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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the water falls, the price tag is $4 million. let's go check it out. thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert. the white house weighing in on that nasty fight between clinton and trump aides. president-elect donald trump had several meetings with high profile candidates today. a flurry of activity here in new york. he will meet with sunny purdue, jake cohen and others after he announced he chose james mattix as his secretary of defense. mr. trump also expected to meet with bob gates who openly criticized him in the campaign. we have fox team coverage. shifting alliances on capitol
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hill on the changing administration. and the bitter battle between the trump and clinton camp. we start with peter dewsy. >> it will be the ceo's of soak of the biggest companies in the world. they will make a forum that will be called on frequently. steven swartzman and ceo's of companies like disney, ge, boeing and more. is he closer to picking a secretary of state? >> as we speak to one of the people we understand to be on the list that has five names on it it, the former u.n.
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ambassador john bolten is in there. and for the first time last night, we heard the president-elect talking about how his dinner with the other really high profile candidate, mitt romney, went the other night. >> he has been very gracious. i hit mitt pretty hard also, before the fact. he was very nice. at dinner the other night, it was actually good chemistry with him. >> other visitors to mr. trump's office too is robert gates, who gave reporters a thumbs up when they asked him what he thought of the mattix assignment. and asking for gates advice for the right structure. pam bondi going to be around today as well. she was one of trump's most
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outspoken advocates along the trail. heidi highkamp is also in the tower right now. they say that new mexico -- north dakota which has the pipeline going through it. >> the focus is turning now to washington. they will have the power to help the new president or push back against his agenda. mike emanuel is live from capitol hill with more. what are the politics of working with the new president that is not a typical candidate. >> that's right, a very unforth dox candidate in the most
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unusual campaign cycle. there was times we some prominent republicans speaking out. two of them ran against the president-elec elect. they say it will be nice to have a honey moon, and senator paul has been concerned about mr. trump's ideas on foreign policy. and they have been speaking about a now agriculture secretary. after meeting with mr. trump, they spoke about getting things done in a hurry. >> job one is putting people back to work. we're talking about obama care, the keystone pipeline, and the clinton power plant.
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those are things wul all talked about getting done. >> some are very interested on working with mr. trump on infrastructure. rebuilding highways, bridges, and airports around the country. so the alliances will be interesting to watch. >> and there is likely to be a lot of splitting. how will that play out? >> there is a huge target on obama care. some suggest in the first 100 days. as you can imagine, there are a lot of strong opinions on both sides of this health care issue. >> we're going to fix obama care one way or the other. and they can join us -- they will have to join us. we only need 51 votes. >> it is an exteistential threa.
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they say that is not possible, a super hot top iblg when a you congress is sworn in. >> flying last night. they are drawing lessons into a southing match. live in washington, and after that contentious election. and the kellyanne conway. all campaigns do, what went right, what went wrong. it became a street brawl,
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listen. >> are you going to look me in the face and tell me that? >> it did. >> do you think you could have had a decent message for the white working-class voters. you think this woman who -- >> other 200 counties that president obama won that donald trump just won. you think that is because of what you just said. how about because it is hillary clinton and she does not connect with people. how about you had no economic message. >> between that shouting was a male voice saying you're pathetic. a sharp contrast from what we saw with president obama and president-elect trump. they came together in the office and were quite corgile. >> he has been very gracious and
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night. a couple great calls and meetings. i very much respect his attitude. he has been very, very nice. >> maybe they need to take a lesson because the staff is not getting along. >> and kellyanne is lashing about about her next job. >> there was talk that she would be in the west wing of the white house. it confirmed she is not planning to be in the white house. he said that rumors about kellyanne going outside of trump political operations seen od. she retweeted that. west wing is out, we need a super structure. plus mom of four is not on most job descriptions. so jumbled words there, but
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saying she will not be in the white house, but maybe outside of of a political post. some jumbled words. >> governor chris christie, he was part of the transition team, then not -- >> he was the a presidential candidate, then he wasn't. then it was, you know, he's going to get a cabinet post, he is running the transition. now we're hearing he would like to be the chairman of the reasonable national committee. but they say they're not too high on that idea. as well as lana rromney mcdanie. ware hearing there are folks in the trump camp that think it might be great to have a female running the rnc and speaking for
