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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 10, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hello everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new inside our america's election headquarters. >> i'm greg jarrett. topping the news this hour, president elect donald trump slamming a secret cia report about russian hacking during the run up to the election. the report finding moscow directly interfered. >> also ceo recollectix tillersg his case again to be the favorite for race. >> and isis showing its
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resiliency. as they fight back into the ancient syrian city of palmyra. >> starting here. president trump showing his support for the forces at the arm navy football game. commander in chief joining thousands of fans at the game. one of the oldest rivalries in college football. but major decisions remain, especially mr. trump's choice for secretary of state. he's again meeting with exxon chief executive rex tiller who is now emerging as the front runner to be in the next administration. in his interview chris wallace asking mr. trump about his rationale in considering the head of exxon? >> why does it makes sense as a
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business executive? >> in his case he's much more than a business executive. he's a world class player. he's been a company that's been unbelievable managed. and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players. and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. massive deals in -- for the company. not for himself. for the company. >> tell us more about what we're hearing about exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson. >> someone who's been ceo of exxon mobil since 2006. and as ceo he's had interaction between the company and world leaders and that is something that is a value to mr. trump. now, the thing is that the man
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up to be the nation's top diplomat has no diplomatic experience. but he does offer to bring executive leadership experience to the role if chosen. the company has made over $200 billion in profit under his leadership. the company has also gone through some tough times due to losing its aaa credit rating and falling oil prices. and he's never worked for a company outside of the exxon mobil. trump met with him today for the second time. the tu first met on tuesday and he's now emerged as a leading candidate for the position of secretary of state. as rudy giuliani withdrew his name from the list of consideration for the post, the list now includes allen malally, mitt romney, senator david petraeus. corker of the tennessee and the president tells our chris wallace he's very close to a
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decision but he's not yet reached it. and we could expect an announcement perhaps as early as next week. >> and there are built in concerns regarding mr. tillerson and his relationship with vladimir putin. tell us more about that. >> as we said the company has had deals with 50 countries plus as ceo of exxon mobil so there are naturally concerns about conflict of interest when it comes to business. especially when it comes to russia because mr. tillerson and exxon have had massive deals with russia and a close personal relationship with president vladimir putin. in 2013 he was awarded the order of friendship by putin. he and senator john mccain chairman of the senate committee on armed services says he's concerned about tillerson's russian ties. >> do you want to give the
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president of the united states the benefit of the doubt. but vladimir putin is a thug, a bully and a murderer. and anybody else who describes him as anything else is lying. i don't know what mr. tillerson's relationship was with vladimir putin but it is a big concern to me. >> thanks brian. and want to remind everybody to catch more of fox news sunday's exclusive interview with mr. trump. chris wallace sits down with the president elect to cover a wide variety of topics. that is happening tomorrow, exclusively on fox news sunday. be sure to check your local lists for time. >> that should be a good one. wow. want to see that. all right. the secret cia investigation find it is a russia did mettle in the presidential election. they have determined that people
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with connections to moscow hacked e-mails from both the dnc and the rnc. but only leaked the e-mails of the democrat side. caroline, it sounds like the trump team really isn't giving any credence to this report? >> none, greg. late last night saying these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of the mass destruction. it is now time to move ahead and make america great again. now law enforcement officials confirmed to fox news, they have evidence to suggest the republican national committee was indeed successfully breached. sources say numerous gop aligned officials were targeted and the evidence overwhelmingly points
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to hackers in line with russia. and signs have been pointing to the russians being behind this for quite some time but the alleged motivation is the big story here that they were doing this as the pro trump motive. >> president obama has called for full review of the hacks or alleged hacks and elections cybersecurity. with when are we going to see that because he leaves office about a month. >> and he's asking for that statement to come out before then. it is incredibly important. a top to bottom review is what he is asking for this year. he says he wants to take stock of u.s. cyber defensive capabilities and reduce threats for future elections. senator chuck schumer wants congressional hearings oob it as well. today he said, quote, that any country could be mettling in our
