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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 10, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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it. thank you for joining us on this friday evening. good to have you. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith and this ♪ ha-ha, welcome to "red eye." andy. >> coming up on the big show, the washington examiner asks is donald trump already the president? i wished someone happy holidays and i'm not in jail so i guess the answer is no. and the exclusive we brought you about the australian moon who punched a kangaroo to rescue his dog. this is not just an excuse to show that video. and finally, tips on what not to do at your company's christmas party. if you work in television, don't get drunk and run around screaming andy should have been
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the host. apparently some people can't handthal trule the truth. >> i don't know if that's why. her debut album is emotionally exhausting. finally truth in advertising. comedian liz healy. and he said he made his final appearance on "red eye." that rag is full of lies. morris. and he's best known as the warm up act for my barber shop quartit, the rag dolls. and he's the pupal master of our puppet show -- is this all drinking gang? >> i came up with it first. >> gavin mcins. let's start the show. ♪ >> donald trump isn't president
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yet but it sure feels like. washington examiner notes that trump has been engaging in pretty presidential behavior, including engaging with businesses on behalf of the american people, conducting a bit of foreign policy and delivering sweeping public addresses. a republican strategist noted i don't think it's normel for president elect to be out and about like this but this is the era of trump and he is literally rewriting the rules. so far trump has saved hundreds of manufacturing jobs, put china on notice and brought back "gilmore girls." i think i speak for all the fans of "gilmore girls." we thank you, president elect, trump. what do you feel so far? >> i'm not bananas about it. i'm very sensitive to winning so i was tired within the first few days and now i have a winning
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hernia. i have to take winning naps three time as day. a winning iv drip into my arm. >> you're exhausting from the winning? >> i'm exhausted from winning. >> there's some people on the right -- trump supporters and they don't like some of the things he's been doing. did you feel that way? >> yeah. they're called wimps. they don't get it and the fact that he's already so gung hoshows he's the man for the job. you know how the host is hi, everyone and people don't know what to do and they grab a drink and you give it a beat and then you go i'm handling this. you want a drink? okay. and you take over the party because the host is dead at the wheel and that's what obama is. he's totally asleep at the wheel so he said i'm going to start this now. >> you were at party of mine
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this weekend, gavin? >> and i understand that you were tired. >> bill, the man wants to be president, so i mean he's jumping into action, good or bad? >> you know how black friday gel gelts earlier every year and i guess trump has picked up on that, showman that he is but i don't think he's acting very presidential. president obama is showing you all you have to do is whine about fake news on facebook and that will make the difference in everybody's lives. >> he's been giving speeches about that. you got to give president obama credit. he's been kind of nice to trump, has he not? >> yeah, he has him over to his house every once in a while. >> trump says he's advising him and he appreciates his advice. >> i appreciate advice i don't take all the time.
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>> welcome back to the show. >> well, thank you. >> here's the question. i'm assuming you're not a big trump supporter. >> as the whole woman in general? as my rights slowly slip away every day? oh, good. i wanted to slip and slide into just the mother that i have to be tomorrow. >> how do you think he's handling the transition? his popularity is up over 50% as far as approval rating. was that real? >> he just doesn't know what he's doing. >> i don't drink water. >> but liz, what do you think? so far, judging him on what's happened since the election -- you were so worried, it's not that bad, is it? >> it depends on what you're
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talking about. if you're talking about all the huge promises like we're not doing a wall, just joking. but if you're talking about how people reacting and just today, ohio is saying they're trying to take away -- you kaercan't have abortion after six weeks because people are like this is our moment to shine. here's somebody who's not go toing to step on this. while he may not be doing everything he said he was going to do, there are people that are doing what they said they're going to do under his presidency. >> she's saying that trump is already making america great again. do you agree with that? >> i don't think that's what she was saying at all. >> the election was just over a month ago. hillary clinton supporters were heart broken, many in tears and her around the county. now let's see what gavin mcgins
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was doing that night. >> i wasn't sure how i felt that night. we hadn't made up our minds whether we supported trump or not. >> this is getting framed election night. >> we bookand entire bar and wore hawaiian shirts because if hillary won we were going to turn into robert de niro from "cape fear" and say i did a lot of reading -- but she didn't win and the shirts went from sinister to margarita vill and it was heaven. >> too much winning that night. >> it made orgazms look like -- >> so you didn't want to have them anymore? or yours finally diseased you. . >> it made it look like a catastrophe that was hurting the creative community in new york. >> let's move on.
