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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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go see and it, check it out. hawaii is a beautiful state and beautiful people. harris: great to have you. all right, we are going to stay right here for our online outnumbered overtime and now let's go to happening now
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>> 75 years since the japanese attack on pearl harbor and drou the united states in to world war ii. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the roller coaster ride of a transition of the trump white house. we learned that the president-elect settled on homeland security secretary. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. mr. trump is back in the new york headquarters after a quick trip to reach supporters in fort bragg. and introduce general james mattis. now fox news learned that retired four star general kelly will to lead the homeland security. we'll get the latest from trump tower from blake. blake? >> reporter: jenna and john,
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one of the hangs up regarding john kelly is his travel schedule. but transition sources are telling fox that the president-elect settled on the retire the four star general to be the head of department of homeland security. john kelly has a long and distinguished military career and been in the military for four decades and he led u.s. southern command and over saw south america, central america and caribbean and if he becomes the head of the department of homeland security, that would have him overseeing in the next phase of the career big ticket immigration items that mr. trump has talked about. in the meantime, we expect a official appointment. transition aides said iowa governor terry branstot accepted the on role to ambassador to china. he is the longest serving governor and has a close
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relationship withç the chinese president. they described branstad this way. >> the governor of iowa is a tremendous addition to america's team in fighting for america worker and american economy and our point man in china. >> reporter: in the middle of all of that, we continue to keep our eye on the secretary of state sweep stakes. and the president-elect said that mitt romney is very much a contender for that job and mr. trump said an official announcement could come sometime next week. we continue to wait. >> unless spur of the moment he is compelled which we wait for. thank you very much. john? >> mr. trump is following a familiar playbook in staffing had his administration. we'll talk to it with daniel and
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aaron mcpike p. political commenter and former national reporter for real clear politics. there is a piece in politico today that touches this subject. it reads, donald trump is following the same blue print has predecessor and long- time adverary laid out. he willaning toinize free marketers who say his meddling with ends in disaster. but this time the democrats are not hailing. they have reversed positions. testament to the death of washington partisanship. is he channelling inner barrack obama? >> the difference between the two presidents is obvious. in many ways, it is
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a repudiation is against obama. but he is following obama in certain ways he is swept in to office in the way president obama was. he ran on hope and change. that is not dissimilar to make america great again. the meaning is similar in the way that, you know, in this race. donald trump was the candidate who would change the way things are done and get a lot of things done. that's who obama was so many years ago. >> there are promises that obama made like rebuilding infrastructu infrastructure. and donald trump is bringing up the same things. they cancelled a order for marine one.
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and it seems that there are similarities. >> i few and just those and that's where the buck really stops. they are both agents of change donald trump will have the same job that obama has at this point. i don't think it will go farther than that. donald trump is a billionaire businessman and approaching the job as a businessman would which obama never was. he was a legislature. their styles are very different. you can't say much more than that. >> but the existing president never got far from congress even with the democratally controlled congress in getting priorities through and obama care was the only exception. >> that is a challenge of donald trump, can he learn how president obama failed and why he failed in certain way and can he try to do things differently? >> i think few people would
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argue that. and barak obama did change washington. and especially considering that a democrat was not elected to succeed him. president-elect trumpy needs to learn from those mistake and make effective and lasting change and that's the struggle for him and key to the presidency. >> john, can i add there? at this point, we are seeing donald trump appoint a number of generals and may suggest he has disdain for appointing legislatures in the important cabinet post. he may not have learned the lesson of the obama administration and just as biden was president obama and working with legislatures. and donald trump has mike pence as vice-president.
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but that is not suggesting a close relationship with congress. and he may look to the generals to carry out what he wants to do. >> over all, the picks that he made for cabinet, how do they line up with the promises he made during the campaign? >> well, perhaps not all that closely. his pick for defense secretary james mattis said that he doesn't think that torture is effective and reported that donald trump is starting to consider changing his opinion on that. >> all right. we'll continue to watch as this cabinet continues to grow. aaron mcpike and daniel halper. thank you. >> donald trump is times person of the year. dubbing him of the divided states of america. and the person of the year had the greatest influence on events for better or worse. hillary clinton was the runner up and hackers came in third.
