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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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which do we like? i went say it sounded like ohio state. [crowd boos] >> but so the polls close i'm hearing that that texas is closed. i'm getting all these horrible calls from my kids, from jared, from everything. too bad, dad. because they had me written off. they said no, the polls. i said, you know, honey, i may have lost. because i really -- based on what they were saying it was going an early evening. they didn't realize it was going to be an early evening for us. [cheers and applause] even though they refused to call it. it should have been an early evening. but, i said but i left nothing out there. i felt so good because again, i was getting this news which really sounded like it was sort of over. and i said like a team, i
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left nothing out there i couldn't have worked harder that month we outworked anybody that ever ran for office. all right? [cheers and applause] nobody ever ran for office that worked harder. so i was okay with it. you know. i wouldn't say i was thrilled but i was okay. and then the polls closed and now we get the real numbers. and that's when ohio came in and that's when i-i love ohio. they were so great. i know you guys have a little competition. that's all right. but they were so good. and that's when iowa came in. 10 points. that never happens. all these counties won almost every single county and ones that weren't won since the 1950s. and then i hear these states in play. texas. we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of texas. [cheers and applause]
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and i couldn't understand it. because when i went to texas we had these massive auditoriums and these stadiums that were packed with people. lines 20 blocks long. you couldn't get. in thousands of people left outside. so i won texas. but they said it was going to be close and it was a landslide. then they have another one. georgia was going to be, again, they said in play. in play means, you know, could go either way. donald trump, breaking news, donald trump has won the state of georgia right? this is like in the first two seconds. you know, this is the one that they are saying for two months oh, georgia's in play. texas. okay. great states then they had this character that nobody ever heard of before from utah. i love utah. and they had him like tied with me. beating hillary. and i said who in the hell is this guy?
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[ laughter ] and as a republican, you never lose your thought. i hate to say it but i don't think -- has anyone ever lost utah? so they said utah is in play. forever months, and they talked about this guy. i looked at him and i said is he going to beat me? that guy? where does he come from? who is he? what what's he doing, this guy? anyway, right after texas, breaking news, donald trump has won the state of utah. [cheers and applause] like what, by 25 points. by the way, in all fairness, hillary came in second and this guy that nobody ever heard of, he fell off the planet.
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but then a certain person said to me who i actually got along with very well said when did you think you won? i said no when did you think that you guys lost? and i they said well, florida was looking okay. and all of a sudden but they hadn't counted on the panhandle. that panhandle, boy, what was that like 91% or something. [cheers and applause] those are great people, workers. doing well in florida. they weren't liking those numbers. even haven't even gotten to the panhandle. all of a sudden, all of a sudden breaking news, donald trump has won the state of florida by a lot. [cheers and applause] >> by a lot. and then we just went right up that coast line, right? we won south carolina and then a big one because they put all of their eggs in one
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basket and they said they were interviewing people on television from the other side. you just lost florida i said well, we're a little disappointed but we have no problem because north carolina is our fire wall. he can't win north carolina, can't happen. two minutes later, we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. [cheers and applause] big league, big. won it big. and you know, i knew they had problems because they took the convention center and i just took the ballroom. if i lost, i don't want a big room. i just want to say thanks, everybody. i'll see you next time. i'm out of here. i don't want to have but think spent like $7 million on fireworks in the east river so they had the ballroom and they spent a tremendous -- millions and
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millions on this massive fireworks display. the big barges in the river and that was about a month before the election. three days before the election they canceled the fireworks. i said that's a good signal. [ laughter ] i said is it supposed to be inclement weather and we checked actually no, it's going to be beautiful. it's a beautiful night. i said why did they cancel the fireworks? they were like 7 million. they spent 2.2 billion. i get no credit for this. they spent 2.2 billion. what did we spend a little more than 300 million. mr. devos senior will tell you that you know in the old days, you get credit if you spent less. today they would say and they used to say she spent more money. is he up by 1 point. right? she spent more money. like it's good. no, it's bad. if you can spend less money and win that's good. we have got to remember.
