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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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dad will have another birthday this week, and we will separate during christmas time, and i will honor all from the greatest generations that learned that america has been attacked 75 years ago today. love i don't pop. proud to be your son. wow, that's hard to top. try this on for size a 300 point rally and that's a record and that's two and a half percent now from 20,0460 pointsaway. now, let's take a look at what's been a big catalyst to all of this. yes, donald trump but small stocks to the russell 2000 populated by the small stocks has been running at about double the pace for the dow. just since the election up about 11 percent and if you just want
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to keep track of it and just sheer points, the dow up about 1,100 points and 2,000 points this year and they're saying you know what, this may not stop and the climb to 20,000 may not be that far away. this is what he told matt lauer this morning. >> well, i never have been a big person for the stock market frankly. over the years i have bought stock, and i bought them when they were low and saw what was going on with the interest rates being low. it seemed like it was easy to predict what was happening. >> why did you sell the holdings in june? >> because i felt that i was going to be winning. i thought that i would have a really conflict of interest and owning these destinations.
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>> why not announce this in june when you were under fire for a lack of transparency? >> i let everybody know. i let everybody know. >> now, to be fair donald trump told people that they were leery and it goes further than that when he last appeared on this show to do just that and the wild markets. now this dates back to december 16th, 2014. i want you picture what is going on at the time. the market was in the middle of a free fall and there was fears of a recession building and donald trump just wanted out. he told me that he had gotten out. take a listen. >> well, i think the world is not doing actually as badly as the united states in a lot of ways -- if the stock market goes
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down, then obama is batting a perfect thousand, because that's the one element that people say the stock market is doing well, but it's doing well for a lot of reasons. because of low interest rates and artificially low and it's free money. even i am not a stock person, but a long time ago three years ago when i saw what was happening with money and how little you put on the cd's, i invested in the stock market. i sold a few months ago and said that i'm getting out because i don't have confidence in the leadership. we will see what happens when the interest rates go up. it's interesting to see what happens with the stock market. >> i know that i had a far better toupee back then. whether on the timing of the asset sale whether it was six months ago as the soon president-elect was saying or earlier with me and it's anyone's guess as to whether he got out and to be fair, he
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faired him and he is never keean on the stocks and then his wealth has come from the empire. that was then and this is now. is it just as well that he is out of the market depending on when he got out at all to fox business networks charles payne and also the independent woman's forum. charles payne to you timing is everything no matter what period that you're looking at. he missed a couple of thousand points and i am sure that he made up for that in many ventures. does it matter to you? >> no, it does not matter to me. i think that the question from matt lauer was completely off base. there's so many things going on here. it's reiflecting the animal spirit and that's going to benefit and they feel it and know it and they reflect that. mr. donald trump is long or short, we saw where he has not
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been to go out to companies including boeing. was he in it or out of it? it doesn't matter. it's more critical for the american public to understand what the message is right now with respect to the new president coming into office. there's a serious animal spirit waking on there and whether trump is involved in the stock market or any other way, he is certainly the one stirring the pot. >> yeah, that brings me to another issue. he wanted out of the stocks as the campaign was going along and maybe to address the appearance of the priority here or a conflict of interest whether that was the case or not. he does not seem to apply that to the businesses but he is willing to sether the ties and leave the business in the hands of his kids. what do you think? >> well, so what the guy believes in corporate america. he still held the stock, i would
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not care. let's be clear that donald trump has announced that macro economic policies do not affect the stock and they affect the industries and the u.s. economy. he is lowering taxes and getting rid of regulations and that's generally got for banks and for start up companies. that's why the russell 2,000 is up and the banks are up. he is getting rid of the regulations. my criticism of him is when he single outs companies that do not agree with him. i think that's a different question. that's where matt lauer should have focused on. not whether donald trump is holding stocks and getting things. >> yeah, you're talking about boeing and others as well. >> patrice, one of the things that's very very clear is that donald trump is going to be president of the united states. this interview with matt lauer was triggered by the news that
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he was named "time" person of the year. not shocking but does it matter to you that he is in and out of the market? >> i mean it does not matter that much to me and to a lot of americans. americans care what he can do for the economy. he polled americans and six out of ten have a more favorable view of donald trump given what he is doing when it comes to companies. matt lauer has soured grapes, and it's time for him and others to move on. americans are wanting to come together and move forward to insure that we have more prosperity and opportunity. >> you know, looking at that charles payne there's never been anyone rich and that this is going to be heavily scrutinized.
