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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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a man jumping out of his truck window before it falls off a cliff. it tipped over in china. whoo. just in the nick of time. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great morning. >> thanks for joining us. thank you, north carolina. thank you. we will show the world that america is going to be strong again, stronger than ever before. it will be the duty of my administration to ensure that we protect those who protect us. we're going to protect our people and our country. believe me. we're going to have such a strong powerful military. not going to be depleted any longer. we're going to make those millions and millions of caps, make america great again, greater than ever before.
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>> live from new york city and clear water, florida, the legendary, lenny's breakfast spot. the best breakfast in town and abby huntsman is in attendance. good morning, abby. >> at lenny's in pinellas county. everybody is up early this morning excited to talk politics. it went twice for barack obama. we're getting a sense of why it went for donald trump. i'm talking to a barber and he said the reason is they didn't take the barber's poll. >> yes, abby. you heard larry the cable guy. i'm andrew the barber. on 580 for 30 years. i promoted mr. trump from the beginning from june 16th of 2015. >> i love it. >> i promoted him. you heard of the gallop poland the mass news en polls.
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i told everybody how wrong they were. they had to listen to the barber poll to know how wrong they were. >> the barber poll. >> you're not going to find it here -- i'm about to eat an alligator omelette. it's a specialty here at lenny's. i'm a little nervous about this. i'm going to dive right in. >> it's chewy. >> it tastes like chicken, right? >> it's good. >> everything tastes like chicken. >> it's always nice to go into the diners, you hear the voice of america. >> the voice of the people. >> look at these people already up. >> i love that barber poll. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. fascinating to see the president of the united states at the air base and looking back at what he says he accomplished over the last eight years and where we're at on the war on terror. compare that to -- donald trump had to be watching that or his people were to what the trump
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plans as president-elect. the difference is stark. i like the fact that neither side got personal. didn't say they're wrong. they got subtle. went at each other but didn't use names to show there's a different chapter to the next generation of -- or the next administration. so i think that's true noteworthy and what donald trump said yesterday was noteworthy. >> this is donald trump speaking to the crowd yesterday to the crowd in fayetteville, north carolina. >> every generation, a new threat to freedom arises. and just as we defeated these threats, we faced generations in the past and you understand that, so too will we defeat the forces of terrorism. right now, thousands and thousands and thousands of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. do they love us.
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a lot of cases, no. they don't love us. a trump administration will always put the safety and security of the american people first. remember that. i'm asking you to believe in yourself. to believe in your country and to believe in your future. >> i tell you what, i really love these thank you stops. it's kind of a status report on how the transition is going. this was the second one. turns out there was terrible weather there in fayetteville. for him to get to the crown coliseum, he had to land his jet a couple of ours away by a vehicle and drove in. nonetheless, everyone was very excited. i was thinking to myself, because i read one of the local reports that there was some people there who did not vote for him. why would you go? they said, you know, i don't know. next time i'm going to be able to see the president of the united states up close like this. if you didn't vote for donald trump but you listened to his
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message about the economy and the military and strength, it was very optimistic. when he says he's going to make america great again, i believe -- >> pro jobs, pro military. you cannot believe at president at 4:00 and donald trump at 8:00. >> the president said we're breaking the back of isis and i destroyed al qaeda and it cost us $10 billion. the president-elect said we're going to address the war on terror, islamic extremism and afghanistan is -- the fact is the president of the united states says that we're making progress, but we're in jordan, iraq, afghanistan, all over the place, somalia and we're all over the place trying to fight this scourge but we're not fighting the scourge. >> that's why a lot of people voted for donald trump. they think he can wipe isis off the map. he is their only hope. everyone who voted for him.
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they feel he'll make america great again. he already brought more jobs back to america. when you feel his passion and synergy. you get excited for the future of this country. >> optimistic. >> he introduced general mattis. "mad dog" mattis. he's powerful and not afraid to punch isis in the face. >> thank you president-elect for the confidence that you have shown in me. thank you for the opportunity. i'm grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, their families, the civilians at the department of defense. i know how committed they are and devoted they are to the defense of our country, the defense of our constitution with our allies strengthened. with our countries strengthened. i look forward to being a civilian leader so long as the congress gives me the waiver and the senate votes to consent. thank you very much. >> good message for this day, right? >> absolutely.
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you know what, trump, then put pressure on congress to give this guy the waiver. apparently, this week they're working in the framework, going to put it in the spending bill and pass it by friday. >> democrats are saying, no, no, no. >> what's interesting is while donald trump is on his thank you tour, after he retired, general mattis went on a thank you tour of his own where he went across the country and thanked gold star mothers. >> we want to remember those veterans today. my two grand fathers who fought in world war ii. >> december 7, 1941. a day that will live in infamy. >> we'll talk about that later, of course, 75 years since -- >> we've got a survivor coming up in ten minutes. >> since the attack. i think it's important to point out about general mattis. he's going to get a waiver. he mentioned a few times during his remarks and so did donald trump, civilian. civilian leading the military. he wants that image out of people's head that a military
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man is leading. i think that's important. when you mentioned about the gold star moms, if people are getting worried that a general will be in charge of the pentagon to be too willing to go to war. if you meet a gold star mom, you're the last person that wants to go to war. >> he's a pick and the crowd there in fayetteville, not far from ft. bragg, they love seeing mad dog, who i understand doesn't like others who are not marines to call him that. >> i think donald trump is allowed to. >> he's the top dog to mad dog. >> soon to be. over to heather with more headlines for us. start with a news alert. >> good morning to all of you. a fox news alert. i powerful earth yak in indonesia leaving 97 people dead. you can see entire buildings left in ruins there. the tremor crumbling those buildings to the ground.
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right now, rescue crews scouring the area for anyone who might be trapped under the rubble. more than 200 homes and businesses were destroyed when the quake hit just before sunrise. another fox news alert here at hoechl. a terror scare at the rockefeller center christmas tree in new york city. a man was arrested carrying a gas can and matches in the holiday tourist hotspot so crowded this time of year. a man from the bronx charged with making terroristic threats after shouting anti-police slurs and throwing a bottle. he was carrying a copy of the book, sons of the hamass of the son of the founder of the palestinian group. a sheriff lashing out and defending his department after the road rage shooting death of joe mcknight. ronald gasser charged with manslaughter four days after being released without charges. he was slamming critics who blame the delay on race.
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he says 160 witnesses were interviewed and no one said anything about it being a racially motivated crime. >> for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, tough. i don't care. >> norman says if he charged gasser earlier, other witnesses may not have felt the need to come forward. today, we remember the attack on pearl harbor that brought the united states into world war ii. the 75-year-old milestone commemoration will honor the more than 2400 americans who died. later this month, shinzo abe will be the first to -- an apology is not expected. for those americans who haven't been there, it is quite a site to see the u.s. s. arizona. >> saw it this summer. pretty amazing. you got to get there in the
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morning, get tickets and you got to hope to get on board to go over there. they are giving tours. >> pretty emotional. >> about six times a day every day. >> powerful. >> coming up. >> critics say filling the trump administration with generals like "mad dog" mattis will send more troops to the battlefield. our next guest says the exact opposite will happen. one of the men who led the war on terror, general michael hayden is going to weigh in next. the video is unbelievable. the driver is still inside. what happens here? it's coming up. president-elect trump needed florida to win the white house. voters delivered. what do they think after his first month? abby huntsman is in clear water just ahead. see me.
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the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. in order to succeed with our defense policy, we must find the right person to lead our defense department. is that right? it is now my honor and privilege to welcome to the stage your
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next secretary of defense, general "mad dog" mattis. >> the crowd goes wild. he is the man picked to lead the u.s. on the war onter tore as secretary of defense. critics slamming his choice. is he hiring too many generals. it could be dangerous in an administration with a president with no policy experience. is this true? former nsa director under president bush. general, you're uniquely qualified to be the perfect guest. are you worried as an american, not as a military man, as an american, too many generals, too close when you look at kelly homeland security. >> i'm knot worried about mad dog kelly, he doesn't like that you said. the president-elect said he's patton. actually, brian, he's not.
3:17 am
he's marshall. he's a very reflective individual. i welcome him. not because i think he'll be overenergetic. i think he will be a counterbalance to a president-elect who sometimes seems to speak, doesn't act rationally. i think with mattis there, you will always know the true cost of any military action. i really do like that choice. >> you do know when the rubber hits the road, mattis might be judged how he uses the funds the defense department gets. i was stu report, they did an independent study how the pentagon uses the money. there's $115 billion in waste. they try to suppress that study. do you believe that number is accurate? >> probably is given the size of the pentagon. i'm disappointed that it was suppressed if it's true. general kelly going in there doesn't bring this strong acquisition -- >> general mattis doesn't bring the strong acquisition background. i think a really important
3:18 am
choice will be who he chooses as the deputy secretary of defense because that person will have to get his arms around that. >> a lot of people si thi it's ash carter. he paid the price for it. as general hayden comfortable with him getting that job if he gets it? >> yes, senator corker another good choice. some kr criticized because of that security issue in the past. if you're worried about that him being sensitive about security issues. you couldn't pick anyone better than petraeus. if there were two things to tackle first, what region, what people, what organization? >> the one he has to tackle first is northeast asia. it's north korea. their pattern is to provoke. i expect that to happen in the
3:19 am
first six months. the one where he gets to choose and i think the circumstances demand the choice, what is the plan for isis? what is the plan for syria and iraq? what is it you intend to do that president obama is not doing now because he has finally amped up our pressure on them. >> president obama painted a rosie picture of what he's leaving. troops are mostly out of after gap stand, destroyed corral quade a. it sounds like the world is at peace. >> here's how i look at it. the work of two administrations. between the 43rd and 44th president. the wake had steadily gone down until 2011. now because of decisions we've made and other things beyond our control, that arc of danger has been increasing. we're more safe than we were 15 years ago, less safe than we
3:20 am
were five years ago. >> isis conducted 62 attacks, injured 732, killed 215. they're in 35 countries now. i think people have a reason to feel as though we're not out of the woods yet. >> it's far from over. >> general hayden, always appreciate your insight. thanks so much for what you've given to the country. hopefully we'll tap you again if you can find the time. coming up straight ahead, when a police officer is attacked, should that be considered a hate crime? right now it is not. we'll look at it. today marks 75 years since the attacks on pearl harbor that forced the world into world war ii. one of the last surviving soldiers takes us back to relive that infamous day. i have asthma...