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and the president-elect called the selection a tremendous honor. and there is the cover of the magazine you will be seeing. and hot seat in capitol hill. and testifying on a merger are and critics say of this plan that it raises anti- trust concern and it will negatively affect theç consumers, mike ha more on capitol hill. >> reporter: jenna, the job of the ceo's convincing law makers that the massive merger would be good for consumers. and they heard concern. >> there is concern about the merged companies employing bullying tactic and dictate rate and terms to other networks. there is concern that this acquisition will concentrate too much power are in one conglomerate and resulting in higher price and fewer programming for consumers.
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>> this is like a tired movie franchise and we predict the ending before it begins. competition collapse and replaced by dominant ferms. >> at&t is the second largest carrier and owner of direct tv. and time warner owns media and entertainment and senators are attacking a close look at this big deal and this is part of the pitch for the merger. >> the most content, to the most people at the lowest price and we want upon consumers to pay for their content once and watch it anywhere at any time. >> well known technology entrepreneur said it would allow traditional companies to compete with newer technology giants. >> this merger is not only one of survival and opportunity but needed by consumers. we need more companies with the ability to compete with apple,
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amazon and facebook. >> reporter: there was a question of $35 for directv is service. it is not a trick but merely trying to get consumers who stopped paying for cable when the bill soared out of control. a u.s. marine pilot ejected from a fighter jet in a training mission. we'll have the latest on the search. he is accused of murdering nine people in the charleston, south carolina church. dylanroof's penalty trial is under way. we'll have a live update.
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ewa cooni. he was assigned to the first marine and seven japanese military aircraft and three ships are looking for the pilot. it is the fifth crash this year for this jet. two pilots were killed in previous incidents. opening statements opened up in dylan roof's murder trial. he is charged with killing nine parishoners in the south carolina church last year. here's more. >> hi, jenna. during the opening statements. lawyers talked about what happened. that is when dylan officer was accused of opening fire on
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members of a bible study in the a me church. he seemed to be 12 to be harmless. they didn't know what a cold and hateful heart he had. roof's lawyer told jurors he expects a get verdict in the trial. and he urged the jurors to consider roof's life experience when they decide whether to be sentenced to prison or executed. officer is asking the lawyers not represent him when the trial moves to the sentencing phase. many upon defendantses doo prevent their defense team from publicizing embarrassing information about p their past in an effort to build sympathy. >> my client suffered great abuse in the childhood or mental illness and the reasons he did the crime. he does not want to come out in
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public. >> reporter: acting as his own attorney. and he will be able to cross it in. and we are following breaking news out of pakistan. a passenger plane crashed with more than 45 people on board. what we know so far and president-elect trump chooses for officer and what leadership qualities will he look for. we'll talk to the best selling author and entrepreneur and fortune magazines tim ferris joins us ahead. you look good. thank you, i feel good. it starts with eating right, that's what mom always taught us. that's why i bring amaz!n prunes with me now, they help keep my body in balance.
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fox news a scomplert
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a passenger plane with 48 people on board crashed in northern pakistan. the flight. and it belongs to pakistan international airlines. we learned that there were no survivor and no word on the cause of that crash. president-elect trump chooses close white house advisors, we thought we would check in with an expert on leadership and what makes incredible people incredible. my next guest is host of a popular podcast and author that is out this week called tools of titan and habits of billionaires and world class performers. joining me is tim ferris. >> long subtitle, too. and your podcast is 100 million down loads and talked to the
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interesting and dynamic people in the world. how did you get into that? >> it was never intended to be anything successful business or otherwise. i wanted to take a break from writing and knew a lot of the top investors, and i started to try to tease out habits and routines. and that is the holiday and maybe egg nothing and i was surrounded by people i wanted to pick for answers and tip and sometimes i feel overwhelmed and i wanted cliff noteses from the people p. it made me wonder, do you consider yourself as a titan? >> i wouldn't consider myself as a titan. i view myself as an experimenter. and only if it works in the
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reality of every day life. then i end up writing about it. >> what was the weirdest thing you ever tried. >> weirdest thing is a different combipination of sports performance products like key tones for endurance. and that is forced. and that is to interview him. we had had to do it in his barrel sauna which was 250 degrees. >> that is dangerous. and the mi cophones burned all of our hands and he had a ice bath and you do both. >> not without risk. you are talking to interesting people. it condenses the podcast in digestible bits for folks to read. tell us why you did that and what is the interesting parts of the 600 page book. >> the book was never intended
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to be a book. and they are distilling it down to the gems that i could use as cliff note and i laid it out for myself and i got halfway through it. it is going to be be a book and i might as well share it with my readers. and it is set to a precise temperature and revolutionize my sleep and many others sleep. and there are other bits of advice in listening to specific meditations in the morning and there is one totally free and 2010 smile meditation by tarra brock and listened to every morning by the top performers that i interviewed.
