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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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go to, @sean hannity on twitter. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. you make the show possible. we hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you on monday. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, snugnessmugness and group think. speaking of the "new york times" the paper has been under fire for the last year and a half 2016 presidential race. it isn't the usual gee the "new york times" has gotten liberal talk have you heard from conservatives for four decades. this is full throated outrage from many readers who believe the paper abandoned journalism and became advocacy organization for hillary clinton against donald trump. the criticism became so relentless two weeks ago the "times" public editor liz spade wrote a really nice piece with this headline. one thing voters agree on better campaign coverage was
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needed. has anything changed since she wrote that liz spade joins us now. thanks for coming on. i thought it was a good and honest piece. >> thank you. >> i want to give viewers. here is thursday november 10th "wall street journal." this is the first print edition after the election. can you see the head lane new political order and analysis pieces what does this mean. here is the "times." here your paper's first print edition after trump's election. democrats, students and foreign allies face the reality of a trump presidency. trump presidency i don't know with terminal cancer diagnosis it would not change the meaning of this. that's advocacy, isn't it? >> i think that that kind of a headline is exactly what concerns me, which is that i don't consider it advocacy, but i consider it almost an unrecognized point of view that the "times" has that
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comes from being in new york, being, you know, in a certain circle, and seeing the world a certain way. north being in touch with people who don't live like them or don't live in cities and who are the ones that elected like donald trump to the presidency. they are just out of touch with that. and what i found when i -- i mean, i got so many emails into my office, about five times the normal amount that i typically would get in a week. i started taking to the phones and just calling a lot of those people to hear what they thought. and what i was most surprised by is how many liberal readers who i called who are angry at the "new york times." >> yes. because it was unfair. so your piece came out and i has harr donned as a reader of the "new york times." off the rails and you should
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know you pointed it out. here is today's lineup "times" web site as of 4:30 p.m. six top headlines here and five of them are pretty aggressively trump. trump's tough trade talk could danger american factories. opinion? really you are blaming transgender people for trump. leave diplomats agaffe and this rigged or not election position shape rules how you vote. in other words, it's trump who is calling the election rigged when of course it's liberals hillary and jill stein who are actually challenging the election rules. this seems like morph of the same to me. >> we're probably not in the same space in terms of how liberal use -- "new york times" and how liberal i see it. i see the vast majority of journalists who walk in that door every day who work hard to have high journalistic standards. the kind that i agree with. but i do agree with you that especially when it comes to
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political the guns can get pointed too much in one direction. >> right. >> i mean, in fairness to the "times," i would say i get as many letters on hillary clinton's emails and why does the "new york times" cover that so much, why are they so relentless about it. you know, so i do think. >> the you were west side is upset about that, there is no question. now, when you say that the journalists who walk in the front door of the times building is doing their best to be fair. i would agree with you because i know that's not true. i read their twitter feeds. these are not gail collins bitter feeds. michael straightforward news reporter. pardon me for asking what requires jared curbner to have a chair at the table. >> new president from reality television cabinet that resembles a pageant.
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lima stack the lick toler college was meant to stop trump from taking office. are you kidding? news reporters saying this. >> yeah. i think that's outrageous that should not be. they shouldn't be tweeted and they shouldn't -- and it does concern me that that would be -- that would be -- everybody has got to have their personal political views. we all do. but they ought to be personal. and if you sign up to be a journalist, then that's what you ought to be. so, you know, when i say that i think the majority do walk in the door, there is hundreds and hundreds of reporters at the "new york times." >> these are the ones who are covering politics. these are the famous ones. here are the ones particularly bothered me signature not the personality politics on of the part of of the reporter but what they believe the mission of the times is this is election day, quote: we had fearless journalism throughout 2016, voters wanted what they wanted. in other words, we tried to keep this guy from getting elected but did he anyway.
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peter baker same sentiment recently. real scandal isn't what the media didn't report. it's what it did and readers didn't care. in other words, we tried to stop trump from getting elected but he got elected anyway. don't blame us. that suggests they don't understand the mission of newspaper which is to bring you the news not to effect the outcome of a political race. >> yeah. i think there is a lot of angst and concern about big media organizations about whether we are going to left. half of america did not vote for trump for putting trump in office. i have do think you see a lot of that he want isment out there. >> is there conservatorship, as much concern about non-left readers, like me -- >> -- no, i don't think there is. >> here is -- you are not responsible for this and i don't mean to bark at you about it but where are the editors here? if i was the "new york times" and editors were tweeting crap like that i would say you stop that right now or i'm firing you.
