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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the general trend seems to be up. "your world" is is come up with neil cavuto. see you this afternoon. have a good one. >> the say it's not presidential. to call up these massive leaders of business. think it's very presidential. and if it's not presidential, that's okay. that's okay. because i actually like doing it. >> well, those presidential enough to get the job done. for the first time certainly in recent memory a president-elect making a very big difference in the fate of 1100 workers. now those workers, have the security of knowing they're not going to lose their jobs, not going to be seen moving to mexico, and all because of a deal orchestrated by, well, mr. art of the deal himself, donald trump. but democrats say there were a lot of giveaways here on the
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part of indiana, to secure millions in tax breaks. but, again, i stress, are those 1100 workers now protected and their jobs secured? after all of this? yes. did donald trump, the president-elect, make that possible by picking up the phone and getting involved with the chairman of both carrier and it's parent company, united technologies? yes. end of story? not quite. depending on who you talk to. not even close. we have market watch monica, and lauren, and brad. brad, i'll begin we you. i was watching coverage of this event, including from from left-leaning news channels which is all news channels but this one. i'm kidding. but they were picking it apart and complaining about it when i said i know guarantees and incentives were made but did they protect jobs? did a president-elect make a
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phone call and secure the jobs? yes or no? and they did. >> yes, and guess what? no american in the world should ever have to fear, especially during the holiday season, where they're paycheck is coming from. but let's be clear. donald trump hasn't even taken the president si -- presidency yet and he is picking winners and loser. everybody keeps sayings that barack obama shouldn't be dune, donald trump is doing, picking his winners and loser. is hi going to call every single company that is think about offshoring companies. >> its would be a start. >> it would be a start but i'm wondering at what point -- is it going to matter? basically this sets a bad precedent if you ask me -- >> well, i think shy remind you that a and democratic president set such a precedent. monica, go back in time with me.
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do do do, do do do, john kennedy, on u.s. steel, trying to ramp up prices, at the worth of -- worst of times, 1962. let's go back. >> simultaneous, an i'd cal action -- i'd cal actions of united states steel, increasing steel prices by six dollars a ton, constitute a wholly unjust fireable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest. >> on kennedy making favorites there? all i know is those price increases were rolled back very, very quickly. >> who does the buck stop with? supposed to stop with the president and that's what donald trump is showing you. disagree strongly with your first guest. think that just the gesture of going to the company and showing america that our jobs matter, manufacturing jobs matter, jobs that we have lost, one out of
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every six manufacturing jobs has been lost since 2000. it's symbolically huge "iuug re"and what'm -- the cost of this program so we're spending $7 million to save save hon u hundred work -- 800 workers the stats of made will make that back in state taxes. this is was we want to could. in perpetuity, no, but you have to reverse the bleeding and really show america that preserving jobs is a priority. >> brad makes a good point. he often does. this notion that, well, republicans were quick to jump all over barack obama with his trying to pick and choose chooses and energy like solar jobs, ion though it backfired on him when in the case of solyndra that company went bust. having said that, there is a role for the president to play here or does he have to be
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careful how actively he gets involved because what you do for carrier, you have to do for every ceo who might be considering such a move. >> having run small businesses myself which half of what we brought in went out the door to state, local, and federal taxes,ing this would be a welcome break and it's not about picking winners and losers. it's about making it fair for everyone so that we don't have one of the highers business rate, tax rates in the world, and actually invent sizing programs -- incentivizing where people can go to take the jobs back. we need to be able to hire, we need to be able to go to work and that's what president trump is doing. he is really remarkable. not -- >> he's not president yet. his actions of a president-elect. brad, want to raise with you -- nothing con desending in --
