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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> noon on the west coast and the trump transition team is making movers, nominating a former rival, ben carson to run the housing department and new names in the mix for the secretary of state job. plus, how trump is defending his call with the leader of tie wind after china's big complaint. why both he and ivanka had a sit can down with al gore and how the soon to be leader of the free world can't stop tweeting. first this monday afternoon, another surprise in a long list of surprises coming out of trump tower. this president-elect met with the former vice president, al gore today, on the issue of
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climate change. former vice president gore is a prominent activist in the fight against global warming. donald trump long called manmade climate change a hoax and something created by china, which isn't true. this meeting may be another indication that the president-elect might be willing to change his position on climate change. or it may mean nothing. gore was originally scheduled to meet with just trump's oldest daughter, ivanka, she is decided to take up the issue of global warming we're not sure what she is going to do about immigrant. by the way the "new york post" report newspaper reports ivanka drum and her husband are considering moving to washington. analysts say the two do play major roles in the trump administration6zbsleç even thoue
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>> al gore, one of the most prominent voices, i guess you would say, against man-made global warming, or global climate change, trump meeting with him was a real surprise enwe didn't know that was happening. >> it was billed as just a meeting with ivanka and her interest in climate change was highlighted. he said he spent more time with trump than ivanka alone and, whichized as a positive meeting. i think the president-elect is loving this parade of luminaries and keeping us guessing. >> he has said that climate change is a hoax, which is it not, and he has said that climate change was made of by china, which it was not. now al gore in there with the inconvenient truth, i guess there's maybe reason for some hope but he told us what he says doesn't mean anything.
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>> in "the new york times" he said he was open to hearing more and there was some evidence about it. you left out the possibility that for is the secretary of state, shep, but who knows. >> the secretary of state list has grown. john huntsman in the mix, more moderate voice. >> there's some connection between the huntsman family and the trump family. their childrenning friends, known even other socially and he was our ambassador to china under obama who left under frustration with obama policies. >> and john huntsman in the mix with china at a difficult time on two fronts with the south china sea and now with this matter of taiwan, there are those on both sides of the political aisle that suggest john huntsman could be hell '. >> he was well-respoked bed the chinese and his chinese is
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impeccable. trump wants to keep his adversaries guessing and offbalance. it's worth pointing out that climate change is one where where despite all the tensions the u and china have found some common ground and the area they have had the most common ground in the laos few years. >> before we go, the house of urban develop. people don't talk about it but $50 billion is the budget of hud, and hud, the hud director, manages $1.6 trillion mortgage portfolio. very big on the front lines of discrimination in housing, and does dr. ben carson, former fox news contributor, formle political rival, has any qualifications for the job. >> not that anybody has seen help himself didn't think he was qualified to head any cabinet or large indian administration. he does seem to have some trust in the president-elect even
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though he was a rival, and endorsed him after dropping out and has been with him consistently. hud is going to be really interesting. it doesn't get a lot of coverage. >> it's going to. president obama put a new rule in that dr. carson came out against. >> luds was the leading edge of rules from the obamas a meteorologist, the kind of things consecutives it has when the accuse obama of federal overreach, one in particular, urging cities to have plans for fighting discrimination and promoting fair housing. that's been very controversial. >> how is fighting discrimination and having fair housing so controversial. >> the question is it's an overreach to mandates it. it's interesting a lot of cities have big democratic governors and get a lot of money from hud so there will be some political jockeying. great to see you. another busy day. the green party candidate, jill stein, ramping up her push for a
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presidential recount and just hours ago she took her message straight to trump thank you, but is dr. jill stein fighting a battle that is over and if so, what is this about. that's coming up from the fox news deck on a monday afternoon.