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elections would shake both political parties to their core. sources tell fox news that separate breeches on the state level in arizona and illinois can be tracked back to hackers with ties to the kremlin. >> caroline, thanks. >> you bet. >> and meanwhile, democrats and republicans keeping a watchful eye on louisiana. as voters head back to the ballot box today. casting their votes in three congressional runoff races. but it is the senate race both parties are following most closely. democrats are trying to turn the tide after a dismal showing last month. while republicans hope a win can bolster their edge in the senate. will carr is here, tell us how important is this senate runoff? >> well arthel, vice president
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elect mike pence summed it up this weekend by saying a win in louisiana this weekend would put an exclamation point at the end of a great american victory this year. and president trump is looking to the future if he wants to make the changes he's promised to so many, he needs as many republicans in office as possible. and if john kennedy selected the republicans have a narrow 52-48 majority next year. so trump stumped on friday urging voters to get to the polls today. >> electing john kennedy will help ensure the government stops listening to the special interests and starts delivering for national interests, for our country. for our people, the people that showed up to vote. the people that were forgotten people. you know what i'm talking about. >> kennedy who supported trump in the general election is serving his fifth term as
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louisiana's state treasurer and he agrees with many of the same issues that resonated with middle american whose voted for donald trump. and also helps arthel that donald trump won louisiana decisively with 58% of the vote. >> he did indeed. >>, will, what do we know about kennedy's opponent, foster campbell? >> he's been a pleb of the louisiana louisiana public service commission since 2003 and faust er campbell has really put up a fight in this election that's led to today. and backed by a number of democrats. take a listen to an ad that's been running on television in louisiana. >> i'm supporting foster campbell because he'll stand with the president when he's right for louisiana. but have the courage to say no when he's wrong. >> reporter: voters also casting
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ballots for two house seats as well. >> will carr. thank you. a fox news alert. it's fighters are back inside the historic syrian city of palmyra after a three day blitz. the reentry coming nearly a year after troops drove the militants out of the nearby isis stronghold. and in the meantime isis is fleeing the nearby city of aleppo. >> as isis miltn'ts once again storm a city in syria after being pushed out of that city nine months ago, defense secretary carter announced yesterday that additional troops will help. he made the announcement today in bahrain as part of his final middle east trip. the additional troops add to those already training, advising
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and equipping both syrian and kurdish forces fighting isis. and now gearing up to try to retake raqqah, isis's de facto capital in syria. as they do there are reports isis militants have e entered palmyra after a three-day assault, nine m the military pushed them out. this as the country ice vicious and bloody civil war continues, with thousands of people trying to escape the horror in eastern aleppo. russian's defense ministry released aerial footage of it says 20,000 people fleeing today. and military had to halt operations to allow the civilians to escape. >> translator: the militants will be pushed aawar oi
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eliminated. >> secretary kerry met with officials in paris to discuss the it foreign opposition leaders and in particular the withdrawal of opposition forces. >> russia and assad have a moment here where they are obviously in a dominate position. they have anability to be be able to show a little grace. >> secretary kerry said even if president bashar al assad's regime takes eastern aleppo it will still not end the horrific and vicious civil war. >> john huddy in the middle east. thanks. two massive explosions in turkey today. the blast going off a newly built soccer stadium in istanbul, just hours after a match there. at least one of those explosions is believed to be a car bomb. turkish officials saying one of them may have been a suicide bombing.
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security forces later detonating a separate suspicious package outside of the stadium. the target of the attack may have been a police bus. a cia report on the presidential election now prompting president obama to order a review in possible foreign meddling in past elections after the cia found russia was very much involved in the 2016 campaign. could foreign hackers really change the outcome of a u.s. election? and in the murder trial of dylann roof hearing his confession why he killed nine people in a church. >> i went to a church in charleston. and, you know, i did it.
