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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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rescue crews beginning the daunting task of frantically searching for what is called a house of horrors going bucket by bucket. they are combing through piles ch debris as dozens of families praying for word of their loved ones. >> okay clanked california with the latest on this investigation. >> good morning. you can see the warehouse behind me. 7 families have been notified their loved ones perished in friday night's fire. their names and pictures are going released including teenager and son of local mmunity. they will spend another day going through the grim task of recovering more victims. they are doing it in a way that shows respect and compassion
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because there's evidence from the investigation. the allegheny county h-- criminl charges could be coming distraught relatives want answers. >> i am very frustrated. i want to go over there. >> i want to go over there. i want my brother. i want to find him. i just want to find my brother. >> many say the warehouse was a death trap. the warehouse was packed with art, furniture, rugs, all of it highly flammable. the rooms were made out like a maze and it was difficult even if you knew where the staircase was. the city launched an investigation into possible code violations there had been
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numerous complaints about trash and debris. there is no sprinkler system and smoke alarms. friday night's dance party was not permitted by the city. questions about why this warehouse was not closed down. the focus remains on recovering and identifying all of the victims and giving support to dozens of anguished families. back to you. >> thank you. >> president trump having a tirade after ap controversial call in taiwan. >> they are finding the best person to tackle issues just like this. >> the growing list of secretary of state contenders. . a few more emerged over the weekend. >> just a few. >> this list keeps on growing. just when we thought it would be shrinking. let's go back to china. first the president elect broke decades of diplomatic protocol
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taking the phone call by taiwan china lodged a formal complaint. now trump is going after china trade policies doing it on where else, twitter. >> did >> the person who will have to handle this diplomatic drama is secretary of state. today we are no closer to learning who the person will be in the trump administration. over the weekend mr. trump's short list nearly doubled. >> we have been dwindling the list. it might grow a little bit. he is looking for the best men and women to advance the agenda. >> one of the new names on the short list john clemson the
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former republican governor of utah. another possibility retired general david petraeus who is still on the probation after pleading guilty to mishandling classified information. it is something he addressed head on yesterday morning on abc this week. >> five years ago i made a serious mistake. i acknowledged it. i apologized for it. i paid a heavy price pofor it a i learned from it. >> the race for secretary of state heather and clayton will likely drag on a lot longer. >> kristin fisher live for us in dc. >> paul ryan outlining the plans under the trump presidency. saying priority number one is repealing obamacare and replacing it with affordable patient centered system. he talks about removing regulations to spark economic
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growth for immigration laws securing our border and making sure medicare doesn't run out of money. he talks about his relationship with the president elect and his tweets. >> there is a bit of a difference between the private person and the public person. the private person is a conversation like this. it is about how to get things done. did we improve people's lives did we improve the problems that need to be solved. did we address the people who are tired. who cares about what he tweeted if thursday night we fix the problems. >> trump will be a very unconventional president. >> the standoff is standing over as the feds go to protestors halting the pipeline project after months of push back. the arnl me core will talk about different routes. the company behind the pipeline insists they have no plans to
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reroute the pipeline. >> a federal judge says if a lawsuit by the family should be dismissed. illegal immigrant fran chis co sanchez has been fined with the m charged with the in you are der. stein's family says they should-charged for letting him back into the united states. yemeni terror suspect had been there since october 2, '02. he was trained at an al qaeda camp prior to 9-11. president obama made it his mission to close gitmo during his time in office. right now 20 more terrorists are cleared for release and awaiting placement. >> the new york times is being call the out for falsely claiming no u.s. troops died in the search for disgraced army
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sergeant bow bergdahl. he walked away from his post back in 2009 before being held captive by the cal tan. six young soldiers were killed while looking for him. he was returned in a controversial prisoner swap you remember five years later. now he is asking president obama to pardon him of all desertion charges. should bergdahl be forgiven? send us your comments on facebook and twitter or send us an e-mail@fox karma for colin kaepernick. he kneeled during the anthem at chicago's soldier field. then went on to have one of the worst games in nfl history. he had four passing yards against the chicago bears then he got benched as the 49 errs lost their 11th game in a row. the historically awful game after dozens of veterans urged him to stand for the anthem.
