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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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on repeat instead. he once said he thought music could cure isis and i mocked him at the time but now i agree. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. i do. they were they were at carrier air-conditioning earlier today. and mr. president-elect, it's the first time you've been on since -- >> it's appropriate with you. be >> has it hit you, the magnitude of all of this? >> it hits me and so much work is to be done. we worked out with carrier and keep 1100 people in the united states in this case in indiana.
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it is a great day and they are a great company and they were moving to mexico lock, stock and barrel and thou now they are staying here. >> you seem not to take a day off. monday through friday and saturday and sunday. and a lot of people visit you. and you said in a 60 minutes interview you don't want a vacation. >> that's true. a bit of a va this is a great experience and i love what i do and i upon want to help people p like with the carrier folks. they will have a good christmas and i enjoy doing. it if it is work, you can't do it. if it is not work, it is fun. you hear are the crowd outside. and we are doing thank you, ohio, and iowa and do a tour throughout the great states that were good to it us. the swing states, we won almost all of them and we'll make ten
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stops and do thank you tours. >> how is the process. you made a lot of selections and few more to go? >> we have made a few. it is a well oiled machine. and we are getting fantastic people and good reviews andy people are respecting the process of what we have done. >> i think you are more gracious than i would be. you met with mitt romney twice. >> it was good. he was nice in terms of his remarks afterwards and it was very depend. we have terrific people and terrific people to come. >> i assume those decisions will be made. you told me in the campaign. supreme court. vetting refugee and building the wall. if anything you say on 60 minutes. part of it might be a fence. you haven't changed your mind. you told me that. >> it is a wall. i heard everyone say maybe it
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would not be totally full. certain places you don't need a wall. you have mountain and large and vicious rivers. no, we are building a real wall and stop the drugs from coming in. they will have people coming in legally and we'll have a real wall and stop what is happening. because what is happening in our country is sad. and we are stopping the drugs from coming in. >> you have an opportunity with the republican house. >> first time in a long time. >> how is it going with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. >> paul and i are very close and we agree on a lot of things to put in the health care bill. a real strong health care bill. it would be terrific. you look at what is happening on
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the obama care. you can see 116 percent increases in arizona and the numbers you are talk itting about. and high deductibles and you don't get to it use. it we'll do something that is great and much better and less expensive. >> i looked at four things that lead to economic success. 15 percent corporate tax rate. and obama p care is a tax cut. and energy independent is huge. how much will you do ine resending the executive orders. i think a lot of democrats will join the train. >> have you talked to many? >> yes, a lot of people say i
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not been in politics. but we'll have a lot of democrats joining us. and maybe even health carement -- care that will be soon. >> you are still solid on supreme court justices. >> i am looking and down to 3 or 4. they are terrific people and highly respected and brilliant people. >> you will have extreme vetting. >> very extreme. >> and corporate tax rate. >> remember, we are cutting taxes for the middle-class. and cutting taxes for virtually everybody, not just corporate. corporate is important because it will create jobs. it is very everyone and a tremendous tax cut for the
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middle-class. >> energy independence. i see career jobs for people. >> we have so much energy we didn't know about. modern technology. technology is so incredible. and we are sitting on vast wealth we never knew we had. we have more than saudi arabia and more in countries that we don't know is possible. and put the miners back to work and steel workers back to work. and instead of bringing it from other countries a great time doing it. >> since you have been elected, a lot of people had a hard time dealing with it. and they have professors giving them cocoa, and coloring books and play dough. anything you would like to say to them and reassure their
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sensitive feelings that it will be okay. >> i think they will be happy and we'll have a safe country and create jobs for their parent and they will do eight lot better. they don't have a problem. and we'll have a prosperous and safe country. and i hope they realize that soon. >> 1100 families don't have to worry about sending kids to college and selling their house and car. >> and we'll continue from cincinnati and we'll check in with vice-president elect mike pence. reince priebus who is now donald trump's chief of staff. >> and i am here for one main reason. to stay thank you to ohio. thank you. we won the state by ten points. and they say totally unheard of.
