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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 5, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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make christmas great again. skip church. the billboards will start popping up on friday. "fox and friends" begins right now. haorning everyone. >> thanks for joining us. bye bye. good morning. it is monday, it's december 5th. i'm ainsley earhardt. terror on the tarmac as a plane packed with people goes in for a landing without any wheels. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear the command evacuation, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> the dramatic moments as those passengers rush to make it out alive. >> okay. meanwhile, america on the verge of starting world war i ii? if you believe the legacy media? they're in full-fledged panic mode over the president-elect's decision to pick up his phone call to say hello, thank you. now colin kaepernick can do
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all the things he wants. the dictator-loving quarterback is benched after one of the worst games in nfl history. and he sits. before the game, he kneels. let me ask you to stand up, get dressed because it's monday, time to go shopping, go to work and be a good person. >> get your tree. >> and get your tree if that's what you choose whether from the attic for from the store. "fox and friends" starts now. >> brian, you know how this works. if she mentions something, particularly like getting the tree, that means she got the tree this week. >> absolutely. >> yes. i'm sitting here. >> we were talking earlier because we got the trees too. my wife decorated. i'm in charge of the electricity. if anything goes haywire, it will be the electricity. >> i bought my tree yesterday. it's up now. i just was buying lights on prime. how many should i buy?
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>> amazon prime? >> yes. >> how big is the tree? >> i'm thinking 400. is that enough? >> they say three strings without catching the house on fire. i have five. >> i'll go in the middle. i'll go four. >> i went to a tree farm the day after thanksgiving. i just went down there, chopped down a tree like paul bunyan. i didn't know i could chop one down or give a guy ten bucks to do it. >> i chopped down a tree too. don't tell my neighbor, ed. >> it's a pine. >> time for news. heather joins us now. heather on instagram, i think i saw one of your little boys being lifted to the top of your tree. >> yep. we got it all decorated yesterday. >> i'm going to check it out while you do headlines. >> good morning everybody. hope you had a great weekend. got a tree. two minutes after the hour. couple quick headlines. moments for passengers jers on board a united airline flight as
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the wheels collapse during an emergency landing. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> the failing gear while it flew from houston to mexico. the plane skidded to a halt and an emergency detour to san antonio. 54 passengers and crew members on board. they landed safely. the nightclub described as a house of horrors. we're getting our first look at the man who ran the oakland ghost ship club where at least 33 people died in a horrific fire. exclusive pictures from the daily mail showing derrick al min a checking into a hotel after that it deadly fire. he has a criminal record and was on probation for felony charges receiving stolen property.
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he ignored safety warnings. that his cluttered club was a death trap. officials are going through debris bucket by bucket looking for more victims. of the 33 confirmed dead, 11 have been identified. the standoff at standing rock is over after feds bend to protesters halting the project after months of pushback. the army corps of engineers will look for alternate routes. protesters calling the move a victory. but it's a serious mistake. the company behind the pipeline says it has no plans to reroute that pipeline. the short list for secretary of state getting quite a bit longer. president-elect donald trump set to meet with four candidates in the coming days as transition teams work to find the best person for the job. one of the new contenders, dana rohrabacher will join us at 7:15 to talk about the job. doubling in size for that secretary of state list. interesting. i'll see you soon.
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>> i'm stunned by that news. i thought they had great candidates. >> they do. maybe they haven't found the right one. >> you can keep looking. christian mingle. you might have somebody but don't really sell when you meet them in person. >> donald trump got a call from the president of taiwan. the media is melting down over this. >> take a look at new york times. said how trump's calls to world leaders are upsetting decades of diplomacy. politico goes on and on and on. united states has not recognized taiwan as an independent state since we re-established contact and with china about -- we do sell taiwan arms but the united states does not recognize taiwan which china views as a break away. we want good relations with china, so how dare him pick up the phone and say thank you madam president for wishing me goodwill on my new presidency. >> taiwan is looked at as our
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most vulnerable ally. even though we don't look at them as sun who used to be -- what happened and why did -- we're going to ask governor mike pence who is going to be the vice president. how does he handle this breaking protocol? listen. >> during the course of the transition eight years ago, president obama it's reported spoke to 2 it world leaders. -- 22 world leaders. more than 50. >> i have to tell you, george, it's a little mystifying to me that president obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in taiwan and it's a controversy. >> was this really somebody shooting from the hip who got a call from taiwan who sells $18
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billion worth of weapons and they're a democracy, a region dying for democracy. was it something shooting from the hip. >> random. >> or according to the post on sunday, this was something calculated to send a message to china? in that area? >> two things. bill clinton, he did allow the president of taiwan to come to cornell university in 1995 and speak. george w. bush allowed the president of taiwan to visit the u.s. when he was on his way to other countries. >> sure. >> all donald trump did was take a phone call. >> it is a big deal. because you're supposed to call the secretary of state, john kerry who is in a five-star hotel. >> this is a totally different time. >> how was president-elect -- >> protocol says you call the state department of the current secretary of state. >> president-elect donald trump doesn't always follow protocol. >> we have noticed that. that is why he started tweeting the other night to prove he did
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not need permission to talk to taiwan. he wrote this. did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency making it hard for our companies to compete, heavily tax our products going into their country? the u.s. doesn't tax them. or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so. according to the taiwan central news agency, i got their paper this morning, they say that this was no random phone call. they say one of the founders of the the heritage foundation was crucial in setting up the communication between the two sides. clearly, this is just trying to put china on notice. there's a new sheriff in town, right. >> in the past you haven't been able to crackdown on north korea for the most part during barack obama's first visit to china in 2009, didn't treat him very well. things have changed and it starts now. >> it's going to be very interesting, because john bolton, as the mystery continues
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came to visit out of nowhere. that is a policy that he would agree with. wants to be tougher with china. this guy, chris spalding of harvard university, no doubt about it, says this is a script. we'll see what happens. over the weekend to see donald trump the president-elect double down on it. absolutely, was a shot across the bow. i thought it was interesting to see how many people were panicked. >> in the '70s and the '80s, they acknowledged it was one china policy. beijing and taiwan, one unified country. >> right. they don't -- >> beijing was -- taiwan break away nation. >> so the folks who live there in taiwan, apparently, they've become very prosperous since the '80s. a lot of change there. the taiwanese people want independence and they resent beijing bullying to say it's a one china policy. >> donald trump went on twirt. paul ryan was on 60 minutes last night. if you missed it, here's a
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little bit about talking regarding how the new incoming president doesn't play like the old guys. >> he's basically giving voice to a lot of people who have felt that they were voiceless. he's communicating with people in this country who felt they've not been listened to. he's going to be an unconventional president. we have a great opportunity in front of us to fix problems, produce results and improve people's lives. that's why we're here in the first place. >> i love that. >> he's got the cell phone number. he picks up his own cell phone and they talk 40 minutes about how to get things done. >> he controls the story and reporters in mainstream media hate it. >> that's why he goes to twitter and able to jump through all of this. dick cheney said trump took us to a point where we don't need you, the media, anymore. >> by the way, he's one of the conservatives that quickly jumped on the trump wagon. if he wins, he wins. he's my guy. >> if you had colin kaepernick
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in your fantasy pool, you suffered yesterday, as did he and the 49ers season. >> he had one of the worst days yesterday. he through for five yards in 3 1/2 quarters. he had more sacked yards given up. than actually yards gained. >> four yards passing. loss of 25 yards. >> his team lost by a score of 24-6. he was bin muched before it was done. colin kaepernick took a knee in honor of the black panther founder. a salute to him but not the country. i couldn't be happier that anybody is benched than colin kaepernick. >> the guy who went in, blaine gabbert. >> he's been a long time backup. >> did he do well? >> still lost by a lot. >> one of 11. >> not very good. >> didn't have much of a chance. they brought him in the fourth quarter. >> kaepernick played well over the last four or five games was seemed to be getting better. >> was that rain or snow?
