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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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orders live reindeer for her office holiday party. the woman in the uk thought she was ordering reindeer ornaments. a breakdown in communication got her a real dancer and prancer instead. i think that's awesome. >> ainsley ordered the same ones for "fox and friends" which starts right now. >> bye. thank you so much, guys. good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, december 6th. 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. a firefighter responding to an emergency was shot on arrival while you were sleeping. a brazen attack on our first responders. another busy day of high-profile meetings at trump tower as the president-elect finalizes his cabinet. one person on the agenda, somebody you know from here on this show. plus, can we expect another surprise guest like yesterday? that guy looks like the guy who invented the internet, right? yep, al gore walked in. vice president-elect mike pence is going to join us coming up.
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we'll talk to him about him. >> i think he won an oscar, didn't he? he's pro-global warming. who was he speaking to. no more waiting and wondering. vice president joe biden, just made up his mind. he's running in 2020. keep in mind, even though today may look a little bit gloomy, it may be dark outside, your mornings are better because you're with friends. ♪ if you hang around until the 8:00 hour, you will hear from the vice president-elect mike pence, going to be with us for two segments. if you have a question, e-mail us. laura ingram will be with us. >> this week we know that there will be more thank you events being announced, thank you tour as early as tonight as you know. we also know there's a lot more
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interviews going on today. a lot of speculation about what's happening with taiwan and china and why the administration is weighing in and on top of that, henry kissinger made his way to trump tower yesterday. this is stunning. >> henry and al and jill all at the tower. one a day. in the meantime, we have a busy three hours that kicks off with the news. heather joins us. >> good morning everybody. terrifying news that happened overnight. a manhunt right now after a gunman ambushes and shoots a firefighter leaving the scene of an emergency. police say that someone came out of a house with a rifle and began shooting at him in youngstown, ohio. a bullet went through the door and hit a firefighter in the leg. that person is expected to survive. the suspect we're told ran away. no word on a motive. but officials believe it was a targeted attack. we'll keep you posted on the updates. the terrifying moments at an annual christmas parade.
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parents went running after their young children. this is in sanford, north carolina. the scene was pure chaos. new video into the newsroom. a little boy watching the parade as sirens fill the air. >> one victim is in critical condition at this hour. the second victim is expected to be okay. police arresting this man and do not believe the shooting wag random. commuters on high alert right now amid a threat to blow up a train station. the target, the universal city metro station in los angeles. that's just steps away from the universal studios theme park. the fbi describing the threat as specific and imminent. a man called in a tip from an undisclosed location overseas, warning of a potential bombing today.
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security stepped up with armed police canine units and random bag searches. that train line, about 150,000 passengers use it every single day. and a nice story. christmas coming early for this family after a navy mom gives her son the surprise of a lifetime. watch this. >> so sweet. that is petty officer julie workman. she embraced her 12-year-old son. this happened near cleveland, ohio. they were hugging so tightly, her hat fell off. they eventually sat down together for a picture with santa. those are your headlines. home in time for christmas. >> perfect picture with santa. $12. picture with deployed service member and santa, absolutely priceless. >> so true. >> excellent. thank you. thanks, heather. the world looks at those.
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the only super power with our transition to -- always a dicey time. should i look at the new president or the current president, especially with two separate parties with different projected policies. when you have something that happens along the way, whether it's iraq in 2008 or the emergence with israeli palestinian relations in 2008, there's always a gray area. there's one president at a time. after donald trump took a call from taiwan, all of a sudden the diplomatic world as we know it seems to be on its head. i put my tongue firmly in my cheek. it was so bad and disconcerting to the administration, they felt they had to clarify things yesterday. >> this is josh earnest, this is a monday press briefing. this is what he said about how they're handling the situation. >> i can confirm that u.s. officials, including senior officials at the national security council, have been in touch with the chinese counterparts to reiterate our
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country's continued commitment to a one china policy. >> listen, whenever you're talking about president president-elect of the united states interacting with foreign leaders, it's incredibly important. it has profound consequences for our country and for our national interests around the world. some of the progress that we have made in our relationship with china could be undermined by this issue flaring up. >> in other words, the white house is saying, we have no idea why he picked up the phone and talked to the woman who runs taiwan. we just want to make sure that everybody realizes we're all on the same page. nothing has changed with china. and the guy who was actually president obama's first -- one of his earlier national security advisers, general jim jones, the retired marine, he says that phone call was no big deal.
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listen. >> that didn't bother me. i think the terrorists are flappi -- they're saying why -- it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> because it's no big deal. vice president-elect mike pence says this is a courtesy call. just picked up the phone. when josh earnest was talking and he said we've made a lot of progress with china. you laughed. it takes me back to donald trump's tweets a few days ago when he's saying they deval ud their currency, which affects our economy, heavily taxed our products going into their country. we don't tax theirs. built a massive military complex in the middle of the ocean and the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars worth of military equipment. how much progress are they make sng. >> heck of a deal. >> chinese communist newspapers,
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which are my favorite. they're livid over donald trump's tweets. they want out more than anything else. i think it was under played yesterday. they did a mandarin to english interpretation translation of china's remarks after the phone call was made and picked up by donald trump and they said that is taiwan up to their own shenanigans. i was struck because i didn't know shenanigans because i didn't know there was a mandarin translation. they channeled the irish by this. >> there's an item in the "wall street journal" that said who you know who brokered this call. bob dole. he works for a firm that past has business in taipei and they were instrumental in getting that phone to actually ring. >> you know what's underneath that. henry kissinger, he opened up china. he metaphor the second time yesterday with donald trump. came over to trump tower. >> good. >> if anybody knows china and
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has great relations with the chinese government, they call henry kissinger all the time, he's in his 90s. we gave him soap on a rope. >> remember? >> i'll fill in ainsley on that later. i'm a little scared. >> he didn't have one. so we gave it to him. >> okay. >> the thing that's heartening, it isn't somebody -- this is something he thought about, absolutely is something he's doing. he's plowing the ground for a relationship that has to change. >> brian loves the kardashians and the housewives and the reality show happening at trump tower. because he's been glued watching everybody who goes in the elevator. do you ever go to watch who goes up. >> jason miller gave me a quick tour yesterday. >> i mean, it's like bustling over there. if you come here, you have to go to trump tower. there are restaurants there. it's never been this busy. yesterday, there was somebody who was a blast from the past
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walking through there. i was a little -- i was a little surprised. there he is right there. al gore. the former vice president of the united states. he was actually invited by ivanka trump. she's taken it upon herself to make climate change something of interest to her, as she and her husband jared kushner, apparently are going to move to washington, d.c. to be closer to her father. anyway, al gore went to a meeting with her, wound up poking his head in and listened to donald trump, which is not surprising. if you're going to be the president of the united states in less than a month and a guy was that close to the oval office for eight years, you want to talk to him. they did. and al gore came out, he addressed the cameras and said this. >> the bulk of the time was with the president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. i'm just going to leave it at that. >> anybody who is worried about donald trump meeting with al
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gore doesn't understand how donald trump operates. he just listens to everybody. not like he's changed his mind. he was still saying that climate change is a bunch of bunk according to reince priebus as late as last week. >> but he's also somewhat open what did -- inviting al gore in last week and calling al -- >> makes sense. >> i don't know what sense that -- >> i'm open. you don't have to draw a line in the sand because i'm from the other party. i want things to change. i think it shows open. >> i think a lot of democrats did vote for him. union workers voted for him. he's willing to talk about and ee both sides. >> speaking of votes, they're recounting the votes in pennsylvania and michigan. jill stein, who has demanded the recounts and is in federal court as well, was actually -- al gore was inside, she was on the
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outside. what exactly is she after? >> steve, by the way, let me warn you, what steve is about to talk to a sound bite, when he tosses and you're done listening, nothing in your life will have changed. but go ahead. go ahead, steve. >> all i was going to say is she had a bunch of cameras in front of her and she babbled this. >> i think the outcome will be very different in the minds of americans. the outcome will be that we have an election system that we can trust. that is our first and foremost intention here. we don't know. i think it would be unfair to raise expectations that the outcome is going to change. that's not our intent. >> that's not our intent to change the outcome. why are you raising millions of dollars? why are you raising donation money that could go to such a better cause. it's not going to change the outcome. the experts are saying that. >> she raised $7 million. in one of the states said, okay, if you want to have a recount,
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you got to put up a million dollars. she's saying we don't have the money. >> then she dropped the case and went to the federal government. there's a case there. >> it's a colossal waste of time. pennsylvania, wisconsin as well as -- >> al gore -- donald trump is actually up now in wisconsin. he gained like 45 votes over this. crazy. >> 45? >> what a waste of time. anyone who voted for jill stein must be regretting that. >> only 1% in those three states. straight ahead on this tuesday, dozens of immigrants granted citizenship. one problem, we don't know who they are because no one bothered to check the fbi database. how dangerous is that? texas congressman louie gohmert is going to sound off next. >> he was smiling before that. the victoria's secret fashion show is back and one angel stole the show. who could it be? the one on the left or the right? could it be her? any other entries? could it be her or her? i'm not sure.
