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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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he went back and forth for 20 minutes before police got him down. >> 20 minutes? >> yes, he did. they arrested him. but he had 20 minutes of -- >> were there people on the bus? >> have a great weekend. >> "fox and friends" starts now. thank you to the great, great people of iowa. i also want to give a very special thanks to our veterans. lot of veterans in this room. thank you. thank you. we'll honor your service, your sacrifice and that really begins with defending and respecting our american flag. i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far everybody?
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we're not going to be the stupid people anymore, folks. we're not going to be the stupid people. because from now on, it's going to be america first. going to be america first. very simple. the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. >> live from new york city. >> it's friday. >> good to have you here. >> it can't be friday. >> it's fun. we're glad you're here. we have abby. abby is at the machine shed. isn't that a great name for a restaurant. that's in urbandale iowa, where donald trump was yesterday. >> isn't that a great name,
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ainsley. i'm frosting the cinnamon roll, the size of my head. doors just opened. >> this is a caramel pecan roll. these things are insane. that's what they come for. the doors just opened. we'll be talking to people in iowa about mr. trump's speech last night. also on my flight yesterday, i was sitting near the governor of iowa, the soon to be ambassador to china. i had to grab him after the flight and get an exclusive interview only seen later on this morning. we'll be here all morning long. >> i understand to get the exclusive interview, you didn't have a camera crew but you had an iphone, right? >> yeah. zero makeup, you guys. my iphone. i apologize for the quality. but it was great to get him. >> that's awesome. >> he introduced the event last night. it was good to grab him right before. >> good for you. congratulations on that interview. >> eat those cinnamon rolls. >> those are midwest portions. >> she's right.
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>> that's why you live in the midwest. that is a cinnamon roll. >> awesome. >> iowa, the state of my birth. >> you saw donald trump last night. can you believe he interrupted the bill o'reilly show. live from hive i hall. 6,000 people in attendance. i read some of the people behind him and close to the stage, those were actually vips. they were volunteers who worked during the caucus. >> that's smart. he's rewarding them. >> that's right. that's what this thank you tour has been about. usually you don't see them again for two years or four years. donald trump came back to iowa and said hey, listen, this is where it all started. thank you. >> several things impressed me about what he's doing. after he speaks, he goes down into the crowd and he meets with them. doesn't just sign a few autographs. he keeps going and going and going. also, we showed the clip, he talked about respecting the american flag. the crowd went crazy. there were some hecklers and protesters there. he said i think you're actually
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on my side. he looked at the crowd, they just don't know it yet. >> a lot of them rejected donald trump and now they're hearing what he's saying, looking at how he's conducting himself. they got an eyebrow up. this is not the guy i thought he was. >> all these shows on fox, talking about the cabinet and having these military individuals and some people are krit kalg critical of that. do you all want to be strong. our enemy is strong. we need to be strong. >> do you want to win. >> you're going to be tired of winning he said. >> we're ready for that. >> listen, the governor of the great state of iowa, terry bran stad, the longest serving american governor was in attendance. not only on abby's plane but there last night. did a little talking because he will be the new ambassador to china. he has made six trade missions to china on behalf of the iowa. he's a friend of the china
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president. goodman to have on the trump team. he talked about how he's putting together this cabinet that's a bunch of allstars. >> in filling my cabinet, i'm looking for people who fully understand the meaning of service and who are committed to advancing the common good. i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far everybody? >> it does sound as if the big pick will be released either next week or the week after, secretary of state. >> the list gets long and then short and then long and then short. >> and then this is where we are right now in the state of play with secretary of state. mitt romney, rudy giuliani, general petraeus, bob corker and a couple of businessmen that emerged recently. the former ceo of ford and
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boeing, turn around specialist as well as rex tillerman of exxon-mobil. tillerman is kind of the front-runner. he is a guy who has had business dealings as the head of exxon-mobil in the countries of russia and in yemen and all those nations that sell oil. he's got a good relationship there. apparently, mitt romney is kind of -- he's not flat lining, but he's not doing so well because of that speech he gave. it does sound as if rudy giuliani probably on the downside as well, team trump upset that rudy shortly after the election went out and started talking about, well, if i'm secretary of state and the team didn't like that. >> i think the voters want someplace for rudy because so loyal to donald trump on the campaign trail to come to like 3:00 in the morning. what people love about him, what's so interesting, he grew up as a millionaire, he turned
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that into a billion dollars and somehow he's relatable to the american people. i guess because he worked so hard to get where he is and he talked to the american people about jobs. listen. >> the american worker built this country and now it's time for american workers to have a government that for the first time in decades answers to them. going to answer to them. my plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of really good paying jobs. i think both parties to a certain extent, but especially the other side. they forgot about those people. that's why i call them the forgotten men and the forgotten women. they're not forgotten anymore, folks. rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. we're going to do it. we're going to have people that haven't worked for years,
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they're going to love working. they're going to be incentivized. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. >> speaking of hiring american and jobs leaving the country, according to "time" magazine, donald trump said i want to know the names of every company considering leaving and i'm going going to personally call every company. >> you feel like -- he said it in one of his tweets. america open for business. not bureaucrats or lawyers or government employees, it's slanted tort the little man and the job that they have. >> he also yesterday remembered john glenn. i'm sure you saw the news yesterday, astronaut, the first american to orbit earth, a decorated pilot, a senator and was married for 70 years. listen to what he said about john glenn. >> john herschel glenn, jr.,
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will be remembered for his many roles in american history. was a warrior in battle, our first astronaut to orbit the earth and one much our most successful leaders on capitol hill. in 1998 he added oldest person in space to his roster of achievements. i can't help but stand here today with a real sense of deja vu some 40-year-old almost sense of deja vu. >> he was born july 18, 1921 in cambridge, ohio and attended new concord's college. after the japanese attacked pearl harbor, he signed up for the aviation cadet program and became a marine corps pilot, long before senator john glenn landed in our nation's capitol, he served in world war ii flying 69 successful missions. the u.s. manned space program was being conceived and john glenn was selected as one of the first seven astronauts for project mercury. three years later on february 20, 1962, he made history
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becoming the first american to orbit the earth. >> capsule is turning around. oh, that feels tremendous. >> on january 16, 1998, nasa announced plans to return the 76-year-old legend to space. 36 years after he first orbited the earth. john glenn's second trip to space took off as planned in october of 1998. >> liftoff of discovery with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. >> i'm at this age supposed to be a couch potato. i think the thing do is get out and work to fulfill your dreams, your ambitions at whatever age. >> following his retirement from politics and return from space, he and wife annie founded the john glenn institute for public service at ohio state university. they also served as trustees of their alma mater news kingdom college. >> a lot of people say hero
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about a lot of people. he was a true american hero. got speed, john glenn. >> donald trump did remember him. i said this was donald trump. it ended up being the story john scott put together. >> well done. >> nice job. meanwhile, it's 6:11 in new york city. >> good morning to all of you. while you were sleeping, secretary of defense, ash carter showing up in afghanistan. this is his final stop there before he hands over the reins to his nominating successor. marine general james mattis. he will head to bahrain tomorrow where isis is calling on his followers to launch attacks against the u.s. naval base in that country. also breaking overnight, south korea's first female president impeached. lawmakers ousting her over a corruption scandal. hundreds of protesters cheering in the capital as lawmakers made that decision. the prime minister will assume leadership until the government decides whether the president must step down. back here at home, new
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heartbreaking details about the police officers and childhood best friends who were killed in georgia as they responded to a domestic violence call. according to his family, 25-year-old officer nicholas smart spent his final moments trying to save officer jody smith's life. 26-year-old officer smith passing away one day later. police found their killer barricaded inside a house. he took his own life. we're praying for those families. we know the name of the marine pilot killed near the coast of japan. captain jake frederick ejected from his aircraft after something went wrong on board during a training mission. his brother says the texas native was beloved by all. >> he was an outstanding individual. he had a great wife. he was a great husband. awesome son. he was an awesome son and he was an awesome father.
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he will be greatly missed. >> his alma mater will hold a moment of silence today in honor of frederick. we don't know yet what caused that crash but the pentagon is investigating. we're praying for his family as well. >> we are indeed. >> so sorry for his loss. straight ahead, he was deported eight times. how was an illegal able to get behind the wheel of a car and kill somebody? we're going to tell you what the department of justice is saying about that man? carrier's union boss, chuck jones, calling president-elect trump a liar. the next guest says the union boss is the one telling lies. >> this should be good. >> yes.
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he got up there and talked about jobs remaining here in indianapolis, which is a falsehood. he got up and denied ever stating anything that he promised to keep the carrier jobs in the country, which was a falsehood. i was just calling him out on it. >> you got a union boss out of carrier continuing to call out president-elect donald trump accusing him of lying to the public about how many jobs he saved in that carrier deal. well, right after that, mr. trump fired back, tweeting this.