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groundbreaking bill banning abortions once a heartbeat is detected is approved by ohio lawmakers. it would make abortions illegal about six weeks into pregnancy. if a property by the governor, would have the strictest abortion law in the country. sophia vergara is being sued by her frozen embryos. a trustee sued her on behalf of her fertilized eggs. the embryos are being deprived of a trust fund. she and her ex-fiance have been fighting over the eggs for years. today marks the 75th anniversary of the deadly attack on pearl harbor.
3:25 am
more than 2,000 american soldiers and sailors died on that day which we all know lives in infamy. today, 94-year-old alex her ansi is a former united states army private who certificate vufd that attack on pearl harbor and fought to protect our country in world war ii and joins us here in new york. thank you very much for your service. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> tell us about that day. where were you when they started to bomb pearl harbor? >> about 2:00 we went to bed. and we slept, never got up for breakfast. we heard all kind of noises and bombing, et cetera. they were in the barracks. >> if they're shooting where you're sleeping -- >> we were sleeping adjacent to our barracks, it's an open field
3:26 am
for the army air force there. they had all their equipment out there, all their aircraft. it's one of the big mistakes they ever made, washington did. by having not only -- but the airplanes were out in the open. once the japanese seen the planes, it's like a sitting duck. damaged about 300-some aircraft. >> it was 75 years ago. you are reciting it as if it happened yesterday. you remember it that well. >> you never forget. as i'm looking at that. see that. i'll tell you what it was. it was like -- they call that --
3:27 am
>> one of the japanese airplanes did crash near you and you got -- where did you get that flag right there? >> what happened, i was in the truck taking supplies up to the north shore and i seen this plane going across and it started to smoke and they lost track of it. as i'm going 20 minutes away, we spotted this airplane in the bushes, you know. this was a little town outside of the area. i don't know what happened to the pilot. i just happened to see the flag underneath his seat. >> so you had that from that day. this was the local paper in honolulu. the date of december 7th, 1941. >> you know how i got that. when pearl harbor was hit, about a week later, they had all these
3:28 am
newspapers laying around and says get rid of everything because we're backing all our things. i grabbed a bunch. i sent my whole trunk home and believe it or not, i had them papers in the basement for 50 years. >> that's right. >> i sent these papers out in 1995. >> no kidding. >> 75 years later, you're showing them on television. >> how about that? >> you couldn't wait for this one. >> the war was over. >> i remember. i was home that time. i was still in the service, yeah. >> how did you feel when you heard that it was overi finally. >> to me, i enjoy myself. i see people enjoying them self-and all that stuff. to me, i lost a brother. >> on the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, you were traveling to be there with
3:29 am
the other survivors, members of the pearl harbor survivors. >> not too much left of them. we had 176 members in our association. and i'm the only one left alive. they're all gone. >> it is an honor, sir, to have you on the program and to hear your story. to remember what happened 75 years. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> okay. thank you. >> meanwhile, still ahead. the video is unbelievable. an overloaded truck teetering on the cliff. his incredible escape before it was too late coming up next. plus, republicans needed to win the state of florida if they wanted to win the white house. boy, did they deliver those voters. abby huntsman is live with them now. abby, how do they feel about what they've seen so far from donald trump? >> everyone is talking a lot today, steve, about the economy and how important it is to them and they're happy he's standing
3:30 am
so strong on bringing business back to the u.s. i'm here with nick, he's probably the most powerful man in pinellas county. he says that the keys to the white house are right here in pinellas county. he'll be voting on the 19th and getting pressure to switch his vote to hillary clinton. we're going to talk to him about that and which way he's going to go. that's a tease for you. we're back after this. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed.
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put some smarts in your car. yesterday joe biden said he's not ruling outrunning for president in 2020. he said, quote, what the hell. the campaign slogan would be, i just told you, "what the hell?" . biding his time in 2020. >> he'll be 78. we'll see. >> 78 is the new -- >> the new 74. >> 69. >> the new 70? >> i don't know. >> what's he thinking? >> talking about a car or a person? >> republicans needed to win the state of florida if they wanted to win the white house. boy, do did those voters in florida deliver. >> abby huntsman is live at lenny's diner in clearwater,
3:35 am
florida. you half an hour ago, abby, you started the alligator omelette. how was it? >> actually, i never had alligator before in an omelette. it's very good. i would recommend it. if you're in this area, try the gator omelette? have you ride it? >> no, i don't eat gator. he said pinellas county holds the key to the white house. you're part of the electoral college. tell us about pinellas county and why it's important? >> it's part of the i-4 corridor. hillsborough counties through orlando, through jacksonville and historically, if anyone came through the area, they're more than likely going to w the white house, the grassroots organization, a local party, we're ready for the movement that's -- >> you're going to be voting on december 19th, a little over a week. there's been a lot of pressure to swing you to hillary clinton.
3:36 am
>> yeah. i've had over 2,000 e-mails, calls, lawsuits now. >> lawsuits? >> yeah. lawsuits now. >> what are they saying? >> trying to change minds of the electors, trying to say she should be the next president. i'm not in to giving third grade history lessons, but there's a pathway to 270. not a pathway to the popular vote. i'm extremely proud that i'm going to be casting my vote with a big smile on my face for donald trump on december 19th. >> all right. i want to go over to terry here. we were talking a little bit earlier about you and how important business is. >> small business has been strangled by -- hopefully the swamp will be drained. we're hoping there will be positive movements as far as eliminating some of the regulations that makes it difficult. >> which ones? sniemts in the pension area, states are competing against
3:37 am
private industry for private sector retirement plans. that's going to affect on 1/1/16. >> also people trying to save for retirement. >> it's huge. >> really big. >> bernie over here, we were talking earlier and we said the biggest thing for you is honesty and you said jeff sessions for attorney general, that was a great pick. >> super excited about the jeff sessions pick. as a former prosecutor, it's exciting to have someone who will execute the laws and enforce the laws, instead of circumventing them. >> you're a former prosecutor. >> i'm a civil litigator. berkowitz and meyers. >> your big thing is honesty. if you had one message for mr. trump, thinking about his first 100 days in office, what do you want him to hear? >> just follow the laws, be a law and order president as he promised on the campaign trail. i have no doubt that he will be. >> i'm going to pass it back to you guys. this is an important county and people are passing this morning.
3:38 am
this is a cardboard cutout of mr. trump. it's 6 feet tall. we'll have to show you in the next segment. >> is it normally this busy so early in the morning or are they there for you? >> you know what, i would love to take credit for it. you have been to these diners. i will say this is the biggest crowd we've had this early in the morning. we're saying how great this crowd is this morning. >> they love "fox and friends" but also the food here. it's been here a long time. if you're here, i highly recommend it. also guys, we're kind of fun. you love to hang out with us. >> what is the t-shirt about, abby? >> what is the t-shirt. >> this is the lenny's shirt. it is their logo here. ainsley, when you go and work at a diner, you have to become one of them. you wear the shirt. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> we freed up money in the budget. bloody mary's all around.
3:39 am
tell everybody. >> bloody mary's all around they're saying. >> whoo! >> that's great. love it. >> very good. we'll be checking in with you later on in clearwater at lenny's. >> brave enough to try the gait for. >> gator omelette. >> it's chewy. >> heather, have you ever tried it. >> didn't know you could have alligator omelette. >> it hurts the roof of my mouth. >> reminds me of doocy's birthday in las vegas. >> they were that big. served in a gallon bucket. you got a drink with a salad on top of it. >> it was virgin. i know that we would never -- >> it was not. >> we were on the clock and in vegas. it was my birthday. >> it was a great time. clearly we like to have a good time around here. very serious story to bring you right now. the united states facing its highest terror threat since the 9/11 attacks. many stemming from people living in our own backyard. a brand new house report
3:40 am
revealing islamic threats will continue into next year as isis encourages lone wolf attacks on americans. the report also highlights law enforcement and intelligence official concerns that the u.s. cannot properly vet and screen potentially dangerous refugees. the first u.s. soldier to get hormone treatments at frt leavenworth prison and now chelsea manning, formerly known as bradley, wants the army to recognize sex change in the service member's record. a prison psychologist denying the soldier's request. manning has asked president obama to commute the 35-year prison sentence for espionage to time served because manning is depressed. dead police ambushes hitting a high and they want to end the war on police. a new proposed bill in california would classify attacks on police officers as a hate crime. louisiana adopted a similar bill dubbed blue lives matter that
3:41 am
took place earlier this year. nearly 1,000 police officers have been killed in the line of duty in the united states since january. and this video will take your breath away. it is a literal cliffhanger. a man jumps out of a truck window seconds before, watch this, his truck falls over a cliff. wow. a wheel on the truck overloaded. it was an overloaded truck. the wheel exploded. it tipped over. this happened in china. the driver landed on the mountain road. the truck tumbled into the woods below. he was not hurt. lucky to be alive. wow. those are your headlines. i'll see you back in a bit. >> scary. >> i'll go mix bloody mary's in the meantime. >> as long as they're virgin. >> we can have it in 2 hours and 18 minutes. >> janice dean works around the clock tracking storms and what not. >> it's a little chilly this morning. >> maybe hot chocolate with a
3:42 am
little something something in it. >> the first big blast of arctic air has arrived. it's going to sink southward and eastward and cover much of the u.s. you can see the temperatures right now. single digits. teens and with the windchill across the northern plains and the upper midwest, feels like minus 20s, minus teens. you get the picture. the coldest air, there's what it feels like. dangerously cold. there's our cold blast. we have another one behind it. get used to it, folks. winter is finally here. that trough settles in across the gulf coast as well as the southeast. so temperatures around the freezing mark as far south as atlanta, georgia, in towards the carolinas and then we have our next winter storm across the west. that's our next big weather maker. we have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of north dakota. that is going to taper off, which is good news. 16 inches of blowing snow so the blizzard conditions will taper off. one thing is for sure, wirnt has arrived. back inside. >> indeed.
3:43 am
december 7th. j.d., thank you. love the snow. >> it's amazing. >> it's a clear double standard. hillary clinton let off the hook for her mishandling of classified information, right? a u.s. service member forced out of the marines for the same charge. but this morning a major victory for that major. his attorney joins us live with the incredible update. still ahead, the wife of chris kyle is here with a christmas message that you need to hear.
