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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> i am still stuck on the coffee technology. >> any time there's coffee technology i want to know about it. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> a rainy morning. thank you for starting your day with us. let's start with the top story. breaking overnight president elect trump naming iowa's governor as ambassador to china. >> that's just after mr. trump flexed his national security muscl muscles introducing general mad dog mattis to a roaring crowd vow to go put veterans first. >> good morning heather and clayton. this official announcement come coming in the next 20 to 24-hours at a rally in iowa tomorrow night. he comes well egypt in china. sources close to this say the longest serving governor has
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been offered that position. he brings with it a close personal relationship with the chinese president which will come in handy which signalled u.s. china relations are going to change. last night in fayetteville north carolina held the second thank you rally and introduced another part of his cabinet nominee for secretary of defense retired general james mattis. >> thank you president elect for the confidence you have shown in me. thank you for the opportunity. i am grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, their families, the civilians of the department of defense. i look forward to being a civilian leader so long as the congress gives me the waiver and the senate votes to consent. thank you very much. >> the national security team rallies clearly. they fight to take terrorists from day one of his
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administration. >> in every generation a new threat to freedom arises. just as we defeated these threats we faced generations in the past and you understand that, so, too, will we defeated the forces of terrorism. they are going to defeat it strongly and quickly. >> these statements came in response to obama's in florida where he afear appeared to criticize. >> rather than giving false promises that we can defeat terrorism by dropping more bombs or deploying more troops or fencing ourselves off from the rest of the world we have to take a long view of the terrorist threat and we have to pursue a smart strategy that can be sustained. >> as for the secretary of defense post it will require
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congressional waiver. house republicans introduced a proposal to extradite that process. it is well underway. >> thank you, garrett. >> you got it. >> first boeing now the white house criticizing president elect donald trump for blasting the cost of the new air force one. it all started with this tweet. boeing is building an plane for the president. it costs -- but costs oare out f control more than 4 billion. cancel order. >> it is only for $170 million. the white house quick to chime in questioning mr. trump's math on the deal. president secretary josh earnest telling reporters some of the statistics sited don't afear to show the nature of the financial
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agreement between boeing and the department of defense. the white house pointing out the new plane is recommended by national security experts to benefit mr. trump and future presidents. >> look who is talking and reporting. the president elect taking aim at boeing is just a sign of things to come. >> he likes things on time and under budget. washington better get ready for that. he is starting to staff people at the pentagon like general mattis and others screaming out the wastes and giving back the money topeople. >> he nearly lost his career for mishandling information trying to save lives. now the victory for the marine who used the clinton defense. >> a legal battle brewing for the past three years over his career finally came to an end. a judge ruling he can remain in the marine corps after using his
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personal e-mail to warn other marines of possible danger. that warning coming days after an attack. he was concerned about an afghan police chief accused of sexually assaulting young boys with ladies and gentlemened ties to taliban. he believed the launch would make an inside attack. he sent him one of his alleged captors to shoot and kill three marines. one of those killed was 21-year-old greg buckley junior. his father appearing on tfox & friends outraged he could be punished for doing the right thing. >> i lost my son. i will never be able to hold my son ever again. now they are turning it around and taking this young man and ruining his career to try to save my son's life. >> he was removed from his post for using his private e-mail. he was retaliated against for complaining to capitol hill about his concerns. using the treatment of hate this flag hillary clinton as an
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example in court even though she acted extremely careless she wasn't criminally charged. he reacted saying this is a stunning review of the sent elementally unjust proceedings where the decorated marine was let go for three years. hear from brezler's attorney. he joins us at 6:00 to discuss the victory. breaking overnight a powerful earthquake leaving 97 people dead. you can see entire buildings left in ruins. the tremor crumbling to the ground. they are scouring the area for any one who may be trapped under the rebel. >> a christmas tree in new york city. a man carry ago gas can and matches in the tourist hot spot arrested. that man identified as alterman from the broncs. he made terrorist threats
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yelling police slurs and carrying a bottle. he was copying "sons of mosques" a become boo the mill can't gro tant group. -- militant group. investigators uncovering the back wall of the warehouse you are seeing here. the commune turned death trap exclusive mail showing horrific living conditions. the owner who talked about losing everything could face murder charges. this morning all but one of the 36 victims have been identified. the youngest 17 years old. >> the soldier who leaked inside information putting military lives at risk. they wanted her service rrd changed from male to female. he afeeled to president obama.