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the president-elect. also kellyanne conway's name floating around for that. >> good to see you. >> the fox news alert, a rescue organization in downtown sioux falls, south dakota. a building has collapsed. two people we know are trapped inside. they're working to stabilize the building and the scene around it. crews made contact with at least one of the people still trapped. >> trump picking people to serve in his cabinet. >> a va dr putting hundreds at risk for potentially deadly
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infections. >> during all of the oration, he used our for a minute, he used it it appropriately. >> so how did it happen? and why is senator elizabeth warren now calling for former senator scott brown to step up and do something with the va? interesting. we'll tell you. >> she called me to continue with that conversation. we have been trying to mend fences behind the scenes, it's just -- there are more important things in life. 's why you drink. 's why you drink. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. put some manwich on the table... and give boring weeknight meals,
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president-elect donald trump saying he will appoint retired general james mattix as secretary of defense. our next guests home him for well.
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they were based in fallujah when it explodes with fighting. hi served two terms with seal team six. he joins us now. thank you for all of your sufs to our country and being with us today. >> thank you for having me here. i can tell you through is no better pick than general mattix. in my book i talk about what that relationship was and how good he really, really is. >> you have a lot of fascinating stories, again. i would imagine in a you can vouch for what kind of a person he could be on the battlefield, but heading up the pentagon there is management, budgets, people to be fie neszed. is he right on all of those
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points? >> he is a warrior who understands at the end of the day, our troops are in harm's way that need the right training, the right rules of engagement, and they need policy to support it, and he will make sure those on the front line have what they need and the rules of engagement are to win. he is a general that understands he is reluctant to go to battle, but if you are going, go to win and he will make sure the troops on the front line have everything they need to do so. if confirmed, how do you think it will effect moral. we have heard about troops taking themselves out of a voluntary place to go back to the private sector. >> you're right. there is a lot of frustration.
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the troops feel like they're hands are being tied. they don't have the back of the administration. it is our sons and daughters we're putting in harm's way and that is what is important. our strength is the sergeant and the chief petty officer, and we need to make sure that group is happy and empowered to do great things. and i think it is l be greater than we have seen in the last eight years that we need to engage with our coalition partners, we need them to understand that we will have their back and support each other. we're fights jihad, isis, we need policy first, and the military needs to support that policy. i think he will make sure that we commit our resources to a defined and effective policy. >> congressman, i want to ask you about an unlikely endorsement for va secretary.
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elizabeth warn is endorsing former senator scott brown for that post. >> if he is the nominee for veterans affairs, i have no doubt that he would put his heart and soul into trying to help trrns. and i would put my heart and soul into helping him do that. you bet. >> we don't agree on a lot, but i was very thankful for that endorsement and those words of support. she called me last night to don't on with that conversation. >> congressman, sometimes they can come together, what do you make of that? >> i'm thrilled. look, i think the last election was not about moving right or left, it was about getting things done. it will take both sides of the
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aisle toens that this is about being an election. face the challenges that are real, that threaten this country. we need to face the resolve, and i'm glad the senator endorsed republicans. whoever donald trump picks we'll support him. >> so many things in the v.a. that need to be handled by whomever jumps into that new role. growing concerns about a va facility in wisconsin who may have exposed veterans to hiv and help tie fit. >> in all of the orientation he used our appropriate and he used it appropriately. so he knew exactly what he was doing and preferred to use his
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own equipment against procedure. >> they're talking about a dentist that was reusing equipment instead of materials that were supposed to be thrown out. and that could be referred for a general investigation as well. >> the va accountability act. we need to make sure they are held accountable. that means when they have nothing to show for electronic records, veterans are dieing in line. or if you have gross anythingly against. if you're not doing a job, you need to find another job. our veterans deserve a world class facility and medical care, and that is what we will
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deliver. >> authorities in philadelphia reviewing surveillance after a package bomb was delivered to a man's door and went off. >> right now the victim was not appear to know who would want to harm him. we have had extensive conversations with him and continue to do so.