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we will have highlights from week 13 in our next half hour. >> i believe he was he announced he was a free agent as well. >> the east coast bracing for rain and snow today after a massive midwestern storm front moves full speed ahead. >> there's another look at the rain outside of our studio right now. >> while in hawaii the highest point is expecting another foot of snow in hawaii. down south more rains bringing flooding to an already spoked region. >> a little bit of a messy commute for a lot of regions across the country. taking a look at the temperatures it is cold out there. the coldest air is going to arrive this week. be prepared. let's take a look at it. we have a storm system across the portions of the northeast back down through the southeast and gulf coast. much needed rainfall for the southeast and potential for severe weather today and along the gulf coast.
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taking a look at the last 24-hours you see the rainfall and potential for flash flooding. these are the areas that received a lot of wildfire damage. we are going to watch the potential for heavy varain and flash flooding. severe threat hail, damaging winds. watch your local weather if you are in these areas. they will see the greatest risk of tornadoes. the coldest air of the season arrives tuesday, wednesday, thursday. how far south does it go? along the gulf coast and southeast. coldest air of the season we are talking windchills below zero. it is here. #winter is arriving finally. >> now we will have the snowy football games. >> it's christmastime. >> welcome back. you were with mini and minnie.
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>> we had great weather with disney. i am exhausted. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. thousands of new americans are sworn in annually with a background check system in place to tell us who they are. what if we told you that system was never turned on. >> jill stein demanding more recounts. >> this is about responding to american voters who are standing up and saying we deserve an election system we can trust. >> the ruling that could give her a check in the win column. >> this suspect a scene out of bad boys. police cars take out each other during a dramatic chase. see how all of the chaos ends. many people clean their dentures
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>> an overnight ruling. judge ruling election officials recounting votes today at noon. donald trump calling it a scam. jill stein is defending the challenge taking hers straight to touch tower here. >> earlier this morning the judge ordered the state of michigan to conduct counting of 4.8 million votes. president elect donald trump is slamming green party presidential nominee jill stein on twater targeting her efforts
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to get wisconsin, michigan and wisconsin to count their votes. the green party just dropped the recount suit in pennsylvania and is losing both wisconsin recounts. a scam to raise money p. jill stein will holds a news conference in front of trump tower this morning at 10:00 a.m. she is filing a lawsuit in federal court today searching an order for a statewide recount in pennsylvania. that after the green party dropped its case in the state courts. an attorney for the party said it can't afford to pay the bond for the recount. she is trying to raise funds and more supporters for her party which she denies. >> this money is going strictly into a segregated account which can only be spent on the
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recount. this money will be used entirely for that and we will be lucky if we can cover the costs. i say to her give it up. even your friends in the clinton campaign have admitted these recounts will not change any results. >> batesic cloo he she wants people to allow the president elect and vice president elect to give the governing and power it has to assume by january toth. michigan's vote recount must be completed by december 13th. back to you. >> now let's take a look at who is talking. democrats may be in an identity crisis following hillary clinton's loss. nancy pelosi insists democrats don't want to change.
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oh oo i don't think the values unify us and it is about supporting america's working families one that everybody is in agreement with. we want a better message to the working family. i am more optimistic about the strength of the democratic party. this is about policy not about politics. >> chicago created a $1 million slush fund for immigrants living with anxiety. guess who is footing the bill? taxpayers. rahm emanuel resisting the bill to deport all illegals. about 150,000 illegal aliens live in chicago. >> they are admit to go a major immigration blunder. many were approved for citizenship even though their
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names weren't run through the computer. 15,000 applications were impacted. all naturalization ceremonies suspended until they figure out the scope of the problem. >> more hotels are checking out of the bible business. 46 percent of hotel rooms have relaying gus materials. there's modern amenities like wi-fi is a priority. that's less than half. >> trump's new hotel in washington, d.c. is going against that trend there's a bible in every room and there's text available for all faiths if you ask for it. >> the time is 18 minutes after the hour. this might have been the moment that ended hillary clinton's presidential run. >> i call trump supporters a basket of deplorables. >> if you are heading home for
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the holidays what you need to know before you go. what are the best airlines for holiday travel?