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that's good. not bad. [cheers and applause] so when i heard they spent 7 million on the fireworks and i didn't know if we were going to win or lose but i was feeling really good. we sent them over just a nice verbal statement. we will offer you 5 cents on the dollar for the fireworks, right? because it was only a few days lafayette they never responded. [ laughter ] i thought i could buy the fireworks cheap. just like i don't want to buy an airplane for $4 billion. i don't want to buy it even if i don't get to use it. who the hell cares, right? i'm not paying 4 billion for an airplane. so we had an amazing night. [chanting trump trump trump trump trump trump
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trump. >> thank you. they forgot about you people. by the ways they are not going to work it's not going to work. you're not going to forget. we just went up and it was amazing. and then on top of it we won michigan which these folks have done such an unbelievable job. rona mcdaniels. what a great job. you and your people have done an incredible job. and then we won wisconsin. which was so incredible. is that one we weren't expecting, necessarily. and it came in. they were incredible people. hard working, wonderful people. and it was over. it was an amazing experience and winning pennsylvania. you know, pennsylvania for 38 years they didn't win it. and it was always the one that got away. every republican said, every republican we're going to win pennsylvania. and it never happened.
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they say the bride that got away. right? it infer ever happened. everybody said they win it not only did they not win it they lost it big. we would have these massive crowds, signs on everybody's lawn. you know the trump/pence sign. by the way how good is governor mike pence vice president mike pence? how good is he? [cheers and applause] what a good choice. what a good choice. he's been great. he is a great guy but i want to just say thank you to mike pence. he has been amazing. so, it's been an incredible experience, i must say. but pennsylvania, when we won that that was, you know, now they could have called it around 12:00 or 11:30 or 11:00. remember the screen? remember the states? and boy, the red, we're starting to get big. now it's getting to be really a lot of red. remember when they were saying at the beginning
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before tonight. there is no path to 270. and you know the amazing thing about the electoral college is that you stop at all these states. i was going all over the place. i was stop and many ways i would rather have it the other way it's easier. you campaign in new york and you campaign in california, you stop in florida and texas and it's it would be easy. but this does get you. i was never as much a fan. this gets you to stop at states that you not going to stop in and that's what our founders had in mind and that's what people had in mind. it's an amazing thing. really is. [cheers and applause] i went to maine four times, four times to maine. for what? i needed one. because they all said maybe i could get to 269. they didn't know that we were going to break that beautiful, beautiful blue
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wall. we were going to shatter that wall. [cheers and applause] so i went to maine four times for one. now, under the other system you wouldn't do that. so it was an amazing evening. we ended up with 306. and which was a landslide. and some states. some states we won by 30 and 40 points throughout. it was an amazing thing. we're going to work really really hard for you. we're going to work really hard to justify what you did. and so we're doing our little tour. one of the places i had to stop is michigan. and we're going to bring our michigan jobs and michigan workers back to work. [cheers and applause] we're going to bring them back to work. and i have been here many times and even before i was running. before i officially announced, i didn't know if i was running. i got an award about four years ago the man of the year. and i talked about the cars.
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they can't keep taking your car manufacturers, ford and the others. they can't keep taking them out. and i was talking about it long before i ever thought i was going to do this. and the people in michigan remembered i had been talking about this for years. we're requesting to sto -- going to stop it ford made a promise to me and hopefully at the beginning of this year they're going to honor that promise about something they're going to do that's very big. and they're going to do it in michigan, not in mexico. it's going to be great. going to be great. [cheers and applause] we want to thank you. but on taxes, we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplyifications in american history. at the center of this plan is a massive middle class tax cut. middle class tax cut. we're also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15% bringing new companies to our country and to your
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state. so we go from the highest tax nation in the world to one of the lower, not the lowest yet. okay, don't get greedy, okay. but to one of the lowest. on regulations we're going to eliminate wasteful job killing relation regulation -- regulations that undermine the ability of our workers and countries to compete with the rest of the world. big thing. bigger than the taxes. i think it's bigger than the taxes. on energy we will cancel the restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. we're going to put our miners back towork. miners, we love our miners. wyoming, i think it was my highest percentage the opponent almost didn't register in the state of wyoming. almost didn't register in
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the state of west virginia, when we love. we love our miners. on infrastructure i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure. that includes major new projects for both our rural communities and our inner cities. and our inner cities are like the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. we have forgotten about our inner cities. no longer. the african-american community was great to us. they came through big league. [cheers and applause] big league. and frankly, if they had any doubt, they didn't vote. and that was almost as good because a lot of people didn't show up. because they felt good about me. and the hispanic community great,. really great and women,
