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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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donald trump says, to boeing. that's interesting. >> wow. already got a plane. >> wants to go to jacksonville on friday. i will be there. 25 wounded warriors signed up. bill: get to the fox news alert. what officials are calling imminent threat in los angeles. police have stepped up security after a tip about a possible terror attack near a very popular tourist spot. so the news breaking overnight. we're running it down today to find out what you need to know. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. live in "america's newsroom." >> good morning, bill. i'm martha maccallum. good morning everybody. security is very tight at universal city train station,ç that is steps from universal studios which everybody is familiar with. citywalk area. a lot of clubs and restaurants and shops around there. they're walking -- watching it closely.
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bill: police short on details but mayor's office in l.a. says all necessary precautions are being taken. >> we do have specific information. we're requiring to determine whether it's a credible threat at this point. i don't think we can say it is credible. but with abundance of caution we want to make sure we have a posture to protect our people in los angeles. bill: in los angeles, jonathan hunt is there. what precautions are you seeing being taken there? reporter: bill, a very obvious display of force this morning. a very obvious display of security at universal studios metro station. you can see behind me, there are heavily armed sheriff's deputies. they have tables set up as rush hour gets underway here, where they're performing bag checks for anybody going into this particular metro station. so it is very obvious. police chief, charlie beck here in l.a., says that the message to commuters is the same as ityr
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business but be vigilant. listen here to charlie beck. >> if you see something, say something. you are the eyes and ears of law enforcement. public safety is my profession but it is everybody's business. reporter: something like 145,000 people ride this particular rail line every day and all officials here in l.a. are saying that they should continue to do that. they should not be cowed by the threat of terrorism, whether there is a real threat or whether it's a hoax, bill. bill: how much are they giving you in terms of description about this threat, jonathan? reporter: well the fbi is taking the lead on that part of this situation and they're not telling us much. what we know is this, bill. that the threat came in to a tip line set up in a foreign country. the fbi is not selling us which foreign country. we know the speaker was a man. that he spoke in english. that he specifically identified this metro station.
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he specifically said a bombing and he specifically said it would happen today. beyond that, the fbi isn't saying much, other than, they are prepared. listen here. >> we feel confident that we have law enforcement in place to be able to identify anything that we feel is specific to this threat. but we ask all of you, for the public to be a part of this solution and it's better to call on something that seems suspicious and let us vet it out. reporter: this heavy security posture will remain in place all day, bill. bill: thank you, jonathan hunt in los angeles. martha: another big story, the fire in oakland and we're getting some new details about that this morning at this news conference. let's listen in. >> we have 26 families that have been notified. we have nine tentative i.d.s and we have one doe remaining that needs to be notified.
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please allow me toç introduce oakland fire department battalion chief who will update you on operations that took place last night and early this morning. >> good morning. so, as you recall yesterday we were forced to suspend recovery operations in the interior due to the instability of the structure. working throughout the day yesterday and last night, we were able to remove the parapet wall that was presenting the greatest danger and then we were also able to put in some shoring to stablize some of the flooring areas. this morning, at 2:20 we went back in and resumed recovery operations. at this time we've been able to search through the building and clear approximately 85% of the building right now. we'll be continuing that throughout the day. there is one corner that remains unstable and then, that's
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another thing we'll be doing throughout the day today, stablizing that corner so we can search that last section. >> i'd like to update our citizens in our community regarding the pg&e planned power outage. the currently the power is still off in this specific area. they are anticipating that the power will be returned by maybe 8:00 a.m. but right now, safety is paramount. so the power will remain off while the crain and heavy equipment is here, still processing the scene -- crane. i would like to call in my partner, public information officer marco marquez. we would like -- martha: you just heard, 26 of the 36 families have been notified. they're working to notify the others. the building known as the ghost ship, was an old cluttered
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warehouse that was converted into illegal living spaces. the warehouse manager has been underfire on all this, speaking out on "the today show" and getting emotional about questions of safety and who should be held responsible. >> i am only here to say one thing, that i am incredibly sorry. everything i did was to make it a stronger and beautiful community. people didn't walk through the doors because of a horrible place. did i know there would be a fire, did i remove my children from the space and get a hotel because i wanted to avoid this, because i wanted to task blame on other people, no. i wanted to get a good night's sleep with my children. young people will do needed to do. i will not answer the questions way you're presenting them. i'm not a horrible man. i'm a proud man. no, i will not answer questions. i would rather get on the floor be trampled by the parents. i would rather let them tear my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions.
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bill: that was a gripping thing to watch this morning especially as it played out live. perhaps more advisable not to be talking right now until the grieving can fully set in. martha: will be facing a lot of questions whether he wants to or not of that nature about the permits that were never secured for that building according to reports that we have. a lot more to come. bill: better for his -- martha: all those families affected. bill: better for buildij owner and attorneys to handle this. that was not a wise move. we'll talk to the judge later this morning for the potential of criminal charges. more on that. martha: all right. this for you now as the president-elect is set to hold a second rally on the thank you tour. that is live shot this morning with trump tower of the comings and goings. he will go to day yetville, north carolina where trump's pick for secretary of defense james mattis will join him for his first public appearance.