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this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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welcome back to "fox and friends." the clinton defense has worked apparently. one u.s. marine declaring victory after being charged with being careless with sensitive national information. >> his defense attorney argued what hillary did was worse and charging his client would be a clear double standard. >> so a judge ruled, a ruling major jason bres letter can remain in the marines. his attorney is here to react. michael, congratulations. you've been telling us about this story along the way. can you set it up for us? >> sure. there was a corrupt afghan police chief on a base who brought shy boys, basically sex slaves who murdered a marine, greg buckley, whose family is here in new york. the family was trying to get information about that, how that happened. major bressler had removed that chief from a position in a
3:48 am
different place. >> he knew he was abusing boys. >> he knew he was a bad guy and shouldn't have put him back in that spot. the family was being stone walled in getting information. they went to the congressman in new york and the congressman for the major. major had information about that. he also went to his congressman. in our statutes, every service member has a statutory protective right to talk to their congressman. they have restrictive rights but one important right is they have a right to talk to their congressman about anything without being retaliated against. he did that and he was retaliated against. he had a trial to discharge him from the marine corps. >> why would he be retaliated against? >> to make news? >> because this is a story that -- the whole story about our partners in afghanistan being engaged in this place where they keep young boys as sex slaves was a notorious
3:49 am
secret. >> they didn't want this out. they go after him, kick him out. >> they kick him out after what we believe is a kangaroo court trial. they had a recommendation to kick him out. we went to court to stay it. it was stayed. then yesterday the federal judge in the eastern district of new york on long island threw the proceeding out because he basically said he had -- in lay mans terms, he was deprived of a fair trial because they withheld documents. >> how do you compare when he did to what hillary clinton did? how do they compare? >> he sent an e-mail and he had -- when he was originally in afghanistan, the marine corps didn't have military computers for them to use. they told them to use their own computer. on his computer when he left, you do a little -- it's called a turnover file, a file for your successor, he inadvertently left it on his computer. >> he told the boss.
3:50 am
look what i did. when he sent an e-mail warning about this guy and as a result they him. it was over. in other words, he had been punished, and he's continuing his career. later when he talked to his congressman, they retaliated. >> you won yesterday. it was a big relief for you. what about for the dickinson family who lost staff sergeant scott and corporal richard rivera and lance buckley, all killed by this guy? >> for the buckley family, who i also represent in their efforts to get information, this was a huge relief. they lost greg buckley jr. to this murderer, but they've also been tormented by the fact that this marine who was the only marine who did the right thing by trying to get them the answers that they were entitled to was retaliated against. greg buckley sr. has said on this show he feels like he lost his son again. >> michael, thanks so much.
3:51 am
congratulations. >> now he's back in the marines, gets to stay. coming up straight ahead, the major league soccer championship will be on prime time on national television. fox sports will do the coverage. alexi lawless will do the broadcasting. with us live. it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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3:54 am
all right. you know him as one of the greatest soccer defenders in u.s. soccer history. played on the national team for years. helped lead the los angeles galaxy to their first championship back in 2002. now national soccer hall of famer ai lex sifame er alexi lalas will be doing the
3:55 am
coverage for fox sports. thanks for paying attention earlier in the show. what does this game mean for you guys in soccer? what has fox done to this game to promote it that's got you so pumped up? >> we're going up to toronto. you have toronto fc and the seattle sounders coming up against each other. these are two would-be super clubs of major league soccer, the clubs that spent a tremendous amount of money but have been futile in terms of their ability to get to that moment. that money shot when you're holding up the cup that you need, in my estimation, to be that super club. at some point on saturday night when this game is over, we're going to have a new and first-time mls cup champion. that path to the super club status will have been completed for one of these teams. the oh one is going to say, let's look to next year. >> famously, seattle has this huge fan base. 40,000-plus came there. drew carey is one of the owners of the team. toronto plays against montreal. i thought it was going to be a civil war in canada. >> it was wonderful. we were there last week. it was a really special moment
3:56 am
for soccer and for both of those two teams up there. now we have red versus green. toronto in red, seattle in green. america versus canada. this mls final, as we said, for two juggernauts of teams that want that final piece of the puzzle. >> and alexi, we're going to watch you. you're going to be anchoring the coverage. 7:30 eastern on fox. it begins on saturday. >> big fox. >> yes, on the network. will result in a winner. >> yes, it will. >> we'll have a championship. >> any way you slice it, we're going to have a winner. >> alexi lalas, thanks so much. he's the guy. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, we change gears. the democrats will not change, at least if you ask nancy pelosi. >> i don't think that people want a new direction. our values unify us. >> if that's the case, why did so many of them vote for new leadership? congressman tim ryan, the democrat from ohio, joins us live. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
3:57 am
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heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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thank you, the people of north carolina. our men and women in uniform represent the absolute best of us. we salute their sacrifice, and we salute the flag they thought to protect. we love our flag, right? we seek peace through strength. you're going to see such a change. you're going to see such a change like you've never seen before. we're going to protect and help our veterans. we're going to be good for the world, not just good for our country. we want to be the smart people. from now on, it's going to be america first. america first.
4:01 am
>> well, donald trump wants to make america great again. abby huntsman is trying to make breakfast great again down in clearwater. >> do you call them flap jacks or pancakes? >> reporter: we have flap jacks here. i just call them pancakes. another specialty here at lenny's is banana bread french toast. they have me back here putting me to work in the kitchen. i'm telling you guys, of all the diners i've been to, i've never seen a menu quite like this. the alligator omelet, banana bread french toast. it's amazing. >> with some syrup on there. >> get the cheese grits too. they're delicious. >> reporter: banana, cinnamon sugar. so good. it's packed out here. people are hungry. people are really wanting to talk politics this morning. like i keep saying, if you want to watch pundits around a table telling you what to think, you're not going to find it here at lennys. this is where real floridians are that ultimately decided this election. when you're here, you understand what actually happened. it's really fun to get around
4:02 am
and get to hear what people are thinking about. >> because you're having breakfast with friends. >> reporter: exactly. that's what we do. >> she'll be talking to some of the pancake pundits down at lenny's in a little bit. stick around for that. >> breakfast for dinner. you ever done it? >> no. >> it's so fun. >> really? >> yeah, when mom would go out of town, my dad knew how to make pancakes. >> then mcdonald's. >> no. we made them there on the stove. >> all right. 7:02 here in new york city. thank you very much for joining us. we are turning now to heather who's got the news and a fox news alert. >> i do. by the way, breakfast for dinner is fantastic. i do it for my kids and they love it. fox news alert to bring you right now. a powerful earthquake rocking indonesia overnight, leaving at least 97 people dead. you can see entire buildings left in ruins. that tremor crumbling those buildings to the ground. right now rescue crews are scouring the area for anyone who may be trapped under that rubble. more than 200 homes and businesses were destroyed when
4:03 am
the quake hit just before sunrise. another fox news alert back here at home. a terror scare near rockefeller center and the christmas tree here in new york city. police arrested a man carrying a gas can and matches in that tourist hot spot that is packed with people this time of year. he was charged with making terror threats after shouting anti-police slurs and then throwing a bottle. police say he was also carrying a copy of the book "son of hamas." more than a dozen high school students rushed to the hospital after eating pot-laced gummy bears at school. police in the chicago suburb of naperville say that 14 students told the nurse that they felt uncomfortable, dizzy, and sick. 13 of them were taken away in ambulances. police are now questioning a 17-year-old student after tracing the pot-laced candies back to him. they say his class mates are expected to be okay. and today we remember the
4:04 am
attack on pearl harbor that brought the united states into the second world war. the 75-year milestone commemoration will honor the more than 2400 americans who died. earlier, we were honored to have been joined by a survivor who described those attacks. listen to this. >> it was like -- they call that hell on earth. >> later this month, shinzo abe will become the first japanese prime minister to visit the memorial. an apology is not expected. he will go there with president obama. you may recall that president obama visited hiroshima. many called that an apology when president obama went there, though he didn't actually say i'm sorry. >> 75 years ago today. heather, thank you. we're joined by david
4:05 am
bossie. he's the executive director of the trump transition. we were watching the boss last night in fayetteville. he at the very beginning said i had to drive two hours. there was a sudden unexpected change of plans, right? >> there was. you know, we've had this event planned for a week or more. the president-elect about 15 mu minutes before he left was told we can't land because of the fog. he said, you got to get me there. he was dedicated to go see those people. he was dedicated to show america his new secretary of defense nominee, general mattis. he ended up having to fly into raleigh, north carolina, and drive almost two hours to be able to make his appointment. >> hertz must have been happy. that's a lot of black suvs. >> pretty sure the secret service -- they're unbelievable. to be able to pivot on a dime lake that was tremendous. >> general mattis was introduced last night to the folks there in north carolina. the dems are already saying,
4:06 am
hold on, we're not ready to confirm because donald trump wants a quick confirmation. what's your reaction? >> he needs that waiver. looks like the dems don't want to give him that right away. >> i think there's a lot of talk of that. we hear from democrats that they're going to give him the waiver. we're fully confident he deserves and will get the waiver. >> he has to be out in seven years. >> he's only been out, i believe, a little over three. so there needs to be a waiver. we're going to follow it. >> saying publicly, if you put this waiver in the spending bill, we're not going to sign it and therefore the government is not going to get funded. >> i don't know that the democrats are willing to shut down the government over a waiver. we'll -- there will be lots of continued conversation. >> are you encouraging paul ryan to put that in, put the waiver in the spending bill? >> you know what, vice president-elect pence is handling this nomination process. i think he'll be dealing with the speaker and the majority leader and making the right deal. >> but here's the thing. democrats want revenge because they feel badly about how the
4:07 am
republicans treated them regarding merrick garland and the supreme court pick of barack obama. revenge is terrible sometimes. >> it is. the good news for the american people is that there's still a republican control of the house and senate. i think that we're going to use the levers that we need to. the leadership in both the house and senate are working closely with the president-elect and vice president-elect. i think we have an ambitious, very ambitious first 100 days. we have a tremendous group of cabinet officials that are going to be up for nomination. we're hitting the ground running. >> yesterday the president, president obama, was giving his final national security speech down at mcdill air force base. he was talking about all the things that he had done in the past. he was going after donald trump without saying donald trump's name, but talking about his -- just criticizing his plans going forward. he said that because of him and his administration, that we are breaking the backs of isis. take a listen to some of the speech yesterday.
