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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at appointments available. we are just about an hour away from one of the world's best sporting rivalry. army core cadet takes on the navy shipment in baltimore. president elect trump is en route and will be here to cheer on both teams as commander of chief. this after a morning of work. including meeting with exxon ceo. secretary of state.
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and in boston, thousands of shoppers in historic quincy hall. we will check in on what to remind local shoppers this time of year. good saturday to you and yours on this, the day of the army navy game. i'm lee laland live from the ba stadium in baltimore. >> and i'm molly lion. welcome to this special edition of america's news headquarters. fist a fox news alert to tell you about trump's search
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for secretary of head of state. >> reporter: good morning, momly. we now know that president elect trump has met with the man now seen as the leading candidate to be trump's secretary of state. that is exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. tillerson we now know came to trump tower to meet with mr. trump for the second time this week today. we know he was going to come to trump tower sometime this weekend to meet with mr. trump. that did in fact happen today. transition team confirmed that. came through a back way. away from the cameras and not through the famous golden elevators. he is the exxon mobile chairman. met on tuesday initially. now he emerged from that meeting seen as the leading candidate for the secretary of state position. he's been the ceo of exxon since 2006. he has no diplomatics experience, but an upside could be that he does offer to bring some executive leadership
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experience to the diplomatic post. exxon operates in more than 50 countries including russia. reporteredly has a close relationship with vladimir putin. he has relationships with world leaders already given his position with exxon mobile and this could be, could be a red flag later on if he is chosen given it could be a conflict of interest. we kouk hearing more of that if he is in fact chosen to be secretary of state. if chosen, he will be the fourth member of trump's cabinet to be a former or current ceo. the other three include the andrew puzder. the former ceo of wwe linda mcman who is now head of small business administration and lain chow who was the crow of united way and now the secretary of
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transportation. after rudy giuliani announced head withdrew his name, the other candidates besides mr. tillerson include former ceo alan mulloly. mitt romney. senator bob corker of tennessee as well as the former ambassador, john boll on the. so far, mr. trump has had 90 meetings about positions in his cabinet and those meetings are expected to continue on monday with carly fiorina and rick san terror rum. santorum. >> absolutely. tremendous excitement around these cabinet picks and, certainly, that one in
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particular. we appreciate it, brian. thank you. president elect donald trump gave immigration reform top billing when he was out on campaign trail and under his cabinet pick general john kelly, trump says the department of homeland security will focus on deporting illegal immigrants here in the united states. now, joining us to talk about this, theresa cardinal brown. director of immigration policy with the bipartisan policy center. >> thank you for having me. >> let's kick off with talking about this cabinet pick for the department of homeland security. he tapped the retired general john kelly. four star general. tough on human trafficking as well. a lot of experience. he served with the u.s. senator command from 2012 to 2015. immigration may very well approve of him. i want to get your thought on this particular pick. >> well, obviously there's a lot of focus on immigration, but important to remember the
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homeland security department has an awful lot of missions that are not immigration. counterterrorism, certainly having a military person in those roles can be helpful. i think one of the things he brings to immigration question and at the border is that he understands the sources from my graduation. it is not just about what we did at the border. it's about how we address the smuggling criminal organizations and the cartels pushing people to come north. cart el cartels. he may have a more wholistic view than just deporting people or putting resources at the border. >> you bring up a very interesting point. in recent years fewer people from mexico coming across the border and the numbers have
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increased as far as those coming from further down in south america and coming up through and also we're seeing more families and more younger people and more children versus single males. so what can be down about the immigration problem there on the southern border when we're seeing such a shift in who was actually coming across the border. >> i think a lot more of the focus of our immigration enforcement has to be not just at the border, but looking south. working on the countries in south america on their crime and corruption problems that are driving people to come north, helping them with development. that's not necessarily in the homeland security space, but certainly homeland security can help with own border controls. help mexico as immigrants are transitting through those countries. that's where we're going to have to be looking. once they arrive at the border, most of them are not trying to escape from border patrol, they're turning themselves in and asking for asylum. it's not about preventing people from sneaking in.