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thank goodness women. oh. man,. [cheers and applause] women that was the other thing at the polls. i go to the rallies and pink signs like crazy. we did great with women. so i want to thank the women. [cheers and applause] we're going to put our people back to work. it's time to get americans off of welfare roles and back in to the labor market. we're going to do that. rebuilding our country with american hands and american workers they're going to be so thrilled. they will make so much money than they ever made. they're going to love getting up in the morning and love what they do. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. [cheers and applause] because from now on it's
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going to be america first. america first. [cheers and applause] our trade deficit is now nearly $800 billion a year. you can believe that? any business people in the room? raise your hand. do you think you can do slightly better than that? i think so. it's a chronic drag on growth and it's a destroyer of our country's wealth and our country's jobs. $800 billion a year. you actually say who is making these deals? who is making them? you look at deals that mexico and other countries have with other countries, and the deals they have with us are always the worst deal. but that's going to change. that's going to change we have got the professionals laned up and these professionals, they know what they're doing. america has lost 1/3 of our manufacturing jobs since
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nafta. we've lost 70,000 factories. during the last month i have been talking about it i say it's a typo. you mean 700 factories. you mean 70 factories. 70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. think of what 70,000 factories is. it's the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. no state has been hurt worse by our trade deals than the state of michigan. that's why i knew i was going to win michigan. [cheers and applause] that's why i knew i was going to win: the car industry, the automobile industry. you watch, they will come roaring back. they will come roaring back and you're going to be happy. you have lost more than 40% of your automobile jobs since nafta -- think of it. 40%. and i will tell you what.
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if i wasn't elected. 40%, you wish you had 40% two years from now. it would have gotten much worse. plenty of deals are going on. we did a great job for carrier with the help of mike pence. we did a great job. but, but. you have got to understand we got to that table a little bit late. they already had built their factory in mexico and lots of other things. and, yet, we saved a tremendous number of jobs. and the rest of those jobs, i mean, look, they have to be prepared. carrier and everybody else that when they make those air conditioners or whatever they're making, i think they are going to make pumps, not air conditioners, air conditioners we left them back there. whatever they make and other companies, they're going to have to pay a tremendous tax to get that product back in to this country. [cheers and applause] the point is, the jobs that are gone, i think they will be coming back soon, too. it used to be the cars were
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made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. we're going to change that. [cheers and applause] it would have been nice if i would have had a little help from your governor. it would have been real nice. it would have been nice if we had a little help from your governor. we're going to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. renegotiate nafta, stand up to foreign cheating. and fight for every last american job and every last job that belongs in michiga michigan. [cheers and applause] if a company wants to fire their workers and leave michigan for another country or anywhere else and ship
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their product back into our country, there will be consequences. no longer to be like we're people we don't know what we're doing. we don't know what we're doing. go ahead fire everybody in michigan or indiana or pennsylvania, fire everybody build some place else and sell back. no, no more. not going to happen. not going to happen. if we, not me. i'm a messenger. if we didn't come along, our country is going to be totally drained. there are thousands and thousands of companies right now that are negotiating to get out of our country. well, for one reason the taxes are too high. for another reason the regulation. so even without doing what i'm doing at the border. and there is no 35% tax. you understand that it's only if you leave is there a tax. there is no tax. we are lowering taxes. i don't think we are going to have to use that 35% very much because when we lower our taxes down to 15% or
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thereabouts, i hope can i get it down to that level, but nobody is going to leave. when we lower our regulations by probably 80%, 85%, these are regulations that don't -- they're a disaster. for farmers for manufacturers, for everybody. i also have an important announcement. and i'm going to make it tonight do you mind? we will keep it loco. we'll keep it very low key. they are turning off some of the cameras because they are so honorable. we have a great, great business leader with us tonight. one of the foremost leaders in manufacturing and one of the foremost leaders in the world of business, a monday who cares greatly about this state and this country, even though he does happen to come from australia, he is here with us this evening. he has done an incredible
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job. he has helped to build ununbelievable company. he has been the chairman and ceo of dow chemical for 13 years. one of the truly great companies and it's based right here in michigan. and he is staying here. he is staying. he is proud of michigan. he is also a fantastic family man, just met his son and someone committed to returning jobs to the united states of america. his name is andrew lavarius, one of the most respected businessmen in the world. i'm asking him to come up and head up our american manufacturing council and he has agreed to do it. [cheers and applause] they will be tasked with finding ways to bring industry back to america.