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>> sony pictures just announced a spin off of "21 jumpstreet." but wait till you hear who's directing it. some dude named rodney rothman and he wrote the hit sequel "22 jump street." but he has no directing experience. women in hollywood tweeted the indigny continues and wrote would it hurt for those women to be created boo ia female writer. gender inequality just isn't an issue in hollywood. this week in australia. a group of women showed up at the country's film awards dressed as sausages.
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>> this is world news, everybody. >> that's how you do it. >> they kept falling down. >> i love that they had this sausage party so you didn't think it was a tur party. >>. [ bleep] >> you haven't seen mine with a perfect mop on the top. selfie stick 'em. >> liz, what do you -- >> we have to talk about the propaganda video. that's what makes them the best. literally dancing around and they did their own music. you didn't see how wonderful -- it was amazing. creative. i feel that's where they're going to propel.
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it's not these shenangons, it's the sweeping of their -- everybody needs to see the propaganda video. >> why can't you work with men anymore? it's got to be women directors, women writers, what's going on? >> i don't -- they should have made sausages and gave gift baskets as sausages because then everybody would have had a snack and they could have thought about the issues. >> what are the issues? women are everywhere. i'm sick of them, liz. >> their issue was that while women are creating stuff, they're not being recognized. believe me i think there's a better way of going about it. women are getting recognized. when you've taken so long for them to be looked at, the slowness is annoying. i'm not crazy about the shenanigans, but i do see what they're trying to say which
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is -- like going -- >> more chicks. more females writing movies? more women directing movies? >> yeah, of course. do i think it has to be that thing where if there's two women in a movie, it has to have a female director. >> why should there be a more female directors in hollywood? it's a male trait. >> directing's a male trait? >> because it's all about authority. it's about yelling at people. it's not working, guys. you're in a constant state of conflict. you, get over there. >> get married. >> it gets to points -- it's a male thing and writing a movie is first act, third act, it's very structural and it's about numbers and math.
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>> where's the numbers and math? >> we have a better pred lection in numbers and math. >> it's three. >> is taking over a talk show a male trait, would you say, bill? >> he's going to say yes. sean hannity. >> he said that in the green room too. it's perfect. that's why he'll never be on the show again. but looking at this, do you really think catherine bigalow goes from writing or directing an oscar winning film to saying i want the knock off of "21 jump street." give me the knock off of the jonah hill film. >> there are other directors not getting work. >> oh, okay.
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and i'm sorry, did i protest when catherine got the male dominated war movie? was i like hey, this is three guys defusing bombs in iriraq. you would call me ridiculous because the movie was impeccable. >> he complained to me at a bar after. >> i sent threatening letters. >> sanitation. sanitation should be 50% women. >> there are plenty. >> let's see them picking up fridges and throwing them in the back all the time. >> the australian man who punched a kangaroo is under investigation after a video of the incident went viral. >> he and greg runs in, we realize this could get dangerous.