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a south carolina jury is telling a judge they can't reach a consensus. i believe that is walter scott. the judge told them they need to
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go back and try to continue their deliberations. he was shot and killed after a traffic stop. the officer says he felt like he was in fear for his life. if there was something that was criminal in the video that has been out there. it ignites a lot of conversations about what happened, and now it is left in the hands of the jury. we understand the judge told them as they offer will to go back and keep them posted once we know more about that trial out of south carolina. >> the person that dropped off a package bomb of a ffl doorstep. they say it is unlike anything
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they have ever seen. that looks like a difficult indication. >> yeah, they might have been intentional. when they opened the argument. you see the pictures there, he suffered severe shrapnel. the person that dropped off the pass. they think it is a male of asan decent. they say they don't recognize the delivery person. here is an investigation, watch. >> this was a specified target
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for this device if is important that we do try to identify who the person is and who deliver it'd, it may be one in the same. >> they say she openhe is openld he could have been targeted for that reason. the explosive was unlike anything they have seen in this region. the u.s. postal service also involved in this investigation. and a funding page has raced more than 21,000. >> something tells me there is enough there they will figure this out. thank you very much. >> as president-elect trump prepares to mauve into the white
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house, we hear that first daughter ivanka trump could take on climate change. reopening the wounds of a very bitter campaign fight. >> if he is my president, he needs to show me that white supremacy is not acceptable just steps from the oval office. >> you're just lying now. >> okay, okay, good enough, we're going to call a halt to this for a moment. there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah
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a mother and father are being hailed as heros after their son took a gun to the middle school. the parents wrestled the weapon away from the teen's hands in the hallway preventing a potential tragedy. how did this all go down? >> it was just around 8:15 in the morning when cops started to get calls about an active shooter. >> we have a second caller saying there was an active shooter. >> he did, indeed, have a 12
11:33 am
gauge shotgun, and a handgun, but they're parents realized they missing they rushed to the school, physically tackled him and got the guns back. here is the police chief, take a listen. >> the parents of this individual concerned about what might occur, at least some of the risk factors or behaviors, and also coming to the school, and also in looking for their child, heard the gunshot, and apprehended and disarmed their child. >> now we don't know obviously whether or not this child, this 15-year-old was aiming to harm himself or others, but there is little doubt that his parent's actions team to have averted some tragedy. >> i imagine this was terrifying
11:34 am
for his parents and other people, too. >> yeah, his parents going to their gun cabinet, realizing that two were missing and their 15-year-old son was on his way to school. they acted very quickly indeed. the reports started coming in of an active shooter at that school. listen here. >> it becomes so real. >> i thought this is not a drill. >> i'm just going to pick up my daughter and hold her. that's what i'm going to do today. >> a lot of people just holding their children in that community thankful this was not much, issue worse than it turned out to be. >>. president obama going to sign a bill against sanctions with
11:35 am
iran. they say it is a necessary fail safe in case iran breaks their commitment under the land mark pact. do think think this is necessary. they say it didn't need to happen. >> we made this deal with six world powers, and it's simply not necessary. they argue this is in violation of the iran nuclear aaccord. they say it is really not necessary, after all, this doesn't really change the tone, the tenor, and not long ago, that was posed to eric schultz. >> we think it is not necessary
11:36 am