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i wanted to be able to sit down no matter the problem or goal with a cup of coffee and by the time i finished something to test. >> and just got it this morning and you are are able to pick it out and get something to think about and put it back down and reapproach at a later time considering that everyone is so busy. and after filling 600 pages, who is next on your list. >> a few folks. everyone knows ophrah. >> and jamie fox calls you the ophrah of the internet. >> jamie is a kind guy and arguably the consummate entertainer i have met. there is also a fictional writer who is incredible and so good at so many different areas, i would love to talk to him about the common threads.
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>> and people are talking he is talking about great people and he's had great success as well. and you posted something on line about the tips that you are passing along for all of us to elevate our game if you will. what is one thing people should think about. we are going into a new year and president. and if someone wantses to reset. >> number one. more important is looking back at last year and doing a post game analysis. and that gave me joy in my life and 20 percent of activities or people or commitments that cause me 80 percent p of the negative emotion that i do not want in my life and journalling on that for two pages.
10:27 am
that will tell you more about what you should do than pulling out of thin air 3 or 4 or 5 things for are new year's resolution. >> one of the best points, the answer is not simple not the right one. >> exactly. you look to answers for are complex problems, they don't need to be complex at all. the goal to collect simple and precise tidbit and answers that you can apply. i did it for me and turns out my fan and readers want the same thing. >> it is a hefty gift by the way. it is that time of year. thank you very much. and great to have you in the studio. >> cool stuff. and the president-elect and ceo of a big asian tech company announced a multibillion investment in the u.s. and generate 50,000 jobs here. and raising concerns about what
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is behind this. we'll go indepth. remembering pearl harbor and the deadly attack on our naval base happened 75 years ago today. and survivor and world war ii veterans attending ceremonies across the country and we are live with their stories. i had frequent heartburn,
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don't know what the future hass in store for them, they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. because they weren't just thinking about their future... buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. >> a breaking story about a shooting of two officers in a campus in georgia. and they are ordering a lock down as a precaution after the shooting. it happened in a nearby apartment complex. we do have a suspect that police have identified that is still at large and now we have new reporting coming in by way of our website that one of the police officers have died. we started off the show two
10:33 am
wounded and now the latest report one officer died. and questions as to what transpired. and we'll bring it to you. and one officer shot and one officer dead in georgia, john. >> fallout today from president-elect's trump efforts to bring jobs back to it the u.s. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is maza of japan and he's just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. and he's one of the great men of industry and i just want to thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> and now joining us to talk about this. >> we have a consultant and julie rodsnsky. both fox news contributors.
10:34 am
he's not even in office yet and now the count up to 51,000. what do you think? >> every president gets to decide what they will use the power of the pulpit for and in donald trump's it is job and encouragement investment in the country that is been lacking eight years. it is important to establish the rules early. and if you are a investor and looks at america as a promising place to conduct regulation. and you know you are going to get a favorable environment if you want to conduct business. and he's sending out the right message and showing a strength in standing up for the american workerb. >> the fine print is they will bring these jobs back in october which is not when he was
10:35 am
elected. it was well before he was elected and these are people who bought sprint and want them to merge with t- mobile. the obama administration said that that is not going to happen, it was not good for competition. he's talking about deregulation to go forward. you don't get anything for nothing. the merger can happen and they are counting on that for the investment. but that may rise prices for mobile phones. and so again, look at both sides of the equation. i truly hope that he brings millions of jobs back to the country , but this is suspicious to say he bought it back. investment was made by saudi arabia and the japanese. >> it was made to make a tech fund. that was made recently and that is a positive thing.
