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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha: that's so nice, right? beautiful woman. beautiful white house in the background. lovely tree. i never understand why the tree is iconi cra i'm getting christmascy. bill: we will watch you on monday. jenna: start with big headline today president-elect donald trump revealing pick of secretary of defense but there's a spring attached. hello, welcome to happening now. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm john cot and we are watching trump tower. mr. trump announced that he's nominating general james madison for the defense secretary post. general mattis nicknamed mad dog by the troops he commanded is
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highly regarded in military circles but he will need a special waiver from congress because the law prevents him from taking such a less less than seven years after retiring. >> one of our great, great generals, don't let it outside, right? and, of course, the press is very honest, they will never let this go even though it's all lies, they have about seven stations live. we are going to point mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> we are live fox team coverage. we begin with peter docey live at trump tower in new york city, peter. peter: the president elect went to ohio to thank swing state voters for being on board with his campaign and he ended
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upbringing a secretary of defense nominee on board with his administration. you heard it there retired general james mad dog mattis. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patent that we have and it's about time. it's about time. [cheers and applause] >> members of the media and the several thousand strong crowd were caught off guard by the timing of the announcement. they weren't the only ones. kellyanne conway she did not know the mattis pick will be made from the podium last night. >> we did not have a clue that he would do that at that moment. but that's okay, i have an ongoing clue that east an unconventional. peter peer carrier se valed --
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revealed they got $7 million a year. at trump towers former u.s. embassador john bolton to be on short list of secretary of state and pam bondi who backed trump early and also democratic u.s. senator heid who released very a complementary statement about the president elect and whose invitation could affect the plans of power in the senate. if she was offered and accepted the job of mechanics and left senate, there's no guaranty that her seat right now filled by democrat in north carolina would stay blue. peter ducey. jenna: in the meantime interviews continue right there at trump tower in new york city,
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the focus is turn to go capitol hill where lawmakers have the power to help or hurt the agenda. >> since president-elect trump has thrown up so much of the conventional play book, there could be unusual allies and opponents. peter just mentioned that north dakota senator is meeting with the president elect today and georgia senator david perdue, a republican so they could be up for jobs in the trump administration or could be allies here on capitol hill as the president elect tries to advance his agenda. two republicans critical could be critics of the new presidents on some other issues. mccain says it could be good for the country to give the new president a honeymoon, but mccain says he will speak out if
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the administration wants to be agreses wi -- interrogation. >> the army field manual specifically states only certain things for techniques to be used, waterboarding is not one of them. rebuilding bridges and highways and airports putting blue-collar americans back to work across the country. mansion and ' re rust belt democrats have been critical of their party for not focusing on economic concerns. >> i hope that the kind of outward messaging marketing piece of having more of an accent on the economics start to take hold. time will tell. we will find out.
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if we don't, we are not going to be successful at all. >> later this morning the house expected to vote $11.2 billion national defense authorization. huge piece of legislation every year, jenna. jenna: we will watch for that mike, thank you. jon: who is general james madison and how can all of this play out on how congress gets to say whether the president elect gets the person he wants. john heart, former communication directors for senator tom. marjorie, no indication that congress will have any trouble, you know, waiving the requirements to let general mattis serve as secretary of defense. do you see any issues there?
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>> no, i mean, the last time that they had someone who had served -- what they're looking at is a 7-year mandate in terms of the period of time since you had military service. since the last time you had military service since 2013 which was three years ago, well, that was 1950 was the last time. i think he is an actually very suind choice, democrats and republicans aligning have a lot of respect for him and his service and this signals very positive things in terms of national security and military service. they typically want civilians to balance out the component when it comes to national security. jon: general mattis resigned his commission because he was sort of out of step with a dubbish administration in the way to handle some of the problems of the world? >> no, i think that's true.
