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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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rouge. then he goes to michigan. on monday he has meetings scheduled with opponents, and democrat senator joe manchan. better is joining us live from grand rapid, michigan. what else are you hearing about mr. trump's new schedule? >> the meeting on monday with ted cruz's former running mate from late in the primary, the former hp ceo, carly fiorina. we can add her to the list of people who have been critics, but have been thought of as council or considered for jobs. the president-elect right now is on his way to louisiana to lend
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his star power to the republican senate candidate down there, john kennedy. he will be here in grand rapids for a thank you tour rally. and he is using the rallies to roll out members of his team. last night in democrat, it was his pick to be the u.s. ambassador to china, terry branstad, and he explained why there are so many wealthy people on his cabinet. >> some of the people i put on to negotiate, you've been noticing, are some of the most successful people in the world. one newspaper criticized. why can't they have people of modest means. i want people that made a fortune. now they're negotiating with you, okay? >> we confirmed the next president's name will be listed
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in the credits of celebrity apprentice when arnold schwarzenegger takes over as host. like so many other things. we're hearing bobby v yb yb ybys in consideration for a spot? >> yeah, there is a spot, he was once manager of the red sox, that he is now on the short list to possibly become the u.s. ambassador to japan, and one of the details in this story, again from a radio station in the city where he used to be a famous basketball manager says it was governor chris christie that came up with this idea. he did manage in japan after a stint with the mets here, but there are no reports he has been offered any sort of announcement or that that is imminent.
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>> more interesting every day. peter doocy, thank you so much. meanwhile, the next secretary of state is still a big question mark. he has no shortage of choices in front of him including a new possible front runner. that is exxon-mobile rex tillerson. what have you learned about this? >> well, i spoke to a source close to the president-elect and here is what i'm told. exxon mobile ceo, rex tillerson, his stock is rising. he is an appealing pick for secretary of state for donald trump because he has run a multimillion dollar business with a presence in 50 countries worldwide. he had to negotiate deals why yemen and has tied to vladimir putin. former new york mayor rudy
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giuliani i'm told is in hot water with trump despite being a loyal supporter and ally after pitching himself as the best option for secretary of state. then there is governor mitt romney. but he game a speech in march and they feel it would loom every time he showed up somewhere. >> a lot of people don't realize why rex tillerson makes so much sense, but he is out there in enemy territory all of the time negotiating deals. thank you for that report, appreciate it. >> president-elect trump praised
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my next guest despite the promise to pursue a rigorous line of questioning. joining me now is the junior senator from iowa joani erenst. >> i want to thank your great senators, chuck grassley, a great guy. and a woman i have gotten to know very well, a tremendous come, phenomenal person, that's right, joani ernst. they're working very hard in washington dc on something very interesting. >> that is sure a tease if i have ever heard one.
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what is it you're working on? >> we're working on a number of legislative items, but suone is sarah's law. she was a young lady that was struck and killed by an illegal immigrant. mr. trump has gotten to know the family very well, and this is an item we have been able to work on together. that is one of many items, but we look forward to working with mr. trump on this issue and especially other areas of immigration. >> is that something that could come to fruition? >> i'm hopeful that it does. we need to focus on illegal immigration, especially those that caused body injury or death to our american citizens. >> let me ask you, you promised with rigorous line of
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questioning when you're looks at scott pruitt for the confirmation of the ahead of the -- as the head of the epa. >> just as i will vet any of our nominees, i is your honorly want to sit down with him and ask him where he stands with renewable energy. we have invested a lot on time, and i want to make sure that he is ready to follow the initial intent. of course i know that he will be a a resolution of disapprove that i ran earlier this year on getting rid of that expanded
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definition, and i think he will be a an voe case on those issues. >> trump is taking people who hate the group. donald trump, i doubt, is a huge fan of a lot of the renewable energy that you're talking about. what happens if scott brunt doesn't agree with you on your stance on ethanol? >> i think we come together. i think i will be questioning himg. there is already a law that agrees with the rsf. we want to make sure they continue to follow those laws. we know they can be partners and the epa has been overburdening. we have to make sure that
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they're using science to base their ideology. >> i want to ask you about terri branstad. what do you think of that role, a lot of people said he s a man from a landlocked state with lots of white people, which was one remark that was made and then retracted. >> i think he is a perfect choice for an ambassador to china. he hosted the delegation from china in 1985. the leader of that delegation from china was that president xi jinping. so they have had a long relationship.