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>> there you go, tom. just go. >> my favorite video of the year by far. can i see it again in slow mow. >> the rooswitches its attention to tom and sizes up the human's next victim and the cranky buck comes forward ready to attack. he launch as right hand to the roo's snout. throws its paws out. >> there's no such thing as the right hook. >> tom makes the right decision again and backs off, leaving him stunned. >> the man, greg thompkins is an elephant keeper that western plains zoo. while it's clear to see that he acted in self defense a spokesperson for the zoo says good animal welfare and the protection of australian wildlife are off the utmost
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importance. we are working with mr. thompkins to understand the exact circumstances of the event and will consider any appropriate action. obviously, the man's a hero. did you see the head lock that dog was in? >> i didn't understand what was going on with the dog and the kangaroo. was he about to snatch him away and put him in a pouch? >> head lock. >> why is the dog not fighting it? >> they're very strong. >> he dominated the dog. and the dog was going to be submissive while he was in a head lock. >> i love how the kangaroo unleashed the dog and was like okay, you want to do this. >> he was ready to fight but he was stunned by the man's aggression. but he was justified. >> 100% justified. for me, he honestly assessed the situation. he knew the kangaroo was going
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to attack, did what he had to do and didn't go to extreme. he did his thing and left. cops don't do that. and you're going to yell at a kangaroo. >> you're getting all political this week. >> he did the necessary thing. he's a little stunned, his ego is bruised. i lost a dog and a fight. that was the hottest thing i've ever seen is what i'm trying to say. >> i would go further than liz. i think he should have taken another shot at that stupid kangaroo. >> i don't really like dogs. i'm kind of indifferent. but maybe this is why women aren't allowed to be in movies in australia, the men are awesome. if you want to direct this film, the punch the kangaroo. >> gavin, why are you shake your head? >> well, he's criticizing my earlier point which i thought
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was very valid. but if you're ever in a situation with a kangaroo and first of all you don't do a right hook, you do a left, a combination and when he brings the claws, you know whoosh and then dish and you kick him in the [ bleep] and he's like oh. and you go dish with your elbow. and he's like what the and whush in the neck. and when he goes down, bidish, dish. >> guys he works with elephants. >> and grab the foot. >> you say that but he did it -- >> it was a terrible punch. it didn't even make douche sound. >> the sit little kangaroo arms went up in the air.
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>> the look on the kangaroo's face like did you just hit me? >> coming up, a school teaches you how to be an adult, sadly it's not any of our high schools.
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live from america's news head quarters. speculation continues about the president elect's pick for secretary of state. exxon ceo has been called back for a second meeting. reports suggest he is in the running. rudy giuliani is out.
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he says he pulled his name out of consideration for any post with the upcoming administration. trump med with house speaker, paul ryan. he had criticized the president elect during the campaign but called for unity after the election. >> very exciting meeting. really enjoyed coming up here. we had a great meeting to talk about our transition. we're very excited to put this country back on track. >> well, the new york post is reporting that hillary clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion on her losing presidential campaign. that's twice as much as the president elect. the figures include spending by the campaign, tax and party committees. former astronaut and u.s. senator, john glenn will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. the first american to orbit the earth died at the age of 95.
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and he holds the record during a 1998 mission at age 77 and the nfl is expanding in london. a fourth game for the london searies has been added. three games have been played at the two stadiums, each has been a sell out. now back to red eye and for all of your headlines, log on to fox growing up is hard to do. for millennials, it must be taught in a classroom. two hipster teachers in portland, redundant have opened the adulting school to help people survive the real world, things like creating budgets,
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managing time, fixing a sink and forming healthy relationships, in that order of importance. missing, accepting personal responsibility and having a normal haircut. the school held its first session last week focusing on time management. predictabilily they showed up l and then they received cupcakes and presumably tucked in for lifetime. i don't know if it's such a bad idea. >> i think too many people are going to say ha-ha you stupid millennials when really it's their parents that utterly failed them. they raised these kids to just be students instead of to be adults. as long as you do well in sats. you don't have to cook, figure out how to communicate with a
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woman and get married. they were failed by their parents so now they have to turn to the classroom setting that they've been raised to follow in order to accomplish any of these things. how do you not know how to open a bank account? >> they probably know how to do modern banking, right? >> as a millennial? the woman and the millennial of the group? somebody has to tell you how to open the bank account. i was raised almost as a boy to do everything myself. i can chop wood, i was raised to talk to other people. >> can you chop wood and talk to other people? >> only aggressively. i completely agree. it was the parents that told you school is number one and nobody has street smarts or life smarts and everybody can read a book really fast. why can't these people dedeuce
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that you have the internet, youtube, google. even if crow don't know how to do the stuff and too embarrassed to ask your friends. why can't you google change a leaky faucet. you can google that. why do you have to take a class? a part of me is like you just want somebody to pat you on a back and get a cupcake. >> they want the structure. they don't have the street smarts but they have to learn these skills somehow, so why not do it in a school? >> i think there's some things you could learn in a class and people figure out on their own. i don't know how they figured out how to join the class in the first place. how do you sign up? where's the register. and give it up to absentee parents like i had had whereby i had to do everything myself.