4:08 am
>> today by any measure for al qaeda, the organization that hit us on 9/11, is a shadow of its former self. plots directed from within afghanistan and pakistan have been consistently disrupted, its leadership has been decimated, dozens of terrorist leaders have been killed, osama bin laden is dead. we depend on you. the heirs to that legacy, the men and women in uniform, and the citizens who support you, to carry forward what is best in us, the confidence that right makes might, not the other way around. >> what's your reaction? >> you know, he can spout a lot of different statistics at us over eight years, but the realities are these. isis did not exist eight years ago. it does today. not only is it thriving across the middle east, massacring people across the middle east, it's here in america as well, as we see in the streets across our
4:09 am
country. i think that's one of his -- a big piece of his legacy. >> the stats don't lie. isis has conducted 62 attacks this year, killing 215 people, injuring 732. what i think is interesting is donald trump did not mention barack obama and barack obama didn't mention donald trump. is that -- because you have a lot to do with the choreographing of these speeches and events and tone. does that have a lot to do with how it's going to be from here on in? >> that's not by design. the president-elect is his own man. i think everybody who watches him knows that. >> they seem to have gotten along. does that make him want to pull back? >> president-elect trump has his agenda. he's moving forward on his agenda. he's not really worried about anybody else. >> let me ask you about what's going on in the lobby of trump tower. you never know if the president-elect is just going to pop out and show up. yesterday he came down with the guy who runs softbank to say, this guy here is going to put
4:10 am
$15 million into our economy and create a whole bunch of jobs. >> it's exciting. having -- there's a new sheriff in town. there's going to be a new way of doing business. he's able to go right past the mainstream media right to the american people. by doing that, he's able to get his message out. yesterday with the softbank gentleman, he was able to come out and say this person is going to invest $50 billion because we won, because america is now seen as open for business. we're going to have these types of investments. >> it's a different kind of approach. in the past, presidents have had economic policy, and it takes a while for things to get done. instead, he's out making deals. >> he's the change agent he said he was during the campaign. whether it's the carrier deal or this announcement yesterday or what's going to be coming in the next several weeks and months ahead, it's going to be a change agent. we're going to get this economy rolling again. >> what are the details? did he talk about yesterday what the details are?
4:11 am
how is he going to create these 50,000 jobs? i know in the past he wanted to merge sprint and t-mobile. that wasn't involved in the obama administration because the regulators wouldn't allow it. >> there's been no discussion with us about what a private entity is going to be doing as far as the detail of their business. they're saying they're going to invest $50 billion into the united states economy and create 50,000 jobs. i think that's a tremendous message to the american people. it's a tremendous message to the world that america's open for business. >> i blame you. i stare at elevator doors all day. who's going to be walking in, who's going to be walking out? can you give us an idea of what to expect? >> as a matter of fact, i wish i knew. there's so many people coming and going. terry branstad was there yesterday. >> ambassador to china? >> you know what, i think there's talk of that. >> yep, there is talk of that. i guess you're not going to confirm. >> where's the next thank you
4:12 am
america tour? >> we're in des moines, iowa. thursday evening. maybe governor branstad will be with us. >> that would be a great announcement. >> then ohio state and then the army/navy game. >> david, thank you very much. >> get some sleep. meanwhile, straight ahead, the democrats don't want change, at least if you ask nancy pelosi. >> i don't think people want a new direction. our values unify us. >> well, if that's the case, why did many of them vote for new leadership? in congressman tim ryan. mr. ryan himself will answer that. and you hear it on the radio, you hear it in stores just about everywhere right now. the pc police is taking on a christmas classic. they're even changing the words. >> it's about time. >> better not be frosty. ♪
4:13 am
♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. the democratic party is in a moment of questioning about its identity. you were re-elected to lead the democrats in the house. what do you tell democrats who want a new direction and go to you, what are you going to do differently? >> i don't think people want a new direction. our values unify us. our values are about supporting
4:17 am
america's working families. that's one that everyone is in agreement on. >> really? well, if that's the case, why did one-third of nancy pelosi's own party vote against her, opting for tim ryan? pictures there screen right. well, the democratic congressman from ohio joins us live right now from our nation's capital. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> okay. she says people are just happy with the leadership right now. yet, a third of her caucus voted for you because they don't like her leadership. what's going on? >> well, we have had a tough election and i think a tough few years. president obama is very, very talented, but i think he masked a lot of the problems we were having internally as democrats, with our message, with how we were connecting to voters. clearly there are a lot of people in our party who think we need to make some changes. i will say that we've made some changes internally within our
4:18 am
caucus. we've opened it up. we're starting to elect people for positions now as opposed to appoint them. leader pelosi adopted a lot of the reforms that many of the newer members were pushing and that i made a part of my campaign. so we're moving in the right direction, and we're starting to talk a lot more about working class people and the kind of issues that unite us, those economic issues that really unite us as a party. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. i was talking to one of my friends who was a democrat and said he couldn't vote for his democratic congressman this time because in his estimation, the democratic party was all about identity politics, about greenhouse gas and stuff like that. the republicans are the ones talking about jobs. so he wound up voting for the local republican instead, first time ever. >> well, let me first say i'm glad you have a democratic friend. i appreciate that very much. i thought maybe i was the only one. >> you are our friend as well. >> but yeah, i mean, that's the issue. you look at what happened in the industrial midwest, we had so
4:19 am
many people who, democrats, who went and voted for trump or stayed home. i think those are both big issues. the reason is we didn't talk about economic issues, jobs, wages. we can't just focus on the minimum wage and an increase in the minimum wage, which of course i'm for and many democrats are for, but we need to talk about middle class wages and the fact that over the last 30 years, income growth has went to primarily the top 10%. the bottom 90%, the working class families, have not seen a raise in 20 or 30 years, steve. that's unacceptable for us as democrats. we've got to address that problem. and that means, you know, we got to get ourselves at least respectable in the national politics and the national political discussion. >> the good news is nancy pelosi did adopt all of your reform suggestions. that's a step in the right direction. i wanted to ask you, because we were just talking about general mattis, who is donald trump's pick to be defense secretary. he's going to need a waiver from congress. how are you going to vote on that? >> i think we need to have a debate about it because that's
4:20 am
how we do things in congress. we should have a debate, but i would support the waiver and i would support general mattis. i think he could be a check -- i don't think we need to be in the position as democrats as just fighting every single thing that happens. of course, if we disagree with it. but if there's someone like general mattis who needs a waiver, i think he's a capable person. we've been watching him for a long, long time. i think he would make a good secretary of defense. you know, barring any crazy statements that he may make or something like that. but i'll vote for the waiver, and i'll support him and hopefully he can help us moving forward with isis, with everything that's going on in the middle east. it's very complicated out there. i think he could do a good job. >> tim ryan, democrat from the great state of ohio. tim, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. mean while, caught on camera, straight ahead, a crowd enjoying a comedy show when suddenly somebody in the audience opens fire. >> all i know is i see a lot
4:21 am
of -- [ gunfire ] >> oh, man. the frantic search for the gunman still ahead. and atm skimmers steal $350,000 a day. up next, how not to get scammed at the atm. being detected was not an option. if i was recognized the whole operation was blown. the element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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4:24 am
time now for your news by the numbers. first, $7 million. that's how much house republicans are offering new york city to protect president-elect trump. mayor de blasio asked for $35 million. next, nine hours. that's how long you and your teenager spends on the phone every day. >> who are you texting every day? >> my bff jill. >> tell your bff jill i'm taking away your phone. >> according to a new survey,
4:25 am
parents spend just as much time staring at their screens as teens. take that, grown-ups. and finally, 85 bucks. that's how much it'll cost to give the most baffling gift of the 2016 season. it's, get this, nordstrom selling a medium leather wrapped stone. their website reads, quote, a paperweight. a conversation piece. it's up to you. most people just call it a rock. i'm going to think about that for a while because i am lonely. but here's ainsley, who's not. >> thank you, brian. the holiday season is also the season for scamming, and today is day three of our week long do not get scammed series. this morning we're focusing on the atm, something called skimming, and how to protect yourself and your atm card from getting ripped off. joining us now is the ceo of i.d. theft security. his name is robert sicliano. he's going to tell us how the skimming works. i'm reading that $350,000 is skimmed or scammed, taken from
4:26 am
americans, every single day. >> every day. >> that's a lot of money. how do we prevent this from happening? >> so understanding how the scam works first is very important. basically, there's the machine itself and there's usually a facade. >> that looks just like it. you put your card in, and it's reading your card. >> this is a mock skimming device. there might be a skimming device over the face of the atm. the user puts their card through the skimming device, and this device skims the information off the back of the magnetic strip. that's one part of the puzzle. the other part is generally there is a camera in the vicinity of the atm, usually on the top of it somewhere. right here this looks like a mirror. >> and you see these at every atm. >> they're required by law in certain states. this mirror is there. it's designed to prevent shoulder surfing. the reality of it is that mirror contains a small wireless camera. >> that is shooting down at the key pad. >> exactly. so as the wireless camera is set up on the face of the atm --
4:27 am
>> you're putting in your code here, and it's recording it. >> exactly. >> so you can't do anything about this. but you can do something about this. what do you do? >> exactly. the best case scenario, of course, is that you cover up the key pad with your other hand as you're punching in your pin code. that way if there's a camera above, they can't get your pin code and they can't turn that card number into cash. >> wow. so even at the grocery store when you're using your atm card to charge it, you should always cover up the numbers. >> no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, no matter who's paying attention. don't worry about offending anybody. just go ahead and cover up the key pad. there's a chance that there could be a camera in the ceiling, in a drop ceiling. there could be a surveillance camera in the area, at the convenience store or hotel, that could pick up that information. covering up that key pad and of course paying close attention to your statements. it's very important to monitor your credit card and debit card statements as frequently as
4:28 am
possible. what i do is i sign up for alerts and notifications through my bank or credit card company so every time there's a charge, every time there's a withdrawal, i get a text message or an e-mail telling me of that transaction. that way i'm aware of it in realtime. >> smart. and the little chips are worthless, right? >> so the chip cards. the chip and signature card. overseas they have the chip and pin. the pin has more security. the chip and signature is somewhat of a false sense of security. it doesn't completely protect you. you still need to pay attention to your statements. all that chip card does, really, is prevent card cloning, which is duplicating the actual card on another card. other than that, if they skim your information, they can still use that number, the credit card number over the phone or online. >> all right. good deal. thank you so much for your help this morning. we're going to have much more of this throughout the week. every single day, we're going to tell you how to prevent getting scammed throughout the holiday season. steve, back up to you. >> all right, ainsley. thank you very much. great information.
4:29 am
fox news alert breaking just seconds ago. another passenger plane has just vanished from radar. dozens of people on board. details breaking right now. we'll have them on the other side of a brief time-out. you're watching "fox & friends."
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. all right. here's a fox news alert for you right now. a passenger jet carrying nearly 50 people has just apparently crashed in northern pakistan. police say the pakistan international airlines flight went down shortly after takeoff
4:33 am
on the way to islamabad. no word on any survivors at this time. we will bring you the very latest as details become available. nonetheless, jet down in pakistan. >> that's as dangerous a country as you'll have in the country, anywhere, pakistan. >> absolutely. >> we'll see what's going on there. >> we've just received -- they were talking in our ear. so big question every year is who's going to be "time's" man of the year. the answer is donald trump will be their 2016 person of the year. >> every year that magazine selects a person or an idea. we've seen some ideas in the past, who the editors believe have the most influence over news and in the world over the last 12 months. >> if there was any year in this it's the easiest thing possible to pick out, it is this year. you don't have to be a donald trump voter or supporter to know that he has taken the world by storm. he's done the unthinkable in getting the nomination.