3:12 am
>> it was snowing at my house when i came to work. >> it was snowing this morning here in new jersey. >> you're not benched. >> i'm here on the couch. here's the other thing. that was at soldier field. coming up later on in this program today, we've got a gold star father who is going to join us. he was in attendance yesterday at that. he feels terrible about the fact that colin kaepernick continues to take a knee during the national anthem. >> because it spread to youth football and sports and everywhere. i was talking to my daughter over the weekend. there's two kids in her class that won't stand for the pledge of allegiance. they said colin kaepernick gave them that idea. >> this is in school. >> what grade? >> tenth grade? >> tenth grade. unbelievable. >> special thanks to the quarterback in san francisco. >> it's awful. >> there you go. >> it's 6:12 now in new york city. thank you very much for joining us today. coming up, hundreds of jobs on the line as president-elect
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companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequence he is. not going to happen. not going to happen. >> president-elect donald trump sticking to his word and continuing to fight for jobs here in the united states. this time turning his attention to another company in indiana. he tweeted this at 10:06 p.m. in indiana. rexnord of indiana is moving to mexico. this is happening all over the country. no more. >> rexnord of indiana, he's been asked to train his mexican replacement. he joins us live from indiana. good morning, kyle. >> good morning. >> when you heard that donald trump had saved the jobs at carrier, i know you were elated that such good news for your
3:18 am
fellow indianans. you and 299 fellow employees were going to lose your jobs. how did you feel when you realized he was tweeting about your company? >> i was actually on facebook writing about what i had done earlier that day and the crawler came up and i imagine popped wide open because i stopped on the facebook and went to the crawler and i was ecstatic that he even noticed. i thought, wow. maybe he's listening. >> i understand you were on the trump train from the get-go, weren't you? >> yes. >> why? >> because he's a businessman. he sees things through different eyes than i would say a politician sees it. he reminded me a lot of ross perot when he ran. that he's looking at things through business eyes and sees
3:19 am
things a little bit different than most of washington insiders do. >> so you're hoping that he's able to save your job. but if he doesn't, i know you've told one of our producers that you're 62, your wife has a good job at the v.a. you'll be okay. >> yes. >> but you're worried about other people, aren't you? >> absolutely. absolutely. we've got young workers in there, recently gotten married. they've bought a home, just had a baby or bought a car or a new truck, and they've been blind sided because we were one year into a three-year contract. now, we were not -- we knew what was going on dmoown in monterre. but we were more anticipating it in the second year of the contract than the first. when october rolled around and we got the news, it was devastating. >> kyle, from time to time, donald trump actually has watched this television program. if you had a message to him,
3:20 am
what would you say to him about you and your 300 jobs at your place? >> i appreciate your attention, mr. trump. i only hope that you can do something. if you can't, i understand. because we're small potatoes, there's a lot of companies across this country facing exact same thing that we're going through right now, only they don't get the limelight probably like carrier and now that rexnord has gotten. >> you may be small potatoes, kyle, but to donald trump has made it clear. a job is a job. let's see what happens going forward. >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us p and good luck to you and your family. >> thank you. >> kyle, bee man. of rexnord. straight ahead, rahm emanuel, mayor of one of the most dangerous cities in the world welcoming illegals with open arms, each going to pay their legal fees. details on that coming up next. just in case you've never seen a dog held in a head lock
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glad you're up. quick sports headlines. cam newton benched for the series against the seahawks because he didn't wear a tie on the team flight. they lost big time. the seahawks crushed carolina 40-7. picks off matt ryan. two-point conversion attempt. returns it all the way for the winning score. they win 29-28.
3:25 am
something special going on there. the raiders punter celebrating a roughing penalty by spiking the ref's flag. even the punter's gat aught tud. got a taunting penalty. tiger woods struggles in the final round of the hero world challenge shooting a 76. he finished 15 of 17 in the field. had great tiger moments in the week. i'm glad to have been back. peeking of who is back, ainsley is here. the start of the week. we're hatch i to be back. last month, chicago's mayor, rahm emanuel had this to say to illegal immigrants who lived in his city of chicago. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. you are safe, you are secure and you are supported in the city of chicago. >> well now mayor emanuel is upping the ante and reserving $1 million for tax rebates and setting up a legal fund for
3:26 am
undocumented aliens living in chicago because they might have anxiety and uncertainty following donald trump's win. joining me now is democratic strategist former chief of staff to illinois congressman louise gutierrez and rachel campos-duffy. thank you for joining us. >> louise i'll start with you. why do you think he's doing this. >> let's start with the premise that chicago, like new york city, it's been a sanctuary city. mayor emanuel is doing this because he's a thoughtful mayor and understands that this immigrant community, unlike the president-elect who has not paid taxes. has paid taxes to the tune of 12 billion -- dream eers suspendin executive -- contribute according to cbo, contribute
3:27 am
would help bring the deficit down by $2.2 billion over ten years. this is an economic aspect of this. there's also a safety aspect. it isn't any big city's big interest to have them cooperate with the police without fear of being deported if they witnessed a crime or victims of a crime. like rudy giuliani did as mayor of new york, is thoughtful in his handling of immigrants by making sure, making sure -- as rudy giuliani said, dealing with them in a way that's not harsh and is efficient. >> rachel, your response? >> donald trump promised to secure the border and deport the illegal felons among the chicago residents. the idea of deporting felons is very popular with hispanics. even those that are undocumented. they're often the victims of these felons because they know that it's going to be hard for them to go to the police.
3:28 am
so this is a policy popular with them. if you've come to this country to work and for opportunity, you don't want to be conflated with criminals. rahm emanuel intentionally is stoking fear among the undocumented -- let me tell you why he's doing it. because he has actually no intention of doing anything to resolve immigration, which he knows will get done if donald trump secures the border. he's doing that because he knows that if you take immigration off the table, hispanics look a lot -- >> ladies, this is my thought. when i read the story this morning, i thought, listen, that's a lot of money. a million dollars. taxpayer money. this isn't a city. they had 700 homicides this year. that's more homicides this year than l.a. and new york combined. shouldn't that million dollars be going to pay for more law enforcement, more police officers. that would promote jobs and
3:29 am
safety. jennice, i'm sure you're aware that million comes from a pot of $20 million -- >> that would be wise. >> rarachel, i love you and you know that we are friends but in this case you're wrong. this makes the community safer. as mayor giuliani, i'm quoting him, because i know you like and respect him. respect mayor emanuel when -- [ overlapping talking ]. >> the bottom line -- rachel, quickly. >> if you're an undocumented immigrant in chicago, you want the criminal felons kicked out of our country. >> of course. >> so he should be working with donald trump and the feds to get rid of those felons. not giving them a criminal defense fund. >> it doesn't matter. [ overlapping talking ].
3:30 am
>> thank you, ladies. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. have a great day. we have a fox news alert. just breaking just moments ago. president-elect donald trump giving a thumbs up to a new member of his cabinet. who he just hired. viewers of this show know him very well. stick around. we'll have that for you. it is one of the most incredible sights that you will see this holiday season. dozens of voices bringing this massive christmas tree to live. todd starnes is here to explain that next. i have asthma...
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at fox news alert. before thanksgiving we had heard that dr. ben carson was considering a job in the donald trump administration. and the news this morning is that he has prayed over it and he has decided yes, he will work for the soon to be former real estate developer.
3:34 am
>> well, this job, you try to use government to help urban development and he has said that he wants to be a representative of the urban community. he has complained about president obama not doing a good job when it comes to making the urban community, i guess, stronger, better. so maybe he'll have an opportunity do that. >> two people who have made the most of this opportunity for their own careers. jack kennedy made a huge impact from both sides of the aisle and andrew cuomo. kind of rescued his career after he failed miserably as lieutenant governor and the comment he made about governor pataki. he served with bill clinton. if you're good and know what you're doing and want to make a difference and you know how to make a difference, this could be part of a vital part of the trump agenda. that is revitalizing the inner city. dr. ben carson accepted donald trump's invitation to be housing
3:35 am
urban and development secretary. will he be approved by congress? stay tuned. >> donald trump said last week that most of the positions will be filled this week. on to another fox news alert. the a house of horrors, the chilling words describing the scene of a deadly warehouse fire in california where at least 30 people were killed. >> rescue crews are searching through all of that debris bucket by bucket as dozens of families are praying for a miracle. >> we're live in oakland, california. the first moments as the story broke with new information on the investigation. claudia, is it still too early for today? >> well, the investigation is ongoing. we do have some information regarding the fire that took place at the warehouse. you can see it over my right shoulder. authorities are searched about 35 to 40% of it. there's a lot more work to do here. seven families have been notified that their loved ones perished in friday night's fire. their names and photos being
3:36 am
released. the dead include teenagers, artists and the son of a local sheriff's deputy. many more people remain unaccounted more. dan vega is frantic about his missing brother. >> i'm very frantic. i want to go over there. i don't understand what we're doing here. i want to go over there and i want to -- my brother is in there. i want to find him. i just want to find my brother. i don't know where he is. >> reporter: first responders taking their time as they carefully recover victims in a way that shows respect and preserves evidence. >> we are literally going bucketful by bucketful. we find a victim, we have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation. we literally go one by one, piece by piece through there. >> reporter: investigators are searching for signs of a crime in the fire that killed at least 33 people at a dance party that did not have a city permit in a
3:37 am
place that may have been an illegal home for dozens of people. pictures show the warehouse was packed with art, furniture and rugs, all of it fuel for friday night's inferno. survivors say the rooms were laid out like a maze. the man who ran this place, 46-year-old derrick ion al min a has a criminal record and on probation for felony charges of receiving stolen property. neighbors say they had repeatedly told him that the place was a death trap. he reportedly laughed off such warnings. city officials are taking all of this into account as they proceed with their ongoing investigation. now the focus is on retrieving and identifying the rick timts and supporting many, many grieving and anguished families. >> claudia cowan, thank you, from oakland, california. >> that's terrible. meanwhile here in the northeast, janice dean knows
3:38 am
about the terrible weather for sure. >> kind of a mixture out here of rain and sleet and snow. steve doocy was talking about snow in new jersey earlier this morning. going to be a tricky ride across the northeast. we also have a system moving across the gulf coast and the southeast that's going to bring much-needed rain to the southeast as well as severe weather, including tornadoes later on this afternoon. places like louisiana, mississippi, alabama and georgia, as well as the florida panhandle need to be on the alert. for not only tornadoes but strong winds, damaging hail as well as heavy rainfall in the forecast and the potential for isolated tornadoes. now, we have the coldest air this season in alaska in western canada that's going to arrive this week. the coldest air we've felt so far. see that pink on the map. that's below zero. it's moving in in week. thursday, we'll see the coldest air of the season for millions of people. winter hash tag is here. back inside to ainsley, steve and brian. >> that's not a polar vortex.
