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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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washington won another four years, 224 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes agency on fox news change. "your world" starts right now. >> well, so much for market predictions. welcome everybody. the feeling was that if the italian reform efforts to speed up its political process went down to defeat, hid did, by a six to four margin, then the markets were saying in italy and europe it would extend worldwide. one little footnote. why didn't it happen? that would be like you leaving your company forced out and everyone applauds. ouch. the italian for ouch is ouche. we have the european parliament
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member daniel hannon. that's a great thank you to the prime minister. he tries to speed up a process, but a populist movement overwhelms him and now he is out. what do you think? >> well, his basic problem is that incredible as it is italy has that grown since it joined the euro 17 years ago. it's about the same size now it was in 1999, and hists are all t murder weapon. he was the guy who was the brussels candidate here, the eu loved him, said he is work knowinger united states of europe. so voters were not going to reward someone standing on the shtick in any circumstances and he has paid the price. >> why don't you think the markets had the same reaction they did initially to brexit when your fine country decided we don't want to be part of this club anymore? what happened?
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>> brexit, trump, all the experts say the sky is going to fall in and will be a disaster and so on, and of course, reality asserts itself. we were told before brexit, if you vote to leave there will be an immediate recession. that was not happened. told unemployment would rise. it's at its lower lest easterly. were told the stock exchange would collapse and, much over same here as i understand it when donald trump was elected, and the experts were implicated in having tied this. to the our yap corporationist vision and they are wrong. >> i heard from one representative on fox business, which if you don't get you should demand. the basic take was this. don't get too cocky here. the populist worldwide shouldn't react to this as a great market cure. sure, you dow will likely hit a
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record at the time and it did. other market us might bounce up. they did. but this is just a short-lived phenomenon. that the longer term trend is down because the world, to quite him is going to hell in hand basket. >> no one has yet been able to overcome the economic cycle. there's always going to be boom and bust. but what we'll find is that in my country, all the downside are attributed flu to brexit by the experts and the good side -- >> i'm thinking that. >> eventually the people who are saying, just wait for it to go wrong, of course eventually they will be proved right because simple -- cyclely that will happen. >> do you think that part of this fear was that each country is building up its own walls? i had a problem, and you would explain how the european open -- union was supposed to work and the idea was if one country has
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problems, but you can't do that when your part of the same club and sharing the same current so on paper never seemed to make sense. is the reality here, depending on how things go, this whole european union itself you can stick a fork in it? >> well, the european union has already failed. the two biggest projects that it rested on were the euro and at the agreement which opens the borders. both turned tote to be fair, weather schemees that's didn't survive the first storm. euro was shown to be a disaster when the debt crisis hit, and -- the promises made to voters by the experts and polling particularses have shown to be fallings, but i'm very optimistic about britain. we cut loose from that particular mess. we're now in position to have free trade agreements with our friends here and further afield
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and we can use brexit to revitalizing the whole world trading system and that fills me with optimism about the future. >> thank you very much. have a merry christmas. >> thank you. >> if at first you do succeed, keep trying, again and again and again, president-elect trump is now looking at another company looking to ship jobs to mexico. the company is in indiana, and it's a bearing manufacturer, but donald trump is not bearing what the company is intending to do tweeting there will be a tax on our soon to by stronger border of 35%. in other words companies look doing ship better than 100 job overseas or south of the border. he's on a roll here. and shelby, i guess his feeling is i'm going to keep pushing that.