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a sort of curious appearance, al gore walked into trump tower for his meeting. we'll see what we can find out about that peter doocy live at the trump tower. fayetteville stop, he has chosen that place to introduce general mattis in his new capacitys right? reporter: right, and picked it, martha, that is where fort bragg is, a big military town. as usual the president-elect is trying to get maximum impact with the first joint appearance with his defense secretary nominee. transition officials are saying it is like lib the retired general will say a few words to the crowd tonight. the thank you rally will be a nice to meet you rally. there will likely be a lot of attention given to defense tonight but yesterday, climate change was the talk of the tower when vice president, the former vice president al gore dropped by for a meeting with ivanka trump but ended up seeing the next president. >> the bulk of the time was with
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president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation, and, to be continued, and i'm just going to leave it at that. reporter: in the last 15 minutes or so the president-elect signaled what may be his next big fight. it will be, sounds like possibly boeing, he tweeted, boeing is building a brand new 747 air force 1 for future presidents, costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order. what else is coming today as usual the president-elect has a politically unpredictable guest list. among them ceo of exxonmobil, democrat mayor of washington, d.c., and iowa's governor, terry branstad, a republican. martha. martha: interesting mix. bill: byron york, chief political correspondent, "washington examiner," a lot to plow through. good day to you. back on the road it is north carolina. thursday it is iowa and fried it is michigan.
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you say there are signs this is working. how? >> looks a lot like the final days of the campaign. these are the swing states that put donald trump over the top but this purpose is different. he is not looking for votes. he is looking for support for his agenda. he is soon going to be president. starting to try to change the tax code, pull out of trade deals, do things on immigration, and looking for support going over the heads of any political establishment, going over the heads of the press. there is some sign that is working. we have a new poll from "politico" out this morning shows huge support for donald trump's actions in the carrier deal, suggesting we may see more things like that, him working with companies to try to keep jobs in the united states in the future. bill: so he just sent out a tweet about the construction of the next airç force 1, 747. says it will cost $4 billion. that is too much money, cancel the order. that was just out moments ago. finish this sentence, okay?
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al gore walks into trump tower. >> and he ends up meeting with the president-elect. bill: unbelievable. >> who knows. look, donald trump was elected as a different kind of republican. a republican who is less doctrineaire than some in his party. meeting with the former vice president a democrat is not a bad way to do that. vice president-elect mike pence was on "fox & friends," two men, gore and trump, tried to find common ground. not likely they will find a whole lot. i think the thing to watch about trump and climate, global warming, is his picks for energy secretary and for head of the epa. likely to come from the conservative world of people who pretty much oppose everything al gores wants to do on those issues. bill: wonder who walks in the tower today? wow. thank you, byron york, in washington with analysis. 12 minutes past. more news now. martha: so ivanka trump played a
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very prominent role in the campaign and is headed for washington according to reports. melania trump also eventually is going to move there with her son, according to the reports but for now she is in new york. so, will ivanka take on a more significant role than a traditional for a daughter? we'll take a look and talk about it, coming up. plus this. >> some of the progress that we have made in our relationship with china could be undermined by this issue flaring up. bill: mr. trump's phone call with the president of the taiwan rattling nerves in washington and in beijing. was that the goal the entire time? john bolton, the ambassador, takes it on. former house speaker newt gingrich next hour, why that call could set the call for years to come. >> if it's okay for president obama to go down and hang out with the castro dictatorship, it ought to be okay for donald trump to talk to a democracy.
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♪ >> this was a deliberate, well-thought-out, specific signal. he accept ad phone call from the freely-elected head of a democracy of 23 million people, and frankly, if it's okay for president obama to go down an hang out with the castro
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dictatorship, it ought to be okay for donald trump to talk to a democracy. bill: there is newt gingrich. you know how he feels about the call with the taiwanese president. some say the call was mistake. we learned maybe bob dole had a hand in making all this happen. wow! whatever the case it is done. john bolton former ambassador to the u.n., senior fellow american enterprise institute, fox news contributor. good day to you. over at lobby of the trump tower the other day. you'rewell-esconsed here, back to that in a moment. immediate reaction to the trump phone call if you read about it over the weekend, he doesn't know what he doing, this is big blunder, he is isn't getting briefed properly the way a president would, or should. i kind of looked at it, i don't think so. this is all intentional. >> the people who said that were same people opposed trump from the beginning so nothing new there. i can say this as somebody who had nothing to do with the
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decision, i thought it was well-thought out and well-planned and well-executed and right thing to do. i don't think it was such a big deal. it is a good step but doesn't necessarily prefigure any particular rearrangement of the u.s.,-taiwan-beijing relationship. should he have taken the call? absolutely. beijing doesn't dictate who he talks to. bill: first and foremost, north korea, what they have been doing with their nuclear program for years now. >> yeah. bill: china is the only tough hand in the neighborhood. and they have done nothing. >> nothing for 25 years. they have hosted the six-party talks. they have been a venue for conversation. but they haven't done what china uniquely can do, and that the idea that we're supposed to count on them and just let taiwan sit there and suffer alone is wrong. i think even more importantly right now, china's trying to take over the south china sea. they have declared it to be a province of china just like they continue to declare taiwan is province of china.
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would i like to stop and restrain their behavior in the province of the south china sea. so we have a number of provinces to talk to china about. bill: my feeling on the north korea thing always comes back to the following, i don't know who is watching thighs tests and collecting information. my hunch iranians have been there the whole time? >> i would be willing to bet on it. this ought to be one of the highest priorities of intelligence gathering in next admin is what the connection is with on the nuclear program and ballistic missile program. they have unique sway over north korea, supply of energy and humanitarian needs and food and hasn't exercised that power to restrain the north korea nuclear program. it is china's interest just as much as it is ours. to get them to help on the north korean threat we have to sit back on taiwan is simply wrong. bill: "wall street journal," major headline today, donald trump's message sparks anger in china?
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>> reaction of the foreign minister of china was actually more restrained an that the reaction of many commentators in this country. we have a report that fox news had yester chinese heavy bombers, bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons circled taiwan several days ago which was a provocation to say the least. so i think there's probably more here at work but i just say this, for those looking for a stable relationship between the united states and beijing, we have too long accepted the notion that bejing dictates what that relationship is going to be. that is wrong way to do it. one-china policy even if you agree with it is ambiguous. there is nothing in there that china's interpretation of the ambiguity controls and there is nothing in there that says china's decision how to operationalize the policy controls. we have a say in it too. we don't have to follow the same, exact policy for 45 years. we never committed to that.