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♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you. 200 unvetted immigrants recently received citizenship after their names were not checked against the databases. this comes only months after
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eight under immigrants who were headed for deportation were mistakenly granted citizenship. louie gohmert is here to discuss this. are you surprised by this? >> it's not surprising, but it is frightening for people that understand the level of intentional neglect. i mean, if we were talking about liability under civil law, you'd say these people intentionally, knowingly, wantonly putting people in danger. it's insane, brian. and when we found out about the hundreds and it was a simple mistake. even i could have made it, where this administration said, okay, here's hundreds of people that must be deported, they're criminal aliens, got to get them out of the country, here's your citizenship, they gave them citizenship, honest mistake. really? these guys, i mean, there are literally people who will be dying because of this level of
3:19 am
incompeten incompetence. brian, we can't get these people out quickly enough. >> congressman, if donald trump is going to run the government like a business, you would think that person would be fired. next, you always talk about the border wall, border fence. what needs to be done. when you look at the texas border, where do you need a wall and a fence? where do you need nothing snoo. >> there are people where people walk across the rio grande. the most heavily traversed is south of mcallen. been there many nights. when you have the rio grande wide and people are coming across in any kind of floating devices, bringing them across, in those areas, you don't need a wall in the middle of the river. i've been down there on the texas department of public safety boats when we were asked to get out of the way so that they could catch these people
3:20 am
coming red handed and so we did. i thought they would prevent them from coming in. they radioed, we welcome them all n we process them. those people we can see, it liked like they had drugs. we don't know where they are. the level of incompetence is outrageous. it's like they put their brains in a lockbox that al gore wanted to set up and they're not thinking properly that people lives are in jeopardy because of this administration. >> there are complicated problems in this world and there are easy ones. that's an easy one to fix. there's a search from central america right now because they fear that donald trump is taking over and won't be allowed to get in. congressman, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. we're going to be doing hopefully a feature on that border very soon. atheists have a plan to make christmas great again. skip church. the billboard behind their --
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doctor's office or pharmacy.
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we have quick headlines to get to. jeb bush has a new job. >> please clap. >> the former gop presidential candidate is now a special adviser to a florida lobbying firm. clients include state farm, universal and draft kings. and it turns out that president-elect donald trump isn't the only trump moving to washington, d.c. ivanka and her husband, jared kushner are house hunting in the capital city. the couple's planned move comes rumors are swirling that he will be an adviser to his father-in-law. >> wonder how much money they can put down on a house.
3:25 am
>> a lot. now one of the country's largest atheist organizations using his slogan to target christmas. the new billboard campaign encouraging americans to make christmas great again, skip church. the organizers claim that their message is not anti-christian. >> i'm scratching my head right now. here to explain the argument, nick. >> why is making america great skipping church. we're not saying make america great again. make christmas great again. spending time with family, giving gifts to kids, singing carols. all those things don't have anything do with religion. those are lots of things people do. >> nick, why do you care if people go to church? why are you offended if they go to church? why are you telling people to skip church? >> i'm reaching out to people in communities who feel pressure to go to church who maybe don't
3:26 am
believe in the religious component of things. we want people to know who feel alone that they're not. >> that you can stay home and be alone and not with other people. >> not be alone. be with your family and friends. >> are you afraid of the parking at church. people will be searching. >> what pressure to go to church? >> i think a lot of people raised in religious households, come back from school and college, you come back and you don't believe that stuff anymore -- >> you're targeting young people? >> 40% of young people, 40% of people under the age of 30 are not religious. that number is growing. it's a quarter of all americans. >> traditionally how it goes. if you grow up in a christian or religious family, you go away o college or you get a job for a couple of years, you stop going to church. when you have kids, generally, you move to the suburbs a lot of people start going to church. >> maybe. but the numbers rbt showing that out. 25% of all americans are
3:27 am
nonreligious. that number is up from 15% ten years ago. huge drop. >> if you don't believe -- you were talking to us, you believe when you die, there's nothing else after that. it's over. why do you care if christians find hope and love and peace when they go to church? if you believe there's nothing outside there, why do you spend all your time worrying about -- >> i don't spend all my time telling christians not to go to church. i want to tell people who are no longer christians, people who don't believe anymore, they don't need to go to church. it's okay to be an atheist, doesn't make you a bad person. i give to charity, i do all those things because i want to help people. not because i'm promised heaven. it says make christmas great again, skip church. >> when was it great? >> that would have been a great question to ask donald trump. >> i'm asking you. it's your billboard. >> apparently christmas was great at some point. >> the things that we liked best about christmas have nothing to
3:28 am
do with the holiday. the giving of the gifts. >> at your house. >> that's a thing that when we interviewed people in times square, we talked to like 50 people -- >> we liked to go to church. >> i'm sure people do. the bottom line is that you don't have to do that. >> absolutely not. >> does it bother you that people are going to go to church. >> not at all. >> that people would be offended by the billboard that urges people not to. >> if you're offended and my billboard in some way undermines your faith or ruins your holiday, i have concerns about the depth of your conviction. that would undermine your faith. >> i commend you for coming on this set to -- >> let me just say. i don't think that's the -- i think christians feel sorry for those who haven't seen what we have seen in church. >> most of the people who are atheists were raised in religious households. >> i know. do you think the church has done you a disservice?
3:29 am
maybe there's a disconnect. i'm sorry you had a bad experience. >> i didn't have a bad experience. >> why didn't you like it? >>. >> you want more atheists, you're lonely as an atheist. >> i have tons of friends and a loving family and spending time with them and doing those things on the holiday. that's what i care about. >> there are so many people watching that are praying for you right now. >> i know. i get their tweets and messages telling me i'm going to hell. that's depressing. >> can you come to church with me? come with my family. i care about you. >> i think my mom would be disappointed if i didn't come home for christmas this year. >> 90 minutes you're at church, you're concerned that could be productive family time. that's why you -- i'm trying to get why you made the billboard. >> to have a conversation. >> atheists know not to go to church. they don't need a billboard. >> some of us, i. those of us know that work
3:30 am
there. >> they know they're atheists but they're sitting there quietly, i think i'm alone. i don't want to say anything. i'm nervous about that. >> what you do is buy billboards to get the conversation started and you have stirred the pot today. >> yes. >> let us know what you think about it. >> it's an atheist christmas but that's an oxymoron. >> saturn thors day. >> very merry christmas. i hope you take me up on my offer. >> she's saying you can go to church with her. >> she's married. >> i got to go back to michigan, guys. my mom would kill me. >> nick, thank you. >> thank you, nick. >> coming up, it's been a tradition at notre dame for decades. not for long. why the school may not invite president-elect donald trump to speak at its next graduation. it's the sexiest show on earth. i don't think nick would fight me on this one, though.
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♪ ♪ we are so glad to be able to say merry christmas to you and yurd family. it's a most wonderful and his tore time of year. the they release a new christmas tree ornament honoring one of our past presidents. this year it has a special tie to first responders. here to unveil the first ornament is the president of the white house historical association. >> they're christmas ornaments. >> for 36 years, the white house historical association made these ornaments to honor a different president throughout history. >> tell us about that one.
3:36 am
>> that's grover cleveland. we did that ornament in 2009. as you know, he was the only american president who served two terms ntially. it commemorates the first tree in the white house lit by electric lights. there's a hologram on there. the yellow rim of the second floor, you can see the tree lit up. moving up to this ornament, franklin pierce, 1997. that's right. there's a gilded frame around that ornament. one is in the lincoln bedroom. that's what that ornament commemorates. this is a very special ornament. it was done to honor the ork tekt of the white house. james hoe ban. this is actually made of crushed sandstone from the same quarry in virginia where the sandstone came from that built the blocks for the white house. >> great idea. >> 1989? >> commemorative ornament for
3:37 am
the bicentennial of the presidency. it's from the presidential podium. very familiar. >> a few years of that president. >> that's right. this commemorates all presidents. >> now it's time to reveal the 2016 christmas tree ornament. >> we roll up to this year. we're a nonprofit, nonpartisan. these actually fund our mission. this honors president herbert hoover and talks about the fire on christmas eve in the west wing of the white house. president and mrs. hoover were entertaining kids in the east room when aides told them the west wing, the oval office was on fire. hoover's dons his coat, he and aides are pulling things out of the oval office. engine company number one of the washington, d.c. fire department responds. they are still a first responder to emergencies at the white house today. actually had the privilege of presenting this to the fire department and the men and women of engine company number one.
3:38 am
>> that's fantastic. >> the very next christmas the hoovers invited the same children to the west wing and gave them a toy fire truck. this story tells the story of that christmas eve fire. >> what happened to the oval office? >> it took four months to be rebuilt. there was no insurance as you can imagine. they had to request a special appropriation from congress. but the oval office was rebuilt and opened again. >> which they're rebuilding now. by the way. how hard was this decision to make? >> this was the first ornament designed by an undergraduate college student. he created this design for us in a national competition. it's made by a veteran-owned american company in rhode island and has been for 36 years. >> if i want to get this, i can't get to washington. >> white house you can get all 36 ornaments for the past 36 years. >> $20.95. we have a wonderful treasure trove of history education resources on our website as
3:39 am
well. we're a nonprofit, nonpartisan private partner to the white house. it tells the white house history since it was laid in 1972. >> remembers and tells the story of the first responders. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thanks for helping me out with the decatur house book. heather nauert is getting ready to do the news. >> good morning everybody. hope you're off to a great day. a serious story we've been bringing you for days now. >> that warehouse manager who posted about losing everything. the deadliest structure fire in california. the worst of the century is now speaking out for the first time. he and his wife say that they are being unfairly blamed. >> i take blame or responsibility for this. >> we've done everything that we possibly could afford to do.