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manning wants her 35 year prison sentence cut to time served because shae says life at fort leavenworth is making her depressed. >> we remember the attack on pearl harbor. the 75 year milestone commemoration will honor the 2400 americans that died. he will be the first japanese pri prime minister to visit the memorial. an apology is not expected. >> 8 minutes after the top of the hour. trump just closed big business with japan. >> he just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states. >> how many more jobs president elect is bringing to america. >> actor denzel washington. his message to the mainstream
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media. push >> wait a minute. those aren't the right words. the pc police strike again. does the song "baby it's cold outside" send a sinister message. ♪ >> it even says quote what the hell. that's what the complain slogan would be. i just told you. what the hell. what the hell.
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♪ ♪
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>> a chair rif lashing out with a black lives matter movement and defending his department. ronald gasser now charged with manslaughter four-days after being released without charges in louisiana. police say both men cut each other off several times before gasser shot mcknight at a red light. the sheriff slamming critics who blame the delay on charges on race. he says 160 witnesses interviewed and none of them brought up race. he calls the call to judgment shameful. >> justice is not a sprint. it is a mare-a-thon. for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, tough. i don't care.
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>> norm manned says if he charged him earlier other witnesses may not have come forward. >> he was focused on a bombshell fake news story. os war winner denzel washington is blasting the media for miss foirnling americans. >> you don't read the newspaper. you are uninformed. if you read it you are miss foirnled. we don't care who it hurts or destroys. we don't care if it is true. they say it sell it. anything you practice you get good at including bs. >> the oscar winner unleashing to the "washington post" style before the premiere of the new movie. president elect donald trump delivering again on his promise to bring jobs to america. >> cheryl casone our sister network here now with big business deal that he just struck with japan. good morning guys. donald trump took a meeting yesterday with the ceo of a japanese conglomerate to
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solidify a deal that would bring a $50 billion investment into the united states with the potential to add 50,000 jobs here. he immediately took to twitter to say masa of japan agreed to invest 50 billion jobs to businesses in the united states and 50,000 new jobs. >> he has just agreed to invest $50 billion of the united states and 50,000 jobs. one of the truly great men. >> he also tweeted. mass sa masa said he would never do this had we not won the election. >> the ceo was saying the president elect scaling back. 82 percent of wireless carriers
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sprint as well as awe major stake in alibaba among man nae other businesses. sprint attempted to merge with t mobile but was shut down by regulators. sprint had the best levels as of tuesday. those are your headlines. >> thanks, cheryl. there is a whole new meaning to the term coffee pot. cannabis coffee pot will be available for keurig's where weed is league. >> the company brew buds say the bodz have 10 milligrams for th2 for recreational users. it doesn't have a marijuana taste or smell. >> i was going to say that's sort of counter en due -- intuitive. don't you want to wake up when you drink your coffee? >> how cold is it in big trout lake this morning? >> how cold is it?
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it's cold out there. but not record breaking cold. the reason we are feeling it is because it has been such a mild fall. prince george minus 8, 23 in juneau, minus 17 in yellowknife. the reason i am showing these temperatures in canada all of these are coming down. 29 in kansas city, 0 in far go. this area of low pressure will hoover in the great lakes and bring us three feet of lake-effect snow downwind of lake erie and ontario. we have a storm system persisting across new england. otherwise things are going to clear out. the big story is going to be the cold temperatures. current temperatures in glass so 1, 7 in mine not. the windchill faels colder than that. minus 17, 14 and 11. clayton you were asking if we were going to get really cold this weekend in the northeast.
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the answer is not this cold but it will feel cold because it has been so kwarm lately. >> mine news 24. >> it is just a dry cold. >> thanks, janice. >> you are funny. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a somber milestone as today marks the 17th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. >> why the attack is parallel to 9-11 and the leadership is making the same mistakes they did with isis back almost 13 years ago. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at and save 10%.
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>> welcome back. here's something donald trump has been harping on for a while. saudi arabia caught red handed funding u.s. enemies in afghanistan.
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a former taliban finance minister telling the new york times he traveled to saudi arabia for years to raise millions of dollars of cash for terrorists while pretending to be on pilgrimage. he funded them in the past including the 9-11 hijackers. they are facing the highest terror threat since 9-11 many stemming from people living in our own backyards. a report out revealing islamic threats will continue into next year as isis encourages the lone wolf attacks. it highlights law enforcement officials it cannot properly vet and screen potentially dangerous refugees. >> a somber milestone as today marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. more than 2400 servicemen were killed in the surprise japanese service attacks thrusting america into world war ii.