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should it? >> i think -- i don't know who is going to do the security niezing her. i think that everybody is in agreement. this week i hear that business daily and at a tinier high and orders for a class a commercial truck and for the first time have sored year after year. we're seeing people on the pain street america that are excited about what donald trump is bringing to the table, and they're excited alone is going to help big time for him to be successful here. there's somebody out there that can watch whether the hotels in asia benefits from the asian policy. e i can tell you right now that there's no -- i don't see any facts or any suggestion that donald trump is putting his business ahead. >> well, he said in the new york times interview that he can run the business out of the white house. >> yeah, but i don't see where the policies -- i see where it
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helps him. >> i'm not saying that he is doing any wrong. he sat in a room with the japanese prime minister and his daughter that's running the trump surprise. >> well, conflict of interest do matter and he should take the precautions. >> i have to apologize to instrument you but news disat a times. i thank you very much and patrice, thank you. well to voters point they do not appear to be concerned with this or anything. they have been coming around and the favorite rating is at 50 percent. why are so many gripping about it? let's go to frank on that. is this any of this an issue at all, frank? it does not appear to be yet. >> well, i went back and looked at the change from the moment of
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election until 30 days from that and donald trump has had the biggest surge in polling in terms of popularity of anyone that's elected president since ronald reagan, including ronald reagan. 50 percent is remarkable. >> so he started low to begin with, so that's a big lead. where does this go around 50 percent and put him compared to some of the others? >> it puts him below and started below all of them. now he is up where many of them are. it's not just about his ratings but the right direction is at the highest point in the last ten years and expectations about the future are at their highest point and it's been in ten years. you see the consumer spending and what happened on black friday. there's a change in the expectations and the outcome for the average america. >> people keep on hearing that
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the markets raised again and saved jobs in iowa and giving a piece of mind to boeing. how is that in term of the numbers? >> well, it's a part of it but the markets are above it. i'm speaking of the people that can not afford to invest in stocks but have a small requirement. these are the working class americans and so often forgotten and actually spending and looking forward to an amazing christmas meal. this is going to be the most optimistic christmas holiday season that this country has had since the election of barack obama. that's eight years that they have been waiting for this. >> wow. thank you frank. always good catching up with you. >> this may not be a dumb thing. i'm not talking of the markets but the elections itself. the court battle recount continues and the woman that's spear heading that drive, green party president jill stine, next. wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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donald trump is the president-elect, but where is he. jill, good to have you back. >> great to be with you. >> everybody is saying why are you doing this. there's no way that you're going win this. no way that hillary clinton could win, and you say what? >> yeah, this is about the voters. this is about over 150,000 people who over night the day before thanksgiving actually saw that they had a chance to stand up, and to call for a voting system that we can trust. >> what was not trusted in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania? allstates that donald trump won? >> well, this is an issue all over the place. the people that are supporting it are across the country. >> why did you pick those three states and not florida, california, colorado, north carolina? >> yeah, when he picked
1:16 pm
michigan, it did not have a winner and it could have been a hillary clinton state. these were the states that were basically red flagged because it's a problematic system and they had particular indicators that are red flags like in michigan where they are 75,000 votes that are all filled out expect for president. >> they were closer states than these, right? i mean that hillary clinton ended up winning. why did you not go there? >> well, the indicators that they look for if they want to see a machine error or a foul play or tampering, you look for a couple of indicators. you look for a close race and you look for an outcome that's opposite of what was suggested by the polls. >> the polls -- you're bringing it into that. >> well, what we're reflecting is that people have incredible doubts in an election that was
1:17 pm
divisive and bitter and machines that beknow fail massively. >> that would be hacking. >> not just hacking. >> in order of hacking the machines have to be hooked to the internet at all. >> no, people walk around and reprogram them and use a floppy disk. >> so you think that donald trump won these states. do you think that he won the states? >> i'm not sure. >> it's safe to say that you did not. >> a lot of people are saying that you're doing this on the behalf of hillary clinton and democrats. what do you say? >> on behalf of the election, would i stand up and call for you i recount, and i said yes. it did not matter who won.