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if united steelworkers was any good, they would have kept the jobs in indiana. spend more time working, less time reducing dues. here to react is mark nirks, the president of the legal defense foundation. joins us from the nation's capitol. mark, good morning to you. good morning, steve. >> it's extraordinary to me as a former union member myself in one of the tv unions, to hear a guy who supposedly the he had of a union bad-mouthing somebody who saved a bun. of union jobs. >> yeah, that is interesting. the fact that we're not celebrating this. the fact that 800 jobs are staying in indianapolis, some research and development jobs. the math is irrelevant at this point in that those manufacturing jobs, good high-paying manufacturing jobs are staying here. they ought to be happy about that as opposed to attacking the president-elect. >> ultimately, donald trump was doing chuck jones, the union head's job. he did his best to keep the jobs in the state.
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out there in indiana. >> indeed. indiana has been an interesting story since they passed a right to work job. they've had a 9% increase in manufacturing out there. a lot of nonunion jobs created out there. the union jobs on the cutting block have been said. that's the story and narrative in indiana. the union bosses who are growing more and more out of touch with rank and file workers should understand that saving any job is important, let alone president-elect trump working hard at it. >> we've talked to a number of people at the carrier plant and some of them didn't vote for donald trump but are appreciative and now are on the trump train. ultimately, it sounds like out there at the plant, the union families are split about 50/50. half were on the trump train each though they were democrats. and the other was for hillary. for them -- the union head not to embrace the fact that the republican is saving their jobs
3:20 am
is a head scratcher. >> it's interesting. but not really surprising in that, union officials are growing more and more out of touch with rank and file workers. politically, we know union households voted for him. union officials spent about in the last election cycle, between 2012 and 2013, $1.7 billion on politics and lobbying, nine out of every $10 goes to one party and not president-elect trump's partiment. >> it's got to be infuriating putting all the dough into the democrat coffers. >> mark, thanks for joining us. have a wonderful weekend. >> you bet. thank you. still ahead on this friday, they make sure every fallen soldier gets a wreath on their grave for christmas. but they still need our help to make sure no stone is left bare. what you can do coming up next for arlington national cemetery. the view is about to get a whole lot worse.
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stories making headlines. addiction in america reaching a grim new milestone. more than 50,000 died from drug overdoses. the reason, more people are using heroin and prescription painkillers, unfortunately. for the first time in 20 years, americans aren't living as long as they used to. the average life span is 78.8 years old. that is actually down 1/10 from 2014. steve is editorializing.
3:25 am
doctors say steep increases in heart and lung disease and diabetes may be to blame. if this year feels like it just won't end. you're right. 2016 is officially the longest year in history. that's because of america's earth rotation. >> it's because of the election. >> that too. slows by 1.8 milliseconds every century due to factors like wind, volcanic activity and other things. i don't know how they measure that. but they do. those are your headlines. i made it to arlington ♪ i remember that it brought me here ♪ >> they bring comfort, one wreath at a time for military families. wreaths across america places thousands of wreaths around the holidays to honor our fallen soldiers. >> thanks in part to donations from loyal "fox and friends" viewers, the group is closer
3:26 am
than ever to reaching their goal this year. they still need your help to get over the hump. >> that's right. joining us with an update. we're also joined by rear admiral thomas lynch from new day usa. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> you're that guy from tv. >> am i? >> that's right. speaking of tv, you saw on this program how wreaths across america was falling short of their goal and it hit you right there, didn't it? >> we watched the program and saw that there was a need, $800,000 short. new day usa, it's a noble purpose for us. it provides the financial solutions for our veterans and the home loans, v.a. home loans. every year we pick up the wreaths, over 10,000 wreaths last year, 600 young people at new day. we saw that and we need to do something. we wanted to step up and help
3:27 am
bree. >> how are you doing that? >> we're doing that with writing a check. >> for? >> $100,000. >> wow. >> $100,000 from new day usa. >> great. >> bree, when we were talking about this. >> is this the official one? >> that's going to be hard to put in the atm. >> we were talking about this a week or two weeks ago. we were short or your organization was short 800,000 wreaths. after our viewers saw that, they really opened up their wallets, thank you so much. now we're 30,000 short, is that right? >> we have a 30,000 wreath shortage. we really have come down quite a bit. because of shows like yours, "fox and friends" ans of course a shoutout to my girl general a lee as well. your viewers are phenomenal, fox news is phenomenal. >> jenna lee, our husbands served together.
3:28 am
we share a lot of stories. we're not going to tell on air. >> i don't blame you. >> admiral, the reason this is so important to americans, laying a wreath on the gravestones, what does it say about our country. >> is says that we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, who survived the values that you and i cherish in this country. they stepped up, wore the uniform, willing to make the ultimate sacrifices for you and i for the freedoms in this country. we've got to remember them and the families and we always, always, always think about them daily. that's what we do. this is a big part of it. >> you know, a lot of people, if you fell short and you didn't have a wreath on every grave, a lot of people wouldn't know about that. but it's important to you, bre, to make sure there's one on every single grave. >> it is our mission every
3:29 am
single year. this is my fourth year getting involved. i actually found out that wreaths across america, because of a gold star wife, because of my girlfriend, victoria, she was telling me about it. before i go on, my mama reminds me, you have to listen to your mother to explain what gold star means. when we say a gold star family, that's someone who lost a loved one in defense of this country. victoria was telling me that one of another gold star spouse didn't really want to come to arlington. to her service a sad place. she and her children, it was a place frankly that was depressing for them. so she came one year to the national wreaths across america day and got to see what it was like, all the patriots coming out, people she knew, some she didn't. we don't look at it as -- obviously, arlington is hallowed grounds and so important for everyone to participate. but we really look at it as a way to celebrate their life. the mission for wreaths across
3:30 am
america is to remember, honor and teach. we really, with everything going on in the world, the world can be divided because of the political season that just took place and it is still continuing, the one thing we can unite around is our gold star families, the love for them. >> go to or you can go to wreaths across >> $15. >> i know the viewers of this program, how much they love our country and value the service of our service members. go to check it out. >> it's going to happen. we all have people on our shopping list that are difficult to buy for. in lieu of giving just some another silly little gift, give them the gift of charity, of loving a service member. >> thank you. >> thank you admiral. >> thank you, admiral. >> it started out so well.
3:31 am
>> one team, one team. >> we'll beat you on saturday. news of a voter hack. no one is blaming russia. the finger is pointed at homeland security. donald trump just left iowa and left abby huntsman behind. abby? >> good morning you guys. i am here. these men have breakfast here a couple times a month. he runs the republican party here in eye wachlt he was with mr. trump last night. talked to him. he's going to tell us about what they talked about. that's coming up right after this. stick with us. happy birthday to kirk douglas. he's 100 years old today. happy birthday, kirk.
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i saw that leonardo dicaprio met with trump to talk about the environment last night. each handed trump a copy of his environmental documentary, before the flood. if you haven't seen a copy of it, you can pick up a copy in the dumpster behind trump tower. >> it fell into my trash can. >> it's recycling, isn't it? >> exactly. president-elect donald trump continuing his thank you tour with a pit stop in des moines,
3:36 am
iowa, last night. more of a pep rally where he won 51% of the vote in the state of iowa. >> thanking the voters. this as the voters as -- how are the voters feeling about that decision and the speech? >> abby huntsman is going to find out as a place called the machine shed, a restaurant in urbandale, which is in iowa. right outside des moines. >> west des moines. >> ainsley, i found out that it's called the machine shed. it is a dedication to the american farmer. it all makes sense. this is such a great place. it's a staple in iowa. i flew here from new york city. on my flight was the governor. he's going to be potentially the next ambassador to china. i had to grab him and ask him about it. here's what he told me. let's play a bit of that. >> you are. >> i got to go through confirmation. all of that. it's an exciting opportunity.
3:37 am
we sell a lot of soybeans in china and also pork, so that's very important to the iowa economy. the current president of china, his first trip to america was to iowa, leading an agricultural delegation. i was governor then, too, in 1985, and met him. we had a picture taken with his whole delegation and the governor's office on april 29, 1985. he was so pleased with the way he was received and the families and farms and businesses he met with the iowa in '85 that he called us old friends. >> i love that. >> so he's off to a new adventure. we're going to have his lieutenant governor, kim reynolds, he's going to join us later on this morning. she's going to be the first female governor ever of the state of iowa. i'm here now with jeff kaufman, a special man, very helpful in getting mr. trump elected. you were with him last night. >> i was.
