than then-senator hillary clinton co-sponsored another version of the flag protection act in 2005 which would have also banned it. >> i agree wholeheartedly that maliciously burning or destroying an american flag is a deeply offensive and despicable act. >> reporter: lawmakers tried to design that bill in off is way that it could pass constitutional muster. it died in committee, never got to the full senate or house for an actual vote. house majority leader kevin mccarthy today indicated there's not a lot of interest in
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attacking this issue and the supreme court settled it. >> carl, thank you. let's learn more about tom price, trump's pick as health and human services secretary. nominated and then confirmed at that position. we have fox team coverage, rich edson will look at prices planned to get rid of obamacare. first up, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. president-elect picked an orthopedic surgeon who he's hoping will be a reformer capable of fixing what is ailing our country's health care system. georgia congressman tom price is being rewarded for his loyalty. >> are we ready to beat hillary clinton to make donald trump president? >> reporter: on the campaign trail in the final days of the 2016 race, price made the argument for trump from the health care perspective. >> the things that we all believe about health care, we want a system that's affordable for everybody, that's accessible for everybody, that's of the highest quality and provides choices for patients. all of those things have been destroyed by obamacare.
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>> reporter: long before the 2016 campaign, price has been front and center about the need to repeal and replace the affordable care act introducing alternative plans in every congress since 2009. >> what our plan would do and congressman price has led that, is get the control of health care back to the patients and the physicians. while doing that with tax credits, selling insurance across state lines, finally getting some t.o.r.t. reform, expanding health savings accounts and taking away mandates. >> reporter: price currently serves as chairman of the house budget committee and is a close ally of speaker paul ryan. 62 years old, represented the northern suburbs of atlanta in the house for 12 years and tried unifying the gop behind trump after a bruising primary back in may. with price's nomination, the senate majority leader is looking ahead. >> what we intend to do is go forward with a process after the first of the year that will begin the opportunity to repeal and replace. and so that will start shortly
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after we reconvene after swearing in new members. >> reporter: today the white house press secretary tried to set the bar high for a trumpcare brought forward by the president-elect and price. >> when these new ideas come forward, it's important to evaluate whether or not what impact that would have only the percentage of americans that have health insurance. because after all, expanding access to health care coverage is one of the principle goals of the affordable care act. >> reporter: price could potentially be blocked if he intends to change medicare. >> i think there's a chance that his nomination will fail. this is the kind of issue where democrats have been completely united. >> reporter: sources close to republican leadership call that a classic scare tactic by schumer, trying to alarm seniors with hypotheticals and they say it's a little early for all that. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill tonight. mike, thank you. congressman price already has a plan to replace obamacare. correspondent rich edson tells us what's in it.
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>> reporter: there are several republican plans to replace obamacare. congressman tom price has written one of the most detailed. >> tom price has been at the forefront not only of the repeal movement but also the replace movement. dr. price introduced legislation for an alternative health insurance reform plan before the affordable care act was passed. >> reporter: his health care philosophy, remove obamacare, its rules for businesses, customers and insurance companies. for those without insurance, a tax credit. the government would offer $1 $1,200 a year for those between 18 and 35 to buy a private insurance plan. $2,100 between 35 and 50. $3,000 for older americans. price's plan would also pay $900 a year for each child. it also gives states $3 billion over 3 years to help cover the sickest, most expensive patients. a sum dem is far too low. price's proposal taxes employer-provided plans costing more than $20,000 per family and $8,000 an individual.
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it also allows americans living in one state to buy insurance in another. as for the obamacare requirement, insurance companies must offer everyone a plan regardless of the person's health history. price maintains it with exceptions and allows insurance companies to charge more if a customer goes uninsured at any point in the previous year and a half. >> price would give the same amount of money to everyone, and then instead of a lot of mandates, the health insurance industry would be free to compete to provide the most attractive package of benefits they could. >> reporter: democrats claim this plan harms americans earning less money. it grants tax credits based on age, not income. price's plan also repeals obamacare's expansion of the government insurance program for the poor. medicaid. less government involvement, they say, means companies will offer shoddy insurance plans. congressional republicans are still working with the incoming administration on the mechanics of how they'll try to repeal obamacare and whether to begin replacing it immediately.