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what do you make of that? >> exactly. his deal with carrier was very popular among his own base, but just because it's popular doesn't mean these tweets or these threats essentially are prosperous or capitalist, and trump -- way trump treats paint this u.s. economy as if it is u.s. black and white. you produce or bruise -- bruise abroad. and if you think about apple. companies produce goods all over the world and to single out certain companies which is playing favorite crazy is a huge criticism of donald trump by the business company. they say your manipulating the market and as larry summers put it doing this deal-based capitalism that doesn't work and how can the businesses plan for the future, which is very important to their bottom line, if you're going to make decisions on a day-to-day basis as vice president elect said
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this weekown on abc. so there are a lot of unknowns, but because it's popular, doesn't mean it's prosperous. >> be careful what you wish to, steve moore, this unusual criticism from the right, sarah palin saying it reeks of crony capitalism. governor sack says the goal is to same 300 jobs, president-elect trump means well but worries his 35% tariff idea would raise prices on american families. what do you what i can of that rumble on the right? >> my little grocery store down the street is now threatening to leave the country unless they get -- i think this is -- i'm a little queys request about it. i was in fair of what donald trump different with carrier. itself was like an announcement we're going to take keeping jobness at the united states here seriously and do what we
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can ten cower jobs and factories here. that was appropriate a month before he takes office. just a signal. don't want this to be part of a pattern. you can't save america one company at a time and the problem i have with this is that if this continues, i think you could see a problem where you're going to have companies lining down pennsylvania avenue or maybe fifth avenue in new york, give me my specialties spend saying. >> i was going to ask about that. the company itself, published arrested company is down. maybe the feeling seems to be you step too far here. but charlie gasperino, an issue you were worried about, that it could set in motion the very kind of situation that steve outlined. play this out for me, then. >> i mean, i want to say -- someone mentioned larry summer talking about deal, based capitalism. a little rich to complain about that when that's what the did
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with solyndra. >> pel put. >> the other point i would make, look at what he is doing, in the rex naar situation. that's where in carrier they worked with the company, developed a plan, give them incentives and that -- this was different. this was -- day basically said -- donald treated out and trying to extort a decision out of the company, saying if you do x we'll hit you with y and its took $73 million off the market cap of the company. that is kind of extortion, and i tell you, you talk to enough lawyers about this, it starts get ago into the realm of you manipulate their stock price downwards -- >> that's not what he is doing. >> that's what he its doing. >> -- manipulate the stock price. >> it's what he did. >> the goal was to try to prevent jobs from leaving the country. understand what you're saying. shelby, the one thing i have is it could be the school of
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unintended consequences and be careful because every company will try to sort of leverage off whatever a state or municipality can do and they'll leave. but there can be bad p.r. to face them. >> what kind of precedent does this set. will companies go to the government with their hands out, saying we're going to threaten to move jobs overseas unless you give us some incentive to keep them here. another big problem is it's a slippery slow. ford is spending $1.6 billion on a plant in mexico. i they going to face this tariff is this is in the works? are companies like apple going to face this tariff? >> let me take the opposite sites of this because i am queazy but i think -- if he goes about this reright way it can alleviate your concerns. >> steve, this not the right way. >> let steph -- here's my point. if he goes to these companies who are tech can about leaving, just says this, look, don't leave now. we got tax reform coming, we
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have -- >> can't do that. >> he should be saying that. >> that's -- >> this is when you want to be in the -- >> direct -- >> if hi did that with these companies -- that's what happened with carrier. >> we know that -- [overlapping speakers] >> one of in the things his economic team has been saying, before you consider this kind of stuff, we plan to slash taxes and regular layings. eye just asking, charlie, if you saw a situation like that, what is wrong with waiting them out. not necessarily ceding deals but to say you want to go when i'm doing all this stuff, that's on you. >> nothing wrong with that. that's what he did with carrier which is brilliants politically and from a market standpoint. he said, how much money are you going to save? which is the minimum, and how much can you get when you start factoring in these things we will give you, which i lower taxes and less regulation. my point was this, i think it
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was you, neil. he goes out and starts hammering somebody and they get bad publicity. guess what happens. their stock is going to go down. that it is extortion, and i tell you -- >> i don't think he thinks the stocks -- because by that definition, barack obama and his pollution are musings and rands from the oval office on the healthcare industry, it's not necessarily a quid pro quo. understand what you're saying. but i think -- i guess i have no problem with someone trying to save jobs. >> me, too. >> were saved for christmas. always the risk, -- and i readily buy it -- some can take advantage but i'd rather see a president, president-elect, pitching to save jobs than to ignore them. >> what's the he was elected. he promised to bring revitalization to states in the method. i've been to these towns and they're expecting it. now -- >> i don't there's anything demeaning arguing for jobs. fight to the end for gasperino to have a job.
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>> here's what i would say. why do it the carrier way as opposed to the extortionary way. >> i want to put you in an air conditioner. guys, thank you all very much. kid because i love. the white house today is warning the president-elect trump's phone call with taiwan's president would set back relations with china. have you seen what relations with china are liker now? before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing,
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>> the progress we have made in our relationship with china. could be undermined by this issue flaring up. >> that was news to me, that just taking a con agree lat torry phone call from the leader on taiwan would undermind the relationship with china. didn't know this would crate a diplomatic furor.