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industry, and manufacturing back to america. nobody can do it like andrew. so andrew, please come up to the stage. andrew. [cheers and applause] >> doesn't the president-elect sing music? it's music. it's kid rock. it's the detroit city motor music. michigan music. it's american music. i'm very proud to be here. we love him, too. and we're very proud as a michigan-based company -- we were founded here in michigan just up the road in midland in the bay communities. we're global but we have been expanding our operations here in michigan.
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we have been expaping our operations in the united states. over 7,000 jobs, factory jobs, construction jobs, technicians, engineers, service jobs, invested over $7 billion in the last four or five years. and we aren't stopping there. [cheers and applause] we aren't stopping there. we're going to add value by getting this incredible workforce in front of me. this incredible american worker, this incredible michigan worker and we're going to put you all to work. we've got ideas and we have got plans. and tonight in honor of the president-elect and his being here to thank you all, we have made a decision we're going to invest a new state of the art innovation center in michigan. we're going to put an r and d center in place. this decision, this decision. [cheers and applause] this decision this man and
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these policies, we could have waited. we could have put it anywhere in the world. several hundred jobs on top of the thousands we aren't waiting. we're going ahead. we're going to use american hard working american brains and we're going to fight for the dow company out of the u.s.a. president-elect trump, i can't tell you, i tingle with pride listening to you. but to honor me, to help you chair america manufacturing council, to put in place, to put in place the investments that you talk about. you are waiving the way with your administration, with your policies to make it easier to do business in this country. not a red tape country but a red carpet country for american businesses. [cheers and applause] america first as you said that's what we have to do. and you can count on me and the business leaders that we'll put on this team. this will be america's finest and brightest to help
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us solve these problems that you all have. we need to employ our youth. we need to help all of our citizens. we need to give you hope. we need to find a way back to believing ourselves again. [cheers and applause] as you rightly said, i may have a funny accent. we aussies love america a lot. i bleed america. and i bleed michigan. that's what i bleed. [cheers and applause] thank you, sir. it's an honor. let's make america great again by building great things in america wow, so great.
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thank you, andrew. isn't that great? that's what's going to happen, folks. we're getting jobs. they're going to come back to michigan. we're going to come back to pennsylvania. all these places. new york state. you see what's happened in new york state. we're going to bring them back. i want to thank andrew. and andrew is going to announce the names of the great business manufacturers, the best in the world. and he is setting up his council next week. and he will announce them next week. they will be like him, the greatest leaders there are. i want to thank andrew and dow chemical. and that's really good news for michigan. on the military, we will show the whole world that america is strong again. [cheers and applause] we will rebuild our badly depleted military and ensure our service members from the
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training, technology and services they need to get the job done and done correctly. [cheers and applause] but i always add we're going to have the strongest military in the world, the most updated military in the world. and there has rarely been a time where we have needed it like this. i always like to add, we will never have to use that power, i hope, we're building tremendous power and hopefully we will never have to use that power. we believe in peace through strength. we will, however, get rid of isis. i'm sorry. we will get rid of them. [cheers and applause] isis has to go. at the same time, we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care in the world. about time. [cheers and applause] and on healthcare we will repeal and replace obamacare.