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and he is perfectly situated to work with the president of china on many top line issues. trade, agricultural trade, national security issues. he is the perfect choice. >> senator, thank you for joining us today, we appreciate it, have a great weekend. >> president obama ordering a full review into this year's alleged election hacks. a homeland security issue say multiple agencies believe the russians are they helped release private dnc e-mails. the president is directing these communities to finish the review before he leaves off in january. just a day after a judge in mission halted a request to recount the votes by green party candidate jill stein, a federal judging is allowing the recount there to continue. stein said she issued the
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request because she wanted to see if any election machines were hacked. donald trump defeated hillary clinton by more than 22,000 votes in the state. the judge said there is virtually no chance of it changing the results of the election. >> the polar vortex is back, and it's not pretty. think winter of 2014. temperatures are expected to plummet to near record lows. plus president-elect trump choosing a vocal critic of minimum wage hikes and overtime rules to be the labor secretary. is this what mr. trump meant by draining the swamp? we'll debate that, next. i want to reach out once again to see what we can do and see if we can get the president-elect to sit down with us and see if we can save these jobs.
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the department of transportation coming out with information about the defective air bags that were set to be replaced in millions of vehicles. the number how much higher than they expected. they said it is 64 to 69 million vehicles on the road. the parts to replace them and will be available for the riskiest vehicles, first. >> president-elect trump picking
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mcmorris-rodgers who is a supporter of more drilling for oil. and the labor department has a nominee -- donald trump pens a op-ed that says the choice for cabinet positions could be summed up with one word, bizarre. they have views that have been made statements that challenge the very heart of the department. kevin is a democratic strategist. a director at df political, what do you think of this? >> i think he is responding to what the american people were calling for in november.
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which was change. just because something has always been done a certain way doesn't mean we should keep doing it. i think we have seen president obama use the deadlocked congress as a chance to execute his powers. that's the job of congress. and the american voter sent the republican majority of congress to put a check on his term. >> it doesn't strike me as bizarre. you look for example, the department of education nominee betsy deboss. she has been criticized that she never went to a public school, never been in one, but that is like grabs the ceo of fed ex and putting him in charge of the
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postal service. it's someone that doesn't think they are doing a good job. you send him in to turn it around. it's not like he doesn't know anything about shipping because he never worked at the post office. >> it's not a very good analogy. she has no experience as you point out in public education. she has not spent any time in a public school. >> but isn't that because she thinks it's broken? >> she thinks her way of teaches kids in charter schools and with vouchers is better than their way. they're acheieving the same thing, she just has not worked in that broken system that she wants to throw out. >> but you need to have awareness on the ground in terms of what is happening in our public schools. and she fundamentally does not
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have that kind of experience. what she has done in the past in her statements against public education is a dangerous thing for this country. >> what do you think of that alexandr alexandr alexandria? >> i think she is a terrific pick for the secretary of education, and look no further than the superintendent of the a school someone that knows the work she has done in grand rapids mission. just because they have not worked in a particular sector does not make them unqualified to lead reform and change. the government bureaucracies have become so run from the top down. the american people don't see them working any more, let's
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bring in move ers and shakers t shake things up. >> one company is against raising the minimum wage. he is antilabor. it's like saying that generals hate their troops, he loves labor, isn't it wrong to assume he is an enemy of labor? >> what is dangerous about this election is that he is totally fine with keeping the minimum wage at $7.25. when he brings home millions of dollars every year as a ceo of a major company. many of his companies are under investigation by the very company that he is seeking to leave. it strikes at the heart of
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working americans. >> i think she against mandating it at a federal level. thank you to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> a courtroom heart attack in the trial of a young man that confessed to killing church goers at a charleston bible study. we'll tell you who suffered the heart attack as they presented graphic photos in the courtroom today. plus every child hopes for children to do better than their parents did. we have a report why so many 30-somethings are failing to break that barrier. generosity is its own form of power.
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a taped confession of dylann roof made public for the first time today. >> yeah, he made this request during an interrogation with political. he admits to opening fire in the charleston ame church. he said he did research and picked it because of the historical significance on the community. he said he mad is do it because black people are killing white people every day. they say in the interrogation,
11:26 am
he remained calm and showed little emotion. his mom collapsed shortly after opening arguments on wednesday. we now learned she apparently suffered a heart attack. they have released in updates on her condition. >> from the get go, the defense attorney told the jury that he expects a guilty verdict. he is not trying to prove his client is innocent, but to spare him the death penalty. they allowed people to file statements about his state of mind and personality around the time, but this is normally what you present to win jury sympathy
11:27 am
in the sentencing phase of the jury. they boost the humanity of their client even though we're not in the guilt faze. >> snow, ice, and plunging temperatures about to descend on the east coast and parts of the country are digging out from a series of powerful snowstorms and terrible traffic accidents. >> and when it comes to salaries, the number of money 30-year-olds make compared to their parents is on a steady decline.