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why don't they do that? >> i don't know. i don't know that any of those people should be fired, but i do think that when people go over the line like that, and i think some of those are over the line, that there ought to be some kind of a consequence for that there ought to at least be a clear, strict conversation that's had so that everybody else understands it's not okay. i know that they have rules. they periodically put them out. you may have seen them. they will issue a statement saying it's thought okay. >> there are bunch of cons scwepses in this and all bad in my opinion. undermines the business model of the "new york times" news source. it also empowers the alternative media everyone in the world is sore upset about. people are getting news from non-legitimate sight.
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>> we is that happening because they have so doe based themselves that people feel like i'm going somewhere else. do you see that phenomenon? >> not as much as do you. i think fox news has based itself more so in the opposite way. i don't think that fox news holds the middle ground of honest jnks here's the difference on this show which is the one thing can i speak for i'm totally upfront about my opinion. >> sure. >> i never pretend i think anything -- i think our news is above -- well, lock, i'm not going to give you position of defending the company. i'm total i had upfront i'm kind of a left winged political activist that's fine. i'm happy to read it when he loys to me and says i'm a straight news reporter, why shouldn't i be offensed? >> i'm not spending those type of tweets and i do agree with you that i just don't agree with some of the
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terms. debasing journalism, i don't agree with that. i do agree it makes no sense to me in terms of what the "new york times" claims it is and wants to be and as you say, their business model. they have a business model that is based less on advertising on more on getting prescriptions for people. and why would you cut off half of america and make them feel like this is not their "new york times"? >> also, there high handedness when they start lecturing may about fake must. ism kind of thing hadding that iraq had weapons of christmas because i read it in the "new york times." to lecture me or the rest of the country about fake news not real live in a position to do that. fair? >> i think that there's a category of fake news that goes out and you know this. that is intentional. it's intentionally trying to trick you into something. >> right.
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>> i don't think that's the same as weapons of mass destruction where journalists were not up to their ohio want standards. i'm gunning those. was i at "the washington post" at that time, too. i'm not blaming anybody else. the intention was to put out fake news. that's different. >> i think being intercept up in the category of fake news is not just ukrainian blawg he are blears. let's just make so that's my impression. lispayd. trump varied from crypt to announce james mattis. for the answer to that question we go to peter doocy who is on fifth avenue as always outside trump tower. peter? >> tucker, every morning the transition team will give us a list of the people president-elect is going to meet with us here during the
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weekday. a list of who we need to be on the look outfor for miami. somebody not on the list who somebody came out of the elevator that people take up to see the president-elect. it was governor chris christie who has been according to reports on the inside of the france session team been pushed to the outside and back inside again. today he was literally inside trump tower. his visit, of course, very surprising but maybe not even the most interesting look at the elevator today. because senator heidi heitkamp the north carolina was ride up. and she was joined by new york city street performance naked cowboy. the senator i had camp secretary of defense i goat wrote him being generous with his time. i look forward to working with all my colleagues in congress both republicans and democrats to reach results for knot dakota and the country. the part there about staying
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in congress is key because there was concern on the left about high camp getting a job offer from mr. trump and leaving the senate which would result in a special election that would be very hard for democrats to win possibly effect the balance of power in the u.s. senate. >> former ambassador to the u.n. pewing a visit as well. of the tweeting in become secretary of state. bolton did not chat with us on his way out. dedo know what was offers. what exactly mr. trump likes about mitt romney. another name that is constantly thrown around as the possible next top didn't. trump says that he realized at dinner the other night near in manhattan in a france trench restaurant that he and mitt romney has been very gracious the last few weeks. tucker? >> it's hard to know what all of that means, peter. there's just a lot to unpack there. >> there is a lot.