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con desending in your walks but there was cob -- condescending by josh. >> you were taking a shot when you say he has to do it over 800 able toes to gist where we are. given the sensitive on the people on the ground who are concerned about losing their jobs, you want to walk that back? >> no. i am not doing anything other than welcoming the announcement from carrier that stands to benefit potentially a thousand workers and a thousand families in indiana. rough math would indicate it trump president trump is fortunate enough to serve two teams he has to average two of these announcements a week, every week of his eight, year presidency in order to meet the same standard. so, the bar is high. >> actually, it struck me the bar would be pretty low if you
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can brag about 800,000 manufacturing jobes over eight years. not such a high bar. but do you thinked seemed like per -- -- >> i don't think josh was trying to cast apersian on the steel. what -- >> he was myselfing it. wasn't shivering it. it's more likely -- dismissing is. it's more likely he was saying the president can't be expected to weigh in on every 800 people -- >> why not? >> you have to understand the rate of job loss in the manufacturing sector is much higher than one man can actually take care of -- >> why not try it? what's the harm in the president of the united states making a phone call to the executive, presidential or no, and just saying, in this case, think this through. we are told that part of donald trump's pitch was to say i'm going to lower taxes and
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regulations and i want you to sort of bear with me a little bit, give me time to enact my proposals and then if it's -- you still feel it's in your best interests to go elsewhere, i've tried. but that's what he is doing and what is wrong with a president being a cheerleadser for this country and trying to keep businesses here? >> no. i don't think there's anything wrong with the president become a cheerleadser, but there is a problem when you're sending a message to an entire sector of the economy that all you have to do -- >> what if hi did it for lots of secretaries years, for solar -- sectors and solar panellers. >> eyeeye say any sector -- >> let's give jobs a chance. right? >> if we wants to offer me one there i'm good. >> you're so rich you don't need it. monica, everyone wonders how do you comport yourself? is it the right thing to do?
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we're looking at donald trump leaving indiana, to go to ohio tonight. his messages, give you my word, that's my bond, i'm going to try like heck to keep jobs here even if it looks to some unseamly for me to do so. >> i think he could give the state of the union in a tux seed -- tux -- tuxedo t-shirt and -- i think the point is america elected a president that is focused on creating afternoons and that's what america is looking for you. can call stunts. >> not a stunt to those 1100 workers. they have a a merrymer it's very savvy. >> more than that. lauren it's more than that. i'm not being loyally -- i think
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this stuff gets the press and attention it does and i think for good reason and that it reminds other ceos and other companies from all walks of live and sectors and categories that, wait a minute, i'm thinking of leaving. i'm thinking i might think twice about thisthis is the guy is herring better times to college. >> there's another way to look at this, washington is up forsale and i'm ready to deal. >> over incredible. you -- liberals were bemoaning the loss after factory jobs and you're pissing on them. >> we have a extra tra digs in tumor plame -- tradition in sport wes don't talk about the next game. we saved a thousand jobs and if that means we have to make phone
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calls and have to negotiate and find out that in a particular town they have a problem that nobody else has thought of and this problem is keeping them from keeping jobs we need to do that 800,000 more times until we bring the five million manufacturing jobs back to the united states. that is what needs to happen. >> you all are great guests. a lot of people talk about whether it's unseamly for a product product to do this or a president. i think -- i think it's unseamly not to. and just give it a try. if you fail, the worst you can say is you've failed. but in this case, 1100 people will have a nice christmas. good for. the. right, brad? >> absolutely. there you go. group hug. thank you all very much. group hugs -- apple is on a record high, up close to five percent since donald trump election. a ten-year note, 2.44%, mortgage rates up high as well, 4 .08%.
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a lot of that on growing optimism the economy is picking up and with it interest rates. now, the president-elect trump is not done with this thank you tour. in indiana earlier today, cincinnati later tonight, why that kind of stuff registered in more ways than you know? i cannot stress enough. this is being done by a guy who isn't even president of the united states yet. think about that. after this. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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i want to talk about with karl rove, great man. on this mover today going out to indiana, continuing this holiday puture -- this "how to tour but but heir intervention here. some saying it's fortunate.
