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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bill: i guess you can go and check it out. bring a warm coat while you're there. great to be with you. melissa: thanks for having me. 2:00 p.m. right here, tune in. bill: big time. have a great weekend, everybody. happening now starts right now. jon: president-elect donald trump meeting with the speaker of the house paul ryan as we look for new details for secretary of state. hello and happy friday to you. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childress. jon: mr. trump heading to louisiana later today for a get out to vote rally to support republican candidate. he's also continuing thank you tour with a rally in grand
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rapids, michigan. david lee. >> jon, the president-elect trump's transition team said mr. trump has met with 90 individuals. as best we know, he did not meet with any potential job applicants today. as you mentioned he did have face to face with house speaker paul ryan. mr. ryan entered trump tower around 49:00 o'clock -- 9:00 o'clock this morning. mr. ryan has said top priority is repeal of obamacare. the spokesperson says that the purpose of today's meeting was discus policy agenda. after meeting was over, ryan made a brief statement u but discuss not take any questions. >> exciting meeting with president elect. great meeting talking about
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transition. thanks, guys. >> as for the president elect, mr. trump continued his thank you victory tour paying a visit to des moines, iowa, he told the crowd that cabinet nominees are among the most successful in the world. four of them reported to be billionaires. some of them might consider foregoing salaries in the name of public service. mr. trump at this hour on his way to baton rouge, louisiana. republican candidate who is facing a run-off election and back to grand rapids, michigan for another thank you rally. the last time mr. trump visited grand rapids was the night before the general election. he carried the grand rapids area by 14 percentage points over hillary clinton. jon. jon: all right, david lee miller. thank you. the president elect still considering a wide range of names for secretary of state.
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it all comes as he made several key cabinet selections this week. let's talk more about this with glenn hall, u.s. editor for wall street journal. you sort of classified the secretary of state possibles into umbrella groups. you want to share that with us? >> yeah, sure. you are starting to see that the pool keeps widening, not narrowing. we see guys like rick tillerson coming through trump tower. that's the corporate class. you have the sort of military, you know, opportunities. so you see several generals in the mix there. you see the sort of political elites. you've got senator bob corker and mitt romney still in the game, right? you have folks close to or trump likes. there you see petraeus in the
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mix and rudy giuliani and many of those people you see rising and falling stock in terms of their appearances and what they're saying publicly. jon: people like newt gringrich have criticized mr. trump, said don't make it so public, don't parade all these people through and kind of lead them all hanging, make them private process and then, you know, make your selection from there. what do you think about that criticism? >> well, i think part of what you see trump doing is getting public feedback and getting media feedback, getting the vetting done by all of us who look into each and every candidates. that maybe serving him well in terms of helping him make the final decision. if he did all final closed doors, he won't have the benefit of feedback and he does seem to crave the feedback. jon: he's also been criticized for putting a number of generals forward to been cabinet members
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and also his national security adviser, not a cabinet-level position. does that hurt general for secretary of state? >> some suggested that that could be a problem. several generals that moved in and also seen criticism elsewhere talking about billionaires and and millionaires in the cabinet. so i'm not sure it's 100% ruled out. jon: look, i want tough negotiators for my cabinet. i want people who have proven that they know how to get things done. that is the exactly the answer of those who say this kind of candidate. he's going to the pool of people he knows and trusts. he's looking for people with experience and track records and also you see in this cabinet a mix of a lot of outsiders that haven't been in politics and some of the people that know how to work in the system to get things done. that seems to be one of the criteria.