1:18 pm
>> wasn't it your presence, if you were not in the race and all of your vote would have gone to hillary clinton. >> no, the numbers are clear about that. the exit poll shows that 61 percent of greens would not have come out to vote for me. over one-third would have voted for donald trump. in the same way there was a lot of cross over of sanders and trump. it's complex. >> okay. >> if you do the numbers, not a single state would my voters have been an advantage. >> do you think that the recounts will tip it? it's still early in the process. at least in wisconsin and donald trump is getting more votes than before. >> yeah, the point is not to help one candidate or hurt another, but to hurt the voters that do not. >> when half of the do not come out to vote in the fist place, what's the reason? the reason is that they believe that the election is rigged. donald trump himself is saying
1:19 pm
that the election is rigged and saying it throughout the campaign. >> so you're not doing this to make an amends of the democrats? >> hardly. >> the reason that i say is that 6 and a half million has been raised. >> that's three times what you raised in the race. >> yeah, exactly. >> what the heck is going on? >> well, what e i hear is that people are saying thank you so much for carrying on this recount fight. >> why because they want to ask donald trump lose? >> i ask them and say why? is this about the vote or that it's counting? for people in the african american community, yes. absolutely. this is about -- >> my impression is that you're trying to make it look like he is -- >> i'm a medical doctor. i know that you don't sweep people's doubts and there's serious concerns by just ignoring them. >> how would you say if he did
1:20 pm
the recounts -- >> we're not calling for the changing. >> hear me out. if you lose all of these states and pennsylvania decides to do a recount and it confirms that donald trump won all three state, did i want you waste a lot of time and money? >> absolutely not. in 2004 we lead the recount effort in ohio and that gave birth to this movement and the movement -- >> that was the state that generjohn kerry said -- >> when that began it was a call for the american voters for a voting system that we can trust because right frau you cannot trust it. >> it seems like you pick and choose the states that you can trust. you only go after the states that donald trump won. >> no, one of the three he had not within on the time that we focus o f focused on that state michigan. >> let me ask you this, even if
1:21 pm
they flipped. again pennsylvania not apart of this, he would have enough to be e lengthed president. >> this is not about changing it but for the voters that do not believe the rigged system. >> pennsylvania he won more than a percent. if that flipped, then this thing would be in the house of representatives. >> it's very -- >> is that the goal? >> i don't know. i am not doing the numbers here to look at changing the election college. >> well, he would be under 270. >> right. >> should it go to the house? >> she may have the votes. look, we need a voting system. >> she might have the vote. >> she might. i don't know. >> this is about helping her. >> it's not about helping her or hurting donald but addressing the serious doubts that the american people have that they can trust the voting system. >> he says that it's there to raise money. >> donald trump also say that is this system is rigged.
1:22 pm
>> you're saying that this is going to make him a better victor. >> when we look at a tennis match and not sure where the ball landed, you know what we do? reexam. >> we know where it landed. >> no, we don't know. >> jill stine -- >> we need to have a system that insures -- around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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december 7th, 1941. a date that will live in infamy. the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked. >> 75 years ago today trace gal ger remembering the event from pearl harbor.