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>> the wildfire number is 13. they never sent the evacuation alert to cell phones. the national weather service says evacuations are not included in the emergency alert system. also sparking controversy in order to evacuate was not issues
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until monday night. there is good news. dolly parton is going one step further helping victims from her home town. >> we want to provide a hand up. >> they are holding a telethon next tuesday to support many of those who lost their homes in the horrific wildfires. >> love dolly. watch the intense dash cam of a video. illegally armed suspects stealing three-cars as he led 20 police officers on a child case. squad cars even smashing into each other. they smashed into a suspect's car. officers killing him in a shoot-out>> tense homoments for passengers on board of a united airlines flight. they had to land without wheel. >> if you hear the command
2:24 am
evacuate you want to leave everything behind. >> that calm attendant explaining how to do that. they received a warning about the failing gear while flying from houston to mexico. all 50 passengers and crew members were able to evacuate safely. >> probably a little bit scared. >> president elect donald trump take to go twitter to echo this promise. >> they are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. >> not going to happen. >> donald trump took to twitter again. in a sere rewas tweets he said
2:25 am
any business who leaves our country for another country it will sell products back to the u.s. without retribution or consequence is wrong. they are making a very expensive mistake. the united states is open for business. he lz said he wants to take the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent. toyota kau recalling more than 744,000 sierra minivans from 2001 to 2016 because of a door problem. the sliding doors may not close correctly. there are reports of the door freezing. no injuries have been reported. notices to owners will go out next month. they are told not to sell them on the lots. holiday travel season we are
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bringing the best airlines for holiday travel. based on performance like loyal loyalty number one is hawaiian airlines. the next is delta airlines alaska, virgin, american and united. that wraps up the top 5. 'tis the season. for a lot of fun travel. >> you are ready to go to hawaii. that is why you are so happy. >> raising a red flag leon panetta expressing new concerns for the next administration. >> constantly on the intelligence scale looking at a series of threats that may be out there. >> what he says donald trump needs to keep ahead of a threat against the united states. >> back in 1901 walt disney was
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>> it is monday december 5th. a fox news alert. heartbreak and horror. a desperate search for answers in the horrifying warehouse fire. >> it is like a death threat. it is the house of horrors now. >> could criminal charges come against the owners. >> a 234u twist in the search for a secretary of state. the list goats longer. >> donald trump may want to america america great against but one group is finding controversy with how to get the
2:31 am
holidays great again, skip church? fox & friends first continues right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am clayton morris. driving the scene of a deadly warehouse fire where more than 30 people were killed. >> rescue crews searching bucket by kbucket as dozens of familie pray for word of their missing loved ones. >> we have new info on the investigation. good morning, claudia. >> you can see the warehouse behind me. the stories coming from firefighters. they are describing finding bodies one piled on top of the other. one seeing the faces of those who perished in friday night's
2:32 am
fire teenagers and son of local sheriff's deputies as well as people from other countries europe and asia. 33 victims recovered so far. more than half of the build needs to be searched. they are dog it in a humane and compassionate way and they also need to preserve evidence in the cause of the fire. safety a top concern. they move deeper into the building using shovels and removing key brie bucket by bucket. the core ron another's office wants to preserve sources of dna like hair or a tooth brush that can be placed in victims in case they can't be finger printed. >> i have friends who are still unaccounted for. they are amazing. i am sorry for everyone's loss.
2:33 am
i can't even -- it's mind blowing. it is heartbreaking. >> they have launched the criminal investigation team. no charges have been filed. that could change as we lorearn more about this ghost ship an under ground nightclub that was filled with furniture and artifacts that had no working smoke alarms no exit roof had received code violations. the man who ran it has a criminal record and was on probation on felony charges of receiving stolen property. city officials are collecting all of the relevant records in regards to this they are interviewing him as well as other witnesses. they continue to stress over and over their focus is on recovering and identifying all of the victims of this fire.
2:34 am
>> president elect donald trump taking on twine gnaw in a twitter tirade on the heels of a controversial call with tie aun. >> all as the transition team works over time to find a person to tackle issues just like this. >> kristin fisher with the growing list of secretary of state contenders, at least according to some of them. >> good morning. as it gets nearer the race of secretary of state taking on the air of a reality tv show who is in who is out who will be brought in from the outside. that's what happened this weekend. at first it was about mitt romney and rudy giuliani. over the weekend mr. trump's short list doubled. >> secretary of state is an incredible relationship for any president. he needs to talk to the people. >> one of the new names on that
2:35 am
short list john huntsman former governor of utah and former ambassador tore to china. another possibility retired general david petraeus who is still on probation on a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information. >> five years ago i made a mistake. i acknowledged it paid a very heavy price fror it and i have learned before it. >> the next secretary of state has to say here is chain gnaw he took the phone call with the president of tyran. he wants me to give trade policy on twitter. >> did china ask us if they were able to devalue our country tore to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south chain gnaw sea.
