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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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here in the first place. tomorrow night, mean tweets, they're back. send your cruelest @ tucker carlson email us at "tucker carlson tonight" welcome to "red eye." hello, every -- everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy. >> the chinese government and the mainstream media are up in arms after donald trump answers a call from taiwan. do we really need more comme's. and a man duke itself out with a kangaroo in the most exciting boxing match of the year. the video you can't see anywhere else. especially the internet. don't even bother. it is only here. and a company says it will be offering trips to the moon for 10 grand. unfortunately they don't offer one-way tickets so i have to think of something else to get
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tom for christmas. >> let's welcome our guest host of kennedy on fox business network, kennedy. he is the most famous american to spend time in aruba who doesn't have blonde hair. his ideal job was secretary. former ambassador and fox news contributor john bolton. and i am starting to think that suit is the only piece of clothing he owns. of let's start the show. last week when donald trump spoke directly to the lead of taiwan he nighted decades of dip ma mat particular convention. on monday china warned trump
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about creating troubles. the official newspaper said confronting china would reduce the chance of making america great again. trump says he doesn't think he needs permission for anything. tweeting, did china ask us if it was okay to devalue the currency making it hard for companies to compete and heavily tax our products? the u.s. does president -- doesn't tax them. i don't think so. the pro trump rag reaccount aed with enthusiastic approval. two of three assertions were essential he correct. and in trump was broadly accurate. wow. i think we have to go to our expert on this. ray? ambassador.
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look, this policy of deliberate ambiguity. can you explain why we need this ambiguity between taiwan and china? >> it may have been important in the nixon administration because at that time the government of taiwan was the government of china and the government in beijing was the government in china. that's not what people in taiwan think today. they have given up their claims to the mainland. they have a functioning democracy. people call themselves taiwanese and not taiwanese. they meet every customary law of a state and they have a defined population and territory. to act as though they are still a province of china defies reality. >> that's the people's republic of china, that's their stated position. >> good for them.
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in taiwan they were pretty excited about this, were they not? >> they think they should govern themselves. i know that's a radical proposition, but they have been accomplishing it. they have been showing democracy in action. beyond that it is in the strategic interest of the united states to keep taiwan as a functioning separate state. when we think of the one policy they won wonder if it is a violation of that. it does not indicate how the status of taiwan and china will be resolved anymore than when the united states recognized both east and west germany it didn't imply the final out come of the two germanys merging. i think what we have done is consistent with american interest and it is the something the people -- it is something the people want and get used to it. >> why has the press be frothing so much about this issue? some of these hysterical tweets i can't believe them.
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>> it was fun watching rachel madow's head almost explode. and we are on the press miss -- precipice of world war three because of it. it was the first chance to make purchase with a u.s. leader. barack obama cares how the world sees us and doesn't have a problem with china and countries like iran dictating our national self-esteem. he will be an unorthodox leader and it is essentially a good thing that he is getting rid of some of the traditions that i said border line on superstition. you know what, good for him if he wants to take a phone call, that's fine. what is the problem with addressing taiwan as a somber nation? what is the status with the u.n? that's what i want to know from you.