3:38 am
it was the one thing that strikes every conversation i heard him having and the one he had with me, was absolute sincere gratitude. this is unprecedented. a person who has just been elected the leader of the free world and he's come back here, and honest to goodness, he just wanted to say thank you. he remembered some of the conversations we had during the caucus. i said i told you we would deliver iowa. he said you did, didn't you? he was reinforcing his campaign promises, not only that, he's reinforcing his gratitude that he had to each and every person that put him in office. it's refreshing. >> you worked hard. going to be the first female lieutenant governor here. you're shattering the glass ceiling. our first female auditor and governor and senator and first female combat veteran in the entire united states senate. all republican. iowa republicans shattered glass ceilings. some people talk about it, we
3:39 am
get it done. >> you're already working toward 2018. >> terry, you're a pastor. you met mr. trump before he announced. >> i did. i met him last year and we had a great conversation for about 20 minutes just him and i. i asked him as we finished up, he asked me, he says, is there anything i could ever do for you, you just let me know. i'm thinking, i'm not going to let that go. i said i got one thing. would you keep pastor saeed abedini's case in front of the american people. he asked what you could do for me. he said okay i'll do it. he did. when pastor syed got released, he said i want to thank donald trump for keeping the case in front of the american people. i'm grateful for that. >> richard, you are a retired pilot. you watched the event last night. what do you make of his focus on jobs? >> i think it's very important. as a democrat once said, is the
3:40 am
economy stupid? we've had a really poor economy for a long time. we need to get business back to creating jobs, reduce the regulation, maybe tax us so we can bring money back into the u.s. and so on and build jobs. small businesses, like this company started out as a small business, this restaurant. it's a great success story. but small businesses like that have a tremendous trouble building with the regulations that have been piled on them. >> we're going to be here all morning long talking about the big speech last night and how people are feeling here, guys. >> it looks good. at the top of the hour, abby, you have to have another sweet roll the size of a small buick. they're unbelievable. >> they're going to have to hire me a personal trainer. >> just have one. you got to have one. you got to do it. >> brian volunteered. >> they're so good. >> abby huntsman will be at the machine shed in urbandale iowa. i used to live in the neighborhood off hickman.
3:41 am
>> you've lived everywhere. how many states. >> you have a story for everywhere. >> a bunch of them. travel man. over to heather. >> another midwesterner. good morning to all of you. a serious story 6789 there's an urgent manhunt for an illegal immigrant deported eight times and now suspected in a deadly hit and run. the department of justice confirming miguel sauce lead owe was deported eight times but was in the united states in october when he hit and killed two women in louisville, kentucky. he was likely drunk. keep an eye out for this man. georgia's secretary of state demanding answers from the department of homeland security. they claim someone tried to hack the voter registration database linked to the dhs. the hacking attempt reportedly happened on november 15th, a week after the presidential election. dhs now investigating.
3:42 am
candace cameron bure tired of the view after two seasons. she made this surprising announcement. >> i'm announcing that i will be leaving "the view." it wasn't an easy decision. but i started "the view" i had my commitments to fuller house and my work with the hallmark channel. the actress who joined us many times on the curvy couch is known for her conservative views. she says juggling several jobs and three children on the other coast was just too much. we love her. and happy that she gets to spend more time with her family now. >> they got to have her point of view on the view. >> they certainly do. >> they do. thank you, heather. fake news is the latest buzzword. especially among the liberal left. as liberals vow to crackdown, where do we draw the line when it comes to freedom of speech. kurt the cyberguy is here to answer the question. >> that's one way to solve it.
3:43 am
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ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. in her latest post-election appearance, hillary clinton challenged congress to combat fake news on social media. something the left recently blamed the democrat losses for. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. silicon valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news. it's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives.
3:47 am
>> but where do you draw the line when it comes to free speech online? here to weigh in is kurt the cyberguy. >> here's the dilemma. you've got social media companies now trying to be the barometer of what's right, what's wrong, what's too extreme and at what point do you actually have your freedom of speech removed and a lot of the social networks are kicking people off because they're not expressing popular views that are okay with everyone. what does that do to us? there's no platform to have a voice anymore. >> who are they kicking off? the conservative points of view or the liberal or both? >> both. but you're seeing a lot of it happening to conservatives. here in new york city, we were just talking in the green room. another guest is coming up. i can't each teach my class the right way a professor said because i can't be pc because of social media. what happens? he gets fired. he eventually is rehired. it's all because you really don't have this level of freedom of speech.
3:48 am
here's what's happening. other news social networks are coming about. gab is one of them growing hundreds of thousands of people waiting in line to get on the site. >> it's fake news? >> no. it's a social network where they have more leeway with freedom of speech. >> this election psyche am, much was a rejection of the mainstream media that's been the gatekeeper and -- what's to keep the gatekeeper of the internet from pushing one side and not the other? >> that's exactly the problem. there is no perfect place, right? so no matter if you go too far to the left or the right, you're going to offend somebody. then does that qualify for you to have your voice shut down and you're not part of the group? something for us to keep our eye on, something for us to know, that freedom of speech does not really exist in social media, period. >> here's the other thing. how many stories out of the white house are simply not accurate, which would be deemed fake news? >> or misleading.
3:49 am
>> or misinformation. >> real news is sometimes fake news. >> it is true. >> sometimes the white house spokespeople might spin the story. >> or "the new york times" or every other outlet. >> what's fake what's thin. >> all of this stuff, if you notice, is suddenly bubbling up, not just in media, but in social media especially. watch your words online and watch to see who gets kicked off of social media. >> watch the watchdogs. freedom of -- it's messy. when you open it up, ultimately the marketplace of ideas. i'd rather have that out than a regulator telling me. >> how long has social media been around, ten years? >> someone always wants to tax it or regulate it. >> absolutely. >> kurt, thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. coming up, should the federal government be able to ban fast food companies from putting their ads on tv because making kids fat? well, it's happening in the united kingdom. should it happen here?
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a debate coming you next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. ♪ . . . . .
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regulators in the uk now banning junk food ads that target children on line. this comes as children are spending an increasing amount of time staring at their screens. for kids in the u.s., this means an average of 5 to 7 hours each day spent staring at a phone, a tv, or a computer. so should the u.s. follow the uk's lead in all of this? here to debate is psycho therapist and the author of the book "discorrected --
3:54 am
disconnect disconnected." >> what's your opinion about this? >> i can understand the side of being concerned about advertising but it is protected under the first amendment. commercial-free speech. i think there's a bigger problem than changing advertising the way they do it and it is the fact that kids are spending so much time in front of screens and i want to believe that the parents who are actually purchasing the food for these children can be more responsible. >> you are not in favor of doing it here in the u.s.? dr. huff, how about you? >> i think we already have a commitment. 18 of the largest food companies in our country not to market with children under age 12. we know marketing works.
3:55 am
my problem with it is going on with digital is that when kids want to watch a video on youtube or one of these channels they watch, they have to watch the commercial in order to get the game. they can't skip the ad. there's a reason. >> i understand what you are saying, you want less government. we want government to tell us what we can and can't do. kids, we remember growing up, we would look at the catalogs, the toys that were advertised. it's no different here when kids see these ads. i understand we want less government for adults, but for kids? >> yeah, who make the decisions for kids. >> the patients, i know. >> the mind is very imappreciationible, impressionable. i'm a big advocate of being
3:56 am
responsible as a parent. >> yeah. >> if i believe that my kid is spending countless hours watching youtube or staring at a screen and absorbing these unhealthy messages, i'm going to control that on my own and regulate screen time. >> one third of american children are overweight and 12.5% of those -- >> one third? >> yes. >> is it the parents' fault? the kids saying i saw that advertisement for the burger, mom, go through the drive through? >> they are getting brainwashed. you see these commercials. you go to the super market and the cereal aisle, those advertisements on those boxes are really calculated to be at the child's eye level in the super market cart. >> it's not just the food. it's also the sedentary nature of how kids are living nowadays.
3:57 am
if you are looking at a screen, you are more likely to be sitting down. lots of people asking where is rudy giuliani. we will ask senior adviser kellyanne conway at the top of the hour.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:01 am
of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far, everybody? thank you, iowa. thank you. thank you very much. god bless you, iowa. ♪ yep. there she is. abby huntsman is live at a diner in west des moines in urbandale, iowa. that large thing in her hand, is that a single sweet roll? >> guys, this is a one-piece cinnamon roll. it's supposed to be for one person. donna was telling me her first experience heating -- eating here at the machine shed. what happened?
4:02 am
>> an elderly gentleman came and sat next to me and i hadn't lived in the state for a while. he asked me, would you share this with me? i got a piece. come to find out when i introduced myself he was the former governor of the state of iowa. >> only here in iowa. this would not happen in new york where someone would say you want to share this with me? >> of course, we're talking politics and pancakes and we're getting reaction from donald trump. >> i thought she would end up saying we ended up dating, we got married. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we're lucky to have kellyanne conway who is over at trump tower right now. good morning. >> good morning. >> so we know that we've been watching the golden elevator doors open and close. more people going up for job
4:03 am
interviews. what do you make -- so if far what we've seen is an all-star season. everybody looks great. what do you think of the criticism? he's got too many generals. he's setting himself up for a coup is what everybody is saying. what do you say to say that? >> i think this is such a great way to get away from giving positions to donors. these generals are served our nation. i read this as if there's a quota for the number of tough hd minded accomplished people. there is not a quota for tough minded accomplished people for these jobs. these are the election deniers
4:04 am
one month in. it's diverse in terms of race, gender, and background. it's incredible. it's really true. when you talk about these generals, you have department of homeland security, national security adviser. this is also within the keeping of donald trump to try to get things done quickly with people who have proven their mettle and are people who like him are accustomed to being accountable and delivering results. >> indeed. kellyanne, all 16 positions of the position on the cabinet are obviously important, but the big one is everybody is waiting for is secretary of state. what is the latest on that? when will we find out? >> we're obviously way ahead of schedule with you compare us to past administrations, including president obama when he was president-elect. he made his first appointment in
4:05 am
week four and this is a very important decision and the secretary of state field has obviously broadened and widened. there are a couple of people who have come in recent days and weeks to interview with the president-elect and vice president-elect. you have to be able to adhere to what will be the trump doctrine worldwide and be able to execute it. he met with alan malaly, governor romney, mayor giuliani, general petraeus. senator bob corker who would probably face easy confirmation. you are talking about a divorce group. john bolton. dana rohrabacher.