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>> another recount underway in another battle ground state, this time in michigan. the federal judge ordered voting foreigns to recount nearly five million ballots by hand. the green party presidential candidate, jill stein, held a news conference this morning outside trump tower, defending herrerses to scrutinize each vote in key battle ground states. dr. stein suggested hackers may have discorrupted the vote consistents and offered absolutely no evidence to support the claim. wisconsin began recounting
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ballots last week. donald trump called the recounts a scam to raise money. he and his allies have filed lawsuits to block them in each state. our senior correspondent rick leventhal at terrorism tower. dr. stein said she would demand recounts no matter who won. >> reporter: i asked her that question directly. she said it wasn't about hillary clinton and her, meaning herself. it was about ensuring the fairness and interesting grit of the election process and doesn't matter that she only got less than one percent of the vote nationwide. she is said there's compelling circumstance sal evidence that outdated voting machines could have been hacked in multiple states and there were 75,000 ballots in the detroit area with no votes cast for president, which is an unusually high number and why they challenging the votes. >> these three states were identified because they have indicators that make them more, shall we say, red flags, due
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donated tour of the voting machines used, due to irregularities like this high number of blank ballots in detroit, due to extremely thin margins. >> reporter: and dr. stein says she had no idea who might win the recount. >> she says she is going federal court to force a recount in pennsylvania. >> reporter: they filed a complaint in federal court in philadelphia this morning. they called the pennsylvania election system a national disgrace and a disaster, using hackable, antiquated machines and technology that she said left no paper trial. can't file thele lawsuit -- that the green party would have to post a $1 million bond to assure a recount. they also plan to file a motion for emergency relief in federal court, in philadelphia, and of course, dr. stein doesn't benefit from this. potentially hillary clinton could if all three states are
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overturned. that could give ms. clinton enough electoral votes to to overturn the election results. >> nothing to suggest that would happen but your point is well taken. the recount in -- is now over. for the first time in north carolina state history a governor lost his bid for re-election. never before happened. republican incumbent pat mccrory conceded in a youtube video to democrat roy cooper. the governor initially refused to ask -- discuss the fraud. experts talk about turning a highway into a toll road nows of charlotte and house bill two brought him down, the north carolina law that requires transgender people in government facilities to use the bathroom that corresponds with their birth certificates. in oakland, california, three dozen people now confirmed dead, and an investigators expect to find more bodies after
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ea death trop. how the warehouse was described. happened on friday night. eye witness -- witnesses say they estimate up to 100 people were packed into the warehouse for an electronic music concert when the fire ignited and trapped people inside. some were forced to decide whether to stay behind with
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friends or scramble to save themselves. a couple of high school boys jumped off a balcony to escape the smoke and flames and couldn't find their friend, who died. for others the agony comes in not knowing what happened to their loved ones. fire crews say they haven't been able to search the entire building. it's just too unstable there. and investigators still have not a identified a number of the victims. people say they're getting frustrated. >> not answering her phone, not answering his phone and no one can get in contact with them. tried calling and it's not like her to not responsible to a text. >> more infuriated that i'm not able to help. i want to be there. give me some gloves. i got work shoes. i'm ready. >> is what is left of the building. no at lo atlanta and it's -- not a lot there it's very unstable. the search for victims continues. a criminal investigation team is on scene. city officials say they'd
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already been investigating the warehouse for code violations before this happened and never issued a permit to allow the concert. a man who apparently ran the place catching a lot of grief for comments he posted on facebook. he didn't mention those who died instead he wrote, confirmed, everything i worked so hard for is gone. bless that my children and his wildfire were in a hotel safe and sound. it's as if i have woken from a dream filled with opulence and hope to be standing now in poverty of self-worth. facebook responded. the post has since been deleted. the guy later spoke to a local television station and expressed sadness for those who died. adam housely is in on scene. >> reporter: 36 now are the numbers who have lost their lives here, 15 families have been officially notified and expect the number of 36 to go up. i can give you a look. they resumed the search and rescue -- a search operation. you can see on the roof right
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now those are firefighters along with engineers. the last 20% of the building that has not yet been searched is very, very unstable, as you might imagine. there are some people that were living in there at the time. not only was there a party but they backed campers into the thing and were living in there. that's the area they're trying to get to. just to the left of the camera perspective of where the engineers and firefighters are going over how to attack the last 20% you can see a hook and ladder. they'll bring in a massive crane right next to it. might be able to see a drone up there. the firefighters are using a drone as well as they'll have a crane go in next to the hook and ladder. the crane will help them get into the 20%, the upper left quadrant, where these campers are located and it's unsafe for firefighter to go in and they don't have the strength to move some of the things, as you might imagine that's the area not yet been searched for anymore victims. also, they believe that is the
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area where the fire started due to the significant damage there from the air you can gate perspective what happened in this building. everything basically collapsed from within. the firefighters i spoke to yesterday called it an oven at one point. in fact, the area is very, very burned, very, very hot, too. we can give you one more quick what it was like before the fire. there's some pictures also from the scene of what it was like before you can see a lot of flammable stuff inside and artists living there and working there. none of this we're told was permitted and that is why the investigation into this has a lot of people very upset. they want to know why this wasn't shut down prior to this horrible fire. >> adam housely at the scene in oakland where lots of people are still missing. the ten-mint phone call heard around the world. from 199 -- i should say from 1979 until friday, no united states president or president-elect had ever spoken directly with a taiwanese president, either by phone or in
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>> the man accused over gun down mine people in a church in charleston now decided he doesn't want to represent himself in court after all. a federal judge granted dylann recover permission to hire back his lawyer. last monday he fired them. scary moment on a unites airlines plane on sunday when the jet's nose wheel collapsed when it was touching down in san antonio. all 55 passengers and crew eye vac waited on the emergency slide. unclear why the gear broke but crews gave the airport a heads up. crews rescued a dog and its owner from devastating floods in spain.