1:17 pm
know about the one china policy but at the risk of sounding like an ignoretimeus, that big of a deal? >> taiwan has been a big ally, 27 million people. been our friend when china wasn't always our friend so i think to a certain extent returning a phone call, placing a phone call is absolutely no big deal and the message from the state depth is this administration is going be to different, doing things that are different, and if this one call breaks whatever relationships we have with china that very good relationships to begin with. a big to do about nothing. >> when raid about the one china deal minute when jimmy carter finalized it back in 70s, the communiques do not say that u.s. supports beijing's view of one china, only that the u.s. acknowledges both china and taiwan agree on that principle. that's very big difference. >> china is the only country in the world that considers tie one
1:18 pm
it's 19th province. the anymore taiwan have not declared independence and probably won't but a strong independent movement there but have freely elected -- very much a democracy, an ally and i think that -- again, it's way too much -- china has been a complicated relationship for a long period of time and the chinese have to understand this is a new president. he's going to do it his way and betters a here too what the wants to do. >> it's a a little like financial apples and oranges here but we know that china rigs its currency to get the upper hand on trade. we do know that it has a habit of not treating rebellious workers very well. we do know that it has a very closed society when it comes to use of the internet. do know it's been take a number are provocative actions that outdo anything that is provocative by trump by mill teareesing the south china sea and taking islands that aren't
1:19 pm
there. so who leads whom? >> china has done what china wants to do and that's the realities of it. >> do you think they're making too big a deal for this for just the deflection value. >> absolutely. think at the end of the day, let's get a state depth in there run we trump's people, whoever he choses as secretary of state. let's develop the relationships, let's talk to both sides. let's talk to other allied around the world. i think the idea of the state depth is going to lecture the white house that one phone call is basically wrecked everything we ever done is absurds, absolutely absurds. >> do you think that the trump folks new -- knew what they were getting into, the was part of a wider effort or the bumbled into something and are trying to justify some machinationses. >> i think there was a plan. think the plan -- we have been talking about it for four days no and is an important message that is the new sheriff in town or new president in town, and
1:20 pm
you got to deal with him and what he wants to do and what his team wants to do, and certainly taiwan is a very important ally and continue to be an important ally and china is someone that hayes to play a different game than it's played before. >> i remember that ronald reagan with the defense shield, people were saying was very undiplomatic and weird, in fact, got the russians to the negotiating table? >> i was in the white house, in addition return toking his campaign i spent five or six years in top level. it was a very deliberate decision and i think this -- we'll see where this goes. i think this is not a warning shot or -- it was a positive thing. rushed a phone call, basically -- made a phone call, whichever the case. doesn't made, he said to taiwan you have been our friend and ally, we trade aid lot of resources, we have armed you and we have a protective pact with you and you're important to us. >> i just wonder when people say
1:21 pm
this is a provocative act and i look at all that china has done -- >> china has got nuclear planes and nuclear weapons flying right to the border of taiwan right now as we speak. that's not a provocative act, what is? >> just a little balance there. thank you, my friend. eds rollins, former campaign manager. bailing of a major pipeline being build in north dakota that is blocked and everyone says this is great news. um, did you check with team trump on that? just asking.
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>> so much for that access pipeline in north dakota. it was essentially shelved today. these protesters are very happy, very cold but very happy.
1:25 pm
in morton county. then the issue becomes, what now? to judge andrew napolitano. on what grounds, judge, do we know what was a passed and zone approved pipeline fall apart? >> well, the government has not given grounds, it just asked for another, another, after many, many, many environmental impact statements, asked for another one. can the government do this? yes, it's no way to run a railroad at all but the government is at liberty to delay, obfuscate. deceive, mislead as its done here to its hearts content. let's be honest, this is a political decision by a lame duck administration, which is absolutely certain to be reversed by the trump administration, as soon as it placed in their hands for review and that could happen as soon as late january or early february. so, even though this pipeline
1:26 pm
company got all the approvals, and invested many, many millions of dollars, and has completed the entire pipeline except for the last mile and a half, it can't sue the government for changing its mind, but all it has to do is wait because we will have a new government come january 20th. >> does that government, an executive order from that president, in this case donald trump, negate this? >> yes. it may not negate litigation, though most of the litigation against this is already history, and -- look at what you're showing on screen. all those people have to leave for this to happen. but that is for the trump administration to deal with on the ground. in terms of the lawful permits for this to go forward, a simple phone call or stroke of the pen from the new president will suffice. >> now, up until this army corps of engineers decided to shelf the problem, waiting for the followup studies and what have you, you have had these throngs
1:27 pm
there, and those throngs weren't going anywhere until this was formally torpedoed. al -- albeit through legal battles. but they're not going to go anywhere when a donald trump come inside and insists he's reverse that decision. could be a mess. >> it could be and will be up to probably the same law enforcement personnel that are there now, but getting set of instructions from a different team in washington. now, most of the law enforcement personnel you just showed in the clips you have been showing, is local, and state law enforcement. i would imagine that they will be backed up by federal law enforcement. look, look at the pipeline. that's all completed but a mile and a half, and -- not even. >> guess what that mile and a half is going to be? underground, underneath a river. where nobody can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it or taste
1:28 pm
it. donald trump will approve this in a heartbeat. >> i wonder if the wind at trump's back would be rocketing oil prices and the fact this stuff is in our hemispheres and these guys are getting alaska so it. >> he promised a hundred times during the campaign he would begin the long, show march to make america energy independent and this part oft the match. going to take the steps in this direction. >> i want to pick your fine brain on this white house situation and the phone call they're protesting from the head of taiwan to donald trump. and that is a very unprecedented sort of diplomatic move. is that big a deal? >> i don't think so. that the phone call was made to the president-elect to congratulate him. it was wise and prudent to take it, and to the extent he wanted to send a message to the thugs and dictators in beijing, message sent.