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>> they wanted to be members of the u.n and the administration has not helped them out. we should have at that point established a to china policy. it is never too late to get started. at the state department the president elect did something before the state department bureaucracy got their hooks into it. who knows what else he may do. they may move the american embassy to jerusalem. it is a possibility. i throw it out there. >> i don't think it is a big deal that trump took a call from the president of taiwan. i think it is inappropriate that he asked what she was wearing. >> there is no evidence for that. >> no face time. the internet is real sketchy
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in that part of the world. >> later that night he asked to chat with miss taiwan. >> ambassador bolton, my friend, stole all of my notes. >> they are good too. i appreciate it. thank you, ambassador. a couple of things is i hope it would be great -- it would be excellent for me if there are not more started on twitter. it would be great if he could start blogging more long form, you know what i mean? maybe he could pod cast. >> i wouldn't put it past the pod cast. >> that may be his next move. what are the chances he didn't know there was a beef between taiwan and china. some thought it would be over the little league world series. there is a chance he just took
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a call and didn't realize it would spark all of the outrage. >> i think he knew what he was doing. i want to address the elephant in the room. ambassador bolton has been discussed for secretary of state. >> now i am called an elephant. i come on this show -- look, i want to know that if you took a position in the trump administration would you have to give up your position as president of "red eye". look at this here. could you hold two offices at once? >> it is in the constitution. it is very clear at that point. >> next story should jazz sig kets be held like regular cigarettes? the president spoke bluntly treating it as a public health issue, the same way we do like cigarettes and alcohol.
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he said it is untennable where something in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another. obama likes to think about doing things. they sum it up nicely tweeting i sure wish someone would do something about this marijuana problem. literally the most powerful man in the world. greg i am coming to you first on this. >> i saw that coming. >> i have to look to our experts here. >> i will defer to the ambassador on this one. maybe kennedy. >> everybody is looking around. >> i have to say that president obama makes good points. i don't like the idea of patch work. >> first of all i don't smoke weed. i have never seen it. >> patch work does work in a sense in the sense that it is confusing. people in massachusetts don't
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is to drive to massachusetts to get it. they can get high when they want in new york. i was offered weed back stage here. >> you are not even consistent in your answers. >> i defer to the ambassador and kennedy. >> msnbc or something? >> maybe it is a different network. >> it didn't happen. i'm just kidding. >> there are federal laws that need to be followed. states are making their own laws. do we have to address it or is there a state's right? >> i'm sure there will be no one listening, but i think the federal lay preempts the state laws. even if you don't agree with that imagine obama saying the patch work of law. so much for federalism.
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excuse me. even if you agree with that you want one law for everything, one executive order for everything. it is an insight into the obama mentality. the biggest insight is treating it as a medical health issue is the smartest way to do it. i know because i am the smartest person. >> it is about science, isn't it? >> it is about science. and you should study addiction and treat it as a health issue instead of locking people in cages for sen sensual activity. that's ridiculous. >> i asked sarcastically and she hit me with that one. kennedy what should we do about it? you say legalize it? >> we reached critical mass. we have 28 states. you can have medical marijuana laws or legal recreational use. you can call colorado a laboratory of democracy. it has spread to places like
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alaska, oregon, washington. arizona is one of the few states that actually rejected legalizing recreational marijuana and that's because people feel these decisions are better made by a rational and informed adult. when people come to realize there is not enough research in this country. we don't know the effects of marijuana and the strengths and the benefits. we have one institution, the university of mississippi, where they are allowed to test it. there are people who make the claims and honestly we don't know. it is in a category that says it has no medical use and that is patently false given all of the information and all of the doctors who have come out in favor of medical marijuana. >> i can see we all agree on this issue. ray, do they smoke pot in aruba? >> you can find it i'm sure. maybe on the corner a donkey
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could have some in his satchel. >> blaming it on the donkey. >> yong if president obama thinks weed and alcohol should be treated equally, i think this is a man who is looking forward to retirement. joe biden actually a a thank you gift he got him a pipe hand carved from an apple out of the or -- organic garden. >> why didn't he reschedule it to the first term? he was horrible to growers and dispense res and continued the war -- dispenseries. now he is singing a different tune how that he is waltzing out of office. if he would have had a spine he would have done something years ago. >> hopeful leahy is watching. >> he watches.