4:34 am
and he's shocked the world by going in as the underdog and beating an established candidate like hillary clinton. >> so interesting to watch that election. in the beginning, the majority of people thought, okay, we know him from reality tv. but there's no way he will become president of the united states. and he, as the underdog, like you said, throughout the 17, 18 months of that running process, people just continued to grow and love him and support him. >> but here's the thing. "time" magazine, a big lefty outfit. that's clear. i'm surprised they didn't make barack obama man of the year again. on his way out because he accomplished so much. i understand what he's accomplished. i'm just talking about how legacy media views republicans generally. nonetheless, "time" magazine man of the year, donald trump. >> the key is what's going to be in the article. you might say it's a salute, then you read it, then you read it. >> abby huntsman is down at
4:35 am
lenny's diner down in clearwater, florida. she's having breakfast with friends. you'll have to ask them what they think about it. >> reporter: yeah, breaking news coming out. we were just talking about that. donald trump is now on "time" magazine.e in to be person of the year. what are your thoughts? i think this is great. we needed a new change. i think trump is going to be there. i think he's going to work for it. i did hear that in michigan he had already changed a corporation in michigan that was going to send a thousand jobs over to mexico that are going to stay in michigan. so he just fixed a thousand jobs for us already, and he's not president yet. >> reporter: he's got a big job to do. what are your thoughts on this breaking news? are you surprised? >> i am. i wasn't really following it, but i think it's exciting. i'm excited for the way the country is going right now. >> reporter: some mixed emotions. you voted for hillary clinton. what are your thoughts on "time" magazine of the year? >> well, i do think he's obviously been in command of
4:36 am
what's going on, on the public landscape, so i don't think it's a surprise at all that he was selected. so i think if "time" is on the pulse of what is happening, then it makes a lot of sense that he was selected. >> reporter: certainly been talked about a lot this year. i want to go to this table over here to john, who i've been getting to know this morning. john and his wife. john is in charge of the union for the police in this county. good morning. >> how are you, ma'am? >> reporter: you were a marine at one point in your life. off the top, what is your reaction to "mad dog" mattis? >> get some. looking forward to it. >> reporter: give us a sense of the morale. there's a lot going on in this country. what are your thoughts? >> it's unfortunate. a police officer loses his life, one every 54 hours. when we don't have national support, it makes it harder and more difficult to go out there. we serve without political ideology. we go into the communities that are in need. we need to know that no matter
4:37 am
what we do, we can serve those citizens to the best of our ability, but that we're going to be safe and that hopefully we can come home to our families. >> i was talking to your wife earlier as well. you can't help but think about the families when they kiss their loved ones good-bye every morning, not knowing what they're going to be doing in a day. what goes through your mind when you say bye to him every morning? >> it's nerve racking, but also i'm very proud of him. i'm always proud of him. i'm proud of all my brothers and sisters that serve in that capacity. >> reporter: and you wear a special necklace around your neck. >> i do. it's my heart belongs to a police officer. >> reporter: you are a special woman. thank you for your service as well. it's a family affair. what is your message to mr. trump as he's about to take office, especially for your role? what do you want his message to be to bring this country together? >> unify the country. we want to believe it doesn't matter. we want everybody to come together for the greater cause of this country. and that's what we need to do. it's not about political
4:38 am
ideology. it's about coming together as a country. >> reporter: quickly, "time's" person of the year. >> hoorah! >> reporter: guys, i'm going to send it back to you. we're having a great time. >> no kidding. thank you, abby. donald trump is "time" magazine's person of the year. we just got a copy of the cover. there it is. what's interesting is see the print on the right? it says "donald trump, president of the divide states of america." the question is, regarding the article, which we have not yet read because it was just released a couple minutes ago, does it talk about the reality that the country is divided? does it talk about donald trump as a divider, or does it talk about the fact that donald trump has pledged, now that he's president, to united the divided states? >> that's what brian was touching on earlier. i looked at the picture and thought, why isn't he in the red chair? the apprentice chair that's now in his office. >> different job. is the whole article going to be a big hit job on him and how he took the worst of america and
4:39 am
brought it forward, as all the his critics seem to focus on? but i know one thing. that cover goes right in the donald trump collection. he keeps all the covers of himself. is there room -- >> i bet he has a lot. >> this will be front and center. has he tweeted on this yet? >> he has not. he's live on another television show. we're going to try to get him on our show this morning. >> okay. meantime, 21 minutes before the top of the hour. heather's got some news for us. >> good morning. we've got breaking news to bring you right now. there's a manhunt intensifying at this hour after three gunmen opened fire inside a packed comedy club, sending dozens of people running for their lives. watch this. >> all i know is i see a lot of [ bleep ] -- [ gunfire ] >> wow. more than 30 bullets flying in the middle of that comedian's routine. this happened in bloomfield, new jersey. it's about 40 miles outside of
4:40 am
new york city. five people were hurt, a sixth person was hurt amid the chaos. police say at least one person shot was targeted in that attack, but everyone is expected to be okay. we'll keep watching that story. deadly police ambushes hitting a decade high. now one lawmaker wants to end the war on police. there is a new bill, a proposed bill in california, that would classify attacks on police officers as a hate crime. louisiana adopted a similar bill dubbed blue lives matter earlier this year. earlier today, we misspoke about the number of officers who have been killed in the line of duty. 572 police officers have been killed in deadly ambushes in the past ten years. the war on christmas raging on with the pc police, now accusing this classic song of being about sexual assault. we all know this one. ♪ i ought to say no no no mind if i move in closer ♪ ♪ at least i'm going to say
4:41 am
that i tried ♪ ♪ what's the sense of hurting my pride ♪ >> one of my christmas favorites. what a classic. now two activists have rewritten "baby it's cold outside" to remove what they describe as sexually aggressive lyrics. listen to the new version. ♪ i have to say no no no you reserve the right to say no ♪ ♪ at least i'm going to say i tried ♪ >> you reserve the right to say no. well, of course. but changing the song? the artists say they want to promote consent. >> i had no idea that was in that song. i thought it was about the weather. >> maybe they should start addressing some rap songs if
4:42 am
they really want to go after something and change some lyrics. >> that is the cutest song. it's like she's liking the boyfriend, it's a new relationship. she's saying i should go, but it's so cold outside, meaning i really want to stay. it's adorable. >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire. >> better than the sexual harassment song. >> which has finally been changed for the better. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. what do you think about that? let us know. mean while, president-elect trump blasting boeing for its pricey air force one contract. our next guest helped save the government billions of dollars. congressman steve russell with why this air force one thing is just the tip of the iceberg. and it is the latest atheist attack on christmas. that billboard right there that says make christmas great again, skip church. but there's a great message hidden in that billboard.
4:43 am
she's coming up with a christmas message for you. i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro.
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4:46 am
president-elect trump blasting boeing and its shocking sticker price for a new air force one fleet. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion. it's for air force one program. i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> this on the heels of a bombshell pentagon report exposing $125 billion of your tax dollars being wasted. our next guest says all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. here to break it down is congressman steve russell, who's the author of "the semiannual government report on waste
4:47 am
watch." he's done some other things to straighten out the pentagon. so first off, on the boeing program, are you glad president-elect trump brought this up? >> i think it's important to the taxpayers. my guess -- you know, mr. trump said the whole program would cost over $4 billion rather than an individual plane, but one thing's for sure, i bet the price just got cheaper. >> so you like the fact that the president's talking about something like this to bring it down. this on the heels of the same day the report comes out, independent report, that shows the pentagon in an age of austerity has wasted in duplication of duty sometimes $115 billion, and they can't even sit down and explain what they found out to the secretary of defense, who won't see them. >> it's just an example of a mentality, brian. i don't advocate for less money for our defense. i advocate for anything that we can do to help them. but just like a business, you have a budget and you need funds, but that doesn't mean you
4:48 am
don't go out and eliminate waste. this is 80 billion that we've identified just in my first term in congress. it's just egregious, the black holes with government spending. and it's not just the department of defense. it's government wide. >> so are we going to put someone in charge of defense who's part of the problem, or do you have a secretary of defense nominee who can fix the problem? >> i think mattis will do a fantastic job. general mattis, one thing is clear, he's not going to have political social agendas as his priority. he'll have the readiness and defense of our republic as the priority. that would be i have full confidence in that selection. >> so you have actually put together programs and bills that democrats have signed on to, to cut spending and to cut waste. can you tell us what that is? >> well, sure. we have our waste watch series. we're coming up on a christmas edition, number six, that will be out shortly. we've identified hundreds of
4:49 am
billions of dollars in waste, but we've also gotten measures to the president's desk that have saved over $4 billion that have been enacted into law. we just got one that went to the president's desk this past week. >> so making progress, fighting for our country, and now fighting for us with a different suit on in washington. congressman steve russell, optimistic we'll get it right at the pentagon. thanks, steve. >> thank you, brian. >> and thank you for your service. meanwhile straight ahead, it's the latest atheist attack on christmas. the billboard says this, make christmas great again, skip church. but tea kyle says there's a great message in that billboard. she's here next with ainsley.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
the fight for faith. we've been following this story all week. there's a christmas controversy brewing again this year. atheists are targeting christians with billboards like this one that say "make christmas great again, skip church." >> well, here to weigh in on this is taya kyle, a fox news contributor and the widow of american sniper navy s.e.a.l., chris kyle. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think about that billboard? >> it's attention getting, which is what they want. they have the freedom of speech, freedom of religion or no religion. that's what makes our country great. but i think it's a little bit ridiculous. what's the point of telling people to get rid of something that we know brings a lot of joy and goodness to a lot of people. it doesn't have to be for them. nobody said they have to do it. why encourage people to walk away from something that can be life saving, soul saving, hopeful, encouraging. >> it brings comfort to a lot of
4:54 am
people. yet, people like nick fish, who was on our program yesterday, they're trying to get that message out there to get across their message, which is this. >> what we're doing is reaching out to people in these communities who feel pressured to go to church, who maybe don't believe in the religious component of things. we want people to know in these communities who feel alone that they're not. >> he said people feel pressured to go to church. the people i know who go to church go because it makes them feel good. >> yeah, i don't know who's pressuring people to go to church. i'm not seeing a big movement of people feeling pressured and scared and walking into church afraid. he may feel pressure. i think we all have that void in our heart that is only filled by god. maybe that's what he's talking about. maybe he's experienced pressure and he's resisting it. i don't know. i don't know him. but i do think we have to look at the motivation of people because we get a lot of messages. we've all heard about false news stories. we've all heard about different messages that aren't based in truth. i think this is kind of another
4:55 am
one of those things that we have to question the source and feel like, what is their mote vaivat for telling me that? >> it's hard to believe that someone that americans or individuals can walk through this life and there are miracles that happen all the time around us, even looking at a tree or looking at a baby when your baby is born, how anyone could not believe in god just baffles me. do you think the church has failed those people? have we done a bad job as a church not sharing the love of christ or whatever god you worship? >> no, i'm always going to come back to people. it's up to individuals like you and i, and we don't -- i think if we're living the spirit and sharing the joy that we feel in our hearts, that word does get out. there's a ripple effect. i kind of shy away from anything that's an organization's responsibility. so i don't feel it's the church's. i don't feel it's the government's. i feel it's people like you and me. i don't think we have to do a hard sell or a big push. i think we have to live it, love people, take care of people on a personal level, and we reach people that way by caring for each other.