1:26 pm
hey trace. >> reporter: hey. this was truly powerful and a military ceremony that was moving. you had the fighter jets flying by and the uss steaming by with the sailors on board and saluting the crowd estimated to be about 10,000. a lot of people drew the comparisons with pearl harbor and 9/11. you had the reading of the names and then the freedom bell was built using parts of the twin towers. in the keynote address, the top commander in the pacific always drew the same parallels and talk about the bravery of the american people both during pearl harbor and 9/11. listen. >> lady liberty called out in the pain and anguish, who should i send. all called out here am i
1:27 pm
america, send me. here am i america, send me. [ applause ] >> reporter: yeah, and i just want to draw one of the ironies of the ceremony and you see the aircraft carrier. it's here for the ceremony but back than there was none in pearl harbor and that was a bit of fortune because the japanese were going after the aircraft carriers and had they been there, the experts say that the war would have been dramatically changed. quickly kneel, right behand me the uss arizona memorial and 1177 men lost their lives there and four of the survivors will visit the memorial sometimes this afternoon. many saying that it's the last time to visit. >> incredible. thank you very very much. while i was looking back at this date and what the country was
1:28 pm
like 75 years ago, there was an interesting insert from the december 8th, 1941 edition. talking about the nation and how it's preparing to go to war and reconverting the private enterprises to start the war production and make the tanks and do all of that and ships to address those and then there was talk of the war bonds and higher tax rates that everyone of all walks of life of all parties and political sentiments were more than happy to pay. i think that's why they call it the greatest generation and why the general star likes to remind us that dna remains in all of us. general, good to have you. >> good to be here. >> it's so interesting reading the journal from the day after that and how the nation was preparing and the sacrificing they were taking to prepare for the world war. i mean everybody made them. >> yeah it was an actually
1:29 pm
remarkable day for many reasons. the horrific tragedy that took place for the sailors and soldiers and marines. you have to remember that at the time in our country germany and natzi was over europe and president roosevelt makes no thought about it and that the united states should be in the war. he could not get the votes into congress. they were not even close, and what pearl harbor allowed us to do because of the attack and because the japanese and germans were aligned with each other as we call the access power, the vote therefore for the war in japan was over when he wiell mit never would have even passed had pearl harbor not taken place. the europeans owe their survival to the japanese and miss guided
1:30 pm
attack and thinking that they would break it back to the united states. they released a tiger because of it. >> i think of the times and everything that was going on general, and i think of my own dad and the next day he registered to fight after haerl harbor. the very next day. i remember as a young kid asking him did you think of going to canada? well, right after he launched me into orbit his point was a man of you few words. it's just what you did. it's what you had to do. i often wonder when i look but on such a wide spread nature as we saw back then. is there an equivalent moment or an event. we talk about the war on terror that would do the kind of response or was this unique given that it was a single attack and an unexpected one and we were just thrown into it?
1:31 pm
>> well, the only thing that comes close to it is 9/11. while we did not have to conduct a major innovation as a result of it because we were dealing with a terrorists organization. >> right. >> we ran off the war quickly with an unbelievable overwhe overwhelming support of the american people. you're right about the times. they were different times too. the pace of life was very different. i think in a sense many people live simpler lives. my father a working class guy and was a world war ii marine as a result of that. there was nobody in our family on my side or my wives's side that was not touched by that war. that was just a fact of life. everybody was either going to the war or supporting it in some way. everybody was emotionally involved in it whether they were there or not. >> general, i want to thank you. i never repeated that question to my father after that
1:32 pm
experience, general. i think that he got the point across. thank you and thank you for the great service to the country my friend. >> good talking to you. president-elect trump is going to meet with some of the students from the ohio university. he may encounter some students saying that he is wasting his time.
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
stocks red hot and the nations temperature, not so much. why an arctic blast is going to
1:35 pm
change your week in a big way. get ready. we're back in 60.
1:36 pm
do you feel safe on campus after the attack this week? >> yep. >> reporter: you do? would you call it a terrorists attack? >> definition of what your definition of. >> reporter: well, isis is is claiming responsibility. >> well, i understand that, but that does not mean what happened. would you call what happened terrorism? >> no, it was a missunderstanding. >> well, that comes from the rebel dot media and over a week since the ohio state university and some students not wanting to call it terrorism. president-elect trump is going meet with victims and then a law student mad season and all right, so madison you're hearing
1:37 pm
this and seeing this. were you surprised? are you surprised?>> well, i'm surprised. it's unfurnish nate to hear it. i was there last monday and it was scary o as with any act that occurs on a campus. what we need to remember is even if a stient like they're claiming could be discriminated against, that's just a justification to do what he did. i actually was discriminated against for being catholic and pro life in the law school last november about a year from now. i did not go out and stab my fellow students over this. if i did, i can't help but think and zbl e they seem to be blaming those on the attack and some had the distinction on whether he is is getting marching orders from isis and what the command is in syria. he was sympathetic to that cause
1:38 pm
and many looked at this and you cannot get a terrorists attack. was this arising or an attack. was that splitting the hairs. what did you make of it? >> yeah, absolutely. i think that you can look all day and split hairs and is this domestic terrorism? what type is it? look at the facebook post. at the end of the day we look at the post and he did sympathize with isis. >> i hi that he was profiled on the campus newspaper and after the fact for sympathy would end. >> yeah, it's ridiculous. last monday could have been much force. that officer is not always going to be within a minute away to stop an incident lake this. we need to make sure that the students on the campus are able to protect themselves. i think that too many students are worried about something other than that. >> amazing. madison, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks neil.