3:39 am
that's just winter, right? >> people will try to make it into the polar vortex. but we've been experiencing it for centuries. >> great. thank you very much. >> christmas music on the radio stations. the trees are up. >> speaking of christmas. >> it's a great time also, this is the time for moisturizer. >> true. >> you don't want skin cracking. >> you need cream. >> is there a difference? >> it's thicker. >> the holiday season is in full swing. we have just the thing to put you in a festive mood, brian. >> for example, fox news' radio todd starnes will be back with his two-hour all-american christmas special. >> what can we expect from the celebrity packed program? todd starnes joins us from memphis, tennessee. todd, welcome back. tell us a little bit about your annual bellevue baptist church shindig, the big christmas wing ding that's planned. is it a day after tomorrow
3:40 am
you're doing the taping? >> that's right, steve. tomorrow, tuesday, we will actually tape the show in front of a huge audience and folks can come out at 6:30 is the taping time, central. it's going to be a great show. we have some incredible music acts, jason crabbe is going to be with us, meredith andrews and the hayes family. ainsley's neighbors in the carolinas. we have this massive singing christmas tree, guys, that makes the rockefeller tree look like a charlie brown reject. this is 44 feet tau and they decorate it with human beings. >> todd, how do we go to see it? do we use your name at the door? >> that's right, brian. todd we have all the information. we have a special treat for you. we have a snack food sponsoring our show. it's the best pork riens. >> we're bringing them back. >> they're delicious.
3:41 am
>> you'll be taping it tomorrow night in memphis. when when will it air? >> see, this is going to air on hundreds of fox news radio stations around the country on christmas eve and christmas day. we're also going to broadcast the hd version on fox so folks will be able to watch a totally different program. it's going to be a lot of fun. it's family friendly. we do have a warning, though. this show might cause micro aggressions, because we believe jesus is the reason for the season and we're going to celebrate accordingly. >> all right. get ready. we have the best fans. people will be there. we're going to show up for the book signing. we had so many people. you want people there, they're coming, todd. i promise. what's your website again? >> they love you, ainsley. >> thank you. >> todd good deal. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> thanks, guys. merry christmas. let me tell you what's coming up. the coverage to discredit
3:42 am
president-elect trump with christiane amanpour leading the charge. the next guest says she's the problem. how about jewelry that regularly goes for $108, it's now only $20. >> that's a steal. >> the exclusive deals just for you. the "fox and friends" viewers. coming up. why pause a spontaneous moment?
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. . . . . time now on this monday morning for a quick look at your headlines. first up, there's no rest in peace for cuba's former communist fidel castro. a jeep carrying his ashes broke down during his funeral procession. soldiers then pushed the jeep to castro's final resting place. his ashes were eventually placed in a massive boulder with a
3:46 am
plaque that simply read fidel. check this out. an australian man rushes to help a dog being held in a head lock by a kangaroo. apparently it is commonplace there. he says tongue in cheek. the man is able to help the dog get away before going all rocky on the kangaroo. punching the kangaroo in the snoz. >> he's a virtual fighter. >> lead with the right. cnn's christian amanpour ramping up rhetoric saying she could be thrown in jail for talking about the real donald trump. >> never could i imagine myself on the stage reappealing for the safety of the american press. i base that on obviously donald trump's rhetoric against the press calling us dishonest,
3:47 am
despicable and all sorts of other epithets. i have covered enough of my colleagues who ended up, as i put it, in cages in kangaroo court in cairo or moscow on trial for being incited or sympathizers or out-and-out flat-out terrorists. i feel i have to stand up for my own tribe in the united states. >> i think she's got the whole thing in perfect proportion. we have opinion editor kelly rydell. what she's talking about? >> if this isn't hyperbole, just ramping up rhetoric that is just undeserved and under wheming. christie an amanpour should be re -- it's journalism is at an all-time low. 7 in 10 americans mistrust the media. this is in comparison to after watergate in the '70s where 72% of americans trusted the media.
3:48 am
she needs to have self-reflection on why americans mistrust the media. it's because of statements she made in the previous clip. she has said on twitter and in repeated interviews that she -- that neutrality doesn't matter to her, only truthfulness matter to her. her truth is more important to her than other people's truth is. >> the dishonest media, they will boo. i hardly equate that to putting journalists in jail and being charged as terrorists. >> where she gave her speech was at the committee to protect journalists. this is about international journalists going on the war zone, putting their lives on the lines to report the truth. this is very admirable. since 2001, there were -- last year the number doubled. this is a real concern. oversea this is war zones, that is nothing like reporting from u.s. and being put in maybe a
3:49 am
press cage at a donald trump rally. remember what hillary clinton did in new hampshire, she had the press on a rope. was that abuse? i don't know. >> if you add to that, there are some things going on with journalists in the past where they're maybe not treating donald trump fairly and smugly and they -- you saw some of them in tears when he won, he's going into headwinds and donald trump is the type of person that wants to be the aggressor in that situation. >> yeah. i mean, when you have amanpour, remember when hillary clinton passed out at the 9/11 -- she basically went on cnn the next day and said it was sexism and said this is an example of an overqualified woman trying a hundred times harder than an underqualified man. that sums up exactly how she felt about this presidential race. she was probably crying the night that donald trump won the election. >> now we know why we booked you kelly. you're fired up on this. appreciate you joining us this morning. kelly rid dell. i have christmas shopping to
3:50 am
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3:57 am
one. >> yep. and what happens when you refuse to shave until the cleveland browns win? well, they are winless and he's shaveless. that story coming your way. although i think we just told it. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. good morning to you. it's december 5th. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with a fox news alert. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear the command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> terror on the runway as a plane packed with people goes in for a landing nose down. look at that. >> that's not good. meanwhile breaking moments ago, president-elect donald trump giving the thumbs up to a new member of his cabinet who just got hired. here's a hint, he's a former campaign rival. we're going to tell you who it is and the big job coming up. jill stein one of the
4:01 am
presidential candidates you didn't vote for. an unprecedented recount, it's taken a big turn. donald trump won even more votes than were counted. mornings are better with friends. get dressed. that means you. ♪ >> there i am in the home depot parking lot on saturday morning lifting my eight-foot fraser fir. we have a live tree and a family tree and that tree in the front hall when is prewired. >> right, with honest abe back there. >> i did a little pink tree in hayden's bedroom. >> i provide the muscle. mrs. doocy on the great
4:02 am
decorating. the tree was heavier than last year. >> you don't like decorating the tree? >> my wife is in charge and i do the electricity. >> when you say get dressed, i'm actually getting dressed. i got an email to the show. i'm questioning whether i should read it. from melvin. brian, i'm a skinny 77-year-old man who does the twist nude in front of the tv every morning just for you. merry christmas. >> melvin. i love him. he's so fun. >> i'm a little uncomfortable. >> here's the thing melvin needs to know, a lot of the samsung televisions actually have a camera in them. >> oh, wow. >> did melvin send you a picture? here's the melvin that picture sent. >> we're going to your house. >> obviously, melvin is not
4:03 am
listening. he doesn't even try to get dressed. >> that's an image. we start with a fox news alert. we love our "fox & friends" viewers. good morning, good morning to all of you, starting out with a fox news alert. tense moments for passengers on board a united airlines flight as the wheels collapse during emergency landing. watch this. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear the command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> the crew getting an announcement after getting a warning about the failing gear that plane was flying from houston to mexico, the plane skidding to a halt. everyone was able to get out safely. another alert. his night club is described as a house of horrors and we're getting a look at the man who
4:04 am
ran the oakland ghost ship. derek elmina checking into a hotel after that blaze that killed 33 people so far. right now, we know he has a criminal record and was on probation of felony charges of receiving stolen property. a friend describes him as extremely arrogant. saying he ignored warnings that his cluttered club was a death trap. he's also the source of more outrage today after a facebook post in which he appears to mourn the furniture that he lost in the fire. officials are going through the all the debris searching for more victims and clues. so far, just 11 have been identified. >> hours from now, election officials in michigan will be recounting the ballots. the recount must start at noon today. president-elect donald trump calling the challenge spearheaded by jill stein a scam. but wisconsin's recount is back
4:05 am
firing. president trump getting more counts now than he did on election night. love of the game, scott sable said he would not shave until the browns win. this is what he looked like at the start of the season. his beard kept growing and growing and the browns getting losing. they are 0-12 . he looks like a brunette santa claus there. >> kind of. ho, ho, ho! >> one of the most exciting things to happen since the election and we never thought it was going to be this interesting because it's usually a closed door process and we have an open elevator process. the naming of the trump team. expanded by one to a very familiar face. it was just announced in the last half hour that we could put another face on the board and that is of dr. ben carson.