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it's about managing the flow. >> when you talk about managing the flow, really interesting numbers. numb represents an increase of 2015. lower than 2014 and dwoo2013. there's been a bit of fluctuation when we talk about the numbers actually being apprehended. is that what we'll see in the future. >> this fluctuation year to year almost always. also context to be recognized. 400,000 apprehensions at the border is less than a million people a year at the border. so overall, border apprehensions are significantly lower than historic levels. they have been higher. all of that is driven by central american migration problem. more mexicans are leaving the united states than coming in right now. mexico as primary source country
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for imgrantings is not what we're going to see in the future. because we're seeing immigration from further south of mexico from different kinds of circumstances, it's not just about getting jobs and the economy. it's about people fleeing violence and crime and horrible conditions in those countries how we manage to then deal with the problem is going to require m a lot more internationalism. that's one thing i think general kelly will bring to the role. that's what he can bring to homeland security. >> all right. it will be interesting to see what new leadership will do in a new year. theresa cardinal brown, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. and back in baltimore, just about an hour away from the kickoff of the army navy game. just saw the navy goats head into the stadium. a tradition dating back to very first army navy matchup when the navy goat was selected.
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goats then served on ships to provide milk. speaking of the navy, theaim mccain is si no, ma'am mouse. john mccain. sir, there's a lot going on in the world. there's a lot to talk about. navy has a 14 year winning streak going. is this going to be 15 in a row. >> i think it's very likely. if you look at the matchups, but one of the i want navy to win every year, but i don't want to
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it be lopsided. >> you know, in the days prior to the last 15 years or so, it's been balanced one team winning the other team wins. it's a trn event and it affectse moral if one team keeps losing. >> he almost, he's like a little scared he wasn't going win. you could tell his men needed it. >> it would be good nor moral for cadets and also good to have a balanced rivalry. of course i'm a an old naval academy graduate and my feelings are with navy, but it's got to be balanced and frankly, american people would like to see a better -- more balanced rivalry. >> all right. we'll marinade on that. you know better than anybody the
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young men in this epic rivalry come together in war. and talk to members, high ranking officers, chairman for the chief of staff of the army and admiral richardson for the navy earlier both talked about how the services are tired. the men are tired after 15 years of war and they said, look, we need more money and then you hear about a $4 billion do i have destroyer for the navy which is a high priced barge. >> instituted a whole lot of reforms. a lot more reforms to go, but right now, our men and women who are flying airplanes in the military are flying them. there's no money for them. they're not ready. operational training is looking. and yes, they are tired and yet, the congress of the united states and this president
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continues toll cutback on the size of the military. it is disgraceful, and shameful. we are asking men and women to do more with less. according to general who you talked to. according to the other service chiefs. we are putting the lives of the men and women in uniform at greater risk and that is just barack obama. it's also the congress, republicans and democrats and it's disgraceful and shameful. >> you know somebody putting a lot more money into their military is russia. >> i know. >> we heard their offensive military capabilities putting money into cyber warfare capability. russia, they believe was not only involved in hacking, but was trying to put hand on the scale. >> there are certain significance that sort of crystallize what you're saying. for the first time in history, a russian aircraft carrier was launching strikes into syria to
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kill the people that we arm and train, but it's the first time air strikes from an aircraft carrier have ever been done by the russians. the deaths, the now renewed influence of russia in the entire region. they were out of that region. and, of course, 6 million refugees and 500,000 people killed. many of them the people we train and. >> we saw the russian air strikes as you spoke of, the people we train and we arm. when you talk about russia and the new administration coming in, there's an intersection with a couple of folks. including one we're hearing more and more about today. rex tillerson. some say he's a front-runner to secretary of state job.
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is that a good pick? >> you have to examine it. you want to give the president of the united states the benefit of the doubt because the people have spoken, but vladimir putin is a thug, a lubully and a murd. and anybody who describes him as anything else is lying. we cannot have an accommodation with the russians until they understand what ronald reagan taught them and that is peace through strength. right now we have no peace and we have no strength. i don't know what mr. tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin was, but i'll tell you it is a matter of concern to me. >> last question for you, you talk about strength in regaining our military strength. is it a matter of money or will? you're sort of balancing more money for more programs at the same time saying we're going to cut down on waste. >> it's a matter of money, will, and also efficiency.