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60 years later they suffered a second day of infamy september 11th, 20001 reminding us of the fresh dangers we face. here to talk about the parallels of these insurantances is a xhn from afghanist-- commander from afghanistan. let's begin by thanking all of oh you are service people on this day. discuss with us a little bit about some of the parallels that you see between these two just horrific events. >> gosh, well, the biggest take away from pearl harbor was the utter failure of intelligence from every level. from the bottom level where arm mae radar operators didn't share the fact that they saw japanese planes incoming pearl harbor with the commanders there up to the operational level where the intelligence section of the at mirl in charge of pearl harbor lost track of the aircraft carriers and took no actions to
2:24 am
take them up again. at the political level where we underestimated our attackers. >> and same lirly 9-11. >> not only where we unprepared we couldn't see them determined enough to carry this out even though bin laden told us in 96 and 98 that he was determined to attack the united states. there are a lot of parallels you can take out of it and i think the 9-11 report gets to the heart of it. >> the parallels do end when you talk about the end of world war ii. that ended in our fight against isis still has not and terrorists. >> no, absolutely. it is no the just 9-11. you sea the exact same mistakes made with isis. the failure to report until after the terrorist massacres when president obama had to stand on stage in turkey and give his press conference where
2:25 am
he admitted he had been belittling the threat too much, the fact that our military commanders were still unveiling the political wisdom they were altering their intelligence at centcom. you see this playing out over and over again. it is an american pattern rment on the one hand it speaks well to us we are a democracy. we don't want to fight wars. we have no desire to invade other countries. but on the other hand it is depressing to think we can only defend ourselves after getting a pretty bad bloody nose. >> what are the lessons we can learn if any? >> the top thing is better intelligence sharing between the local and federal level. our police departments all around the country are picking up intelligence on the communities and potential radicals every single day and they have a real trouble finding will at that channels to get that to the right place where it is the fbi or military or somewhere else.
2:26 am
engines tuting a regular channel for that to be compiled and acted upon is the most pressing national security challenge the united states has facing islamic terrorism. >> thank you andrew peek for joining us this morning. >> one of the greatest story i covered was flying with world war ii veterans on an honor flight to washington, d.c. to take a look at the memorial. it was just really awesome. >> 2,000 pearl harbor survivors because they were stio young 14 15, 16 years old they would sheikh into the navy. >> woody woodbury being one of those. >> breaking overnight mr. trump filling another crucial role to his administration. >> we are in the process of putting together one of the all time great cabinets that has ever been assembled in our nation's history. >> what positions have been filled and who is in the running for the next? we are breaking it down for you. i accept i'm not the hiker i was.
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oo thank you, president elect for the confidence that you have shown in me. i am grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, their families. o >> mr. trump doubling down on demands on a waiver for mad dog mattis to serve. >> a marine kicked out for miss land heing information to try to save lives. how he used the clinton case to win his case.
2:31 am
>> wait a minute. those apparently aren't the words if you know that song. >> the pc police leave it to them they strike again. >> and good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am clayton morris. it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. to our top story breaking overnight president elect trump naming iowa governor terry brad stad ambassador tore to china. >> he flexed his muscles introducing mad dog mat particulars vow to go put our veterans first. >> we have all of the new developments. bra >> an official announcement. this isn't much of a surprise.
2:32 am
back during the campaign he singled out iowa governor terry branstad. br he has a personal relationship with chinese president that goes back more than 30 years. that relationship will likely play a big part with the largest trading partner. he takes on the communist nation on a whoas host of other issues including trade and escyber espionage. mr. trump held the second thank you rally and brought along his special guest nominee for secretary of defense retired marine general james mattis who told the crowd he is grateful for the opportunity to serve. >> thank you, president elect for the confidence that you have shown in me. thank you for the opportunity. i am grateful for the
2:33 am
opportunity to return to our troops their families. >> he did take aim at some of the policy proposals. >> rather than offer false promises that we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs or deploying more and more troops or fencing ourselves off we have to take a long view of the terror threat and pursue a smart strategy. >> mr. trump referred to the president by name but he pushed back on the policies of the current administration and vowed to make our country and our military great again. >> our action plan to make america great again beginning with the rebuilding of our military. all men and women in uniform will have the supplies, support
2:34 am