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what we need right now is a realist and general mattis is a realist. someone with the nickname of mad dog is going to be secretary of defense. he really is a general patent of our time. military people would say he's better than patent because he has humility and ruthless with enemies and whooshing well with allies. he is on the ground experience in iraq and afghanistan, he knows the job top to bottom and a wise leader. before the iraq insurgency, you need to engage your brain before you engage your weapon. he is the kind of leader that this administration needs and to be quickly to civilian point, the bigger issue to think about over the past three administrations you've had a shift away from cabinet into the white house. probably too much control in the
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white house itself and having someone like mattis who is a general i think will balance out and give trump the advice he needs from a -- similar with the background of a military person as opposed to a white house chief of staff or another adviser within the white house. jon: for the record lieutenant ralph peter was telling bill hemmer that the mad dog nickname was given to him by his troops whom he has personally led in the battle on many occasions. he doesn't particularly like the mad, doesn't use it outside of the marine corps but it is the nick maim that the marines gave him. jew to admire that. the u.s. lacks overall strategy in the middle east. how does he work with whoever becomes secretary of state to impose one? >> well, i think he will be good because when trump is out talking about being more aggressive and needing strategy in the middle east, he doesn't
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know what he's talking about in terms of nuts and bolts. mattis will be good in terms of being spotful. there was a lot of criticism in the obama administration, were we aggressive enough and and aggressive-enough strategy. this is the question of where balance comes. rudy giuliani secretary of state is a little prospect because it's balance of having aggressive strategy but having the plans of diplomacy. a lot of people see petraeus and romney as a level-headed option in terms of secretary of state. you look at petraeus. two military people in prominent role. you had that back in the bush administration. but you know, it's a combination of being thoughtful and not unsighting additional violence or controversy around the islamic component of that but also being, you know, aggressive and thoughtful about what we need to do thoughtfully. jon: some insiders are saying
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that mattis might clash with general flynn who has been chosen to be national security adviser and it's no fun to be a defense secretary whos constantly feuding with the white house, do you see that as a poorr problem? >> it's always been a potential problem. mattis has the expertise to move power back where it belongs. i think there will be conflict. i think it's a great pick. yeah, there will be arguments and intense debates. over the past eight years we've had lack of realism in foreign affair. mattis is more a realist than hawk. and that i think debate will unfold over the next four years. jon: again his appointment will require a waiver from congress but with republicans in charge
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of both houses no one expects that going to be an issue. >> we will leave it to trump to keep it colorful and exciting and controversial. jon: you have him hand them that. he keeps us all guessing. >> thank you. >> new concerns about the threat of isis, the evidence showing the terror group may plan more attacks in paris. we will get you caught up in that. plus, remember this man? the shoe bomber and why he's asking a judge to excuse a portion of his sentence
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jon: remember the shoe bomber, british man who tried to set up explosives in the transatlantic flight. he's asking the judge to declare him bankrupt. he cannot afford the 250,000-dollar fine that was imposed as part of his sentence. he's serving life in prison for hiding a bomb inside his shoe
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and trying to detonate it on a american airlines flight from paris to miami. a federal judge tells prosecutors that they have two weeks to decide whether reid's fine can be forgiven. again again police report suggesting agencies can combat crisis in iraq and syria. >> hi, jenna, just in time for the busy christmas season. the stark new warning coming from the european union police and counterterror agency. the europol isis have, quote, capability to stage attacks in europe in the future. they could go after softer civilian targets. recent warnings about christmas markets or shopping crowds being
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targeted and we've seen recent arrests linked to that threat as well. the study goes onto say that as isis suffers losses on the battlefield in places like iraq and syria, it could become more dangerously. mask the fighters coming back home and, yes, using techniques, tried and tested on the battlefield and that includes car bombs and truck bombs. france which has been hit at least three times follow the last two years by isis linked attacks, most recently the july resort attack in nice said to be high on the target list in part because of its participation with the united states in antiisis efforts, but other countries could be in the sight of the group as well. the report, jenna, said that there could be several dozen isis militants rooming around europe waiting for some action. the main message or perhaps the concluding message comes from
