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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  December 10, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PST

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market but this is a great company and i think it will rebound. >> eric bolling has more on this after the break. what do you think? >> it's a blue chip stock and i think it pops. moving into the second half. >> aerospace is good. that's it for "forbes on fox," thank you for watching, have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here, the number one business block continues with "cashin' in." the plane is totally out of control, it's going to be over $4 billion. it's four air force one program and i think it's ridiculous, i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> president-elect donald trump talking tough dens companies he thinks are taking advantage of us. from the cost of government contracts to moving jobs overseas and, surprise, surprise, the mainstream media bark him for it. the "washington post" accusing mr. trump of unnerving corporate america but is it really a bad thing and with all the markets breaking out to new highs who exactly is being unnerved?
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i'm eric bolling, welcome to "cashin' in," our crew, percent niece is that lap, lisa boothe. welcome, everybody. what's wrong with our next president saving us money on contracts and keeping jobs in america? >> nothing is wrong with that. i want a president who is going to treat my hard earned tax dollars with the same respect he streets thinks own personal money. frankly i have heard that donald trump is a little stingy and i want him to be stingy with my money. i want him to be in a very safe boeing plane but i don't want it to cost one dollar more than it needs to and if it makes a few government contractors nervous i say good. >> first of all, you didn't get the color wheel memo? >> mercedes, what about the business? he said i'm going to be the business man commander in chief, i'm going to treat this country like a corporation and frankly i think it's refreshing.
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>> i absolutely agree. in fact, i think it's important that the corporations are optimistic, they're cautiously optimistic but they're optimistic in the sense that donald trump is pushing forward corporate tax reform. obviously loosening up these regulations. there's so much of the positive in terms of the economic reform plan that donald trump is pushing forward which i think is helpful, but really it's the american worker, eric, who is cheering on donald trump. it's the fact that donald trump is basically saying, do you know what, to the corporations, we're going to have to -- you're going to have to talk to me and we're going to have to negotiate these deals. i do think that that although for some corporations it makes them a little nervous, at the same time i think it's donald trump, you know, basically keeping his eye on ensuring that they just don't leave america or quietly leave america but actually rethink their strategy. rethink their plans. >> lisa boothe, what about also the other part where people who contract with america -- our tax
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dollars are paying for all these things. boeing wants to charge what donald trump says $4 billion for a couple airplanes. why wouldn't these companies come forward -- can you imagine having your name on the next air force one? they should give it to them at cost. >> i think there is no doubt that there is excessive waste, do you mean c duplicative spending, plenty of areas to cut out waste. there is an article out that the pentagon buried $125 billion in administrative waste. there are clearly areas to go after, clearly places where we quite frankly are being taken advantage of. i think it's the singling out of specific businesses that have, you know, some on the right and on the left criticizing donald trump on this specifically, but i think if you look at the big picture of what donald trump wants to do with this country in terms of the economy, that is all a positive. you look at even just his recent epa choice with scott pruitt,
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just energy alone is an area where we could add so much growth to the gdp, bring in revenue for this country and jobs. you look at the epa that has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in just regulations, costs alone, and it also has singled out an almost decimated an entire industry with the coal industry. you just get some of those regulations out of those -- the way and, you know, that's job growth and revenue right there. >> okay. jessica, you have a tall order here. >> so much. >> so much to digest. so much to combat. go for it. by the way, jobs, costs, epa, take your pick. >> quickly on the epa front, having a climate denier in charge of the epa, one toss suing it is a complicated issue. i know lisa loves her coal moving to the economy. i am excited when even one job stays in america. >> very good. >> am i done?