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that's kind of the ying and yang. jon: we have to remember as the people parade through trump tower, he's not looking to fill the number one, also number two positions in many of the agency. >> that's a very good points. we see folks analyzed for other posts. he has to fill the fcc, sec. we are not entirely sure who is being interviewed for what. what we hear is apprentice-style interviews. he's trying to figure out, i have a problem, how would you solve it. jon: it's fascinating and everybody was predicting that the republican party would be in absolute tatters after the election, that the democrats would be having this love in a president-elect hillary clinton
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and in fact, it's just the opposite. you have paul ryan and donald trump practically buddy buddy or so it would seem from what mr. ryan had just said and the democrats are kind of in a circulating firing squad. >> you see the exact opposite of what some predicted a few months ago. they have been waiting a long time to get the white house, they have the white house, the senate and the house. a lot of expectation that you need to be able to get things done. that explains in large measure how everybody is trying to come together to figure out what we can all agree onto get done so by the time the midterms come they look good rather than look like they have failed in terms of control. jon: democrats are saying they are going to put brakes on any nominees or a lot of the nominees that donald trump is putting forward. what do you think about the politics of that? >> this has always been a challenge. preventing things from getting done. the mandate that everybody has
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right now in congress and donald trump himself is to get things done. this was an election that was against gridlock in washington in many respects. when you see senator schumer and other takes the opposition approach, they're going to fall into the very trap the republicans were in as the n party for a long time and, i think, people are looking for action. jon: all right. it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the first hundred days and beyond. glenn hall, from the wall street journal. thank you. >> john glenn. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. rogers, i feel fine. it's turning around. that view is tremendous. heather: well, today all of america is saying god speed john glenn who died yesterday
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surrounded by his family at 95. glenn was a role model growing up and inspired him to make his own career in space. he's logged more than, what, 53 days in space, over four space flights as well. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, heather. heather: i was reading some of what you had to say yesterday and today, you were recalling 7 year's old when john glenn launch intoed space. you were in class at the time. what do you remember about that day? >> that event john glenn first american to orbit the earth was important for national psyche, it took us from being well behind from soviet union and thrust us back in the competition. some parent brought a television into our classroom, we stopped everything to listen to the
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countdown and blast-off and tracked his mission over the next five hours. he came back to heros welcome in america, we are on the way to the moon. heather: three orbits in five hours. it was dangerous, unchartered territory. in fact, he had witnessed an unman test rocket explode in another tumble into the ocean before he even took off. had we lost that pioneering spirit and how do we get it back? >> glenn went to the flights wide open. he knew the dangerous involved and stepped up to the challenge that the nation faced an he faced personally to succeed in space. i don't think we lost the spirit. many of the colleagues i have at nasa today are eager to keep pioneering, putting humans on the very edge of scientific exploration. it's just a matter of leadership and clear goal and the resources to achieve that and we will be back in that leadership position again. heather: is he the reason why you became an astronaut?
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>> he and mercury seventh astronauts and i had a book about them called americans in orbit, that's the thing that clinched me trying to chose a career in space, aviation and exploration. heather: yeah, unreal that 36 years after that initial flight he went up again and again made history becoming the oldest man in space. do you think that he should have done that and when he came back he actually had a meeting with some astronauts and you were part of that meeting, what did he say? >> sure, senator glenn was finishing up career in the senate. he came to fly on the discovery, came to houston to training and move intoed the astronaut office and had a meeting with astronauts there. i'm not senator glenn, i'm john. i'm a test pilot, astronaut, i'm going to be working with you to do a successful job on the mission. he was the most approachable down to earth man that you ever want to work with. heather: he signed that book for
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you that you had as a youth? >> he was nice enough to sign it for me. heather: well, something else that you wrote about, you compared the status of where he launched from cape canaveral and the status of that today with the space program today, both of them being in disarray. >> there's little left of the metal of the launch, they're all gone. concrete is still there. nicely there are even 7 parking spaces for the original mercury astronauts with their names and it's in moth balls, we are hitching rides with the russians to the space station. we need to reenergize that and we need to send them quickly out to the moon to a nearby asteroid and eventually to mars. heather: all right, dr. tom jones sharing personal memories today. thank you so much for joining us.