3:40 am
a lot of people have turned their backs on us. most expressly the landlord. >> derrick ion al bin a reacting to the deadly fire and makeshift nightclub. >> prosecutors are deciding whether or not to press murder charges. with two exits, a single wooden staircase made of wooden pallets and no sprinkler system. that 86-year-old building became a death trap. crews still looking for what caused that fire. more jobs may be headed overseas. the "washington post" reporting the obama administration is working on a deal to build fighter jets in india instead of the united states. both lockheed martin and boeing agree to manufacture f-16 and f-18 jets in india bringing 1,000 jobs oversea, days after president-elect donald trump
3:41 am
worked to keep the same number of jobs at carrier manufacturing in indiana. notre dame may break from tradition by not inviting president-elect donald trump to speak at this year's graduation. the indiana university citing slack it got from conservative cardinals and bishops after hosting pro-abortion president obama in 2009. the 2009 commencement was a bit of a political circus and i'm conscious that that day is for the graduates and their parents. i don't want to make the focus something else. it is considered the sexiest show on earth. the victoria's secret angels taking the runway in paris for the fashion show. millions tune not guilty to watch the anticipated event as the super model adrianna lima stole the show. watch. >> also on the runway, newbies
3:42 am
kendall jenner and gigi ha did. >> all things kardashian once more. >> that's a relief. me and buzz aldrin. that's how kendall became famous. housewives gigi hadid. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> that's how we were introduced to the girls and their modeling career. and throughout the show -- >> beautiful. >> no offense, heather, adrianna lima, she's attractive. >> how does she stand out above the others? >> good question. >> tells me what makes a model stand out in. >> some of us have jobs to do and put food on the table. >> people with wings. straight ahead, no more waiting, wondering, gazing into the stores.
3:43 am
vice president joe biden made up his mind on 2020. >> excellent. weeks before president obama's term ends and he may be leaving the office with one more scandal, this time involving disgraced illinois governor rod blagojevich. >> blago. >> is there a case? judge andrew napolitano weighs in.
3:44 am
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president obama leaving office in a little more than a month and he may be leaving behind one last scandal. a new judicial watch lawsuit asks for the release of the fbi interviews with obama and its
3:47 am
closest advisers concerning the bureau's case against rod blagojevich. the disgraced former governor of illinois was jailed in 2011 for trying to sell obama's senate seat to the highest bidder. joining us to weigh in is judge andrew napolitano. judge, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> once again, blago, god bless his soul, saw there was some political and monetary hay to be made. he tried to sell it. i think he was asking for $1.5 million for obama's vacant seat. >> the language was equivocal. but the jury believed the government's case and the judge believed the government's case that governor blagojevich was trying to get serious personal financial gain in return for choosing a replacement for barack obama. barack obama is the united states senator from illinois at the time he's elected president. under illinois law, when that happens shall the governor personally chooses the replacement. governor blagojevich was caught on tape saying, wow, look what i
3:48 am
can get for this gig. the fbi gathered evidence, presented to the justice department, presented it to a grand jury and he was indicted, tried, convicted, case appealed. all upheld. he's serving a long prison term. two of the witnesses that the fbi interviewed, they never called them to trial. one was barack obama himself. then the brand new president of the united states. the other valerie jarrett, then and now his chief political adviser in the white house. >> i understand why judicial watch would like to see what the president of the united states said about selling his senate seat and i would like to know what valerie jarrett said. >> it's kind of interesting that what was barack obama's first political scandal may turn out also to be his last political scandal, depending on where this goes. in my view, this will go nowhere. i say this with great respect for judicial watch, which has filed more than 50 lawsuits against the department of
3:49 am
justice and the department of state and barack obama's second term. and has done wonderful good for the country by exposing government secrets. >> what they would like to do is they would like the government government -- they've asked before. they would like to see the fbi's 302 forms on what the president and valerie jarrett and rahm emanuel said. >> correct. the policy is unused evidence in a criminal case, because they were never called as witnesses against him, is secret to protect -- to protect the witness. >> with the fbi? we saw the 302s on that. >> we had an fbi director who decided to reveal it on his own which violated regulations. something tells me he won't. it is fascinating this is coming back to barack obama again in the last month of his presidency. all the best, stevie. i love those socks. can you get those socks? they kind of match my tie. >> judge, thanks for pointing that out. straight ahead, apparently
3:50 am
going to college isn't enough. illegal students, now students are asking for sanctuary from loans and final exams too. really? >> come on. >> no more waiting, wondering, gazing into the stars. vice president joe biden just made up his mind what he's going to do in 2020. that's right. carley shimkus is here with the top headlines of the morning next. it's "fox and friends" live from new york city. . : . . . marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
let's talk the trends on friends. donald trump hasn't even moved
3:54 am
into the white house yet but joe biden already leaving the door open to come back and run for president in 2020. >> here with more on what is trending this morning it's fox news headlines 24-7 reporter carly shimkus. >> what he's talking about? >> when asked by a dwroup of -- group of reporters if he might run for president in 2020. he said yeah, ii'm going to run president. what the hell, man. >> he will be 78 years old and this time he turned down an opportunity to run the dnc, to play a role for the dnc, provide a new course. >> you are right to bring up his age. he could be the oldest person to win a major party presidential nomination. >> then he said yes, i'm going to do, what the hell. >> he later clarified, he said this is my favorite response, he says i'm not committing not to
3:55 am
run. >> a double negative. i'm confused. >> of course, social media is responding to this. daniel tweeting glad we made it almost a full month before starting the 2020 presidential campaign. good point, daniel. >> mr. tool time, tim allen is in the news. >> that's right. he's blasting microaggressions on his show, "the last man standing." in an episode he's giving a speech at his daughters college, he said you can't say any of that because your speech is going to offend it. >> microaggressions, you mean like midget warriors. >> no, objectionable words or phrases. >> microaggressions, i know what they are. the latest liberal attacks on free speech.
3:56 am
american is the land -- >> stop, by saying that america is a land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities. >> i'm not implying it. i'm saying it. if you live here and you work hard, you can succeed, that's how this works. >> that was on here too. it hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don't succeed. >> kids. >> it's like a joke, right, but it's 100% reality. specifically clark college, clark university in massachusetts is teaching their students not to say you guys because it could offend women in the class. >> wow. >> you guys and you girls, just say you all, us southerners know it. >> stick with you guys. >> why not. >> you are not insulted if you say you guys? >> not at all. >> carly, thank you very much. we're going to listen to you on channel 115. >> please do. in carly's spot in an hour, we're going to have vice
3:57 am
president-elect governor mike pence with us and laura ingraham is going to drop by live. we've got a big show coming up.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, december 6th. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with a fox news alert. a firefighter shot responding to a call overnight and police say that he was targeted as a first responder. the breaking development just moments away. did president-elect donald trump set america's foreign policy back years by simply picking up the phone? hello. that's what the white house wants us to believe. the brand-new drama surrounding that call from taiwan. >> right. and what happens when you try to streak your way through monday night football? >> oh.
4:01 am
wow. it looks like the cops played better defense than the jets. sorry, joel, it's true. a lot of giants fan except for joel in the room. let me just remind you, we're afraid to go to this animation. he will take a swing at me. your mornings are better with friends? ♪ >> a correction, the person was just topless. >> that's not streaking. streaking is completely naked. coming up, one hour from now, we've got vice president mike pence joining me shortly and laura ingraham who has got a big meeting at trump tower. guess what, sebastian bach is here.
4:02 am
>> janice will be so excited. >> skid row in the house. >> how did he learn to sing? in the choir? >> a choir boy. >> we got news from john roberts. he's heard from the transition team that tonight it sounds like as donald trump takes the stage down in fayetteville for his thank you, america, tour, it sounds like general mattis is going to come up and there's a real good possibility he will say a few words. fayetteville a big military town as he's unveiled as the official cabinet member. >> retired general. >> he also got a salute from the current secretary of defense. ash art -- carter says he will do a good job. >> send it over to heather. good morning, everybody. a fox news alert to start out with. there's a manhunt under way after a firefighter is shot in an ambush attack in ohio.
4:03 am
a gunman shooting at a fire truck as that truck left the scene in youngstown late last night. one firefighter was hit in the leg but is expected to be okay. right now, police believe this is a targeted attack. that suspect is still on the run. unreal. we'll keep you posted on that. and terrifying moments overnight. an annual christmas parade when the bullets start flying hitting two people and sending parents and their young children running for their lives. witnesses in sanford, north carolina, describing that scene as pure chaos. brand-new video showing the little boy at the parade as the sirens fill the air. watch this. one victim is in critical condition this hour. the second victim is expected to be okay. police arresting this man. they say they do not believe the shooting was random. and commuters on high alert right now amid threat to blow up
4:04 am
a train station, the target, the universal metro station in los angeles and that is steps from universal studios theme park. the fbi described the threat at specific and imminent. a man called in warning of a potential bombing today. security stepped up with armed police, canine units and random bags searches. the highlights of last night's game didn't involve players. watch what happens when two shirtless guys run on to the field. >> security guards take down both of those guys. one announcer calling the game said they hit harder than the jets' defense. now we know where steve doocy was last night.