4:06 am
he has been nominated to be the secretary of the department of housing and urban development, which historically has had problems so maybe it will take a brain surgeon to actually fix it. >> people will say what does he know about housing and urban development. i was looking up the duties are. oversee home ownership, homelessness and aid for distressed neighborhoods. he has a heart for other people. we know. he's a very strong christian, maybe he can go in and help the needy people of our country. >> here's the thing about dr. ben carson. he's got a lot of common sense. he's going to go into this situation. he's going to use common sense to try to figure out how to use those government funds effectively to get as many people a benefit as is deserved. >> donald trump said in a statement i'm thrilled to nominate ben carson, he's a brilliant mind and passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities. >> along with naming the trump
4:07 am
team has been his interact with world leaders as well as lawmakers as he's said to get his agenda in place. the latest was a call that he received from the taiwanese president, something that's not been done since 1979. evidently, the deal that nixon and kissinger cut we will give them arms but we will not acknowledge them. red china is the china. china considers them a break away province which is part of china. >> this is a great thing. we're going to open dialogue. if you read the headlines, mainstream media, totally different story. >> their hair is on fire. >> here's some of them. how trump's kawleds to world leaders are upsetting decades of diplomacy. politico, bull in a china shop, trump risks diplomatic blow-up
4:08 am
in asia. did trump just cause a diplomatic crisis over taiwan? and cnn, show down after call with taiwan. >> i see this last night. donald trump is not letting us it die. did china ask if it's okay to devalue their currency, making it hard for our companies to compete, heavily tax our products, going into their country, the u.s. doesn't tax them, or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so. >> this is good. this is dialogue. ipd -- i wanted to read the history there. apparently, the taiwanese people have become a lot more prosperous since the 70s and 80s when we had that deal that china and taiwan agree on a one china
4:09 am
policy. now the taiwanese people are saying we want our independence and they resent beijing's bullying. there's an adviser to donald trump, his name is peter navarro. he wants to end the u.s. acknowledgment that china and taiwan is one china policy. >> it's risky. they are an emerging power very sensitive. they were a member of the ep 3 plane that was forced down. >> they tax american goods. we don't tax their goods. >> this is an overall look at our relationship with china. >> our relationship with china has not been very good. think about it. china over the last eight years has not been very helpful when it has come to north korea. when we got trouble with north korea, we call up china, what do they do? nothing. >> it's more against beijing than taiwan. taiwan wants to break away from that communist regime. >> that is why everybody is going oh, he broke diplomatic
4:10 am
protocol by picking up the phone from somebody who simply called him and said congratulations. keep in mind this is the woman who was first woman elected in taiwan. she's history herself. kellyanne conway is calling out the media bias. the media are out to destroy donald trump. they were before the election. now that he's president-elect, they don't get it. they don't get that he won the electoral college. here's chuck todd yesterday with kellyanne conway who was smart enough to go on the show and just throw it back in his face because he got it wrong. >> kellyanne are you being a sore winner? you've done this a few times. your own twitter biojust simply says we won, drop the mike. people look at what you've said and what others have said and including the president-elect at his rally in cincinnati and say, team trump, they can't seem to accept winning, that they haven't been gracious in victory? what do you say to that? >> chuck, i'm going to hit back
4:11 am
on that. i'm incredibly gracious, humble person. let me tell you something. every single media outlet, including this one, on good days ignored us on regular days mocked us, and we're the ones who understood america and the idea that we're going to talk about the popular vote i think answers your questions about sore losers. >> and part of the meltdown was at that harvard meeting when they were supposed to analyze clinically what one right and wrong for both camps and robby mook says it was the james comey left. wait a second, it was white supremaci supremacist. >> it turns out they had to be defensive with what they did, accomplished, she came back did you ever look at your candidate and maybe that was the problem. >> i think what most people are mad about too on the other side and mainstream media is that he's using twitter as an outlet. so he's not answering reporters questions. >> leap frogging us. >> and look what he did the other day when he spoke at the
4:12 am
thank you rally. we all interviewed him, the media interviewed him, two of us from fox interviewed him, sean and i did, he goes out on stage and breaks the news that he's -- what was the news -- >> general mattis. he didn't tell us that. so he's going around the media and breaking news on twitter for himself. >> you say through your teeth, you would have loved to have gotten that information but the people come before the media. >> donald trump has been thinking about how to run for president for years. he has figured a way to go directly to the people and dick cheney former vice president was on cnn and he's got some bad news for the mainstream media. listen to this. >> i think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it's sort of a way around the press. he doesn't have to rely upon. [ [ laughter ] >> rely upon -- modern era, modern technology, he's at the
4:13 am
point where we don't you guys anymore. [ laughter ] >> he's right. >> but it's also not that he tweets, but some of these tweets are inflam tory. they actually create a lot of news. >> so what. >> people have to ask themselves if they want a president doing that. when he goes to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, should he still be doing that? >> why not. bully pulpit. >> the point is this is not conventional. nothing we've ever seen before. >> i'm not sure. we're still up in the air on that. >> what do you think about his tweeting? are you okay with it? email us at "fox & friends" or tweet us. the next secretary of state has to be a strong leader, right? once of the new names in the mix once arm wrestled vladimir putin. california congressman dana rohrabacher joins us. and colin kaepernick can do all
4:14 am
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the next secretary of state
4:18 am
will have to be a strong leader, right. one of the new names in the mix one arm wrestled vladimir putin. depressman dana roar backer joins us good morning to you. >> i guess it is a morning somewhere. >> it's good to have you. there's an item in the "washington examiner." the headline is romney fading and it says you will be secretary of state and john bolton would be your deputy secretary of state. what can you tell us what's going on regarding you perhaps as our next top diplomat? >> well, john bolton is a very good friend and i agree with him in most things. i have certain areas where we disagree and it happens to be in those only areas where we disagree. i agree very heavily with the president and our
4:19 am
president-elect, especially in trying to establish a positive relationship with russia in order to defeat radical islam and some my other colleagues found that impossible to do. they sound like -- it feels like they want to get back to the cold war with such hostility, well, now we need -- during the cold war, we were up against the soviet union, not russia. russia and the people of russia are good people and they have a chance to work with them to defeat this evil that threatens the planet right now, and john bolton is certainly willing to work with me on that and work with the president and i think we can accomplish a lot. >> congressman what do you make of donald trump picking up the phone, the president of taiwan saying congratulations? >> i think it's terrific and
4:20 am
this is again, will demonstrate that by not just paying attention to the norms -- he didn't violate any treaties by doing that, by doing that and picking up the phone and for the first time having a conversation with the elected president of taiwan, he showed the dictators in beijing that he's not a pushover. these people -- you got to remember -- china has had an enormously aggressive foreign policy and by him actually going to taiwan, he's showing the people in beijing that they cannot have this aggressive foreign policy and expect to be treated just the same by an american president. so i think it was a terrific message to them. we're no longer going to be push-overs. >> good. >> and there's going to be consequences for their hostile and aggressive actions. >> i think that's the mechanism donald trump -- message donald trump is going for. congressman, thank you so much for being with us so early today
4:21 am
on "fox & friends." thank you, sir. thank you. thank you. i think his audio dropped out there. tis the season for fakes everything from online deals to apps often too good to be true. how good are you at spotting them? we'll help next. ♪ ♪ with advil, you'll ask
4:22 am
what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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4:24 am
time for your news by the numbers. 59, that's how many terrorists remain in gitmo after the administration has let another one go over the week. next, 201 after yesterday's game that's how many wins tom brady has surpassing peyton manning as the winningest quarterback in history. and $1,000, that's how much one
4:25 am
lady is charging for christmas trees on a street corner in new york. she claims they are exotic. >> no. no. the christmas season has officially begun and so has the season for scamming. we're kicking off our don't get scammed this morning. here with me is consumer advocate and author elizabeth leany. let's start with some of the apps you need to watch out for. what are they? >> we're talking about fakism phone apps believe it or not. that iphone store used to be so secure but "the new york times" just found hundreds of fake apps in the iphone app store. some were free games, some were fake sites that claim to be for retailers like dollar tree and nordstrom. worst-case scenario, they could still your -- steal your credit card number or even your
4:26 am
identity. >> how do you know if it's legit? >> well, you should be looking for misspellings in the name of the app, the description of the app, because many of them they think do come from china. you could also checked the publish date and if they are very new that is a bad sign that they are probably fake. also look for reviews. real apps should have thousands of reviews. the fake will either have none or they will have complaints that they are fake. >> sometimes you don't notice it. we just showed some examples. foot locker, it was missing an "r." at first glance, it looks like the logo and you click it. just be careful. what about fake websites? >> moving from mobile on to your computer, the bad guys actually create incredibly websites that look like they are for popular brands or stores and here's the tip-off to the rip-off, they usually have merchandise that's really hot this holiday season but at ridiculously low prices. so the first thing to look for here and be aware of is they are
4:27 am
selling some michael kors purse for $79 when it's $900 everywhere else on the internet, get real people. it's a fake. >> what about fake friends? what is this about? >> we're talking facebook here. we're used to forwarding things from facebook, from people we know or barely we know, frankly, our facebook friends and that's how this scam proceed live rated. it is called the secret sister gift exchange and you are asked to send somebody a $10 gift and supposedly you will get multiple gifts in exchange. guess what, honey, you are not getting any gift and participating in gift exchanges like this is actually illegal, so technically you could be prosecuted. >> whoa. good to know. >> what about the fake emails? >> okay. so these are those emails you get claiming that there's a problem with your order or with your shipment, and they are usually supposedly from fedex or
4:28 am
amazon or something like that and the problem is they are really easy to fall for this time of year because so many of us are expecting shipments or sending things to loved ones. so you really need to keep an eye out very closely and the real key is don't click on any links because guess what, if you click on a link in these emails, whoa, they will actually activate malware that freezes your computer, blocks your access to your own files and the bad guys demand a ransom to let you back in. >> oh, my gosh, call the company. make the phone call, ask them if you have any questions. what about fake charities? a lot of people give for tax breaks and because it's christmastime. >> we want people to be generous but there are a lot of copy cat charities that will actually -- the bad guys will use, one name slightly different from a very popular good charity that's doing great things in the world, so be the hunter, not the hunted. don't give money to people who
4:29 am
come after you. do your research at a website like and donate to charities that you seek out. >> thank you, elizabeth. you are awesome. so many great tips. thank you. tune in tomorrow for day two of our don't get scameds series as well. national anthem protester colin kaepernick can do all the sitting that he wants. he is finally benched. and we're going to take you on the hunt for one of the most elusive urban legends of our generation. >> big foot, the loch ness monster, all rarely seen and shrouded in mystery, tonight, we're in the woods for west chester county to search for the most elusive legend of all, hillary rodham clinton. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
4:30 am
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and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. >> big foot, the loch ness
4:33 am
monster and tonight we're searching for the most elusive legend of all, hillary rodham clinton. this is the hunt for hill. a search begins in the woods of chappaqua where hillary clinton has been sited by a bunch of white people. so you've seen hillary clinton? >> i have. i was in my kitchen washing pans when i saw something moving through the woods. it was blond. about 5' 6". it seemed like it wanted some time to itself so i immediately started running after it. >> so i decided to try to communicate with her. >> oh, oh, oh. >> what are you doing? >> shhh. >> oh, oh, oh. >> you are not going to work. >> just hold on. >> ha, h-a, ha.