and that it will not affect the deal that was agreed upon. so i would expect the president to sign this piece of legislation. >> remember this, too, this passed unanimously and that should give you a tense of how the feeling is here inside the beltway which is two-fold. if you're for this idea, you're saying let's keep holding iran's feet to the fire. if you feel like it is unnecessary, you till do the right thing. in this case. they have spoken unanimously. >> all right. what is the white house saying about that dust up last night between the clinton and trump campaign aids? >> as you know, i'm very familiar with the harvard kennedy school, i have been to that forum. they get together to unpack what
11:37 am
we have seen in the election. what was difference last night is that it was very emotional. someone would even argue it was quite rude. downright aggressive, on both sides. some of the trump folks the white house today trying to stay above the fray saying it is okay to have arguments. sometimes a spirited debate even if it gets edgy is not a bad thing. but i think anyone who was there agrees it probably crossed the line just a bit. >> a little uncomfortable. thank you, kevin. >> now for some more on the post lexicon for instance that kevin just mentioned. >> if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician --
11:38 am
>> so go for it, how exactly did we sfwhwin? >> my next two dpess are joining me to talk about this. you're both very qualify second degree what we're trying to say. welcome. >> good to be here. >> i understand -- were you at this thing last night? we don't have video, what was it like in person? >> it was unbelievable. this event is formally a tactician conversation. you put resources here, why, should you have put them over here. that is not what yesterday was. for a lot of us sunrising why hillary clinton won and why
11:39 am
donald is the president-elect. the clinton team, the sense of entitlement, resorting to name calling, no evidence, and the idea they don't know why they lost, they don't know why hillary clinton didn't have a wins message, and it explains why democrats lost six seats. ten governorships. it was a summary of why they have been decimated. >>. >> absolutely. i think they are right. the trump campaign used racist res rick. i don't think that kelly ann kahn way is the -- >> just so we can stick to the facts, what are you pointing to as ray sis rhetoric.
11:40 am
>> build a wall. show that how is securing the border a racist thing. >> he is saying racists are criminals. >> it is true of any country -- >> he said that mexicans are rapists. he implied it. go to the tape on that, in his announcement speech. the entire trump campaign and his number one advisor, steve bannon used white supremacist dog whistle messages from day one. >> okay, sarah, quickly on this. a quick response. >> it sounds like the conference from last night. the mean people are sick of it. as kellyanne said, who was
11:41 am
brilliant last night. they voted for change, hillary clinton didn't have a winning message. >> i fear we're going to have a repeat of last night. we'll move on to another topic, we want to talk to ivanka trump who makes to make climate change one of her first issues. despite her father's past comments on the issue, like this twitter post, he said the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. he later said the comments were just a joke, but he questioned the paris climate agreement, and talked about all kinds of things here. >> let's hope, i hope she can be a moderating force on many issues. it was heartenning to hear she wants it to be a main issue,
11:42 am
donald trump put forward a number of names for climate deniers. so we'll see what decisions he makes about who he thinks needs to be in those roles. she is a millennial and they care tremendously about the issue. >> sarah, what is your final response? this is not what most people want to hear about? >> i think we're fine hearing people talk about what ivanka is doing. they put their sidologist ahead of people's jobs. that is what we have casino west virginia, north carolina. regardless of whether or not she is talking about climate change, i think that is a good idea. just a shoutout to another first
11:43 am
daughter, alice roosevelt has a proud history of representing her daughter. >> a judge sending a jury back to deliberate in the jury of the murder of walter scott. and the scalia-ness of the next potential member of the supreme court? yes you can. bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's, kraft real mayo spreads on smoother and still has no artificial flavors. no wonder the holidays taste so good.