2:36 am
very strong words as the race for secretary of state remine mains wide open. >> the first thing he talked about when he announced his candidacy was china. thank you, kristin. >> one of president elect's focus is to wipe isis off the map. leon panetta says he has major concerns. >> one of the concerns i have right now is that this president is not getting his intelligence briefings. he is making a few of them but not getting them every day. you are constantly on the intelligence scale looking at a series of threats that may be out there. those threats change on a day-to-day basis. >> pan net tu says he worked withed fine presidenine presidef of staff nominee is shooting down his concerns saying mr. trump is certainly informed using them ever are i day.
2:37 am
new regret from the clinton campaign? could this be the ending moment that put her run for president over. >> half of the supporters called a basket of deplorables. now her campaign manager said they tried to play them off to cnn. >> you are talking about unone instance. >> we are going to -- >> i think you could have ill yen nated voters that's why she got there the other way. clinton never actually apologized. >> the time is 37 minutes after the hour. go general david petraeus risk being bigger by edward snowden. he was weighing in over the weekend as a contender for
2:38 am
secretary of state. >> american airlines flight attendants say new uniforms are making them sick. what they are demanding from the airlines. >> camp news is benched. highlights and low lights.
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>> edward snowden taking a shot at petraeus. he leaked information to his biographer and broadwell and that was worse than leaking classified info to the world. >> general petraeus who shared information that was far more highly classified than i ever did with journalists. when the government came after him they him with a misdemeanor. he never spent a single day in
2:42 am
jail. >> he also claims he was led off because he was well respected. general david petraeus' past indiscretion take him out of the running for secretary of state? log on to facebook page after the show for a live debate #keep talking. >> a fapair of christian artist refuse to make same sex wedding invitations. sp they are accused of violating a law th law. >> we don't force artists to create artistic discretion with risk of jail time. we know other civil liberties are sure to follow. >> every day the cone owners of the brush and anybody studio don't make invitations they face fines and six months in jail.
2:43 am
>> it has been a tough year. carolina panthers. wait until you hear why he benched cam newt ten last knight. >> sirius xm 115 is here with the sunday football highlights and low lights. >> my condolences on the season a. man known for flashiness he didn't dress up enough. now he is getting a dressing down. he didn't wear a tie on the team flight to seattle. did the panthers cut their nose to spite their face? derek anderson intercepted. let's say that set the tone for a painful night for the panthers. thomas recall scored two touchdowns for the seattle seahawks. seahawks roll over the carolina panthers 47-40. panthers declawed losing by 33.
2:44 am
atlanta 4th quarter up 5 points on the falcons. go up front with matt ryan. 28-27 falcons. atlanta says we are going to go for the two point conversion. he earlier returned an interception for a touchdown complete ago most emotional day. playing for the nfl in his home town after he received chemotherapy for hodgkin's lymphoma. afc west atlanta first place tie for campau in the nfc south. >> is there a better image than f football in the snow. in green bay wisconsin to boot. packers keep their playoff hopes alive. could be celebrates the touchdown. do a little snow angel. something about watching football in the snow. >> i am with you.
2:45 am
>> 159 by the fire yesterday. >> baby in one arm beer in the other. >> that's how it is meant to be played. >> local weather man in cleveland. >> he might be regretting something. scott sable from our fox affiliate said he wouldn't shave until the cleveland browns won a game. >> this is what he looked like when the season started. here's what he looks like right now. >> might have to wait until next season. >> i think you have to keep it. it is like a playoff beard in hockey. >> couple of birds nesting in there. >> looks like a lumberjack there. >> check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends. the president elect targeting another company this one in indiana. >> that's correct, heather. good morning to both of you. 10:06 p.m. friday night.
2:46 am
donald trump went to twitter and he said this. rex nord of indiana is moving to new mexico and viciously firing all 300 workers. this is happening all over our country. no more. could lightning strike twice? first carrier then across town organization called direct zord corporation. we have one of the workers here. kyle. he has worked there ten years. he has been on the trump game. he hopes it will save jobs in america. it's a good one. the most infewer rating thing is if they want their buyout money because 300 have been eliminated they have got to train their mexican replacements. >> how humiliating is that? you are going to take my job but i have to train you first to do it. that will be on "mv of in about 10 minutes.