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republicans still need to decide fundamental details like how to pay for a new health care law. as was the case with passing obamacare, arriving at a plan to replace it will consume significant time and focus. and will likely feature a host of disagreements. even among republicans. the president-elect has also made another health care personnel choice. picking consultant as add straitstrait administrators of medicare and medicaid services. one of the top, perhaps the top job still open in the upcoming trump administration. secretary of state. the president-elect is dining with former gop nominee mitt romney tonight but another of the candidates general petraeus has outspoken supporters and plenty of detractors who are now willing to forgive and forget. catherine herridge has that story tonight. >> reporter: thank you, bret. senior republican lawmakers are voicing concern about the possible nomination of retired general david petraeus to a
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trump administration, saying the former cia director's statement to congress about the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack and his decision to give classified information to a biographer. last year, petraeus pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge for the mishandling of classified information after he gave highly sensitive material to his biographer mistress paula broadwell. president-elect trump can't have it both ways. >> for him to spend an entire campaign going after hillary clinton about a crime she was never indicted for and then once he becomes the president-elect to even consider general petraeus who admitted to having classified information and mishandling it just shows that donald trump is a person who has no core set of values. >> other lawmakers declined to speak on the record but accused the retired general who was at trump tower this week of providing inconsistent accounts of who and what were to blame for the benghazi terrorist attack. originally pointing to a demonstration over an anti-islam film but later saying he knew
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the attack was terrorism from the start. petraeus testified twice in 2016 before the benghazi select committee about the events that led to the deaths of four americans. a spokeswoman for trey gowdy said he could not discuss the matter because the petraeus transcripts are still classified. the fact the documents are not public also makes it harder to independently assess the allegations. meantime the white house spokesman was asked today about a petraeus nomination for secretary of state. >> general petraeus assumes some significant responsibilities in the obama administration including not just in the military, but also when he left the military to serve for a period of time as the director of the cia. at the same time, obviously general petraeus admitted to some serious crimes. and he had to pay a price for that. both publicly and private -- and in his private life. >> the general's supporters say petraeus is an experienced
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professional who loves his country and provided valuable advice to presidents of both parties. fox news asked the general for comment today. we were directed to the trump transition team, bret. >> kathd rcatherine, thank you. fox news learned a new defense spending bill will be brought to the house floor friday. senior armed services committee source says pentagon funding will be $3.2 billion higher than called for in the president's budget and halts the drawing down of the size of the army. personnel will be added to all four military services. the national security council staff will be released from 450 to about 200. and the troops will get a pay raise of 2.1%, a half percentage point higher than president obama's plan. again, that heads to the floor on friday. isis insists the student who rammed his car into a crowd at ohio state university and attacked pedestrians with a knife was a, quote, soldier of the islamic state. the terrorist group says abdul razak ali artan, "carried out
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the operation in response to the caalties brought about by the coalition countries." law enforcement sources close to the investigation tell fox news the probe has found evidence to suggest the somali refugee was inspired by isis propaganda. senior correspondent mike tobin has the latest tonight from columbus, ohio. >> reporter: combing through abdul razak ali artan's apartment looking for a link to a motivmotive, investigators ha seized two electronic devices. meantime one of artan's victims recounted the attack. >> it all happened so fast, literally seemed to me, maybe the timeframe is a little compressed, seemed to me within 15 to 30 seconds, i heard the shots and it was over. >> reporter: investigators tell fox news artan was not on their radar prior to the attack. born in somalia, he traveled to the u.s. through pakistan, arriving in 2014. he was a legal permanent resident. he excelled in school, gara
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graduating from columbus state associate college with an associate's degree. he did leave hints online. he ranted about the treatment of muslims particularly in burma. he warned of sleeper cells. he praised as a hero anwar al awlaki killed by a u.s. drone strike in 2011 who evolved into a symbol for online jihad wannabes. warn of an increasing threat. dhs is especially concerned that terrorist-inspired individuals and homegrown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public vents or places. recent online jihadist propaganda encouraged lone-wolf attacks and recommended using simple weapons like cars and kniveses. >> there is plenty of available evidence to indicate that this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been motivated by a desire to carry out an act of terrorism. >> reporter: praise is being heaped on officer alan horujko, part of his training traces back to the counterterrorism
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technique of the israeli defense force, involves dealing with an active attacker when there's no time to wait for backup. >> what we typically see with the u.s., wait for one, two officers to show up. we don't have time so this officer ended up employing that training and doing a fantastic job and he's definitely the hero of this response. >> reporter: class resumed normal schedule today. the university organized a campus unity event they're calling buckeye strong. some of the students particularly eyewitnesss are seeking out counseling. most of the attack victims have been discharged from the hospital. none of their injuries are life threatening. bret? >> mike tobin live in columbus. mike, thank you. up next, a plane goes down in colombia with members of a brazilian soccer team and fox sports brazil on board. we'll be right back.