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jon: not only was john glenn the first american to orbit the earth, he was a world war ii pilot and served 24 years as u.s. senator representing ohio. ahead we will talk with fellow astronaut and senator who made the assad announcement on the floor that john glenn had passed away. plus a break in a missing person's cold case, what police think happened with navy wife mother of two h ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at because it knew an ordinary wastissue was
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heather: now to crime stories that we are keeping an eye for you. a woman accused by killing twin sister by driving cliff off of hawaii is expected to right of extradition in albany, new york which would clear the way to return to hawaii and stand trial for the murder of her sister an atasia. police in california have pulled
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body of navy wife of two. she vanished two years ago. authorities say they believe she was murdered but they have not released anymore details. an alabama death row ip mate has been executed by lethal injection, smith was convicted of robbery and murder. >> john glenn was one of the original seven astronauts of this country. all of them were characterized as having the right stuff. john glenn was a first-class gentleman and also he was a devoted husband and father. he leaves behind annie, he is beloved, who always stood with him as he ventured into the unknown cosmos. jon: florida senator bill
8:18 am
nelson, also former astronaut announcing death of john glenn paying tribute to a true american hero. senator nelson joins me now live. so ironic he was the first to orbit the earth and last of mercury 1 to go. >> john blazed the trail for the rest of us. it was so dicey at the point, the atlas rocket and we were trying to catch up with the soviets because they had already gone into orbit first with gargarian and that atlas, we knew it had a 20% chance of failure and so he truly blazed the trail for everybody else. jon: and it took as you point out a tremendous amount of courage to get on board what was a pretty shaky, you know, collection of metal and say,
8:19 am
yeah, go ahead and hit the launch button. >> that's right. john, used to joke about it, he said this rocket was built by the lowest bidder, but the truth was other than sending a chinpa chinpanze up we didn't know what would happen to the human body. they decided to bring him back after three orbits an hoping that it was going to hold up and on reentry, right before the black-out period through the fiery heat of reentry, they could hear john humming the battle hymn of the republic. jon: iconic heros of my
8:20 am
childhood just because the soviet union was ahead of us in the space race and so it seemed and the mercury 7 really caught up to and helped the whole nation lift its national move after those early soviet and man launches. >> absolutely. >> remember, the soviet had surprised us. they held a high ground. then they got into space before we did, but look who got to the moon almost 50 years ago and now we are going to mars, jon, and those rockets that are for mars program will launch in two years, the largest rocket ever and americans will be on commercial space rockets within two years going to and from the
8:21 am
international space station. we are right on the cusp of this brand-new adventure and ultimately that is to take a human crew to the planet mars by the year 2033. jon: i was in ohio last month from the elections and flu from the john glenn airport. talk briefly about contributions as a senator? >> well, of course, he's this icon that senators couldn't disagree with him but they also had a sense of awe about this american hero and that's what his entire life was. he was always so humble. it was like in the previous piece, he went down to fly at age 77 and finally see the old
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since he hadn't had a chance on the three orbits and this time he says, don't call me senator, call me jon. jon: i was there when they launched him into spainl -- space at age 77. what a guy. we will be right back. >> thanks, job we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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jon: right now new signs of recovery from the deadly wild fires in tennessee. the great smoky mountains national park and gatlingburg has reopened to the town. officials in the town say they are eager for people to return specially since it draws more than 11 million visitors a year. prosecutors have charged two juveniles for starting the fire
8:26 am
in the national park which later spread. heat heavy new federal program now teaching ordinary people how to save lives. it's call citizen responders and trains people in extreme first aid to help people survive wild first responders are on the way. at la week's attack in ohio state showing one example how the program could be so vital. rob is live in new york city news room, hi, rob. >> harsh reality but the message behind free classes is very simple. stuffing a bullet wound with gaze are kills that we need to know. >> we are going to assimilate the bleeding. >> learning how to stop the bleeding. >> i didn't know you can use a shoe lace or a tie.