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here is a look at headlines we're following right now. a cargo ship going to the international space station. it is full of five tons of food, water, and batteries. it is similar to one ta blew up shortly after launch last week. ash carter makes a surprise visit to afghanistan today, american troops have been in the country for some 15 years. >> officials will test the results of every russian athlete
11:32 am
competing in the 2016 olympics. winter weather is here and so are the dangerous driving conditions that come with it. a highway finally reopened after a massive pile up. rick is live in the fox weather center. those bans become so dangerous. you can go from no snow to a foot of snow in a mile or so. the lake effect know will continue. they have not frozen or gotten cold enough. and the air above it is very cold and it will contrast. the cold air solidly in place.
11:33 am
it is minus nine. this is where the coldest of the air is, we have a lot of rain, mountain snow, and snow levels across the pacific northwest, and the next storm will pull in for saturday. snow across parts of the upper planes, and into the ohio valley on sunday and monday. most of new england and interior sections -- where you see white, that is all snow and along with that more cold air. you see the pink, it does dive back down here and we get by midweek another cold shot.
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>> a new report finds nearly half of 30-year-olds make more than their parents did at the same age. but as of two years ago, just 51% did, so with the dow in record territory and employers hiring more, why is this? adam shapiro joins us, break it down for me, what is this that we're hearing about the american dream essentially being dead. >> yeah, for a lot of people this is a reality that has been playing out since the 1970s in in 1970 93% of 30-year-olds when surveyed were earning more than their parents made when they were 30. the people that did this study, these are economists and
11:35 am
psychologist. they say income inequality has been a tack for. another is what republicans have been talking about. people that grow up in single family households without a community, a topic talked about in the book "hard kids." they tend to also fall behind economically. the harsh reality of that wages for people in the middle class have been stagnant and not growing for 30 to 40 years. as i say all of that, i'm standing on the floor of the new york stock exchange and it would be a historic day. the dow is up 2.6%. the s&p 500 up 2.8% if we close in record territory today, and i would say it's a healthy bet
11:36 am
that we will, this will be the 23rd record close for 2016 for the dow. the 14th since the election of donald trump, and it has been up 7% since the november election, so the good times roll on wall street. for a lot of people, wages are flat and you see that with 30-year-olds that do not earn the same amount that their parents earn. >> adam, thank you for that, thank you for setting the table. the next labor secretary may not do much to help reverse the wage disparity. an opponent of the minimum wage, steve moore is an economic advisor and is a fox news contributor. so he set the table for us, and we all know this to be true. we have been stagnant in this country for a long time, but how
11:37 am
do you fix that? everyone has a different idea. >> just dove tailing on your previous report, 30-year-olds not doing as well as they did 20 years ago, a major factor is 26 and 28-year-olds in their parents basement. they're probably making a lot of money. the big thing that you report on so often is the big increase in the number of people outside of the labor force. if you're not working you're not making much of an income. by the way, i talked to andy puzner about this. he knows how to create jobs. what a concept, and his minimum wage plan is two-fold. make sure you're not raising the minimum wage in a way that destroyed jobs. you see lower income and young people under the age of 25 tend to be the victims because they lose their jobs.
11:38 am
>> how do you create good paying jobs. that is what we're seeing disappear in this country. we have more robots than ever before. it replaces low skill with high skill jobs. >> but they pay a lot. >> what about the people that lost. >> what you need to do is. >> have more capital investment. when you have more technology, they have many capital to work with, they can be more effective and they can command higher wages. we have not seen investment this country at the rate we normally do, for a long time. >> that is creative discretion. they pay better, they're higher skilled, but we are leaving
11:39 am
behind people so what do they do? >> i'm a big believe in what donald trump is talking about. i think it will bring jobs back. a recent study found the average regulatory cost per manufacturing worker in america is $18,000. that means if you ship that job ov overseas, you reduty that cost. they can bring those jobs back to the united states. i'm very bullish on manufacturing right now. i think we could have a real renaissance in this country. >> at least for people that don't want to be trained to do something else. there is a lot of people in the older generation that don't want
11:40 am
to do that. >> that is a problem, isn't it? the skills are not as necessary as they used to be. but they are much more -- we can produce more with less, and that allows workers to be higher paid. he is not even president yet and he saved 1,000 jobs. >> you can watch the factory and much. >> he will be a very good labor secretary and he will bring jobs back. >> a deadly hot air balloon crash in december. and a pioneer of american space travel, astronaut john glenn.
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so much it happening. on oil ceo is apparently a front runner for the top diplomatic post. that is what's up next. chris wallace will be interviewing the president-elect this weekend. >> and on domestic airline flights, you could soon be able to listen to the person next to you screening on the telephone for three hours. what? it's your chance to weigh in at the top of the hour, stay with us. >> fox news alert for you now, we're waiting for president-elect trump to take the stage in baton rouge,
11:45 am
louisiana. we'll bring it to you live when it laps. >> the ntsb holding a hearing this hour on the deadly hot air balloon accident that happened in july and tilled 16 people. our preliminary report says the pilot was trying to land when it struck power lines, causing the balloon to catch fire and crash into a near by field. a woman challenged with killing her sister is in court today. he is accused of killing her sister back in may.