4:34 am
>> ha, ha. >> wait. let me get this straight. hillary clinton is now being equated to big foot. >> yes. because she was running through the woods. all these pictures of her in the woods. i think it's so funny. >> it's the only time we ever see her is in the woods these days. >> somebody did a side-by-side comparison and look at photographs over the years, apparently she's been wearing a patagonia sweater vest thing that she's worn for decades. >> colin kaepernick had a really bad game on sunday. my heart goes out to him. they have won victory on the year. he goes to chicago yesterday and got benched in the fourth quarter. why? one completion for five yards minus 21 overall. one of the worst passing ratings you could possibly have. word is he wants to opt out of
4:35 am
his contract at the end of the year. >> good. well, look after yesterday, four yards passing, five sacks for a loss of 25 yards. that happened at soldier field. coming up in the next hour, we're going to have a goldstar father, part of the police officers and vets who teamed up to protest yesterday. we asked you what you thought and our email and twitter machine lit up. >> this is what paul said. his career is going down faster than his knee does when he hears the national anthem. >> renee came out and said this. i wonder if his teammates are really proething him or were letting a few of those line backers through as their own protest? i don't think so. >> stick a fork in him, he's done. you want to sit during the national anthem, sit during the game too. karma baby. >> he's going to have a hard time getting a job. people don't want the distraction. not that he doesn't have any talent. every reporter is going to ask
4:36 am
every player what does it feel like to play with colin kaeperni kaepernick. this is a major distraction. >> some coaches let me give you a chance. his is a huge distraction. >> tebow for positive reasons was a distraction. i don't want to bring that into my locker room because it becomes a distraction, remember what he got for a backup quarterback. he took a knee before the game because he was giving -- paying homage to the illinois black panther leader who was killed inspect 1969. his heart goes down to a black panther leader. >> what about paying homage to the thousands who have died for this country in the military. >> if you are not going to stand for the national anthem, stay in the locker room. >> you have to negotiate it in.
4:37 am
you can't open up negotiations on this point right now. >> next time they have a meeting, i would bring it up, because so many people are really have opinions on both sides of this. >> i agree, steve. i think it has everything to do why the ratings are down. i can't tell you how many people who say we'll watch another game. >> i know a lot of people. what do you think, the twitter machine is still open? email us at "fox & friends." good morning. >> switch over to college football. it's so much cleaner than the nfl. >> there's no corruption in college football. >> brian, stop! >> good morning. hope you are off to a good day. the city of chicago, creating a $1 million slush fund for illegal immigrants living in what some call anxiety and uncertainty over president-elect trump's win. guess who is footing the bill for this? taxpayers. the mayor is opposing trump's plan. he's set up a fund to protect
4:38 am
those illegals and protect them in the united states. some say he's doing this for his own political career. >> he's come to this country for work and opportunity. you don't want to be conflated with criminals. this is rahm emanuel intentionally stoking fear amongst the immigrant, undocumented community, for political gain. >> about 150,000 illegals live in the city of chicago. the war on christmas in full effect once again. an atheist group putting up anti christian billboards around here. make christmas great again, skip church. obviously a play on president-elect trump's campaign slogan. another one, a text message. look at this right here. atheist christmas, the more, the merrier. a teenager saying i don't believe in that. what do you think about that? over 100 years of tradition no longer deemed appropriate? thousands of performers in this
4:39 am
year's philadelphia mummers parade forced to go through sensitivity training. the city of philadelphia making sure it doesn't offend anyone in its annual celebration. it's the oldest folk festival in the united states. it sparked a lot of controversy last year after pictures were taken like this, some dressing as tacos and painting their faces brown. reindeer gone rogue. domino's japan firing its reindeer delivery drivers, after they showed they are not interested in delivering anything other than gifts. the company is opting are for these reindeer scooters. those are kind of cute. >> i think the scooter is going to get there faster than the actual reindeer. half an hour. 30 minutes or its free. just saying. >> thank you, heather. the south is bracing for
4:40 am
more flooding, more rain today, it's already caused damage across the region. >> a massive sink hole in san antonio. one person is missing after a car went in. >> janice dean is tracking it all. we woke up in the northeast. a little rain and snow. it's winter. >> it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. let's look at the map. we did have a mixture of rain and snow. we had some snow in new jersey and that is moving off shore and we've got a little bit of rain in and around the manhattan area. we were talking about the flooding rainfall across texas and the gulf coast in toward the southeast, that is going to be ongoing today and the risk of flash flooding. we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect all along the goalkeeper, across texas, mississippi, louisiana, alabama, and georgia and the florida panhandle. we had a lot of wild fires this past few weeks, this past month,
4:41 am
so that will help firefighters, but it could cause some flash flooding and the other big story is the coldist air of the season is arriving this week with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average as far south as the goalkeeper. so that's going -- gulf coast. so that's going to be. >>. >> a little gift from canada just like yourself. >> it is the christmas season. janice, heather and i, we're going to red and green and winter white and we're going to throw in blue. >> i would like to wear an ugly christmas sweater every single day of the month if that's possible. >> do what you want to do. >> and christmas ties every day. christmas ties or hanukkah ties. meanwhile, pardon me, mr. president, bowe bergdahl wants a
4:42 am
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4:46 am
afghanistan. here with us is his platoon leader. sergeant, how do you feel about this latest plea? >> i think it's a desperate attempt by him and his team because they don't have a defense and they don't have a leg to stand on. >> i can understand that, and you've been on before talking about it, so have some of your platoon mates. however, what do you say about the argument that after spending five and a half years as a prisoner in pakistan that should be enough? >> well, the bottom line is he has to be accountable for his actions. it's nobody's fault but his that he was put in that position so he has nobody to blame but himself and it's unfortunate that he was a prisoner nor five years, but it's his own fault. >> and right now he and his team, legal team, are down about his chances of getting out because donald trump said this in the past. >> he was a dirty rotten deserter and we lost five and
4:47 am
maybe six young great brilliant wonderful people trying to bring him back. they were killed, right? so he deserts. now, 60 years ago, they would have been shot within a very short period of time, right? >> i remember one s.e.a.l. team six account and they are talking about going on the hunt for bergdahl and their commanding officer getting shot looking for him, and the question is whether he can receive a fair trial given the beating he has taken from by mr. trump. >> he was never in his chain of command. he has no say or ruling over the trial. i believe we should let the military be professionals who conduct themselves in professional manner and hold the trial because in his opinion
4:48 am
isn't going to affect it any more than my opinion or anyone else. >> sergeant, "the new york times" essentially calling you and your platoon mates are liars. he said -- they said the allegations have proved false. your reaction. >> i think everyone in the military and everyone i know knows that people are seriously hurt and killed because of bergdahl's actions and as the trial gets under way and it will call come to the attention of everyone. >> i think so. sergeant, thank so much -- by the way, just quick question about you. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> you making adjustment? >> oh, yeah. >> great. sergeant, thanks so much for your time and your service. >> thank you. >> all right. bowe bergdahl is going to be popping back in the news a lot. straight ahead, go big for
4:49 am
christmas without the big credit cards. these play sets can set you back almost $100. look what's happening here. we're going to get a break because you are viewers of "fox & friends." megan meany is now. psh psh
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it's your money. let's make a deal. we're talking megamorning deals, exclusive products you'll only find on "fox & friends" deals. anything they order today they will get in time for christmas. >> yes. guaranteed. that's why i'm here. nice and early. don't forget to look for the megamorning deals icon on the "fox & friends" website. >> it's cold outside. >> not anymore, not if you get the cashmere scarves. these are usually $150.