4:56 am
i think they see christ through us. i think that motivates them on a very organic level instead of having it shoved down their throat or putting messaging in billboards in their face. >> look, they only buy the billboards this time of year so we'll do this story to get the conversation started, and we're having a good one. >> that's true. very good point. >> all right. thank you very much for traveling to new york to be with me. >> thanks for having me. merry christmas. straight ahead on this wednesday, the president-elect has just been named "time" magazine's person of the year. his reaction to the cover saying divided states of america. and president obama now planning a farewell tour on his way out of office. the exclusive details next. we're going to be talking to ed henry. i have asthma...
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thank you, north carolina. thank you. we will show the world that america is going to be strong again, stronger than ever before. and it will be the duty of my administration to ensure that we protect those who protect us. we're going to protect our people. we're going to protect our country. believe me. we're going to have such a strong, powerful military. it's not going to be depleted any longer. we're going to make america like it says in all of those caps, those millions and millions of caps that have been sold all over this country. we are going to make america great again. greater than ever before. >> president-elect donald trump named "time" magazine's 2016 person of the year. there is a picture of what it will look like. we're getting his first reaction
5:01 am
to the cover calling him president of the divided states of america. >> you just wonder what the text of the story is. it doesn't get into the person they like the most, the person who makes the most news, the biggest impact player. to me, this was the easiest decision ever to make. >> sure. it just came out half an hour ago. some of the highlights, donald trump, this guy, who against all odds wound up becoming the president of the united states. talked a lot about how many people voted for him based on his real pitch that the economy is in trouble, and if he was made president of the united states, he'd help bring jobs back. it talks about how barack obama never delivered on his prosperity. noted that hillary clinton really messed up with the message, didn't follow through, and democrats voted for the first time ever for a republican. this guy in particular because the democratic party, "time"
5:02 am
magazine says, forgot their base. their base was hurting because people are worried about their jobs and security. donald trump was the voice that filled that void. >> that's right. there were ten people in the running to be on the cover. hillary clinton is the runner-up. he obviously is the winner. this is his tenth time being on the cover of "time" magazine. you were saying he's been on a lot of covering. back in the '80s was the first time being on the cover. they said on the front cover, it says the divided states of america. he reacted to that. listen to this. >> it's a great honor. it means a lot, especially me growing up reading "time" magazine. it's a very important magazine. i've been lucky enough to be on the cover many times. when you say divided states of america, i didn't divide them. they're divided now. i think putting divided is snarky, but again, it's divided. i'm not president yet. so i didn't do anything to divide. and i will say this. i've now gotten to know
5:03 am
president obama. i really like him. we have, i think, at least for myself, we have a really good chemistry together. we talk. he loves the country. he wants to do right by the country and for the country. i will tell you we obviously very much disagree on certain policies and certain things. >> if you factor in the fact he's already had al sharpton on the phone, al gore to come visit, you have him reaching out to people that he vanquished in the primary process and maybe even giving them some jobs, one of which is ben carson. you see he's somewhat open. bob johnson, who created b.e.t. >> and being nice to hillary. everyone is like, lock her up. he's like, she's a good person, i'm not going to do that. i'm not going to put her through anything else. >> so donald trump calling out "time" magazine, saying that divided states of america a little on the snarky side. their article also talks about
5:04 am
how he was swept into the white house given populism has now taken center stage. >> meanwhile, ed henry is in washington to talk about this. ed, you have a farewell tour to talk about. >> reporter: yeah, what's interesting is you heard donald trump there in that sound bite saying, look, i've gotten along great with president obama. president obama has shown a lot of, you know, diplomacy, if you will, in recent days and weeks about reaching out to donald trump and saying let's have a smooth transition. i'm hearing this morning that quietly behind the scenes, advisers to president obama are working on sort of a farewell tour in mid-january. i'm told there's at least three cities that president obama will be giving major speeches in arenas. one of them is chicago, his sort of adopted hometown. they're looking at the united center there, where the chicago bulls play. what it tells us is maybe president obama doesn't quite want to leave the stage yet. we heard joe biden doesn't want to. he's already talking this week about running for president in 2020. but there's a vacuum, guys, at
5:05 am
the top of the democratic party. you've got a limping nancy pelosi. you talked to tim ryan last hour, who almost took her out as the leader. you have keith ellison, who's very controversial. so what this tells me, i think why it's significant about a farewell tour from president obama, is two things. vacuum at the top of the democratic party, and he wants to sort of frame things in mid-january right before donald trump's inaugural. maybe he'll be tougher than he has been in recent days. remember when george w. bush left the stage, said i'm not going to second-guess my successor? it looks like president obama, maybe because of that vacuum and the disarray on the democratic side, is setting himself up as the loyal opposition. >> he lives in washington now. unlike george bush, who went to texas, he's going to stay there so his kids can finish up school. >> his second daughter is finishing up school there. i think you're going to see, yes, they've gotten along in recent weeks. you're going to see an obama/trump clash maybe pretty quickly. >> stay tuned for that. his legacy is what his legacy
5:06 am
is. 50 years from now, who knows how they will view the 44th president of the united states. generally, ed, at this stage in the life cycle of a presidency, this is all about lining up donors to build the great big library. so maybe what he's trying to do with his victory tour is stir up some interest in the guy who used to have the keys to air force one. >> exactly. i think you're exactly right. you give a big speech at the united center in chicago where michael jordan used to hit the baskets. it's a little ego boost for president obama, number one. number two, you have a private event beforehand with the high roller donors. but look, take a step back. what you were saying is so on point in terms of president-elect trump. what was one of the big criticisms? this guy just doesn't have the temperament to be president. what is he doing? ainsley made the point about he immediately pivoted out of we're in going to throw hillary clinton in jail. last night at this thank you event in north carolina, the crowd started going after the media. he said, you know, lay off them.
5:07 am
let's focus eye on the prize. what is he also doing? carrier, this japanese investor yesterday pouring $50 billion into the american economy, the stock market hitting record highs. he's very quickly put his focus like a laser, as we heard bill clinton talk about years and years ago, on the economy and jobs rather than getting into some of these petty fights. >> ed, let me ask you this. it's a hard question to know the answer to, but do you think barack obama would be having this victory tour if mr. trump didn't have a thank you tour? >> look, he'd probably do one speech. i doubt he'd do a three-city tour. maybe they'll add to that. i think you're exactly right, steve. what you're hinting at is barack obama thought, and joe biden by the way thought -- and i'm told by very senior democrats he's ang angry behind the scenes, joe biden, because he was told hillary's got this. i had stayed on the sidelines. he had a personal tragedy to deal with. he maybe could have won this thing. that's why he's thinking in his
5:08 am
70s about maybe running in 2020. bernie sanders is also leaving the door open. you're right. if hillary clinton won, obamacare wouldn't be on the verge of maybe being ripped to pieces. even though donald trump is saying he'll keep some of it, he's going to probably have radical change there. why did barack obama give a speech yesterday on the war on terror? he's trying to keep pillars of his national security in place. look, i think donald trump has signaled he's not going to change everything. you can't change everything in a hundred days. he's going to keep some things in place. obama did that about george w. bush stuff he hated during the '08 campaign. there's just certain things you're going to move on from. they all assumed clinton's going to win, we don't have to worry about this. now there's a lot of concern. >> you know in four more years where you're going to be. you're going to be on the "what the hell" tour. >> joe biden. >> thank you very much. >> that would be a great slogan, wouldn't it? it's just kind of fun. >> i have a neighbor with that bumper sticker on his car right now. all right. let's go over to heather, who's
5:09 am
got the news. >> i do. good morning to all of you. let's start out with a fox news alert. a serious story to bring you from overseas. there was a passenger jet that was carrying nearly 50 people. it's now crashed in northern pakistan. that's according to the regional police there. a government official says the pakistan international airlines flight crashed just moments after takeoff, 45 miles from islamabad. that official tells reuters that the plane was on fire before it hit the ground. he says it's unlikely that anyone survived. we'll keep watching that story throughout the morning. another alert right now. at least 97 people are dead after a powerful earthquake rocks indonesia overnight. you can see entire buildings just left in ruins. that tremor crumbling them to the ground. right now rescue crews are scouring the area for anyone that might be trapped under that rubble. more than 200 homes and businesses were destroyed when the quake hit just before sunrise. back here at home, a sheriff now lashing out and defending
5:10 am
his department after the road rage shooting death of football star joe mcknight. ronald glasser now charged with manslaughter four days after being released without charges in louisiana. the sheriff slamming critics who blamed the delay on race. he says 160 witnesses were interviewed and no one said anything about it being a racially motivated crime. listen here. >> for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, tough. i don't care. >> well, norman says if he had charged gasser earlier, other witnesses may not have felt the need to come forward. and today we remember the attack on pearl harbor. the 75-year milestone commemoration will honor the more than 2400 americans who died. earlier, we were joined by a survivor, an incredible man who described the attacks that day.