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[cheers and applause] we're going to have healthcare that's much less expensive. they will be much better, much stronger. the murder rate our country has experienced is the largest increase in 45 years. you don't hear that. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we are going to bring this crime waive to an end. on imgation we will build a great wall. [cheers and applause] and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and many other people. got to stop the drugs. and we're going to have people come into our
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country, hundreds of thousands of people. we want them to come in. because we're going to have big, beautiful doors in that wall. but they're going to come in legally through a process legally. [cheers and applause] during this campaign i had a chance to meet the amazing families of the remembrance project. parent whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. a trump administration will end this long and horrible nightmare of violence. [cheers and applause] we will fight to protect every american life. during the campaign i spent time with american workers laid off and forced to train the foreign workers that were brought in to replace
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them. that's not going to happen anymore. the company that's out there right now, they say you're going to train the people that are going to replace you, and if you don't do it, you're not getting your severance pay, okay, not going to happen to our people anymore. okay? one of my first executive orders will ask the department of labor to investigate all visa abuses that undermine jobs and wages for the american worker. [cheers and applause] to protect our country from terrorism and extremism. i will suspend immigration and refugee admissions from regions where they cannot be safely processed or vetted. we're going to have extreme vetting. we have no choice. we have enough problems, folks. we have enough problems. we will do everything in our power to keep radical
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islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [cheers and applause] have no choice. thank you. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100 day plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. you will see. i will impose a five year ban on officials becomes lobbyists and lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyists for a federal
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government. and since i become sort of involved with costs and as people people we sort of understand that, i think that these out these billions and billions of dollars of contracts to companies should never ever be allowed to leave and go to work with any of these companies okay? no more. got to be a lifetime ban. then you wonder why is it costing so much? why are the cost overruns so high? ' and i object could name so many different. look at the fighter jets being built and things that are happening. i'm not just talking about the military. i'm talking about so many other purchases. when they purchase and when they are in charge of purchasing, they should never ever during their lifetime be allowed to go to work for those companies. they just shouldn't be allowed to do it and they're not going to be allowed to
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do it. all of a sudden they will start negotiating a little bit harder, right? you know the game. come to work with us. come to work with us. right he is going to negotiate that, right? we face many challenges but this is truly an exciting time to be alive. and there has been anything like what we have done. the script is not yet written we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in many, many years, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. [cheers and applause] the american people will be in charge. your voice, your desires, your hopes and aspirations, you will never again fall on
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deaf ears. it won't happen. you saw what happened three weeks ago. it's not going to happen. people are paying attention to you now. they are paying attention. these people are talking about you every night. they never talked about you. they said they are not going to show up. they are talking about you again. we have sanity back. we have sanity back. [cheers and applause] you will be the captain of your destiny once more. together we will raise incomes and create millions and millions of new jobs you watch andrew and watch his friends. you watch what's going to happen. we will lower tacks. unleash american energy and bring new companies to our store and stop the companies already here from viciously leaving. we will reestablish the rule
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of law and appoint justices to the supreme court of the united states. [cheers and applause] he will uphold and defend our constitution. [cheers and applause] we will heal our divisions and union tie our country. and when americans are unified there is nothing would cannot do. no task too great. no dream too large. no goal beyond our reach. my message tonight is for all americans from all parties, all beliefs, all walks of life. no matter your age, your income, your background, your race. i am asking you to join this incredible movement, this movement that nobody has ever seen anything like it before. i am asking you to dream big
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and bold and daring for your country and for yourself. i am asking you to believe in yourself and i am asking you to believe once again in america. [chanting god bless you mr. trump] and if you do that, then all together we will make america strong again. we will make america rich again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much. thank you. michigan, thank you. god bless you. everybody. god bless you. thank you. ♪ >> and that was donald trump continuing his thank you america tour tonight in grand rapids, michigan. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our
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top story, rudy giuliani, the former new york city mayor withdrawing himself from consideration for any cabinet position in the trump administration. the news stunning the political and media world today. joining us now with more on that, what led to his decision, mayor giuliani. thank you for joining us tonight. big, big news today that you pulled yourself out of the running for secretary of state. what about that? why did you do it? >> i did on november 29th. and i thought that the president-elect who my main interest was getting him elected, not getting a job. saving america. i thought there were enough choices, good ones, for him to pick that i wasn't absolutely necessary on the other hand, i have a whole private life and two businesses to run and other responsibilities if i felt like i was the only one who could do it probably i would
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have stayed in. but i thought he has enough sufficient choices so that can he give someone as good, maybe better. and so i gave him a letter on the 29th. >> 10 days ago? >> yeah. got a very nice personal conversation. i explained to him that i came to work for him, really to save america. i mean, that's the reason i worked as hard as i did. come people wondered why was so i passionate? i was passionate because i felt our country was going off a cliff. felt we were going in the direction of being a social democracy, european social democracy. and extremely weak country internationally. and i saw donald trump as the person who could change as second part of is i know donald for 28 years. i consider him a close personal friend. he has done some very good things for me, personally. that i owe him. and so i have passion about him being elected. i know what i think america is now getting to know.