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the pentagon is arguably the most wasteful, inefficient. article in "the washington post" last week about $125 billion and we can't even -- >> the p pentagon tried to cover it up. >> we've never had an audit for the pentagon. i guarantee there have been significant changes and there will be more. that is not an arguments to stop spending. what it is is an argument to spend better. right now, our pilots -- our marine and navy and air force pilots are flying less hours than chinese and russian pilots are. >> they're flying a lot less hours than american airlines pilots are. >> is this an area you can come together. is this an area where having a
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commander in chief attuned to this and business background can be helpful. >> i believe so. i'm also enthusiastic about general mattis as secretary of defense. if we could vote him in on inauguration day. >> we'll have hearings as soon as we go back in so everything is taken care of by inauguration day. that's the first time the president of the united states can swear in all new member of cabinet. >> senator mccain, appreciate you being here. let each person who has a hit in the game lead. considering your status here. you're not going to lead a go army beat navy, would you. >> no, i really think frankly and i nomine have i friends all over the world are incredibly angry with me, but we need to
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have army win one because we need to maintain the rivalry. >> great game and chairman of the armed services committee, i have an obligation to stay neutral. this is a wonderful tradition. i'm so proud people all over america enjoy it and saver it and i guarantee you that soldiers and sailers all over the world are going to be watching today. no matter where they are and what they're doing. >> sent back a telegram of world war ii. said gentleman, we have paused the war to celebrate success. this is what that game means. appreciate you being here. all the best. >> thank you: >> molly. >> love seeing that interview. lau thank you lelaneland. we will see what this metal of
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the cia says not only did russian hackers interfere with presidential election. they had a favorite candidate too. a secret assessment says that hack into the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign chairs e-mails were intended to help the trump camp. trump officials say they are not buying this assessment. in washington with all the details. >> the president elect transition team is pushing back hard on the intelligence report that the russian hack was to help mr. trump win. saying quote these are the same people saying s ing sue dam hue
11:24 am
wikileaks accomplished 50,000 e-mails from the clinton camp and democratic national committee. the "new york times" says the findings by intelligence agts si that it was done to help mr. trump was based in part on their belief belief. didn't release the republican national committee e-mails. vehemently deny they were hacked. >> they were told very privately they were getting and we were willing to give them access to certain things to prove it. yet they chose to ignore it. the "new york times" should be ashamed. when you read something in the "new york times," there is zero credibility. now calling for congressional hearings into the hack. simultaneously stunning and not surprising. given russia's disdain for
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democracy. the silence from wikileaks and others since election day has been deafening. outgoing leader claimed the fib knew they were hacking before the election and wants director james comey to resign. >> i thought he would do the right thing for the country. this is clear. we've all read the press the last few days. the fbi had this material for a long time. comey, who is a republican, refused to divulge this information. >> president obama called for full review of the hacks before he leaves office. prnchts back here in baltimore. just about now is when they do the exchange of prisoners. that is when the students from
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each academy who is studying at the other one is given back to their home academy to be able to cheer on either the shipmen or the army nights ahead of the game. special honors given at the army navy game of course to those who have received the nation's highest metal. metal of honor. one of those recipients of the highest military award is now retired master sergeant lee rro it's fascinating when you look at the game from outside. it's the army navy game. the u.s. military academy at west point. seems as though the brotherhood
11:27 am
extends into the services. >> always been healthy competitiveness between us all. just talking with a few navy folks a minute ago. we were talking about -- they asked where i served. i said iraq and afghanistan. overseeing we're all one team and today suicide a little different. >> this is the one day we can separate and give each other a lot of hard times. >> a lot of bragging rights and so far i hate to break it to you, but navy had a lot of bragging rights. 14 years of bragging rights. >>ive haven't found one today that will take me up on the bet. i think it's our year. we're going to break the spell and be a good year for the army. >> navy is on third string quarterback. >> i'm co cowboys fan.