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board that all agencies in various countries have got to work together to deal with this increasingly dangerous threat. jenna: thank you. jon: president-elect donald trump taking aim at the media, would his thoughts have impact on the incoming administration? katie perry is found in defamation lawsuit and legal team is asking to throw it out, our media panel weighs in next you didn't read your
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>> we won wisconsin and we won michigan and we won pennsylvania, right? and that person is doing the math and that person was saying
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for months that there's no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it, we chattered that sucker. chattered. [cheers and applause] >> we chattered it. man. jon: well, if you missed it at that time president-elect donald trump taking a victory lap in cincinnati during first leg of preinauguration thank you tour saying everyone including the media got stunning election victory tally totally wrong. let's talk about it with our media panel today lynn sweet, washington bureau chief of chicago sun times, judith miller, fox news contributor and bill, mainstream columnist for the wall street journal and formal editorial, speech writing for george w. bush. bill, we don't have you on the panel often so i want to start with you. have you ever seen anything like
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this, thank you tour from a president elect in. >> no, this was spiking the ball in the end zone. he must have a lot of fun. the crowds that are watching him are having fun too. jon: well he won cheers with the reference of dishonest media again. he did that a lot during the campaign but brought it up again last night. it seems like we are in for perhaps four years of division from the incoming administration? >> we will have a different -- yes, yes, and yes. it only goes so far. at some point he will have to govern and if he wants to continue, he's entitled. nothing has changed his view but he needs the media because he likes to be on. he still uses it so all we are -- it's big unchartered territory.
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jon: he was talking about a newscaster that he heard about. >> who was that? jon: he was talking about somebody who was crying in the state of michigan and wisconsin, judy. chris wallace thought the speech was kind of funny, well, he didn't take personally, the criticisms to have press. what did you make of it in. >> well, chris, we have to have and we are going to need it with mr. trump who seems determined to make us part of the elite enemy. this was a theme of the campaign and has carried over to what we see now. mr. trump gives the word bully pulpit new meaning. we are going to toughen up and pull up our socks as they say and keep reporting what he does as opposed to what he says. jon: does he have a point, bill,
8:25 am
in the way that he was treated as a candidate? >> we are the most thin-skinned people of the country. we take shots all of the time and whine when somebody takes a shot at us n. the era of donald trump maybe we should abandon objectivity in the news pages. he wasn't talking about something when he was complaining yesterday. i agree at some point the arrangements because the press and the presidents. no presidents like the press even though it was good coverage. jon: in the george w. bush administration in which you played a role, bill, that president didn't get a lot of good press a lot of the time but he also didn't turn his attention on the press the same way that donald trump seems to be doing. >> in fairness and george bush was reviled unfairly for a lot of the things. in this campaign, how many people referred to donald trump
8:26 am
as hitler, as -- a lot of over the top stuff and the press needs to sit back a little bit and look at the twitter stuff. >> i hate to defend george bush with bill, george bush never said the things that donald trump has said about minority groups, about women, about the handicap. >> i didn't say that he did. i was just saying that the amount of vitrial and amount -- >> hold on. first of all, let's just talk about one other thing you brought up, bill, since this is a media thing. what reporters are doing, you said putting away but reporters are more mindful of that you are
8:27 am
dealing with somebody who lies and fabricates information and they are trying to put out the facts, so that is where the journalist technician has changed in this campaign and also trying to mesh the fact-checking operation that has been evolving even faster in this time and put it in the stories and not do it separately. that's not any loss of objectivity, that's not putting the facts together and even in his speech to carrier, trump said that when he was going to save carrier, the first time, he meant metaphorically. he didn't think anyone took him literally until somebody reminded that he actually thought he did. he did the carrier deal. >> at the wall street journal we are going to be tough with him when we disagree with him. however, the front page story during the times talk about
8:28 am