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she was getting her graduate degree. she's not now. but she had a full time job and getting her grad degree at the time. i did all the it cooking and -- >> where was your dad? >> he lived in another house. >> oh. >> no, i'm mad at divorce. i'm not shaking my head at you. >> my parents were divorced. i think there's a little neglect that helps. because aren't most life skills figuring it out for yourself. >> divorce is terrible for children. >> is it? >> now women have to direct movies and divorce rock. >> yeah, but you learn a skill. >> yeah, how to survive horrible stuff. >> life is horrible. >> send the kids to rietkers
12:28 am
every week. >> they'd be awesome. >> have fun fighting. >> and a brand new episode of the "red eye".
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welcome back everyone. time to find out what we got wrong j missed. is trump already president? you were tired of it fairly quickly. trump did promise that would happen, didn't he?
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>> yeah. but i thought he was joking when he said you're going to get tired of winning. but i need go through winning chemo. i feel like i need winning ad raul. >> after gavin did his party analogy, he was at party of yours past weekend. i guess i need my email fixed? >> apparently my party sucks. >> maybe that's because wrou don't invite the right people. >> you don't seem like you would go out to the party. that's why i don't ask you. you seem like you would say no, i would stay in. >> no, i would say no, i have other plans and then i would stay in. liz, you said if you're talking about how people are reacting to trump being elected, yeah and you mention the ohio bill that would ban abortions after six weeks. if it makes you feel any better
12:33 am
a woman says they would ban abortions after four weeks. >> oh, great. feel great. >> and it's probably unconstitutional. >> cool. >> can we talk about trump saying he could get anybody to keep jobs here with a five minute phone call. is that what conservatives want? >> five minutes is a little long. >> i thought he could do anything with a tweet? >> it would be good if a compopy wants to leave and he make as call if it worked. he's not saying he's going to threaten their family, just i'm going to lift a bunch of tax restrictions on you. come back. >> the spin off is being directed by a dude. he's been hired to write a script and possibly direct. we don't know that for sure. the outrage, such as it was, was
12:34 am
more about the writing than directing. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you said you didn't protest when catherine big low directed an action movie. but the writer of zero dark 30 was a dude. >> i was talking about hurt locker. same writer. >> she won an oscar for it. >> it's better than that kangaroo guy. >> by the way, the "ghost busters" female reboot was directed by tom -- >> he did the "bridesmads." >> i can't say that. and paul also co wrote and his co writer was a woman who also wrote "the heat" which is much better.
12:35 am
>> but still terrible. >> no, it wasn't. >> "the heat" was like evening that improv. >> "spy" was the best of all of them. you said you're happy they said they were sausages because you thought they were tur. that's between you and your therapist. if you show up to a gala dressed as sausages and aren't you asking to get kicked out? >> maybe it's sausage themed and oh, the entertainment's here. then people they hire to do the bits are here. >> liz, you said you thought they should have given out baskets instead of sausages. >> snacks. that's how you win votes. >> but --
12:36 am
>> no, most chefs are males, aren't they? so you just hire a male chef, he makes you sausages, we hand them out. it's all about the note tags. >> but if people like getting the sausages and the only way to get them is if people are protesting they're not enough women. >> then if we're here more, we'll keep doing the basket thing. we all have a five-year plan. all women have five year snack plan. >> cocktail waitresses. >> they're in baskets. >> feeding the industry. >> can i hit him? are you a kangaroo? >> if you want sean hannity's rath upon you. you are allowed to hit him. >> 100%. >> cool, later. >> no, it has to be on camera. >> normally i'd pay for it. >> don't enjoy it, it ruins it >> this is a weird show. >> i regret it immediately.