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president obama ordering u.s. intelligence agencies to conduct a top-to-bottom review o of any attempt by foreign hackers to influence our elections going back over the past three election cycles. it comes as the cia issues a report confirming that moscow did meddle in the 2016 election, hacking both the dnc and the rnc but only leaking the e-mails of democrats. republicans downplaying the reports casting doubt on the cia's credibility. >> intelligence agencies we are working with confirmed we have not been hacked and yet they chose that ignore that because they wanted to write a story that fit a different narrative. how come the cia won't go on the record? >> joining us now is betsy
2:20 pm
woodruff. good to see you. the cia seems to be basing its conclusion in large part on a believe that the russians hacked into the rnc but the fbi investigated that very claim and they concluded if there was any attempt at all, it was unsuccessful. in other words it never happened. and that is what the rnc says. our systems show there was never a hack. so if that is true, doesn't it cast doubt on the cia's conclusion? a faulty premise can lead to a faulty conclusion. >> sure. and much of the information is going to be remaining classified. so it is going to be hard to get anyone to go on the record regarding these questionable intelligence issues. that said, it the does seem like the cia has a reason that they believe is serious to argue that russia would put their thumb on the scale in favor of trump.
2:21 pm
but at this point you're right. we don't know. and it is tough to pick out which specific agency could be correct. >> i it may be fair to question the reliability of the cia given the track record as president elect donald trump has pointed out. these are the same guy whose made the huge mistake about the wmds and so just because the cia says it doesn't make it so rights. >> if that is the case what trump is indicating with the statement he just put out is pretty explosive. he seems to be implying the cia, which is a major part of american intel gathering isn't a credible source. that is a pretty outstanding, extraordinary statement to make. it is possible it is true but that said it might even be the larger story here. that we no longer have a president who's confident in the cia.
2:22 pm
>> from what i understand in reports there are 17 intel agencies t. not all of them are on board with what the cia is saying. even within the intelligence community there appears to be disagreement. let me move on. president obama knew about the russiani russian hacking of the dnc months ago. but betsy, he didn't do anything about it. in fact representative adam schiff said "the administration has all the tools it needs to respond. they would the ability to impose sanctions. the ability to take clan destined means. the administration -- meaning president obama -- decided not to utilize them in any way that would deter the russians. and that's a problem." that a fair point from the a
2:23 pm
democrat. >> i think it is possible that president obama is assuming this is going to be president trump's decision. that, you know, trump has made clear over the course of his campaign and now over the course of his transition to the white house that he wants to take steps to significantly warm the united states relations to china, if obama during the lame duck period t lame duck section of his presidency were to all of a sudden start punishing individual russians. that would make it harder for there to be continuity between two administrations. >> but the question persists why now after months and months and months that president obama is now taking this action? and some critics are saying that this is simply an effort by the president to undermine the legitimacy of his successor, president elect trump. >> that said of course there are republicans in congress who are really supportive of president obama's decision to do this intel review. and it is if this had happened
2:24 pm
during the presidential campaign cycle, then folks would have said it was incredibly political and obama would have gotten the same criticism. so damned if you do or don't situation. and lindsay graham in the senate has gone basically the soim point congressman schiff has again. arguing that president obama needs to name and shame individual russian officials who are allegedly connected to this hack. >> betsy woodruff, good to see you. thanks. >> likewise. thank you. and meanwhile. president elect trump made national security a central issue in his campaign. chief correspondent reports on the problems facing trump when he takes office and what we know about his solutions. >> i'm very hopeful we can put this behind us and finally have somebody that can actually say the word islamic terrorism. >> i hope they can focus on doing what's right or not
2:25 pm
politically correct or politically advantageous to themselves. >> and sean manning and his wife live sixty miles outside of the seattle in washington. two bullets still lodged in his back and leg from ft. hood in texas. >> he kept shooting me. ended up shooting putting another five rounds into me. >> i still can't shake the phone call. the phone call was the hardest. >> reporter: married just six weeks before the attack they now sift through a mountain of paperwork. >> on two instances we were turned away because we were told the machine was broken down. >> then candidate trump promised major changes. >> how many veterans?