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he is going to be a great president. he has got all of the skills on talents of a great executive. a motivator. and a great president. so i felt i had done my job. i helped him get elected. and he had great choices. and i have great options. and if he -- if he tells me you're of the only one who can do this job, i'll do it. but there are plenty of choices that he h so i got out on the 2th. and we kept it quiet for about 10 days so that he had enough time without pressure being put on him to have to make a choice, have to make a choice. and now i think he is getting close within two or three days of making one. >> so is that where the timing comes? so today we find out that you pulled yourself out of consideration because of choice is imminent? a name is going to be announced soon. >> meaning within the next three or four or five days. is he down to two or three people and he has to decide
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which of the two or three he considers best for him. they will all be very good. >> before i go into that, i want to know what you say to all these pro-rudy people. people have said we want rudy giuliani to be secretary of state. he is the tough guy that we have seen throughout the campaign wement him for secretary of state. what do you say to these people. they are going to get somebody good for secretary of state. so far i don't think donald trump has let us down on any choice that he has made. i think each and every choice that he has made, he has exceeded expectations. and he will do the same thing with this one. he has an extraordinary ability to pick good people. >> are you advising him on this pick, secretary of state? >> actually, that's the one thing i'm not. i'm vice chairman of the transition team. i have been involved. i have got to tell you this is the best transition i have ever seen done. i have been through three of them. more professional.
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mike pence gets a great deal of credit for that mike has organized this like a search for major corporation. so i have advised on a number of the appointments. the one i cass recused on was the one where i was a possible candidate. >> but you are not involved now, maybe you can -- >> -- i have already given the president my advice. >> and that was john bolton, right for the secretary of state. tell me a little about that. >> i can't tell you who i advised but i can tell you that i have tremendous respect for john and i think john and some of the others would be great secretaries of state. >> which others? >> i can't mention the others. those are for the president-elect. >> let me push back on that a little bit, mr. mayor. ambassador bolton i understand where you are on that. he seems to be pro-intervention. he wases in favor of the iraq war. he is in favor of getting involved in syria. libya. in favor of regime change in iran where maybe donald trump hasn't been in that same lane for the campaign. how do you pick someone who
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is so ideologically away from where -- >> -- i'm not so sure how ideologically away they are. i mean, the relate is there are going to be some differences between let's get to the presidency now. the president and the secretary. betsy devos who is the secretary of education who was speaking tonight was in favor of the program the bush administration. >> mr. mayor, i don't mean to be rude. we're going to come up against a hard break. i'm going to keep you here and talk to you more after the break. more reaction after that both sides of our interview with rudy giuliani. stay tuned.
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>> and now we continue our conversation with former mayor rudy giuliani who it was learned today that mr. mayor you pulled your name out of consideration for secretary of state. woe talked before the break a little bit about ambassador bolton. you said you have been advising mr. trump on who you thought would be good and who maybe you thought wouldn't be good. let's talk a little bit about mitt romney there is a lot being made about mitt romney. he seemed to be anti-trump throughout the election process. your thoughts on mitt romney as secretary of state? >> well, i mean the president-elect has to make his decision if he selects
5:48 pm
mitt romney i will support mitt romney. i think i have already said publicly that i thought he had gone too far. it's one thing to have a team of rivals. another thing to have a team of enemies. i think mitt romney put himself, unfortunately in the category of enemy. you know, the attacks were bitter. the attacks were personal. and maybe, maybe i'm too close to president-elect trump to react to it correctly. somewhat like governor huckabee and newt gingrich. i think we feel kind of offended for president-elect trump for some of the things that he said. so it would take a little to get over that. >> like what? do you want to see mitt romney apologize to donald trump? >> i would think he would have to take back some of those things about it's almost being immoral to be in favor of donald trump and it wasn't the usual political rhetoric.