11:28 am
we're on second quarterback and he's doing good. >> 6-5, the army nights are. as we look at today and so special and fitting to have sort of this day to honor the army, the navy, the pamp, circumstances, the tradition. 364 days other than today in the year and so much attention has been paid through this election to are we recognizing and are we taking care of veterans in the way that she should. does this need to be more powerful platform day in and day out. >> i think so. just got back from overseas. about second week of november to remember what's going on overseas. we still have some wounded at walter reid that came in not too long ago. >> just had one pass away as well. it's easy to forget. you've got now an extra 200
11:29 am
soldiers heading into syria. troops heading in syria. in afghanistan and iraq as well. >> we have troops all over the world and right now it's we have a lot that are coming home and dealing with a lot of different issues. as far as outside sport. we have a lot of organizations supporting or veterans and stepping up to fill gaps possibly where needed. one that i particularly work with. >> warrior call you're involved in. >> operation warrior call. anybody can participate in. it's no more than picking up a phone and calling a service member or a veteran and seeing, checking on their welfare. catching up with them. that's the best way we can stop some of these suicide and find out the isolated people and find
11:30 am
out their issues we can help them with before they equity to the slippery slope. >> we have that number on the screen now for folks that want to get involved, want to help. or for that matter if you're at home and need help. e-mail on the screen as well. sergeant appreciate you being here. i've let everybody lead one chant. either go army or go navy. if you want to do it, i'll do it with you. >> go army, beat navy. there we go. molly. >> thank you. we are live at boston historic hall marketplace with thousands of holiday shoppers and we'll have more from here all hour long.
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hoping a change at the top of the party will help fix problems that cost them congress and the white house this year, but who will the new dnc chair be. cho joining us now, one of the candidates for the democratic chair position. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's kick things off with a reality check. democrats took a serious she lacking here in the last election cycle. looks like a pretty steep climb as well. why do you think you're the one who should lead the party going forward. >> listen, as the young person, if i'm elected chair, i'll probably be the youngest chair in the history of the party at 40 years old. i bring a different perspective. i'm able to be the bridge between washington, d.c. and what's going on in the neighbors on main street, in the grassroots. for a number of years,ive ran the wip operation for house of democrats.
11:36 am
every time we had a bill on the floor, i was the guy to get the 218 votes. then i went back home to south carolina to help rebuild our party so being a state party chair in a red state, i am firsthand perspective on all of the things we need to do in order to break out as a party in a region like the south. >> and jskand you bring up a go point. your youth, relative youth. one of the criticisms recently is loss generation of dems. there aren't a whole lot of people waiting in the wings. how do you draw in younger democrats and get them involved in politics particularly at local and state level where things may not, you may not get as much attention or see glamour as you might at the national level. >> at night we see the brightest scars. tough time to be a democratic, but there are a lot of great
11:37 am
talent on a national level. we're doing things in south carolina that i think we can replicate across the country in order to bring out that next bench of talent on the state level. we're training young people to be the next candidates. be the next county party chair. it's a really exciting time for us in south carolina. i think we can replicate that on a national level sg. >> how do you make change when so much of the old guard is still in place and house minority leader just re-elected. that sort of thing. how do you overcome old dogs or bring people around to this new generation you're hoping to see get involved. >> part of that is to transform the philosophy for the party. we have to stop being a party going around begging for votes every two or four years and become a party that is in the community. a party that is in the
11:38 am
neighborhoods working to help address the day-to-day issues that people are feeling. that's how you bring younger talent into the party. young people want to serve. they want to change things. we just can't do the same old things that we've done year after year after year. those are the types of things and types of new ideas and invasion i innovations i want to bring to democrats party. >> republicans will control more than 30. governor's mansion. they'll have control of legislative chambers in 25 different states. not the case for democrats. at that local level, how do you draw people in. >> first and foremost, we have to go back to howard dean model of 50 state strategy. when we had that strategy in 2006 and 2008, democrats had tremendous gain. we won the house. we won the senate. we won the white house. we controlled governorships and state houses. we want away from that after 2008. we got drunk off of the fact
11:39 am
that we had barack obama who was this greater than life charismatic figure and took our eye off the ball. what happened in state, we all just kind of fell apart. we have to go back to the foundation. we have to invest in state parties. that's the core of what i want to do as dnc chair. >> all right. jamie harrison, the chair of south carolina democratic party and also in the running for dnc chair as well, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. coming up, the game of course is on the football field here in baltimore. army/navy. if you look to the stands, there's a lot of glory there as there should be. we speak with one army sergeant whose division is being honored here at the army/navy game when we come back.