and equipment, training, services, medical care and resources they need to get the job done. >> in the introduction he also demanded the congress pass a waiver that we will be required formattis to serve as secretary of defense since he is only three years removed from military service. already house republicans are pushing regulation to make that a smooth process. heather and clayton? >> i like the way he's going directly to the people and making these announcements or introducing the people. >> not the press? he loves the press so much. i am sur praised by that. >> it is the people that voted him in. >> now the white house criticizing donald trump for blasting the cost of a new air force one. it all started with this tweet quote boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one cancelling
2:35 am
new orders. trump doubling down at trump tower. >> i think it is ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> a little bit of a number. boeing fighting back claiming the contract is for $70 billion. the white house chiming in on the deal. telling reporters quote the statistics have been sited shall we say don't appear to reflect the nature of the financial agreement between boeing and the department of defense end quote. the white house pointing out the new plane, actually two of them recommended by national security advisor mr. trump and future president. >> paying to protect offering new york city $7 million towards rising security costs toward trump tower. that's far less than the 35 million mayor bill de blasio actually asked for. de blasio says protecting the future first family is straining police resources and finances
2:36 am
and it should not be put on the tax payer. the 7 million will go towards covering nypd ore time. >> he lost his career for mishandling information while trying to save lives. >> now a victory for the clinton defense. we have the big legal win. >> good morning. a legal battle brewing for the past three years over major jason brezler's career. a judge ruling he can remain in the marine corps to warn fellow marines of possible danger. he was concerned about a possible chief accused of sexually assaulting young boys who had alleged ties to the taliban. he believes the man would launch an inside attack. days later the police chief is accused of sending one of his ladies and gentlemened child captors to shoot and kill three marines on base. one killed was greg buckley junior his father appearing on
2:37 am
fox & friends outraged at the idea that brezler could be punished for doing the right thing. >> i lost my son. i will never be able to hold my son ever again. now they are turned around and taking this young man and ruining his career to try to save my son's life. >> brezler was removed from his post for using his private e-mail. he was retaliated against for contacting capitol hill about his concern. he used the treatment of hillary clinton in court even though she acted extremely careless with her e-mails she wasn't criminally charged. hear from brezler's attorney on "fox & friends." he joins us to talk about his victory. the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. out of business a texas restaurant going belly up who says obamacare. >> disgrace.
2:38 am
disgrace? you are pregnant. >> actress sophia bowl gvolume w sued by her own fertized legs? >> how does that happen? >> terror attacks the presidential election and even pokeym pokeymon. what do they have in common? the top twitter trends of 2016.
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>> which positions has president elect trump already filled and which are to be filled. >> let's start with the ones that have already been filled. here is our cards on the left. let's start with mike pence. >> he is vice president elect and he is leading the transition effort. some of the positions that have been filled have been under his direction. the most recent announcement general mattis was with donald trump last night in if north carolina. that was an important moment. he is appearing with his soon to be cabinet. >> you need to be out of the military for 7 years. >> the senate is trying to move fast on that wants him to be concerned. >> tom price for hhs.
2:43 am
ben carson controversy for the hud secretary. elaine chao and mnuchin and wilbur ross. >> the next ones here. here are the ones that aren't filled yet. all eyes on secretary of state. let's start there. >> this is the most interesting choice so far. this is the most public position highly coveted. a lot of people considered for this position. interestingly last week the transition team said they had narrowed the choices down to about four candidates. now as you see they have expanded their search. mitt romney was considered a tough con sender. not clear where he falls in the mix. bob corker chairs the senate relations committee which will confirm the nominee. john bolton and david petraeus have been in and out of the trump power.
2:44 am
john huntsman han named recently. they need to be on the same page in terms of world view as donald trump that's something he is looking for. >> secretary of the interior. we early on heard sarah palin for this role. a oo she is still mentioned in that. it is not clear if she is actually a choice or if she is talking about it herself. mary fallon the current oklahoma governor, dna brewer former arizona governor mentioned as possible choices. mary fallin has met with trump recently. heidi heitkamp was in trump tower meeting with donald trump. hi mr. trump is talking to democratic senators. if he picks one of them for one of these posts bringing a democrat out from a red state could be replaced with a republican. >> 30 seconds left. what's still left? >> secretary of homeland security is going to be a really key pick for this
2:45 am
administration. donald trump talks a lot about immigration and border security. this post also covers lots of different issues in addition. cyber security also a really big component counter-terrorism a big component as well. general john kelly is also mentioned as a top choice for this pick. mike mccaul who chairs the house ch committee and chris kobach. >> and rudy giuliani also mentioned. >> he wants a place in the administration. >> take a look at a couple of others. >> veterans affairs is a really key pick. we saw donald trump talked about veterans and importance of managing that. the controversy is the veteran affairs administration. scott brown is considered a contender for this role. sarah palin has been mentioned for this again. unclear if that's really on the top of the pick.