8:27 am
>> this class in the wake of an attack last week in ohio state in many attacks there are preventible deaths like 18-year-old died, texting her parents waiting hours for paramedics. >> that girl could have lived. somebody could have done this. we want you guys to know this and be able to teach other people. after the horrific attack, stop the plead began. a federal initiative aimed at teaching how to keep a victim alive. how to tie using shoe string and a ruler or a pen. >> it's just good to know. everybody should know it. >> you think it could happen? >> of course it could happen, it has happened. >> we would all like the world to be ideal, it's not, we would feel it's our duty to provide the skill.
8:28 am
>> we have to say we really learned a lot taking the class. on more information on how to spread the message, learn skills online, go to bleeding jon: jurors look at crime scene photos. what happened in the courtroom this week as that trial began? plus hillary clinton taking aim at fake news. what she's asking congress to do about the problem
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jon: right now a quick look at what's to come this hour on happening now. germany's leader says she supports on ban on full-face vials. how european countries are handling the sharia law. on trial for the second time. we will talk with our legal panel. plus, hackers targeting your e-mail inbox, the holiday fishing scam that could compromise your personal information. how you can avoid it? heather: new development to tell you about at the murder trial of dylann roof. roof is charged with killing nine parishioners at a historic
8:33 am
charleston church. his mother had had a heart attack during the trial earlier this week. live from charleston, south carolina with the very latest, jonathan. >> hi, heather. just minutes ago probation -- prosecutors began showing video roof confessing to the crime. dylann roof very calmly and deliberately stating that he opened fire in that church in charleston, south carolina. meanwhile authorities are releasing no updates on the condition of amy roof, she, of course, is the mother of the defendant, she was sitting in reserve seating right behind the defendant when she collapsed shortly after opening statements wednesday. this courtroom sketch shows court officials, court security and other family members helping her out of the room. this is also been a highly emotional trial for victims'
8:34 am
relatives who had to relive the massacre at the emmanuel church. the prosecution has been showing images of the church before and after the church starting with video of parishioners showing up for what they thought could be a routine bible study, bullet fragments and chairs, we can't show you some of the more graphic photos but jurors have seen images of bodies lying on the floor in a crime scene. this morning roof's filed a motion to hear about the defendant's state of mind and perm life around the time of the shooting. the judge denied the motion. this is normally information you'd bring up during the sentencing phase of the trail but roof's -- roof plans to represent himself during that phase so obviously his lawyers are doing everything they can now during the guilt phase of the trial to plant seeds with the jury, build on their sympathies why they still have a
8:35 am
chance to argue in that courtroom because once this goes on to the sentencing phase, most likely after the christmas holidays, dylann roof will be on his own. heather: i remember how charleston responded to the shootings and didn't pull the community apart, pulled them together. thank you so much. >> the epidemic of militias fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship, lives are at ífic, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities. it's a danger that must be addressed. jon: that's hillary clinton asking congress to take action against fake news. the former presidential candidate did not discuss the election results directly but
8:36 am
made it clear she thinks made up stories on social media are becoming a problem. let's bring in judy miller pulitzer-prize winning author also e lane, both of them fox news contributors. judy, there are situations in which fake news has caused real chaos in this country. >> right, we have seen the example and it's just the one that's most publicized of the shoot-out in the pizza parlor based on a story that was totally made up about democratic leaders including hillary clinton running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor and some person went with a gun and shot up the place, fortunately nobody was hurt but as meredith of the nyu, she studies fake news told me when we were talking about this u this is just one of a number of incidents, so, yes, fake news has real consequences
8:37 am
and we have to deal with this and the platforms, facebooks, the googles, yahoos, people who promote this has to take responsibility. this is very serious not just in terms of security and our safety but actually fake news can help undermine our democracy. jon: ellen, isn't that genie out of the bottle when anybody in any country can click send and put anything out there for the whole world to see, how do you stop that? >> well, first of all, it is a huge problem. i agree with judy miller. she won a pulitzer price for her reporting. if you have fake news, what do you do about things like. somebody like judy miller would be in big trouble. if congress does take a look at it, then you have a problem because we have freedom of speech in this country. jon: yeah.