2:47 am
>> stay with us. we will be right took [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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the president-elect donald trump has been meeting with potential secretary of state picks over the past few weeks, including mitt romney and rudy giuliani. his short list got longer as he gets set to meet with four new candidates in the coming days. dana rohrabacher could be a top contender for the spot where, here to weigh in for us evangeline gomez, manager of -- thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, heather. >> i'll start with you. your take on the latest names being tossed around. >> what congressman rohrabacher, if you see what's going on, the phone calls to taiwan, the tweet about china, you start thinking
2:51 am
is trump thinking of doing an about face on the foreign policy we have? is his focus going to be kmien is enemy number one? during the obama administration, you couldn't tell, is it china, is it russia? but here, i'm starting to think and i think others are looking at this, china is going to be the enemy for the u.s. that's going to be his priority, his focus. it causes some concern. remember, republicans were more concerned about russia because of its expansionist ways. it went right into ukraine. it's arms, separatists, crimea. a country that still views itself as some imperial, soviet empire. that's a problem. because we can't just focus on one country and ignore another. if you remember, president-elect trump's rhetoric during the election, he seemed to be very much on the side of russia and
2:52 am
the important thing about congressman rohrabacher is that he has said that he views a policy, he'd like to see a policy whereby india, the united states, japan and russia work together to contain china. >> as i mentioned earlier, the very first thing that the president-elect spoke about when he announced his candidacy was china and trade and his desire to change some of those policies. he also, though, says that he does not say that he's in favor of russia. but he is in favor of negotiating ways to overcome isis. >> sure. well, dana rohrabacher agrees with trump on china and tpp. i don't see him facing off with china or going to war with china. if we were, stock market wouldn't be hitting record highs. china is one of our biggest trading partners. i don't think there will be massive -- dana rohrabacher is
2:53 am
not politically correct and goes to twitter like trump does. he has been outspoken. he's been in congress longer than i've been alive, but never been it elect d in lim in washington. why? he speaks his mind, more aligned with trump and not been where the republican establishment is. they're kind of scared. >> quickly, though, some of the other names on the screen being considered. as you look at there, any that stand out? >> what's being talked about from the folks we're hearing, maybe a compromise, someone who is a noninterventionist or someone hawkish, like bolton or rohrabacher. if romney gets it, somebody noninterventional. trying to do a deputy that offsets the other person. so there's balance. trump doesn't want to be the same type of republican who wants to be overly aggressive on
2:54 am
foreign policy. he wants to be a peace time president that focusing here at home on the economy. >> evangeline, very quickly, because we have to wrap you been, congressman rohrabacher will be on "fox and friends" and talk about these things. he'll talk about some sort of joint leadership between him and bolton. >> well, the phone call that president-elect trump made to taiwan definitely seems like something from the bolton playbook. so it will be interesting to see where this is going to go. there are a lot of names being thrown out. actually, president-elect throws the names out to see how it plays out. >> goes over with people. >> i think we'll know in a week or two. i look forward to seeing other choices. >> we'll know when president-elect trump decides he wants to announce it. thank you both tore joining us. >> clayton? we've freed five terrorists to bring him home. now bowe bergdahl is asking for a small favor.
2:55 am
just a small one. the disgraced army sergeant is asking for a full pardon thanking president obama for rescuing him. should he be for giving? your comments are coming in. obama should check with the six soldiers that died, their families. if they're okay with that. robert on twitter write, no, he's a deserter, a traitor a coward. mary joe says that would be a slap in the face of the families of the soldiers who died looking for him. no he should not receive a pardon. let us know what you think. we'll be right back.
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time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good. police officers handing out cash for good deeds this holiday season. police in wyoming say that anonymous donors contributed enough for them to give out $50 to $100 gifts. the it could be given out for good drivers or people who are down on their luck. >> i've been driving well for years. next, bad. american airlines flight attendants are itching for new uniforms. nearly 2,000 employees are outraged the new uniforms they got are giving them rashes, respiratory problems. american airlines offered determine toe logical testing. finally, the ugly. yes, it's back. the war on christmas in full effect. an atheist group planning to put up billboards with the slogan,
3:00 am
make christmas great again. skip church. the billboards will start popping up on friday. "fox and friends" begins right now. haorning everyone. >> thanks for joining us. bye bye. good morning. it is monday, it's december 5th. i'm ainsley earhardt. terror on the tarmac as a plane packed with people goes in for a landing without any wheels. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear the command evacuation, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> the dramatic moments as those passengers rush to make it out alive. >> okay. meanwhile, america on the verge of starting world war i ii? if you believe the legacy media? they're in full-fledged panic mode over the president-elect's decision to pick up his phone call to say hello, thank you. now colin


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