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look at all these great colors. who doesn't want a cashmere scarf. they are not too big for a guy. you have your overcoat on, you are fine. the girls can wrap them up closer to the neck. $35. c. me cashmere scarves. >> a lot of guys golf. they would love to have these gps watches from callaway. >> what it does it helps you to have a more precise play. it measures the distance from the green to where you are. 30,000 courses preprogrammed into this game. >> how much is that? >> today it's only $99 from callaway and it's totally stylish. you can sync it to your phone and get text messages and alerts. it's sporty and stylish. >> can't beat that. >> you line it up. whatever you do in golf. i don't know. >> listen, you can use your
4:54 am
smart phone, but then the smart phone is dead unless you have one of those. >> it's not so smart when your phone dies. poor planning. but if you have the mota battery charging case. this is your phone case at all times. you charge your phone at home, you leave, you run around all day, your battery is dying, you pop that on and you get a whole extra charge while you are out and on the go. this goes up to $99. kae today, for you, and your friends at christmas time, $25 to $49. that's a huge savings of 45%. >> we're not turning on the drone here, last time we had a drone in the studio it ended badly for our stage manager. >> if they could have seen you before the segment started. >> he was playing like these like a child. very exciting. they are drones and they come in camo. they have cameras on them. video recorders, photo cameras. they glow in the dark and they are all remote control.
4:55 am
they go from $69 up to $249 usually but today only $29-89. 70% off. drones are the hottest gifts. my boys love them. and look, it looks like my new york kitchen. >> this is about the size of a new york kitchen. >> this is the size. >> it's a play set. >> kids are going to love this. can you hear the stove turning on? it's got authentic clicking sounds. he's dropping things. he doesn't cook much. he has a hamburger. >> in the store, these are a fortune. >> they are. they are only $29. they typically can go all the way up to 119. there's cash registers, tool set. a work bench. kids are going to love this stuff. it's all there in time for christmas.
4:56 am
>> go to our website fox and >> merry christmas. >> thank you very much. i love that. thank you, megan. straight ahead, gentlemen, can you make a little room in there? the list of potential secretary of state candidates got a whole lot bigger. it's more than those four guys. newt gingrich is here to weigh in on that next. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am.
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my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european.
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5:00 am
behind. >> can you imagine how scared you would be if you heard that? passengers were panicking as the pilot was warning them to prepare for the worst. >> prepare for impact. >> meanwhile, he's hired. president-elect donald trump making an early morning announcement today so who is going to join his cabinet? if you watched this show, it's somebody you know. >> that riemed too. >> absolutely. everybody knows it rhymed. thanks, ainsley. they lost the election in epic fashion but nancy pelosi knows what democrats want. >> people don't want a new direction and i'm more optimistic about the strength of the democratic party. >> really? all right. >> i think a lot of republicans smiled when they heard that. when things going the same way, we won doer what will happen with the democratic party. let me remind you your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. >> welcome aboard, folks.
5:01 am
it is december 5th. and we've already had a little of taste of snow here in new york city. they lit the christmas tree. we're ready. >> last night we were on park avenue, shut down the entire street, up in the 80s and 90s. everyone was in the middle of park avenue. in honor of the soldiers from world war ii. it starts up at the church on 91st. so beautiful. we were singing christmas carols in the middle of new york city. in the middle of park avenue. this is so exciting and so beautiful. i was with my daughter and my husband. it was awesome. >> i wish as americans we could get our shopping done early and enjoy the season without as much traffic. >> one day at a time. >> support your local retailers, please, wherever you live.
5:02 am
>> and amazon. >> 2 minutes after the top of the hour and heather joins us with a fox news alert. >> good morning, everybody. we start with that alert right now. we're getting a first look at a united airlines plane as it takes a nose dive into the run wark after its landing gear snaps off. the sparks fly as the plane skids to a stop in san antonio. the pilot telling terrified passengers to prepare for an emergency landing moments before. listen. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. if you hear the command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> that flight was originally scheduled to fly from houston to mexico. the stand-off at standing rock is now over as the feds bend to those protesters in north dakota now halting the
5:03 am
pipeline project. the army corps of engineers say they will look for an alternative route. the company behind the pipeline still insists it has no plans to reroute it. the death toll from raging fires now stands at 14. nearly 1,000 firefighters are still in tennessee. they are still fighting that smoldering blaze. dolly parton is going one step further helping victims from her own hometown. listen to this. >> we want to provide a hand-up to all those families that have lost everything in the fires. >> we told you about that news last week, but now the country singer has announced that she's holding a telethon next tuesday to support many who have lost their homes and everything they own in those horrific wild fires. just another reason to love dolly. and japan's leader is planning a historic visit to
5:04 am
pearl harbor. shinzo abe is planning to visit at the end of the month. president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the memorial to the victims of the hiroshima bombing and those are your headlines. >> that will be great. >> four minutes after the hour. let's bring in fox news contributor until he gets a job with donald trump, we don't know, newt gingrich. welcome back. >> good morning. >> good to be with you. >> so what's your reaction to ben carson getting the job as secretary of housing and urban development? hud? >> well, i think it's tremendous. ben is a remarkably smart guy. world class pediatric neurosurgeon. somebody who has dedicated his entire life to helping other people. hud, if it's properly led, as it was by jack kemp years ago, can really play a big role in helping the inner cities.
5:05 am
i think that dr. carson's own personal life, his rise from detroit to being a world leader in his field, gives him an opportunity to have moral authority and i think he could really play a significant role in improving the lives of inner city african-americans in particular because he's such a great role model. i'm thrilled that he agreed. i know he was very troubled. wasn't sure it was the right thing to do and i'm thrilled that he agreed to serve his country. >> the trump campaign has told us, they have confirmed there were four people on the list for secretary of state. >> last week. >> last week. and now we're learning this morning there are so many more names that are added to that list. what do you -- why is that? >> look, i think first of all you have to give president-elect trump a lot of credit. he has been disciplined. he has looked at some very different people. he has taken a lot of time to sit down and try to get to know mitt romney better which i think given how far apart they were
5:06 am
was probably the right thing to do, but i think he's not satisfied that he has found the right chemistry, the right person, and in an ideal world you want a secretary of state who thoroughly understands the president and who is the president's agent around the world. a good secretary of state can take a lot of burden off of a president and allow trump to focus a lot on getting america going again, creating jobs here at home, doing the things he wants to do to drain the swamp in washington. so i think he's not satisfied yet, although he's looked at some very, very talented people. rudy giuliani, ambassador bolton. senator corker. these are all first-rate people and pl mitt romney. he's adding to that list. names i'm hearing are very impressive names and i think jim sevedis is a world class
5:07 am
admirable. and the head of exxon mobil knows how to deal with every country in the world by definition. >> and congressman dana rohrabacher says he's uncomfortable as supporting mitt romney as secretary of state because he didn't support donald trump during the campaign. it's interesting, newt, i want you to hear this. we asked him about 45 minutes ago what he thought of donald trump picking up the phone call, accepting the phone call from the president of taiwan. of course, mainstream media is having a meltdown. what does dana rohrabacher about it? here's the answer. >> by picking up that phone and for the first time having a conversation with the president, elected president of taiwan he showed the dictators in beijing that he's not a pushover.
5:08 am
that they cannot have this aggressive foreign policy and there's going to be consequences for their hostile and aggressive action. >> he and also said the fact that he took the phone call was terrific. what do you think? >> well, in fact, i think it is terrific for a very simple reason. you have the elected leader of 23 million people. this is the third time that they have had a peaceful transfer of power between parties. this is the first woman elected president of any country in asia who didn't either have a husband or father who is already president, she's in her own right a serious leader and if a leader of a free people call you, why wouldn't you take the call? i think this whole state department mythology that we have to somehow let the chinese dictate to us is nonsense and i thought it was a good signal to the world that donald trump is going to be his own person and that if the chinese want to deal with the united states, they are going to actually deal with the united states. they are not going to be able to intimidate us. >> you know what i thought was found heartening and ari
5:09 am
fliesher said it best. he's doing it as a change in policy, better luck to you. you won the job. according to the "washington post" this is something that he had talked about. when kissener coming to see you and john bolton comes to see you on friday. a lot of people think it was planned out and send the exact message you just said and add to that the tweets sent out yesterday, one of which said it's okay -- did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency? did china ask us if it was okay to build up a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? game on. >> remember. he's going to make a number of decisions whereas you put it he's winging it but he's winging within some very core principles. one is a real break with the last 40 years of american diplomacy is this is a democracy calling him. you know, somebody who walks in, say, hi, the elected leader of a
5:10 am
democracy would like to chat with you. somehow it's okay with the state department to talk to any dictator on the planet, but an elected leader of a democracy, boy, that's really dangerous. which is why frankly i think the next secretary of state has to spend half their time cleaning out the state department and the other half their time negotiating with the world. >> mike pence, i thought his response over the week on the sunday shows was great because he says you want to complain because he took a phone call from a country that we might need to have a dialogue with? he said look at president obama. he's having conversations with castro who killed people and then i was reading an article this morning, bill clinton did let the president of taiwan speak at cornell university in the 90s and george w. bush allowed the president to visit the u.s. when he was going to other countries. >> i think for a long time we were intimidated by beijing, and i think we were in part patient because we had this theory that they would gradually mellow and they would become more democratic and freer and more
5:11 am
open. that's not happening right now. so again we're not the enemies of china. let's be careful. we don't want to start a cold war with beijing. i think we're going to have very tough negotiations and i think we have to try to understand each other but that means the chinese have to try to understand as much as we have to try to understand them. >> before we move on to the last topic, over the weekend i see that you kind of mellowed a little bit on mitt romney, did someone talk to you? you said you'll accept him if he's named. >> no. >> what went on behind the scenes? >> i haven't mellowed on mitt romney at all. if i'm asked my advice would be don't pick him. the point i would try to make over the weekend is i'm very impressed with the calm, steady, disciplined approach that president-elect trump has taken to this job. he didn't rush in and pick rudy who i thought he was going to pick. he didn't pivot and rush in and pick romney who he thought -- who i thought he might pick. he said this morning we have more people coming in. he's been very methodical and my
5:12 am
position is i want to support the person that president-elect trump selects. if he decides after several long meetings with romney, if he decides that romney will be his secretary of state and not go off freelancing, then i want to take the president-elect's judgment. now if he asked my judgment, it would be don't do it, but i think -- i want to get across to the country, you are watching somebody who is very methodical, very patient. i think he took two weeks or more to convince ben carson to become the secretary of housing and urban development because he really wanted ben in the cabinet and i think that he's being very methodical. i think if he were certain in his gut who the right secretary of state is, they would announce it this morning. he's clearly not certain. i respect that. he's the one going through these long meetings. i'm not, and whoever he ends up coming out with, i'm going to support. >> there you go. >> all right. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. before 49ers colin kaepernick took a knee again during the national anthem over
5:13 am
the weekend, a group of cops, veterans and military families tried to stop him. coming up, a father who lost his son in afghanistan is live with why he had to join in. >> and just in case you've never seen ta dog being held in a headlock by a kangaroo, we've got your video. a brave hero comes to the rescue. the battle is epic. man versus roo. ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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5:17 am
a fox news alert right now. a house of horrors, that's what we're caught it -- calling it. the chilling words describe the screen at the -- scene at the warehouse fire. rescue crews with searching through the scene bucket by bucket. >> we have new information on the investigation. claudia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, i can tell you that all the work here at the warehouse has been put on hold while officials make the building safer, shore it up, make it safer for fire crews to move deeper inside. it's obviously still very unstable because of friday night's fire. that work could take about seven
5:18 am
hours, and then the recovery of more victims will resume. so far, eight families have been notified that their loved ones perished in fry night's fire. the dead includes artists and teenagers and the son of a loej sheriff as deputy. first responders are using shovels and buckets to remove these bodies in a way that shows respect and preserves evidence. >> had when we find a victim, we have to stop and we have to conduct an investigation. we literally go one by one, piece by piece through there. >> reporter: investigators now searching for signs of a crime. friday's dance party did not have a city permit and the warehouse may have been an illegal home for dozens of people, some paying hundreds of dollars to live in rvs parked on the first floor. it was laid out like a maze.