5:49 pm
but, again, it's the president-elect's choice and if he feels satisfied that mitt romney would make a loyal and good secretary of state, he has an excellent judgment about people. and i would defer to that. >> very quickly, rex tillerson, don't know him well. >> okay. >> i do know bolton, can i tell you a lot about bolton. i like the idea that tillerson understands russia and the middle east. those are two of the places that you have to understand. i can't really comment in much greater detail. >> mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> big news day. next, reaction to both sides of our interview with rudy giuliani. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
in the factor follow-up segment tonight, reaction to our
5:53 pm
interview with rudy giuiliani joining us now from washington, katrina pearson, former spokings person for the trump campaign and adam green. katrina, rudy giuiliani pulled himself out of the mix. he came with a lot of emotion. said he was really part of the trump campaign and he thought it was best if he pulled himself out. your thoughts. >> he absolutely was. i got to know the mayor really well during the campaign. there was just a handful of us who came out of the gate defending mr. trump. we were passionate and defensive of him because we believed in him and his eighty to be the next president of the united states. he was very engaged and committed to helpings the president-elect become the next president. i would see him giving mr. trump advice on the plane. he was very emotional about this. it was shocking to a lot of people to see him take his name out of contention because he
5:54 pm
does have a lot of support among those supporting mr. trump early on. >> this is the no spin zone but democrats are going to spin this in a way. your thoughts. what's the democratic spin to this? >> i'll just say it's a little bit sad honestly. just like with my home state governor chris chrkrichristie, not step down, he was passed over. like so many coming out of the trump world, if president-elect trump had gone with rudy giuiliani, this would have been a betrayal of trump's voters who thought they were voting to take on the political establishment and they keep getting more of the psalm. we just saw him announce the head of dow chemical and the head of exxon to run our foreign policy and our jobs policy. these are people that fundamentally work against republican communities, democratic communities, independent communities and this is not what people voted for.
5:55 pm
>> we're going to call a little audib audible here and we're going to keep adam and katrina. we're going to continue the conversation with both of them in just a moment. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto® with an ace inhibitor or
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all right. we're continuing our conversation with katrina pearson and adam green. you heard rudy giuiliani say that if mitt romney was selected to be secretary of state to president-elect donald trump he needed to walk back some of the comments that he had made about mr. trump during the election. what are you thoughts? >> he should. he insulted mr. trump, his voters and supporters and anyone who felt like making america great again was a bad thing. but at the end of the day mr. trump is going to make this decision and people are going to stand by his decision. he made a commitment to bring on the people he felt would be best to do the jobs.
5:58 pm
of course that's going to mean business ceos, bringing in people that aren't going to be approved of by politicians. americans voted. they're tired of having politicians and folks from academia to go out there and be put in positions based on ideology or philosophy. mr. trump is going to appoint people to get things done. he's made a commitment to this country and the people of this country and he's not even president yet and already making waves. adam, before the break you pushed back on dow chemical chairman. the man said he's going to create some jobs here in america because of president-elect donald trump. >> yeah, that was kind of a head fake. dow check call is the number one toxic polluter in the nation. they've hurt millions of people, including republican air, republican water, democratic air, democratic water. this is not a model corporate actor. i do think katrina --
5:59 pm
interesting point about philosophy. a lot of people we've seen get elected do have a philosophy but their philosophy is to get rich by hurting american families. >> adam -- >> i don't think you can -- >> katrina? >> yi don't think you can reall assume what someone else's philosophy is. the philosophy is to make money? that's what mr. trump did. he put someone in place to make this country money. >> is that what they voted for, more wall street bankers? >> people voted for donald trump because they trust he's going to appoint the right people to get the job done. people who have a record of being successful. >> successful for closing up people's homes. >> we ran out of time. i have to apologize. that's all we have time for. thank you for watching tonight.
6:00 pm
i'm eric bolling for bill o'reilly who will be back on monday. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, exactly six weeks before president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. president obama oesrders a new intelligence review aimed at alleged efforts to influence the 2016 election. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. the reviews comes after the dnc and the clinton campaign had embarrassing e-mails released to the public. the obama administration suspects that the russian government was behind the dnc attack. the review is scheduled to be completed before president obama leaves office. as for mr. trump, he was in michigan tonight as part of his thank you tour but did not address the controversy. in mome


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