4:05 am
at that jets game. >> one looked like a new jersey state trooper and the other one -- you don't know if they are terrorists or fun. it used to be a fun. >> let's just enjoy it. >> can you enjoy streaking? >> streaking is where you are naked. >> if they weren't wearing pants, would the guys have felt that bold in tackling them. it's hard not to miss that you guys are staying with your pledge to have red and green for christmas. you are staying with your pledge. this is a great commitment you are having. >> yesterday, we decided -- janice, we were all going to wear -- >> burgundy, a version of red, green, white, blue for hanukkah. >> you are burgundy too. >> i have sparkly on. yesterday i went shopping and they are not within our color
4:06 am
scheme. >> i can't wear green because of the green screen so that rules out the green for me. >> let's talk a little bit about politics and remember donald trump picked up the phone a couple of days ago, it was the president of taiwan saying congratulations. since then, the left wing media has been in hysterics. josh earnest made it very clear we don't know what donald trump was doing but don't worry, we fixed it. watch. >> i can confirm that u.s. officials, including senior officials of the national security council have been in touch with their chinese counterparts to reiterate our country's continued commitment to a one china policy. listen, whenever you are talking about the president-elect of the united states interacting with foreign leaders, it's incredibly important. it has profound consequences for
4:07 am
our country and for our national interests around the world. some of the progress that we have made in our relationship with china could be undermined by this issue flaring up. >> they can put another island up, make one up and put more missiles on it if we don't keep this up. the last time our president went to china, he could not get stairs to get out of his plane. you could not say progress with china. i can understand how they could be disconcerted. keep in mind the president of taiwan is the first female leader of that country and they called directly to trump tower. >> wouldn't it cause more of an issue if he said i'm not taking your call? >> possibly. >> imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and hillary clinton was the president-elect of the united states and the first democratically elected
4:08 am
president of taiwan called her up, hey, congratulations, do you think there would be the same type of brouhaha. >> trump attends to engage the world on america's terms not beijing's terms. >> newt gingrich was on hannity last night. >> he accepted a phone call from the freely elected head of a democracy of 23 million people. he's also sending a very tough signal to beijing. this ain't the old order. we're not going to let you push us around. you don't dictate to us. setting the stage for some very, very important negotiations. >> he found out, which many people learned, even t"the washington post" concluded -- >> trump has been thinking about it ever since he was elected president. >> when kissinger visited you and you want a perspective on china and there's no better
4:09 am
place to go than henry kissing engineer -- kissinger. >> it was intentional. >> ben carson was selected as the hud secretary for donald trump's cabinet. nancy pelosi who is the house minority leader just reelected for that position, she said this in a statement. she said dr. ben carson is a disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice to lead a department as complex and consequence consequence as housing and urban development. there is no evidence that dr. carson brings the necessary credentials to hole a position with such important responsibilities and impact on families and communities across america. >> let's examine the guy who is doing the job for barack obama. we're talking about former san
4:10 am
antonio mayor julian castro. what were his qualifications? according to politico, when he was the mayor of san antonio his city misused money intended for housing and urban development. here's another one. obama's hud pick misused agency funds for low income housing as mayor. they spent over million dollars on housing and then did not make it available for low income folks which is the whole idea behind hud. if they are saying, dr. ben carson unqualified, just take a look at the guy who had the job. >> and he was very loyal to donald trump. i'm sure during the meetings he sat down with donald trump and said i would be interested in this position and here's why. >> he grew up in that environment, so he knows what goes on in there because he grew up in it. >> when he goes into these communities and he tries to help these families, he can speak from experience, but also just
4:11 am
give him a shot. give him a chance, instead of tearing him down before he's even started. >> the confirmation probably won't be easy and if he's ready, he's a quick study. >> why do you think it's not going to be easy? >> we just found out. >> because nancy pelosi doesn't think so. >> and he's going to have to go in front of the senate and chuck schumer is very dismissive of his candidacy. >> well, boo-hoo. coming up, we're going to be talking about this, about how the left wing media is going to do what the left wing media does and just say oh, the republicans are just crazy. >> no matter what -- who he chooses, they are going to have a problem with it. >> absolutely. coming up on this tuesday, it turns out giving illegals a safe space on college campuses not enough. now, students demanding sanctuary from loans and sanctuary from tests as well. wow. to be a college kid today. and the mainstream freaking out about donald trump's tweets.
4:12 am
>> we are in for a tweeting president. >> if you had your way, you would stop the tweeting. >> i wish somebody would take that thing away from him. >> we in the media want the power. we don't want him to control the messaging. why are they so upset? we've got an idea. stick around. >> tweet, tweet. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
we are in for a tweeting president. >> if you had your way, you would stop the tweeting, right? >> i wish somebody would take that thing around him. >> donald trump is clearly signaling a more confrontational tone with the tweets. >> all this after the president-elect told "60 minutes" he planned to tweet less. >> they melted down over donald trump's twitter habit. >> if the press would cover me accurately and honorably, i would have far less reason to tweet. sadly, i don't think that will ever happen. >> joining us. you love it when donald trump
4:17 am
tweets. >> i do, i do love it. he is completely right that the media covers him completely unfairly and the reason why he does have to tweet is because their coverage is so unfair. over the past month, what have been the headlines that we've been focusing on and? that time he got a steak dinner, the time he took a phone call from an international leader and these are issues that the media decided to throw themselves off of buildings over, right? and i this it just exposed how ridiculous and how skewed their coverage has become and they have exposed themselves as liberal -- as carrying water for the liberal elites and those who are willing to completely write off the concern of the american electorate and all the forces that carried donald trump to victory. >> you were talking about the instances since he was elected. before he was elected, you turn on television and almost all the channels they talk about look, the polls show it, he's got no
4:18 am
chance. she's going to get the job. blah, blah, blah. to you, that disqualifies the media? >> yeah, finishing. the media has no one to blame but thumb receives. -- themselves. they got every single thing wrong during the election. bill morrison was kron any -- chronicling all the things they got wrong. it's been proven to be totally wrong, right? and the reason why the media gets so upset at donald trump's tweets is because they have this attitude that, you know, they need to tell the american electorate what to believe. >> we're in charge. >> yeah, exactly. they have this attitude that americans are a bunch of knuckle dragging loser who don't know what's good for them and need to be told.
4:19 am
that's insulting. now we're seeing this democraticization with the news. >> dick cheney had this great observation a fum of -- a couple of days ago. listen to this. >> one of the reason people get concerned about the tweets is it's a way around the press. he doesn't have to rely upon -- [ laughter ] rely upon -- modern era, modern technology. it's to the point where we don't need you guys anymore. >> he's exactly right and with a giant twitter audience, when donald trump wants to say something, he gets out his smart phone. he does a little tweeting, and then he doesn't need the mainstream media filter telling people what to think. >> yeah. that's completely right, and you know what, it's really frustrating to watch the media, a lot of these people are the same people who graduated with journalism degrees just like the media this wholly perfect entity
4:20 am
that's always been objective. when in reality, it's really quite a new entity. before that, in particular, during the american revolution, the media was not the same kind of function. there were a lot of loyalists newspapers that were really quite prominent at the time. yet somehow the american electorate or i should say the american kcolonists at the time figured out they wanted to overthrough king george. the reality is it's just quite false. >> all right. thank you for joining us live. great perspective. >> thank you. what do you think about that? huge news from jill stein's recount in pennsylvania. how many votes did hillary win back? here's a hint. you can count them on one hand. and how do you know you are
4:21 am
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4:25 am
brand-new official trump administration hat. his campaign says it's the only way to get the same hat worn by the incoming 45th president himself. usa on the front. 45 on the side. trump on the back. ainsley, brian, let's talk bargains. the christmas season has officially begun and so has the season for scamming. >> yes. today is day two of of our week long don't get scammed series. this morning we're focusing on how to make sure you are getting the best deal possible for the gifts you have to buy. >> joining us now is the author of "bargain fever". his name is mark elwood. >> it is the christmas season and people are looking for best deals. >> the simple thing is never pay full price for anything ever. you are not getting 20% off, you are getting scammed. >> do we believe it when it says 20% off? >> i believe when it says 20,
4:26 am
why not 30. >> how do you negotiate with the salesperson? >> one of the best ways you could say under what circumstances can i get a bigger discount? you never want to ask a question that could be answered yes or no. open ended. under what circumstances, what are the promotions do you have? >> i always go to the register and i say are there any coupons that i missed. >> i feel like i've already schooled you. you are a pro. it always works. they will say i'll give you 20% off. >> you've got the key is. the key to a bigger deal is being nice. retail workers holidays, they are having a terrible day. it's so busy. if you are the shopper, hey, how are you? >> you can't manipulate the salesperson. play attention -- pay attention to language on price tags. >> there's a real trick in terms of retail, you'll see a retail value and then great deal.
4:27 am
so two prices. the words retail value mean nothing. they could be elephant cup cakes. it doesn't matter. if you want to know the price was charged, you have to say original price. >> whoa. that's a legal term. >> that's why you'll normally see retail value. equivalent value. it covers them. >> what about apps to get you the best deals? >> if you want to shop on line and get a discount rate, brice blink or honey. >> in store honey. >> price blink. >> if i'm asking questions, so are the people at home. what about the cart? i feel the cart and i'm not sure if i really want to spend the amount that i spend in the car and i leave it. >> if you log into a website and
4:28 am
put stuff in the cart and close the window, that is what they hate the most. so make that work for you. close the window. wait 24 hours and you'll probably get an email reminder that you forgot something with a discount code. >> i love that. >> that's very good. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. congratulations on your book. >> thank you. merry christmas. tomorrow, in day three of the don't get scammed series, we're going to talk about atm skimming and how to protect your cash. coming up, if your kids have ever brought home one of those participation trophies, where everyone gets an award, this coach has a message for you. >> you finish fifth, you walk home with this nice trophy, parents are all excited, no. not to be too blunt, but you are a loser.