4:06 am
this is an important process. he is welcoming in a number of men and women who have very diverse backgrounds. >> kellyanne, the list of secretary of state has started small and has expanded. he's talking to a wide swath of people for that potential position. some people are asking where is rudy giuliani who was seen as the early frontrunner for that position? as it pertains to the trump doctrine, do you feel he's where mr. trump is on the view of the world? >> he was a very close and loyal adviser throughout the campaign. the mayor was a constant presence pretty much in the waning months of the campaign. had endorsed the president-elect earlier on i guess in the summer or spring. but mayor giuliani is still in the mix. that's obvious because the president-elect has not said publicly who is and who is not.
4:07 am
you can rest assured those who have been considered are on the list moving forward. i think it's going to come down to one man's decision with whom he's most comfortable and who he thinks can work with these other cabinet members, the secretary of defense, general mattis, acceptable -- certainly the national security adviser, general flynn and it's very important to have a cohesive cabinet. >> the guy who used to run ford and boeing, that's an interesting choice given that donald trump has mentioned both of those companies recently and rex tillerson is interesting because as the top guy at exxon mobile, he's dealt with russia and yemen and countries all over the world. >> and the developing world. >> absolutely. "time" magazine has said apparently donald trump has made it clear he wants the names of the companies that are considering leaving the country, and that he is personally going to call each and every one of them.
4:08 am
kellyanne, has he started those phone calls? >> those who work on his behalf are executing on that, making a list and checking it twice, and so it's in process and any time the president-elect makes a statement like that or expresses his viewpoint, of course, those of us who are there to serve him follow up on that almost immediately and i think he's making a great point only insofar as you saw what happened just last week in indianapolis with the carrier deal. the result is so popular to the american people, you had over 60% of americans saying that they thought that was a terrific deal for the workers. it improved their opinion of the president-elect donald trump. that included 40% of democrats and 54% of self-identified independents and over 80% or so of republicans and so he didn't do it for his own image. he did it because it's the right thing to do. he did it because he made that a centerpiece of his campaign and
4:09 am
before he's even sworn into office as our 45th president he's making a difference on significant issues like that, the retention of jobs here. so if he can reach out to industry and he can try to do the same thing, where it's appropriate and as it can happen, then why not? people know usa is open for business again. if you create a more hospitable business climate for employers to feel that they can attract and retain talent here, that they can expand their operations here, that is -- to him, it's job number one and he's made that very clear. >> well, hillary clinton has blamed fake news on her loss and she says the fake news out there is a danger to the public and she urges government action. we have a sound bite of her and we'll get your reaction. >> let me just mention briefly one threat in particular that should concern all americans. it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or
4:10 am
partisansh partisanship. lives are at risk. risk -- lives of other ordinary people trying to go about their days doing their jobs. >> kellyanne. >> it's remarkable. if she's trying to make a nexus between those statements and her electoral loss, i'm almost at a loss for words maybe for the first time in a while. the idea that they can't grapple with the fact that -- i don't know what her message was for america other than i'm not donald trump and you shouldn't vote for him. i don't know what her message was to americas women where she only got 55 or 56% of the vote as the first female presidential nominee from a major party. the fake piece of news i hear all along is that donald trump couldn't win. how's that for fake news? misleading news. the misleading news was that michigan, wisconsin, and
4:11 am
pennsylvania were all sewed up. look, i take seriously what she's saying in terms of people spreading rumors or saying things that aren't true and possible harm coming to people but it's this whole new cottage industry they are trying to make a big deal of and pin it on one party or one man's supporters. that i disagree with completely self-awareness would do for a team that is blaming everybody but themselves for this. it's bernie sanders' fault, how dare he run? the guy won 22 states, folks, and 13 million voters. that ain't nothing. it's the alt-right fault. it's russian interference. it's james comey. how about you had no hevenling? >> kellyanne, why can't they learn? what's prevent being the introspection that the other major party in this country can't seem to do? >> it's amazing to me, pete,
4:12 am
because they missed a huge opportunity last week to put into place tim ryan has a minority leader in the house and say to nancy pelosi thanks fewer service but on your watch you have lost over 60 house seats, in addition to dozens of governor and senate seats, 1,000 state legislative seats and she's been the minority leader and speaker of the house and since president obama got there. guys, 1,000 state legislative seats. it's unbelievable how few chambers they control. they won't learn the lessons. they haven't learned that they are out of touch of the workers of america. it's the democratic party that built clinton won after its banner is gone. the pro life and second amendment democrats, they are gone. you even see it in the approach to terrorism. we -- she refers to them as our determined enemies.
4:13 am
there's no introspection, no reflection and i couldn't be happier because i felt such relief last week. i was so worried that the democrats were going to learn a lesson from this election, and put in place a guy from youngstown, ohio, mahoning county. thank you very much for joining us. we know you got to go back to work. you are working the phones. i understand you are trying to get justin timberlake or bruno mars to perform at the inauguration. >> yes. you'll be the third to know. they can call me by the way. they can call me. >> as you just heard president-elect donald trump making a promise to americans. >> this administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american.
4:14 am
>> so can he actually make that happen and how? stuart varney on that coming up next. and this which one of these late night hosts is calling it quits? keep it here to find out. >> can we pick? ♪ what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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4:18 am
we will put our people, not people from other lands, our people back to work in the process. rebuilding this country with american hands, by american workers. we're going to do it. my administration will follow two simple rules: buy american and hire american. there president-elect donald trump last night in des moines promising to put americans back to work and his first step nominating fast food executive andy puzner for cabinet secretary. does that mean he's keeping his promises? >> of course, we have stuart
4:19 am
varney here to chime in. >> he runs two restaurant chains, hardee's and carl jr. he's going to be fiercely criticized for the ads that he used to get carls jr to get them up and running. can you imagine the confirmation hearings? >> they worked. everyone remembers them. >> whatever you say. >> i just remember that carls was in new york because that burger looks so good. >> also, he's going to be grilled about the fact that he is against $15 minimum wage. >> absolutely he is. he's a frequent guest on varney & co. he says that $15 is a job
4:20 am
killer. there's an awful lot of restaurants these days where you order on a tablet and a kitchen runner brings it out to you so you have to pay $15 to the wait staff. he's also against the new overtime rules. there's going to be a fierce fight for this man because he opposes everything that the unions have stood for. >> is this the most pro business anti regulatory environment that you've seen? >> yes, i think it is. this is a cabinet made up of three generals so far and an awful lot of business people and they have got hands-on executive experience. at his speech last night arguably you could say that this president is selling america. he's saying look, we are open for business. come and do business here. we'll lower the taxes. we'll get some economic growth going. keep the jobs here because this is the united states of america. >> well, wall street loves it
4:21 am
because it's on fire. you are going to be talking about that over across the hall on stuart varney & co. and if your credit card hasn't been hacked, it's about to be. stick around here. >> yikes. even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses. once in use, it lasts 8 weeks without refrigeration... twice as long as lantus®, which lasts 4 weeks. tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis,
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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. now to news by the numbers. first, $66 million, that's how much super saver donald trump dished out of his own money this election. that's far less than the $100 million that he expected to pay out of his own pocket. hillary clinton spent $665 million in total and still lost. and the u.s.s. stonewall,
4:25 am
hidden guns are so powerful that they can shoot satellite powerful shells across new jersey. 73 years old, mick jagger welcomes his 8th child. his other children range from age 17 to mid 40s. he's also a great grandpa. he plays by his own rules. >> the more children, the better. >> his great grandchild can take care of his new child. it's day five of our don't get scammed series and today we're focusing on holiday and christmas shopping. the national retail federation estimates online credit card fraud will lead to $4 billion in losses this christmas season. >> wow. how can you protect yourselves from these shopping scams? joining us now is heatha herzog.