5:11 am
listen to this. >> i'll tell you what it was. it was like -- it was, what do they call that, hell on earth. the way earl harbor was set. >> wow. well, later this month, japan's prime minister shinzo abe will visit the memorial with president obama. he is not expected to apologize. of course, this despite president obama going to hiroshima this summer. many considered that to be an apology tour of sorts for dropping the bomb that ended the war. president obama didn't come out directly and apologize, but many felt that way about it. >> and yesterday josh earnest talking about the prime minister's visit said, you know, i know a lot of vets are embittered, but for the greater good of the united states of america, they really have to get over it. >> you just have to deal with it. forget about what happened. >> okay, great. >> all right. 8:11 now here in new york
5:12 am
city. he's accused of being anti-american, anti-white, and anti anti-semitic. so is he really the right choice to lead the democratic party? why keith ellison would be the worst choice dems could make. and president-elect trump won florida and the white house. what do voters think after the first month? abby huntsman right now talking to the people, serving the people. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, they say that this county holds the key to the white house. we're here talking to the people that actually matter in this election, that actually went out and voted this time. i want to bring danny in real quick. danny is the owner here. everyone's been wondering about my shirt. these are the famous danishs here. this is his dad lenny on the shirt. this is what everyone wants to talk about. >> everyone's been calling trying to buy abby's shirt. >> reporter: stick around. back with more after this. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network.
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5:16 am
and grease in just a minute on dirt and grime mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean! minnesota congressman keith ellison is apparently the front runner to be the new chairman of the democratic national committee. >> but is someone who said this about israel the right person for the job?
5:17 am
>> united states foreign policy in the middle east is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. a region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. >> you know what that country is? israel. our next guest says, no, ellison would be a disaster for the democratic party, trying to win back votes in middle america. >> his name is alan dershowitz. great to have you on the curvy couch. why do you think that? >> the democrats lost this election not because they didn't get the radical or left-wing voters, but because they didn't get the middle americans, the rust belt, white, working families. now they're appointing somebody who fhates america, who hates white people, who hates jews, and this is a man, ellison, who not only worked with him but
5:18 am
defended him. he's a role model for black young people. he's the worst possible choice. if i were a republican strategist, i'd be jumping for joy. my god, you're going to pick ellison to head the democratic party? what are you going to do in 2018 through 2020? you're going to continue to lose though middle american voters. >> what do you say to people who say, well, he's changed, he's gone mainstream? >> it's so interesting. we have republicans who say sessions has changed. we have democrats who say ellison's changed. you have to judge them both on the totality of their records. ellison has changed, once reran for office. he realized he had to change. but is the change in his heart or only from his political ambition? and moreover, his voting record. he voted against iron dome. how can you vote against iron dome? that simply defends israeli children from being killed by rockets. he hasn't changed that much. >> professor, your party is in denial. you look at nancy pelosi. last week a third of her caucus voted for tim ryan, the young
5:19 am
congressman from ohio. she was on television a couple days ago saying people agree with me and what we're trying to do. same thing with keith ellison. if he drags your party further to the left, you're going to wind up getting skunked again. >> well, it's worse than denial. they are insistent on shooting themselves in the foot over and over and over again. the problem is, it's a worldwide problem. the left is moving further and further to the left. the democratic party risks becoming the british labor party, which couldn't get elected dogcatcher today with corbin at its head. i think the same problem may exist amongsome people on the republican party. i'm very worried about the movement to the hard right among some republicans, the movement to the hard left among some democrats. i want to see america return to the center. keith ellison is the worst possible person. >> who would be the best possible person? >> jennifer granholm, a former student of mine, a terrific
5:20 am
candidate. joe biden. you need somebody. you got to draft somebody. remember, the white house is not thrilled about ellison. they haven't been pushing him at all. they're looking for alternative candidates. this is schumer and warren and sanders. they're pushing the party left and left. >> professor, people look at the rock stars on the left to get the biggest crowds. it's elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. what do you say to people who are saying, you're missing the boat? the rock stars want ellison. >> rock stars don't win elections. middle america wins elections. we're a centerist country. >> why didn't hillary win? hillary's a centrist. >> she won more votes than her opponent won, but we, the democrats, need to regain michigan and wisconsin. that's exactly the worst place for ellison. >> got to win the electoral
5:21 am
college. >> unlawhoever wins is my presi. >> no question. i hope trump is a great, great president. i'd like to see him be a great president. i didn't vote for him, but i always support whoever the president of the united states is and wish him the best. >> thanks, professor. out to the diner, next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
well, republicans needed to win florida if they wanted to win the white house, and boy, did those voters down there in the state of florida deliver. >> abby huntsman is live with them right now. abby, how do they feel about what they've seen so far? >> reporter: that's a great question. we're here at lenny's in clearwater, florida. we've been talking this morning about the thank you tour. you were just asking me, have you ever seen a candidate go on a thank you tour before? i don't think i have. how many of you have watched the
5:25 am
tour so far? >> definitely. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i feel the connection with him. my husband sitting on the couch, we're laughing. he's funny, he's entertaining. he says the things that we thought throughout the election. and he's sticking to his guns on the issues we care about. >> reporter: and you're a piano teacher here in clearwater florida. you worked hard to get mr. trump ele elected. >> i got to door knock, which was a privilege. i was just passionate about all of the issues, the policy for me was the main thing, his lower taxes, a safer country, the supreme court picks. so important. on election night on the phones, we were sitting there and we saw after we called the panhandle and nevada before the polls closed, we saw florida was going to be too close to call and said, oh, my gosh, we can't do this again. we all stuck out our hands, about ten of us, in prayer. when the prayer was over, our
5:26 am
regional director called in and said, we've won florida. >> reporter: you found out before even the media did. crazy. you were talking earlier this morning about mr. trump's cabinet picks. you say what is key for you is loyalty. you have some concerns with some like a mitt romney, who wasn't always loyal to him. >> really, that's the truth. trump, one of his main characteristics is that he's a loyal person and he really respects loyalty. look at kellyanne conway. kellyanne asked for permission before she was going to give how she felt about mitt romney. i just believe that because he was such an basher of trump tha it would be really hurtful to the base that he would pick someone that was so disloyal. >> reporter: well, we have a democrat in this circle. we've all become friends this morning. >> yeah, we're friends. >> reporter: we were talking
5:27 am
about maybe some inroads that could be made between the two parties. you said infrastructure is a big one for you. you have hope maybe some changes could happen there. >> we have, i don't know, maybe 20 million people sitting around that would like to work that could work that aren't working. so the only thing i can think of is a public works jobs kind of program. we have -- you know, we could call it infrastructure, but we need a massive, massive jobs program. >> reporter: finally, you've been independent most of your life. you said this past election has motivated you to actually become a republican. what happened? >> i've just been so inspired by this whole campaign. i just decided to volunteer and try to help the best i could. i talked to so many people that -- democrats and all over the board -- that just said they're voting for trump this year. it's just like i've voted both sides in my lifetime. i voted for reagan, but i voted for a democrat before.
5:28 am
i've always liked donald trump. always thought he should run. if you really ever read any of his books, you know he needs to be president. he's awesome. >> reporter: we're here all morning, guys. like i said, we're talking about the real issues that matter. we've talked about the thank you tour. i'm actually going to iowa tomorrow. that's where mr. trump is going to be tomorrow night. we're going to be at the diners talking to voters in iowa friday morning. this goes on. we're having fun. >> it does. abby, thank you very much. that looks like a fun place. >> how cute are those ladies? >> no kidding. i want to have breakfast there. abby is heading to iowa. it looks as if tomorrow night in des moines at his thank you tour, according to our sources, iowa governor terry branstad, the longest serving governor in american history, will be named u.s. ambassador to china. what's interesting about that is terry branstad is very good friends with the president of china. so if he's going to be the u.s. ambassador, that is really good.
5:29 am
>> wonder what his relations are like with taiwan. makes his job a little more challenging. when he came down to the cameras yesterday, he would not confirm it, but the reports came out immediately that's the job he's going to get if he wanted it. >> president-elect trump was talking to him a few days ago when he took the call from the leader of taiwan. maybe he said, i think you should take the call. we don't know. you used to cover him. >> he's been in iowa so long as governor. i actually covered him like 30 years ago when i was working at the state house. >> they obviously love him. >> he was just getting started back then. there's one other nugget of news from our own john roberts. transitions sources tell fox news that trump wants general john kelly for secretary of department of homeland security. but the pick has not yet been finalized. stay tuned. looks like tomorrow a big unveiling of terry branstad in his home state of iowa. >> that will be another general. >> and you never know who else he might unveil. sometimes at those thank you
5:30 am
tours, he just tells you who he's appointing to his cabinet. >> and the good news about a general is these are people who know how to run stuff. >> that's right. no one is complaining. we respect all of those generals. a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump winning again, this time "time's" person of the year. are voters surprised with the pick? we are sending steve out on to the streets of new york city to find out. and a tv meteorologist goes viral for refusing to shave until the cleveland browns win a game. as you can see, his beard is growing. >> oh, my goodness. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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the book tour continues.
5:34 am
heading down to nashville this weekend. if you would like to meet me, and i would love to meet you, please come to the brentwood barnes & noble, december 10th, this saturday, at noon, if you live in the nashville area. so excited about that. >> ainsley's book is number one with the kids. >> and yours is number one paperback. >> thanks so much. my last stop is going to be jacksonville, florida, at the ritz theater and museum. there's 35 tickets of 400 left. i'll have a chance to talk and take questions. >> steve is number one on the curvy couch. >> there you go. >> thanks for all your support. we appreciate you buying the books. >> great books. great christmas gifts. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with news. it's a manhunt. >> that's under way right now. it's a serious story. three gunmen open fire inside a packed comedy club, sending dozens of people running for
5:35 am
their lives. watch this video. >> i know i see a lot of [ bleep ] -- [ gunfire ] >> more than 30 bullets flying in the middle of that comedian's routine. this happened in bloomfield, new jersey, outside of new york city. the gunfire hit six people there -- excuse me, five people, actually. a sixth person was hurt amid the c chaos. police say at least one person was targeted in that attack. the u.s. soldier who leaked classified information to wikileaks before begun granted government funded hormone treatments has yet another demand. chelsea manning, formerly known as bradley manning, now wants the government to recognize a sex change in its official service records. but a prison psychologist at ft. levinworth is denying this transgender soldier's request. manning has asked president obama, by the way, to commute a
5:36 am
35-year espionage sentence to time served due to what he says is depression. chicago trying to erase traces of president-elect donald trump. honorary street signs for trump plaza, like this one, quietly taken down over the weekend. not only that, one architecture firm is proposing to hide the logo on trump tower with flying gold pigs. the balloons would block the trump name on the side of the building. the firm says it's a nod to the cover of the pink floyd album "animals," which shows pigs flying over a power station. can you believe that? and this video will take your breath away. it's a real life cliff hanger. a man jumps out of a truck window seconds before it falls off a cliff. the wheel on the overloaded truck exploded, causing it to tip over. this happened in china. the driver then landed on the mountain road as the truck tumbled down into the woods. he, amazingly, was not hurt. lucky guy. and those are your headlines. i'll see you soon. >> got out just in time. >> sure did.