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>> i know what's coming. go for it. >> it's my strategy, give you one now i take 20. >> right. >> what i would say is this idea of donald trump being the jobs president, i'm all for t i would love that. what i'm concerned about is the singling out and the attacks, him going after chuck jones the union leader on twitter when all chuck jones did was bring to light -- chuck jones went after donald trump. >> no, chuck jones defended his union workers. >> the steelworkers union that donald trump saved 800 jobs. >> 730. this is the problem. the boeing plane is not $4 billion. >> you just said you were happy with one but 730 is not a good thing anymore. >> that's not right, though. >> i'm talking about why the mainstream media and people as lisa pointed out on the right and left are concerned about this. there is an argument to be made that donald trump is meddling in the free market, he's bullying people just like he did throughout the campaign. >> who did he bully? >> hillary clinton. >> the free market. >> carrier. >> stop.
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we're a business show. what he did was he offered incentives. >> he offered government money which he ran against -- >> -- that was in conjunction with the carrier commitment to spend $16 million. he shouldn't do it just for carrier in my opinion, rachel, he should offer that came deal to every american corporation, our stock market would be off the charts, your 401(k) at home, by the way, when you open it up this christmas you're going going to be very happy. >> i thought that it was about letting them keep more of their money, i don't think they're giving the corporation cash, they're letting them keep more of their money and giving them a better tax deal. i would much rather have carrier spending their own money than giving it over to uncle sam or the indiana state legislators where they might be able to waste it. i don't think there's a problem that. >> would you rather the president of the united states of america told you the truth about what's going on. would you rather he said it was 730 jobs not 1,100, that a boeing plane doesn't cost $4
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billion. >> that's not accurate. i have to call you out for that. plit fact did a review of his statement and said that over 12 years it would put the dollar sign closer to 3.7 -- $3 billion and we don't know what the overall costs are going to end up being on those air force one planes. you're also incorrect about scott pruitt because all scott pruitt did as the attorney general was say that the epa essentially rewriting the clean air act was unconstitutional. he wants the epa to say within the confines of the law and that's what the epa did which is why the supreme court blocked it. just to point out those two inaccuracies. >> i want to get mercedes in here. clean this up for us. it seems like jobs are staying here, the markets are responding positively, america seems to be enjoying what's going on and optimistic going forward but somehow the liberal mainstream media on the left saying we're
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not sure we like this going forward. >> i always feel like i'm the mother hen of the group. >> show us mercedes, show us the way. >> i think romney -- one of the romney's top advisors said it's not unusual for the presidents to be contacting companies and having these discussions. obviously trump does it more publicly, but i think that actually is helpful. i think it's important for the workers to understand that trump has got their backs and so i think that while the carrier is just one example of moving forward and pushing tax incentives to this corporation, obviously trump is thinking about it in a bigger picture, in a larger package, which is that of pushing forward true economic growth, tax reform as well as reducing the regulations. eric, i think those are critical components because this is about a long-term plan. this is not just one company at a time but obviously the companies have to realize that trump is in charge and he is going to push forward to
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preserve and create jobs in america. >> we're going to leave it right there and that is important. also i might note, jessica, that trump won michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, three very blue collar states -- >> that's what this is about. >> -- with high union voter legislation. >> if you're listening to what the union leaders are saying they are not particularly thrilled about this. >> they will never, never be happy with a republican president. coming up this week donald trump visits victims of the suspected terror attack at the ohio state university, the attacker called an al qaeda leader a hero so why are some osu students saying don't call it terrorism? >> would you call what happened terrorism? >> no, i wouldn't. >> no. >> i would say it was a misunderstanding.