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a tragedy tonight hitting home here at fox. an airplane carrying members of a brazilian soccer team crashed near the colombian city of medellin overnight. 79 are dead including several members of fox sports team brazil. phil keating is following the story tonight from miami. >> reporter: here is brazil's chape ceo nse soccer club on its charter plane about to take off to play in the sudamericana finals in medellin. excited and mugging for the camera. for most of these young men, this is their final image alive. minutes before their plane was to land last night, it slammed into the mountains disintegra d disintegrating into thousands of
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pieces, who aa horrific scene i darkness. struggling to find and pull survivors out in the mud and pouring rain. six on board did survive. 71 passengers did not. the plane departed santa cruz, bolivia, heading to medellin, colombia, the pilots declared an electrical emergency and then all contact was lost. the medellin mayor said, "what was supposed to be a celebration has turned into a tragedy." brazil president has declared three days of national mourning. >> translator: we were very moved and shared a lot of this dream with them but the dream is now over. >> reporter: almost the entire soccer team was on board this plane, all but three injured players who stayed back. colombian aviation authorities a say 21 journalists were among the 81 passengers including 6 fox sports brazil colleagues. this video posted on the team's facebook page shows the players
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ecstatic after defeating two of argentina's fiercest clubs to make the finals after a dream season. soccer club saying now let this be the last image of our warriors. most of these young warriors are now dead. and this afternoon, colombian investigators at the crash site did fight the two black boxes of that plane and they described them as in perfect condition. on also on extraordinary gesture of brotherhood and sportsmanship, the other team that was scheduled to be playing in tomorrow's huge final championship match in medellin, the colombian team, tonight they are calling for this year's south american championship cup be rewarded to the brazilian team lost in that plane. bret? >> phil keating live in miami, phil, thank you. we told you last night about the uproar in south korea over a scandal involving that country's first woman president. we told you she was vowing not to resign.
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tonight, she's singing a different tune. but chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us there are strings attached. >> reporter: weakened by a corruption scandal that shrunk her approval ratings, park geun-hye offered in a televised speech to resign asking parliament work out the timetable and conditions under which she can step down. >> translator: i have never pursued any private benefits. i regarded the recent string of issues as business that can benefit the public. however, it is still my fault since i did not properly manage my associates. >> reporter: opposition leaders in south korea's parliament rejected park's offer, vowing to proceed with impeachment proceedings later this week. prosecutors are pursuing charges park and her aides used their offices to enrich a shadowy family friend, choi-soon sil. many analysts saw park's call for parliament to hash out the details of her abdication as an attempt to prolong her tenure in
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office. >> translator: park can maintain her power by getting pro-park lawmakers involved in the decision-making process. also she's still denying the allegations against her. >> reporter: still the decision marks a stunning fall for south korea's first female head of state. the daughter of a previous president. and the instability in america's sixth largest trading partner, the base for 28,000 u.s. troops is worrisome for the outgoing president and thus for the president-elect. >> obviously there are -- rather complicated, shall we say, domestic political situation inside of south korea right now. that is a situation that the south korean people will grapple with, but the ongoing alliance between our two countries is as strong and durable as ever. >> reporter: in pyongyang, north korean dictator kim jong un its sta , visited the cuban embassy to pay respects to former dictator fidel castro. >> the worry that kim jong un in pyongyang, north korean leader,
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is watching this thinking it's an opportunity for him to do something provocative and dangerous. that has not happened yet. in fact, the north is fairly quiet. they're watching to see what hay they can make of this. >> reporter: but pyongyang will likely take a dim view of the action on wednesday at the u.n. security council at america's urging and with the acquiesce e acquiescence, voted to restrict the export of coal slashing annual $3 billion in exports by about a third in response to the kim regime's most recent nuclear test. a mixed message coming out of the white house tonight involving fidel castro. the administration insists it's not sending a official delegation to the memorial service or funeral for the longtime cuban dictator who died friday. they're not honoring the dictator who killed thousands and persecuted many more cubans over the decades.deputy nationa