12:37 am
>> the adulting school thing. this is about the parents of the young adults who have failed them. i think you're 100% correct. there would be no need for this if parents did their job. >> thank you. >> you're so welcome. i thought that one time you were right i should point it out. and you said if thiey know how o use their phones, how come they can't open the account. >> i think their parents get them accounts and from then on, paypal and everything else. >> liz, you said everything is googleable. i'm assuming part of the point is teaching people what things they need to know. >> i guess that's a valid point but isn't life about you have a situation and you figure it out? >> no. >> no? i have feel i don't know what i need to know until i have to
12:38 am
know it. if someone invites me to a party, my first question is what should i have bring and my mom taught me to bring something. and do i want to bring them cheese in my bridge or wine. >> if your mom didn't teach you, how would you know? >> i got tattoo and i was like do you give tips to tattoo artist and you google it and it says yeah. and you figure out how much and the guy was weird or crazy. it starts with yourself and a lot with google. >> just last week, seth you said you don't know how they figured out how to sign up for the class in the first place. that's probably the one thing they learned how to do in college. >> go to school and sign up for a class. maybe. i'm glad we solved that one. >> thank you, andy. coming up the worst selfies of
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live from america's news head quarters. the senate averts the government shut down, passing a stop gap spending bill to keep the
12:43 am
government running through april 28. and arizona senior senator, john mccain was not happy with action on defense spending and had harsh words for his colleagues. >> in the words of the four uniformed chiefs of our military, you are and i quote them directly, putting the lives of the men and women serving this nation in uniform at greater risk. at greater risk. you are putting the lives of the men and women who are serving in military because we want to get out of here for christmas. shame on you. >> more u.s. troops are headed to the middle east. ash carter says up to 200 additional troops will be deployed to syria to help local forces fight isis. special forces units will be among those deployed. their efforts will be on the city of raqqa.
12:44 am
u.s. markets closed up again following a month long rally since the victory of the president elect. all three were fuelled by mr. trump's expected agenda of reduced taxes and regulation, health care, consumers, and text leading the way in the best performing sector. south korea's parliament voting to impeach its president. president park is suspended for 180 days while a court decides if it was justified. on charges that she let a friend and informal advisor have access to classified documents. and back to "red eye." el for all your headlines, log on to fox earlier this week, lena dunham posted a selfie on the toilet. there she is. it is a little edgy for me.
12:45 am
i work clean. many of her followers expressed out rage and she deleted it and it goes on. the daily mail posted a bunch of them. this guy posted a blood soaked selfie to prove to his boss he was in a car accident. a woman took a self ea at auschwitz and captioned it sums up if you're chilly willy. that was not gavin. next these teens thought it was okay to take a selfie with the cop thet pulled them over and finally, geraldo's famous selfie -- no, not that one. geraldo -- no. forget it. you remember -- you know what i'm talking about. he takes a lot of selfies on the boat of his. >> and they're all equally bad. >> his boat, not as big as i
12:46 am
thought. >> oh, really? >> liz, what are the rules of selfies? >> i feel like anytime it's a millennial issue. >> it is. it comes back to you. >> honestly, if it's a sad place, a funeral, a bathroom that doesn't smell right, if it's anywhere that you would have to say your condolences to somebody and wear an outfit that's itchy, probably not a place to take a selfie. you're getting pulled over, you don't know what's going to happen next, not a time for the selfie. there's basic -- even though my parents didn't have selfie sticks and phone camare as, it's about using your brain and knowing -- if you're in front of a water fountain and it's fun, take a selfie, go nuts. >> things change, liz. isn't that what happens? the young people do want to
12:47 am
share everything. this woman at auschwitz, she says i'm here. why not? >> repeat your question and i can see what the problem is immediately. i'm at auschwitz, i'm happing it up. it's a little chilly. >> that's the other thing is you can take a picture of auschwitz and say your feelings about it or say that you're at somewhere sad. >> i don't want to take a selfies at these places but they do, bill. so who's the one making the etiquette? >> i think selfies should be illegal. so, donald trump is going to make the etiquette for me i've never seen him in a selfie. he wasn't manicing on his campaign plan. i have to think we're going to see legislation.