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>> there really is thanks a lot for that as always. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for twister storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather pattern. there are dark skies ahead for comedian chance chelsea handler poo tylenolly 8 years goc. con them plating a spain. a country think she described as less sexistth united states. try is urching a thank you temperature. i can't united states until you does a farewell tour and gets legacy in vegas. when is your farewell tour for the promise you made to leave this country? some people don't forget. charlie tweeted this, are hillary's plans come fleet on her never will be president tour. which i don't think is happening. the party of love sure does hate a lot. give the guys a chance and
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then criticize. hillary holy spirit. in j did. another swing and miss by one of your writers. ouch. hasn't toes' twitter storm. people have been going up and down the elevators at trump tawmple to speed with president-elect. one of the most important to read that elevation is john wolt ton woe have us a tense cybil races with donald trump became a constant row freezing rain for democrats. by next guest says she knows who is behind racializing presidential politics. she will tell you coming up a blowout between the trump campaign and the clinton campaign. their consultants face off at harvard. it got really nasty. we have the tape to prove it. stay tun
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>> we heard a ton of names floated for secretary of state in the trump administration. one of the full-timists on the very short list is the former ambassador, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. the question is what have ambassador bolton and mr. trump talked about recently and do their policies square with one another in we're going to ask him because is he sittinsitting two feet away. ambassador good to see you. >> good evening. >> what did he say to you. >> we had a very good meeting. beyond that i am old school enough not to comment. but i was glad to have the opportunity. it was a very serious conversation. and we'll see what happens next. >> so i knew you were going in there because it was reported last night as i was watching trump. >> there were few reporters outside. >> including our own peter doocy. you can't get anything by him. i watched trump's speech last night and this was one of the words that came out
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of his mouth we will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. stop looking to topple regimes and overturn governments. that's a direct kick to the knees in the neocons not just neocons but all supporters in iraq and that would be too you too. >> i'm not a neocon but i think the question of how you handle a rogue regime depends on the circumstances. the argument about regime change are you for or against regime change is not the same as having a policy discussion. the regime change argument, so-called interventionism is part of the tool kit. it's not at the policy level. it's like asking somebody do you favor a knife or spoon? well, for what? do you eat soup with your knife? do you cut meat with your spoon? i think in those circumstances almost all foreign policy has to be derived from the facts that confront us and what national interests are at stake. that's at the core of
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trump's message. he said it repeatedly during the campaign that foreign policy should be protected by protecting national interest. >> every time i heard him bring up foreign policy he brought up the iraq war. which seems framework to view the rest of the world. he said it last night we spent $6 trillion we could have rebuilt america twice for that. we didn't learn anything from it. it is not a criticism of you. i'm triking to scwa your believe that seems very different. >> no president ever finds pop advisors whose vows are 100 percent in confluence with his. if he could find such a person he would certainly be entitled to appoint them to be a senior advisor. you would have to ask whether or not that's actually the best thing. you know, you think pack to eisenhower, for example, having structured debates about what american nuclear policy ought to be vis-a-vis the soviet union before he decided what to do. >> that's a pretty basic thing though.
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he is saying the whole basis of the way i see the rest of the world is this series of wars that didn't go well and you are saying i would take saddam out again if i could. >> he has also said and i think this is important, confronted with the circumstances that we faced in iraq in 2011, it was a mistake for obama to pull the troops out. because that then led to the mess we have now. so, what i see is the criticism that many people make about the iraq war is that the whole thing is a block of granite. from the time of the decision to overthrow saddam hussein until today, it's just that we made one decision and everything happened inextrickably bound to that first decision. that's not the case. i think he has demonstrated the sophistication to see that it's a series of decisions. he will come in to office on the 20th of january, having done nothing to be responsible for the environment that he inherits. and he will then have the task of trying to make sense out of it. and it is a mess that we face around the world, a very grave threat.
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>> that's a really interesting point. >> so there's a lot to be done. >> john bolton former ambassador to the united nations. thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> we'll be following you. ♪ well, here's something new. a philadelphia city attorney caught at the scene of anti-trump vandalism on camera and amazingly or maybe not so amazingly he is still on the job. duncan lloyd assistant city slither in philadelphia. identified as one of two men captured on surveillance video outside a grocery store in philadelphia just last week. he is seen holding a glass of wine, wearing a blazer, taking pictures or video as the second man spray paints f trump but not abbreviated. on the building. lloyd made quote a dumb mistake. doesn't mention it's a crime. will remain in his job for now. police have any attempt to make any arrest in connection with with the vandalism. rule of law evaporates.
