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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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week, fun to have all of you and see you, have a great weekend, "happening now" starts right now. smokey mountains have killed 13 people. >> we are covering all of the damage now. >> companies are not going to love the united states anymore without consequences. >> the delivering how far he is willing to go to it get involved. >> old rules no longer apply. >> the debate of over how far is too far in the push for are american jobs. >> and why the fbi is still struggling to answery key questions. >> we can work to give people a voice and also need to stop the spread of hate and violence.
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>> big changes on the way to your facebook news feed and how the site is trying to root out fake news. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the most powerful office in the pentagon, that of secretary of defense. now we know who president-elect trump plans to nominate for that critical post. hi, i am jon scott. >> and i am jennily. he is retired general james mattis. mr. trump making the surprise announce in the victory tour in ohio. jennifer is familiar with mad dog as he is referred to by some. jennifer what can you tell us about the appointment. >> reporter: he doesn't like being called mad dog.
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but the marines called him that affectionateily. president-elect trump wanted somebody in the mold of general patton or mcarthur. i asked general john nicholson about the pick. >> he is a soldier's soldier or marine's marine. again, i first met him in afghanistan and we were a tough fight. he inspired me as a surgeon on the grouped as we talked about that. >> general james mattis was not in lock step with the administration's thinking on iran. the president-elect made the pick official last night. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of
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defense. but we are not announcing it until monday. so don't tell anybody. mad dog is great. >> reporter: mad dog said the greatest danger is iran but does not believe in tearing apart the nuclear deal because it would be difficult to reimpose sanctions. according to the chairman of the house army's services committee, he will not have trouble getting a waiver to be a citizen to serve in this position. the house armed service committee has drawn up language in the event they seek the waiver according to president-elect trump. the house passed a budget that was 3.2 bigger than what the
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president requested increase the armiy and marine. and pay raise and language to ban the closing of gitmo. mattis will have to meet president-elect trump's order toy rebuild the military. >> this is a look how the cabinet is shaping up. the vice-president elect pence mike pence. ross for commerce secretary. and mattis for defense secretary. bets devosfor education secretary. and time price is for house health for human serbses. elane chao transportation chief and steve mnucitch for treasury
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secretary. y we are waiting for different names to come up. state department role is a big one. mitt rom no is on that short list and there are other names. they will need congress' approval and we'll discuss the president back lash and whether or not it is fair. >> during that victory tour mr. trump stopped by the carrier plant in indiana and celebrating the decision by the company to keep taxpayer jobs in the u.s. the president-elect suggest that companies need to think about a move. >> companies are not going to leave the united states without consequences. it's not going to happen. i.e., tell you right now. we are losing so much. we have a gop strategist and a former republican
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congressional candidate in florida. and simon rosenburg former bill clinton advisor. >> to you first, government subsidies are typically not a popular republican policy. donald trump it could be said is not a typical republican candidate. what do you make of the idea that carrier will stay with help of tax credits. >> it is good optices for trump. he's not even president and saved american jobs. that is the short talking point on it. a lot of americans are looking at. he went in and fought for their jobs personally. it shows he means business. trump touted the fact that he would govern on lower tax and less regulations and he's showing that with doing this. the interesting thing to me is that he is in a way forcing the
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democrats to take up for the corporations and it looks like he, donald trump being representing the republicans, you know, standing up for the working man and the american jobs that were lost and forcing bernie sanders and other democrats that are against the idea and almost like they are standing up for the corporations which is strange. >> simon, republicans have been accused of being in the pocket of the corporation. but when a corporation stays that helps the men and women who are working there? >> it does, coming to it the coast of the average every day people in indiana. it is not government moneyiy but people's money. he had a win politically. but it is hard as a democrat to reconsoil what you said in the beginning. we have sewn the dramatic
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government intervention in the free market. he is a different kind of republican than what we have sewn in the past. if a democrat did this, we would be critized for interfering in the activities of the free market. donald trump made it clear he would try to keep the jobs here. what are the consequences that he's comtemplating on moving the jobs overseas. tax penalties or people being jailed. >> you are seeing the back of the head of that gentlemen is john bolton, fox news contributor and frequent guest and former ambassador to the united nations and said to be on the short list of the secretary of state. whether he is going into the meeting or coming out of it, the