11:46 am
investigators says she plowed her suv into a rock wall and sent her over a cliff. >> america says god speed, john glenn, for the last time. house speaker paul ryan calling for the flags to be lowered to half-mast. the day of john glenn's funeral has not been announced yet. the flags will remain that way until he reaches his final resting place in arlington national cemetery. we look back at the life of this hero. >> he will be remembered for his many roles in america's history. he was a car your in battle.
11:47 am
our first astronaut to orbit the earth. in 1988 he became the oldest person in space. >> i can't help but stand here with a real sense of deja vu. a 40-year-old sense of deja vu. >> he was born in ohio, he served in world war ii flying 59 successful missions. john glenn was selected as one of the first seven restaurants for project mercury. three years later on february 20th, 1962, he made history becoming the first american to orbit the earth. >> the capsule is turning around. the view is tremendous. >> a few failed political attempts, and then he won a seat
11:48 am
in the senate. on january 16th, 1998, nasa announced plans to return the 76-year-old legend to space, 36 years after he first orbited the earth. his second trip to space took off as planned. >> lift off with discovery with six astronaut heros and a american legend. >> you just have to work to fulfill your dreams and ambitions no matter what age. >> john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth, dead at the age of 95. holiday shoppers are always looking for the best bargains, but what if some of those deals are not actually deals at all. why some retailers are accused of doing just that. plus ever feel out of touch
11:49 am
with flying? no tech, no apps? how federal regulators are hoping to keep you in the loop. oh, good, while you're in the air.
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frustrated you can't make that phone call while you're of the flight? maybe you like being unreachable. either i would that could soon change. federal regulators proposing a rule allowing passengers to make in-flight calls. the government says if the rule passes can and airlines choose to adopt it they have to tell the customers up front before they buy the tickets.
11:53 am
basketball legend michael jordan winning years lock legal battle in china. the supreme people's court ruling in his favor against a china sports wear company that uses his name and image and his old jersey number, 23, to market their products. jordan said he is happy the court recognized his right to protect his name. lawyers in los angeles suing four major retailers accusing macy's, series sears, yc penne -- jv penny's and khol. ate the basic saying there. >> i have seen a lot another things you need. the basicking a cue saying here, though, from the l.a. city attorney is that those four major u.s. retailers you just mentioned, are essentially lying
11:54 am
to their customers at times about sales prices versus original prices. the loft claims that jc penney advertised a bathing suit for a sale bright of 31.99, saying the original price what 46s, sears advertised a kenmore washer at $999, saying the original price was 1,179. the problem, those higher prices were never actually charged. here's the l.a. city attorney. >> false reference pricing means misrepresenting the original or regular price of an item. then offering at a purported discount or sale. to endues customers to purchase the item because it appears faultily to be a bargain. >> reporter: mike feuer, the city attorney. as financial penalties for the
11:55 am
four retailersers and an injuncn to prohibit this kind of pricing practice. >> say it isn't sew. they jacks up the price in the first place so they can immediately mark it down? who knew. what are the stores saying? >> reporter: very little indeed. we reached out to all four of those named in the lawsuit today. we got a no comment from all of them. jc penney, fins, telling news an e-mail statement, quote, we appreciate the opportunity to weigh in but the company doesn't comment on pending litigation. now, consumer experts we have spoken to say this is all part of the ongoing struggle for old-fashioned bricks and mortar stars like macy's to come e compete with the greg amount of online shopping being done by americans every year. >> i thought they would just respond to you, the jig is up, but they did not. this is not the first time this
11:56 am
type of suit has been filed. there was a class action lawsuit against ec pen and and kohls. jc penney subtled to are $50 million, kohles for 6.15 but neither company nor the other two named learned the his lesson from that settlement. >> thank you for the report. >> sure. >> big news for sir mick jagger, keeps breaking all the aim barriers. we'll tell you about the bundle arriving just in time for this christmas celebration.
11:57 am
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a rolling stone gathering no moss. to say the least. mick jagger becoming a dad for
12:00 pm
the eighth time. at the age of 73. it's the front man's first child with this 29-year-old girlfriend ballerina. she gave birth to baby boy in new york on thursday. they're both doing well. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 here in new york city. a any player has emerged at potential front runner for secretary of state. a ceo who controls one of the biggest companies on the planet, but does he have what it takes to be america's top diplomat. when you become the leader of the free world you get a couple new titles, commander in cheer and president. he will have another, executive producer. can donald trump be part-time president? working with the apprentice while running the nation. ever flown next to somebody really annoying, a talker, a toucher, a laugher, cryer, maybe a snorer or a drunk? how much worse would it be if


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