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one word that sums up the case of donald trump reyesists. they called him that one from day one and calling him that now. senior fellow at the manhattan institute has a different view. democrats have fundamentally have racialized our politics. she joins us now to explain. heather, thanks a lotcoming on. >> great to be with you. >> this is so counter to the story line one hears everywhere that trump came into this placid country with perfect race relations and screwed it up by being a bigot. what do you mean the democrats rarvellize racialized our politics. >> it's hilarious narrative. democratic party captured by identity politics. identity politics defines whites and particularly white males as the oppressors of every other group, real or imagined in the united states. it has created vast government bureaucracies, dedicated to extra paid white racism. the idea that white voters
11:23 pm
are going to gravitate to that's right so demonizes and scorns them is ridiculous. if you want to talk about racialized discourse, talk to any police officer who has been living through two years of racialized hatred directed at them on the streets. president obama has invited black lives matter activists to the white house. he put britney packnet. one of the black lives matter loaders on his task force for 21st century policing. if you want to see a classic example of democratic racialized discourse, look up her post election essay in vioxhe isvox which complainst being assaulted. white people, what is your plan for the trump presidency in the word racist was thrown around so much there is a debate about what it means. i think one definition that everyone can agree on is. this. if the government were to punish people on the basis of characteristic such as
11:24 pm
skin color and rereally punish them, hiring and contracting, admissions, that would be racist by definition, wouldn't it. >> where you are going is we have reverse racism. >> not reverse it's pretty straightforward. >> isn't that the definition. >> very little evidence of classic racism any longer which is why clever civil rights attorneys have come up with this concept called desperate impact discrimination which forgoes finding any actual evidence of discrimination. just says if you have a race neutral policy that somehow is viewed as having a desperate impact on blacks you are guilty of racism. what we really have in institutions is reverse racism. you have every selective college in the united states practicing reverse discrimination and allowing black and hispanic students to be admitted with academic qualifications that would automatically disqualify a white or asian student. >> it all seems like a dead end to me identity politics.
11:25 pm
winds up in a place where people really hate each other for reasons people. >> people long to be -- that's why they boated for obama and erokd that promise. >> i hope we get it heather mcdonald. great to see you. thank you for that. >> thanks, tucker. a bitter campaign feeling. under statement spilled over at harvard yesterday. clinton aides completely l.s.u. control. we got the tape of that next. it's amazing.
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>> we like to speculate on this show. we think it's safe to say that members of hillary clinton's campaign team do not like members of donald trump's campaign item. that's not just something we thought up. we have the tape. it was all on full display yesterday at harvard's university institute of politics in cambridge. in an election year tradition that has peacefully continued literally for decades. the two sides sat down for autopsy of sorts to discuss what went right and what went wrong. but very quickly it turned into a shouting match, complete with insults and accusations. here's one particularly unpleasant exchange between trump campaign manager kellyanne conway and jen palmiery. listen. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacist had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that. >> it did. it did. >> do you think you could have just had a decent message for the white working class voters? do you think this woman who has nothing in common with. >> i'm not saying that's what you want. that's a campaign that was
11:30 pm
run,. >> hey. >> over 200 counties that president obama won and donald trump just won you? think that's because of what you just said or because people aren't let ready for a woman president? really? how about it's hillary clinton? she doesn't connect with people? how about they have nothing in common with her? how about had you no economic message? >> joining us now democratic democrat gist jessica tarlov. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> donald trump is a racist. his voters are racist. that's one explanation. another explanation is that cnn somehow is secretly white ring network promoting donald trump. the next is russian agents somehow made it into the wilds of rural minnesota, pennsylvania and wisconsin and rigged the voting machines. what are these three explanations for hillary's loss have in common? all three refuse to take voters seriously and refuse to think through why someone would vote for donald trump. that tells me the democratic party is not grappling with the reality of what happened. >> give us a little bit more time. i found that h exchange
11:31 pm
particularly ugly. i think it is important to talk about some segments of the alt right and we discussed this before. obviously there are white nationalists supremists in this nation they did prefer donald trump to hillary clinton. that's not why hillary clinton lost. we know we should have been campaigning in wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania when we were in arizona and georgia. that's why we lost. >> well now wait a second. you are still blaming the process. >> you want me to blame hillary clinton? >> no, no, no. i think hillary clinton was absolutely electable. i believe that. >> yeah. >> i think in order to win any kind of contest you to v. to have a reason for running just the idea that you deserve it? >> i'm not the other guy and he is worse. >> exactly right. so kellyanne had it right missing a economic message in a year when a lot of people are suffering through economic pain. >> joe by den has come out and spoken about that. obviously bernie sanders has. he has been screaming for months talking about that. here joe biden particularly powerful for democrats. and looking ahead that we need to put a new person at the top of the dnc.