abandoning the norms of aboutivity. later insist of journalists when i think the press abandoned a lot of them in campaign as well. jon: speaking of fact-checking, folks in control room is martha raddick, someone who supposedly cried when they found out that he was going to win. martha was one of the moderators of the debate. so that's kind of interesting. i want to get to the next part of the discussion which illustrates why president-elect trump gets so much traction when he berates the media. lawyers are urging federal judge tossed out by gun group virginia citizens defense league against yahoo defense anchor titled under the gun. now watch one of the moments that brought on the lawsuit. right here. >> let me ask you another question, if there are no background checks for gun
8:29 am
purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? jon: now it would seem assembled they had no answer but the vide. here is actual exchange. how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> one, if you're not in jail -- [inaudible] >> so if you're a terrorist or a felon -- >> if you've done your time you should have the right. >> we do have statutes at state level that prohibits classes of people from being in possession
8:30 am
of firearms. >> any implication conveyed by the pause is not defamatory. maybe this is a question for our legal panel not our media panel. judy, i know you have pretty strong feelings about private handgun ownership. what do you think the way the thing was edited? >> also about the first amendment and the freedom of speech and the press and i have to say that this was clearly a mistake. it was a terrible lack of judgment for which katie couric herself apologized. it should never have happened. that being said, this plaintiff would have to find, have to argue that she acted with malice because they are public figures and i just don't see this legitimate. i worry about using things like this to shut down and intimidate reporters. jon: bill, i guess to my mind it's worst that these are private people, these are not public figures who were on the
8:31 am
receiving end of some deceptive editing. >> i agree with judy, she's apologized for it. it's not excusable. we all know in our business that it's easy to skew things with just little touch here where we place things and so forth. you know, they're not all deliberate and we have to be in our guard against them. jon: any time i edited a piece we spend a lot of time talking. you have to edit on television but it has to be fair. 20 seconds, all right, give me your thought on the way it was done and the fact that as i understand it the documentary is still running in that form. >> my thought is i agree with judy to not have been edited that way. the motion to dismiss is kirk's lawyer is always routine but in the media question, the legal one is that as a viewer i would have liked to have known -- i would have liked the visual sequence to match up with the
8:32 am
audio sequence. jon: interesting discussion. thanks for being our media panel today. >> thank you. jenna: president-elect trump talking about transition and plans for day one in white house with very own amy, she joins us ahead. next
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where >> day one, what are you going to do, the wall, obamacare repealing? >> executive orders that we
8:36 am
think are inappropriate. we are going to be working very hard and i didn't think of it but saving carrier and all those jobs before i become president makes me, i guess, maybe even a little bit more happy. 1100 people are going to have a great christmas. jenna: interview with our very own ainsley earhardt and celebrating new book dedicate today her daughter and amazing book. i love it. i really do. ainsley joins us now. what was that like to be with donald trump? >> crazy 17 months. very good first question, very much like a mom. get to the point. he's saving 1100 jobs and families are going to have christmas presidents and celebrating together in the holiday season.
8:37 am
think of that, imagine if we knew our job was going to be no more and moving to another country, we would be devastated and nervous and 1100 families are going to have a great christmas. >> what did you think of the event that you were at and you have been with trump in many events in the last 17 months, what was it like? >> we ask to interview was, he pretty much always said, yes, to us. we are grateful to have that from president elect. last night we are so grateful to have him interview was but cool to be on this thank you america tour because americans like growing up in the south and i know mid westerners and most f us grew up in similar families at fox that the fly-over states, our families are middle-class families like working hard, every dollar was saved. my mom cut coupons.
8:38 am
that is the person that went to the polls this time. they are tired of newarkers and californians and elites telling them what they should do with their money. normal families, great to thanking americans for going to the polls in the rust belt and swing states. he knows a lot -- he loves, he loves to follow tv and he watches show and watches the rating and the first time i met him, talking about the ratings on fox news and how good they were and last night he walked in the room and said congratulations on being number one on your book. i was like, you are the president elect and you're talking about me, congratulations to you. what you're doing is much more important than what i'm doing in my life. jenna: but it is a really good book.
