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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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godspeed. thank you all. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and for all of you for watching, i'm paul gigot. hope to see you all here next week. the incoming trump administration continues to take shape and generate lots of buzz. welcome to "america's news headquarter's" live in new york. you're seeing the president-elect who continues to meet more folks this week to build up his administration and many spots remain open, including secretary of state. now, we've learned that mr. trump is meeting with ceo of exxonmobil rex tillerson today. plus, did the russians intervene with our election to make sure that donald trump would come out the winner?
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a new report from "the washington post" says the cia is reporting the russians were indeed involved. this news is getting lots of reaction from both campaigns and members of congress. we have fox team coverage at this hour. caroline is live from our washington newsroom with more on the fallout from these charges by the cia. but we begin with bryan llenas at the trump tower on the trump transition. bryan? >> reporter: president-elect trump tells our chris wallace that he's very close but has not yet settled on a decision on who will be ace secretary of state. the trump transition team says we won't expect an announcement until next week at the earliest. also, on top of that, the trump transition team confirms that trump met with exxonmobil's ceo, rex tillerson, today. that's the second meeting they have had. all eyes are on tillerson, thought to be under serious consideration for the secretary
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of state post. this is the second meeting the two men have had watt trump tower. he's been at exxonmobil since 12006. he has no diplomatic experience but he does offer to bring executive leadership experience to the role, if chosen. exxonmobil operates in more than 50 countries but that could raise red flags about conflicts of interest and tillerson has had extensive business dealings and is said to have a close relationship with vladimir putin. he was awarded the award of friendship by putin. senator john mccain, chairman of the senate committee on armed services, says he's concerned about tillerson's russia ties. >> you want to give the president of the united states the benefit of the doubt, but
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vladimir putin is a thug, a bully and a murderer and anybody else who describes him as anything else is lying. i don't know what mr. tillerson's relationship was with mr. putin, but i'll tell you, it's a matter of concern for me. >> rudy giuliani withdrew his name from consideration of the post. the likely secretary of state candidates continue to be former ambassador john bolton, rex tillerson, david petraeus, jon huntsman, and mitt romney. the cia is saying that russia intervened to help trump win the white house. intelligence agencies have identified people with ties to the russian government who helped hack the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign staff. president obama is ordering a full review into the cyberattacks as president-elect
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trump dismisses the report's validity. caroline is live with the latest. caroline? >> reporter: the trump team is really smacking this down and the intelligence committee along with it. the statement reads, "these are the same people who said sudan hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the most biggest electoral victories in history." "the new york times" says findings by the intelligence agencies that it was done to help mr. trump was based in part in the belief that the russians also hacked the republican national committee but never released those e-mails. the rnc strongly denies they were hacked. >> they were told very high up within "the new york times" that this was not true, that intelligence agencies that we
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are working with confirmed that we have not been hacked and yet they chose to ignore that because they wanted to write a story to fit another narrative. >> senator chuck schumer released this statement today. "that any country could be meddling in our elections could shake both political parties to their core. senate democrats will join an investigation and hearings to get to the bottom of this." outgoing senator minority leader harry reid wants director james comey to resign. uma? >> caroline, thank you very much. meanwhile, the speculation that rudy giuliani has taken himself off the list as secretary of state and other possible posts. that announcement coming as a surprise to many since it was no secret that mr. giuliani often spoke about how excited he was to be on the list of consideration. joining us now with reactions to
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this news and other issues, we welcome mike huckabee. great to have you. there is some speculation that both donald trump and giuliani are spinning the story to say that it was the former mayor's decision to bow out and he actually informed trump team on 29th that he no longer wanted to be considered for that role. that in reality, donald trump decided against him due to his foreign business ties and that alone would lead to a tough confirmation process. here's what giuliani had to say about those ties. let's listen in for just a moment. >> the mistakes that the media made is they thought i represented them. i didn't. i got an award for reducing crime for reducing it in brazil. that's the kind of work i do. i do crime reduction, terrorist