2:46 am
>> pete hegseth as well. >> a familiar face over there, too. this will be a key post in this administration as well. >> will we see secretary of state in this announcement? >> the transition team told us this week expect a lot of announcements. it has been a very busy week. to see the whole process unfold it be will hard to tell when the picks will be announced. heather over to you. >> i think secretary of state some people are leaking their own names just to get into the news cycle. texas restaurant is closing its doors for good. the owners are claiming obamacare. bill and johnny cats riding on frankie's bar and grill facebook page. several factors led to this but if we were to stay in business there was no way for us to have born the weight of the oppressive penalties for failing to apply to the mandate. 50 people who worked at frankies will lose their jobs. >> a 24-hour valet views of
2:47 am
central park. realtors luring buyers to trump tower advertising security perks as a plus rather than a condo. the best value in the most secure building in the new amenity united states secret service. the 1,000 square foot condo is listed at $2.1 million. that's a pretty good deal in new york city. >> yes, a steal. >> twitter releasing the top global trend with a few sewer prizes. the number one hashtag was rio 2016 followed by election 2016. third place the hashtag pokeymon go. users risk be their lives to catch the creatures on their cell phones. the most bizarre a tweet from a gamer that tweeted the spanish word for lemonade racking up 1.3 million retweets.
2:48 am
zimonada. >> now what's coming up on "fox & friends she is standing by. >> one of my favorite diners down there at clear water philly's diner. >> i know this is where you have been before because this is where the phillies train. this is lennies. i am in pinellas county. they went from president obama's wife and mr. trump last time. i know you have been out there, too. i have never seen a crowd like this before 6:00 a.m. people are excited to talk about politics. why this went into mr. trump's direction. these women came out just to see us this morning. you guys worked hard for mr. trump and it went his way. >> we made pinellas turn red. it hasn't been red for years. it was awesome. we all worked that table over there. angela and i were staffers. we did door knocking. rosemary and these other women
2:49 am
did phone calling. it was fantastic. >> you can see we are all excited talking pol tigitics. >> making an alligator omelette. if you are in the area come to lennies. we want to talk to you. >> they have the fresh muffins they put out on the table. my kids grab them like animals. >> thanks, abby. >> you are not from the south, right? >> no. i am from philly. >> abby is not from the south. down south people love donald trump. we will see what they have to say today. >> we will be right back. >> stay with us.
2:50 am
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." a bizarre twist in the battle over sophia vergara's embryos. she's be sued by her frozen
2:53 am
fertilized egg. by not being born, emma and isabella are being deprived of a trust fund. the her ex-fiance dropped a case to win a case over the embryos. neither can use the eggs without the other's consent. let's keep talking this. does the right to live -- join a live debate after the show. keep talking >> that's a bizarre one. the war on christmas waging on with the pc police. accusing this classic song of being about rape. >> i ought to say no no no. >> at least i'm going to say that i tried. >> what's the sense of hurting my pride? >> i really can't stay. >> baby don't hold out. >> it's cold outside ♪ >> okay. now two activists rewriting, baby it's cold outside.
2:54 am
remove what they say sexually aggressive lyrics that sound date rapey in their opinion. say no, no, no. you deserve the right to say no, no, no. you reserve the right to say no. i really can't stay. >> well you don't have to. >> baby it's cold outside. >> well, the artists say they want to promote consent. let us know what you think. >> our viewers have a lot to say about this take on the classic music tune and the majority think we should stick with the original. >> do the pc police have anything better to do. >> brian says that's the dumbest thing i've ever sing. how about not sing it, period. >> if this offends them, remake pop and rap songs. that's a great point.
2:55 am
>> it's 54 minutes after the hour. a veteran hired. but he's the newest employee at lowe's. how did students get their hands-on gummis laced with pot? , let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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it is 58 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today.
2:59 am
jury selection set to begin in the death penalty trial of dylann roof. he's accused of killing nine people in a church because he wanted to start a race war. the judge who ordered the michigan recount. the battleground state in legal limbo because of legal courtroom rulings in the federal and stat we remember the american lives lost in the pearl harbor bombings which propelled the united states into world war ii. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. a disabled veteran and his service dog getting the chance to work side by side. lowe's hiring charlotte the golden retriever and her owner clay. the pair were the best fit for the job. the bad. more than a dozen high school students were rushed to the hospital after eating pot-laced gummy bears in school. police in naperville, illinois questioning a 17-year-old student for bringing the candies
3:00 am
and passing them out. a man jumping out of his truck window before it falls off a cliff. it tipped over in china. whoo. just in the nick of time. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great morning. >> thanks for joining us. thank you, north carolina. thank you. we will show the world that america is going to be strong again, stronger than ever before. it will be the duty of my administration to ensure that we protect those who protect us. we're going to protect our people and our country. believe me. we're going to have such a strong powerful military. not going to be depleted any longer. we're going to make those millions and millions of caps, make america great again,


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