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we made it clear that there was scope for america to change its policy and we have before as well. bill: going back to the lobby? >> well, i don't know. bill: do you have another meeting on your agenda with mr. trump right now? >> no, but you know, i think this is something that it's evolving and best to leave it unsaid. bill: thank you, sir. >> thank you. bill: john bolton here in the studio. thank you much. martha, what is next? martha: president-elect trump promised to rip up the iran nuclear deal. >> it will go down in history as one of the worst deals ever negotiated. martha: getting pushback on that now. iran's dictator speaking out. vowing that will not happen. plus, a freak accident swallow two cars. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something
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on xfinity x1. bill: president-elect donald trump conducts more meetings at trump tower, new york city mayor de blasio is calling on feds to reimburse security costs for president-elect here in new york. mayor is looking for $35 million for what city officials say total cost for providing
6:26 am
security from election day through the inauguration in january. >> i remain optimistic. i think the key individuals in the incoming administration, including the president-elect understand what a huge commitment the nypd is making. i have every reason to believe they will be sympathetic to do all they can do. bill: comes as congress is set to vote on short-term spending bill as lawmakers wrap up work for the week. martha: potential showdown is looming now as iranian president iran will not allow president-elect donald trump to rip up agreement they made with six countries in the nuclear deal. kristin fisher live in washington with latest on a this morning. kristin what exactly is he threatening to do at this point? reporter: martha, he is threatening some kind of repercussion if president-elect trump does indeed rip up the deal. what that means, we don't know. president of the iran made
6:27 am
remarks during the speech yesterday at university of tehran. he never mentioned mr. trump by name, only referred to him as some man that had been elected in the united states. but that man said repeatedly on the campaign trail, if elected his number one priority would be to dismantle the deal with iran. >> i have been in business a long time. i know deal-making and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic for america, for israel, and for the whole of the middle east. reporter: to be fair mr. trump says he has several number one priorities once he is assumes office. and he never mentioned the iran deal in that video where he laid out his agenda for his fist 100 days. this goes to show you iran is taking the campaign promise very seriously, martha. martha: what is the white house response on this so far, kristin? reporter: they haven't had a chance to respond to this most recent threat but they have responded to a separate threat from the the iranian president.
6:28 am
rouhani is threatening a swift and prompt response if president obama sign as bill that would extend some u.s. sanctions on iran by about 10 years. rouhani claims that violates the iran deal but the white house says the opposite. >> in this case because the legislation doesn't undermine the deal and not inconsistent with the agreement, the president does intend to sign it into law. reporter: and right now that bill is significant on president obama's desk. so he could sign it at anytime. martha? martha: kristin, thank you. bill: so ivanka trump played a critical role helping shape her father's campaign. how will the first daughter's role change the game in washington? hmmm. martha: some new polls, very interesting, this morning, back to talking about the battleground states here today because that is where they have changed, in terms of the attitude towards donald trump. we'll show you the numbers when we come back. >> we have a great, great cabinet i'll tell you. it is coming. wait until you see what we have next week. are we doing a good job with our
6:29 am
cabinet and our people? [cheering]
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made for real, real life. thanks mom bill: from ohio, a firefighter being shot while responding to a house fire. they were on call in young town when someone fired in the truck. the bullet went through the coat of one man and hit another in leg. the firefighter is expected to recover. police treat it as premeditated attack. they do not think the shooting was random. no arrests so far have been made. youngstown. martha: there are new signs that ivanka trump will have a large influence and role as first daughter when her daughter is in the white house. she and her husband jared kushner planning to move their family to washington. jared kushner is obviously close advisor to the president-elect, incoming first lady melania
6:33 am
trump plans to stay in new york during the week at least, while her son finishes this year of school and head down there after school is finished. here is nomiki konst, host of the filter on xm sirius and rich lowery, "national review." welcome to both of you. i want to talk about ivanka and put up new pole numbers. it's a ball he -- battle ground poll since the election. opinion of donald trump in terms of favorability has gone from 36 in october, pretty good way to win an election, and now at 45%, unfavorable has gone from 61 to 49. so the moves that he made clearly helped his favorability numbers. perception has improved by 47% as you can see there. let's move along to the next one which says, how do you feel about republicans have control of the house and the senate? that's pretty split essentially
6:34 am
because it is .3 margin of error. concerned or scared, 4 9%. excited or hopeful, 47%. that is pretty much how the country shakes out. >> irony, a lot of us, including me, this would be transformation of image he would need to get elected but turns out happening after the election. a lot of people like a winner, but public statements and videos and carrier deal they set a unifying tone. the press is obsessed with every tweet. did he attack alec baldwin today. most people don't care about that they are seeing big signals, so far they like what they see. martha: he made it clear in the interscrew with lesley stahl i will keep tweeting because it's a great communication tool. today's communication he doesn't want a brand new air force one, it is too expensive at $4 billion. what do you make of those numbers? >> we're spending $500,000 in new york where he has the white house north protecting
6:35 am
white house north. if he is worried about spending money, maybe he should start with that with this all being said, let's not forget, no one is running against him right now. you have a broken democratic party not on message. they're not unified. they're not able to combat his messaging because there is a split there. some people are protrade. some are anti-trade. donald trump is taking advantage of that. no one campaigning in the battleground states so of course his favorables will go up a couple points. martha: let's see if he has a few comments to make this morning. let's listen in. [inaudible] >> everything fine? got great people coming in today. you'll see them. >> what did you talk about with mayor bowser from washington, d.c. today? >> we'll talk about a lot of things for a lot of people. we have a lot of people coming up, great group of people. doing very well. >> tweeted this morning canceling the contract for the new air air force one.