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reduction. >> governor, do you think he would have had a tough confirmation process if he had been chosen as secretary of state because of his foreign connections? >> oh, i'm sure he would have but not because there was anything wrong. it's because it's the nature of the game for the democrats to pick out three or four, maybe five or six people that they are going to go all out to try to embarrass, to try to point out some problems and just basically do what is now known as borking a candidate, back to robert borque's attempted nomination by ronald reagan back in the 1980s. yeah, i think it would have been a rough go but i ultimately believe rudy is telling what it was. he may have decided, i don't want to put myself and my family through all of that. i don't need it. so there's plenty of people that president trump will be able to pick from and rudy, i believe, will continue to be a close adviser to donald trump because
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they are very close friends. >> there's no doubt about it. as for the finalists at the moment for secretary of state, some are comparing this process to what folks have been calling a reality show, like the apprentice with trump as ceo. is this fair? >> one of the nicer things they've said about donald trump. but look at who he is picking. he's picking people who are extraordinarily successful in their various fields of work. i think what he's done has been masterful. he's brought a lot of people in, he's listened to them, interviewed them, sometimes it's a little bit maybe more public than people are used to but then again, everything about donald trump has been uncon fengs nal. why would we expect them to run a process of selecting people and very unique campaign that he's had. the one common denominator, because i hear people say, he's got all of these reach people
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and all of these folks. you know what the common denominator is, they are all successful. >> that's key. >> every one of them are successful. >> there's been pushback from folks who say they are only sticking with the generals and successful millionaires. here's what the president-elect had to say about this. let's listen to him for a moment. >> i want people to make a fortune because now they are negotiating with you. okay? it's no different than a great baseball player or a great golfer. we want the people that are going to bring -- and they are so proud to do it. these people have given up fortunes of income in order to make a dollar a year and they are so proud to do it and you watch what is going to happen. it's going to happen fast, too. >> so how do you react to all of this with folks stressing over the fact that there are accomplished people that have been chosen who haven't had lots of money? >> well, i guess we could have
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elected hillary and she would have picked a bunch of losers. if the worst thing you can say is that every one of them, in whatever field they entered, were unbelievably successful and rose to the top of their careers, isn't that what we would like to have on the team? he's looking for people who can put it in the third deck. he's looking for fielders who, you know, can always catch the fly ball and never miss the grounder. he's not looking for people who are going to bungle every play. i think that's kind of a smart way to be president. i'd like to think most americans would say, if we're going to be a winning country, we better put a winning team on the field. it looks like that is what donald trump is doing, putting a winning team on the field. >> most could argue because they've already made their fortunes, they don't have to try to win their fortunes, the
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lobbying that goes on where people profit from their positions after they leave their administrations. >> that's an important point you made. if all of these people had been born wealthy, only knew wealth, i'd say maybe that was problematic. but a lot of the people that donald trump has selected are people who were born poor, worked their way through school, worked their way up the ladder, in a career, from the bottom to the top and that shows the kind of, i think, stamina, the kind of successful just gut that they have. that's good. we ought to want to have people like that. one thing about it, they are not going to steal from the government because most have more money than the government has. >> that's true. >> and i think that's a plus for all of them. >> indeed. i want to turn now to the breaking news that the cia is concluding that russia intervened in our elections to help pavement way for a trump victory. president obama has ordered an investigation. it's a serious allegation.
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the trump camp is dismissing the report. your reaction? >> i'm concerned that the russians may have hacked e-mails, whether it's the democrats, the republicans or whoever it may be. but i don't think that it's fair to say that they were trying to see that donald trump was elected. i think that's nonsense. first of all, this is one more way in which democrats have come to the table to say, gee, the election wasn't fair, they didn't count the votes right. it was james comey's fault, the media's fault, it was fake news. can they just not suck it up and say, look, we had a terrible strategy. we had a deplorable -- to borrow the word from hillary -- basket of deplorables that people weren't buying because one thing those e-mails revealed was the contentious attitude that she and a lot of her campaign people had for the working class.