11:32 pm
farming better candidates. our leadership is old. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. tulsi gabbard a new face of the party. we need more people who can blend both sides of the democratic party. we have a strong centrist side that is important to win elections. we also have a strong progressive side. >> you said we need people who are younger, you and the democratic party. >> watch out now. >> what went wrong in the first place. that's just another variety of identity politics. it's not the age or color of the people. it's about what they are saying. what they believe what their pitch is, no? >> to some degree it is about the age. even though donald trump is an older man, he ran a young person's campaign doing it on social media bernie sanders as well. 74 years old did it all, right, on twitter, social media, these rallies. it's a different form of politics. i do think that younger people are better suited to do that. looking ahead we need people who are going to be alive. right? these people are going to be phased out because people
11:33 pm
die. >> trump didn't run any campaign during the primaries. he spent less on the total primary season than you spent on spring break last year like nothing. >> how did you know that vaca was something. >> it's not about how many consultants hire and what you're saying. >> if you are connecting you need a better motive of connection. connection right now is coming through phones, right? everyone is on their phone all the time. it's coming through twitter. you have been talking a lot on your show about fake news. this advent. this term. i saw your interview earlier talking to ms. baits and the "new york times" about it all this information we are getting is coming through our phobes. people are the future of the technological. he won 58% of the vote. >> he was running a young person's campaign. and his staff they were all young. that's the truth of the matter. the people on the ground and
11:34 pm
connecting. hillary clinton, she was out there with holiday. she was raising a lot of money which is really important. i have been reading a lot of articles that donors are north particularly happen with what happened. why am i giving affidavit vice to the democratic party? >> i'm knot talking it anyway. >> to ho spent more on social media official or trump. >> i think that's the real riddle here for democrats to figure out how to ton our message that's going to work. barack obama we'rein we're goino be losing him. >> doesn't the lesson flow from belief? not just a matter of a new bumper sticker. a matter of having beliefs that are in tune with the majority of voters. >> i actually think that democrats do have that. i think that donald trump make america great again from day one that was going to work. certainly with his base. it eventually permeated the larger swath of the
11:35 pm
electorate. with hillary clinton stronger together no one know what is that meant. >> pay for a glue company, wouldn't it? >> could the glue be president? >> no. it's a vicious message. >> there was a pass that they pentagon through all of the slogans that the hillary clinton campaign went to. i don't know how many options if there were which they picked hope and change. there weren't 100. great product in barack obama. someone who believed in something and a great campaigner and hoping change just fit with him. i wasn't a clinton consultant it isn't stronger together. having economic message not just how great my husband did or how great barack obama did or what i can offer in that way but to say i haven't forgotten you. the happening but not happening fast enough. this is the way we are going to do it. >> this rhetorical question we don't have time to answer. all the give the money back stashing it in the kay members.