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moving on, for college students it is almost the end of the semester and time for final exams. in the old days students had a healthy way to handle the stress. >> people can change. that young screw up grew up to become brilliant lawyer and dip ma mat and candidate, the secretary of state. >> i thought that looked like the 60s. you are quite right. >> you have to stick to the end of the movie to see what happened. students are coping with the stress of college in different ways. they put together a list of some of the codling on campus. for instance at shoreline community college students can build a marshmellow spaghetti
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tower. and co-eds can cope by petting miniature horses. the school notes they are cute, fuzzy and mini and comfort believe. they are the best way to relieve final stress. coloring books, a women's only dance party and scratch and sniff books. >> i know how to cope with stress. that every once in awhile. >> you are a human pogo stick. >> we had scratch and sniff cocaine in college. i never par took in that. >> you know what is interesting is some of these activities sound like something off one of the old mtv shows.
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>> it was viewed by 14 and 15-year-olds. we are setting up a nation of coddled and entitled and emotionally crippled morons and they are in charge of our social security one day. that's terrifying. these are are the products of the helicopter parenting generation who wanted to make the world so safe and sanitary for their children and now they try to pass them off to college and they need to be parented and snuggled and they need special animals. it is like a 4-year-old's birthday party. you know how you blow off stress? you study hard and get stressed out and take your final and then you binge drink. >> that was the formula in the old days ? >> a winning formula. >> you know it, kennedy! some some -- sometimes you link and wake up and you are petting their therapeutic cats.
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they need to keep a list of those who want to pet miniature horses before final and then kick them out. one thing was stuff your own animal. yong that is a -- i think that is a class. i will defer to ambassador. he called this generation slackers and i feel like he will do it again. >> ambassador, they are under more pressure than ever before. are they not? >> this is the easiest four years of their lives. they get to take naps in the afternoon. they can start drinking at lunchtime. they don't have to go to classes. all they have to do write a couple of papers examine study for exams and they are are stressed out in -- stressed out? i feel like junior high and high school it is all about the testing and getting into a good school. am i imagining this? >> it is imagining an unreal planet terry situation to think these people are stressed about each step of
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growing up. the bad news is you keep doing it. it never stops. you never stop growing up jievment what will they do when they get out of school and how do they shrink the horses? >> it took a piece of ambassador bolton's mustache. >> i heard his mustache is made of cotton candy. >> back to panelist three after the commercial. >> the university of colorado boulder have therapy dogs for these students. you are in colorado. you don't need a dog. there are a lot of other things. they are bringing in dogs and they are not drug-sniffing dogs. >> maybe they were tired of the drug-sniffing dogs is you have a tax base that they can just be pet.
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>> i read other stuff like coke, that's gone up. >> you are going to start another argument with ken ma de. kennedy. coming up, one man takes to the ring and the other fakes it on the chin. that's up next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. here is what is happening. the death toll is growing to 36 following friday's fire at a warehouse in oakland, california. it happened during a dance party. city officials say the venue didn't have a permit to host the event and it had been investigated for code violations. a judge declaring a mistrial after a jury failed to reach a
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unanimous verdict in the trial of a former south carolina police officer charged with murder in the death of a black motorist. cell phone video shows michael slager shooting walter scott in the back. scott's family is not angry since slager will be tried again. and a father gedding life watt parole for his toddler sunleft in a car. he was found guilty of malice and murder. prosecutors claim the -- he intentionally killed his soon in 2014 to escape responsibilities of family life. russia and china in a truce in the city of aleppo. it would have allowed to give aid workers enough time to bring in food and medicine. are russia has repeatedly blocked u.n action since
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supporting syrian forces loyal to assad. a historic announcement two days before the anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. he will be the first japanese leader to visit. the first of the -- the reason is to pay respect to the war dead and not offer an apology. i'm ketly wright. i'm kelly wright. now back to "are ared eye." i read an interesting op-ed in the globe. the writer gathered data for the clinton campaign and she knows why her gal lost the decided vote. they had them fill out weekly diaries.