8:38 am
>> so that's a big problem. i don't know how congress is going to have to deal with it. but i agree with judy miller incident we have to get people like the various websites that are managed through corporations to begin to take a look at it and take these posts down. jon: people like mark zuckerberg, the head of facebook has said he doesn't think fake news is a problem. >> right, he said it wasn't a problem until he discovered that it was a problem. he has met with conservatives who have protested the alga rites that facebook uses that discriminated against conservative-theme stories, but the whole point is these platforms must take responsibility. i agree with ellen. i don't want the government initially involved in these decisions. these are decisions of media organizations, whether or not they consider themselves that, rather than just groups that sell ads, but they've got to assume some responsibility and
8:39 am
some liability if things go wrong for what appears on their sites and that's where the campaign has to start. zuckerberg has already met with his conservative critics, a lot more of that has to go on, but what we need is transparency for how facebook and the other social media forms make their decisions. we don't have any of that now. we don't know it and yet 60% got some or all political news from facebook. there were a billion people -- a billion tweets put out during the campaign and 128 million people went to facebook to discuss the campaign. so we can't pretend anymore that these are just kind of neutral platforms that have no responsibility for what's up there. jon: a lot of the fake news story, ellen, are generated in places like eastern europe generally by people, you know, teenagers even who have strong
8:40 am
computer skills and can put stories that are sensationalist enough. again, how do you stop that? how do you tell americans? >> well, you think real journalists like judy miller to go after this people and to actually track them down and see who is doing this and put that in real news and that's how, i think, you to deal with it and you have to get mark zuckerberg and the twitter people who run those accounts to be accountable to people. jon: and, you know, i guess visit the reputable sites like, for instance, it's a discussion we are going to have many times in the future i'm afraid. >> that's right. jon: thank you both. >> thank you, jon. >> all of the time. jon: there you go. heather: danger online this holiday shopping system. tech experts warn that cyber hackers cold ruin your christmas, what they're saying
8:41 am
and how you can protect yourself, plus new testimony in murder for hire trial and the defense saying that the prosecution doesn't have a case against dalia, our legal panel looks at both sides
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heather: new information on
8:45 am
dalia's murder, trying to hire undercover police officer to kill her husband. this was back in 2009. their conversation was caught on video. police department staged a murder scene then and they told her that her husband had been killed. she was convicted at her first trial sentenced to 20 years in prison but then that conviction was overturned. prosecutors are retrying the case. joining us now former federal prosecutors, former prosecutor and defense attorney, thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having me. heather: can we begin, let's start with the video of the crime scene that investigators staged and look at her reaction? >> you want to help her husband? >> please! [inaudible] >> tell us everything you know and who is connected.
8:46 am
don't worry we have taken care of -- heather: richard, she looks pretty upset. >> she looked very convincing. unfortunately acting doesn't get you out of criminal action solicitation. i don't want my husband dead and here doesn't seem to have any evidence that she did not want her husband dead. heather: not only that, there's video of her actually soliciting the person that she thought was a hitman. watch this. >> and when it's done, you can't change your mind. even if it's -- >> there's no changing -- i'm positive. like 5,000% sure, fred. >> it is a cut and dry case. you neglect her defense lawyer, regular guest on the show, he's
8:47 am
on the network and great guy but what he is not -- he cannot make gold out of lead. the woman on man paying $7,000, giving cops a key to her house. he has no choice. he has no chance. he has nothing. the first witness hi put on the witness stand to try and draw the jury's attention away from overwhelming evidence was the guy on cross-examination testified that he believed that she truly wanted her husband dead. that was brian's witness. the jury is watching her and i have two words, he he was reemerged from the character. >> fred was just talking about the witness that the defense team called and they called that witness who were told was the boyfriend of dalia and was turned into an informant but they were trying to say it was against his wishes. >> that's right.