2:26 pm
the right to seek private medical care when they can't get proper service. >> my only fear would be if they switch to a privatize system is some of the care at the v.a. facilities could be degraded. i hope they focus niinitially o let's fix the problems we have. >> reporter: also promises to eliminate budget cuts known as the sequester. and maintenance crews taking extreme measures struck a cord. >> our young people, the greatest in the world. are flying planes, that when they need parts they go to a pla plane museum or an airplane graveyard because they don't even make the parts anymore. >> coupled with the v.a. frustrations it adds another layer of stress. >> i've had friends that have basically been given pink slips and they were close to
2:27 pm
retirement and it was quite a shock. >> the president elect's national security strategy is broad including both the defense and homeland security departments from the war fighter to the border agent as well as the intelligence professional who tracking the cyberthreat. the plan is ambitious and will likely challenge the order. >> this video calls on senior military leaders. >> to develop a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other forms of attack. >> you see a real up tick with cyberattacks? >> i do. it will be more disruptive attacks that dismantle the integrity of data. >> elevating the issue is the right thing but there will be resistance. >> there is too much of a turf war between the various government agencies that are responsible for dealing with cyberattacks in today's world. >> immigration is the final
2:28 pm
component. this week the house committee's republican chairman promised to draft legislation. >> we'll put in place a historic multi-layered defense system so drug cartels and terrorists don't slip through the cracks. >> the incoming president's first 100 days seem like a drop in the bucket for the mannings who are still waiting more than 2500 days for his injuries to be deemed combat related. getting the purple heart last your was progress. now they hope mr. trump will live up to his tweets. >> i remembered that tweet back in 2012. and that is exactly why i voted for him. >> it it is not a right or left thing. it should be an american thing. >> fox news. when we come back troubling statistics about the heroin epidimick as new report shows a increase in number of deaths. and use of opioids also on the rise. >> also the man accused of
2:29 pm
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♪ ♪ see ya next year.
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this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. form are north carolina senator kay hagen is reportedly in intensive care after falling seriously ill. the family has asked details remain private. dozens turning out for a prayer individualel and the march for the victims of the last week's deadly oakland california warehousefi fire. and the man who shot nfl star will smith, testified that
2:34 pm
will smith was drunk and irate following a car crash so he armed himself. he was shot once in the front and seven times in the back. for the first time there were more deaths related to heroin than gun homicides last year. gun homicides 12,979 as heroin abuse kaclaimed a staggering 12,989 lives. joining me to discuss this is dr. david somati. doctor, first here. we want to know why is this happening? are kids taking heroin for the first time, you know, getting it started because they are under peer pressure?
2:35 pm
or -- or are there gateway drugs that lead to heroin? >> arthel, this is a very serious epidemic and a major medical crisis. our country is going through a very very tough time. because as you mention those statistics are just incredible. the answer to your question is that you are preparing for this segment was very difficult for me. because you see beautiful girl, young men falling age of 14, 15, 20-year-olds falling into this mess. and partly because they are going to doctor, some sort of neck pain, back pain, or chronic issues as they get older and end one this precipitation, oxycodones etc. and prescription shows if you are been on these medications about two months about 30% of those people can get addicted to this. and it is a segue to more fentanyl which is heroin and it is extremely addictive. >> and you mentioned having
2:36 pm
these beautiful young girls. doesn't matter how you look on the outside. bottom line is we don't want our kids succumbing to the pressure of these horrible drugs. what are the signs to look for if you think your child might be on heroin? >> it starts off being totally different kind of behaviors. your children are not going to do well in school. they are going to be like socially not prepared. they are going to just act different and you need to pay attention to the signs and symptoms. there is no question there is also peer pressure and these kids nowadays are going through tremendous stress and pressure. once they get hooked on these medications they are in for life. because rehab is very difficult. and a lot of times they bounce back. you want to be very careful. let's talk about ipoiates. heroin, percocet, vicodins. and the sympathetnthetic forms. there are a lot of loopholes and comes in from other countries
2:37 pm
and it becomes devastating. what happens is we have natural opioid. so if you have a little pain the body can fight back. but these opioids are made for the high level of pain. and you are like great i feel so good. and you become addicted. your tolerance goes up and this behavior goes on. the message to a lot of people out there is don't touch it. don't go close to it. stay away. >> and that is a great message of course. but of course we have these kids that are already there. how do youish you say you are in for life. how do you waen off of it at least. >> the good news is the congress just approved about a billion dollars to invest in prevention and treatment. we need a lot of centers to be available. only 1 out of 10 people can actually get accesses to the
2:38 pm
centers. and need to close the loopholes and educate the doctors. that is the big thing. doctors give the precipitations out. a lot of us don't have enough training when it comes to these medications and finally get the narcan and anecdote throughout. nell naloxone. it could save lives. >> you can't shake the dictiaddn completely. it is always going to be that monkey on your back. but you can't. >> -- >> not the stigma. your body is always going to crave it but there is a way to tamp this down. >> the way to defeat it is first of all get rhode island of this sha -- get rid of this stigmrid of.