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downpours have killed at least two people. submerged vehicles and littered the streets with debris. firefighters have gotten at least a thousand calls for help, again, that's in spain. the news continues right after this. if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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if you were with us this hour on friday around this time we took a look at global hot spots with the warm are wall street journal's editor john bussey and then the news broke about the phone call between trump and the leader of taiwan. the reason the phone call is getting so much attention is simple. the united states agreed when it opened diplomatic relations with chinain' 199 it would break off formal ties with taiwan. taiwan is a self-governing democratic island but china considers taiwan part of china awesome those years ago china made the united states decide if you beck friends with china or friends with taiwan but not with
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both because we think tie one is -- taiwan is ours, sis china. president jimmy carter chose china. it's called the one china policy and that's how it's been since then, no exception. we sell them arms but no communication, or there wasn't until now. as you remember, trump spent the campaign accusing china of manipulating its currency, and taking advantage of american businesses. and he repeatedly threatened to take a harder line toward beijing and its behavior in the east and south china seas. but the u.s. relationship with the chinese is very complicated because we really need the chinese for issues including the north korean nuclear program. so he has ecenter intentionally sent a message or has accidently caused what could become a big problem. general griffin is here. >> reporter: for the first time china flew a pair of nuclear capable bomber around taiwan on
12:33 pm
november 26th. less than a week before president-elect trump took the phone call from the taiwanese president. breaking decades of protocol and raising eyebrows in washington. the flight of the chinese bombers was a test for u.s. allies in the pacific. fox news learned japan scrambled eight fighter jets to intercept the bombers which included two chinese surveillance planes. sat down by general jim jones, president obama's first national security advicer and asked him how big a deal trump's call with taiwan was from his perspective. >> that didn't bother me. i think the purists are flapping their wings and saying all kinds of things. why they can't have a five-minute conversation or whatever it was to say congratulations, is -- doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but -- so i didn't -- it didn't bother me. >> reporter: general jones told me what did bother him as national security advice irwas
12:34 pm
china's building of military base of islands in the south china sea, something the u.s. has not been able to stop. >> the u.s. sells a lot of weapons to taiwan. >> reporter: right. always part of the one china policy. u.s. arm sales to tie one has totaled more than $46 billion since 1990 in december 2015 the united states announced a $1.83 billion arms sale to tie one, the first military sale in four years. between 1979 and 2014. taiwan ranked as the nine inch largest recipient of arms globally. during the same per the united states supplied more than three-quarters of taiwan's imported weapons. there are some in washington who say the phone call with taiwan's president was designed to by provocative. >> certainly was. no matter designed. jennifer, thank you. in the white house says it's hard to determine what exactly president-elect donald trump and his team were trying to accomplish by talking with the
12:35 pm
leader of taiwan. >> some of the progress we have made in our relationship with china could be undermined by this issue flairing up. it's also unclear how the people who live in taiwan benefit from this issue flaring up. >> josh ernest said the united states officials continue to support the one china policy which does not recognize taiwan as a sovereign nation but members of trump team say people need to calm down. kellyanne conway said on sun sun sun it was just other phone call, as she put it and vice president elect mike pence argued the same people criticizing president-elect trump kept quiet about president obamas relationship with cube. >> it's strike that president obama would reach out a murdering dictator and cuba and be hailed as a hero and donald trump takes a caught si call
12:36 pm
from the -- courtesy call from tie one and its becomes something in media. >> that's not exactly what happened but officials in china filed a complaint with the united states. china's foreign minister accused taiwan of playing a trick. so what was this? a message or mistake? lisa layer is here. do you know? >> i don't think anybody knows. certainly the trump team and people advising the trump team are oust today and starting yesterday saying this was intentional, trump has always promised a tough line against china and that's what this call was part of. his major policy shift. that didn't seem like the case, however, on friday and saturday and even on sunday when mike pence and kellyanne conway and other folks who work for the president-elect were out there saying, well, this is no big deal. it this was major diplomatic switch, that seems like a big
12:37 pm
deal and seems like they would have said that in those interviews. so, it's not exactly clear what is going on. one thing i will say issue think all these candidates for secretary of state, it's certainly something they're all trying to figure out. >> if you're going to do something that no president-elect or president has done since the late 1970s, and you were doing it as part of a policy switch or trying to send a message to china, then it would stand to reason you would consult with people who are familiar with this and the reasons for our moves. he could having having googled . i wonder if those with whom he had conduct, people who were newspapering this and the reasons behind and it what a very, very, very big deal it is to china. >> yeah. we have seen the chinese government begin to take this as a bigger deal. their response has shifted more towards harder line, over the past couple of days 0, clearly
12:38 pm
they're reacting as way. their requesting an official apology from the white house. it's an interesting and important question, something we'll learn more and more about as other situations like this come up and i think it's one that these candidates for secretary of state are certainly trying to look into. i if you're going to be up for the job or take the job, as trump's secretary of state, i think those candidates don't want to worry that they're going to have to clean up a quiet. >> he sent out a twitter -- a tweet, as you mentioned, and i want to put that on the screen for us. the call for a tweet from trump. he said, but did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency, make it hard for our companies to compete, havely tax our products going into their country. the united states doesn't tax them. or build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so. the question is, what were you trying to accomplish and how exactly were you trying to get there?