10:36 am
but the problem with regulations under the obama administration, we have had 20000 of them most of any president in history and that stifles growth and that stops the business in america. i have issues with these large mergers that do hurt the consumers and we have to do our job and make sure it is a net positive for the people. but the improvement. and that is. and that is rest for october. and those they said. secondly look. we can talk about the regulations. and this kind can of regulation could lead to competition. i am not saying it would with
10:37 am
the t- mobile. and that's what the angle is doing here. they are are looking for regulators to provide a favorable environment. >> 50,000 jobs might be part of that. >> i hope you are right. >> let's talk about obama care. there is a new assessment that says people are going to be left hurting if obama care is repealed which is what donald trump promised to do. how do republicans go about getting rid of the law they loathe so much. >> the problem is it focuses on the 2015 law in which the bill would die on the president's desk and that focused on repeal. now we have an opportunity to govern. it is focused on repeal and replace. and bring prices down and increase competition and choice which in five states, or nine states two providers. and make sure they had had
10:38 am
options in the future. and that is going to continue to exist throughout the process. why we are doing this fast, we have more than 50 votes in the senate. it is a majority that is solid and president-elect and vice-president elect made it a top priority and it will be done by and large. >> how about health insurance. >> would love to see it. but reality. the first order of business is repealing obama care. i would love to see legislations to replace it with something. there are people in mitch mcconnell's own home state of kentucky half a million have gotten coverage through ky- net and left without health care if this happens. repeal it, that is great.
10:39 am
but they are putting constituents out of business. it is not the hillary voters who rely on those health care expansions. what they say is up to them. >> there are are provisions. and that is remains on their insurance. and we know it is better as a result. >> and that is. thank you. >> it is referred to as a date that will live in infamy. across the countries, ceremonies remembering pearl harbor. texas a &m, casy is there. >> reporter: the second part of the event is getting underway
10:40 am
where brett hume is getting ready to replace president herbert walker bush and senator bob dolle. earlier there was a fly over with vintage world war ii plane and a moment of silence at 12:55 eastern, the exact time the attack started 75 years ago today in 1941. among the distinguished guests, more than 20 world war ii veteran and one survivor of pearl harbor. aaron cook was 19 years old at the time. and a chief pettiy officer who was stationed on the island and witnessed the enemy planes swooping and dropping bombs. mr. cook who is in his 90s, said it is important to pay homage so future generations understand the significance of this day.
10:41 am
>> and the kids, when you are talking. [inaudible] i mean, they just don't realize how important it is. >> president bush was a senior in high school then. he said the attack is what encouraged him to enlist, becoming the youngest naval pilot at that time. we had the great fortune of meeting him yesterday as he was photographed in front of the exact model of aircraft he once piloted and shot down in 1944. clearly, the eventses of 75 years ago hitting very close to home all the way here in texas, jenna, as americans pause and remember, back to you. >> casy, thank you.
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with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ >> well, big news at starbucks. announcing expansion plan and open 12000 new locations in five years, boosting the number of stores 50 percent worldwide. this news comes as the ceo will step counsel from his position. he plans to oversee growth of high end starbucks stores. >> a new legal battle over the
10:46 am
fate of frozen embryos. the fertilized eggs in the state of lewisville, the suit{to be begin to vergs wants them carried to term by a surrogate. vergarra said it is not contented to be -- to happen without with consent. >> we love them. and thank you, jenna. >> it is a simple explanation. as best we could. it is a complicated case. can a embryio file a lawsuit. >> in the state of louisiana, they have certain legal protection and yes, partieses
10:47 am
named in a lawsuit. this is distant from the prior lawsuit that nick filed in california seeking custody because the frozen embryios are the plaintiffy's here and the theory is right to it life. they have an inherent right to live and if they are not brought to term, deprived from the benefits of a trust set up for them. it is a roundabout way that nick lobe is trying to get custody. >> why was he forced to drop the case in california? >> you know what, there was a deposition that vergara's attorney wanted to have interviewed two prior girlfriends that nick had in the past that had had abortions. he didn't want them exposed to it the scrutiny of being
10:48 am
questioned under such a sensitive situation and he ended up dropping the case altogether because he didn't want to put two former girlfriends under a deposition. i don't understand why it is happening in louisiana, jenna if you want to be frank. this whole thing has nothing to do with being pro-life or pro-choice. it has to do with contract's law. they had an agreement regardless of made in california or not. neither of them could use the embryios without the consent of the other. she said i made the decision to have kids with someone i thought i would marry. we need to make the decision to go further in the process of embroiios and not one or the other. >> nick said that is the case that there was a contract. but the contract did not stipulate what would happen if they broke up.