8:39 am
it's been a huge success and i want for the viewers who haven't heard the story about how you came to write it, tell us a little bit about that. >> i went to a publishing company with a book about my dogs and telling them about my life, mom is a school teacher and dad had to do breakfast and he left us a note with the scripture and poems and i encourage moms and dads to do to us. that's your book. so we sat down and i told them all the themes, sayings that my dad had told us and put it together in this book and some of the themes, don't be afraid to fail, take that leap. i will always be by your side and my parents were so supportive of everything i've done. jenna: i started crying reading it. it's amazing. >> it's truly a great book. wonderful message.
8:40 am
what have the last few weeks have been like? >> it's been a world wind. we have the best viewers and i have such great friends at fox who have supported me including you, jenna, i'm so grateful. i'm pinching myself. i had a great year, i've had a baby. >> that's a lot. >> i've been through pregnancies with you and baby showers. god, he did this book because i don't know anything about publishing and writerring children's book. jenna: he said, wait a minute, i ordered it but it says it's out of stock. you will get it for christmas. my brother said the same thing. i'm trying to buy your book and we didn't expect it to do so well so we didn't order enough books to be honest be you and the printing press is all in
8:41 am
america. i insisted that. your daughter's name is liberty, we love you and how you love this country. we are making the books as we speak and they are coming every single day. jenna: highly encourage our viewers to check it out. why not have a few copies? you have kids and rip things. >> you're a good friend and i appreciate you having me on and her husband is a navy seal. jenna: he's going to have to -- start interviewing me. jon. jon: awesome. something not so good, though, the national debt cr creeping up on $20 trillion as a result of many factors like hangover from the great recession, others blame overspending. why should you care and will the new white house do anything to lower that number, rich edison live in dc with that, rich.
8:42 am
>> the federal government government owes 19 trillion, more than $900 billion and budget experts say that number will grow larger and faster. at the turn of the century the debt was 5 and a half trillion dollars and during the presidential election candidates continue to promise voters more plans that would likely add even more to the national debt. >> that quite frankly doesn't add up. mr. trump inherited a very big budget problem from president obama. >> 2016 fiscal year which ended in september, the government added $590 billion from the national debt. it spent nearly $4 trillion, more than half of that spending went to federal government health care and social security, health care costs more than $1.1 trillion and more than a trillion of that is medicare and
8:43 am
medicaid. government spent more than $900 billion on social security and disability insurance. defense cost about $580 billion. the government spent $300 billion in programs for low-income americans, 164 on federal retirement benefits and a hundred million on veteran programs and there are those who support higher spending on short-term projects. borrowing costs are low now meaning it is the time for the government to improve infrastructure but that's much different than the long-term budget problems which has to do with healthcare costs since so much of the federal budget has to do with health care, jon. jon: wow, we will see if those numbers change at all over the next four years. thanks very much. jenna: president-elect trump touring the manufacturing plant in indiana as you know after making a deal to help keep jobs in the united states. the carrier employee joins us next with the reactions to the
8:44 am
announcement and what happened when donald trump arrived
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jon: new information on a story breaking on happening now, russian crews looking for spacecraft that crashed after taking off. russians are using drones to try to find debris. it was suppose today carry two and a half metric tons of supplies to the international space station. crews are not sure what caused the malfunction. >> i said, it's really important, we have to do something because you have a lot of people leaving and you have to understand we can't allow this to happen anymore with our country, so many jobs are leaving and going to other countries, not just méxico,
8:48 am
many, many countries. jenna: that was president-elect trump referring to his conversation with the ceo as carrier's parent company. mr. trump is striking a deal to keep about a thousand jobs at the air-conditioner plant after it said it would shift plant to méxico. we weren't there but robert was and he's the carrier employee and our guest now. it's nice to have you on the program. what was it like to be there yesterday when this was happening, when donald trump gave that speech? >> well, thank you for having me this morning. it was very exciting getting the opportunity to set up on the front row and had been asked by the administration to be there. at first when i got there i didn't know if i had a seat or not because i was being told that my seat was given up for some salary people or whatever since i was not in the factory at the time that they were passing out the invitations, but once they figured out who i was and stuff, they came and grabbed
8:49 am
me and asked me, told me that the administration wanted me up on the front row to be able to sit there and listen to president trump or president-elect trump. jenna: when you say administration, trump's team wanted you to be in the front row? >> that i'm not sure. i didn't think about asking what administration. i didn't know if the administration of utc or donald trump. jenna: either way, it doesn't matter. >> that's right. jenna: it must have been really cool. you would be hope to go say thank you to him, were you able to do that? >> yes, ma'am. i was, when he got done with the speech he came across the front row and shook everybody's hand and i was able to tell him thank you personally for going out of his way to save our jobs and his reply was, you're welcome. jenna: what was that moment like for you? >> very exciting.