4:26 am
good to see you. what tips can you give us? >> it's $7.2 billion, that's how much the online fraud cost is going to be when it comes to 2020. so this is increasing and people really need to be aware, especially more people that are going online shopping. you know, people are trying to destress. retail me not came up with a statistic that one in five people go on line to shop and destress. >> i do 100% of my shopping on line. give us some tips on how to protect ourselves on line. >> one of them is just to be aware of what sites you are going to. you go on line. you want to make sure that you are going to a site that is legit. so when you are perusing around, you are seeing one -- you see a deal that may -- that may seem too good to be true. it probably is. so what you want to do in order to protect yourself is that you want to go ahead and -- let's
4:27 am
say the grammar isn't that great on that site. this is a time to be judgmental about that kind of stuff. it's probably not a good site. same thing with apps too. if you want to go look for a shopping app, you want to make sure that you have the app that is correct. it has high ratings and again it's written in, you know, proper english. so that's one way to protect yourself. also, when people call you and they are trying to -- solicit information from you, you don't want to go ahead and give that credit card information out. you want to make sure that if you are giving out that credit card information, you are initiating that call and making sure sure that people -- you are not giving out our credit card willy nilly. we. >> we get calls for people who are soliciting for charity.
4:28 am
we always say send us something to us in the mail. >> people are always getting their packages delivered to them. make sure you are going ton a legit site. you want to make sure that that site is protected. it's called an ssl certification, and so i know that sounds a little wonky, but you want to make sure that that site has that certification. that basically makes sure that you are purchasing things that is protected, that you are being protected, and also personal fire walls, so again this all sounds like data speak here, but that is something that you could just go on and buy. it's basically a fire wall that you can put on your desktop to make sure that you have that added protection, so that you are making sure sure that your stuff isn't out there in the wild west of the web. >> if you go shopping, you better trust the store. better make sure you know it's real. >> exactly. coming up, pete hegseth has some explaining to do. what was he doing in washington,
4:29 am
d.c. at 11:00 last night and how did he get here? >> and donald trump might have left iowa but abby huntsman is still there and she's in the diner having breakfast with friends. hey, abby. >> good morning. i'm here with the voters in iowa at the machine shed. we're talking about his message about american jobs and keeping them here and just sort of what they are thinking about the mood of the country right now. ♪ >> these cinnamon rolls are huge. we have a retired farmer coming up. he rode in mr. trump's motorcade last night. we'll talk to him. we'll be right back after this. ♪
4:30 am
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. >> look at that handsome guy. wow. that's our own pete hegseth. this is our shot of the morning. pete is hosting the freedom alliance dinner. >> that was last night. how did you get back here? >> we had a nascar driving driver. i got in about 3:30 this morning. it's an awesome event. they give scholarships to kids of the fallen. a mortgage-free home is one of those we gave away on this program and so we're honoring heroes. a great chaplain, a great
4:34 am
corpsman. i had the honor of being the emcee and a great organization. i gave away a burveg of my books. >> thank you very much for your service and thank you very much for going down there and doing that. he was here at 4:00 in the morning. >> that's right. freedom alliance. >> thank you for your service to our country. >> it's amazing to be in a roomful of guys like that. >> our viewer love you. we on the other hand. >> emcee to morning show host. >> president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour in iowa last night. >> this is the state's governor, terry brand stad. abby, what a week you've had. you started the week with an
4:35 am
alligator omelet and today you got pastries the size of a kia. >> we're here in urbandale. you guys are making an in road in this pecan roll. what do you do? >> i'm an accountant. i have a company. three partners and we consult with small businesses, provide cfo controller services, so we have about 20 different clients. i've seen firsthand from my clients the effect of obamacare and their premiums have gone up anywhere from 40 to 80%. that's tough for a small business to handle and between that and the over regulations, i'll have clients to go get a loan, the banks like to it and our hands are tied by regulations. we know it's a good loan but we can't do it with the way the regulations are now. that's one of the reasons i'm a big supporter of donald trump and i went last night and one of the biggest cheers was when he
4:36 am
talk about repealing obamacare. >> you've seen it firsthand. on over here to gary mr. trump spoke directly to farmers last night. you are a retired farmer. you drove in the motorcade. what was that like? >> there was 25 vehicles in the motorcade. it was very exciting. seeing some of americas finest serving as secret service agents. you develop an appreciation what our law enforcement do for our country. >> you said one hasn't been home in more than 30 days. we have a photo. your tractor is outside this restaurant. this tractor is going to be there for inauguration day. >> we registered to be in the parade. we're excited about it. >> he spoke directly to you last night saying i want to protect the farmers. >> yes, you know the farmers, i think, one of our country's greatest assets is we've always been able to defend ourselves and feed ourselves so we have to
4:37 am
really take care of our farmers. >> yeah. it's important. i want to go over to these ladies over here. mary was the first one to show up at the restaurant. we were talking about the economy and jobs. you are saying how important it was for you? >> yes, it is, i'm on social security so that part is really important to me that we get that stabilized and so that we know that it's there when we need it. >> before i let you go, i want to show you guys, able is a service dog. he's under the table here. he's one years old. he's going to be helping out a veteran. he came out this morning and he's going to be trained. he's going to help someone when they return from fighting overseas. it's a special morning here and i'm in good hands obviously, you can see. >> he's in the perfect place for table scraps, just saying. >> right. >> he knows exactly where to be. >> what's his name, abby? >> able. his name is able and he's a sweet heart. as you know, ainsley, i love
4:38 am
dogs so much. i might never leave. he's adorable. >> we're not going to let you come back from the road anyway. you have diners you haven't seen any way. >> the feeling is mutual, abby. heather joins us once again with headlines. good morning. pete great to have you back here on "fox & friends" this morning. listen to this, what's going on in california. there's a california teacher's union that's trying to silence a college student who secretly recorded a professor going on a rant about president-elect donald trump's victory. listen to this. >> our nation is divided. we have been assaulted. it's an act of terrorism. we're waging on republicans and democrats and we're really back to being a civil war and i don't mean it in a fighting way but our nation is divided clearly as it was in civil war times. >> an act of terrorism.
4:39 am
the teachers union says the group, orange coast college republicans secretly taped this. they say they are going to file some legal action. the students have since filed a complaint with the school over hate speech and bullying tactic by that instructor. the school views that controversy as a teaching moment. we'll follow that story and bring you the latest out of california. this beverly hills cop found him receives on the other side of the law. you remember him. >> you are all under arrest! >> well, that is the actor judge reinhold. he was arrested at dallas love field. he refused to cooperate with the tsa. he reportedly took off his shirt and started screaming profanities when agents selected him for a random patdown. he was arrested for disorderly conduct and released from jail early this morning. and could two of late night's biggest names be
4:40 am
swapping ships? >> welcome to the late show everybody, i'm your host, stephen colbert. >> well, rumors are now swirling this morning that the host stephen colbert could be replaced by james corden. he could be offered corden's 12:30 time slot. and just in time for christmas, a town in upstate new york is transferring itself into bedford falls from "it's a wonderful life." >> look, daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. >> it's celebrating his 70th anniversary. cast members will be there along with a special screening of the film tonight. wow. that's so neat.
4:41 am
i love that idea. >> every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings. >> bert and earnie before they were on sesame street were in that movie. >> what do you have? >> the cab driver and the police officer. bert and earnie. >> can you say baby it's cold outside? >> you are not allowed to anymore. >> hi, ainsley a big fan. what's your favorite morning show? >> "fox & friends." >> let's look at the maps. it's cold outside as far south as the gulf coast. it's colder in atlanta, georgia, than it is in new york city. seven-day forecast, new york city, single digits next week. we have more cold air on the way. lake-effect snow 2 to 3 feet.
4:42 am
our next big storm system is going to bring snow across the mountains, across the midwest and northeast. >> hi, charles. >> why isn't he here? >> he's at home. >> i love you guys. we have the best fans on "fox & friends." oh, my gosh, a reunion. so cute. isn't she the best? >> i love this lady. >> other tv shows actually put people who are out on the street on television. we put them on television and give them a hug. >> bring a sign, you might get a hug. >> we've seen bomb shell after bombshell from the va but the next administration is making it clear that veterans deserve better. >> we will insure our veterans
4:43 am
have the best medical care in the world. there are a lot of forgotten people in this country. >> one of the whistle blowers who blew the lid off the entire va scandal. >> keep it right here, two favorite faces coming here, geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro joining us live on the curvy couch. with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at president-elect donald trump has made it clear that va reform is a top priority for his administration. >> at the same time we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care in the world, including the best health care for our female veterans who have also been the forgotten people.