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she interest -- introduces us to george. george didn't discuss either candidate. he called trump a guy who is a loose cannon and took me until third grade to get a third base. he said it was the most fun i would have in years. trump would say, what am i gong gnaw build? a wall. who is gonna bay for it? mexico. we know he will not actually get mexico to pay for it, but it was fun to lighten up. we would cheer our teams were definitely going to win even when they were bad. she said she heard similars of things from scores of voters. >> then why did she only quote george. people like to have fun and cheer slogans at rallies.
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in the course of telling us why the campaign she worked for she showed us she still doesn't trump voters. >> kennedy this was a woman who was trying to explain how her side followed up. she couldn't help condescending to middle america. >> absolutely. she is trying to found fair and giving a full portrait of these misunderstood people that neither candidate could breakthrough to. then when someone like donald trump, somebody elitists abhore they have to demean these voters who finally decided to vote for an unor that you stocks candidate. i read an article about nancy pelosi's comments about we
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don't need a new direction. you can use the same static speech given to you. and it lost you the white house. they are suffering from the same mality. they are full of themselves and condescending. hillary clinton kept fumbling to come up with a term for it. normal people and effort americans. and everyday americans. basically it was the dirt people she couldn't stand. >> this writer did admit the deplorable thing hurt hillary. >> yes, somebody said in analyzing that in the moment she used the wordy morables people -- word deplorables people in diners and american legion halls heard that and they looked at each other and they knew what they had to do and they did it in great numbers. i really think the election was different from others and there wasn't left, right, big government versus small government. it was more like what country do you want. the up trump view prevailed.
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brexit was the type of country they want and they wanted out of the european union. there was a similar vote in italy. it is happening all over. the west parties lost touch with their real base: they are are working. they are working class women. and that was enough to do it. >> they ignored the heartland, did they not? >> with swing state diaries i didn't keep up. i'm sorry. i have to defer to the rest of the panel. >> get these ken bones out of here. you don't need a diary. >> if they were undecided why would the deplorable things bother them?
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she said they are deplorable so why did it affect the swing voters? >> nobody wants to be called a deplorable. if the future secretary of state called me a deplorable it would be cool. >> secretary of state did call you deplorable. name's hillary clinton. >> you got me there. i think i made a heck of a lot of sense. the thunder down under, man versus beast in a throw down for the ages.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news deck. >> a little housekeeping. a couple people on twitter noted on friday show the guy you had doing half time referred to buckman defilry as an element instead of a carbon molecule. i just wanted to correct him. trump's call with the tie hua knees president. i not trump actually made a great point when he tweeted interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars in equipment and i should to the accept a con grat law terry -- a con grat law tore call. >> i think it is in a interest act in accordance with what reality is is.
12:34 am
the notion that they get to tell us where the tie -- taiwanese embassy can be. it cannot enter the building. you have to have coffee a couple blocks away. this is insane. we should have anyone we want come to a building. >> there is a reason for that. maybe there is a way to fix that in the future. >> i too would like to be recognized. >> wear a tie. >> you said it is fun to watch rachel maddow's head explode over this. isn't that who -- wouldn't you think that is a liberal idea. here is somebody being bullied by a giant nation that so mean liberals take issues with.
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all of a sudden we are supposed to pretend since it is a republican president-elect we are to adhere all of this bizarre protocol that people have forgotten why it kiss in the first place. >> you don't mind the president takes a call from taiwan, but you do what he was wearing. could >> i guess you are right. >> i don't know what that minutes. >> you want trump to do more long form stuff than tweeting. you mentioned mark marin. the first half of trump's pod cast is wining. >> it skips to the interview. good to see you. >> ambassador, this is totally unrelated, but i am curious what your opinion is of edward snowden. i know it is a great american hero. >> do i get to answer this
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question? >> the question is what is your opinion of him saying general petraeus shared information that was highly more classified than what he ever did. >> you have 10 second had. >> you -- he gave away a lot more and he is a traitor that should be prosecuted. >> okay we willed at this time that out. the constitution said the president of "red eye" shall not hold local office and if he or she accepts the position must vacate the field of red eye president. "red eye" constitution is like the federal one and yours is the state one. it is that doctrine. >> as soon as i write it i'll show you. >> obama said we need to be treated like alcohol. greg you said you were offered weed by our key grip. we don't have a key grip. >> it is somebody posing.