1:39 pm
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smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. all right. just a short time ago leading on the capital hill and paying a visit to republican leader. he is donald trump's schois to be the defense secretary of the united states of america. a waiver to make that happen and it's been three years since he stepped down, and you need seven years of a gap before you can return to government in a capacity. we will see how it goes. most think that the government is going to control and it will quickly come up with that waiver and you can see. by the way did you see who showed up outside of of of the trump tower today. do you remember this guy? >> i spoke out strongly on what it means to be a city and then
1:43 pm
the immigrants and then we welcome. >> and then chicago mayor and of course barack obama and then the chief of staff let it be known and then that's they're about a dozen and why we're making a pitch to the former new york city police officer commissioner. it's the whole sanctuary. >> yeah, it's provoked and the immigrant community and what the mayor is ignoring and in chicago this year and by illegal aliens
1:44 pm
and there's 2 million criminals in the united states and that's not nice and that's the fact that the finger print cards are sent to the immigration and could s could say tums agency. he should be caring about the citizen and not illegal aliens. >> that's the assignment and much to say and then a couple of weeks ago when he met with donald trump and men michael as you said -- i'm sorry. howard. it seems weird to me and maybe you can help me out with this on where we go from here. is the legal response not to do anything when the federal officials are trying to track down illegals? that does not happen because the city does not want it to happen? >> they caught a supreme court case and it says that state and
1:45 pm
local police should hold the enforcement agency. >> that's the law. that's the law. >> yeah, it is the law. in fact between 2005 and 2009 there were 28 percent of murders in five states were illegal aliens. i worked with donald trump when i was commissioner, and he was in a real frechbd to law enforceme enforcement. he should not give an inch to this. he should stop all grants to police department and cities that are though the helping immigration. there are about 4,000 immigration officers for the united states and 800,000 local state police officers. we should be protecting our citizens and not worrying at aliens. >> so it's illegal what the mayors are doing and what they want to do and the fact of the matter is that donald trump could threaten the federal funding because they're not going along with this.
1:46 pm
how likely do you think that is? >> well, knowing donald trump and he is a very strong guy, my belief is that he will at least hold back some of the funding. as we all know that washington is a complex case and i think that he needs to take a stand on this because there's no reason that the rights of aliens like the ones that killed a young woman in san francisco and then in minnesota and should be given priorities over the citizen. this is something that's really important & i believe that he will. i'm not surprise that had he met with these guys. i think that donald trump will meet with anybody. he is not going to back off. chicago has twice the number of murders in new york city and a quarter of the population. the mayor should be ashamed
1:47 pm
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we're getting word that linda mcmahon is going to run the small business administration. the president-elect looking to her to sort out and boost small business. another choice as donald trump moves to assemble the cabinet and senior officials will work with him. small businessowner ryan tate on the implication not only of this choice but for an administration
1:51 pm
that seems to be targeting small business as early beneficiaries of whatever he is coming up with. what do you make of the linda mcmahon choice? >> i love it. i think it's a great choice. linda is someone that has been one of the top female executives in our country for a long time. they grew the wwe from 13 employees to over 800 very rapidly. i think one of the biggest things that she's going to understand what small businesses face to grow. and especially overcome some of the daunting regulations that we face today. she's got muscle. she got a lot of muscle behind her, we know that. >> absolutely. she can talk to people who resist. >> that's right. >> you and i have gotten into this. for a lot of small businesses, regulations are more important than taxes. because they really can impede your growth. it's one reason why i think the russell 2000 populated with small companies, small
1:52 pm