12:48 am
constitutional amendment. i think you can get the state house behind this. >> i think if trump tweeltts it it's a law. i tweeted it, it's a law. >> the elected leaders always put the initials on the ones they sign. >> just tweets only. >> selfie is when you're holding the camera yourself. the girl at auschwitz isn't doing this. >> so someone tooking the picture of her. it's fine then. >> i like how you got around that. you could be a lawyer. >> you got to be doing it with your own hands. >> do you do selfie stick ss? >> almost never. i would rather someone take a picture of me. but it's weird i understand she's at auschwitz and somehow feels she needs to take a picture of herself there and
12:49 am
it's weird that she would want to. i don't want to shame her but it's weird. >> if she didn't do the thumbes and the caption? >> it still would be a little weird. it's like a -- i think the cop one i think was fine. >> they didn't go to jail. so their friends go i can't believe you took a selfie with a cop. that's awesome. but i think men should never take selfies because we're not the fairer sex. we're hideous. look at this. but as far as young ladies, they don't want their ovryes to rot, they should be looking pictures and basically advertising the brand. saying before i need a hysterectomy, let's make people. >> can i start vomiting now. >> everything for gavin is a brand extension. >> women are on the market for a certain amount of years. 25 to 31.
12:50 am
>> almost over for me. i'm so excited. >> you have like a month left. >> don't date musicians. you got to start dating real men. >> like you? >> no. >> i think what gavin's saying is that women look great in their own selfies. coming up, the dos and doents of office parties.
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♪ coming up on the next "red eye." and tammy and tim dillen. ♪ tiz the season for holiday office parties. company gatherings are a chance to impress your boss and coworkers buyout drinking all of them. that's a bad idea. the new york post this week did a story on how not to behave and inchand included cautionary tales of a wum who danced totally drunk and telling the cfo that she didn't like her broech. one offered this advice for company parties."
12:55 am
it's critical to act responsibility, okay to letdown your guard a little but you never want to do anything you may regret. you don't want to be the collea next day." this is commonly known as the n mckins rule. gavin, the -- you're in an office. what's the weirdest thing you've done at a holiday party? >> just an hour ago i went over and anthony was doing show and i went to his guest and said there's lot of empty beers here. i'll take them away. completely nude. gen tailia slapping in the breeze. i wouldn't say the story if it's the radio. everyone on the radio could see my butt ux. >> oh, you went on his show? >> yeah. in canada we're all scottish, there's alcohol and drama. once a year you should get
12:56 am
really inappropriate behavior, please. >> wow. you throw your own parties. but do you ever get into any -- >> yes. why else would i do it? >> i mean, you have a real job now. you have to be somewhat respectable. >> yes, i have a real job and at our holiday party, i think it's encouraged for people to antics to insue. i had my shirt off at that party every year. >> that inetnet party? >> at our tonight show party every year. i will say that is true. >> actually -- >> i've never had a real job. so i never had to embarrass myself. i guess i go to the comedy club holiday parties, but i don't drink. very responsible.
12:57 am
>> my nondisclosure clause at my last job prevents me from discussing this story. >> very special thanks from this entire panel, you know, everybody. >> thank you. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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america's mayor won't be america's top diplomat. rudy giuliani says he is out the running for secretary of state or anything else in the donald trump administration. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. six weeks from now, donald trump will take the oath of office as will become the 45th president of the united states. tonight, he is continuing to narrow the prospects for the remaining positions on his team. late today, we learned one person who will not be in the trump administration in any capacity. former new york


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