11:36 pm
>> a lot of -- repatriotic. i wasn't paid at all. >> i know you weren't. i wish you were. jessica tarlov, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> should taxpayer money be allowed to shoot heroin in public? that's a real debate. we want you to choose the news. what's the story in the press most people are ignoring. @ tucker carlson tonight. we'll pick uncoming up. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> if you live outside the major city you already know heroin and opioid epidemic in the united states. the most recent data from 2014 show that opioids were involved in nearly 29,000 deaths. opioid overdoses have quadrupled since 2000. some argue there should be supervised injection facilities for heroin addicts so they can shoot up
11:41 pm
safely and avoid od's and spreading disease. the new york city council approved study. bob has slammed that plan and he joins us now to explain why. bob, thanks a for joining us. >> thank you. >> i always use the same could i thuener to all -- couldi don't know. if someone addicted to heroin i disprove but you can shoot up in my house. i would say this will kill you, no. i have no tolerance for it at all. why shouldn't policymakers follow this they love the people they represent, why shouldn't they follow the same rule? >> i agree completely. and it just clear this made de blasio and the city council want to make new york city a sanctuary city for heroin junkies by making us literally the first place in the country to open these legal facilities where addicts and junkies can legally shoot up and get high. i mean, to me, this is just
11:42 pm
bad for the taxpayers. this is bad for new york city and even worse for addicts. i mean, think about it how can we expect law enforcement to prosecute drug crime when city hall is encouraging its use? >> and we don't even need to guess what would happen because zurich, switzerland tried this in 1987. park right in the middle of zurich allowed a free heroin injection space with needles subsidized by the government in five years there were 20,000 heroin addicts moving in downtown zurich shut it down because it was a disaster. are they not aware of that here? >> i guess not. downtown east side vancouver, canada, they have this inside program thats watt first place in the north america that opened and if you look at downtown east side vancouver, you have people lining up on the streets begging for money so they could bring their heroin in there shoot up and
11:43 pm
get high. and i just, you know, bringing this type of program to new york city neighborhoods is not good. i know the people. brooklyn -- new york city don't want to see vacant store fronts turned into heroin injection facilities. >> i think it's so strange when you contrast their attitude toward heroin addicts, which is one of the saddest possible things to be with their attitude toward, i don't know, cigarette smoking or not wearing a seat belt or driving in a bike lane. harmless activities they don't put up with them. what is that. >> crazy. and another example of this city council and mayor de blasio's progressive policies being progressively bad for new york city. they tried to slip these kind of things, you know, behind people's backs, just like they did with the nickel bag tax that's going to occur in february. and this proposal was just snuck in there i started
11:44 pm
online petition at my website bob to showcase this issue. people now coming to the public's attention are outraged like call me crazy, but if any money is being used on this issue it should be used to break the addict's addiction to the drug. >> of course. >> not doing something that basically legalizes heroin use. >> because when you tolerate something you get more of it as any parent of teenagers can tell you. thanks a lot, bob, for bringing us that. >> thank you. ♪ >> so what's next? tonight we're telling you what's next for hampshire college. a major update to the story we brought you last week. the american flag is once again flying high at the small massachusetts school. a place that put the liberal in liberal arts. the school bowing to pressure finally from veterans groups after they protested the school's decision to remove all-american flags from the campus in the wake of trump's election. some flags even burned by students. today college president said
11:45 pm
this and i'm quoting we did not lower the flag to make a political statement, right. we acted to facilitate much needed dialogue on our campus how to dismantle the bigotry prevalent in our society. that's not a political statement just because he called the newly elected president of the united states, there is nothing bigot about that. the economy on the rise, sort of. is it an an tis palings of donald trump taking office? william baltimore is here next t --maria bartirom
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>it's time now for our friends. you caught us chatting. bring one of our friends in the building here onto the show. tonight we are joined by the
11:49 pm
great maria bartiromo. host of mornings with maria on the fox business network. i got up early just to go on it. it was the happiest experience of my day by far. i mean it. >> i was so happy you came on the show. >> if i was at a long dinner party i would want to be seated next to you. i don't think you would i have got bad manners. you talked to mr. mnuchin who is going to be the new treasury secretary. what's your perception? what did you think. >> i thought he was very strong when i spoke with him in terms of his focus and what he wants to do. priority number one is tax reform. priority number two is rolling back regulations. tucker, you and i have spoken about this a lot. that is going to move the needle on economic growth. that's the issue in this country. he is really going right at it in terms of making an environment more favorable for business so that business turns around and invests money in their people and invests money in it and r and d and all the things that will create jobs. i think it's very promising. >> numbers out today and can i never navigate through all the hype and distortion
11:50 pm
around them. what do they mean, really? >> they were just okay. i thought more of the same. 178,000 new jobs created in the month of november. >> right. >> the expectations were between 175 and 180. so right there right in the middle. i would say to you, eh. the unemployment rate dropped all the way to 4.6%. that's a nine year low. however, the reason that the unemployment rate dropped is because fewer people are actually out looking for a job. that labor participation rate that we talk about so much is really critical because that's an indication of what people are doing. so they go out. they look for a job. they can't find one. they give up. they say and so then they are not counted. the labor participation rate was a negative in this report. the other major negative was wages. >> i know. >> we have been talking about wages so long. month over month wages were down one tenth of a percent. year over year wages up one tenth of a percent. expected to be up 2.8%. people are not seeing a move in their salaries at all.