1:29 pm
it's going to be a different person dealing with you come january 20 them. innocence as usual, u.s. and china? over. >> if at the chinese lead are were calling you, judge, and you didn't like them you would hang up on theme. >> you mean the leader of beijing, not taiwan. >> china, right. >> i would either hang up on them or do something to make them know exactly how i felt, where are i the new president. >> you can't say thoses words on tv. >> no because i want to be invited back on this show. >> and all that princeton pedigree goes like that. >> give my best to piscopo. is he coming on. >> not if i can avoid it. he is a big fan of yours, as he should be. jill stein over at the trump tower today, arguing for this big recount in michigan. she's getting her way, but at what cost? michigan's attorney general
1:30 pm
lieding the fight to stop it because he is saying, enough another it.
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>> donald trump didn't like the sat sat sat skit and tweeted his response. why joe piscopo says this has to stop. . you're making money now, are you investing? >> h
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i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. we're celebrating today a judicial decision last night in
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michigan by judge mark goldsmith who affirmed in his decision that this recount advances our fundamental right to vote. >> all right. so the michigan rekoontz is on. this is a state that of course donald trump won by a little more than 10,000 votes so its seems like a big enough gap to not be easily reverse able. michigan attorney general bill schutee is fighting it in court. good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> i'm trying to figure out why this is going on. originally started when they were looking at recounts in wisconsin and pnsylvania and now michigan. that there could be hacking involved do you have any indications of that because it's now moved beyond hacking, but what are they after here, do you know? >> listen, this is what happened. jill stein got one percent of the vote in the state of michigan, four people running
1:35 pm
for president. 4.8 million votes cast and so now she is trying to have a recount that is reckless and irresponsible because it will stiff the michigan taxpayers with the bill from four to six million dollars. the michigan statute is clear. you have to be an aggrieved or injured party and jill stein has no chance of winning. any home team, the detroit lions, beat the saints yesterday. would be like the cleveland browns wanting a redo of the game. jill stein was the cleveland bounds and the fact is this recount is -- violates michigan law and i'm hopeful the michigan courts will protect medical law from the federal takeover that a federal judge is trying to impose on michigan and, frankly, going to have big consequences across america. >> i thought the funding wouldn't come out of the taxpayers' expense but money raised through all these third-party groups, i'm not saying literally third party but
1:36 pm
sympathetic supporter parties, including hillary clinton's folks, that there's something else going on here. who is -- paying for it. you're saying michigan taxpayer taxpayers. >> that's exactly the case. this recount will cost between four and six million does and the taxpayers will pick up a large portion of that. jill stein wrote a check for $967,000 but the fact is the total cost is $6 million and the factes she aid submitted there's no evidence of fraud -- >> you just said 4.8 million ballots cast. a 10,000 vote gap between hillary clinton and donald trump. could you see any possibility that gap and that many votes could be reversed? >> no way. the fact is this is about jill stein. she is the person asking for a recount. you have be an aggrieved or injured party. recounts are for slim margins.
1:37 pm
if jill stein lost by 20 votes or 200 or 2,000 there we be grounds for recount but jill stein would have to get two million votes to win. that's why this is propostrace -- >> the hillary clinton folks are signing on to this, cue see any scenario in which -- whether it's spearheaded by jill stein that hillary clinton reverses the 10,000 vote lead? still wouldn't be enough to get her to 270, but you know my point. >> no. no way. the fact is there's been -- our eye lexes in michigan are run in a very proper way. jill stein admitted theirs no evidence of fraud, and the fact its we have a kind of a midnight order issued by a federal judge on a sunday. the courtroom was locked. people couldn't get in. and released -- this is like a wilson picket midnight our eric clapton after midnight ruling.