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security adviser ben rhodes and jeffrey delaurantis will attend. this is, by the way, the same administration that sent no one at all to the 2013 funeral of former british prime minister margaret thatcher. at least 20 civilians were killed today as renewed air strikes hit the eastern part of aleppo, syria. the u.n. says up to 16,000 people have been displaced in recent days of the fighting there. that leaves about 275,000 people still trapped in that area. france, the uk and the u.s. are calling for an emergency session of the united nations security council to talk about reports of chemical weapons use by the syrian government. back here in the u.s., just in time for the holiday travel season, workers at chicago's o'hare international airport, a very busy place, are going on strike. our correspondent is at that airport tonight.
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good evening, matt. >> reporter: good evening, bret. it's calm here tonight but a short while ago this airport looked like a mob s hundreds of loud, outraged workers, many of whom walked off the job today demanding the right to unionize and $15 minimum wage pay. now, these workers, nonunion workers are cabin cleaners, janitors, folks who assist people in wheelchairs. they started to strike last night main an effort to cause a disruption in service, fortunately airlines saw the strike coming and compensated for empty spots. however, the leader of today's strike demonstration said today was intended to interfere with service and threatened, if these workers' demands aren't met the next wave of strikers will shut o'hare down. so let your mind wander what that could look like if it happens near the holiday. these employees say they work hard, are vital to the airport, yet can't feed their families on their current pay. >> the wages that we make here are nowhere near what we should
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be making based on, like, how much sweat, blood and tears that go into this company. >> reporter: now, this is all the part of a nationwide day of disruption with strikes scheduled at 19 other airports today including dulles and reagan international. all part of that growing fight for $15 movement that began 4 years ago today when mcdonald's employees went on strike in new york city. since then, states and cities including chicago have raised their minimum wage, but businessowners and analysts say $15 across the board is just unsustainable. bret? >> matt finn live at o ca'haro'. wildfires are raging in the southeast with almost 20 large wildfires of 100 acres or more. only five of those 20 are considered contained. in tennessee, flames are forcing the evacuation of thousands of people and are believed to have wiped out an entire resort. correspondent jonathan terry is watching the situation from gatlinburg, tennessee.
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>> reporter: firefighters had been hoping for rain, but the storms were proceeded by heavy winds that spread wildfires burning through the drought-stricken region. >> this is a fire for the history books because it is unlike anything most have ever seen. >> reporter: fires which had been largely contained to the wilderness are now threatening populated areas in eastern tennessee, including the popular tourist town of gatlinburg, where flames damaged resorts and forced the evacuation of an estimated 14,000 residents and visitors. >> we were in our cabin and preparing supper and had a knock at the door and it was the policemen and said that he would recommend we leave because the fire was getting close to where the cabin was. so we got all our stuff that we could gather up and put it in the truck and came down here. >> reporter: the fires are also affecting the neighboring town of pigeon forge, home to dolly parton's theme park, dollywood
1:34 am
announced it's suspending park operations on wednesday due to the fires. >> hold off on burning leaves, tie up chains on trailers to avoid sparks, don't park vehicles on dry grass. even a cozy campfire can spark a wildfire. >> reporter: one day before her theme park was evacuated, the country star appeared with smoky bear in a public service announcement to urge caution in the dry conditions. an entire community is pulling together to look out for residents and visitors while firefighters work round the clock to push back the flames. >> as we speak, there are team going into areas, particularly in gatlinburg and in the county that we were not able to get into last night because of the speed of the fire and how quickly it spread. >> reporter: and so crews are just now beginning to assess the damage. we do know that hundreds of structures are destroyed including the home of mike westerne werner, mayor of gatlinburg.