4:29 am
>> if you are not a winner, if you are a loser -- the one from the movie about the race car. i'll tell you after the break. the tough love lesson about winning and losing. >> you are talking about the will ferrell movie. tal la did he go -- tal la dag ga nights. >> and sebastian bach joins us next. when are they leaving?
4:30 am
grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life.
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4:32 am
but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? trump appointed ben carson as the secretary of housing and urban development. that means that trump calls to ben carson and al gore in the same day which is kind of like
4:33 am
popping an ambien for watching ""the weather channel." >> we know from the wikileaks that he never got along with hillary clinton, and number two, ben carson told us on our show i'm not going to have a role and all of a sudden -- >> he asked me and i'm going to pray over it on thanksgiving, and he did and he came back. coming up half an hour from now, we've got somebody who knows what's going on. it's mike pence. vice president-elect. you know where he was last night? monday night football. he was actually in the owners box with woody johnson who it is rumored could be the next ambassador to the united kingdom. >> and he watches fox news. i've met him before. >> any jet fan cannot be happy this morning. >> not doing well. where's joel? >> he left. >> he's still mad about the
4:34 am
game. 27 minutes before the top of the hour, sebastian bach in a memo but now it's time for the news. >> that's a hard one to follow. good morning, everybody. breaking news this morning and it's a serious story to bring you right now. murder charges could soon be on the table for whoever caused that horrific fire at that warehouse turned nightclub in oelk, california, on friday night. as of early this morning, 36 bodies have been recovered from the smoldering ruins there and more people are still missing. the couple who own that building, derek al aniya, he posted on facebook not over the loss of life but over his material possessions. this morning, that couple is speaking out saying that's not fair. listen. >> do i take blame or responsibility for this? >> we've done everything that we possibly could afford to do. a lot of people have turned
4:35 am
their backs on us. >> most expressly the landlord. >> a single staircase made of wooden pallets, no sprinkler system. 86-year-old building became a death trap. crews are still looking for what caused the fire. first, they walked out demanding a sanctuary campus to protect illegals. now students at george washington university in d.c. with telling campus reform that they want sanctuary from student loan debt and also final exams. >> it's been really stressful after the trump election. it's hard to focus on your studies. >> they want school officials to ignore under age drinking laws. they could be safer if they could drink without breaking the law. and louisville's basketball coach calling out the team's
4:36 am
epic hustle. he blamed it on a bigger problem. emp gets a trophy. >> what's that teach you kids? it's okay to lose and unfortunately it's our society. it's what we're building for and it's not just in basketball. it's in life. you know, everybody thinks they should get a job. no, it's not the way it works. unfortunately, that's what we are preparing for. because you finish fifth, you walk home with this nice trophy, parents are all excited. no. i mean, not to be too blunt but you are a loser. >> what a message there. the team got his message and won its next game in overtime. got to love coaches. it sounds like something your coach dad would say too. >> he would agree with him. >> but he would never call you a loser. >> i don't know. he would tell me, ainsley, you are not very good at this sport.
4:37 am
you got to pick another one. >> thank you, heather. he's the front guy of legendary 80s rock band skid row. ♪ >> also a regular on broadway and on television, and now sebastian bach is telling all in a new book, "18 and life on skid row." he joins us live right now with his book and sitting right next to him is somebody who grew up as a fan. >> a huge fan. i was a classic rock deejay we played skid row. i was born in toronto. this is 120 kilometers from
4:38 am
pet peter boreo. >> how about you do it? >> i woke up to the sound of pouring rain. >> i can't ruin that. i'm not going to ruin that. >> it's 7:37 in the morning. >> and you look great. you look amazing. >> we just played mexico city two nights ago. we've done 40 shows in the last two months in seven countries. >> where do you get the time to write this? >> i've been working on this for four years. >> four years! >> yeah. a lot of words. it's very thick. as you can see. >> you said that you wrote every word of this. a lot of authors get people to write the book for them. >> right. >> but you sat down and actually wrote everything? >> well, you know, i wasn't really interested in somebody else's account of like 30 years ago because a lot of stories in here are from 30 years ago. >> is it true that the reason you are a star today is because bon jovi's parents saw you somewhere. >> well, kinda. >> explain that.
4:39 am
>> i went to a wedding at the mali picture in. i got up and took over the wedding band with a guy named zach wild and mr. bonjovi invited me over to his table and said my son is a friend who is looking for a singer and we think you would be a good singer. >> and what was that? >> that was skid row, and i join the band. that was 1987, and you know, people say, you know, it took a long time for us to make it, but it actually took two weeks. i've used at that one before. >> you are very open about the things that you've done in the past and your drugs in particular. did that -- and you talk about who you did drugs with. have you heard from any of those folks and are they upset with you? >> no, but the book comes out today and it's only 7:30 in the morning. >> it's number one in amazon.
4:40 am
>> number one in the rock and roll category. we'll take it. >> so many rock and rollers doing great with books. springsteen, slash. keith richards. >> like my favorite one. i love that book. >> how did he was the most lucid well written book? how does that work? >> what is the juiciest tidbit from your book that people would never expect? >> well, it's 450 pages. >> here's the juiciest picture. >> this is a picture of me about a million years ago. i don't know if i can still fit in those. >> you still have those pants? >> probably in the basement unless they got wrecked in the flood. >> from iron -- irene. >> i have two boys and i would love for them to be in the choir and that's how you started singing in the choir. >> yes. absolutely. that is how i started singing
4:41 am
and i have kids as well and when i try to find a church choir for my kids, i couldn't find one like the one i was in when i was a kid. the ones that i found are like around holidays and christmas and stuff which is great, but when i was a kid in the 70s, we were like in church choirs, and we would be there tuesday and thursday in our gown and our dress shoes. >> you need to put out christmas carols. >> it's going to be classical. >> janice, don't wash your hands. vice president-elect mike pence is up here with an update with the transitions and the hunt for a secretary of state. recounts and protests, democrats won't give up fighting the results of the election. our next guest is a democrat and he says he's embarrassed.
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
since donald trump's election, democrats have been trying to discredit how he ran his campaign. for example. >> if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me as brilliant tack technician, i am glad to have lost. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supreme sifts had a platform? you are going to look me in the face and tell me that. >> it did, kellyanne, it did. brian dean wright joins us right now. former cia guy. what really put you over the
4:46 am
top? >> my party protested when a thousand people were able to keep their jobs right before christmas. that doesn't make any sense to anybody, first of all, from a political perspective, why would you oppose that? fresh polling showed the obvious. we needed a pole to say a thousand people keeping their jobs is a good thing. these are people who have been struggling, rust belt and north carolinans. >> trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the united states. why? because he has signaled to corporate america that thect threaten to off shore jobs in exchange for business friendly tax benefits and incentives. i thought most part 90% of america would be there but it wasn't. let's look at the big picture. i remember the republicans lost a second presidential election
4:47 am
and they did an autopsy. they didn't protest. they did an autopsy. why aren't democrats doing an autopsy now? why are they blaming? >> because i think it sucks when you lose and it's hard to move on and for whatever reason, the party is having such a difficult time. actually i think a part of this is this. polls show overwhelmingly up to the election that we were going to win and we didn't. there's a bit of a disconnect between expectations and what actually happened and for whatever reason, that process is going to take us longer than normal and that is frustrating because the country deserves multiple parties at the table. we're not communist china, we don't have one party. we need multiple voices. >> is there hope that maybe the leadership in your party gets what you are saying, brian? >> i sure hope so, but i'm pessimistic. for the reasons that we are seeing some of this reactionary stuff, the taiwan phone call that doesn't make any sense. again, that phone call was really about trying to stand up
4:48 am
for the working class that's been hammered by this hacking by china, trade with china. we're seeing this happen over and over again and we elected pelosi, god bless her, she's done a great job for a number of years for the people in san francisco, it's time to move on. we had an election and we chose to have nancy pelosi as our leader in the house. it doesn't make any sense. >> on top of that, she sees no reason to change. she said that on sunday. thanks so much for joining us. appreciate writing that column on fox check it out. straith ahead, it was one of the corner stones of his campaign. >> repeal and replace obamacare. repeal and replace obamacare with something so much better. >> but what does that mean for you and your family? we're look noog the future of donald trump's policy next. first, on this day in 2010, pink was topping the charts with her hit song "raise your glass." can i hear it?
4:49 am
can you make it louder? ♪ ♪ hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's something you taught me. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. even this one loves them. you eat prunes? mhmm. it's true, feeling good starts with eating right. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit.