5:37 am
thanks. >> thank you. 24 before the top of the hour. chilly outside. >> that's right. janice dean has you covered when it comes to the weather. hey, our friend. >> yes, you're going to have to wear a coat across much of the country. it the reason i'm showing you canada is because all of that cold air is sinking in from our friends in canada across the northern plains and midwest. that's going to reach as far south as the gulf coast and southeast. i'm seeing a little bit of light snow flurry activity right now here across midtown manhattan. take a look at your temperatures. well below average for the next couple days. then we have got another air mass moving in. an arctic air mass next week. it is here, my friends. we have to get used to it. taking a look at the radar, we have lake-effect snow, in some cases perhaps three feet of lake-effect snow downwind of erie, michigan, and ontario. that could cause some problems. obviously they're used to it in that neck of the woods. three feet of snow in a couple of days is a big amount of
5:38 am
snowfall. let's take a look at the west. our next storm system is going to be pushing in tomorrow. that's going to be our big weather maker as we head into the weekend. a lot of snow for the cascades and sierra. as well, we could see the potential for heavy rainfall along the california coastline as far south as southern california. that's our next big weather maker. of course, the temperatures are going to be cold. if you live across florida, north florida, southeast, gulf coast, getting towards temperatures near the freezing mark. so it is here. finally, it's december. back to you. >> we don't mind. >> thank you very much. >> you got it. meanwhile, it sure feels like winter in cleveland. >> that's right. the cleveland browns stuck in a losing streak this season. with each loss, one fan's beard gets a little longer. this meteorologist promised not to shave until the browns won. now he is a lot hairier, a lot scruffier than he expected to be. >> that's right. and scott sable from fox 8 in
5:39 am
cleveland joins us right now live. scott, explain how you talked your boss into letting you turn into grizzly adams week by week on your tv show. >> it's an interesting story here. it kind of goes back about six years ago. first off, i don't like to shave. in tv, we got to shave every day and look all pretty and all that sort of thing. it goes back six years ago. there was one time where i didn't want to shave. i asked my boss, hey, how about i go until we hit 50 degrees. it was one of those very cold winters, back in 2011, 2012. something like that. we went a couple months, waited a couple years. we raised money for cancer one year. this year i was trying to think of another reason. i'm thinking, all right, how are the bosses going to buy this idea this time? i'm thinking, all right, rg3, the browns quarterback in week one, went down. we lost our first game. so i came up to him and said, how about i not shave until the browns win, thinking it would only go maybe a couple weeks. the browns would win, they'd go 1-3, 1-4 and that would be it.
5:40 am
here we are 91 days later. the browns still haven't won. my bosses were keen to the idea. now they're saying, aren't you glad we put in the disclaimer of what if they go 0-16? if they go 0-16, then at the end of the season i get rid of it, which is like january 2nd. >> that is fantastic. not great for the browns though. so there's only been two teams to go winless. the 0-14 tampa bay and 0-16 detroit lions. are you thinking that you're going to be the third team? >> in the back of my mind, i have a feeling we might run the table. i'm hoping we get at least one win. i'm a diehard browns fan. i'm born and raised here. i remember in the '80s when we played the denver broncos at the afc championship game and lost. this is a football town. so we haven't made the playoffs in the last 14 years. i'm hoping we get one win so we can start off next year without going 0 for. remember, we lost every preseason game this year. we also lost the last six or seven games last season as well. so this goes back a long way.
5:41 am
>> oh, my gosh. well, scott, are you married? does your wife want you to win? >> at this point, my wife is kind of getting sick of it. she likes beards. she likes a beard that's maybe a couple weeks. now it's like, all right, enough is enough. this thing is getting way out of control. i kind of fluff it up every once in a while and scare my kids. now it's almost like there's a sense of indifference. since it kind of parallels the browns' season, there's this general sense of apathy. it's like, all right, can this beard go already? maybe if you shaved the beard, the browns might win. they're 0-12. maybe this will be the weekend. scott sable joining us from fox in cleveland. good luck this weekend. >> thank you. >> it's great conversation. i'm sure the viewers love it. he said he's going to shave in january if they continue to lose. i think he should wait. i think he should just continue to wait until they finally win a game. next fall maybe. all right. a fox news alert. president-elect trump winning again, this time it's "time's"
5:42 am
person of the year. are voters surprised with the pick? we're sending steve out on the street to find out.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
we are back with a fox news alert. search and rescue efforts are under way right now after a marine pilot ejects from his plane near japan. the pilot taking the last resort measure moments before the f-18 crashed during a training exercise. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we're going to bring you more information as it becomes available. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump named "time" magazine person of the year. we're getting first reaction to the cover of a magazine we don't normally get, but let's find out what america's saying. the president of divided america. >> it's a great honor. it means a lot, especially me growing up reading "time" magazine. it's a very important magazine. i've been lucky enough to be on the cover many times. when you say divided states of america, i didn't divide them. they're divided now. i think putting divided is snarky, but again, it's
5:47 am
divided -- i'm not president yet, so i didn't do anything to divide. >> well, the dooc is on the loose to get reaction on new york city streets. find out what people are saying. hey, steve. >> hey, ainsley. by the way, when you come outside, it's raining. so have an umbrella or something. i just showed the cover of donald trump, president of the divided states of america, here on avenue of the americas. jay is with us. jay is from jersey. you going to work? >> yes, i am. >> where do you work? >> i work on 45th street. >> all right. you're almost there. what do you think, donald trump person of the year? >> i think it's wonderful. i can't wait to see what he can do. >> are you waiting for him to make america great again? >> yes. >> okay. let's see if he can do that. all right. meanwhile, here's somebody else over here who stopped a moment ago. what's your name? >> kelly. >> kelly is from louisville, kentucky. >> that's correct. >> how wiare you enjoying new yk city? >> i'm loving it here. >> folks, if you're outside right now in new york city,
5:48 am
either bring an umbrella or a large copy of "time" magazine to protect yourself. what do you think of donald trump as person of the year? >> i think it's a great thing. >> now, the runner-up apparently was hillary clinton. in third place, hackers. >> hackers? i don't know about that. >> well, you got to be careful with your secret data. all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, let's go ahead and walk over here. hi. can i ask you a question? >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> mark. >> mark, donald trump has just been named person of the year by "time" magazine. what do you think? >> i don't know. i think it's an important person. >> where are you from? >> i'm from spain. barcelona. >> i've been there. lovely. >> you like it? >> i like the tapas, except they put fish in everything. thanks, mark. meanwhile, here's somebody with an umbrella. how you doing? what's your name? >> tania. >> donald trump has just been named person of the year by "time" magazine. what do you think?
5:49 am
>> i'll disagree. >> didn't vote for him? >> didn't, no. >> are you angry that he didn't get elected? >> am i angry that he did? am i angry about that? i'm sad and scared. >> what about optimistic for the future? >> on a local, community basis, i'm optimistic. >> good. what about national? >> on a federal, national basis, i'm watching with careful concern. >> what's your big concern? >> my big concern is authoritarianism and an overreaching by the federal government, which he campaigned against. >> well, that's been going on for a while. >> right, and he campaigned against. but i'm concerned about what he'll do. >> all right. good enough. go to work. thank you very much. ladies, just wave at ainsley and brian. >> we love trump! >> busy out here on the streets, you guys. >> tell them hello, steve. >> not good to be the person on
5:50 am
the end without the umbrella. >> that would be steve. he's using the magazine as his umbrella. all right. you have 17 days left until christmas. are you ready? are you ready, brian? >> absolutely. i've done all my shopping. got it done september 1st. next, do-it-yourself gift ideas made with mason jars. how easy it is to make everybody happy. the kids love it too. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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well, it's 17 days until christmas, and this morning we have some great do-it-yourself gift ideas. all you need is a mason jar. >> here to show us how to do this is the co-founder and ceo of darby smart, nicole far. she's also the host of the new web series called "make talk."
5:54 am
>> hi, morning. >> bringing the personal touch to a holiday season increasingly automated. people are online ordering. let's go back in time. >> bring back the mason jar. three crafts in a mason jar. we like to say we use online to get you offline. so you can diy and people really love it during the holidays. >> give me the first idea, for example the snow globe. >> so easy. i do with this my kids. they're 2. you want me to show you? we can do it together. >> move on over here. >> filled it with water. the trick to the snow globe is you have to add a dab of soap. it makes it bubble. i scored a dab of soap. i go crazy with the glitter. glitter is like the cheese of food. you can't use enough. hence the snow. >> the kids love this. >> right. and we glue these little men to the bottom of the lid.
5:55 am
we predid this because it takes like a half hour to dry. then just pop it in. >> so smart. and you decorate the outside of the jar with stickers. >> we have some stickers over here. you can do any color you want. then shake it up. >> what's the reaction when you give a gift that's homemade? >> you're like, i made that. >> with a little bit of swagger. >> you also have the reindeer. >> i put "love you deer." >> so cute. my mom has to give a gift to everyone in the neighborhood. a lot of people do these, like the hot chocolate thing. you can make those at home, the chocolate covered pretzels. put them in the jar. that's so cute. this is easy. >> we just wrapped this pipe cleaner around. i twisted it in the back like that. >> let me ask you this. turn this around. where do you get the reindeer nose? >> i got this from michael's. cute little pom-poms. you can get them at walmart. you can even draw one on. >> it's time to go to work.
5:56 am
you say what about chocolate marshmallows and bailey's? >> where's janice? our resident drinker. >> a little cocoa. >> janice heard alcohol and ran. >> a little hot chocolate, a little salt, and a little something-something. >> should i just do it? >> go for it. fill it up. >> you do the hot chocolate at the bottom. >> pile the marshmallows in. wrap a sneaky treat around the side. there you go. we've done these with all kinds we put a can of coke inside and jack on want outside. a jack and coke to go. >> if folks would like more information, go to our website, >> terrible. what are you doing? >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> we have more "fox & friends" just moments away. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. all right. tomorrow on our big telecast,
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sheriff david clarke, who's been spending time at trump tower, is going to be here on the couch. >> we also have marcus allen. you know marcus allen, friend of fox. >> sheriff david clark spending time at trump tower. >> markets, allen, from fox -- >> he loves us, who we are. >> like sneaky treats? >> breaking news, donald trump is time's person of the year, calling him president of the divided states of america, something to think about. how are you? >> martha maccallum. good to see you. anybody at home would say this is a pretty easy decision who to put on the cover for this year's pick, mister trump previously said they would never name the person of the year. he called it


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