6:36 am
is that something seriously trying to do? >> the plane is out of control. $4 billion for air force one program. i think it is ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. okay, thank you. martha: looks like he would like a better deal on that jet. i don't think he will scrap it probably. means a lot of jobs, rich, obviously. so, what did you take from that? >> he will get used to the plane, used to his $4 billion a plane. martha: i think he likes his plane a lot. he want a cheaper plane. >> this characteristic, focus on something that is symbolic. you communicate in a way that most people can connect with, and, that sends a message. martha: but it goes to something deeper than that, rich. these kind of contracts, they happen without a whole lot of negotiation. boeing is used to saying it will be $4 billion for probably a couple of planes. he talked about the program. marine one is often grouped into that as well.
6:37 am
that is pushback i think people like, nomiki? >> sure. rich is right. that is something he can achieve. meantime how will he bring all these jobs from overseas, all these companies back home without those companies being upset that it is going to cost them more money. executives who he is supposed to be cutting deals will probably not cutting deals. martha: a lot of people are tired of tone you're taking. it won't get done. >> i'm not saying it won't get done. martha: people are responding to the fact he is doing things one at a time. >> this one is achievable goal. martha: what is wrong with that. >> because not something that will affect everyday people's lives. martha: it will affect some everyday's peoples lives. >> if boeing wants to make money, that helps boeing employees, the only people will affect his own. >> big picture ultimately that matters, if he delivers more robust economic growth especially with wage growth finally further down the income stale, no controversies will matter, no tweets, nothing will
6:38 am
matter, that will be the big thing. i think that is what the average voters out there will judge him on. martha: people look at bloated bottom line of the federal government, say if they can do that jet contract for 3 billion instead of 4 billion everybody little bit counts. i want to get your thoughts what we introduced before we went to the trump tower lobby and that is ivanka trump. i find her role fascinating. we said at beginning of watching this process that family is important to the image of donald trump. people turn time and time again turn to the young executives, look how professional and impressive they are. on day one when he announced his presidency or his canada sir, -- candidacy, she was standing next to him. >> with all the charges people can say my kids turned out postively. martha: that is what i say. it always helps. >> she will have crucial role. sheave will be an advisor and a public defender and kind of a
6:39 am
diplomat to parts of the hollywood and kind of fancy left -- martha: be involved in the business. that is tricky. >> that will be very tricky. martha: i think she is alice roosevelt, which is very interesting, young daughter of a president who interestingly was also born on west 57th street in manhattan. her first foray with her father was to visit the leader of japan, which ivanka trump did the other day. watch that story develop, everybody. thank you very much. nomiki, rich, great to have you guys here. bill? bill: thanks, martha. video from the aftermath of a freak accident, san antonio, texas. off-duty sheriff's deputy killed, two others injured. check that out, car plunged into a sinkhole. contained water about 12 feet deep. victim is identified as a 69-year-old deputy who was a bailiff at the courthouse. wow. martha: another political question that is brewing around coffee pots this morning.
6:40 am
could it be biden in 2020? we're not talking about 2020, are we folks? the vice president may not be over this whole thing yet, folks. what he told reporters last night. bill: some democrats vowing to drag their feet on the trump cabinet but there may be little they can do. trump has harry reid to thank for that. we'll explain next. >> i can tell you that the president-elect is doing in all of these cabinet positions in critical appointments in the administration is taking the time to meet with men and women of extraordinary caliber and background.
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martha: interesting news from vice president joe biden, told a group of reporters thinking he might run for president in 2020. he would be7 years old if inaugurated then. in off-camara exchange vice president said i will vote in 2020, what the hell.
6:44 am
i'm not committing not to run. i learned a long time ago. fate has a funny way of intervening. he made comments after emotional dedication and vote on cancer funding bill he has been very dedicated to since he lost his son, beau biden. very dedicated. he is not over the decision to run. bill: are you going to run? martha: throw our hats in the ring. bill: come back in three years. we'll let you know. check it out, here's trump from last thursday. ♪ >> the old rules no longer apply, that anything we want for our country is now possible, anything we want, right? [cheering] now is not the time to downsize our dreams but to set our sights higher than ever before for our country.