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4:52 am
we are going to repeal and absolutely repeal and replace obamacare. >> repeal and replace obamacare. repeal and replace obamacare with something so much better. >> we've heard it over and over. it was one of president-elect donald trump's main campaign promises, what does it mean for you, the patient, and the american? for a doctor's perspective, joining us now, radiologyist at
4:53 am
sloan kettering, joins us. what are the negatives of obamacare? >> prior to the affordable care act we were holding steady at 16% uninsured rate. since the implementation that number dropped to 10%. as 20 million americans now are newly covered by insurance companies, we're finding very quickly that we're ill equipped to deal with this work burden as well as the financial burden that is put on us. we're finding businesses are needing to hire fewer people to offset what they are having to deal with the aca costs. we're in the midst of a physician shortage crisis and physician burn-out is at an all-time high. >> doctors don't want to go through the process of going through medical school because thr not making as much money because of things like obamacare. >> there are several reasons. some of it is 20 million newly insured people, means 20 million new patients coming through the doors.
4:54 am
we're already at a 20,000 physician deficit. it's been projected that this number will quinn it uple. >> from a doctor's perspective, what's the message you want to tell donald trump if he's watching this morning and he does watch our program. what would you like to see change? why replace first of all? >> replacing obamacare is not something that can be done overnight with a sledge hammer. we need the fine precision with a scalpel in order to make it successful. we need to focus on the strengths that the aca has provided us, increased coverage, inclusion of patients with preexisting conditions and keeping our children on health care plans until the age of 26. these are extremely hefty provisions to keep. they are financially burden some. we need to increase state
4:55 am
exchanges. we need to decrease federal mandates in an effort to increase health care innovation. >> what are the kenks your patients? >> our patients are seeing less face time with physicians. they are having to go to more mid level providers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, which are huge aspects of health care and are vital to us. patients are not seeing their doctor anymore. they don't know who their physician is. the they have the huge opportunity to increase care and control costs. >> is there a solution? >> we'll see. >> any advice that you have for our congressmen that are watching. >> i truly believe including doctors in the discussion, which is already taking place with having price involved, is an extremely important strategy. >> good deal. thank you so much. we wish you all the best. no more waiting, no more wondering, no more sleepless
4:56 am
nights staring up at the stars, vice president joe bodien made up his mind for 2020. first, vice president-elect mike pence is here. we're going to get an update on the hunt for a secretary of state and much more coming up next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. good tuesday morning to you and your family. it is december 6th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. targeted as a first responder, a firefighter is shot at a house fire. the breaking details just in. >> meanwhile, another busy day of high profile meetings over at trump tower as the president-elect finalizes his cabinet. can we expect another surprise guest like yesterday when, yep, that's al gore. what's he doing over there? mike pence joins us live in 90 seconds to spill some beans on what's happening behind the scenes. and comedian tim alan takes on microaggressions and all those sensitive people on
5:00 am
college campuses. >> i know what's microaggressions. it's the latest liberal attack on free speech and a lot of fun if you do them right. >> goes on. no feelings hurt here. your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. ♪ >> we could show you a still of vice president-elect mike pence or we could show you the vice president-elect. he's actually in the building and will be on our couch in minutes. >> and also with laura ingraham, she's going to be with us today. she has a meeting with donald trump. >> dean cain is going to join us and we're going to talk about celebrities and their weaning influence on all of us. >> first at 8:00, here in new york city, waiting for heather, there she is, heather, it's time for the news. certainly. good morning to all of you. let's start out with a fox news
5:01 am
alert right now. there's a very serious manhunt underway. a firefighter was shot in an ambush attack in ohio. a gunman shooting at a fire truck as it left the scene of an emergency in youngstown late last night. one firefighter was hit in the leg but is expected to be okay. right now, police believe that this was a targeted attack. that suspect is still on the run. we'll keep you posted as this story develops. terrifying moments overnight at an annual christmas parade when bullets start flying, hitting two people and sending parents and young children running for their lives. witnesses in sanford, north carolina, describing that scene as pure chaos. chilling video showing a little boy watching as the parade sirens -- as sirens -- police sirens fill the air. [ sirens ] >> one victim is in critical condition at this hour. the second victim is expected to be okay.
5:02 am
police arresting this man. they do not believe the shooting was random. commuters on high alert right now amid a threat to blow-up a train station. the target, universal city metro station in los angeles, and that is just steps from universal studios theme park. the fbi describing that threat as specific and imminent. a man calling in a tip from an undisclosed location overseas warning of a potential bombing today. security now stepped up with armed police, k-9 units and random bag searches. and donald trump hasn't even moved into the white house yet but joe biden leaving the door open to come back as 2020 as -- running for president? well the vice president talking to a small group of reporter last night, said, yeah, i'm, i'm going to run in 2020 for president. what the hell, man. #biden 2020. what do you think about that? and those are your headlines.
5:03 am
>> that's what do you think of joe biden yesterday? was that a joke about 2020 or is he serious? >> you'll have to ask him, of course. i can tell you our focus right now is on taking the election victory of november 8th and putting together a team and putting together an agenda to make america great again. >> are you like we just finished this? can we just breathe before we think of 2020? >> yeah. >> it's been quite a year. the white house has factored into something you are dealing in. the president-elect's decision to take the call from the taiwanese leader, the democracy of that island. that caused consternation. do you regret having the president-elect take that call and was it planned all along to reestablish some type of relations with taiwan? >> well, no regret whatsoever. this was a call of
5:04 am
congratulations and it was a courtesy. the president-elect was fully aware of the one china policy. he's also very aware that the united states has sold billions of dollars in arms to taiwan. we have a unique relationship with that country that's been he defined over the decades since we reopened relations with the people's republic of china. i think he fell it would be rude not to take the call. he did it. he accepted it as a courtesy and -- but i can tell you that -- >> are you -- sending a message, mr. vice president? >> you would have to ask president-elect if he was sending a message in taking the call. >> what would the mainstream media would be saying? it would be why didn't he take the call, we're offending another country. >> i think ainsley what you have in president-elect donald trump is someone who clearly -- he's spoken to more than 50 world leaders even while assembling a cabinet and a legislative agenda
5:05 am
turning this economy around and rebuild our military. in each of those, he's projecting and i think the world is responding to the fact that president-elect donald trump is prepared to reengage the world on behalf of america's interests and putting america first. >> did you like the message that's sent that things are going to be different? >> new sheriff in town? am i correct in that? >> well, i think with regard to the world at large, i think what donald trump is going to bring to the world stage and he's already brought to these early diplomatic contacts is just -- it's a message of engagement, but it's a message of engagement putting america first, and, you know, the tweets that he expressed later, there are issues between the united states and china, the south china sea, the deal with north korea, the deal with trade. all of those will wait until after january 20th. >> and let's switch gears and talk about secretary of state.
5:06 am
last week we thought it was going to be mitt romney. they were down to four last week. now, we're learning you guys are interviewing more people. does that lead us to believe that you are not happy with the four people that we got on the list last week? >> oh, no, i wouldn't interpret that at all. i think what you are witnessing in the secretary of state -- which is -- that decision is obviously getting considerable amount of time -- attention, what i can tell you the president-elect is doing in all of these cabinet positions, and critical appointments in the administration, is taking the time to meet with men and women of extraordinary caliber and background so that in his words, i hear him saying it more than anything else, we want that person who will be best for the country, and he's putting the interest of the nation first. he's going to listen to -- on an ongoing basis, a broad range of counsellors and candidates. i'm confident he's going to choose a secretary of state that's going to be to carry the trump agenda of putting america
5:07 am
first on the world stage. there are a lot of people who call up say i would be interested in the job, and now suddenly as your team are being formed, people are going, hey, i would like to be in on this? ge phone calls? >> we started getting those calls the day after the election. my phone continues to ring off the hook. i'm humbled to be the chair of the transition, but we've seen men and women across the country in public like and -- life and private life who recognize the opportunity that we really have to have america standing call again and get the economy moving again and they want to be a part of that and the enthusiasm is palpable. >> speaking of phone calls, the story about carrier and how you were able to save those jobs, you did a lot of phone call work? >> well, we did a little bit, but it was mostly clean up. it's easy to score a touchdown when you find yourself on the five yard line. what happened with the
5:08 am
president-elect was last february, as governor of indiana, i learned that carrier had decided to pull up stakes and go to mexico. i immediately met with them in early march. i had them come into my office and said could we put together an incentive package and maybe make it more possible to keep those jobs. >> they said no to the same deal. >> they said don't even put a deal together. they said we're gone. we're going to mexico. we're taking thousands of jobs south of the border and here what's been most inspiring to millions of americans is that less than a week after this historic election, with a transition launch, developing a legislative agenda, putting together a cabinet, you still had in our president-elect someone who picked up the phone and reached out one american to another, to the leadership of that country, and he said, look, we're going to cut taxes on businesses and individuals. we're going to roll back the regulations that are driving companies like yours out of our country. we're going to renegotiate natfa in ways to put american jobs and american workers first and he
5:09 am
asked very respectfully, would you be able to reconsider your decision to go and because of donald trump's leadership and initiative, more than a thousand hoosiers now will have jobs going forward. >> that is great especially for the people that have jobs on christmas, thanksgiving. you can't put a dollar figure on that. are you concerned you are going to have to cut special deals with other companies? are they going to say i want that deal that you cut with carrier? >> the state of indiana has a great track record. >> the country. >> what president-elect is talking about is making america more competitive for every -- for every business in this country large and small. and that involves lowering taxes, repealing, rolling back regulations, reappealing obamacare, but it also involves renegotiating agreements, natfa, getting out of tpp, and that applies to everyone. states very routinely offer
5:10 am
incentives. >> sure. >> it's part of the process, but what the president-elect is talking about is improving the conditions for manufacturing and for jobs in america and improving the deals, these bad trade deals we've been in for a long time. >> that company in indiana, 300 jobs are going to be loss for rexnor. >> the president-elect has made it clear is that his message is consistent. we want companies that under the weight of the tax increases of the boem years, when i met with carrier last march, they told me they had faced more than 50 new rules and regulations coming out of washington, d.c. just in the last two years, and that plus obamacare, plus the advantages that manufacturers have had leaving the country under the trade deals that we have, this
5:11 am
message consistently to companies -- >> you have a lot of work to do. >> times are changing and put american jobs and american growing first and we're going to carry that message to every company. >> how about ben carson? high did you decide to choose him as housing and urban development secretary? >> well, well, the president-elect's decision to put dr. carson in as housing and urban development secretary is one i think we're all very excited about. one of the most resonant messages on the campaign trail was to minority communities in our major cities, he says what do you have to lose? unsafe streets. >> nancy pelosi says he's unqualified. >> well -- >> the guy is a brain surgeon. >> he's a smart guy. >> he's a brilliant man. he's an extraordinarily humble man. he grew up in detroit.