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in the beginning, you have to win ohio and you must win ohio. over and over. and we started off sort of even and then one up and two up. and we didn't have much help upon in the top levels. you know that, and we seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world and that means rebbing newses the right of every country including our own to look after its is thes. we would put other countries first and had people who truly department know what the hell they were doing. [applause] >> we are going to defend the american worker. look here they forgot it was the
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>> i know we set aside our difference and we do have difference and we're a divided nation. we are not divided for long. i always brought people together. i know you find that hard to believe. although this group probably doesn't find it hard to believe. we are going to bring our country together. all of our country and find common ground and we'll get the job done properly. >> welcome pack to hanity. we are in cincinnati where
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vice-president elect pins is on the thank you, tour. governor or vice-president elect or titles. >> call me mike. it is good to be be in cincinnati and a lot of society. we are here to say thanks to the people in ohio and all over america to give an opportunity to serve. >> thank you for giving us a chance to. explain that. >> i will say to the people, thanks to you. we are going to have a president who will unleash the boundless potential of the american economy by cutting tax and we have a president-elect already saving jobs in america. we had a rally in indianapolis where because of president-elect donald trump, 1100 hoosiers will have jobs from a factory that was going to close and move to
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mexico. people need to know that the president-elect and i are working to build a team and lay out an agenda and keep the promises that he made. >> otherwise, it would have been 1100 families not knowing their futures and mortgages and i was interested that the ceo said they are investing in the state? >> i have tol you, it was remarkable to watch the president-elect exercise leadership in this case. indiana is a prosperous state. and in spite of what is coming in washington d.c. we are holding our own. we learned that a company that was in indiana in 1950s and close the factory and move all
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of those jobs to mexico and when i knocked on their door, i said is there something we can do? they said it was a made decision. president-elect called the chairman of united thenningnology and said we are rolling back regulgdz wills and trade deals to put the american jobs first. and we would like you to recontinuing this. and they said we will. and we started those conversations. what people see in it that effort is a man who keeps his word and man of action and will not rest until the economy is moving again. >> i know what president obama said about this. >> what is donald trump going to do to wave the magic wand. no, he will do what you didn't do. pick up the phone and call. were you there? >> i was there. he picked up the phone and he
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spoke one american to another and he said i am just call canning that we will do what we said we will do. we are cutting taxeses. and roll back the avalanche of regulations. back in march the leadership of carrier told me what was driving them out was the avalanche of red tape coming out of washington d.c. and what the president-elect told the leader of that company, we'll do what the american people elected us to do. and he asked them in his own way to reconsider that. and i got to tell you how inspiring it was for me. >> and you are doing well. >> that's right. >> 1950s is a long time. >> it was inspiring for me to see the way the president-elect just leaned into that effort. and made a difference in the lives of 1100 hoosiers.
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>> his son called him a blue collar billionaire. i went out in the crowd and this issue of carrier came up and what was the most important thing. he's going to keep his promises and this is one of them. and you think about the agenda and you break it down. and a talked and you saw it before the leksz. supreme court justice. and vetting refugee. repatriotism. 15s for corporate tax. and bim bum care health care savings account. education back to the state and what am i missing? >> there si bit more. >> military. and support law enforcement with the resource and tools they need to restore law and order to our community. and the list goes on. you are right. in addition to being vice-president elect, i have been asked to chair the
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transition and to see the cabber of men and women in this country who he is drawing and appointmentes and there will be more next week. i have to tell you, it is exciting to see the energy and vision and leadership that donald trump talked about on the campaign. >> he doesn't take a lot of days off and he includes you a lot. he told me the other night. people want to know that those promises he made will be kept. and this is where republicans as where they lost me a bit. they promised to repeal or replace obama care. and give us the senate. they didn't do it and funded it. i think that annoyed a lot of people. it is important to keep your word. >> it is important to keep your
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word. and president-elect donald trump is it a man of his word. he dispatch ped me to capitol hill and we went together sitting down with the leadership upon of the house and senate and laying out a plan to implement that agenda this man is very optmist i think and energy. >> he controls the room. >> he will bring it to capitol hill and we'll bring it and make america great again. >> how were those meeptings. >> great discussions and brought legislative teams together. met with the leader and the mitch mcconnell. our effort to be ready on day one. and to walk our new president in the oval office to take action on day one. and a number of executive wereds
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that the obama administration put in to affect. ending ilalmost immigration and get this economy moving again. and less taxes. and what he rain >>y tell members of color, to buckle up. >> conscience con >>y understand you koebt don't fly in the same play anymore? >> that is part changes. >> your life changes to the extent that you can change it. >> it was a 24- 7 campaign. and my family and i poured our heart and soul.