5:19 am
it was easy to get lost in there even if you knew where the ram shackle staircase was. the man who ran it, 46-year-old derek ayan el nina has a felony record. he laughed off warnings that the place was a death trap. city officials are taking a close look at him, interviewing witnesses, collecting all the pertinent documents regarding this warehouse. their focus today is on recovering all of the victims and providing support to now dozens of anguished and grief stricken families. thank you. meanwhile, 19 minutes after the hour. just how messed up in our immigration system? a fake u.s. ambassador churn -- embassy, churning out fake visas for a decade. >> before colin kaepernick took
5:20 am
a knee during the national anthem, a group of cops, military families all tried is to stop him. next, a father who lost his son in afghanistan is live with a message for colin kaepernick. ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
quick headlines for you. san francisco wants a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family murdered by an illegal immigrant dismissed. kate steinle's family sued the city of france after the -- city of san francisco after the criminal was released from jail.
5:24 am
the city has said it shouldn't be liable for criminal behavior. and it flew the american flag, had a picture of president obama inside, that u.s. embassy in ghana is a sham and it was just shut down but not before issuing fake u.s. visas for a decade. steve. >> that is an unbelievable story. police and vets gathering in chicago this weekend urging 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick to stand up when they played the national anthem. even though kaepernick wants again took a knee before yesterday's game. the group's message was still extremely important. >> former u.s. marine was at that rally for his son jacob who was killed serving in afghanistan back in 2003. he joins us now live from chicago.
5:25 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> before we talk about colin kaech -- kaepernick, let's talk about your son, staff sergeant jacob frazier. tell us his story. >> he was the eldest of five children. leader of the pack, and after high school, he went to junior college for a little while. then he joined the illinois air national guard. he was kind of afraid to tell me that because he thought i wanted him to join the marine corps, but that wasn't true. i was glad he joined the air national guard, but it turned out as he advanced in the guard and went full-time in the air force, he became a joint terminal attack controller. that's a specialty job. he was embedded with a special forces team of green berets in afghanistan and his main mission was to call in close air support. he traveled on the ground with the green berets and everything they did, plus called in the necessary aircraft when
5:26 am
son because it keeps his spirit alive. >> sure, sure. we all do. all the goldstar families. we want you to use their name. we want to hear their name. that does keep their spirit and memory alive. >> in what way does kaepernick go against it? he says i take a knee but i really respect the military. >> well, you know, freedom of speech is a basic principle for this country, but sometimes i think it's freedom of ignorance and being a total jerk. he has a right to do whatever he wants to. i just think that mr. kaepernick maybe doesn't have the ability to connect the dots. our national anthem and our flag are symbols of this great nation. there are many americans who came home with that flag draped
5:27 am
over their coffin, just like my sons. do the goldstar families find it offensive? sure. but our loved ones were out there defending that right for freedom of speech. what i would probably say to mr. kaepernick, if i saw him, and didn't go aoff on him, i would probably say why don't you take that multimillion contract and take a few million dollars and invest it in programs for disadvantaged children or programs, whatever your cause is, which honestly, i haven't figured out or go sign a contract to play in cuba. >> right. good point. jim, when you see him doing it, you know, taking a knee, and you see it spreading incrementally across the country, what's your message for the people who are doing what he did? >> well, you are not following a
5:28 am
leader, that's for sure. when you follow a leader, it's one of these young men and women in uniform that's serving and doing their duty. my message to those -- and particularly the young folks that are following and think it's a cool thing to do, learn. learn about what that flag means. learn about what this country means. learn about what went on 240 years ago. our fore fathers made freedom of speech a basic principle, but learn what tradition and symbolism is about, and hopefully learn to respect it. there's a lot of ways to get your point across that doesn't disrespect. >> right. he did start a black panther camp for youth, so maybe that a step in the right direction. >> i can't respond to that. i have no idea what a black
5:29 am
panther group for kids would be. [ both speaking at the same time ] >> fred ampton, i think. if it benefits, if it helps society, if it helps a disadvantaged kid, fine. but to continue to take the forefront and kneel is a negative action, and is that what he wants people to see? a negative action? if you are going to tick off half the population, that doesn't seem to me like progress. >> it seems more than half are ticked off. >> right. jim frazier today, former u.s. marine whose son staff sergeant jacob frazier of kill while serving in afghanistan. jim, thank you very much for sharing his story. >> thank you very much. democrats lost the election
5:30 am
in epic fashion and nancy pelosi thinks it's time for people to go into a different direction for her party, right? >> i don't think people want to go into a different direction. our values unify us. >> and are democrats ready for a wake-up call? brexit advocate steve hilton joins us next. that guy in the flannel shirt comes to the rescue of a dog and the battle against the roo -- he's going to win on points. ♪
5:31 am
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♪ well, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas here in our studio and you've been sending your photos of your christmas tree. sally writes ours has been a tradition for many years. we decorate our tree to celebrate his service. >> look what's under our tree for this christmas. i bought it for our two-year-old daughter. how sweet of you. i didn't expect that. >> we cut our 14-foot tree ourselves and added 15 strings of light. >> that is beautiful. i love the balcony. that's amazing. >> that's a two ladder tree, just saying. now, heather, looking at you on instagram, i saw somebody was holding one of your sons up high. how tall was your tree? >> 12 feet. i like a big tree. if you have the space, why not use it. it's fun to see everyone's
5:35 am
picture. >> that picture is so cute. i wanted to -- >> my little gauge up in the christmas tree. good morning to all of you. we've got political headlines to bring you right now. in a few hours from now, election officials will start recounting ballots in michigan. it starts at noon today. president-elect donald trump calling that challenge spearheaded by jill stein a scam. wisconsin's recount is back firing on the green party candidate. president-elect donald trump getting more votes today than he did on election night after they did that recount. there is no rest in peace for cuba's former communist dictator fidel castro. a jeep carrying his ashes breaks down. they were placed inside a massive boulder.
5:36 am
>> "new york times" is under fire for falsely reporting that no u.s. troops died in the search for bowe bergdahl. in reality, six were killed while searching for him after he walked off his base camp in 2009. we freed five terrorists to bring him back home. now he wants president obama to pardon him. one of the sergeants in his platoon reacted earlier on "fox & friends." >> it's nobody fault but his that he was put in that position. he has nobody to blame for himself. it's unfortunate that he was a prisoner for five years but it's its own fault. >> he's facing life in prison. wait until you see this one. an australian man rushes to help a dog being held in a headlock by a kangaroo. the guy seen here is able to help the dog get away before going all rocky on the kangaroo.
5:37 am
the animal stands there stunned before hopping off. that video has been viewed more than 3 million times. it's kind of funny to watch. >> these kangaroos are everywhere, and they can be really aggressive. >> if they kick you. >> they are not prepared for it. >> the dog stays away and he stays there and he wants to fight the kangaroo and he pumplings it in the face. >> the kangaroo is stunned after that. right in the kisser. >> all i did was put a dog in a headlock. why are you so mad? what's the big deal? >> survival of the fittest. >> no one puts my dog in a headlock. >> nobody puts janice dean outside unless she's doing the weather. janice, we've got a whole bunch of extreme weather. >> we do. absolutely.