2:39 pm
>> the addiction is there. you have to be careful of it and you need support. >> get help. absolutely. >> dr. david samati. always a pleasure to see you. >> arctic blast this weekend hitting many areas and bringing their first snows of the season. and jurors hear the chilling confession from the accused charleston church shooter. our legal panel is here. the latest on the trial of dylann roof.
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jurors viewing a chilling videotaped confession in the trial of the accused charleston shooter dylann roof. roof faces 33 federal charges of murder and hate crimes. the shooting death of nine black parishioners at a historic church. telling police at the rampage after he was captured the next day. >> -- did you shoot them is this. >> yeah i shot them. >> what kind of gun did you use? >> a glock 45. >> all right. all right. was that -- was that your gun or? >> yeah it was -- joining me now is defense attorney and former prosecutor. and david bruno, former prosecutor, trial attorney. so robert, first of all he's
2:45 pm
laughing during the confession. and second of all when asked about the motive he lays it out. racial hatred. question: do you consider yourself to be a white supremacist? i do. we're superior. >> his lawyers have no outs here. there is really nothing they are going to be able to illicit through testimony of any witness that's going refute what he said. i killed these people and i did it because of the racial hatred. and right then and there if the jury follows the law he should be convicted and then subsequently receive the death penalty. >> wrote something on the internet. you have got to do something about -- these are his words. about black people raping young
2:46 pm
people and raping white women. >> and i was thinking. like, i don't know this is -- i don't want to say spur of the momentum. but i just finally decided i had to do it. >> prosecutors really don't have to do anything. he lays out a hate crime murder. >> the fact of the matter is there are going to be two phases of the trial. first is the guilty phase. and as we hear we admits it. there is no zmut. in fact the lawyer in the opening statement say they weren't going to call any witnesses and they weren't going to provide any evidence. essentially this is a death penalty case and the most important phase is the death case. and while that statement proves he did it. it is also going dehumanize him. and defenses went the to humanize so even when they are
2:47 pm
asked are you going kill him? they say no. >> you can't make it anymore more abundantly clear than this. >> it's extremely difficult the job of the defense attorney in cases like this. everyone at home is sitting there saying this guy is so guilty. why doesn't he just agree to plead guilty with -- >> they said no write a way. >> they did the right thing. no one wants to see the families go through the trial but you don't give the farm away in cases that call for the death penalty. and they believe this case calls for it. >> do you believe this is very much and i agree with you like the boston bombing case. explain. >> they are both federal cases that is the start. in fact here in south carolina they have a state court case going on as well. >> that will be next. >> first in history, two death penalty case, one in federal court and one in state court. >> the similarity is that it was a slam dunk in the guilt faze in
2:48 pm
the boston bomber case and he ended up with the death penalty in the second part the penalty phase. >> they didn't challenge the guilt phase either in the boston bombing. and like i said while it is not being challenged they are thinking about the penalty phase throughout the first phase, the guilt phase. >> so you have to weigh aggravating factors versus mitigating factors. here the aggravating factors. multiple killing, substantial planning and premeditation, and hack. heinous atrocious and cruel. and that's got to outweigh any mitigating factor. and then what could there be? >> the only his age. and a young kid. >> what about this? sort of intellectual incapacity? you hear him in the confession and he's very slow whited and
2:49 pm
unsure of himself. seems like there was something mentally wrong with him. and yet he was determined to be competent. >> could be. and what's interesting about the case as well is roof plans to represent himself at the penalty phase. >> he may change his mind. >> he brought the attorneys back for the guilt phase only said to the judge i'm going represent myself at the sentencing. so what is he going to provide. >> he's going to get up there and make it ten times worse. and i agree with the fact that even if he was examined, competency, versus -- two different things. whether he continues enough with his lawyers for them to spell it out? i doubt it. base on what we've seen to date. coming up lawmakers sign bill at the 11th hour to avoid a senate shut down but some democrats put up a fight. why they threatened to derail the deal. plus this. ♪
2:50 pm
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stopgap spending bill. lawmakers getting a deal done with less than an hour to spare before the shutdown deadline. this after some senate democrats from coal states had vowed to block legislation over benefits for minors. garrett kenny has the latest from washington. >> reporter: once again we were an hour away from a government shutdown this. time it was senate democrats from coal producing states who were threatening the block the spending measure over health benefits for retired coal miners. west virginia senator joe mansion led the effort to expand benefits for more than 16,000 retired miners and their widows that were set to expire at the end of the year. he and others were pushing for the coal miners' benefits to be extended an additional year. late last night, though, it became clear they did not have the votes to do that. >> our nengs was never ever to shut this place down.