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attacker called an al qaeda
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attacker called an al qaeda
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president-elect donald trump this week meeting with victims and first responders of the suspected terror attack at the ohio state university. as dual rat tan has shot dead after ramming his car into
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pedestrians and slashing others with a butcher knife. authorities are investigating the motive but they say he called anwar al awlaki a here rein an online posting. even though isis has claimed responsibility some osu students and faculty say don't call it terrorism. >> would you call it a terrorist attack? >> it depends on what your definition of terrorism is. >> according to your definition. >> no. >> i think we still have a lot to learn bit incident. >> isis has claimed responsibility. >> i do realize that, but that doesn't always mean that's what necessarily happened. >> would you call what happened terrorism? >> no, i wouldn't. >> no. >> i would say it was a misunderstanding. >> i want to say thanks to faith goldy of the rebel media for that revealing take. it sounds like more political correctness running amok on college campuses to me. >> it sounds like idiocrasy, too, these people are complete more ron's. you have a guy who according to
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investigators in just his activity on facebook alone he said that anwar al awlaki was a hero. you look at his online activity and the fact that isis has claimed responsibility. these are the same morons that say workplace violence and make up any excuse to hide the fact that we have a big problem with islamic extremism and it's the same with the left who don't even want to call it a name or enemy. this is a big problem. i call it idiocrasy. >> jess, what do you can a you will it? >> i don't agree with it. i think it's a big mistake that the left makes in terms of how they talk about this issue. finally president obama talked about, you know, his policy of why he didn't a radical islamic terrorism, hillary clinton actually called it by its name. i think it's an important distinction to make and i think that this actually hurt us dramatically in the election quite frankly, the pc attitude issue and also the feeling that the left was more defensive over muslim americans than they were over the general body poll tick.
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and i think it is important to be religiously tolerant, first amendment rights, absolutely, but when someone is running around with a butcher knife and swiping at students -- >> it's probably not a misunderstanding. >> it's not. >> mercedes, isis said mow down the inn fidel and they did that in nice and this guy tried to do it at the ohio state university. any request he this is terrorism. >> no question this is terrorism. isis came out and called the ohio state terrorist a soldier of the islamic state. between rachel and i have we have 13 kids, okay, and i tell you that we worry. we worry for our children because the youth, those who are going to college right now, they need to wake up. i mean, it is clear that this was a terrorist act. those of you who experienced 9/11 during a tragic time in our country recognize that those individuals involved in isis are out to destroy the western civilization.
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this young man was self-radicalized and he took the wrong course of action. it is not about racism. if he were to be upset because he felt he couldn't pray he should have brought it up to the authorities. it converted into something that was a dark place and what he acted on unfortunately hurt many lives and i think that that is something that even for universities it's an important message to be able to teach our youth and parents responsibility as well that, look, we understand the role that islamic terrorism is playing in the united states and across the world and we always have to be alert and we always have to be ready. >> rachel, president obama had his final national security briefing or conference or presser the other day and again he could not bring himself to say radical islamic terrorism. he just can't do that. >> mercedes brings up a great point. our kids are being indoctrinated by this pc garbage. the most important appointment
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that donald trump has made so far is betsy devos. we need to overall our education system and we need to get rid of this pc monopoly on our kids' education. i'm talking from k through college. as parents i'm about to send in another year a child off to college, we need to be better consumers of education for our kids. stop sending them -- fight with your dollars. stop sending them to these places that indoctrinate them with this kind of garbage. >> uh-oh. >> sorry. >> the problem is -- the problem is the vast majority of academia is wildly left wing and liberal. >> i know. >> there's like four college campuses -- >> then we need to start putting as conservatives and common sense people we need to start sending our kids and demanding as alumni that our kids -- >> we've got to go. >> coming up some democratic lawmakers demanding donald trump pay for his own security at his new york residence. i wonder if they know how much we spent on security at joe
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biden's delaware home.