1:35 am
officials confirm three fire-related fatalities. they have yet to release the identity of the victims. bret? >> jonathan, thank you. on the markets today the dow finished up 24. the s&p 500 rose 3. the nasdaq jumped11. now a live look at that famous elevator at trump tower. president-elect picking nominees for treasury, hhs, transportation, commerce, and more are coming. we'll break it all down with the panel, next.
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another productive day in the transition. >> we need to choose someone that he's very comfortable with, that he knows there's going to be no daylight between him and them. the world needs to know that the secretary of state is someone who speaks solely for the president. >> i just had a very substantive and productive conversation with
1:39 am
the president-elect, donald trump, regarding homeland security issues, national security issues. the most important issues facing this nation. >> things are in good hands. he's moving forward, and he's going to make america great again. >> dan quayle there at trump tower having lunch, we're told, with vice president-elect mike pence. as well as meeting with the president-elect. a busy day today, and the breaking news that a treasury secretary nominee has been chosen. as we reported at the top of the show. steve mnuchin, former goldman sachs banker, doom capital management, a person who's well known in the trump universe because he ran the finances for the trump campaign. he has been tapped by donald trump, we're told, to be treasury secretary. now, that includes a nomination and an official hearing and has
1:40 am
to get through all of that. we're told that that was part of the reason it was taking a little longer to get to the decision whether he was going to do that. also wilbur ross also well known on wall street, asset investor, has been tapped, we're told, as the commerce secretary nominee. other picks, representative tom price from georgia for hhs. and elaine chao, also a former secretary of commerce, and she is also the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. so there is that. let's bring in our panel to break down all the latest moves. some of them happening by the minute. jonathan swan, national political reporter for "the hill." charles hurt, political columnist -- that's not charles hurt. >> let me introduce myself. >> oh, my goodness. the "washington post," it's not charles hurt. holy cow. >> it hurt. >> chuck lane. charles lane. and syndicated columnist charles
1:41 am
krauthammer. chuck lane, i'm going to start with you. >> okay. >> because i so rudely called you charlie hurt. >> it's okay. it's a compliment. >> yes. okay. let's start with treasury secretary and this word that steve mnuchin is the pick. >> that's really interesting to me because in a way, this is maybe marginally the politically riskier pick he could have made. the other person who was being talked about was jeb hanserling, the congressman from texas. he's not going to get it appare apparently. steve mnuchin comes straight out of wall street and that tees up an argument for the democrats that, you know, here you go, democrat gave you a bait and switch. he talked about a rigged system and he talked about how, you know, insiders were, you know, getting a better deal out of the economy than the average joe and here he comes along and picks a guy out of wall street. you can expect to hear the democrats saying a lot about that, but on the other hand, donald trump in his own business career doesn't have great relationships with wall street
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and presumably one of the things mnuchin brings to the table for trump is a bridge to that financial community. >> yeah, jonathan, i mean, some of the initial reaction on twitter is, you know, are we draining the swamp or not? but as chuck points out, there is a calming effect if somebody like a jamie dimon, steve mnuchin, someone, gets through and becomes treasury secretary. >> steve mnuchin is well connected on wall street. not politically well connected. when he was first appointed finance chair, i was calling around, most republic chance hadn't heard of him. he's very well connected. wall street. he's not going to give people jitters on that score. it really does seem to be to be a pure loyalty play. steve mnuchin signed up with trump when it wasn't popular to do so, took a lot of hate for doing so and seems like he's -- >> a pure loyalty play would also tend to lend its toward rudy giuliani as secretary of
1:43 am
state, however, it's taking a while to get to that decision. >> it's public torture of rudy giuliani, excruciating to watch. rudy giuliani thought that was going to be the case, he was telling people weeks ago that's the only position he wanted. i was talking to sources who were on the phone to him, he was making that very clear. this is now extended out. some of the story have come out about his business entanglements overseas and seems like there is hesitation there. >> charles, your thoughts on these picks today and what they say about an upcoming trump administration. >> it tells me that trump wants to get stuff done. he doesn't care if he creates an argument for democrats to say you're hypocritical about wall street. he cares about results and you see that in the tom price pick. he is the perfect man if you want to dismantle obamacare and that is a very difficult and it will be a drawn-out process that price has been working on since before obamacare was passed. he's a doctor. he knows exactly what the various plans are.