8:50 am
and a peace of mind knowing that my job and several other jobs were going to be retained here in the united states for quite some time now. jenna: i know that you have a daughter that is getting married. >> yeah, i know. we have that and we have a graduation next year all in the same year. so tough to try to put everything together. now we will be able to do that. jenna: i'm jury curious, there's a lot of debate whether or not it's good to have the government involved or not and whether or not it isn't, there's such debate about it, robin. most of the people that are weighing in on that issue don't have jobs that stay. so i would like to get your thoughts on that after aha commercial break we will get your thoughts doesn't. right at home's professional team
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jon: let's find out what's ahead on outnumbered. sandra: surprise announcement from president elect after thank you tour last night. he will nominate james mattis, one democratic senator already saying no way. a big battle brewing. and controversy on the host of show fixer upper some say an attack of chip and joanna gaines because of their faith. jenna: back now with rob, carrier employer in indiana. you've been working for carrier for more than 240 years. >> i've been there 244. jenna: as we were talking before the commercial break, there's a lot of debate, economists
8:55 am
weighing in, it's good to have the government involved with companies like this. like i said, many of those people weighing in don't have jobs at stake. what do you think about that in general, watching how this whole deal sort of not worked out, what do you think? >> well, i know our union worked everything with the company to keep jobs here and the company just wasn't budging and stuff and i, you know, truly think that the government stepping in and president-elect trump and vice president-elect mike pence stepping in to try and keep jobs here in america from being outsourced out of our country. i feel like they really truly want jobs here and not being outsourced so i think it was a good thing for them to step forward and -- and try and make a precedent and keep the jobs here. jenna: there's monetary effect
8:56 am
that we can talk about. i'm curious what the energy is like inside the company amongst coworkers, what this is meant for those working there every day? >> i'm hearing that for most people -- i haven't been there for a couple of days. most people are very excited now that we know the direction in which the company is taking and that our jobs are going to be retained. like i've said before, i feel sorry for the ones that are losing their jobs. i know i don't want to see anybody lose their jobs but when you look at 1400 jobs or 400 jobs being lost, you have to weigh the odds of, you know, losing -- it's a bigger loss to lose 1400 other jobs than 400. jenna: small steps in the right direction. robin, best of luck with the graduation ahead, with the
8:57 am
wedding ahead and happy high school days to your family. grate to have you in the program. >> thank you, i appreciate it. jenna: and we will be right back with more happening now e elemenf surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> see you next hour. >> "outnumbered" start now. >> we are looking live at trump tower where donald trump is in a meeting with more potential members of his incoming administration including you and ambassador john bolton who is said to be in the mix for secretary of state. he dropped a surprise announcement last night. this is "outnumbered". megan mccain, cohost of "after the bell," melissa francis, julie original key is here and hashtag one lucky guy, wall street week on foxbusiness gary kaminsky


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