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let's get rid of the coal miners, let's go after the middle class voters. they are baskets of deplorables. they are irredeemable. they beat themselves and they can't accept it. >> governor, always good to see you. thank you for your insights. really appreciate it today. >> thank you, uma. great to be with you. well, one of the many positions still open with team trump is the secretary of veterans affairs. despite a host of documented problems at va hospital's across the country where there have been troubling concerns about the kind of care our veterans are receiving at those hospitals, robert mcdonnell is saying no va hospital is actually bad or failing. these remarks coming after a usa today report exposing an internal rating system that showed several clinics in texas and tennessee receiving low marks. joining us right now in our studios, tim murphy who is
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sponsoring a bipartisan mental health reform package to help millions of americans including our veterans and this package, i understand, is a go, and that you've passed this legislation, which is a big victory, to get help to lots of folks in the country as well as our vets. what do you make of those remarks from the va secretary saying that most the hospitals are doing just fine. >> we have to acknowledge the va has been troubled and we know there have been waiting lists, pretend waiting lists, they called them the near waiting list. there's been problems and people have had delays getting care. the issue is, despite the changes taking place, we have to go farther to make sure the va is taking care of them. i'm looking forward to a path to go forward. >> you are a navy psychologist and the only practicing
1:15 pm
psychologist in congress. the fact is, you know clearly what's at stake and you've dealt with ptsd issues and very serious concerns that our vets have to deal with. this particular legislation, talk to me for a moment about how it could address these concerns. >> there is a bill that passed in the house and senate and is headed to the president's desk is going to restructure how we deal with mental illness in america. there's 108 programs spread across eight departments, including the va and department of defense, to help mental health issues but there's not a smooth path for people who suffer from either general or severe mental illness. we're going to restructure that by having someone who works with the va, department of defense and be the right-hand person next to tom price, new hhs secretary. there will be a push for more psychologists and psychiatrists and social workers. there is a shortage. if a veteran has no one to serve
1:16 pm
with them, what are they going to do? people can link up on a tv screen and talk with them. there's more there to get hospital beds for emergencies. wide range of grant programs to help, whether it's police training or other training there, it really reforms the system in ways we haven't seen in decades. >> it's a bipartisan bill. you also have a new book you put out called overcoming passive aggression dealing with mental illness. we have it up there on our screen. we urge our viewers to take a look at it because it does give you very specific and direct examples of what is going on and what are the lessons you want people to take away from this? >> it's the way sometimes congress acts or families or businesses act, passive aggressive behavior is a way that we work towards each other or against each other. social media has given us that
1:17 pm
behavior where we tweet about people's postings and snide sarcastic comments, we make someone's life rougher. this is a way of helping, whether it's a marriage in trouble, a friendship in trouble, workplace, whatever that might be. i give people ideas about how to have more direct communication with one another. let's face it, that's a serious problem that our nation faces between individuals and it can be a cause between a lot of anxiety and worry and contempt between folks. so a counselor in maryland is one designed to help give people real concrete avenues on to change that. >> that sounds terrific. good luck with that. i want to ask you for your reaction on the current hacking scandal and the allegations that russia was directly involved with trying to skew the election to help bring about a trump victory. >> well, some facts we all know, russia, north korea, iran, whoever else, china can get
1:18 pm
their hands on our computers and hack into our system. whether or not that affected the election and what else is going on there, i think when mr. trump takes office, one thing he can do is the cia works for him, find out what is going on. as far as putting it out now is another wave of another story to discredit this election. i don't think this is the time to continue to go down that road. let's get moving forward and work in terms of getting our nation reorganized, our congress, our white house. there's a lot to do in this country and just continuing to tell the story about maybe the election wasn't quite right. >> the rnc is saying this is coming from folks who are really upset with the outcome of the election and that the evidence is still kind of shaky in terms of exactly who to pin the blame on specifically in the russian government, to say that this actually happened. >> and what their intent was, et cetera, in certain e-mails leaked. they weren't presenting a story.
1:19 pm
whoever this came from, wikileaks is the source of it and the fact is the election still stands and we've got to move forward and work to make our nation great again. >> it's going to be a new era in washington. i know you're looking forward to working with the new administration and playing to the republican congress, which is terrific. all the best to you. congratulations. >> great to be with you. >> thank you for being here in our studios today. well, at this hour, president-elect trump is attending the army/navy football game in baltimore. he plans to spend the first half of the game with a west point graduate and the second half with the navy academy grad. mr. trump is sitting down with our own chris wallace with an exclusive interview for "fox news sunday." >> let me ask you about rex tillerson. >> okay. >> head of exxonmobil. why does a business executive make sense as the chief diplomat? >> well, in his case, he's much more than a business executive.