12:39 pm
i know that this caught a lot of people offguard in the foreign affairs community, certainly in the current -- i don't believe the current white house had any idea this was happening, and if you're trying to influence foreign affairs and you're not yet the president, it seems like to be a good heads up to give the people currently tasked with the job a heads up. >> yeah. this is all very, very untraditional. a major breaking of diplomatic norms and presidential norms. we just haven't seen president-elects do this kind of thing. yes, they've taken the calls from the standard world leaders and taken the national security briefings but generally president-elects don't try to influence foreign policy while there's a sitting president by meddling with other countries. they set their team up and get ready and don't start doing it until they're in office. so this is all very unprecedented and certainly gives washington and the diplomatic community and the
12:40 pm
world a sense of what they may be getting with president trump which seems to be some unpredictableity. >> lisa, thank you so much. we have breaking news out of south carolina. this just in. the judge in the murder trial of a former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed back bland has just declared a mistime the officer was mike recall slager, the man he shot, scott. slager said he pulled over scott for a broken taillight. cell phone video shows scott running away and officer slager opening fire, hitting the man in the back, five times. we cannot show you the video but the defense claims it does not tell the entire story. officer slager said walter scott wrestled away his taser and pointed it at him and the officer said he was scared for
12:41 pm
his life. thors have been deliberating for the days. if he is convicted odd manslaughter he faces two and 30 years pinned behind bauers but this juror is finished. >> reporter: the last we heard there was one holdout, juror, everybody warmthed to vote for con conviction but one individual sent a note to the judge over the weekend, saying that he would not change his mind, that he could not vote to convict, and unless you have a unanimous decision, of course, there's got to be a mistrial declared by the judge, and that appears to be what is happening here. you remember last friday, the judge gave what is called a dynamite or al learn are len charge to the -- al leadership charge to the jurors saying go back, try again, try harder. you don't have to have absolute certainty. those were the words of the judge, which in the event of conviction might hey raised an issue on appeal but now one
12:42 pm
individual says, just can't do it, and so we have a mistrial. >> today we -- friday the word was there was one holdout, but today we got word in a note from the jurors themselves that the majority of the jurors on the panel of 11 whites and one black were still undecided. the majority undecided, which was new from friday and now we get word, they're done. >> yeah. that is new from flint and it's different than the note from the individual that was received by the judge over the weekend, that intimated he was the lone holdout. it may be that others began to change their mind and say they were undecided, or a group were undecided. a group wanted to convict and one individual said no way to convict. and the judge in his jury instructions told these individual jurors, look, if you don't vote unanimously, one way or another, we're going to have to do this all over again. the same judge, the same lawyers, the same charges. that's not necessarily true.