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>> somebody has it. one of the cameramen is laughing. kennedy, if the president believes this why not have his attorney general appoint the dea and treat it like cigarettes or alcohol? >> that's a fine question and a very convenient opinion to have now. >> he probably couldn't do it because fox news is on all over. >> weed is illegal in aruba. in fact, the u.s. department of state travel warns that the country's laws against cannibus are severe. >> good to know and i guess i'm out of business. >> according to marijuana you can get a half ounce. colleges are offering students ways to deal with stress. you said college is the easiest four years they will ever have. they can begin drinking during
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the daytime. that sounds like a dip cal day in the life of a certain "red eye" hosts. if you want to though -- >> if you president want to, feel free. >> you can play frisbie since i was able to do that. >> boston globe op-ed. you said the writer who gathered the information wanted to pay trump supporters. kennedy you agreed saying she needed to demean these voters. she said if you would have asked me to describe a trump backer. it was eye opening to realize how legitimate their worries are and if i would have
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listened hard. it is somebody who has buyer's remorse and looking in the wrong place and a flawed conclusion because her data was wrong and she tried to tell it to her campaign. in the end she is having to eat crow and make up excuses. jie i think by this woman saying it was clinton's basket of deplorable remark she was the first person who had anything to do with the clinton campaign to admit hillary might have been part of the problem. >> i think it was said earlier this week. >> the first woman involved with the clinton campaign. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. throw some shrimp on the barbie. the out back b town is next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. donald trump is preparing to kick off another victory tour this week. aides tell us the president-elect will take breaks from interviewing candidates in his administration to holding eveningrallies in states that helped him defeat hillary clinton. after meeting with perspective employees he will hold an event in north carolina followed lie rallies on thursday in iowa and friday in michigan.
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and joe biden may not be ready to hang up his political hat just yet. the vice president said he has not ruled out running for president in 2020. biden is currently 74. investigation into the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california can soon become a criminal case. they say murder charges are possible, but their investigation is just getting underway and they have not yet determined if a crime has occurred. the weekend fire erupted in a cluttered building that was not zoned for residency. at least 36 people perished in the fire. good news for those people facing medical hardships. speeding up drug approvals has cleared the last procedural hurdle if the senate. the overwhelming vote puts the measure on track for final legislative approval by the senate as early as today. thom has promised -- president obama has promised to sign
12:45 am
it. and facebook and microsoft, twitter and youtube are joining forces to single out the worst terrorist propaganda and prevent it from spreading on-line. they will list a database of identifying so-called fingerprints. the joint effort is expected to launch next year. i'm kelly wright and that's a look at news and now take you back to "red eye." what should you do if a kangaroo has your dog in a headlock? you could try reasoning with the roo or take a different approach. >> he actually has hold of the dog and not the other way around. as he runs in we realize it could get duane russ. it could get dangerous.