11:51 pm
they are making the same amount of money that they made 20 years ago. that's why donald trump won this election. that's why people are upset as they are about the economy. >> for you not just academic question you were unemployed earlier age than anyone i know in my life. really young. i don't mean to get into the sob story at the end of the show what happened? >> i always had a job, tucker. i was coat check girl at my father's restaurant. >> how old were you? >> i was put to work at 13, 14, 15. i moan, you know. >> you told me once you were fired from one of your first jobs. >> there is my coat check sign auto cents. my mom gave me that i have to frame this because that was my first job. >> that's awesome. >> that's my family because we all worked at the restaurant. my brother was the waiter and my sister and i were the coat check girls and my mom was always there. that's me in the prom. that's my high school prom. i'm always working throughout my whole upbringing here.
11:52 pm
my dad's restaurant. there it is. the rex. >> what year was that? >> oh, gosh. that must have been around in the 70's. there is my dad. is he taking his 13th cheesecake of the day out of the oven. he had made 13 cheesecakes that day. that's one of them. that's in the kitchen in the rec. >> that's fantastic. >> whether you have a family restaurant, the whole family works there. >> yes. >> you don't think of it as work. i was working at a very young age but for me it was -- you know, i was with my family. one job that i had away from there was when i was a stock girl. wedding dress store. i was the stock girl and instead of putting these heavy dresses back in the stock room, i was always secretly dreaming of my own big white wedding and i would try on all the dresses so i got fired. >> >> they caught you wearing the merchandise? >> yes. because i was really young. i was a stocker. these dresses are really heavy. instead of putting me back. my boss kept looking in on me with the whole vale.
11:53 pm
finally she said, maria go home. >> so what did you learn from that? >> i learned to do your job. [ laughter ] you know, there are no shortcuts. go to work and do your job. >> do your job. if you were to sum up the wisdom accumulated over the ages, do your job. >> work hard there are no shortcuts. that's a good one. >> that's worthy of a tattoo. it's great to see you as always. thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> coming up, you choose the news. it's back. you sent in some great stories about the press. the stories they're ignoring. keep them coming at tucker carlson is the address. the winner, next. ♪ ♪
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. well, now it's time for you choose the news. we asked you to tell us what story the press ought to be covering but is instead ignoring. something we all complain about. i certainly do. we figured we'd try to fix it. tonight's winning submission comes from leo, who tweeted in his concern that the media aren't covering the recent deats of the electoral college. on december 19th, the electoral college will meet and the lectors will cast their vote for president of the united states. that's the real and final election. as it stands, donald trump should easily win because he has far over 270 in the electoral
11:59 pm
college, and he'll become president. but as you know, many people are not happy about that and some of them, the lunatics among them, a pretty big group, have threatened to kill electors if they don't change their vote from donald trump to hillary clinton. so lieio, we hear you. it's an interesting story. it should get more attention than it's gotten. next week, one e lector who has received death threats will be on the show, and you'll hear what they're going through and what if anything is being done to protect them. on monday, our segment news abuse is back. an egregious example of media bias or dumbness or both. that would include a ludicrous headline or segment that's so stupid you just can't believe it's real. send your evidence to @tuckercarlson. that's it for us. tune in each week night at 7. o'reilly factor up next. marcia blackburn joins bill for the definitive interview. good night. see you monday.
12:00 am
♪ welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy. >> thanks tom. coming up on the big show, a court rules that the magnetic toys known as bucky balls are legal once more. good news for me. bad news for the guy who sold me bucky bees in the alley every tuesday. plus a video called this panda is dancing that has no pandas and no dancing. i haven't been this disappointed sand i went to a barenaked ladies concert. and finally robert wagner stops by and he and tom have a heart to heart. a special shout out to our viewers over 50 who are the only ones who


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