6:45 am
bill: so that is in cincinnati last week. mr. trump tonight takes his thank you tour to the great state of north carolina. from the great state of new york, chris collins. trump transition team. thanks for coming back. i want to give your viewers a sense about the conversations you're having on the hill. we had kevin mccarthy yesterday. i will share a little bit what he said to us yesterday in a moment but there's a headline today suggest that the democrats may give republicans and mr. trump's picks in the cabinets, the merrick garland treatment, the supreme court nominee held up by mitch mcconnell and others. is that your expectations, let's begin there? >> i really don't know, bill. i think they would do that at their own peril. we have 23 democrat senators up for re-election in 10 years. 10 of them running in states trump won. they will have to be very careful about being obstructionist. they can't stop any of these
6:46 am
nominations from ultimately being approved. if they just delay, delay, that is exactly what america doesn't want to see. they will be tagged as obstruction its. there will be a political price to pay. really not a service to this country to have agencies after january 20, that have temporary administrators as we're waiting for the cabinet secretary to be approved. so, i'm hoping 10 senators -- bill: go ahead, 10 senator. >> 10 senators that will be in tough reelections, democrats will not stand by to let it happen. >> there is irony in this. harry reid changed rules on "nuclear option." 2017? >> sure it will. now at this point the only thing you can filibuster are supreme court judges. so is right now, all of these nominees, the nominations will be approved. we need 51 votes but there are procedural things they can do in the senate, arcane rules, and if they just want to delay, delay, push it out they certainly can
6:47 am
do it, but i think there will be a political price they will ultimately pay with the public opinion. bill: that is something we will watch. kevin mccarthy, house majority leader said this yesterday morning here on our program. >> he is ahead of schedule when it comes to picking the new cabinet but he is taking the time and the point i think america is not seeing, i think he is being a little lincolnesque. he is looking at people, yeah, did not support him, that criticized him. he is trying to find the very best. it may be a team of rivals but it is going to be a new administration. bill: just address that phrase, being a little lincolnesque. i mean expectations are great, there is positive feeling that i hear from you and others. i think it is encouraging to the supporters in november of mr. trump. what is the game of expectations? is that now being set higher than you and the rest of the majority in congress can achieve? >> well, they are set bill, very
6:48 am
high. i do believe we can achieve all of them, to what degree if there is ever any disappointment. some of us would love to see marginal tax rates at 28%. more likely to be at 33 but there is going to be tax cuts. but when it comes to securing our borders, fundamental tax reform, repealing and ultimately replacing obamacare, an infrastructure bill, those things are all going to be achieved and it is just a matter of degrees of, how big is the infrastructure bill? does it take us 18 months or 24 months to replace obamacare completely? how low do the tax rates go, et cetera, et cetera. because we control the house, the senate and the have the white house, we can get all these things done, again just a matter of -- bill: look at the calendar, take a look at the schedule and tell me, is it a hundred days? is it 200 days, is it two years? >> call it the first 200 days, there is no question we'll
6:49 am
repeal obamacare. we will do fundamental tax reform, and you will see the beginnings of an infrastructure bill, some of which might be tied into fundamental tax reform. especially if it is repatriation of dollars now held overseas. so the big three which i call the health care, obamacare, repeal, infrastructure, and fundamental tax reform, the first 200 days, think you're going to see those have moved significantly, if not completely through the legislative process. bill: chris collins, thank you for coming back. >> always good to be with you, bill. bill: it is interesting for us to get a sense what your conversations are all about and what the american people can expect frankly. we shall see. thank you, sir. >> okay. martha: winter's fury being unleashed a little early this year. snow creating traffic gridlock in the a major city. that is not good. that is a tough ride to work. we'll tell you where that is going on. bill: that is a city used to
6:50 am
snow and a lot of it. plus protesters, dakota pipeline vowing to press on as harsh weather moves in. we're live in north dakota to tell you where this battle may go next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
bill: traffic nightmare in montreal. you had a bus, you had a truck. martha: oh, no, all slipping and sliding into one another. just kept going. this police officer came to help and he spins out and he joins the pile-up. there is truck seen heading one of those squad cars. martha: yeah. bill: that is the way it went in montreal. no serious injuries. martha: is that what we have to look forward to? how about this? protesters in north dakota
6:54 am
celebrating after the obama administration halted final construction on the bunn percent percent -- 1% on a pipeline. protesters eve lated at the outcome but they have been ordered to leave as harsh winter weather moved in. william la jeunesse is here to prove that in north dakota, not far from the site. what a difference a day can make up there. how is it going up there? >> it's a little cold, martha. we were on our way to standing rock this morning and visibility was literally zero. when you hit high plains off the highways. we have blizzard conditions. it is basically 10 degrees right you no. windchill minus 21. there are 50 mile-an-hour winds. sat truck is only capable of 45 miles an hour. so we couldn't handle that.
6:55 am
we had to find a building to get shelter which we did right now. if i go out into the wind, taking a little while here, meantime i will tell you that this is why the standing rock chairman, chairman told these guys they have to go home because you can imagine what it is like. my cords are getting caught on the ice, i come out, exposed from the building, i have been through several hurricanes including a category 5 in cancun, this i'm telling you, i have to stop? anyways, this is worse. oh, i think i lost my sound. sorry about that, lloyd. this is worst because the, snow feels like needles on your skin. this is why of course the tribal chairman told these guys to go home. the word from the cam is, many are doing just that. sorry about that.
6:56 am
they're doing just that. leaving. resources are thin. that is a good thing, with the frostbite, only takes about 30 minutes in these conditions. so, so, that is why they're telling people to leave. law enforcement is not drawing down at this point in time. are we good? i can't hear? do we still have ifb? martha: william, thank you. >> we do. sorry about that. martha: no problem. no problem. can be forgiven for the occasional slip of the tongue when it is 10 degrees below zero. we'll overlook that. pretty tough conditions. we'l out there. bill: watching images yesterday. it was sort of biblical when the storm moved in, see all of that. william, hang in there. martha: like a western out there. bill: claims of a bloated bureaucracy. new report on waste and money and a lot of it too. reports that the pentagon buried a whopping $125 billion in wasted spending. tell you where they found that
6:57 am
today. martha: president-elect trump's call with the president of taiwan. this has a ton much attention this week. what was really going on there? former house speaker newt gingrich with his thoughts coming up. we'll be right back. you didn't read your car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™
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martha: a fox news alert as we await a news conference from the gop leaders. things are so interesting these days, we'll his be in to see what happens there. donald trump giving us an update. he didn't have a whole lot to say nell was asked about air force one. welcome, everybody. bill: william lajeunesse was
7:01 am
okay, by the way. martha: live tv, you never know what's going to happen. 10 below. give the guy a break. bill: last hour in trump speaking with reporters in the lobby of trump tower. i'll saunter down and meet with the folks and i'll be back in a moment. here is what he said 30 minutes ago. >> we have some great people coming in today. you will see them. >> what are you going to talk about with the mayor from washington, d.c. today? >> we are going to talk about a lot of things with a lot of people. >> i heard you are canceling the contract for air force one? >> the plane is totally out of control. it will be over $4 billion for air force one. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number.