12:46 am
[laughing]. >> you have to love australia. let's face it. that happened during a hunting trip in the australian out back. let's see it again in slow mo. >> the roo switches his attention to tom and sizes up his next victim. the crafty buck comes forward ready to attack. to save himself he launches a right hand to the kangaroo's face. he swivels the roo's head and then they eye each other off. he leaves the buck stunned over what has taken place. >> a man -- the man is said to be an elephant keeper at the
12:47 am
zoo. he did the right thing. a kangaroo kick to the gut and the punch stops the roo and makes him think about the situation. >> you can see him thinking. >> the kangaroo throws his arms up, help me jesus! why wasn't he ants dash anticipating. >> the funny thing is the kangaroo has the dog in a headlock. >> who are we to say the dog didn't like what was going on. >> i don't remember reading this in win knee the pooh. i conclude they had is not australia because everybody knows if it were they would be upside down. >> i think the dog thought it was gonna get to jump in the pouch. the dog was into it. this video has launched a
12:48 am
movement in australia. marsupial lives matter. paws up, don't punch. >> i went to australia and i thought they loved them. they hate them. they drive over them in their car. >> they are scary and they look fake. i can't follow marsupial lives matter. he is a hero. he is speeding 100 miles an hour. kangaroo with a dog in a headlock. i'm glad he freed him and this guy is a hero. that capping gaw reu look -- kangaroo looked cgi. >> he punched him and turned his back. >> that's the way they do it. >> that is like dropping the mic in the bush. >> kennedy, do you advocate punching any animals?
12:49 am
>> i have seen "the lion king." he didn't shoot the kangaroo in the face. the kangaroo had his dog in a head hog. if my dog was being attacked by an animal, i would be an animal. >> i am glad you teased it and it paid off. >> i advocated opening with that story. >> you almost cried laughing there. >> i think it is a great video and we can learn a lot. i don't feel a bit sorry for that evil, evil kangaroo. coming up, will we show that kangaroo fight again? probably not, but we might. first, kennedy. >> hi, "red eye" goblins" we will be putting trump's brain trust in the ringer.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" chris hahn and lori rothman and sam roberts. >> back in the 1950s he was
12:54 am
threatening to send his wife, alice, to the moon. now they say actual honeymooners will be able to make the trip. they are launching their first unmanned orbital mission and they claim they can send people. here is the company's under toker. >> over the next 10 years the cost of going to the moon is going to be $10,000. even time to go to the moon with the new types of technology, we will be able to go to the moon in four hours. >> kennedy,$10,000 for the moon? >> i would pay that this second. four hours? see you at breakfast. >> to go to the moon. >> buzz -- buzz aldrin could go there and have a real moon experience. >> if you said that to him he will punch you. >> hasn't he been on the show?
12:55 am
>> they were trying to push us to honeymooners. let's go where there is no heat and no oxygen. >> are you trying to sell aruba to people. >> it is the most wonderful place on earth. >> enjoy. >> listen, if you go to the moon aruba is -- if you go to the moon you stay at an air b and b, but the air costs extra. do you like that? that was a good one. >> he likes your corn -- your corny jokes. i wouldn't go because i would think it is dangerous. i wouldn't want to risk my life to go to the moon because it doesn't look like that great a place to hang out. >> there is a treaty that says the moon can't be colonized and can't be one country's territory. if you think about it we are the only ones who have been
12:56 am
there. maybe we show claim it. >> you want to make america great again let's take the moon. make the moon great again. >> is it still up there? >> i don't think so. i think it floated away. >> i will respectfully disagree with the ambassador. >> i would never go to the moon. i couldn't handle the craters and the masks. >> masks? >> you have to wear oxygen masks. >> i would last six minutes. >> i thought it was a bondage thing or mexican wrestling. either way i'm in. >> the space stuff. the gear. i can't handle that. and move sews that they go to the moon never ends well. regular people should not go to the moon, end of story. >> the worst part is when you fly to the moon you have to connect at o'hare. >> it is the connections that gets you. >> the tv is broken and the kid is kicking you in the back of the seat all the way. >> workers are striking. >> thanks to kennedy, ray
12:57 am
allen and ambassador john bolton. i look ridiculous. >> i'm tom shillue. ght now.
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the expanded hunt for the country's next top diplomat. the foreign policy establishment uproar over a phone call heard around the world. and the president-elect's defense of his use of 140 characters or less to make a point. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump is not waiting until he hires his secretary of state to start shaking things up on the foreign policy scene. as the list of candidates for the top diplomatic job grows, the president-elect is aggravating the leaders of the world's most populous nation,


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