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>> there was not election. and we are helping to build a government that can can implement the trump agenda on day one. and frankly the energy and the and that immenates out of our president-elect. >> what about foreign policy. the iranian deal will that be eliminated. i continuing was a horrible deal and the money has been transferred and i don't believe any time inspections will take place. and i don't trust the irappians. they were chapting to death to america. >> it is 2 billion in what ramon
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pavements and president-elect has to give careful consideration. and recognizing how deeply flawed the iran deal is. and laying before him all of the yean of the united states. >> and you know if iran, china and russia, have they roached out or can you say. it is it is fine that if you can't. >> the leadership in china and russia reached out. y i have spoke to heads of state and foreign minister. but leaders from around the world were reaching out to the president-ele president-elect. >> i knowledge that >> anded leaders they have
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reached out with graciousness and engaging with them. it is with the kind of consider straight talk that will characterize the way he deals with the world. will we repair our relationship with israel. benjamin netanyahu, and will that relationship repaired? >> the world will know this. president with president donald trump stands with eseral. he's had a great discussion can prime minister benjamin netanyahu and i have. >> can we glean any time from the time you spend in trump tower and role of the
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vice-president is going to be a active and busy one. it looks like it. >> i would love to that one person to define it. i am a small town guy from southern indiana not too far from where we are standing and the idea of standing next to our president-elect, at such a momentous time is humbling for me. and i am just prepared to serve in any way to help him move that agenda that we know will make america great again. >> mr. vice-president elect good to see you. >> thank you, she an. >> and reince priebus now chief of staff for president-elect donald trump. >> you hear talk about how we're becoming a globalized world. but the relationships, people,
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value in this country are local, family, city and state. and country, they are local. we'll compete in the world where it is a two- way road and not a 1 way road. the advantages are going to come back to our country and they haven't for many, many years. [applause] there is no global currency and anthem or global citizenship. we pledge allegiance to one flag and that is the american flag. [applause] and at progressive, we let you compare
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send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> and i don't want to tell you. because i want to save the suspense for next week.
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so i will not tell you, i refuse to tell you and don't let it outside of the room. you promise, raise your hand. so i will not tell you that one of our great, great generals, [applause] don't let it outside, right. and of course, the press is very honest, they will never let this go even though seven stations live. we are going to appoint, mad dog mattis. [applause] as our secretary of defense! [applause] >> welcome back to hannitty. we are in cincinnati where president-elect trump and
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vice-president elect pence is on the thank you twur and why they in ohio voted for mike pence and donald trump. now he was the chairman of the rnc and now chief of stat. you went from the frying pan -- >> these are the two hardest jobs you have. because donald trump doesn't win people come down on you. and if things don't go well in the white house they will come down hard and balancing act all year with the never trumper and all of the people with the jandias. not an easy year in your life? >> no. i started to figure out how to be a decent rnc chairman. it is a different challenge and it is an honor president trump asked me to do this. i can tell you, had his view of the enormity of the job and the
8:29 pm
way he views it and build the country for the american people. his attitude is just something to behold i am grateful for it. >> you are there for all of the meeting and you were at the dinner, i would have loved to be be there. look, i thought mitt romney would have been a great president, but i was disappointed about the things he said about donald trump. you were the only one in the dinner with two of them? >> they talked about sports and they both love tom brady and a packer fan. >> did they address? >> no, talking about global. >> did they talk about the things romney said. how did that go over? >> we talked about it. they didn't know each other. and they did hit each other hard. fraud and racist. hard words.