7:02 am
we want boeing to make money, but not that much money. martha: jonah goldberg and melissa francis. welcome to both of you. let's start with you on this. your quick reaction to donald trump's tweet which is how things usually get rolling. $4 billion for the pair force one package? cancel it. >> i'm glad william lajeunesse said i can now wear blue. i was quickly looking around the web. i don't know where this $4 billion numbnessly comes from. the gao says it's $3.2 billion for two planes. maybe he's privy to numbers i' haven't seen about how this is
7:03 am
out of control and over budget. martha: in some ways it reminds me of the taiwan story. melissa francis is on set. melissa: jonah, you are missing the point. i love this. he is saying guess what, boeing. i'm not going to pay that price. there is a new sheriff in town and i read the bill before i sign it. in washington when they spend your money, they aren't spending their money, they don't care. he is setting the tone. it's just like what he said about the va. he's going to put in a hotline to his office. and when people have a problem he wants them to call him directly.
7:04 am
it's not about answering every phone call. it's about that first phone call. the person who created the problem is so embarrassed and probably fired that no one wants anyone to call the president again. it's a message for every contractor out there saying we are now reading the bill. martha: a man reading the bill and cutting the bill. he said you dent really do that. he sees every bill as the beginning of a negotiation. >> i get that. i think he may be right. with the carrier deal trying to set a new tone, there is a new sheriff in town kinds of mood. i think that's probably right. with the taiwan thing, steps
7:05 am
two, three, four, five down the road. but we'll wait and see. this is uncharted territory about how to do a presidential transition. but it's definitely interesting and makes for riveting television. mel report china and taiwan thing is the exact same thing. it's tone out of the gate. he said guess what, china, this is how everyone else has done business and i'm not doing that. he's perfectly provoking them. so you better wake up and take notice. martha: boeing will probably come back and say we have a new contract. we are building these planes. melissa's first point about the fact that taxpayers pay this bill.
7:06 am
you are no longer representing apply vat company. he's representing the taxpayer. >> i would love to see if he holds to this and there always revisiting how we do bidding and all the rest. we don't know where that $4 billion number came from. melissa: that number has nothing to do with anything. it's about guess what? this is a yeo in this office. i'm sow excited. i have covered business my entire business career. ceos don't stands for the crap that goes on in this country. it's not terribly diplomatic, but it sure is effective. >> i get the point you are
7:07 am
trying to make. but if you look directly at the taiwan thing, if it was a brilliant ahead of the curve strategy. why did the trump team put out mike pence at fts, the messaging on a lot of these sorts of things doesn't seem to be as thought through as you suggest, at least to the rest of the team, it seems there is a lot of ad hoc stuff going on here. but that's not how administrations need to operate. you need a home team on the same page. martha: a good cop, bad cop thing going on here. melissa: jonah, i love you, you are very smart. but i'm excited about this as you can tell. you are a brilliant man, i don't want to excite you. >> it's like you just found your christmas phoney.
7:08 am
martha: thank you very much, jonah. melissa, thank you. coming up we'll talk to former house speaker and trump supporter neupt gingrich. -- newt gingrich. bill: the washington foaflt reporting that scenes year officials suppressed a study that showed $100 billion in weaflt. for more on this what did you finds out, jennifer. >> the savings found in the report would represent a quarter of the defense budget. that would pay for 50 army brigades or 10 carrier strike
7:09 am
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>> his platoon mates talked about the fact that he made the decisions he did an has to pay the consequences. if you pardon him now, that's
7:17 am
implying guilt and that will be a difficult albatross for bergdahl to have the rest of his life. if you play out the process, he has a good judicial defense team. martha: what's he doing now? >> he's on casual duty. he shows up every day, he goes to an nc portion, he asks what he can do to be helpful. i don't know that for a fact, i know i had to handle troubled individuals like this before assigned to me in a commands i have had. he's in an unobject rulessive low-level job that pro -- unobjec -- jobprocessing paper. martha: bowe bergdahl's defense will argue donald trump violated
7:18 am
due process by slandering him on the campaign trail. he said we used to take traitors out like this, bang, bang, bang. >> in trump was a civilian at the time he made the statements. he had no more weight than you or i regarding bergdahl and the judicial system. that will change on the 20th of january. i can't fathom president trump trying to change the minds of the chain of command like president obama did in the rose garden where he took apro-bergdahl side. i don't foresee a similar behavior pattern from in trump. he will allow the judicial system to say there is no
7:19 am
judicious system. come what may it will be resolved within the military system. martha: do you think the white house wouldn't want to pardon him because they would like to see this process play out and potentially see donald trump become an issue tonight and be held for impeding due process with those comments. >> the white house will do a number of things to impede anything they can. ask me in two weeks and i'll probably have a better idea. at this point in time i think the white house is weighing every pardon request it's got. bergdahl needs to face the music here. i don't know what president obama is going to do. but i think he needs to stay out of it and allow the military judicial process to work its way through. martha: jennifer griffin
7:20 am
reported that bowe bergdahl was seeking this clemency. bill: could there be criminal charges in oakland? a devastating warehouse fire stakes the lives of 36 people. the man leasing that building is talking a lot. weep's saying today. president-elect trump walked over and offered a few comments. what are the issues on china, on north korea, and the next secretary of state? former speaker newt gingrich is our guest next. >> you have a secretary of state that fixes the state department while representing us overseas. you have to have a great manager to do that. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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bill: there are questions about responsibility on what sparked the deadly fire in oakland. city officials saying it was not up to code and they had complaints about that warehouse in the past. judge andrew napolitano is joining me now in the studio. judge, good morning. gripping interview on the "today show," it happened live when the man who is responsible for that building said the following. >> i'm only here to say one thing. i'm incredibly sorry. everything i did was to make this a stronger more beautiful community and to bring people together. people didn't walk through those doors because it was a horrible
7:25 am
place. did i know there was going to be a fire? did i remove my children from the space and get a hotel? no, because i wanted to have a good night's sleep with my children and let people do what they wanted to do. >> are you worried you would be charged? >> i would rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents. bill: a lot of people are hurting and for very good reason. let's talk about the law. >> this is probably a case of criminally negligent homicide, the maintenance of a facility with such a high degree of recklessness and indifference to human life where death occurs. it's not murder because he didn't intend the death of anyone. but he created a fire trap, a
7:26 am
situation where it was virtually impossible to leave the fire trap. that's what we call criminally negligent homicide. you are talking 20 years in jail per death. bill: would you expect that? or is this too soon? >> it is a little soon because much of their evidence has been destroyed. they have to reconstruct what they thought the evidence was before it was destroyed. there are experts that can do that. oakland is a large city and the state of california has people that do this. but somebody needs to be charged. you say what about the city of oakland? they kept inspecting this place and finding this fire trap and didn't do anything about it. the state of california has given its municipal officials immunity for the negligent performance of their duty.