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banner said he arrived in trump tower. he will be going in to talk to the president-elect. noel, what if a democrat president twisted arm and encouraged carrier to stay, would they have been critized for that? >> it would be good optics for democrats, if president obama did that, it would put republicans in a hard box to defend the corporation versus the american worker and the job that were saved. who ever stands up for the working man and saves his job in the holidays, they get kudos. that is favorable to not only how they are govern. if a democrat saved american jobs twould be hard to go
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against that man or woman having their job saved. >> simon are you any way surprised pleasantly with donald trump's actions so far? >> i think it is a good question. the speed of the appointment upons is impressive and they understood upon it was good for him to make decisions, whether these folks are going to be competent members of his government we'll have to find out. the transition is moving with incredible speed and you have to give him credit for that. >> simon, and noel. combining the names. >> it is friday after all. the community of san bernardino, california marking one year since the county health inspector and his wife opened fire in a holiday lunchion and
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not only being private citizens but terrorist attack. it was a terrorist attack on our soil. will has more on whatty we know and not. >> reporter: it is a year, but there is a visual reminder. the fence that was erected is still up and wraps around the conference room. and past couple of days, we spoke to a number of first responders remembering the walls riddled with bullet holes and victims screaming for help. detective soyer was one of the first officers on the scene. >> there is no one location that it has the mind set of being safe and nothing happens here. you need to always be prepared. >> reporter: a lot of lessons learned. a neighbor of the terrorist saw suspicious activity leading up
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to the attack. she didn't upon report it because she didn't want upon to be accused of profeeling. take a look at the mayor of san bernardino. >> we need to be observant and in the position where we are not afraid to call something out if there is something out of order and look like it is in place. >> another lesson to come out of the attack. need for full- time doctors and medics serving on their swat team full- time. we met a member of the swat team that responded to the attack and since he was pushing for federal funding and helping to save lives while bullets were still flying. >> we need to be prepared for mass casulty and active shooter and a terrorist attack in the future. >> reporter: everyone is taking time to remember the victims,
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the fbi said it is a ongoing investigation and trying to figure out if the terrorist had help. jenna? >> we'll talk about that later on in the program. >> still a year and still so many unanswered questions. and what motivated them in san bernardino? and new numbers out gauging the status of the job market. and a closer look at how the dow is resurfaces acting. -- reacting. i'm terrible at golf.
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>> we have new numbers on the economy. it is more or less in line with expectations and that puts the unemployment rate at 4.4 percent. and analyst point out that a new record number of americans were not actively looking for a job and not counted as part of the
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labor force. and there is other positive trends to bring it down and that is a factor. the markets are down slightly on the dow. now the humanitarian crisis in syria. dangerously cold weather is posing threat to family members and aide workers. john hutti has more. >> reporter: for thousands of people struggling to survive. winter will add a dangerous element that for some people can mean life or death. the u.n. estimates that 30000 civilians from eastern aleppo are displaced and half of them children. international red cross and u.n. officials say that the property is setting up winter shelter and providing the basic necessities.
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the men and women leaving with only the clothing on their backs and it is 43 degrees in aleppo and raining and temperatures are are dropping and the constant influx of people is putting a strain on the resources that the humanitarian groups are providing food, water and blankets and temperatures continue to drop. it is becoming a race against time. this as syria's armiy pushes through the rebel line in a leppo. and they have taken one- third of the city and the question is if aleppo is about p to it fall. and the u.n. security council held a meeting and the administration called it quote a descent in hell.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. a fox news alert. 13 people are confirmed dead. many people returned home first time since the fires began. the number of damage is nearly a thousand. one man is searching for his wife and two young daughters. michael reed hasn't heard from
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his family since the fire erupted. >> i told her to call 911 and that's the last time i talked to her. she was not in the shelter and i called the shelters here. and she's not there. reed said his family home are destroyed and there are signs that his wife and daughter made it out alive. >> and one year mark since the san bernardino terrorist attack. the fbi is grappling with unanswered questions after a terrorist and his wife killed 114 people. among the lingers questions. what happened in the 18 upon minutes between the shooting and police chase. and what did they find on the hard drive and device and did anyone else play a role?