1:38 pm
we like to have organization, transparency and the fact is this federal takeover won't stand and tomorrow, the michigan court of appeals will have a hearing on this whole case, and again, michigan law needs to govern, not some federal takeover. >> i like your sports analogies then you move into music. very eclectic. >> we can do this every monday but the point is that michigan law needs to rule here. >> we'll watch closely, bill schuette. here's how health care premiums are getting to be. the affordable care act or the folks behind its are saying they only rose 5.8% in the latest period and the defers is they would have risen a lot more worth it. how would you ever know? after this. thank you for dining with us.
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healthcare spending moving now toot 5.8% clip. justin mccoy says don't believe that such a great deal here even though it's been sold as it would have been lower without obamacare. that blew me away. >> the explosive story, neil, inside these numbers is what is happening to medicaid. the u.s. has an entitlement
1:43 pm
crisis but it's not medicare, it's medicaids, for low income people. medicaid enrollments are soaring. they're up to 74 million now. and medicaid spending per person is also going off the charts. it's up to $8,000 per person. that's compared with $5,400 per person getting care in private health plans. so there's a big problem with medicaid and that's what is really pushing these numbers up fast. it's an entitlement crisis driven by politics instead of by demography or aging. >> well, you're so brave and you lost me in the first ten seconds but it sounds outrageous, here's what i want to know -- i heard the defense of this. this clip in spending would have risen a lot more had it not been for obama -- obamacare. >> there are several things in obamacare making spending across
1:44 pm
the board go up. one is the one size fits all benefit packages which includes people d-line to pay for in the past, but know what the heck, might get the colonoscopy, they've paid for it. >> what is this going forward. donald trump is coming in and republicans warning we're going dismachine -- dismantle this thing and millions more each use who you have to unwean, pardon my english there -- from it. >> that's true, and again, the big issue is medicaid because 16 million of the 20 million people newly enrolled for the first time are in medicaid, not those obamacare plans on the exchanges. >> where do you think this is going? >> it's going toward repeal, and obamacare is heading towards the paper shredder. it's got to happen because you think about it, neil, there are 20 million people newly covered but 200 million people getting
1:45 pm
clockersed by this law. count them. 155 million people with on the job coverage who have seen their deductives go way up because of obamacare, and then you have 55 million seniors, they're got hit in their pocketbooks with higher copays, and also, with skimpier care when the go to the hospital because cuts to medicare pay for over half this law, and could i go on and on. >> you are brilliant thank you very much. it's cozy stuff. in the meantime, you probably saw that donald trump has been tweeting again. late at night. and this time aiming at "saturday night live" which finds a very unfunny show everybody he was poorly portrayed in a skit. then the tweets back to him. awful while the show was on the air. enter joe piscopo who likes donald trump but a veteran of the show. he's going to try to bridge the gap. diplomacy starts here. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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>> sometimes i think snl is doing this just to stick it to donald trump. see this is the weekend? >> oh, i just got retweeted. >> from who? >> oops. i did it again. >> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all these random real people. >> i just got retweeted. >> by who? >> another great retweet. >> gees. >> mr. trump, please, let's get to work. this an extremely dangerous world. pakistan is increasingly unstable. >> should i call them? >> no. >> north korea still doing thick clear tests. >> shy text them. >> and iran is incredibly
1:50 pm
volatile. >> i should have ivanka send them century shoes. >> maybe. >> the baldwin -- then baldwin was e-mailing back, all of this happening in real-time as the show was on. enter joe poise co -- piscopo. a veteran of the fine show. the best seasons were with joe but he is in this conundrum, like in -- how do you bridge this gap? looks like a big gap. >> i love gap? >> i love it, because donald trump has his own network. he doesn't need anybody else. he has 17 million followers. >> you are right about that. a lot. >> he has more twitter followers than people have on tv. so he's got his own network. if there's any criticism or if he wants to get the word out, he recreating -- >> does he need do this? a lot of people say, should -- i'm fine with him tweeting.