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>> fortune fief ares -- favors the audacious. he talked with the carrier leadership and they found a way to keep the jobs, and so what greater symbolism about what is to come than him going to indianapolis than having a big rally in ohio and then going to iowa, and the message is, he's already saving jobs. symbolism matters particularly here at the beginning. by the time he gets into the presidency results will matter more and thune is a nice symbol but rising prosperity, broad broadening prosperity is the real test. >> there were concessions and incentives built in entice to keep carrier in indiana through indiana but wrote an interesting column talking about some of the mixed messages we get out of donald trump even from fellow republicans, referring to his stimulus plan, public works
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plan, infrastructure plan, the congress republicans will feel hinky about the -- specially true given the vote coming next march on raising the debt ceiling. i thought about hat and how he -- has to spin that. he says i'm going to pay that by getting back money that is offshore. does he have to do this quickly. >> he said during the campaign it waves going to be deficit neutral. which means he has to find places to either cut elsewhere or generate revenue, and as i put in my piece, there are ways to fund some of this infrastructure by having a smaller tax rate on repatriotated foreign moneys as you work to a system where we no longer tax the profits of foreign companies twice but the
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leader's the house ways and means committee say they want to use the tax earnings to help pay for lower corporate tax rates. so the point of my article, this isn't going to be easy and you need to work with the republicans in congress and realize you can't say things like we'll rebuild every shipyard and iron plant as one of the president designates advisers said, because republicans are sitting up there on he hill saying we have been critical of sew -- solyndra. anybody want to have their iron plant or their shipyard rebuilt? we'll be happy to do it. that's going to find a rough sledding in the -- particularly among house republicans. >> a lot of of them have been cowering a little bit, maybe in surprise to donald trump, and i'm wondering whether mitch mcconnell and watching him
1:19 pm
closely, warrants a good deal more attention because he has been against the idea of infrastructure spending, certainly up front, and maybe altogether. how do you think that is going going to go his wife is transportation secretary, no duty that part of dealmaking behind the scenes here. but you think it's going to be rough sledding with donald trump with fellow republicans? >> no. if he realizes where they're coming from -- you put your finger on the critical issue which is the length of time for these things to happen. the things that are going to cause business confidence and consumer confidence to rise are regulatory changes and wiping out the stuff and beginning to make a start on doing the things he said he would do creating -- getting rid of obamacare and passing comprehensive tax reform, redoing the trade practices, and in the short run, it's going to be people saying he's moving in the right
1:20 pm
direction. in the long run infrastructure will help. but only if it is securely funded for long term because let's say you're a highway contractor. you're not going to go out there and hire people and train them and go bet additional equipment unless there's a long-term funding for the highway bill, and the highway trust fund is only kept solvent by dropping general revenue in it. so if you want to focus on thinks that will cause confidence to rise that will help but in the medium and long-term, any kinds of these infrastructure programs we ought to rely upon the tried and true, namely the highway trust fund and the arm you corps of he engineers who have projects ands and them long-term funding and then look for things that can be done better by the private sector the government need too do, like the air traffic control system. 60 countries in the world have turned after that over to a nonprofit organization, funded by the stakeholders.
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canada for example. that's another approach of the administration. >> that one worried me. want my planes to get there safely. >> so you keep the safety function in the hands of the government, but have the air traffic control function -- the air traffic control function has certain specific parameters regarding safety but the structure for safety is set the government, executed by the nonprofit organization, funded by the airlines. >> i don't understand what you're saying but worries me. but karl -- i'm kidding. good having you. you got that recouped underwade in wisconsin. republicans have been filing a new complaint. jill stein is just a front for the clinton campaign. she has raised twice as much for the recount as she raised for her entire campaign. the judge is curious. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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the scene in cincinnati, ohio, a big crowd getting ready to here from donald trump. mike pence as well. they started this " thank you tour" in indiana where the president-elect was instrumental in securing 100 jobs that will continue. good glues for them in ohio, a state he won conveniently and easily, not a state that is demanding a recount. he won ohio by eight points. but wisconsin, that recount has started. hillary clinton's campaign asking for help with that. happy to provide it. now the wisconsin republican party filing a complaint the whole thing stinks and something weird is going on, initiated by jill stein, an independent
1:26 pm
candidate, garnered one percent of the vote. what does she hope to prove here? the idea is proof of hacking but this is not a hand recount here. so what is going on? judge andrew napolitano, what do you think? >> good afternoon, pleasure to be here. we start out with the premise the election laws do not guarantee a perfect outcome but guarantee a fair outcome. however, notwithstanding that, wisconsin's laws permit a recount without any showing whatsoever of any unfairness or inaccuracy. come up with the cash and you get the recount so mrs. stein has combined forces with mrs. clinton, stein providing the money, clinton providing the human beings to engage in this recount, without any significant evidence whatsoever that the outcome might be different or that there was by the unfairness -- was any unfairness. what is the goal? i guess the goal is to raise
1:27 pm
money for her fledgling little-wing party four years from now and the goal for clinton, is she going to run in four years she is unite with the lefties to deserted her last month. >> you might make a case for close states, wisconsin, and michigan, maybe pennsylvania, it would have been a different story. but what i'm i'm wondering how likely a change in the vote is in any state. i believe in wisconsin, a 23,000 vote gap in favor of donald trump. hard to overcome. hard to overcome roughly 10,000 to 11,000 vote gap in michigan. what is this proffering? >> it's not proving anything, neil. if they find some errors, the errors while be so insignificant they won't effect the outcome. the law didn't guarantee a perfect outcome.