8:30 pm
>> i think all of us. i try not to be this way. but sometimes you can judge people without knowing them and getting how they tick or thinking. it was gen wen and heart felt and they really got along. president-elect trump is extremely fun. and he can get on a roll. he is an incredibly story teller and very, very funny and he had mitt romney in tears with one of the stories. and they got along. it was a good night. nevertheless it is good to build and have relationships. >> whether he gets the job. i was out and about a lot and met people and people say two things to me. please tell him don't pick mitt romney. and second thing, don't let her
8:31 pm
off of the hook. you know, in other words, all of these people were chanting earlier today out here in cincinnati lock her up. and drain the swamp. it will not be a decision on that. that is up to the justice department and law enforcement and the attorney general. >> what the president-elect is trying to say, he's not going in to find a way to persecute secretary clinton. that's not where his head or heart is at. but i would say if there is evidence that is presented that goes to the attorney general jeff sessions and gets presented. it will be his call. i would expect if it is serious he would support it. as far as where are you at on mitt rom no. my job is to chlor out all of the junk and give the president-elect to make the decision as far as what is best for the country.
8:32 pm
not overexert. the mayor is a wonderful mafrng. petraeus and corker and governor romney. >> rudy guiliani. >> i said the mayor. absolutely. that is his decision. but providing the >> general petraeus how did that go? >> it went well. he is a very, very smart person that really understands everything. he can tell you the river in syria and this mountain over here and someone like that you need to listen to. >> be be prepared never to sleep? i most often talked to donald trump the candidate at midnight. >> you and i are the same way. as long as i have a few hours of sleep i am ready to go.
8:33 pm
i can keep going. i mean, this is important stuff you are all in washington? >> tougher and most of the transition is in new york. entious ventually will can go back down. >> it will normalize. >> and what goes through. the biggest disappointment with the republicans came from and we had discussions. the promises are not being kept. donald trump laid out a firm agenda to get that passed. he doesn't have 60 votes in the senate and harriy reid set a nuclear option. >> they will use except for the supreme court. we can get the cabinet and through in the vote. and i suspect that will happen smoothly. and look, i think we have a president who has a man date.
8:34 pm
it was's electorial land slide and significant political wins of maybe the entirity of the united states and certainly last hundred years, we never have seen a donald trump phenomenon. and people in congress understand it. and members of our own party should understand it. our meetings vice-president elect pence and had with speaker ryan were smooth. >> no offense for the senators, it is easier in the house. but we have a speaker and leadership who want to work with us. senate is tougher because of the rules, but i suspect we have a president-elect to call them out. and go to the american people. and they may wake up to tweet. >> he will not sit around and play business as usual. >> being the rnc chair where
8:35 pm
there was a lot of division and 17 people and threading the needle of people who would not keep their promises. >> it was like a fiasco. >> i tried to cheer you up. >> i was depend and loved the jovenlt >> this is tough one. >> when i started the rnc. and after a few months you get the hang and figure it out. and i think we are moving at lightning pace and doing well. >> thank you, sir. you are now official chief of staff for president-elect donald trump. and thank you reince priebus. we are in cincinnati with the thank you tour with president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence. we'll talk to the crowd. what motivated them to go vote this year and check in with bill cunningham, a great american and more.
8:36 pm
hannity on the road in cincinnati. >> history called and the people of this great state answered and you will be very happy. we will say right now. we'll make america great again, you want. pounded the pavement and organized citizens and prevailed a grassroots movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before p. this is what they say. roorn today on one of the networks, they said maybe andrew jackson? when was that? it was like in the 1838? and then somebody said that was great but nothing like what happened here. okay. so it really has been fun and more importantly i heard mike saying what happened in indiana.
8:37 pm
we'll do that all
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>>y we can reverse the stagnation and usher in a true opportunity and growth endless grid lock is not the way of life. we don't have to accept that. government can be responsible and proud of how washington works. and i have spoken to democrats and i said to them, look, we can't go on with the grid lock. it's gone on so many years. we are going to get together. and i believe they want to get together. you know why, it is time and the people are angry, they are angry and they are going to get together. and we will make joint decisions. our victory was so great. we have the house and we have the senate and we have the
8:43 pm
presidency. >> here we are. we have a few donald trump fans here. [crowd noise] >> and so this election how important? no republican has won the white house without ohio. it is exciting. you look excited. and you have a trump make america great. >> stay with trump. it is a good finger. >> and what was the main issue. >> safety for our country and >> vetting refugee. ohio state. earlier this week. and i have to say i was not happy with kasich the whole term. i did not vote and didn't like him not endorsing trump. >> how he will build a wall. >> wall. >> and who will pay for it. >> mexico.