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shepherd smith on the fox news desk. more meetings today including with one democratic senator. ahead, why reaching across the aisle could be a double win. and what mike tennis told thes
11:47 am
wall street journal about their ambition agenda, and the challenges he could face in getting did all done. that is at the top of the hour, see you then. >>. >> a new study about donald trump's ideas for the supreme court being put to the test. measuring the scalianess of t n people. adherence to the doctrine of originalism. and how the candidate's decen d decented. this is a study after my own hart. how did you decide to come up with it? >> after he heard him promising
11:48 am
to appoint someone to the supreme court, we thought how would you know whether or not he would abide by that promise. he gaye us a list, but part of the big problem with judicial nominations is you have to wait until they get on the bench until you find out what type of judge they are. it is like we have to pass the l law. >> and the lifetime tenure, there is no going back at that point. first, you have an index, the scalia index score chart. ahead to are people put on the list that he promises he will pick. listen to the differences here. and you have a list of the rankings. at the top is thomasly. he is the brief of senator mike lee who is also on the list, but
11:49 am
you can't because he doesn't have a record. >> it is a strange outlayer. citations and the willingness to right separately. some of them scored well on the other metrics. but he scored well on all three of them. it makes him look like a significant outliar. he met all three better than the others. it does bear mentioning that most of the others, their numbers are very close to zero. they have not exhibited -- and we can't test the soul ofdividu they're really like justice scalia. we're testing whether or not while on the bench they have exhibited some of the character
11:50 am
ris ticks. so they might be that way in their heart of hearts, but we don't have any data of define je scalia. >> anybody on the list you felt was not a match for justice scalia at all? >> it's hard to know. but there are quite a few on the lister that are essentially at zero. no evidence that they're originalists. they might be. we just have no way to test. the data indicates they have not bothered to show us that on the bench. >> thank you very much. very interesting study. one year ago today, an anniversary we won't forget. this couple reeked havoc in san bernardino, killing 14 people at a christmas party. new clues on what led to the deadly rampage.
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new look at the san bernardino shooting as we mark one year since this man, along with his wife, opened fire at a company christmas party. first responders sharing their first-hand accountants what happened the day 14 people were killed. will carr is live in los angeles. what are you hearing from people on the scene? >> reporter: as everyone is taking the time to remember the victims today, we spoke to members of law enforcement. the men and women who were the first on the scene one year ago today. they tell me they vividly remember the walls being riddled with bullet holes, the alarm blaring. the victims screaming for help. pure chaos. one officer, sergeant bryan lents, said he had to step over victims who had been killed to save others and will never forget what one woman told him in the moments after the
11:55 am
shooting. >> one lady came up and put her hand on my shoulder and shoulder and said, thank you so much for everything you do. we don't get that at all in this job. so that was one of the first times that i've ever heard that from a citizen. >> reporter: today a fence put up in the days after the shooting still wrapped around the conference room where the shooting took place, and on the anniversary, along with the events honoring victims going on, members of law enforcement are asking the country to remember the lessons they learned, including to be prepared for an attack of that magnitude that could happen at any time, and if you see something, say something. shannon. >> will, what are we learning in the investigation, anything new a year later? >> reporter: the fbi tells us this morning, still an open investigation. they know the terror terrorists were self-radialized and they
11:56 am
department in the if they had help and there's an 18 minute gap between the shooting and when they governor -- gunned down four hours later. >> we'll be right back. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan that could save you money? at unitedhealthcare, we offer three plans to choose from to help meet your needs- including one that's brand new for 2017. introducing the aarp medicarerx walgreens plan
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are you missing a shirt, pants and your dog in if so the police department in washington state may be looking for you. bellevue police posted this photo of a dapper dog, asking, is this your dog? caught by an officer, was wearing a sweater and blue pants and is describing a being very angry. the latest update says the dog is available. if nobody claims him he will be put up for adoption. pants not included. are you still trying to find the perfect christmas gift for someone personal. what is beaver to do. this critter shopping for the perfect present in a maryland
12:00 pm
dollar store. animal control captured the beaver and released it to a wildlife rehab center. no more to say about this. here is shepard smith. >> it's 3:00 in new york city where the president-elect is meeting with more potential cabinet contenders today. among them, ambassador john bolton, who is getting some buzz as a possible secretary of state. he comes after trump dropped this last night. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> keeping it a secret. everything we know about the retired general, who would soon take the top spot at the pentagon. >> the top priority from the trump administration, from changing tax laws to health care and


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