1:28 pm
a perfect election. it just guarantees a fair one. meaning that the person who won got the most votes. so, they're not going to change anything. this is a bizarre combination between mrs. clinton, who told the world, when chris wallace questioned her at the third of her three debates she would respect the outcome. she is now going back on that and jill stein, not that many people have heard of, got all of us talking about her -- >> you're right about that. let me ask you if you don't mind me switching gears like a drunk professor, the electors, the push on some of them-some have havely pressed to change their stance, particularly the republican ones to states that trump won, to not vote for donald trump and a couple of talk about either sitting down or not voting for him, switching, voting for hillary.
1:29 pm
what legally are they allowed to do and not do? >> i. >> the law is different in automatic states in our home state of new jersey, the law says you will vote for the person that you promised to vote for when you were named an elector. so new jersey went for hillary clinton. new jersey's 15 electoral votes consist of 15 human beings who publicly promised they will vote for mrs. clinton. if they get to d.c. and don't do so, there's very little new jersey can do. now go back to the other sired. we have 11 electoral votes in wisconsin ask -- went to donald trump and you have people lobbying these 11, saying you want to do this, make some history? want to change your vote? yes, they can do it. has this happened in the past? yes, is hat. has it ever changed the ultimatum mat outcome? no, it hasn't. >> but if it's close. it's one thing. but i believe with the michigan win, certified, you would have to pick off quite a few.
1:30 pm
over 300. >> you would, and remember, the electors are usually people absolutely devoted to the person for whom they held themselves out as the elector. you're not lobbying neutral people to get them to change their mind. you're lobbying people who supported donald trump, who rejoiced at his victory, who celebrated what he is doing at president-elect, the chances of changing their minds so that there will be a statistical significant change, very, very, very remote. >> my producer is go to kill me but one more thing. donald trump's intervention of carrier, slippery press depth some folks say -- precedent some fakes say, be careful what you hope forfor you say what. >> i say is it dangerous for the president to be interfering with the tree market. the carrier management should do what it best for carrier investors and if that means making investment in another
1:31 pm
country so be it. if they gave carrier a a 7 million tax break, that comes from the budget of the future governor of indiana. not the present one. >> wow. all right. here comes the andrew napolitano napolitano hate mail. good seeing you, my friend. >> automatic the best. >> all right. president-elect trump is getting ready for another rally, the continuation of the temperature are -- "thank you tour." some of these lines started this morning so they're going to pack the house. what they going to hear? after this. there are
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>> howard schultz is stepping down from starbucks. after this.