1:44 am
the key to his plan, the one he's proposed every year for the last eight years, is to give tax credits, not just tax deductions, that are far more expense ive but allows the individual to choose their own insurance. look, his argument and trump's argument is you want to have the widest coverage you can. you don't want to be seen as the grinch taking it away, but with the democrats, what liberals do reflexively is if you give something, you want to get control and the price plan idea is to remove government control and dictation as to what you have to do, what you have to have in your plan and how the system is run. i think it's a good plan and this is the right guy to get it done. >> okay. let's put up the short list for secretary of state. we mentioned it briefly there. mitt romney, former gop nominee, is having dinner with the president-elect. you wonder, you know, how that
1:45 am
dinner is going. what it means. you see rudy giuliani there, david petraeus, former general, met yesterday with the president-elect. bob corker, chairman of senate foreign relations, met today. and john bolton's name is still on there, chuck. >> well, you know, jonathan said this is torture for rudy. i'm thinking it's kind of a little bit of torture for mitt romney. i mean, my goodness, this is a guy who is -- there's talk that he's going to have to apologize, some people want him to apologize before he does this. he's a former nominee of the party being made to come, you know, i guess plead or ask or audition twice now in front of donald trump. and if he ends up not getting it, i think it would be kind of a humiliating experience for him. but really interesting one on that list is david petraeus who, after all, you know, had to plead guilty in a case involving his mishandling of classified information. right after a campaign in which the argument was that hillary clinton was disqualified to be
1:46 am
commander in chief because of her e-mail scandal. i understand there are differences between the two cases. david petraeus also, you know, lied to the fbi in the course of that investigation. that's pretty serious business. and if he chooses him, he's a very able man, there's no question about it, trump is going to have a lot of explaining to do on that point. >> jonathan, how much do you think, talking to the trump people that you talked to, the potential for explosions in the confirmation hearings factors into where his head is on some of these picks. >> really factors in. i'll give you a great example, chris christie, we haven't talked about that guy for a long time. i talked to a senior trump source, i said what about chris christ christie? he said one thing, let me ask you a question, do you think chris christie would get through a confirmation hearing? i said good question. he said, yeah, it's a good question. they're thinking about this stuff. they really -- they're looking ahead and saying, okay, we're going to cop some heat with jeff sessions. how much political capital are we womeniilling to invest in th
1:47 am
different people? absolutely on their minds. >> charles? >> i think their main concern, again, is not what people will remember. what was said in the campaign and how that may have contradicted who ends up getting appointed. like petraeus. does anybody remember what obama promised in '08, how that might have contradicted how he made his appointments in '09? no. all you care about is results and i see trump being decisive and very specific. sessions, he wanted as a guy who's going to go after immigration seriously. price is going to change obamacare, going to abolish it and replace it. there's another element in that appointme appointment. price is really close to paul ryan. he inherited his position as head of the budget committee. he's completely on board with the entire with the entire ryan agenda. this is a signal that trump is prepared to work very closely on domestic issues with the ryan
1:48 am
house and that they actually want to go through an agenda. that's extremely encouraging. >> all right. one clarification, the administration wants to point out that james baker, george schultz, former ambassador, the current person on the ground in england, went to margaret thatcher's funeral in 2013 but no one from the administration attended. wanted to clarify that. next up, donald trump's pointman getting rid of obamacare.