7:27 am
bill: the state has done that. >> as has he state in the union. not just california. bill: i'm watching this interview, i'm thinking not a smart move. >> you are thinking he's admitting guilt. bill: no, i'm not thinking that. he's clearly a man grieving and mixed up in his emotions. let your lawyers do this. >> i don't know that he has lawyers or out legal advice yet. no lawyer who is aware of the law in this case would have permitted him to appear on any television show. the facts are pretty clearly a fire trap with know means of escape. there is very little he could say on air that could make at situation worse or could make it better. bill: given what we watched this morning, does that help him or
7:28 am
hurt him. >> it shows him as a person who is terribly briefing who can't tolerate the situation. is it evidence of his guilt? probably not. the evidence of his guilt would be the forensic reconstruction of what the place looked like at the time of the fire and why these people couldn't get out. bill: 3 -- 36 families living with a whole new reality. martha: president-elect trump sparking controversy for taking a call from the president of taiwan. bill: here we go. that time of year. so they are showing off a new little something there on the runway. and we are going to tell you how much this costs. and we'll find out whether anyone wears this in public.
7:29 am
martha: i want you to.
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that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bill: the phone call between the president of taiwan and president-elect trump is raising questions about relations with china. it sparked a firestorm of criticism.
7:33 am
the taiwan leader said in way does it signify a change in policy. i want to move to a number of things. on the china taiwan thing, what is the effect that an incoming president could have on this relationship? >> well, i think that trump is sending a signal to beijing that we are going to be much tougher. we are not going to automatically do what the chinese want us to do, and he's not going to be necessarily predictable. we have gone through a long period where we basically tried to take care of the chinese and hoped they would mature into a democracy. i think trump has a different view and all he did was accept a call from the freely elected leader of a democracy of 23
7:34 am
million people. it's fascinating that the military dictatorship is so sensitive. if somebody has been freely elected. i suspect they should take the call. bill: donald trump's action sparked anger in china. can you make an argument that there is an inherent danger in being so public and proactive? >> i think people who have accepted the patterns of the last 40 years are going to be shocked that he would talk with the elected leader of taiwan. the chinese government and taiwanese government both believe there can only be one government of china. they disagree on who that should be. this goes back to the chinese civil war.
7:35 am
technically china has the position taiwan is a breakaway state and for the american publi --the american president-o talk with taiwan would have been if the british had talked with the south in the civil war. but this is a democracy and reality. president obama sold taiwan over a billion dollars in weapons. we have a strong policy against the chinese invading taiwan. i think it's a very dangerous area. but i don't think they stumbled into this. they spent two weeks preparing for this phone call. bill: i think the most pressing issue is north korea. and the unfettered testing of nuclear weapons that has been going on for years now.
7:36 am
you know china is the only power broker in that part of the world that has any influence on north korea. the great concern is who is in north korea when the testing happens. my guess is, i can't prove it, but i would guess the iranians are there taking notes, and a lot of them. >> we have photos of north korean television of iranians on missile sites. the north koreans are proud that the iranians came and learned from the north koreans. there is every reason to believe there is an iranian north korean rip that goes across many areas. this is one of the challenges we americans will have to have a national conversation about. there are some problems that don't have good solutions. north korea is one of them. china has a limited impact on
7:37 am
north korea. it's a big mistake to think the chinese could signal the north koreans have to do something. korea has existed between china and japan. north koreans have a deep tradition of not trusting the chinese, the japanese or the united states or united kingdom. they are so cut off from the rest of the world, i don't think they have any notion of what life is like outside of north korea. bill: we have video from tehran. there is a message from tehran. the iranian president said some man is elected, whatever plans he has will be revealed later.
7:38 am
he may desire to weaken the nuclear deal and rip up the deal. do you suppose we will allow this? end quote. how would a president trump change the deal with iran? >> think of what that sentence just said. one side rips up the deal, the deal is ripped up. it's an illusion for the dictatorship of iran to think they can single handedly impose obama's bad agreement on president-elect trump. obama should release all the unclassified documents. then he should declassify as many of the documents as he can sod the american people can look at it. if the deal is so bad we ought to rip it up. the greatest threat to stability in the middle east is iran.