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welcome back to baltimore. game about 20 minutes away. pop and circumstances continues on the field. one thing that happened in the today's game that is unusual is honoring a specific unit, in this case, the army has chosen to recognize members of the 82nd airborne. and that has a story in the army's history. whether it be from normandy through the battle of the bulge and modern daytimes in iraq and afghanistan, members of the 82nd have answered the call so many times. here to talk about that a little bit and what this means, is sergeant eric. airborne ranger from the 82. >> thanks for having me.
11:45 am
>> navy has worn 14 years in a row. is this army's year? >> absolutely. the final score is going to be 82-0. obviously in honor of the. >> it's army win regardless of score. >> few things everybody in the army uniform agrees on so far, give us a sense of what it means at the army navy games for your division the 82nded to be honored in such a way. >> it's an incredible feeling. >> what did you do to earn it. >> the back speak for themgss. we have a history we are serving in 150 different countries. the facts speak for themselves. greatest division in the history of the earth. >> and when the commander of chief is called so many times
11:46 am
the 82nd has answered that call. it's fascinating because it's west point versus an app louse. sgll right now student athletes. about to be officers, but student athletes. once they graduate at west point, some in less than a year will be in the ranks and possibly overseas. let's not lose sight of what soldiers and future leaders do. >> we talk to general milly about just that issue. admiral richardson about the same thing. came to ship investment this concept that as these men who are on the field go out and join the army of join the fleet. it's tough. 15 years ago of war has taken its toll. from the soldier's perspective and you as first sergeant of your company looking out for 130
11:47 am
men, what do you need from the american people? what do you need from your government to do your job better? >> honestly, we're very humble. and we any sort of thankful, we accept with extreme gratitude. biggest thing i would say is say thank you. >> more weapons, better technology, what -- i mean, for the american people. we just want their support. we've gotten that. i've been in the army ten years now. it has been just a huge honor and very humbling to be a part of it and this great division. every day i wake up and i'm happy to go to work. >> appreciate you being here. >> i'm going give you one opportunity if you want to do a go army go nave have i you can. >> go army beat navy! >> thank you leland. it is a busy day.
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business is booming for one new england business up in maine. llb has been producing apparel since 1912. demand is so high this season that i got to take a trip up to maine to see how that american institution is keeping up with the orders. visit campuses and it's apparent
11:53 am
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president elect donald trump arriving at baltimore washington international airport a few minutes ago walking off his plane in route to mnt bank stadium for the army/navy football game. it's about a 20 minute drive, especially if the secret service is driving. just in time for kick off slated for 3:00 as the army golden knights have delivered the game ball here at the stadium and president elect trump will continue the tradition of commander in chiefs in the past where they watch the first half of the game on one sideline and then go to the other sideline on the other half to not show favoritism. it was pointed out to me not too
11:59 am
long ago for all the pomp and circumstance surrounding army/navy it was the air force that beat both the army and the navy. >> we shall see. it's a great day. grab some hot cocoa and get in out of the cold and watch the game. today is the day to do it. >> it is the day to do it indeed. the army black knights six and five. it doesn't matter what you're record is coming in, it is a one-game season for both of these teams. all that matters is here and of course army tries to break navy's 14-year winning streak. i don't know about you but i thought it very collegial of senator john mccain when he said after 14 years of navy winning we've got to give at least one to army. >> yeah. it was a great interview.
12:00 pm
glad we got him out. there are a lot of people out there pulling for army today. we'll see what happens. gorgeous day here. we've loved it. enjoyed hot cocoa and had a wonderful day. thanks for joining us from baltimore too. welcome to the journal editorial report. president elect donald trump continued with his roll out of domestic policy nominees this week selecting scott pruitt to run the environmental protection agency and the labor secretary. we begin with pruitt who has been a tough critic of obama. the reaction to pruitt was swi


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