5:38 am
it has cleared up outside and heather nauert was saying what's my commute going to be like going home, janice dean. just for you, the skies have cleared up. let's take a look at the map as we have cooler temperatures arriving across the northern plains, upper midwest. those temperatures are not as cold as it's going to be later on this week. radar showing us the potential for snow across the great lakes and the northeast as well as we could see the potential for heavy rain, flooding rainfall, flash flooding and severe weather, including hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. we're going to watch for that. hi. you want to say hi to people. say hi to everybody. you are on "fox & friends." hi, mom. i'll come out. say hi, say hi. hi dad. >> good morning. >> gosh, my family is here. they are saying i look beautiful. thanks, guys. thank you. >> thanks to come to "fox & friends." we have the friendliest fans in the universe here on
5:39 am
"fox & friends." >> you are right about that, j.d. america is on the verge of starting world war iii apparently if you believe the mainstream media. they are in full-fledged panic mode over donald trump's decision to pick up the phone, it was a congratulatory call from the president of taiwan. here to explain is our friend steve hilton. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> what did you make of the media meltdown over donald trump is breaking diplomatic protocol, he's talking to the people in taiwan! >> talking to a democracy. i mean it's so ridiculous. i'm really happy that he did this. i love that he did this, because for years in international relations, we've been far too worried about causing any offense to the chinese regime. we've got to remember who we're talking about here. the regime is beijing is a bunch
5:40 am
of brutal dictators. they viciously abuse women. they crush democracy and human rights. we should be standing up next to them and not sucking up to them. if our next president deals with them from a position of strength and now the cow towing. >> it looks like it's calculated. it's something they thought about and the fact that kissinger was there and ambassador bolton, think this whole thing was something that was intentional to send a message, a shot across the bow. we notice the way you are acting and we don't like it and it's not really about human rights. it's about the way you are acting. >> i think let's face it, china, the regime in china is a bully and bullyies respond to strength and not weakness and the argument is made we can't do anything to offend china because we have so much of our economy depends on it and so on.
5:41 am
it's just not true. there's so many opportunities for our country to deal with other countries, other democracies like india and brazil, growing economies all around the world. the idea that everything depends on pleasing china is just not true. >> sure. steve, of course, you were involved in brexit. they had a big election in italy yesterday. the news this morning is that the italian prime minister renzi has resigned. tell us a little bit about what the people of italy are saying. it seems to us, we haven't been following this as closely as brexit, it seems as if what is happening here is the power against an ignorant and arrogant ruling elite once again. >> that's exactly right. what you saw here was the prime minister who was really arrogant and said, look, i want to change the constitution to give himself more power. it's all about centralizing power, and people said we don't want to see that and if you combine that with the record of
5:42 am
that government, which just as you've seen in other countries left working people lives worse off, you have really high unemployment, income down, people have voted once again against these ruling establishments that haven't delivered and actually haven't responded to that desire for people for change and just arrogantly kept going and once again they have been booted out. >> interesting, you use the word change, because we had on you so many times during the election, you were saying what happened in the eu could happened here in the united states if donald trump is elected, it could be a brexit here for the united states of america, and if you look at the democratic party who lost, hillary clinton obviously didn't win, nancy pelosi, she was at risk of losing her leadership position within the house. the house has voted to keep nancy pelosi not by a majority. paul ryan got unanimously, he was voted back, but nancy pelosi said the democrats, they don't want any change. listen to what she said. >> the democratic party is in a
5:43 am
moment of questioning about its identity. you were re-elected to lead the democrats in the house. what do you tell democrats who want a new direction and then what are you going to do differently? >> i don't think that people want a new direction. our values unify us and our values are about supporting americas working families. that is one that everyone is in agreement on. >> do you agree with that? >> isn't that just a definition of not getting it? something really big happened in this election which is the republicans became the party of working americans and the democrats are left as the party of the rich, the elite, and identity-based griefants. until they get it, they are going to be left in the wilderness. >> that's just the message. people didn't want any part of it. thanks so much, mr. hilton. president-elect donald trump saved 1,100 jobs from going down
5:44 am
to mexico. critics are calling it a bad deal for america. do you think they are right? professor brian brynberg compares mr. trump's plan to obama's. >> i want to hear that.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
in saving more than a thousand carrier jobs from leaving our country, donald trump now being accused of picking winners and losers and infearing with free market policy just like president obama. brian brynberg who is a professor at kings college in new york city is here to talk about this. compare the two policies. president obama's and donald trump. >> here's the thing about donald trump that's important to understand. he has a long term vision for cutting taxes and cutting regulation that can help everybody. that's not something we saw under president obama. now, people are comparing what trump is doing right now with carrier, saying look that's
5:48 am
interfering in the market just like obama did. there's a point to be made there. the big difference is trump does have a long term plan to help everyone and i think even critics on the right are saying focus there. get that done. don't get distracted by the one-off deal. >> sure. he doesn't have the job yet. some of the critics are on the right. they are saying they are not too happy with this. >> we've seen eight years of the white house meddling in private affairs and private business and people are really gun shy about it. they want the swamp drained. get that out of here. >> you know, professor, this is what presidents do. they use the bully pulpit. and he has done something very symbolic and he hasn't started yet. >> he has to set the tone. that we care about jobs, job creation, saving jobs, economic growth. he's done a nice job of that. there's a difference between using the bully bull pit -- pulpit and giving special breaks to companies that have access to the white house. look, you give this break to carrier, that's fine, but there
5:49 am
are tens and thousands of small and medium-sized business out there who don't have that access, what about them? >> i think the break they wound up getting was the same thing from the state of indiana that any business would have gotten to stick around. >> any business that would have made noise but there's a lot of them who don't get that. that's the problem. cut taxes and regulation for everybody. that's the point. >> thank so much. if you started decorating like me this weekend, stick around. we've got the best gadgets to make it a lot easier. >> but first let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. on a monday, very busy morning. awaiting a press conference in oakland, devastating fire in that city over the week. another cabinet pick, who gets the nod this morning. and what do republicans do in the first 100 days and big news from europe overnight, another vote, another major rejection. what does it all mean? martha and i will see you on i monday. top of the hour right here.
5:50 am
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the christmas season is officially here and if you are looking to deck out your house, home depot has everything that you need for christmas. here to show us is skip lidle, host of the show catch the contractor. this is your favorite time of the year. >> it is. >> it is christmastime, right? >> welcome to new york, everyone. >> tell us what we need to buy. >> who has got their tree up? anybody have their christmas tree up? are they real or artificial? >> we have a mix. >> we got them both here. home depot has got you covered whether you like artificial or real one. this is a great one. this is 7-foot tall. it's prelit.
5:54 am
700 l.e.d. lights. remotes control. it's got this foot switch. you don't have to reach underneath. >> yeah. this is an artificial tree. i love the smell of a real tree and you have something. >> they have these sensicals. they are awesome. it hides right in tree. it makes the whole room sell you have a real christmas tree. >> this next tree is actually a real tree and the best part is up on top. it has this ring. this is the dazzler. it's l.e.d. lights. everybody can decorate a tree in a matter of minutes. you hang this on top of the tree and extend down the wires. it work on a controller, so you can set different patterns. you have different colors. >> shimmer. >> it's really great. >> kids will love that.
5:55 am
>> quick and easy. safeway to decorate a tree. we have a red bow tree topper. this is great. this is a classic look to a christmas tree. right on top. >> next tree, another live tree. this is something really super cool. everything now is high tech. we control everything with our mobile phone, so this is how we're doing it now for the future. right now, you can control all of your christmas lights on your christmas tree right from your mobile app. >> you can turn it on before you get home. >> these are great lights from app lights. you can connect as many strings as you want. they work on many colors and patterns, different things you can do. they are fantastic. all from your mobile phone. >> this is what we talked about before with the sensicals. this is velcro tape. it doubles as a decorate ribbon and velcro that helps you keep all your stuff together. >> nice. >> this right here, this is one. my favorite things on the table, guys.
5:56 am
this is a countdown to christmas projector! so this is a projector that will project up on to the side of your house, inside or outside. it will tell you how many days, hours, minutes, seconds till christmas. the kids are going to love it. >> this is the advent calendar of 2016. now it's like electronic. that's awesome. >> so cool. the kids can watch it every day. everybody knows how soon christmas is coming. >> thanks for having us. merry christmas everybody. >> molecular wrist christmas. -- merry christmas. >> you can find all this great stuff at home depot on on our website or my website, skipbedell ptd com. >> merry christmas. now moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat]
5:57 am
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>> last stop on my tour this friday. go to spend and hour. there are a few tickets left for this event. that is my great affiliate, wokb. go out there, jack, a lot of fox
6:00 am
fans. i want to meet everyone. >> you have to sell tickets to your event? that is how popular you are? >> it is an exchange. that is how they get to go. books at brian >> will you give me a ticket. bill: morning everybody. we'll take you out to oakland, an update on the devastating fire over the weekend. the death toll is spiking overnight. 33 people confirmed dead. that number expected to go even higher. man. good morning on a monday. hope you had a great christmas weekend. i'm bill hemmer. season is here unfortunately for the folks in california there is -- martha: what is sad story over the weekend. i'm martha maccallum. here is what we know. officials say 70% of that building has been cleared. >> our first priority is the


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