2:55 pm
our intention was to get the attention so they would make the necessary corrections. >> reporter: in addition to the massive spending bill congress passed a wide ranging water bill that provides $10 billion for water projects across the country including relief for drought stricken california and funds to address the water crisis in flint michigan where last year the city's drinking water became toxic with kapgs contamination from lead from aging pipes. congress is on vacation until january 3rd. when they get back, the affo affordable care act and confirming trump cabinet nominations. a pearl harbor survive on flight home from hawaii gets special in-flight entertainment. ♪ a serenade and a hula dance from
2:56 pm
a flight answeredant who happens to be the reigning mrs. hawaii. she said the veteran seemed a bit upset so she asked members of a well-known hawaiian band who were on board the flight would help cheer him up. the veteran says it was the best part of his trip. >> a very nice gesture. >> so nice of them. a ledding contenter for secretary of state? could the ceo of exxon mobile become our country's next top diplomat? new details on that story in just a few minutes. >> he is definitely a highly qualified individual and someone who made a huge impression on mr. trump. but where that horse race is only president-elect trump --
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
a fox news alert. we are hearing from president-elect donald trump as he a absolutes the armed forces at the army/navy football. as the incoming commander in chief watches, there is word that one contender for secretary of state has moved to the top of the list. hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm greg garrett. >> i'm arthel neville. mr. trump taking part in the the rich tradition of the army/navy game as he prepares for the white house. but a huge opening remains in the cabinet. now the question about who will be america's next top diplomat
3:01 pm
may be answered soon. we have fox team coverage starting with leland have ittard. he is live from mtnt bank stadium in baltimore, site of the army/navy game. leland, what is the latest in the secretary of state position these days? >> arthel, nice to see you. game still going on. as it stand right now, the name that is thrown about the most is rex tillerson, ceo of exxon mobile. controversial in some ways. he met with mr. trump this morning for a second time at trump tower before mr. trump came here to the game. following traditions of nine presidents who have visited the annapolis west point end of the season showdown take place here in baltimore. army corps cadets, the mid shipmen here. mr. trump wanted to talk a a number things, none of them politics. >> why did you decide to attend
3:02 pm
this particular game. >> today? >> yes. >> the spirit is incredible. love the armed forces. i don't know if it's the best football, but boy do they have spirit. more than anybody, it's beautiful. assume you are neutral. >> totally neutral. that's right. totally neutral. >> garrett? >> we have had a lot of stars in our booth, peyton manning, joe namath. you are brave to come in here. >> they are stars, and they are great people. they are friends of mine and they are great people. >> mr. trump may be the only person who attends the army/navy football game arthel who can actually say he is neutral. >> leland, i notice your nose is quite red, which tells me it's quite cold there. i want to know, did the fans come out and support the big game? was it a packed stadium? >> reporter: packed to the gills. and the most popular guy there was the fellow walking around yelling "bailey's and hot chocolate".