4:47 am
been a lot of forgotten people in this country. >> this commitment is being made as reform is needed more than ever after the va privately rated its medical centers from a one to five stars. among the one star facilities is phoenix, arizona. brandon culver, a whistle-blower, he -- they never made these ratings public. why would they not want to bring out these ratings? >> you are right. excellent article written by donovan flack and sloan gibson, would he got to a one star de star dealership. secretary mcdonnell, would he pick a one star or five star? dr. david shulken, would he pick
4:48 am
a one star or a five-star civilian hospital? however, as veterans we're forced to use one-star facilities. something is not right with that. >> well said. we'll put up a map of some of these one-star rated va facilities. phoenix being one of them. phoenix was rated one star for two years in a row. memphis, tennessee, nashville, tennessee, augusta, georgia. phoenix, a one star for multiple years, why haven't we seen any changes there? >> in 2014 we were a one star and we're still apparently number one in 2016. the own thing that's changed is our budget has been increased because of the scandal by over $100 million per year. so at this point i ask the american public is this a funding issue as va central office continues to say or is it a bad management issue? >> it's a great question. what in your mind as a
4:49 am
whistle-blower who has been on the front lines, who is still involved in this issue, what's the biggest thing donald trump can do on day one to start delivering on changing the culture at va? >> thanks for asking that. my statement to donald trump in a nutshell, we're fighting for choice and accountability. that's why we came out and endorsed pete hegseth as the next secretary of the va. i've been certain of three things in my life. one is serving my country in the united states marine corps, two, marrying my wife and three, pete hegseth as secretary of the va. >> i appreciate that. thanks for blowing the whistle, for having the courage, and we'll keep the fight going on the va. appreciate it this morning. >> take care. >> it's being called one of the best movies of the year. >> it's strange that we keep running into each other.
4:50 am
>> i doubt it? la la land premiers tonight. but is it worth the cash? kevin mccarthy is here. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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4:53 am
it's strange that we keep running into each other. >> maybe it means something. >> i doubt it. >> then again maybe it does. emma stone and ryan gossling back together on the big screen for "la-la-land" and this movie
4:54 am
is being called one of the best movies of the year. >> we want to know if it's true. here with his take, straight off the plane from his honeymoon, kevin mccarthy. >> i'm honored to be here in new york city to talk about this movie. it's one of the best films of the year. i predict will be win best movie at the oscars. emma stone is the character in the movie. she is an actress and dealing with a lot of rejection. in the movie, her character goes home because she's so upset about the rejection she's receiving in hollywood. i spoke to her did she ever have that wanting to go home moment? watch this. >> oh, yeah. i probably have that every six months. >> really? >> i didn't go home. i would cry on the floor, i want to give up, i'm done. it's over. and i will either be in the room
4:55 am
or with my mom or call someone and they would say, okay, you want to go home? i would be like, well, no, but i give up, but i'm not going home, and then it would start all over again. and i've had that experience in the middle of shoots on movies. i've been in the middle of shooting for a movie, after this one, it's over. i can't do it anymore, because i obviously don't know how to act. what the hell am i doing with my life? >> that's emma stone. it's directed by damian gizell who did "whiplash." she's an aspiring actress who is falling in love with ryan gossling. he plays the piano in every scene. he learned all the music. they have shots in the film where they pan off of his hands to show you it's actually him. the movie is a five out of five. one of best films i've seen in
4:56 am
theaters. it transcends. i give it a 5 out of 5. >> you are telling us to go to the movie theater during the christmas holiday season. do you know how hard it is to find parking? >> i know. the movie is opening up in new york and l.a. if you haven't seen "arrival" it's one of the best ones i've seen this year too. >> donald trump could have the most generals in the white house since world war ii and, of course, predictably, liberals are use -- losing their minds about that fact. and geraldo rivera is here to talk about that. ♪ s
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
. we will make america strong again. we will make america rich again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. americas men and women in uniform are the finest and brave he have the world has ever known. we'll honor your service, your sacrifice, and that really begins with defending and respecting our american flag. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're not going to be the stupid people anymore, folks. we're not going to be the stupid people. i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the
5:01 am
great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. you like it so far, everybody? thank you, iowa. thank you. thank you very much. god bless you, iowa. ♪ they are suddenly now world famous. these are cinnamon buns at the machine shed in urbandale, iowa where abby huntsman has been all morning. tell us how the phones have been ringing off the hooks since your appearance with those buns. >> funny story. people have been calling here. they have been watching these rolls being served. they are so big. they want them being sent to them. so there was a family in north carolina that called. they are now packaging them up in the back kitchen they are going to be sending them home to them. if you are out there and watching and you want some of
5:02 am
these amazing rolls, machine shed here in iowa, they will pack them up and send them to you. guys, i feel like i have to bring you something more. >> you call them rolls. you like to call them buns. >> i'm from iowa, we call them buns. >> what do you call them? >> buns. >> sticky buns. >> you probably need to word cinnamon before it. >> my grandma called them sticky buns. >> i want to point out this guy's shirt here. he heard you were going to be here. you bought this shirt how long ago? >> a long time ago. >> he's been a huge fan years and years and came here to say hi. we're having fun this morning. we'll be here for the next hour. the lieutenant governor is going to be here. i'm talking to her. >> he saw you on tv and he came out to meet you. that's so sweet. thank you for watching. >> they said thank you for watching, sir. >> all right. in an hour from now, she will be packing up some of the cinnamon rolls to send to us in
5:03 am
new york city. >> and we will eat them. >> it's now three minutes after the top of the hour. we've got a busy day, geraldo in a moment. good morning. breaking news about the russian olympic doping scandal. there's a brand-new report that says more than 1,000 athletes across more than 30 sports are showing evidence of using banned substances during the 2014 winter olympics. the report also found evidence of tampering of doping samples involving 12 russian medallists in that country. the number includes athletes who won four gold medals. breaking overnight, south korea's first female president impeachedment hundreds cheering as lawmakers made their
5:04 am
decision. and while you were sleeping, secretary of defense ash carter showing up in afghanistan. he is thanking our troops for their service before the hoixeds it is his final stop in that country before he hands the reigns so his successor. tributes pouring in across the country for the astronaut john glenn. >> too many people think at this age i'm supposed to be a couch potato. >> he passed away yesterday at the age of 95. what a life. nasa tweeting this image with the words god speed, john glenn. memorializizing what was said by
5:05 am
mission control. president-elect trump tweet daeg we lost a great pioneer of air and space in john glenn. he was a hero and inspired generations of future explorers. he will be missed. and buzz aledrid. he's from a small part of ohio. it's so interesting that he went on to explore space. small town, exploring space. >> from space to the u.s. senate. to geraldo rivera. >> he was 25 years in the u.s. senate. almost. 24. he already auditioned heaven. he had been up there and what a wonderful hero. i interviewed him a couple of times over the years. once i interviewed him about the challenger disaster and whether or not they should have ejection seats. he gave me a heart felt answer
5:06 am
about that. he said that weight, the weight of the aircraf there are other considerations. interviewed him also how we're doing nuclear conferences and including countries like iraq at the time still ruled by saddam hussein and our civilian atomic energy conferences and symposiums and they were getting our secrets from these civilian kinds of get teths -- get-togethers. my in-laws are from ohio. he's a legend and icon there. a great american and sorely missed. from my point of view, at my age, what i remember most is when he jumped out of the airplane and went into space in his late 70s. 77 years old. >> oldest person to go into space. >> also a combat veteran, marine of 150 combat missions. >> 150 missions in world war ii and korea. >> speaking of the military,
5:07 am
donald trump hiring three generals to be on his cabinet. what do you think about that. >> so far. >> from 2001 to 2012, one of the senior war correspondents around here and i have to say that in my entire life, some of the most intelligent, competent, patriotic, you know, effective leaders i have met have been in the military. some of my best friends. i remember ray onero and john campbell. david petraeus. i met him, you know, as he was bringing the 101st airborne into baghdad. i watched him become commander, win the surge, take over in afghanistan and get to be director of the cia before he had his problem. >> there are those on the left who go he's packing these guys with these military guys,
5:08 am
setting himself up for a coup. >> if not a coup, then an overemphasis on war. >> it's also about management. why should that exclude someone? these are some of the best americans out there. it is not an accident that they are all appointed to various civilian boards of directors. they get big ceo-type jobs. they are exactly the kind of people that we want in that leadership. and remember colin powell in push 43's administration. then you had alexandria -- alexander hague before that in the reagan and nixon. we had generals as president. dwightizen hour -- dwight eisenhower, and ulysses s.
5:09 am
grant. i always felt i had to catch up among the men who serve. all my career to not wear the uniform and go through the discipline. i think donald trump also had that same insecurity. he went to military school as i did. so had some scerns in that regard but then to not have served and to be in the company of those who have given and sacrificed so much, i felt insecure about it. i'm delighted. president obama had aaron sencheci, remember the general. >> a bunch of them before he fired them. >> dennis blair, the admiral. >> the left has got to complain about something. >> i think that's ridiculous. to me, they are obviously the epa choice and there are some others that kind of grate on me. i don't see how they work out. in oklahoma, we have earthquakes because of fracking, i'm not sure about, you know, some of
5:10 am
the picks, but i'm delighted overall. if you are a conservative, this is a magnificent cabinet and i think some of these picks have been absolutely aaa. i give trump an "a" for this prep. he's way ahead of the timetable set by president obama last time around in terms of this transition. he will be ready on inauguration day. >> what do you want him to do as far as illegal immigration is concerned? there's a story this morning, two women were kill in louisville, kentucky by a guy who was driving a truck. deported eight times. similar story to what happened with kate steinle. >> when someone is a repeat offender, they are guilty of a very serious federal crime. he should have been in jail. there's no doubt he should have been in jail. >> he was deported. >> but before they are deported, they have to serve five years in federal prison.