7:39 am
even obama's state department says it is the leading supporter of state terrorism in the world. there is no evidence it's getting better. it's in fact getting worse and this deal gives them a lot more money and gives them the time to continue developing their capabilities. bill: what's your sense of where this process is? because the list has grown longer. >> i think it's impressive. he has not allowed himself to be rushed by the news media or people who support romney or giuliani. he said, i want to interview more people. he has been talking to senior leaders in the foreign policy area looking for names. the fact that he's the head of exxon mobile coming in is a good sign. remember that john foster dull less who was secretary of state
7:40 am
for president eisenhower was an international lawyer. he wasn't at the state department, he wants at harvard. he had thoughtful track is of dealing with countries all over the world. the other thing people ought to look at. president-elect trump has been very patient on this issue. he figured out this is a key appointment, unlike defense where he found general mat is. he has not found somebody where he gets to 100% of what he wants. i think it's an impressive performance to have this approach and learning from them. it makes him a lot smarter. thank you for your time today. thanks. martha: another fascinating
7:41 am
development as donald trump has a message for boeing that he slipped in with reporters when he spoke to them at trump tower today. what is he trying to say here? what does it mean for other u.s. companies? fair and balanced debate coming up next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
♪ this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo!
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♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪ this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere. martha: donald trump picking on boeing which has a deal in place to build a new air force one program. he said it's too expensive. watch this moment. >> the plane is tote. >>ly out of control. it will be over $4 billion for air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing make lot of money, but not that much money.
7:45 am
okay, thank you. martha: good morning. guy benson is the political editor for it's so interesting to watch donald trump in action. he walked over to the reporters. they asked him one general question about who was coming in today. then he waited for the reporter who popped up, what about that tweet you mentioned this morning about boeing. then he walked into that lobby that he probably walked into there to deliver. >> the tweet deliberate and planned. i think it's fascinating to watch him at work on some of this stuff. some people say oh, my gosh, maybe he's completely flying by the east his pants which may be the case in a lot of
7:46 am
circumstances, but not in this one. what's particularly interesting is he is taking one relatively small line item that involves sprucing up a plane that he's going to fly on. this is something that benefits him. it reminds me of him saying he doesn't want to take a presidential salary. he's sending a message to boeing if this is getting over budget, let's rein it back in. he talked about being under budget on his private sector stuff and he wants to transfer that over to the government. he's sending a message to the voters saying i'm going to keep an eye out for you. martha: he used the carrier jobs which was great for those 1,100,
7:47 am
people affected. but it goes back to united tech mom jis, a defense contractor for the government. when you dig into this boeing comment on air force one. there is another deal in the works to most construction of f-16 fighter jets to india. that's a boeing project as well. if you look back at what president-elect trump said a few months ago. he said we are living through the greatest job theft in if the world. finds yeah, spinning pore and mexico. it's getting worse and worse and worse. this is fascinating. he may also be after that project movement as well, richard. >> i think you are right, martha. donald trump goes out there and says this is a bad deal for the american people and as president i won't let that go through. i think this is good. to your next point, we are making our military what he response overseas is shock.
7:48 am
and boeing should be ashamed of themselves and maybe donald trump holds them accountable. martha: that was an obama-sanged project. they believe it improves the relationship with india to have the fighter jets made in india. >> i think that's fair. i was one of the democrats against the trans-pacific trade partnership. you talk to folks in ohio or wisconsin or michigan. this is why they voted for somebody like donald trump. e feels as though -- he said listen, $4 billion for a plane that already works pretty well. it seems to be a waste of money when that money could go to funding america's infrastructure. i hope americans will hold donald trump accountable and when this infrastructure bill comes to the congress which it will when he's president. say let's do this in a way that
7:49 am
works for the american people. let's work with labor unions and make sure we employ minority contractors. that's where he can make up grounds with democrats who are depressed by hillary clinton's defeat. bill: coming up next now, "happening now." what's cooking? jenna: we are approaching the 71st anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. we'll talk to a man who survived that attack. awaiting more news on the donald trump transition. plus this question, why some are doing more soul searching after a devastating election night. a big question for a lot of people. bill: it's the most expensive fashion show in company history, which for victoria's secret is
7:50 am
saying a lot. this was the priceyest item on the runway. how is that going to make america great again. we'll tell you in minutes. [♪]
7:51 am
♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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7:53 am
martha: with everybody worn out, getting ready for the holidays. a new report shows that driving drowsy is as dangerous as driving drunk. about a third of u.s. drivers get less than 7 hours shut eye each night. tripling a recommends taking
7:54 am
breaks, taking turns with other drivers. [♪] bill: it's back to victoria's secret fashion show. they were showing off one piece of lingerie worth $3 million. it features precious gemstones. carly, before we get to it, tell me about the piece. this is the most expensive show in victoria's secret history. the most expensive fashion show in the history of the fashion history. it cost a whopping $20 million to put this show on. i know some people are thinking
7:55 am
how could it cost so much to put on a show where they are wearing so little. this show was in paris like you said. usually it's in new york. so victoria's secret -- bill: it was in chicago one year so they are moving around. >> that $3 million bra was a huge expense. and it featured 34 different pairs of wings. bill: who wears that thing outside? does it leave the runway ever? >> a model said when she was getting fitted for the bra security was around her. bill: what does victoria's secret get out of this? >> they are hoping to get publicity. but business is not blooming at victoria's secret. the current trend is called at
7:56 am
leisure. women are more interested in buying sports bra than pushup bras. they cut their bathing suit line to focus on athletic wear. bill: thank you, carly. martha: that's tough to get those security guys to do that job. they are like, no, i'm busy. president-elect trump shaking things up overseas. what iran is saying about the future of their current the nuclear deal. much more when we come back.
7:57 am
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martha: christmas comes early,
8:00 am
delivering trees for 500 military families. thanking them for their service. trees are very expensive this year. did you know that? no, i did not. bill: new york for you. martha: 24:00 o'clock -- 2:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock. ♪ ♪ ♪ jon: we are awaiting new announcements from president-elect trump on choices of senior positions in the new administration and the key opening right now secretary of state with a list of candidates growing longer by the day. good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: lots of others for roles in the trump administration as i'm sure you can only imagine as the president elect heads to north carolina later this afternoon and his continuing victory tour.


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