8:48 am
they were trying to discredit the witness to create some reasonable doubt. heather: lead investigator. they were trying to discredit him. >> correct. what also happens here is that the $7,000 that she agreed to pay the under cover officer, she never gave them the $7,000. she agreed to it but never paid them. in addition to that, wanting your husband dead and actually paying somebody to do it is two different things. what did she do is give $1,200 to her ex-boyfriend who we just talked about and the undercover said he bought a gun with that money. that money, she never exchanged money or gave money to the actual police officer which,ic, might be the link in here that the defense will use to try to get her offer, is that she didn't -- she wanted her husband dead but she never did anything besides want her husband dead to actually have him killed. heather: but that boyfriend, the informant did end up saying that
8:49 am
he believed that she intended to kill her husband. >> but the boyfriend wasn't hired to kill her. heather: okay, all right. >> no, but he was given 1200 bucks to get a gun. i'm 5,000% sure that i want him dead. she did -- heather: she said she was acting. >> what? heather: she was acting. >> he's not getting a reality tv series. i'm sorry, the lady was on tape saying she wanted her husband dead. a prior jr. found her guilty. she said, i'm 5,000% sure that i want him dead. the crime is over. i don't care what the cops say, i don't care what anybody else says, i don't care if the show cops is there, that's not a recognized defense under florida law. she's done. >> the prior jury with a tainted jury pool found her guilty, that's why we are trying to -- but, again, she did not give any money to the police officer.
8:50 am
she wanted her husband dead but she did not exchange any money. heather: that's what we should remember. we will see if the second jury comes up with the same conclusion. fred, richard, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, enjoy your weekend. jon: the warning about a scam targeting your inbox, what you need to look out for next. and the german chancellor sparking controversy suggesting a ban on full-face veils, how other european nations handle the issue of sharia law. we will take a look learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe
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bill: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top
8:54 am
of the hour. sandra: watching and waiting continues, whom will the president elect pick as secretary of state? we will bring you reporting on whose stock is rising when it comes to that key cabinet post. >> mr. trump will keep duties for celebrity apprentice, is he free to do what he wants in free time. we debate. sandra: all that plus our #oneluckyguy. he's rocking a 7:00 o'clock hour on fox news. jon: i think i know who it is. we will be watching. heather: happening right now, hackers could be targeting your inbox sending fishing emails pretending to be package delivery notices but all they deliver is malware or ransom weapon ware which allows hackers
8:55 am
to demand money to unlock it. your order is ready to be delivered or carrier was unable to deliver the parcel, expert says if you get an e-mail delivery notice be sure that it's a real e-mail address from a legitimate shipper but when in doubt don't click, call the company directly. jon: yeah. german chancellor angela merkel sparking controversy suggesting germany should ban full-face veils. senior foreign affairs correspondent joins us live from london with more. >> jon, tough talk on hot-button issue. angela merkel best known for allowing a million immigrants to her country, getting a big response with reference to muslim-based sharia law, tough and harsh law and order in some
8:56 am
muslim countries, a parallel justice system being transplanted to the west. take a listen. >> it's captured the popular imagination and people are afraid that if people come to their countries that they won't integrate and that they will try to impose sharia law. >> the reality is a bit different than that. for example, here in the uk there were 30-so called sharia council that deal with marriage, divorce, civil matters, muslim code, but even here there's criticism specially from muslim women complaining about a male-dominated sharia system calling one abusive. 30% of the muslims questioned and 30% of young muslim presents said they would put sharia law
8:57 am
instead of german law. jon: unbelievable. back in a moment it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. .. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now.
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>> you have another hour lifting you? we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" start now. >> we begin with a fox news alert, we are waiting donald trump's secretary of state choice. more of them going on at trump tower today, mister trump is talking to house speaker paul ryan, sitting down a second time with senator joe mention. that is going to happen on monday. a lot of intrigue going on. we are bringing it to you live on "outnumbered," here with sandra smith, rachel duffy and hashtag one lucky guy, tucker carlson, he is "outnumbered". >> profoundly but happy to be here.


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