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we'll bring in the chief fbi executive for miami and denver. and these are the same questions that we had a day after the attack. what are the most important of that list. what is the most important unanswered question at this point? >> i think jenna, what i have looked at since it started a year ago, the actual role of malik in the whole scenario. we have her are partner as citizen of the united states. he was born in illinois and from what we can detect now self radicalized. how does he linkup with malik over sea and get married. keep in mind, she was born in pakistan and raised in saudi.
10:25 am
do we have any other terrorist acts against the united states whery we can somehow suggest that it the saudis had a finger in those acts as well? i am sure we do. she comes over to the united states. this is alarming for me also, for the most part the islamic terrorist used woman. i mean used to carry bomb vests and blow themselves up and kill other people. but the bottom line is, she came back and directed the operation. that's the way i look at it. and in the 18 minutes is disturbing as well. is there a possibility in the 18et minutes. they met with a handler that sponsored the terrorist act and gave up the hard drive and electronic equipment to that individual and then nothing better for the scenario for them both to die in a fire fight with the the police and therefore
10:26 am
they couldn't say anything. >> there is so much made about p the phone and whether or not apple would lock the phone. and there is another phone that was completely destroyed and the hard drive of the computer was removed by the terrorist. and if you are so proud of your ideology and why cover can up your tracks in such a way. what is that about? >> there it appears to me a third party. the concept of the islamic terrorism itself in directing the whole operation and that could be be what happened to the equipment and also how the people got to do what they did. where were they trained and where was she trained in terrorist it on on acts and fire fight and building ied's
10:27 am
with him? all of those questions pose a question mark for me and i am sure law enforce sxment security enteleigence are working on that. >> we had a question about terrorism in general. it is important to look at them as part of a pattern. here's something our guest noted that connects in san bernardino. >> one year ago, san bernardinoey we had a terrorist attack. that is a good pattern to it compare it to where al-awlaki set them in radicalization. and that sort of thing and they swore allegiance to at this time islamic state. it graveitates to the state. >> we do know something that
10:28 am
al-awlaki continues to be connecting in several different terrorist attacks including the bomb in new york city that was set off. and while we are talking about an war al-awlaki, the alleged terrorist attack in ohio state this week. i wonder whether we are doing enough to break the connection and make sure the pattern doesn't keep repeating itself? >> i am sure behind the scenes a lot is done to try to connect those dots as we say and to see, first of all an war al-awlaki the image and idol icon of terrorist and his image still seems to be driving them to do things. i am sure a lot of work is done behind the scones to see who is the driver and what is the driver of all of these terrorist
10:29 am
acts that have been committed and planned as you and i sit here today. >> that is scary to think about. bill, thank you. >> thank you, jenna, my pleasure. president p elect trump facing criticism of wealthy nominees. some say it proves he is out of touch with the working man. howard kurtz joins us with his take. and are you tired of the fake news articles. there is an option for the facebook users as they brain storm their own solution. >> we can work to give people a voice and stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. we can build artificial intelligence to fight terrorism and make sure we protect people's privacy. n't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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>> chlorring those fake new's story from the news feed may be a click away. one brouser is helping you spot bogus articles. lauren? >> it gets confusing. we see the fake news story that are unbelievablunbelievable. it is a technological problem.