5:12 am
he grew up in an urban environment and built a life story that's been an inspiration to millions of americans. he's going to lead that agency with integrity, with great distinction. i think what the president-elect saw in ben carson in leading hud is someone who is going to be able to carry that aspirational message to every community in this country and create the kind of vision particularly for renewing our cities that the president-elect articulated in the campaign. >> governor, yesterday, while you were at trump tower, al gore visited with ivanka and wound up meeting with donald trump. what is going on there? is he suddenly all about global warming? >> i'll leave it to the president-elect for his opinion. >> what did you hear in the hall? >> i know former secretary of state henry kissinger and
5:13 am
meeting up with the team today and what you are seeing in the president-elect's efforts is a recognition that he wants to be president of all of the people of america and i think his sitting down with a former vice president, hearing him out, and frankly, as vice president gore said afterward looking for any common ground particularly in the area of conservation was reported that came up. i think it's emblem attic of what people are seeing in president-elect donald trump is what i've seen all along. >> it's all ears. he's listening. >> he's got firm convictions. he knows where he wants to take this country but he's someone who wants to listen to everyone, but i can assure you that as we go forward you are going to continue to see the strong leadership he articulated. >> pushback today from kevin mccarthy and speaker ryan about the 35% tariff. how are you going to handle that? >> we're going to do fundamental tax reform this spring. we're going to lower taxes across the board for individuals and for businesses and that will
5:14 am
follow on the heel of months of regulatory reform. what the president-elect has said about the issue of tariffs is very clear. he said look we're going to improve the environment for manufacturing jobs in this country by rolling back taxes, regulation, repealing, replacing obamacare, we're going to renegotiate natfa, we're going to take away the advantages that companies have had for decades to take jobs out of the united states, build and create things outside the country and sell them back in here. we're going to look to level that playing field, and i look forward to working with members of congress to advance the president-elect's agenda. >> we appreciate you coming in. >> merry christmas. >> yeah. >> hope to see you again. >> all right. still ahead, laura ingraham is here. she's meeting with you guys, today. we'll ask her what she intends to talk to you about. and jeb wush has -- jeb bush
5:15 am
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jill stein is going through with her recount effort. >> in those three states that she only got 1% of the vote she's raised more money trying to get this recount off the ground than she ever did running for president. >> how crazy is that. while al gore was inside and kissinger was inside, jill stein was outside, and she was talking in a circle. we don't quite understand what she was saying. we don't quite understand her recount, nonetheless, here she is. [ no audio ] >> the outcome will be different? >> i think the outcome will be very different in the minds of americans. the outcome will be that we have an election system that we can trust. that is our first and foremost intention here. we don't know and i think it would be unfair to raise expectations that the outcome is
5:20 am
going to change. that's not our intent. >> can you imagine calling for a recount knowing the outcome won't change? it's fundamentally a waste of time. >> she says she's got the right, which is absolutely true, but there's absolutely no evidence that the machines were hacked and she said it's all about the reliability of the voting machine, in allegheny county in pennsylvania yesterday, they had a test of the second largest most populous county in pennsylvania, the results were exactly what they were on election. >> how about new hampshire where hillary clinton barely won by a few thousands of votes? >> how about all the tens of thousands votes that jill stein instead of hillary clinton. when you think about it, hillary clinton probably lost the election because of jill stein. >> well, it's just a waste of time and the results are not going to change so i don't understand the point. ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner are house hunting now. carly him can you say tells
5:21 am
us -- shimkus tells us where next. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. quick headlines now. is vladimir putin about to ride off shirtless into the sunset? russia's president hinting at his possible retirement. he's dreaming about ending his career and going traveling. he's up for reelection in 2018. he should get 99.9% of the vote. and jeb bush has a new job. >> please clap. >> yep. the former gop presidential candidate is now a special adviser to a florida lobbying firm. clients include state farm universal and draft kings. we'll see if he will ever walk into trump tower. meanwhile, speaking of the trumps, the president-elect may not be the only trump moving to our nation's capital.
5:25 am
>> ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner reportedly house hunting in the capital city. >> here with more, carly shimkus. >> ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner are reportedly going to move down to d.c. of course, this raises speculation as to what their role would be once donald trump takes office. it could be possible that ivank similar to a first lady once he takes office. >> but the worry is that if she is running the business, but still advising her husband and her father. >> there's going to be a strange gray area. she's already said they are going to need hash out especially in her fashion brand as well. >> they could live at the hotel. she has a spa there. >> what's going on with tim allen?
5:26 am
>> well, he is blasting microaggressions on his show the "last man standing." he was going over a speech that he was going to give his daughter on the show. she said no, no, you can't say any of that stuff because everything in your speech is going to offend my classmates. >> the faculty committee needs to approve it after she check for microaggressions. >> microaggressions you mean like midget warriors? >> no, objectionable words or phrases. for instance, midget warriors. >> i know what they are. liberal attack of free speech and a lot of fun if you do them right. >> america is a land of tun. i stand before you -- >> stop. by saying that america is a land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities. >> i'm not implying it. i'm saying it. if you live here, you work hard, you can succeed. that's how too. it hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don't succeed.
5:27 am
>> so this is funny but it is also 100% reality. clark university in massachusetts are teaching students you can't say you guys anymore because it could offend women. >> we're getting to the point where you really can't say anything. >> you can't say anything. >> just sit quietly and nod. >> you can't text anything, you can't email anything, you can't say anything, all of our heads are going to explode. >> you can't wear any halloween costumes either. >> you can't make it up. >> wings which were in attendance at the big victoria secret fashion show. where was it? >> paris. lady gaga, she wore these massive heels. how she wears them? i don't know. adriana stole the show. one of the angels wore a $3 million bra. joanne tweets, the heels, the wing, the strut!
5:28 am
lady gaga owned the victoria secret fashion show in those 10-inch heels. >> they are stilts. >> another tweet from andre, today's lesson how to slay the catwalk by lady gaga. and then another person wrote ariana lima invented walking. >> i don't know that everyone would agree that lady gaga stole the show. >> are those shoes now available at victoria secret? >> i don't know if there are any buyers for those shoes. they sell shoes now? they don't sell bathing suits. >> one of the biggest stories is the fact that they don't come on "fox & friends" anymore. when was the last time we had those models on? >> a couple months ago. >> they will be back. if you are a victoria secret model and you haven't been on for a while, please write us or text us. >> you are so sad.