1:35 pm
a lot of folks have been donald trump campaigning in cincinnati a while back. now as president-elect coming back to cincinnati as part of the "thank you tour." starting in indianapolis and now to cincinnati, saying i remember what you did for me. will the governor of ohio be there? john kashich. one of the things you have herd president-elect trump wanting to do besides win back jobs, is
1:36 pm
quickly refeeling and replacing obamacare. some revelations come out that it is a lot easier said than done and could take years as in at least three years to do. so, what does that mean? congressman marsha blackburn. that set a lot of people back who said, wait a minute. why take so long? do you concur with that? >> what we have to do is set our process in place so that we can repeal it and put in place those market reforms that we're wanting to see, and we are getting busy with it. it means we have to start sooner rather than later, and quite frankly, i think that is a pretty welcome thing to do, but the house is working on it. we'll have a planning session for our conference tomorrow. dealing with this. we know what our goals are. we know that we do want to get it off the books. that we want to open up the insurance marketplacemarketplaco across state line purchase of
1:37 pm
health insurance, expand health saving accounts. site with working with hhs secretary tom price. >> do you think it will take that long. >> i'm hopeful we can do it faster than that. >> the reason i mentioned that, if that's the time frame, with the 20 million or so gotten insurance and say this runs out to five to seven million who get insurance, whether they didn't have insurance before is debatable. but you're up to now in three years, maybe 30, 35 million who have insurance, and the conundrum for republicans would be, what you do for those folks. what do you do. >> that's one of the reasons for going ahead and opening up if the market place. what we know is you have nine million people that are buying via the exchange but you have 7.4 million people that are
1:38 pm
choosing to pay the penalty. and this is -- it's going to be for us working through to find the most efficient way to back this off the books, to get it off the books to get it repealed, and then to put those market reforms, pro-patient, pro-market reforms on the backs that people want, and we are on it. we have had bills for years, across state like purchase bills for years, going back to 2008. the hsa expansion. that we were seeking to do. the expansion of the flexible spending account. the utilization of portablity. those are all components that are in the two. they are ready to move forward. and it is going to be double tracking it. that's for sure. why your repealing, replacing, and then the timetable -- i think that, like with so many
1:39 pm
projects in the business world, your timetable, you'll lay it out and then it will adjust itself as you get one component done, then you're able to layer in and move -- >> you think it would be wise, very quickly to be clear, if it was the case of moving this forward, you still want to make sure that those who have gotten insurance aren't going to loses health protection. right? >> the goal is to make certain that everyone has access to affordable health care. that's the goal. and then timeline and our approach is going to come in as we get the repeal in place and then see how fast, how quickly, the market can adjust, and we can move forward with that timeline, and on the insurance component, for example, the faster the insurance market is able to pick up that space, then the faster we'll be able to move
1:40 pm
forward. >> we'll watch closely. congresswoman, thank you for taking the time. >> absolutely good to be with you. thank you. >> in the meantime, a lot of the media said we already will have the richest president ever in her history. although inflation adjusted terms, george washington was the richest. also the richest cabinet. know the last richest cabinet was john kennedy. the last richest candidate before him was franklin roosevelt's cabinet. those would guys were big-time democrats. being about their vary reich but -- they're very rich. the last time the media made a big stink about a president's cab sunset? ronald reagan. wait a minute. after this.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
elitest, out of touch. i'm not talking about charlie
1:44 pm
gasperino. i'm talking about those who say trump cabinet, all those rich guys cannot relate. what do you think. >> all those fancy dinners at the fish club. >> try the olive garden and get the soup. i digress. >> actually funny is the eleadest out -- elitist -- elitf touch journaljournallist. we have been involved in mainstream media. trump university -- >> worked out for me. >> but you know what i mean. it's the pot calling the kettle black. we have had an egalitarian president for eight years, the rich got richer -- the gap between the rich and poor grew. middle class people a had wages frozen and we had high taxes on the rich, very slow interest
1:45 pm
rates and rich people made money and everybody got screwed. >> but i don't remember the media going after jfk and his administration. very rich, the richest before this one, and fdr, the richest before that one. do remember the media making a stinks about reagan's, though, and of course, don reagan and some of these others, jordan schultz, and that's not fair. that's not balanced. >> how about the crony capitalists running around the clinton administration. bill clinton hired as his treasury secretary, bob rubin, who held get rid of glass-steagall and went to one of the biggest beneficiaries of that at citigroup. and by the way, where was the media scout rage when hillary clinton, through coney capital limp, -- cap capitalism.
1:46 pm
>> if you want to go after cabinet picks but do it for both. where do you think this is going? a lot of goldman -- there is that. >> right. and that's -- that's a problem and you have steve mnuchin. anthony scaramouchety, involved in the transition, a goldman sack. gary coleman was in their into interview are with trump. some say could we head of onb. i hear could be energy secretary. and trump liked him. so that's another potential goldman guy that can be in the cabinet. this is -- he's going to have to answer to this, obviously, why this firm keeps popping up. everybody worries about their influence when it comes to the
1:47 pm
confluence of government and wall street. but i will say this. if donald trump limits the size of government, limits taxes, who cares who is doing it? do you really care? >> exactly. good point. charlie, thank you very much. that's what a college education gets you. we're get can to learn a lot more about the colombian plane crash. of what if told you it ran out of fuel? if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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now tracing this plane crash that took down most of the brazilian soccer team on no fuel. it ran out of fuel. i cannot believe that.