1:20 pm
he's a world-class player. he's in charge of i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much double the size of his next serious competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed and, to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, massive -- for the company. not for himself but for the company. >> again, tillerson happens to be one of those finalists that he's keeping a close watch on before he makes the decision for secretary of state. you can watch more of that exclusive interview tomorrow on "fox news sunday" right here on the fox news channel. check your local listings for that. and we have another fox news alert for you. syrian government forces expected to take full control of the rebel-held city of aleppo very soon. how the u.s. is trying to save lives there, we'll have a live report.
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we are back with a fox weather alert. an arctic blast pushing through the country this weekend bringing colder than normal temperatures to much of the u.s. heavy snow already causing problems for the midwest. 80% of the country expected to see below freezing numbers over the next few days. people in perrysburg, new york, dealing with six inches of snow and more is on the way. grand rapids, michigan, getting two to three inches per hour. people could see as much as two feet accumulation in some spots. overseas now where isis is re-entering the historic city of
1:26 pm
pa palmyra in syria. they are seizing the military warehouse and oil fields. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry meeting with his european counterparts in paris to discuss a post-battle plan. the forces are on the verge of defeating u.s.-backed rebels in that city. standing by with the latest on this story is john huddy. >> reporter: 93% of aleppo is controlled now as it continues to gain ground in eastern aleppo where it's just an absolute bloodbath as we've seen over the last few weeks. secretary of state kerry was in paris where he met with arab and european foreign officials and diplomats to discuss, as you said, a post-battle plan for aleppo. secretary kerry says even bashar al assad's regime retakes
1:27 pm
aleppo, it will not be the end of the bloody and vicious civil war that's torn the country apart. this is as the humanitarian crisis continues in eastern aleppo with thousands of people trying to escape, as we've seen. russian officials say syria's military stopped its attacks on rebel positions, opposition fighters there today so that 20,000 people could leave the eastern part of the city and we've seen some footage released by russia's defense ministry of what is said to be the 20,000 people streaming out of the city. now let's turn to palmyra where isis militants have re-entered the ancient city after air strikes pushed them out nine months ago after several weeks of intense fighting. so if isis retakes the city, it will obviously be a major setback for syria's military.
1:28 pm
and one final note, having to do with syria, ash carter announced today that 200 additional u.s. special forces troops will be sent to syria to hook up with 300 troops already on the ground helping syrian and kurdish fighters fight begins isis and gear up for an assault on raqqah. that will be a major battle when it begins. >> absolutely. and it's also going to be a very sad situation if they are able to take palmyra because they've already destroyed so much of the ancient cities antiquities there. it's a very troubling situation indeed. >> absolutely. >> john, thank you for that update. now to another developing story in the middle east, twin blasts rocking turkey's capital leaving at least 20 people injured there. we're going to bring you the latest on that story. plus, back at home, ed rollins on the trump transition process. but first, here's the president-elect from a big rally in michigan last night saying
1:29 pm
thank you to voters. >> i am asking you to believe in yourself and i am asking you to believe, once again, in america. we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. ♪
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biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. welcome back, everybody. we have this fox news alert. about two explosions outside of a major soccer stadium in turkey injuring at least 20 officers in istanbul. it is believed that a car bomb targeted a bus. no one is claiming responsibility right now for this attack. we'll keep you posted. >> this is truly an exciting time to be alive and there's never been anything like what we've done. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page
1:34 pm