5:11 am
that's the way you deter it. the fellow in kate steinle's case, he had just gotten out of jail. i feel you have a mix of muscle and compassion. kelly is exactly the right guy. he held southern command. i watched these guys in action in colombia against the drug lords. they know the border. they know the scene in latin america. they are absolutely all connected. the drugs are very much connected. i think that i -- i am for absolutely secure borders. where i am compassionate and some people are not are for groups like the dreamers. they are brought here as children by their parents. he has indicated that he's going to show compassion to them and if he does, that's the constituency right there. >> you get eight times over again. >> i covered el chapo's and i
5:12 am
was in his tunnel, the mile long tunnel that he got out of the super max. the wall is not going to stop el chapo. it's going to stop juan and maria, the grape pickers. i have stopped opposing the wall. if you want to use infrastructure dollars to build the wall, god bless. go ahead and do it. i have no serious objection to it. i'm just saying 100 foot wall for a trillion dollars and a ladder for $25 i think it's a waste of money. >> you put donald trump and three generals in el chapo's way, he might be stopped. >> ainsley, number one best-selling author. >> thank you. they have been number one too. it's a team. chilling new video of the
5:13 am
san bernardino terrorist training to kill. and just hours from now, two recount hearing are set to begin in two states. it's costing millions of dollars. stick around. we're live in wisconsin. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
5:14 am
for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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we are back with a fox news alert. just hours from now, two recount battle hearings are set to begin. both spearheaded by jill stein. >> oh, the green party candidate with 1%. she's not giving up just yet. setting the stage for new drama and costing taxpayers. >> what's going on today? we're live from milwaukee. what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you, guys, that in wisconsin, the recount effort is about 80% complete, and in madison, a federal judge is set to hold a hearing today considering whether or not to halt the recount process and this lawsuit was actually filed a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of all of this by a supporter of president-elect donald trump as well as two pro
5:18 am
trump super pacs and they wanted the recount effort to not even start to begin with. well, it has. there's that hearing that's happening today and like i said in wisconsin 80% of the votes have already been recounted and so far the discrepancies between the recount and election day have really been minor. at this point, hillary clinton has gained about 61 votes, but she is still trail president-elect donald trump in the state of wisconsin. he led by 22,177 votes and hillary clinton gained 61. his campaign also gained some votes, but at this point, like i said, the difference is really quite negligible in terms of making a difference. we'll have to see what this federal judge decides, but it doesn't look like it would change much if the recount stops only for the fact that taxpayers have put in money to pay the
5:19 am
workers. jill stein's keeps your money but the taxpayers. >> we're paying for it. coming up on this friday, four major department stores accused of ripping you off and there's a very good chance you shop at one of the stores. we've got details coming up. speaking of shopping, how would you like to never carry a shopping bag again? >> yes! >> meet the college kid with an awesome idea that will change your next trip to the mall. genius. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
5:20 am
try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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5:23 am
time for some quick friday morning headlines for you. first up. no child's play. thousands of playground slides are being recalled after kids are losing fingers. play world systems incorporated sold them to parks and schools and the company says they can crack open at the seams. they are offering a free replacement. contact them if you got one. and are the stores you shop at ripping you off? several retailers accused of making you believe you are getting a better deal than you actually are. a lawsuit has within filed -- been filed against macy's sears, kohl's and jc penney, accusing them of setting prices hirer to make customers think they are getting deeper discounts. speaking of the stores, are you already tired from all that holiday shopping? there are three students from
5:24 am
brigham young university have that come up with a way for you to shop without the drop. their bell shop service let's you walk through the mall without having to lug around all of those heavy bags. joining us now are the co-founders of a called bell shop. we've carson and max and blake joining us. max, carson, i know you are going to tell you why you started this or how you came up with the idea. first, max, will you tell us the concept behind this. >> the idea, i guess, behind it, is we wanted to help people have a more enjoyable experience when they shop at the mall. >> we don't enjoy carrying those bags. >> we wanted to make shopping a lot easier and a more enjoyable experience. it actually came from our mom, has how the idea came. she ended up talking to me and
5:25 am
my brother and carson just kind of took off with it and asked us to be a part of it. so it's been pretty awesome. >> so blake, how do you feel being a part of this? were you like hold on, don't forget about me? i'm one of your best friends. i want in on this too. >> yeah, exactly. luckily i pick great friends who have good ideas and are driven and they seem to like me a lot and asked me to join them. >> most students at your age are at a keg party or football game. you are starting a business. >> it's been a crazy ride. we've always -- i've always been really ambitious and i wanted to do this. it kind of runs in our blood. our dad was an entrepreneur, so we don't drink. we -- we got married -- i got married pretty young, so i was like i got to start thinking of ways to provide for my wife and
5:26 am
for our future family, so it's just been an amazing ride and the fact that this could be something that provides a lifestyle for not only me and my wife but for my friends and my brother, and that idea -- it just still hasn't like -- it doesn't make sense still so we're trying to go along with the ride and have fun with it. >> that's great. max, how are thing coming along, so far? you are only in one mall right now? >> yeah. >> which mall? >> we're in the provo center mall in utah. the main idea this winter was to pilot the idea, figure out kind of -- work out the kinks, and then go from there and then develop an app to go throughout the world, and so that's kind of the hope to service people in california and new york, places where there's, you know, shopping year-round, but anyways, we started here just because we felt like it was a good opportunity for us. that's where we're living, but
5:27 am
that way we can make sure we understand how the service works and how everything goes. >> us women, we love to shop, and this is a great idea. we're hoping you come to our city. when i go to the grocery store, i have to take a stroller or this cart that i bought at bed, bath & beyond. my arms are breaking when i'm walking down the streets of new york. please come here. none of us have cars. we need your help. >> one day, hopefully we'll be there soon. >> when you do, come by the set and we'll put you on. i wish you all the best. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. news of of a voter hack. no one is blaming russia. the finger is pointed at our own homeland security. and abby is talking to a woman about to make history. >> i'm here with lieutenant governor kim reynolds about to make history in this state as
5:28 am
being the first female governor of iowa. she was at the trump rally last night. you said you came back from vacation just to be there. we're going to be having some coffee right when we come back, ainsley, and eating some cinnamon rolls. steve told me they are cinnamon buns, not rolls. ♪
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
president obama has still got a little while left in office and in an interview with "people" magazine, he says he loves living with his mother-in-law in the white house. [ laughter ] he says it's really sad it's come to an end at 42 days. there's the bus stop. nice knowing you. >> it's funny. just saying. president-elect donald trump continuing his thank you tour to you, america, with a stop in des moines iowa last night where he won 51% of the vote. >> this has the state's governor, terry brand stad has been stand to be the ambassador of china. how do the voters feel about that? and if he leaving, who is taking over? >> abby huntsman is live with that very special guest. who do you have here? >> i wonder who is going to take over here in iowa? i think she's sitting right next to me.
5:33 am
lieutenant governor kim reynolds who will be the first female governor of the state of iowa. you were at mr. trump's big rally last night. what was it like? >> well, first of all, it was a lot of energy and excitement in the room and we saw that when we were open the campaign trail. record number turnout with all of the rallies with president-elect trump. he really speak to the people. we were at capacity. i saw a lot of red make america great hats and i think this optimistic about the future of america. >> speaking of the future, how are you feeling about things? >> great. >> you are about to step into a new role. >> i'm very excited. first of all, i'm so proud and excited for governor brandstad. i cannot think of a more qualified individual to serve as the ambassador of china. not only because of his experience and character but the relationship that he has with the president, xi. it's a tremendous opportunity for iowa. >> he was on my flight yesterday. i snatched him as he got off the
5:34 am
plane. we've got our own exclusive with him. i asked him about you and what advice he has for you as you take over. here's what he told me. >> okay. >> i asked her to be my running mate and we won two elections and she's been a full partner as the lieutenant governor and she's prepared to be the governor. >> any advice for her? >> well, continue to work hard. continue to stay in touch with the people. i know she will do great. >> oh. he says you are prepared. you are willing to work hard. he had the nicest things to say about you. >> i have been blessed to have the opportunity to serve with him. i've had training from the best governor in the nation and you know we go to all 99 counties each and every year. it's about working hard and we are working hard every single day. i'm excited for the opportunity. >> congratulations to you and good for being with us this morning. i want to get over this table. a few were at the rally last night. you were there. what were your thoughts?