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coming up, some democrats now insisting donald trump pay for his own security at his private residence in new york. we reveal why this is
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live from america's news headquarters. hello, i'm greg jarret. a powerful winter blast is gripping most of the united states right now. forecasters say temperatures will range from 10 to 20 degrees below normal over the next few days. coupled with heavy snow in many areas, including michigan and upstate new york where lake-effect snow is causing major headaches for homeowners and drivers alike. the heaviest snow bands could bring up to two feet of accumulation in some areas. congress narrowly avoiding a government shutdown last night
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after senate democrats caved on a bill to fund the government through april of next year. that measure passing with less than an hour to go before the midnight deadline. red state democrats were trying to tack on health care benefits for retired coal miners. ultimately that attempt failed. i'm gregg jarret. now back to "cashin' in." several new york democrat congressmen and women calling for our next president to pick up the tab for security at his new york residence. but they didn't complain about the cost for security at vice president joe biden's home in delaware. now, mercedes, this is a double standard? >> i didn't know vice president biden was a landlord. i didn't realize he was renting to the secret service. >> right. >> i have to tell you, it is the top priority to ensure the safety and security of the
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president. and so i think that for the democrats to push forward what i would consider to be a silly fight on the secret service cost or what donald trump should pay for it, probably because they think he's a billionaire, so of course he should pay for it, i think is just ridiculous. there are bigger fish for the democrats to fry. they have to pull their party back together. >> rachel, do you -- >> on this one, i totally disagree with trump on it. the white house is a wonderful place to live. he's complaining about the cost of boeing, now we have unnecessarily providing security double time in new york and in -- at the white house. my husband is a congressman. it involves sacrifice as a family. my family doesn't see their dad four days a week. it's hard on them. but that's part of serving. it's the whole family that serves. they should move to the white house. it's not exactly bad digs there. it's pretty nice. >> what say you, lisa? >> i think there's a double standard as you pointed out.
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not to mention that the obama family has spent $10 million at least per year on just vacation and travel expenses alone. i think something that nobody ever talks about is the fact that president-elect trump has promised not to even take a salary. he's promised not to take big vacations. i think there's a lot of opportunity for donald trump to save the country a lot of money that the obama family denied. >> final answer. >> final answer, i will thrilled to be sharing a color with rachel. she agreed with me, i'm agreeing with her. >> that's where the similarity ends up. >> i just want to add, the rent by vice president biden, hard to believe it was $2,400. donald trump is advertising secret service as an amenity of trump towers. >> one of the benefits. all right. we have to leave it right there. coming up, donald trump putting crony capitalism on alert. and can you explain to me why
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you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. i want to say thanks to our cashin crew for joining us.
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we're in for a big change come 2017. the banksters and ceos have been fooling the ashlg american for decades. the political clashes on both sides of the aisle are the primary sales people, selling you a load of b.s. basically, here's how it works. we've been told globalization is the way the truth the economic light going forward and called it progress. but globalization was allowing our corporate ceos to export jobs, american jobs to lands of cheap labor. that left massive numbers of unemployed people who either left the work force or began to rely on various welfare programs to subsist. and government greased the system with free money from the fed, the banksters got massive amounts of wealth dumped into their laps, they in turn loaned money at mind-numbingly cheap levels to corporations. corporate ceos got rich. politicians got paid by the ceos to keep the money flowing. and they got reelected by the millions of welfare recipients in fear of losing their checks.
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effectively, a closed ecosystem of legalized corruption and kronyism. but someone has to pick up the tab or take out the garbage or clean the restrooms. that someone was the american worker. the globalless bankers were flushing cash while the americans' wages haven't budged over a decade. enter donald trump. the army needed to defeat globalism is populism. donald trump represented the populous. he saw globalism was paying off for too few americans at the expense of the majority of americans. trump promised to break our globalist trade deals. he's negotiating with american companies to keep their jobs right here in america, and he's not going to be easy. it's going to be a long struggle. and change is on its way. i'm expecting some chaos. we all should as we redefine our economic policy. but with ford, carrier, now apple looking to bring the iphone assembly plants back to
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the u.s., so far it seems to be working. one final note, banksters beware, the globalization dragon, the flame is being extinguished. have a great weekend, everybody. president-elect donald trump set to join thousands of army/navy fans for the 117th annual football game between west point and annapolis. >> you guys can do better, right? >> one, two, three! go army! >> well, up here in boston, thousands of christmas shoppers are opening up their wallets at one of the most historic markets confident in the economy, and letting us know that their loved ones are worth the best. >> i'm going to be


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