businesses has been doing so well, particularly since donald trump's election. i don't expect it to be a -- what do you make of that or whether the small business guys and those investing in them might be overreacting? what do you think? >> i think the biggest issue is for the first time in almost a decade, we have someone that understands what it's like to grow and build a business in the white house and meet a payroll. you are dead on when you say the importance of having a good regulatory environment is huge for small business owners like myself, because the primary thing i need is a predictable environment so i can make decisions about the future. that's why i think a donald trump presidency will give us is everything will be more consistent. i don't think there's going to be panic. and i think you will see an overall reduction in the regulations that really drive us down all the way to the affordable care act and things like that where people have double and triple digit increases in the premiums they
1:53 pm
have to offer. it's a brutal environment without someone that's on our side in that small business world. >> i think oddly enough, it's a billionaire businessman who has been used to everything big and dealing with fellow big ceos who seems to be sending a message to them, i'm not doing your bidding. i'm doing the smaller guy's bidding. what do you make of that? >> absolutely. he ran his entire campaign -- which it's amazing. i love you say that. he's a billionaire that operates and acts like a small businessowner almost. he gets involved in the small details. and i don't necessarily think that he is making an example of people or large companies when he engages them. i think he's just pointing out situations where we can be better. and he is doing what he did from day one is he is being logical. let's get these companies to stay. i'm not attacking you. i want to help you do business here. i think when he gets the environment created for good economic policy, i think you will see a lot of stuff that will take off. i don't think you have to get
1:54 pm
into -- talk about increasing and decreasing on tariffs. i think with the right environment, that won't even have to be an issue. we will be more competitive on our internal policies. >> ryan tate, great seeing. >> thanks. appreciate you. you have probably seen reports about a deep freeze coming. by the end of the week, almost the entire continental united states will be in it. that includes you. and i don't care where you are.
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
all right. it is approaching winter. but are you preparing for zero temperatures in a good chunk of the country? what are we looking at? >> have you heard of meteorological winter? >> no. >> our seasons start earlier. december 1 through the end of february is meteorological winter. we're solidly into it.
1:58 pm
it's when the majority of one te winter-like conditions get going. we have rain and snow into california. it will bring a lot of snow. i just bring that up because we have snow as far south as the seattle area. the ski areas across the west, it's great news. along with that, it's cold for seattle. feels like 31 right now. this is where all of the cold air is. of it's going to pull down across the lower 48. this is just the first batch of it. currently, it's incredibly cold. it's 4 in bismarck. you get the idea, very cold. factor in the wind. it feels like minus 20 in glassgow. the snow is coming down. we have windchill advisories in effect. it will feel like minus 30 to 40 in some cases. in the northern tier, that cold air really kind of stays in place. it retreats a little bit into canada. you notice temps climbing across colorado and nebraska for a
1:59 pm
couple of days. then we are going to get another shot. this right here, this pink, those are temps below zero. blue is freezing. saturday morning, freezing conditions all the way across the deep south and in across the florida panhandle. the cold coming in. behind this, another batch of cold air that will come in as well next week. likely colder than this one. get ready. here is thursday's temperatures. tomorrow, minus 4 by friday for a high temperature. saturday, minus 5. you get the idea. it's cold. it's here. it's winter. it's uncomfortable for a lot of time. >> minus 5 is the high? >> the high. >> that's lodge k meteorologica winter. >> wow. quick peak at something that's not cold. stocks, they are red hot. imagine about warming up to a bull market that shows no ending.
2:00 pm
it's the best kind of switch i could do from the cold weather to the hot stock market. you don't like it? it's basic cable. appreciate my efforts here. we will see you tomorrow. hi. "the five." "time" named donald trump person of the year. they see him as a person. usually, he's just a stick of butter. i wonder if mr. trump sees it as a great honor. >> it's a great honor. it means a lot. especially me growing up reading "time" magazine. it's very important. i've been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year. and last year. i consider this a very, very great hor.


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