8:44 pm
>> i am great. >> pam, what was the most important issue for you. >> i am nervous. >> she looks great on tv. you do. >> i worked for trump. >> i took junket trips over to atlantic city. >> he was a excellent boss? >> he had 90 percent of the employees were woman. and excellent boss. >> you heard about the carrier deal. what dew think of that? >> donald trump proved he would do what he's talking about for a year and a half. country will turn the corner. i am proud to be a trump supporter. >> this young man with run for president with a bow tie. >> i am 15. >> would you have voted? >> donald trump. >> did you come with your mom or dad. >> what was the big p issue for
8:45 pm
you dad. >> immigration, actually. >> you got to protect your home first before you help anybody else and i think that president trump is a man of his word. >> does the carrier deal prove that to it you? >> yes. we were in the trump rally. >> how many fox viewers. hi, sweetheart. what do you want to saw. >> i did a power point and my teacher wanted me to say he was selfish and rude and arrogant. and so i wouldn't and she said she would take points off of my grade and i told her i didn't care that is my freedom of speech. >> give her a hand. you know why? you stood up for what your beliefs are and didn't let the teacher tell you what to do. >> can i take a selfie with you?
8:46 pm
>> you know how to do it. i am not fast. tell me when to smile. and your job on this is to it make me look good. ready. what was your biggest issue. >> nonpolitician in office. someone who can do things. >> how important was the carrier promise he got done today? >> very important. >> we have a enthusiastic crowd and we'll come back and continue more from hannity live in cincinnati. >> now, now is not the time to down size our dream, but set our sights higher than ever before for our country. [applause] now is the time to push for real profound change that restores the full promise of america and
8:47 pm
those people and they are great people. i got to know them, believe me over the last 18 months. and what we've created is a movement and it is a beautiful thing. look here, the roads are all grid lock, all locked down. all secured up and people pour in. it is an amazing thing.
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the era of economic surrender is over. we're going to fight for every last american job. it's time to remove the rust from the rustbelt and usher in a new industrial revolution. we're going to do it. >> all right. we're back in cincinnati at the arena. this guy has spent 35 years on the radio, the most popular, the number one radio personality. his entire 35 years, bill cunningham. you all like bill? [ cheers ] >> bill cunningham, i'm in your city, i want a full report. >> sean hannity, let me say this to you. in 1984, ronald reagan saved america from mondale and bob beckel, you're previous good friend. i'll say this, it's taken us now
8:53 pm
almost 32 years to have this kind of passion among ohioan and that kind of drive is going to be shown right here at the u.s. arena. they are god-fearing americans. >> here is a state where the republican sitting governor oppose -- did it bother you that kasich didn't support trump? >> yeah. >> the sitting republican governor didn't support him and won by over eight points. >> it didn't make any difference. this wasn't about kasich. this wasn't about a personality. it was about a movement. donald j. trump walks in the shows of ronald reagan. he's the guy that fires us up john mccain is a patriot but we couldn't get 200 people to come and listen to john mccain.
8:54 pm
200. now there's going to be 20,000. 20,000. >> how did he do it in such a wide margin that no american president became president without your great state? >> there are three large cities here, cleveland, columbus, cincinnati, which comprise over 30% of the state. 70%, 70% lancaster, 70% marietta. working class, not white collar but blue collar americans said i don't want to be on welfare. i want a job. good friend of mine who is very sick today, shawn constance, from a small town of indiana, you go there and it's shut down. small town american. it's like a tsunami from the bows of the pacific ocean.
8:55 pm
>> bill cunningham, thank you. we've got to take a break. we're saying good-bye. that's it. that's it. you guys want to's your tv, tak. with directv and at&t, stream live tv anywhere, data-free. join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. it helps put some distance.. between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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right now on "justice" -- >> they are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's not going to happen. >> the inauguration may be two months away but we're already starting to win again. tonight in my opening statement, i'll tell you why it's a new day in america. plus -- >> as people get to know each other you realize, you know, maybe i was wrong about this. >> incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus is here with the inside scoop on president-elect donald trump,


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