will read tomorrow. but for the first time in many, many years, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. >> that's president-elect trump speaking to reporters in michigan in one of the states that helped him win election night. that comes amid mixed reaction to the transition process and his picks. joining us now is ed rollins. welcome, sir, nice to have you into the studio. >> nice to be with you. >> let's talk about the process right now. you've watched and been part of other presidential transitions and as far as this one, how would you say it's going? >> there's always a little bit of push and shoving. the people who got you there and run the campaign play different roles and to a certain extent, people who work very hard, including giuliani and others, are not getting the jobs that they wanted. you look at gingrich and
1:35 pm
giuliani and even mike huckabee. these are people out there being surrogates and they are not being rewarded. i think at the end of the day, one of the things that a lot of people were happy that priebus was the chairman of the party came in because he knew the town and some of choices, i applaud, he's put strong people in there, particularly the military people. but this is a populist president. this is kind of a cabinet that some of these people could have been in george h.w. bush's. it doesn't mean that they are bad. if you're going to have the populist agenda and you're hiring the ceos, they understand it's a populist agenda got the head of manufacturing, dow chemical, which is worldwide and has moved lots of jobs out
1:36 pm
of here. >> that's a good point. >> and mobile exxon is a worldwide company. so the premise is to bring jobs here, put americans back to work. it has to play out and i think the critical thing for the president-elect is that he's got to be very forceful in making these people understand, putting in my cabinet, but this is my agenda and i want to move it forward. >> is there a lot of grumbling within the conservative ranks, people who worked on the campaign think we are rewarding the people -- >> there's a lot of grumbling that's starting and, again, it's early. but it's -- i hear it over and over again and to a certain extent, it's -- you know, ryan is obviously the speaker. he's not the president-elect. all of the discussion of romney being secretary of state has a lot of people very upset. obviously his niece being picked as chairman of the party by priebus as opposed to a certain
1:37 pm
extent has caused grumbling. >> and there's nothing wrong with her. she's a good person. if the president doesn't have his personal choice to go in there, let the committee as it has elected others but it's kind of priebus' choice and some who wanted that job, were capable to get him elected were sort of excluded because priebus said it's my turf, i'm going to put my own person in there. >> do you think this will calm down as we go forward with this process once he gets inaugurated? >> we'll see. the bottom line is people are policy over time and i think the concern here is you've got three or four very important cabinet posts that you've picked. they are all important but they will have real controversial fights to get them nominated and i think you're going to need everybody to go fight the war. you can't lose one of them at this point in time. and i think you've got to make sure when you've got 52 senators and sessions who obviously is
1:38 pm
going to be the attorney general is not going to be there for a period of time, so you have 51. all you need to do is have a defection of one or two. you cannot lose these cabinet posts otherwise it's a big, black eye. >> what about those who say you're building up a cabinet of millionaires and millionaire folks and that doesn't represent what -- in terms of the perception of populism? >> again, i have no objections to two marine generals he's put in his cabinet. they will do superb jobs. the two cabinet posts, homeland security, two outstanding individuals, i have no doubt they will do a fabulous job. but i think the billionaires getting into the cabinets, there's some question about that. again, if you're running as a traditional republican, if you're a romney or bush or rockefeller, this is the kind of cabinet you would pick. a populist change agent and may
1:39 pm
all be very qualified, it's just, are they going to understand the populist agenda, which is to create jobs in america and who is going to set the priorities? trump will hopefully set the priorities. >> any predictions, from your end, about secretary of state position as to who he is close to choosing at this point? >> i think the chairman of exxon is the person who has been picked at this point in time. at least they've had a couple of meetings. >> which is one personality here that came out of the blue. >> came out of the blue and certainly not someone you would expect. he's retiring as the chairman. there's no question, he's an extremely qualified man to run the company but i have concerns about his close relationship with putin. obviously, you've just awarded the friend of russia or as the president just said, president-elect just said, he knows everybody all over the world. well, the reality is other people know people around the world. the question is, what are you going to do?