12:43 pm
remember, in this case, there was a top charge of murder, which is intentionally killing with malice and then at the end the judge allowed a lesser includes of manslaughter. in a second trial, prosecutors may decide, let's streamline the casewe can't prove intentional t degree murder. we're just going to goo with manslaughter, which would be a huge victory in this outcome for the defense on a retrial. >> the video tape is what made this such a national story. it would be, i would say, gregg. itself was played a lot. >> reporter: it was, and obviously the jurors saw a portion of it. how the defense benefited, however, is that the videotape only showed a portion, the latter half of what occurred, and slager took the witness stand and said i was in fear of imminent bodily harm or death at the moment i began to pull the trigger, and the jurors never
12:44 pm
saw the preceding events of a struggle that allegedly occurred. that behind the defense. -- that helped the defense. >> gregg jarrett live. thanks. the slager trial has now -- well, the jury has decided it can't reach a verdict and the judge declared a mistrial. >> it is possible the party will not last because donald trump has said he supports the pipeline and he may have an interest in seeing it happen because he, donald trump, owns stock in the company building it. that's coming up. ♪
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12:48 pm
be short lived, spokesman for donald trump says the president-elect supports the project and will have another look it's when he takes office. donald trump is invested in the company building the pipeline. donald trump owns stock there but his spokesman says trump's support of the project has nothing to do with that. yesterday the u.s. arming corps of engineers struck down the proposal to build the last leg of the pipeline. it have crossed under the missouri river, a half mile from the standing rock sioux reservation, members of the tribe said the project could damage their water supply. you can see fireworks on the scene at the protest site following the decision to stop construction there. earlier in the day, a lot of happy faces at the celebration ceremony. these are members of the native american drum procession and here's somebody drew a heart down there in the note. jeff flock is live at morton county in north dakota. not far from bismarck where the
12:49 pm
snow has been so heavy we couldn't make a connection with him, but there he is. jeff? >> reporter: oh, baby. i wish you were here, shep. lovely weather this time of year, particularly for a protest. these are troopers and what they tell us despite the win, they don't trust and it are going to stay here despite the fact we'll have zero conditions tomorrow, we have blizzard conditions today. they're living in tents in teepees, in makeshift hovels but just don't trust that the donald trump administration won't come in and then upend this apparent victory on the part of the protesters and reimplement the pipeline. trump has said he supports the pipeline, but they are hoping that he doesn't necessarily support this route of it. they hope that the pipeline can be rerouted around their tribal
12:50 pm
land. that's their hope. and right now, i'm just hoping the paris quits. >> maybe you'll get another assignment. jeff flock. while jeff was speaking, i learned that a spokesperson for donald trump has told nbc news, those fox news cannot confirm this -- tolls nbc news that donald trump sold his shares of the stock of the company who is going to build the pipeline. that's what spokesperson tells nbc news. fox news cannot confirm it but no reason to doubt it. how do you feel about prognosis checking out your facebook page or monitoring your twitter. just monitoring it. a big city police department can using to jack up its social media surveillance, and lot of cops already do this. privacy verse security again e again, coming up with kennedy. alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive
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the boston police department reports it's planning to buy computer software that will track people's use of social media. civil liberties groups are warning it is no doubt on invasion of privacy. the police commissioner says the department needs the soft ware to scan your facebook and your twitter and other social media accounts for possible threats. not that you're expected over anything but they're going to check it anyway just in case. some major cities in these 15 states are already using similar programs. researchers say more than 150 local agencies have spent pick are big bucks on this software. kennedy is here. you got a problem with this. >> i do. the pendulum is swinging in a curious way that leaves me a little built unsettled because the feeling is, if wement just scour facebook and twitter and instagram and other social media
12:55 pm
sites for code words, maybe we can catch bad guys before they do anything bad. that wouldn't have happened at the ohio state university. yeah, the guy was making certain comments on facebook, and he seemed to express a pro-isis sentiment, and also talk about how muslims were being unfairly treated. none of those things are a crime unless there's an actual threat it's not a actionable. you have entire police departments looking at into many social media pages its brings us back to the initial problem which is it gives a false sense of safety and then really bad people are looking to grab everyone in the net and that's what we saw in san bernardino and orlando, where you had two terrorists who had been previously detained and questions by the fbi. >> do you see a possibility of abuse just on simple privacy levels. >> of course. that's what we have to be mind. of. the urge is for swift justice,
12:56 pm
and something -- police and law enforcement can do ahead of time to keep these things from happening, but you run into a very slippery slope there because you can violate people's fourth amendments rights. >> we can change the government, change the constitution. >> that's actually very difficult to do. >> i know, but is was set up that way on purpose because the fathers wanted to us have that. >> and have protection from the authorities so there weren't these illegal searches and seizures, and that's why you have to have a warrant to go after these things. >> thank you, kennedy. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. a better. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways.
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>> on this day in 17912 george washington won his re-election bid. hit supporterred had to convince him to run. washington complained he was too old and too sick to be president anymore. still, he said he was against term limits. washington argued that if the country was face something sort of great emergency, the best candidate should be in office no matter what.
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after president george washington won another four years, 224 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes agency on fox news change. "your world" starts right now. >> well, so much for market predictions. welcome everybody. the feeling was that if the italian reform efforts to speed up its political process went down to defeat, hid did, by a six to four margin, then the markets were saying in italy and europe it would extend worldwide. one little footnote. why didn't it happen? that would be like you leaving your company forced out and everyone applauds. ouch. the italian for ouch is ouche. we have the


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