1:49 am
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1:52 am
flag burning tweet that we had from donald trump. and that said in this morning: nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. well, that sparked a whole bunch of reaction from commentators on the left, on the right. but, what you didn't hear a lot about today was this sound bite which i think we have former senator hillary clinton in 2006. >> so i hope, mr. president, that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and desis he creation. i agree that this burning, the desecration that can happen to our flag is something that people have a right to ask this body to try to prohibit and prevent. >> so that is the flag protection act of 2005. and hillary clinton was a co-sponsor. one doesn't talk about the
1:53 am
other but it's interesting to put it in perspective. back with the panel. jonathan, you know, the reaction seemed to be that this tweet was going to lead to executive action that somehow could supersede the u.s. supreme court and congress and that this is what donald trump was going to do. >> i think the reaction tells us more about the sort of collective anxieties about donald trump and certain portions of the country than it does necessarily about donald trump. we're used to him firing off tweets. you know, it's just now every word he says has consequence. edward mcmullen, who is a hawkish republican who ran for president from utah he came out and gave the constitutional line. this is where this stuff ends up and sort of hinting this is a dictatorial man about to take over. and i think that feeds into a lot of anxiety on the left. so that tweet was not necessarily taken on a rational basis. i think it just exacerbated what were fears already out there.
1:54 am
>> chuck? >> look, trump went after two pieces of the constitution at once without knowing that. not only has the supreme court ruled that the first amendment protects flag burning as a political protest, the supreme court has also ruled that you may not strip an american citizen of his or her citizenship if they're born or naturalized in this country. only circumstance for all intents and purposes is if that citizenship was obtained fraudulently. so this is actually a highly radical idea he was putting forward here. the one year in jail incident is exactly what the penalty was under the statutes that were struck down by the supreme court. now along comes this thing about stripping people of their citizenship. which is a much harsher penalty. >> which he also couldn't do unilaterally but he could do in 140 characters on twitter. >> right. what i'm saying is, this just shows the sort of like impulsive and i would argue kind of irresponsible nature of these tweets that he has been putting out because he
1:55 am
flies in the face of very well established law. just sort of like off the cuff. it is, however, i think he has got a lot of people who agree with him. >> there are clearly a lot of people who agree he should stay off twitter newt gingrich and others who said that's not the best idea. on this particular point, charles. >> i don't understand why people are getting scanneddized. yes, it was i will advised, yes, it's unconstitutional. he was expressing what i think 90% of americans think. and what scalia himself, who was with the majority in saying it was unconstitutional to prosecute anybody, scalia himself said if it was up to me i would put them in jail. so i would advise the left not to take the bait on this. trump put a very large piece of cheese out there, and if the left wants to go after him on the burning of the flag, they are going to lose. he didn't say i'm going to change the law or upend the constitution. if he says that, then we can
1:56 am
have an all-out argument on that. this is an expression of a sentiment. because of an incident that happened in massachusetts. and let it go. >> all right. we'll dentally be coming back to more twitter reaction, i'm sure. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the welcoming of a big
1:57 am
constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief finally tonight, the first lady had two stand-ins for the first lady's to welcome the white house christmas tree to the white
1:58 am
house the obama's nephews. ♪ [o christmas tree] >> what do you think? >> tree. >> what is it? >> it's great. >> should we accept it? >> yes. >> all right. i think we're good. >> these are our replacement kids. this is what happens when you get teenagers. one is asleep. these two are up. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and >> it is wednesday november 30th. a fox news alert. devastation down south. deadly tornadoes touching down in one state. faster than wildfires ravage
1:59 am
another. the desperate efforts to save lives. >> the secretary of state sweepstakes continues as mr. trump sits down for dinner with mitt romney and reince priebus. >> a person like trump is the very man for that. >> the critical cabinet announcement expected from his team this morning. >> the real reason hillary clinton lost the election, fox news. that's according to president obama. remember when he said this. >> if i watched fox news i wouldn't vote for me either. you have this fun house mirror through which people receive information. >> "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
>> it will be a lovely day. i love this time of year with all of the christmas lights on 6th avenue. tonight is the christmas tree lighting. >> it will be very crowded there on 6th avenue. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. good to have you with us. we begin with the president elect and his incoming chief of staff sitting down for a swanky dinner meeting with mitt romney as new reports surface. he's one of four finalists in the running for secretary of state. >> team trump is expected to make a big announcement as early as this


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