1:40 pm
>> do you see a rocky confirmation process? >> yes. they talk about giuliani having conflicts. he ran around the world in law enforcement but this guy ran around the world putting in companies. >> yeah. >> and he'd be perfect for energy or something like that. you look back on the history of the secretary of state, this is a whole different game and, again, you've got a couple -- you always have a couple guys out of goldman sachs and a couple guys out of corporate industry. this would be more of a commerce job or energy job. >> right. >> not the secretary of state. >> well, we all know, trump's throwing the playbook out the window. he's sort of making it up as he goes. >> i think the reality is, he got elected and i helped him and i want him to do well and at the end of the day, i think he probably will do well. right now, there are a few things that he could do to alleviate this concern. you don't want to go into the administration with people
1:41 pm
unhappy. >> thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. in one state in louisiana, voters there are deciding the final three congressional seats in runoff elections today. the biggest implication is over a senate seat. a win for the gop candidate could help shore up his seat in the senate. will carr has more on this race. will? >> reporter: uma, president-elect trump has made it clear he wants to make a lot of changes come january. so to do that, he needs as many republicans in office to help advance his agenda. if john kennedy, the republican running for the u.s. senate in louisiana -- >> if he doesn't win, i've got myself a problem in washington because we have -- it's pretty close. it's pretty close. we need john in washington.
1:42 pm
not only for the vote. we need it for leadership and everybody else. but if you go there, we're going to win. >> kennedy, who supported trump in the general election, is serving his fifth term as the state treasurer there in louisiana and agrees with many of the issues that resonated with americans who voted for trump. his opponent, foster campbell, who has been a member of the louisiana public service commission since 2003, has put up a fight and has the backing of the state's democratic governor john bell edwards. >> i'm supporting foster campbell for u.s. senate because he'll stand with the president but has the courage to say no when he's wrong. >> it helps that trump won louisiana decisively back in november with 58% of the vote. uma? >> all right. will, thank you very much. well, honoring our american heroes this holiday season and how you can help.
1:43 pm
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well, volunteers across the country will be placing donated wreaths on the graves of hundreds of thousands of veterans one week from today. it's the annual tradition known as the national wreaths across america day that began in 1992. this is a volunteer with wreaths across america and joins us now to tell us more about the incredible effort to honor our nation's vets. and i want to talk to you about the fact that this is something so special and so important because, as i understand it, you're not there to decorate
1:48 pm
graves. you're basically there to remember not their deaths but their lives. that's basically the credo of what your organization stands for. >> yeah, absolutely. thank you so much for having me, uma. so we look at the national wreaths across america day on not a day where we focus on their deaths or how they died but as a celebration of life. the motto for wreaths across america is to remember, honor and teach and the teach portion is so important that we teach our young kids and our neighbors, people in our community what does service and sacrifice look like? and this is a small way that we are able to do that and to carry the message and teach people about what does service really look like and many gold star families at christmastime have said that christmas is a hard time for them because it never gets easy, whether it's your
1:49 pm
first year without your loved one or five, ten years, it certainly never gets easier. it's a small way that we can pay it forward to them. >> absolutely. i can't begin to imagine what it must be like for these amazing families to have to go through the holiday season knowing that their loved ones are not there but yet at the same time there is a community pulling for them and coming together in this very, very special way. this all began back in 1992 with a gentleman who was really inspired by arlington national cemetery and wanted to do something to give back in a very meaningful way. can you talk more about this? >> yeah. the founders of wreaths across america are such an inspiration. just like you said, this all started in 1992. and they had some extra wreaths one year and someone told mr.
1:50 pm
rooster, hey, why don't you take those extra wreaths to arlington national cemetery and he was like, okay, i didn't know you could do that. so they worked some channels and were able to do that and it really became a tradition for their business. they would take them to arlington cemetery. . they thought they looked so beautiful at arlington cemetery and it looked beautiful. in 2006, five years after 9/11, people were focusing on some of the casualties a bit more and they were taking it to heart in 2006, it really took off in a big way. . >> we are putting our information up for our viewers and it's a terrific way, comes
1:51 pm
from the heart to connect with these families in a very meaningful, special way. we're going to take a break and come back with much more after this. don't go away.
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harbor wednesday for a ceremony marking 75 years since that attack. now over in japan a bird park getting its penguins in the holiday spirit with these tiny costumes. this video with the penguins all dressed like santa. the staffer hurdling them around. this video now catching millions of views on facebook. absolutely adorable. that is going to be a wrap for me. i hope wherever you are you have a fantastic weekend. have a great day. higher risk oe due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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