5:29 am
>> give brian your phone number. >> they used to be regs. >> they used to give you their phone number. >> who needs a victoria secret angel when you got ainsley. >> no. still ahead on this tuesday, laura ingraham is here. she's meeting with president-elect donald trump today. what are they going to talk about? we'll ask her on the couch next. and we'll introduce you to a a group who wants you to skip church. boy, did you respond. that story just in the nick of time. thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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5:33 am
which is going to be quite a surprise when he finally wakes up. >> jimmy kimmel last night and joining us right here on the couch, laura ingraham. >> oh, that's so funny. >> boy, is that funny? >> suggesting low energy. >> who is writing these jokes over there? >> oh, my gosh. they got to up the ante. >> the democrats are aflame that ben carson is not qualified to run the department of housing and urban development but at the same time i've gotten a million emails to ask what was obama qualified to do? >> we did the burger runs with brian williams. president-elect is going for a burger run. so, i think look, most americans know there is really not going to be usually an objective attempt to cover at least this period of the trump transition and we're going to see more of that same type of coverage going
5:34 am
forward. eyes wide open. >> today, the roster of people going into, for the viewers. >> do tell. >> to meet at trump tower is going to be iowa governor terry bra brandstad. >> wiem looking for ward to having a conversation. there is no agenda. i think obviously my name has been bandied about for press secretary and it's a great privilege to even be considered. it sounds kind of sassy, but i mean that. a lot of qualified people out there. i tangle with these issues every day and as you do brian, three hours a day, i've been doing my radio show for 15 years, and i've kind of broke the glass ceiling in political talk radio for women and it's been a great -- i've had a great ride. >> would it be a tough decision for you? >> well, i think every new stage
5:35 am
in your life, if this ends up being a new stage in life, you have to think about everything, your family, your children. i'm a single mom of three kids. 11, 8, and 6. >> god bless you. >> and they are my life. they are my life. so there are a lot of considerations, but, you know, i talked to someone over the weekend who you all would know and i said if this opportunity presented itself, and he said sometimes it's really good to change up your life a little bit. give it a little jolt. give it a couple of paddles on the side and change things up a little bit and sometimes if your country calls you, god opens that door, you have to really seriously consider it and where there's a will, there's a way and god does -- i prayed about a lot over the last couple of years, especially with our country and if i can really help, then it's hard to say no so that, if i can be a great help, which i think i could. >> the guy who has got the job right now, josh earnest yesterday was asked by the assembled press corps at the white house what do you make of
5:36 am
donald trump picking up the phone, taking the congratulate call from the president of taiwan? he essentially said yeah, we don't know what he's doing, but we fixed it. we made it clear to china. one china. big china. not the little one. >> the taiwan relations act which has been reaffirm in congress now for decades requires us to be a strong and powerful ally of taiwan. they are a democratic country. we could potentially, you know, have to defend them militarily, and there's bipartisan support for that on capitol hill. always has been. the idea that donald trump cannot take a call without checking in with beijing or josh earnest is prepos terous. i think we're seeing a change. it's a reorientation of america's place in the world and i think frankly people should be happy that we have a president, president-elect who's going to say we're looking out for our
5:37 am
interests first and that of our allies. we're not going to be on our heels because china is upset about something. we're not going to be overly aggressive or throw ourselves into some military conflict without true consideration. >> you could take this job tomorrow and be able do it because you know the issues so well. anyone who hears you on this couch, see you do a show, listen to your radio show knows that. when you look at others who have done it, who do you look at it and say that's the man to -- way to do it. >> people have different strengths. most people in that job have complimented the position well. i mean, dana perino sent me great advice. tony snow was a friend of mine. one of my first lunches i ever had in the reagan whous was with tony snow. to see him through his career, his grace, poise, and stepping
5:38 am
that job in the white house at the worse time, he remains an inspiration to me. he was a great father, a great family man, so tony is, you know, he remains a light. i think about him a lot. i think tony. also, i think mike mccurry did a great job in a very difficult time for his boss and he's someone who is an old friend of mine as well. so both of those -- i don't want to leave anyone out but those two i've known for a long time and i look at them. >> there's this atheist groups, we had one of representatives on at the beginning of show. our viewers have written in all morning long. his name is nick fish. they are putting up these billboards, these signs. >> that again. >> they do that every year. >> make christmas great again, skip church. here he is from earlier on our show and we'll get your reaction. >> what we're doing is reaching out to people in these communities who feel pressured to go to church who don't
5:39 am
believe in the religious component of things. we want people to know in those communities who feel alone that they are not. i'm not telling christians not to go to church. i want to tell people who no longer christians, people who don't believe anymore, they don't need to go to church. i want to help people and donate no charities. >> every year, they buy billboards to get this conversation started. >> like christmas carolling and watching the rockettes, this is the annual tradition of the atheists. i feel for bad for them. there's no one more doingmatic at christmastime than an atheist who claims to be worried about being pressured to go to church. i think there are more churches
5:40 am
across the country who want people in the pews. more than anything, i think they are trying to get attention. the spirit of the season is so powerful. i love christmas. i love the lead up to christmas and i want everyone to be reminded that the 12 days of christmas start on christmas and go all the way to the epif yaen, carnival season in new orleans all the way to lent. this is the christmas season. people should be filled with joy. the atheists want to push nonbelief on people, much more than most christians that i know are trying to push there. it's dogmatic. >> it's weird to tell people to stay home. >> again, i think most americans today feel very hopeful at christmastime. i know some people are upset about trump and i get that. a lot of people were upset in 2008 when barack obama won, but this time of year, on christmas eve when everything stops and there really is a hush, isn't it
5:41 am
nice? i was talking, i was at a 35th high school reunion which was hilarious, we are all talking, remember growing up without scree screens, where we could develop friendships. i had seven kids. >> we grew up without phones. we actually had real friendships, real conversations. i think that gets harder but on christmas eve and on this period of time, i find there's a lot of hope, so that kind of takes away from that a little bit and i say to my kids, if someone makes fun of you for being christian. tell them i understand your view and i'm going to pray for you. that's what we're called to do. you pray for people. >> i told him i feel like the church has failed you. i love to go to church. i wish you felt the same way. >> a lot of folks have been hurt by someone or something and i say who hurt you, and darn for
5:42 am
them having done that to you. i don't want to sound too mawled lynn about it. >> laura, good luck today. >> thanks. >> we'll be watching you get on the elevator. you might have noticed that the election is turning celebrities into political experts. >> there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he's going to do. not one single thing. >> we already know that's not true with the carrier deal, right. well, super man actor dean cain reacts. and we're sending steve outside. he wants to get people's picks for time magazine's person of the year. >> doos is on the loose. for lower back pain sufferers
5:43 am
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5:46 am
time magazine is less than 24 hours from revealing its person of the year and steve just got his hands on the list of contenders. >> yep.
5:47 am
>> and he's live outside. >> that's right, ainsley, thank you very much. the usual suspects on person of the year. you got putin, hillary, that guy who runs facebook, the new president, beyonce, simone biles, nigel farad. >> what is your name? >> i'm hailey morgan. >> from are you? >> georgia. >> who do you think would be man of the year? >> nobody but trump. >> is there anything who has a non-trump suggestion for person of the year? >> this could be the longest segment ever. what's your name? >> alley. >> had you ever heard of time magazine? >> no. >> okay. that's right. it used to be popular back when they used to do real journalism but every year they put a picture of the most important
5:48 am
person on the cover at the end of the year. who is the most important this year to you? >> my grandfather. >> where did he go? this is the grandfather. what's your name? >> bruce. >> bruce, what's it like being nominated for a cover of the man of the year? >> very unique. >> all right. what do you do? where are you from? >> i'm from dallas, georgia, and i run an event center called indigo falls. >> as person of the year, what has been your greatest achievement this year? >> having that little girl as my best buddy. >> i got a feeling who you would suggest for person of the year? >> i would suggest myself mark matthew out of florida. >> ladies and gentlemen, thawnch very much. give yourselves a round of applause. nice folks out here. ainsley, you are our person of the year. >> you are sweet. thank you, steve. coming up, you might have noticed the election is suddenly
5:49 am
turning celebrities into political experts. >> see there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he's going to do. not one single thing. >> okay. sally, that's actually not true. look at the carrier deal. and we have super man actor dean cain and he's going to react to the wave of political activism in hollywood. first we check with martha. >> we're talking about the terror threat that's going said to be imminent in los angeles and will barack obama pardon bowe bergdahl before he leaves the house. is ivanka trump leaving new york and what role will chef in the new white house? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. is kiester,
5:50 am
then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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5:53 am
if you look at his past, if you look at his history, there's no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he's going to do. not one single thing. [ cheers and applause ] >> he has shown to be everything that he accuses and has accused hillary clinton of being. it is now evident he is all of those things. every single thing that he accused her of. >> actress sally field who apparently voted for hillary clinton having tough time coming to terms with donald trump being elected. >> is this the beginning of a wave of political activism in hollywood? >> or is it the end? >> joining us now is dean cain.
5:54 am
does her rant surprise you? >> i'm not surprised in any way, shape, or form. i'm surprised she joined twitter. that's kind of fun. her rant doesn't surprise me at all. she started yelling hillary clinton won the popular vote, et cetera, et cetera. i think sally field needs to take a civics class and learn what the electorate college is. we're a constitutional republic and she needs to figure that out. >> madonna is blaming women for trump winning. she says it feels like women betrayed us. women hate women. that's what i think it is. women's nature is not to support other women. it's really sad. >> wow. you know, here's the thing, i applaud people getting involved in politics, get out there, get informed, vote. but be careful about the things you say and vilifying the other
5:55 am
side because it can come back to bite you and when you want to have a cogent argument, that's fine, that's one thing. but a lot of these folks are out there shouting down opponents and talking down to other people and that very much can back fire. i think mark wahlberg said it well, hollywood should shut up about politics. >> it goes to show you that people aren't listening to that anyway. they might buy your cd or watch your movie but you don't put on their table. you don't pay their bills. so is hollywood, dean, becoming irrelevant when it comes to endorsing political candidates? [ laughter ] . i think hollywood has always sort of been irrelevant when comes to endorsing political candidates. people want to go out there and have their piece. be informed and don't shout down the other side and one thing you cannot do is tell people how they should vote. i mean, put your big boy pants on and say, okay, here's what i
5:56 am
believe and here's why and when the rest of the country or half the country doesn't agree, you know, you need to take that on the chin and maybe listen to their argument a little bit. >> get over it. trump won. hello, hollywood. >> dean cain, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> he's got a movie coming out too. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪
5:57 am
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> well, five minutes ago donald trump started tweeting and this is what he wrote. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents. costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel the order.
6:00 am
donald trump says, to boeing. that's interesting. >> wow. already got a plane. >> wants to go to jacksonville on friday. i will be there. 25 wounded warriors signed up. bill: get to the fox news alert. what officials are calling imminent threat in los angeles. police have stepped up security after a tip about a possible terror attack near a very popular tourist spot. so the news breaking overnight. we're running it down today to find out what you need to know. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. live in "america's newsroom." >> good morning, bill. i'm martha maccallum. good morning everybody. security is very tight at universal city train station,ç that is steps from universal studios which everybody is familiar with. citywalk area. a lot of clubs and restaurants and shops around there. they're walking -- watching it


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