10:49 am
it was for them to be together. and it didn't stipulate if we are not talking, is that a opening for nick lobe in this case. >> it speaks to the moral of the story. types are changing and more are and more are freezing sperm and eggs and these couplesy need to sit down and put everything in writing. they need to decide what happens if we split up and get a divorce. what happens if one of us dies or falls ill. at least in most jurisdictions tis a matter of contract law and the judges like to look at the intent of the party and that is the starting point. some states where judges will try to put in their own determination as to what is to happen. but if the contracts are solid and the couples discuss issues
10:50 am
before hand it will avoid court intervention. >> if you are soph ia, and handling the onslaught of publication about the case. >> rely on the court. now they have to interpret this contract they didn't take under consideration whether the couple was going to last or not. the couple even took into consideration whether one of them would die or not. and what would happen to the embryos. they didn't consider hey, what if we made the decision not to be together. that's where the court comes in. they have to interpret what was happening and that's the argument from sophia's side, look, i made the decision to have a child or children with someone i thought i was going to marry. we were engaged. i no longer want to have kids somebody who's now my history, a part of my history. i've moved on and married so someone else. that's who you want to have kids with. you have to make the court
10:51 am
understand where she was mentally. >> according to the information we had, she doesn't want to destroy the embryos, she wants to keep them indefinitely. that's what nick is arguing against. it's great to have you both. thank you very much. we'll be right back. >> thank you, jenna. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined.
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hello, i'm martha maccallum, among those meeting with president-elect donald trump today, the ceo of the company that owns hardee's and carl's jr.s, plus donald trump vows to bring down drug prices, pharmaceuticals took a tumble. the trump effect on the u.s. market. and hearing on capitol hill about to get under way on the california national guard bonus repayment scandal. we have an update for you on who got their money back and who was having a tough time when we see you in america's news
10:55 am
headquarters, coming up, we'll see you then. fox news alert. the prime minister of italy handing in his resignation this hour. amy kell log is live with more, amy. >> reporter: hi jenna, rexit, is now a reality. he just left the president's residence. the president has a sort of overseeing role of the government, safeguards national unity, and we understand although ren zirks hasn't spoken yet, we will oversee whatever his routine business needs to be done until the president nominates a caretaker prime minister. now, renzi left as he announced he would on sunday. it's a sad moment for those who had a lot of faith in this vibrant young leader. the youngest prime minister ever, often called the demolition man. he was out to shake things up, the referendum sunday which led to his resignation was about codifying some of the reform that he wanted to make, put in
10:56 am
place to make italy more efficient, but 60% of italian voters said no. and analysises say much is about the economy simply not performing despite his energy and efforts. things are expected to muddle along here for a while. there have been noarm geden. the likely leader could be this man, the speaker of the senate, or pierre carlos, the finance minister widely seen as a safe and steady pair of hands. some groups like the anti-establishment five star movement, jenna, are hoping to capitalize on this changeover. they've asked for a referendum on italy in the euro, but that would definitely be a long time. and elections away, jenna. >> amy, thank you. well if you're having a hard time finding the perfect gift, one retailer is offering something for the person who has everything. the final 30, next. a cancer diagnosis can
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christmas, the pet rock is back. >> nordstrom selling a stone or essentially an $85 rock. and it's selling out, john. >> we remember the original, the infamous pet rock, a big fad back in the '70s. aw. thanks for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts now. thank you, guys. yeah, so we've got brand new announcements in the trump administration today. who was in, who looks to be out at this point. hi everybody, i'm martha maccallum, reports that the president-elect has selected his dhs, department of homeland security secretary so far today. he has had a pretty busy day over there at trump tower. interestingly guess who walked in? rahm emanuel. north carolina governor pat mccory was there as well, scott prewitt, and the ceo of hardee's and carl's jr. no idea ife


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