1:51 pm
i don't make a big deal of it. punch up, not down. you are punching down when you are going after a show, whether you like it or not. he is above that. >> your point is well taken. >> i think it's extremely well taken. >> i think it is. but donald trump is like a friend to all of his loyal followers. i take this seriously because i know the guy for 25 years. i have been on the campaign trail. i met the great people out there. the people of the united states of america. they are donald trump's friend. when he tweets, it's like a friend to a friend. snl is always going to do great satire. the impression that alec does is great, it's funny. there's no reason to get upset about it. i think we better get used to it. this is the new norm. >> i mean, i had nothing against his tweeting. it's a way to bypass the press. when you go after comedy show,
1:52 pm
it's inconsequential. you won. you are so much bigger than alec ballot win th baldwin that you can go -- you are a guy trying to impersonate. you say what? >> i like the way he will tweet on snl directly. he goes after taiwan. after he goes after taiwan, after he goes after the companies that are leaving america, taking jobs, going across the border, saying we're going to put a 35% tax on you, that really always takes the headline. the fact we worry about saturday night live is because we talk about it. >> you are right about that. but i think save the tweets for that. i think that's well within his right, whether you agree with te tariffs or threatening companies. that's effective. for his millions upon millions of followers, that sends out a powerful message. this sort of stuff -- by the way, i think it's fair game for all these comics and others who
1:53 pm
want to get under his skin to try to do this. hoping -- hoping he is going to tweet. it's great publicity for them. don't feed the beast. >> when you have jill stein -- talk about saturday night live. jill stein with the recount of the whiners. we're going to do a recount. >> in other words -- >> donald trump is not the president. >> you are okay with it? >> stop, stop. that's the story, the whining of the recount. that's something we should concentrate on. >> we will decide what the stories are, mr. big star. when people were talking about it, they seem like a lot of trump loyalists. did any of them think, this might be a little past what you should be doing? >> you make a good, valid point. it doesn't matter to the trump loyalists, to the base. >> did you just call them tru
1:54 pm
trumpsters? >> i came up with that. >> this is what i do. when they call, they're so loyal. what really resonates is when he tweets about an international incident and tells a corporation not to leave the country. >> it works. they think twice about it. >> that's exactly right. >> i think he should pick and choose his tweets. that's all i'm saying. >> point well taken. i find it amusing. i think it's got his own tele -- twitter network there. i have to defend it only because -- >> i think you are afraid to offend him. you sound squared. you are sweating. >> if he was italian, maybe i would be a little. what it are you tweeting at? do you have a problem? >> you got a problem? >> you know what? what are you looking at? listen, the fact is, i have known him for 25 years. i know the kind of guy he is. i get a kick out of it. am i wrong on that? your point is well taken. >> i love the tweets. i think you won, big guy. you are going to be the
1:55 pm
president of the united states. enough with this. you don't need do it. >> those of us who appreciate mr. trump say, tweet on. >> fine. okay. someone is afraid. an arctic air, a big cold blast is hitting the country. tweet it. believe it.
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
say it isn't snow. an arctic blast is getting ready to hit much of the country, most of the country. what's coming up? >> looks like this will be the perfect gift for your holiday gift exchange. it's the scarf. you will need it. the coldest air of the season is on the way. we have had a few hints of winter across the plains states. here it comes, the coldest air sweeps in tuesday night, wednesday night across dakotas and minnesota. it won't be record cold. we may hit zero to five to ten
1:59 pm
below at the worst. the real feels will certainly be getting down there. it can be very cold. bundle up. by the end of the week, thursday and friday, here it is, coming to the east coast. temperatures dropping first in chicago. about ten to 20 degrees lower by thursday. we're down in the 20s and the wind will make it feel ten to 20 degrees colder. dallas will see temperatures dropping down to the mid 40s. the average high near 60. it is getting colder. but it's not the cold of the age. certainly, a shock to the system here. new york city will be in the 30s saturday and same true in boston. it will turn colder but it looks like only about ten to 20 degrees below average. get ready for it. we haven't seen much of this. >> is that a scarf? >> it certainly is. it's a monster scarf. i don't think for this arctic air mass we will need that one. >> it looks like you were trying out for the nativity play that you weathermen do.
2:00 pm
that's great stuff. you bring that extra, extra element that we're missing. thank you very much, my friend. i guess it's going to be cold. to stay inside, be warm, be cozy. watch fox. it's delicious. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's been nearly a month since election day. the mainstream media is melting down over the reality of a president trump. >> why is this not government intervening in the private sect sector. >> i know the tendency in the media. >> it's not about the media. the media -- hitting the media is a crutch for you. it's not about the media. >> it's not a crutch. >> the way donald trump lies has people rethinking journalism, like the assumption that everything a president says is automatically news. i think


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