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with nearly 2 billion user, they pack a powerful punch p. demo this. bs- detector. head to the kroem web store and add to your brouser. it will flag the stories with warning labels. it is not reliable and reason conspiracy theory. it is one of the eight domains to categorize misinformation. and fake news. prank. and sais tire and someone is trying to be funny and extreme bias. and rumor mill. exactly that. and state new and repressive states operating under government safrngszs and junk science. and hate group. that label is discrimination. facebook is walking a find line
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trying to figure out what is misleading in all of the search category and what is free speech. mark zuckerberg said he's working on a way to it figure it out. but in the meantime bs detector will have to do it for you. >> it will never apply. >> be sure. that is the way to read it. >> lauren. thank you. >> president-elect donald trump administration made up of multiple billionaires. much of the media is criticizing mr. trump. if the new administration pushes a tax cut for the wealthy. the press should be all over that. but the coveraging is built on the assumption that anyone who is rich is raiding the treasure
10:36 am
and helping themselves and their well heeled friends. howie, what do you think of the coverage so far about the particular individuals? >> keep in mind. they haven't taken office. and there is assumption that the billionaires are on a crusade to only help rich people. front page washington post story yesterday. collective welt defoys the trump campaign promises. why because they have money? do they remember jfk and fdr? both of those democratic presidents were born in prominent families. >> and we had a conversation this woke about the current commerce secretary. she is a billionaire. and the reason why a billionaire, she belong tots
10:37 am
hyatt empire and she still owns the hyatt stock and i don't know if she as commerce secretary stayed in the hyatt hotels. she has been that way for years. >> right. but because those questions were not raised. there is a history here, republican president tend to pick business be backgrounds and smaller role of government and fought excessive federal regulations and the press favors beltway types with more government spending. and there was an academic in the washington post story quoted as saying, rich people like ross and mnucchin will not relate to the problems of the porlike obama did.
10:38 am
>> what are the fair questions to be asked the businessmen and how they will assume the role. >> it is fair to go over their deals they may have made and fair to point out and president-elect trump painted goldman sach and hillary clinton's as's bad actor and now tapped people from goldman sachs. but i say with the now treasury secretary saying there will not be an upper tax cut but a middle tax cut can. wait and see what they propose before concluding that they will be out to feather their nest. >> he said that. we'llicism foy a massive middle-class tax cut and we'll see what they do. we have to wait a few weeks for
10:39 am
that. we can entertain all of the different theories. thank you. >> the man behind the wheel of a school bus and behind the deadly crash and refusing to talk to investigator and why he is clamming up. sdmshgs learn about the ship's crew and what they used to script the law. >> the government will have 0 tolerance for unethical conduct. . but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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10:43 am
canned magic pipe that put oily waste in the water. it is been happening more than ten years. >> they by pass equipment to illegally discharge the waste and tricked the monitors that are in place to it track the oil content and add sea water. >> and princess cruise pled guilty and the court is ordering carnival to enroll 78 of the cruise ships in an environmental compliance program. >> the chattanooga school bus driver behind the whole of the deadly crash is refusing to talk to federal investigators. he decloined to be interviewed. walker slammed the school bus in a mail box and utility pole and the bus rolled on its side and
10:44 am
collided with a tree and six were killed and 20 hurt. wendy patrick is a veteran prosecutors and trial taefrnlt monique, we know you have a right to remain silence. is there no requirement that he speak to federal investigators. >> no there isn't. it is a horrive situation for the family and community. but the constitution said what it says for a reason and mr. walker has the right to not incriminate himself in the serious charges. intentional murderer if they found out if there was something seriously going on at the time or asleep at the wheel or drug induced or who knows. negligent homicide for the innocent children that were lost. his attorney rightly advised
10:45 am
him, at this ponent it is best for his own legal prospects to remain silence. >> do the feds have leverage to get him to talk. >> he didn't have to talk. they don't need him to talk to build a case. we have moved in black box mode in the investigation. down loaded and the investigators looking at that case can down loaded video and audio. we don't know what is on the tapes. but they are poured over by investigators and it may well indicate that a higher charge. when you look at this motive matter and was he doing a dwt. and they could be answered by looking at the circumstantial
10:46 am
evidence. >> they talked to a teacher who rode long with a bus driver and the teacher said the driver was visibly upset and said he had another job and driving the bus was part- time and i can leave the students on the bus and i will leave the school. driver stated he did not care about it students. and that is a teacher at the elementary school. monique. that sounds like good evidence in the proskugsz in a case like this. >> it certainly does. >> it could be a medical background that is involved with the criminal at any point we'll have to figure it out as the evidence comes to light.