5:35 am
>> first of all, the crowd was very much energized and enthusiastic, and so when donald trump came in, everybody was just elated, obviously, to see him, and then in terms of what he spoke about, yes, it's been publicized repeatedly but the bottom line is it's very significant issues that he's talking about. obviously, everything from the border to all of the other areas that he wants to make change with, so -- >> i want to get to simone as well. you've been in iowa a long time. mr. trump had to win you over. he wasn't your first pick. >> no, he wasn't. i was actually a carly supporter. >> carly feen rene -- fiorina. >> i was not a never trumper because when i'm involved in the caucuses, i'm always looking toward the general election because that's our goal and i
5:36 am
have to say the supreme court was my number one issue, and so i knew i needed to vote for president trump and i think his cabinet picks have been outstanding. jeff sessions. >> four generals i think already. you are here with your "fox & friends" shirts. you were at the rally last night as well. what was your thoughts? was what was your take away? >> i love the new found enthusiasm. the fact we'll be able to negotiate from a position of strength. >> his presidency he says is going to be simple, buy american, hire american. >> yes. >> that hits home for a lot of people right now. >> i think. [ inaudible ] >> not only are we getting the perspective of all the people who are in those places that
5:37 am
you've been at in iowa and earlier this week in florida, but now we're absolutely hungry for breakfast. a big platter of eggs. >> she's sending them, food. >> the food looks delicious. and apparently they are doing a lot of business because a lot of you at home are liking cinnamon rolls. i love getting to these diners because we get to hear what middle america is thinking. >> donald trump says i will be the voice of the forgotten man and women. >> that's right. we got a microphone and we have the opportunity to say what you are feeling. we're going to hand it over to heather. serious story to bring you right now. training for mass murder? we have some brand-new chilling video showing a cold blooded killer training for a major terror attack. daily obtaining this horrifying clip. you can see the san bernardino terrorist bracketsing -- practicing at a shooting range,
5:38 am
firing off a rifle, just days before he and his wife murdered 14 of his coworkers at a christmas party. both were killed in a shoot-out with police. georgia claims that someone tried to hack the voting systems. we're learning more about the marine killed after being ejected from his plane during a flight over japan. he loved water-skiing and tennis and he came from a military family. his grandfather was a marine. his brother was also a marine and says they were best friends. >> he was super upright,
5:39 am
upstanding individual. he had a great life. great husband. awesome son. awesome father. and he will be greatly missed. >> he also leaves behind a wife. captain jake fredric was just 32 years old and we're praying for that marine corps family this morning. former president george w. bush and former british prime minister david cameron have a lot more in common. take a look at their suits right there. the former president and his wife laura making a rare public appearance. they were with him at a college basketball in texas. he's here to launch his first speaking tour since he left office in september. >> you are at a college game and you look across and you see them. >> by the way, that was smu in the heart of dallas, texas. >> playing tcu. >> playing the frogs. >> the horned frogs.
5:40 am
>> thank you very much. let's move on to extreme weather. whiteout conditions and cold temperatures wreaking havoc. look at this 40-car pile up in the state of michigan. at least three people lost their lives in that accident. >> oh. a similar scene outside of cleveland. 19 people taken to the hospital after that 50-car crash right there on i-90. both highways are back open this morning. >> the wicked weather system now moving east. our senior meteorologist janice the weather machine dean. >> it is cold outside. how cold is it? we're going to see the polar plunge continue as far south as the gulf coast and texas. and then we have the potential for more snow across the rockies and the plains states and the northeast. let's meet some of my friends. where are you from? name a town?
5:41 am
>> vicky and clint from winter springs, florida. >> how are you doing with this cold? >> i love it. >> tory and garrett from st. pete, florida. >> where are you from? >> gary and nicole from advent, north carolina. >> yourself? >> trip gilbert from georgia. >> i have to introduce you to these ladies. >> i'm ros and carol from atlanta, georgia. >> who do you want to meet right now? >> pete! >> show your signs, ladies, look at this. >> i made this. >> you get a hug too. >> can we get a hug from pete. i'm sure all of the ladies out there say this every single day. we love you, pete. >> what's your favorite morning show? >> "fox & friends"! >> who is your favorite host? >> janice. dean! >> everyone!
5:42 am
>> pete, america loves you. >> pete hegseth. >> back inside. >> all right, j.d. we would like to remind you if your christmas or holiday plans bring you to new york city, stop by, maybe janice dean will hug you. it is 18 minutes before the top of hour on this friday. remember when a somali refugee went on a stabbing spree at the campus of the ohio state university. well, now activists were wrong to shoot him. he had a butcher's knife. judge jeanine has a few things to say about that coming up next. >> good morning, judge. >> good morning. and a christmas television classic, "rudolph the red-knowsed reindeer" it's about to come to life. ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
5:43 am
and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs.
5:44 am
aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> welcome back. when an ohio state student went on a stabbing spree against his last -- classmates, one police officer stopped the ramp age in moments and saved some lives. >> some students are complaining that he was wrongly killed by police for being non-white, even declaring his actions were not relevant to him being shot. what? >> here now to react, i can't wait to hear this, is the host of "justice". judge jeanine pirro. >> what are they saying?
5:47 am
the guy with the butcher knife should not have been shot. >> okay. here's a fie who was driving into a crowd of students at ohio state university and jumps out of the car and take a butcher knife and goes at these kids and starts stabbing them. these people are saying look, he was wrongly killed. he is another non-white wrongly killed by a cop as though this cop who killed him and i think the cop is a hero should have waited for him to exhaust himself by stabbing people until he tired and then cuffed him. this is what's going on in campuses in the united states today. they are calling this somali refugee, and let me digress, this guy, this ali artan was a student at ohio state university. he had just gotten into this country as a somali refugee in june of 2014. we welcome him with open arms. him and his six siblings and his mother. what do we do then? we send him to college.
5:48 am
we pay for that college, and we give him a degree. now, if he's in a refugee camp in pakistan for seven years, what was he taking? a course when all of a sudden we're going to give him an associates degree a year and a half later, give him -- put in ohio state university? what is wrong with us? there's so many pieces to this. >> what's the logic to the cop -- we understand he saved lives. what's their logic that turns him into a bad guy? >> they are saying that this guy -- no matter what the wrong, whether you kill someone, commit domestic violence, or stab people, justice does not come from a cop's bullet. really? maybe you ought to understand criminal justice 101. when someone is trying to kill someone else, imagine someone that you love, maybe a cop ought to use the force, we as a civilized society give him, to
5:49 am
kill someone and if you can't understand that in dpram march -- grammar school then you don't belong in college and you especially don't belong as a professor at these ohio state university and it gets crazier, the president issues a statement saying this is extremism. hog wash. it is islamic extremism because he then put on his facebook if you don't stop this -- what if you don't stop going after muslims, we lone wolves will never stop. >> we share your outrage. >> and i'm not done. >> judge yes jeanine, thank you very much. >> saturday night. >> we'll be tubeside. it's a christmas television classic and this morning rudolph the red nosed reindeer is about to come to life on "fox & friends." that is next. grab your children. somebody who is watching right now on the 12th floor is
5:50 am
bill hemmer. >> i never want to meet pirro in court. she would wipe me out. >> reading between the lines on donald trump's decisions. full analysis on what they tell us and a terrific line-up to take us all through that. hillary clinton says fake news stories can have real world consequences. is that a reference to an election? also, reports of 50,000 isis fighters dead. we'll look very closely at that number. john glenn's secret to happiness was by his side for 73 years. we'll see you in ten minutes top of the hour. my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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>> rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my
5:54 am
sleigh tonight? >> it will be an honor, sir. >> yea! rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a television classic and this year it's coming to life at madison square garden. >> right now, rudolph and his friend hermie the elf are here to perform for us life. >> we'll get out of the way. ♪ ♪ ♪ we all pretend the rainbow has an end and you'll be there my friend some day ♪ ♪ there's always tomorrow for dreams to come true ♪ tomorrow is not far away ♪ we're a couple of misfits, we're a couple of misfits. what's the matter with misfits?
5:55 am
that's where we fit in. ♪ ♪ we may be different from the rest ♪ who decides the test of what is really best? ♪ >> whoa! ♪ why am i such a misfit? i'm an adorable reindeer. why don't i fit in ♪ >>. ♪ you can't fire me ♪ i quit ♪ we're a couple of misfits
5:56 am
[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> if you would like more information about rudolph live, good to our website "fox & friends" for tickets and information. >> we're going to step aside. >> more "fox & friends" just moments away. >> tell everybody. ♪
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. .
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♪ >> it is a show that made country music famous. tonight i'm guest announcing. at the grand ol' opry in nashville. some of the superstar performers sharing the stage, vince gill, larry gatlin, gatlin brothers.
6:00 am
ricky skaggs. the show will be great. get tickets. >> we're all groupies. >> peter, we will be watching you tomorrow on "fox & friends weekend". bill: we want to go too. absolutely. fox news alert we're learning more about the meetings today with the president-elect. they could tell us a lot about his agenda. speaker of the house paul ryan will be at trump tower as the trump team taps another big-time ceo for a key cabinet position. a lot to do on friday. we made it through the week. i'm bill hemmer. welcome back to "america's newsroom." melissa: thanks for having me. i'm melissa francis in for from the corner office to the cabinet, andy puzder getting nod for labor secretary. he is the ceo of company that runs hardee's and carl's, jr. bill: exxon ceo rex tillerson is


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