1:51 pm
>> right from the start the crash pictures really told the story. there was no fire so no fuel. now authorities as you say have confirmed flight 2933 ran out of fuel and we're now getting a better idea of what happened. data from the flight radar shows the aircraft appeared to be flying in circles. flight rules require aircraft to carry an extra 30 minutes of fuel. as a former u.s. airways pilot reminded me when you're in a hold you look at how long the pattern will last and how much fuel is left. when the first number exceeds the second you have to make other plans. investigators say the captain did have the option of landing to refuel. the final conversation between the pilot and air traffic controller is in spanish, but i want to play you a few seconds so you can hear the urgency in the pilot's voice.
1:52 pm
listen. that means i need directions to the runway now. here is the back and forth in english. the pilot says we are in total electrical failure and without fuel. vektors, miss. where is the runway, miss. the tower responds by asking for the altitude. the pilot responds 9,000 feet. the tower responds by telling the pilot he's eight miles from the runaway. an unidentified voice says jesus and the transmission ends. the crash killed 71 including most of the soccer team. >> incredible. thank you very much. a quick look at the dow. had is a record, 19191.93, a little more than 4.5% away from
1:53 pm
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a party frustrated, devastated, given up for dead, struggling to stay alive. i'm not talking about democrats today, i'm talking about republicans four years ago. not after this presidential election, the last presidential election when a supposedly unreelected barack obama was reelected. funny thing time, a word to the wise and any republican willing to listen. remember your promises, remember your history. remember when you were vanished and it looked like there was no way out and the other guy looked like they had a lock on the white house and voters would never let you back in. do you remember any of that republicans when you were given up for dead back then? be careful assuming democrats
1:57 pm
are now. remember history and human nature. remember how so many live in the moment thinking it will last forgetting it's a snapshot. how many times have i said it? remember how it happened and why it happened. democrats got cocky just like some of you are getting cocky. more interested in assuming democrats are dead than proving how you'll keep yourself alive. democrats lost voters because they lost their way and forgot their promises. remember yours, all of yours. the big stuff, the small stuff. all the stuff that got you where you are now, remember what could happen if you don't deliver now or forget what got you where you are now or put you back in power now. what i'm saying is stay paranoid. your office isn't a birth right. it's a sign on a door and it's easy to change. you don't own that office. you're just leasing it. don't assume your power is a given. it's an opportunity. don't assume promises are made
1:58 pm
to be broken. they are made to be honored. don't assume you have to win on all things, just most things. don't assume voters are any more tolerant if you ignore them than they were when the other party ignored them those voters have long memories and shortly fuses. they've had their fill of politics and their fill of you. they're just restless for change, so change, do, cut taxes, cut regulations, cut the nonsense. making america great again shouldn't be a slogan, it should be a force and you should be forceful. compromise on some little things, but don't give an inch on the big things, the things you plan to deliver. work hard, work weekends, but work. fight like you mean it. sweat like you want it. perform like you intend to keep it. don't ignore the other side, no, no, no. i want you to watch the other
1:59 pm
side closely, very closely. that was you. those depressed faces, those were your faces. remember well when they were the ones calling the shots and you were the ones feeling shot. remember how they frited it all away. keep looking at them. keep looking because i'm telling you they're sure as heck looking at you. they are well aware what happened to them and they are hoping tit's going to happen to you. they're counting on you getting cocky. don't. they're counting on you forgetting your promises. don't. they're counting on you settling. don't. they're counting on you getting used to all of this. don't. they are counting on you letting the country down like they did. remember how they mocked you. they still are. remember how they dismissed you. they still are. remember how they said you'd fail. they still are. words are cheap so don't waste them on democrats. make success your best revenge and maybe, just maybe, voters will be so impressed they'll
2:00 pm
forget the democrats. so get cracking. get going. remember history. make history. good night. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. a huge day for president elect trump and vice president elect mike pence. in two hours they will kick off their nationwide thank you tour in ohio, a key swing state that helped them pull off the remarkable victory. we are live in cincinnati where the rally will be held tonight. i understand you have some news on mr. trump's cabinet. >> i got to run. >> maybe he's getting some


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