10:47 am
>> what about this. they are asking for the medical records. they are subpeneoing his medical and mental health. what if it turns out if he is bipolar or something. pick your mental illness. if you apply as a bus driver shouldn't you be required to disclose it? >> jon tis a tricky area. you can't discriminate for disabilities particularly if they are controlled >> this is the case where he caused the death of six children. and so obviously they want to know whether or not he was fit to drive that bus. this is the circumstantial evidence that is gathered. and here's the caveat.
10:48 am
it doesn't mean it is admissible. and the hear say statements back and forth. same thing. >> and monique, he plans to plead not guilty again. given the wealth of evidence. why not spare the community the heart ache and plead guilty and take the rap you get? >> that's what the attorney is saying at this time. and that may change sonar than later if the federal government is leaning on him to testify and offers a sort of deal in exchange for testimony and information. but one thing that is important is hippa laws protect his administration. that doesn't mean that the school is not responsible for making sure drivers are safe. the school district may be in trouble because of what happened
10:49 am
to at this time children. >> there was a private bus company hired by the school district. >> yeah, the direct may end up on the hook for this as well. >> such a horrible story and thinking of our friends in tennessee. a horrific bus crash that made national news and it was heart breaking to read the story and then the fires in the state. >> and the investigators have not each talked to the children yet. you can understand why. but the children know what happened that day and you have to give them time before they interview them. >> we'll put faith in the system. it was one of the main campaign promises. repeal and replace obama care. and how quickly speaker ryan plans to get that done, next.
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hello, everyone. i'm shannon green. we have word on what ivanka trump might be doing in her dad's administration. >> kellyanne conway giving an
10:54 am
idea of what she might be doing. >> and the scalia-ness of the next judge in the supreme court. stay with us. >> republican leadership reviewing vows today. they're telling fellow republicans it's one of the first things they will do in the house. live with more on this story is peter. >> the pan their watching, repealing and replacing obama care is a top priority. they have nominated him to be secretary of health and human services. a doctor, chairman of the house and budget committee, and he announced the powering patients
10:55 am
act. it would encourage people to open health savings accounts. high risk populati sicker people, and sales of health insurance policies across state lines to promote competition and allow businesses to ban together in associations to provide coverage to members through association health plans. the battle is joined. >> obama care is getting families, yet again, another double digit premium, higher premiums, and fewer choices. so many people have fewer choices and it's not a choice, it's a monopoly. >> it has been very successful. more than 20 million people have gotten insurance. we have we have seen improvement
10:56 am
with quality of care. you want to look at are you doing better in all of those ways. >> and he informed house members this morning that one of the first things they will do is vote to repeal and replace obama care. well, as if niagara falls were not already fantastic enough, a new project is really shining a light on the popular tourist destination. more in our final 30, next. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity,
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so call or go online today to enroll, and enjoy these benefits and more, like renew by unitedhealthcare, where you can learn about healthy living and earn rewards, too. your healthcare needs are unique. that's why, with over 30 years of medicare experience, we'll be there for you -- we can even help schedule your appointments. open enrollment ends december 7th. so don't wait another day. if you're medicare eligible, call now and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. time for our final 30. niagara falls just got a multimillion dollar upgrade. new led technology is lighting
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the water falls, the price tag is $4 million. let's go check it out. thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert. the white house weighing in on that nasty fight between clinton and trump aides. president-elect donald trump had several meetings with high profile candidates today. a flurry of activity here in new york. he will meet with sunny purdue, jake cohen and others after he announced he chose james mattix as his secretary of defense. mr. trump also expected to meet with bob gates who openly criticized him in the campaign. we have fox team coverage. shifting


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