3:03 pm
very cold but that doesn't dampen the spirit here. these are tough and hardy people. you talk to the fans who they themselves went to annapolis and west point. you say man, this is cold. and they say this is nothing, but no one is shooting at us. they are having treats. a man who said he was in the battle of the bulge in 1944 said the only good news they had gotten for a week was that army won the game. he is more than happy to be here in the cold. we'll see if army can be the upset. >> let me get that order again, bailey's and what? >> coffee. >> bailey's and hot coco. >> leland have ittard, thanks for the tip. >> i'll bring one home for you. >> good. as leland reported,
3:04 pm
president-elect trump has more than the army/navy game on his mind right now. he is preparing to take the reigns of power, of course. he still has to make his decision for secretary of state. right now it appears that exxon's ceo rex tillerson has the inside track. the head of one of the biggest companies in the world said fess shooting to the top of the short list. brian yennis is outside the trump tower in new york city. why is mr. trump considering the chairman and ceo of exxon mobile for secretary of state? >> the fact is rex tillerson has emernged as a leading candidate to be skam despite the fact he has zero foreign policy experience. nothing is known about his foreign policy viewpoints. the two met for the second time today. the bottom line, trump appreciates a businessman, and
3:05 pm
freeshts the art of the deal. as a ceo of exxon mobile mr. tillerson has been in charge of the world's largest oil and gas company that has dealings in 50 countries. in an interview with chris wallace that airs tomorrow on fox news sunday mr. trump says it's tilerson's interactions with world leaders thattan abls him to be a candidate for secretary of state. listen. >> why does a business executive make sense as the chief diplomat? >> in his case he is much more than a business executive. he is a world-class player. he's in charge of i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much double the size of his next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed. and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players. and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia.
3:06 pm
massive deals -- for the company. not for himself, but for the company. >> tillerson does offer to bring executive leadership to the role if chosen. the company has made over $200 billion in profit under his leadership. exxon mobile has also gone through tough times, losing it is aaa credit rating due to falling oil prices. this is a 64-year-old who never worked for anyone other than exxonmobil. after rudy jilliany withdraw his desire for the post -- the field seems to be narrowing. >> are there concerns about tillerson's ties with russia. in fact, vladimir putin gave him a pretty big award. >> exactly right. tillerson, as ceo of exxonmobil has had billions of dollars of
3:07 pm
dealings with r stayed-owned companies and has a very personal relationship with vladimir putin. in 2013, he was awarded the order of friendship by mr. putin. and tillerson also opposed u.s. sanctions against russia after they invaded crimea. senator john mccain, chairman of the senate committee of armed services says he is kirned about tillerson's russia ties. listen. >> you want to give the president of the united states the benefit of the doubt. but vladimir putin is a thug, a bully and a murderer. and everybody else who describes him as anything else is lying. i don't know what mr. tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin was, but i'll tell you, it is a matter of concern to me. >> reporter: the democratic national committee, the dnc, has released a statement saying that if mr. tillerson is chosen it is yet another victory for vladimir putin, who interfered in our election to help elect trump. that's a quote from them. >> brian yennis, brian, thanks very much.
3:08 pm
a pretty big day tomorrow. the man of the moment, president-elect donald trump will be sitting down with chris wallace on fox news sunday in his first sunday show interview since the election. check your listings to find it on your local fox station or tune in to fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be airing it as well. should be a good one. >> that will be a good one, for sure. meanwhile a new intelligence report from the cia confirms that russia did interfere with the presidential election. both democrat and republican organizations were hacked by people with known ties to russia. but only e-mails relating to health care and the dnc were linked to wikileaks. the trump doesn't buy it. we go live to washington for more details. how did the hackers get in. >> a number of republicans were targeted the way the democrats were, largely by way offishing
3:09 pm
attacks. they have evidence to suggest that the hnc it self was indeed successfully breached. today on fox a rnc spokesman adamantly denied the systems had been hacked. signs have been pointing to the russians for some point. but the key this time was the motivation, that to a it was a pro-trump move. trump's camp releasing this to about the intelligence report. these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. it's time to move on and make america great. one of mr. trump's former rivals says the clinton campaign shouldn't blame a foreign country. >> those e-mails revealed was the contemp use attitude that she and a lot of her campaign had for the working class. let's get rid of the coal miners, go after the middle class voters, they are baskets of deplorables, they are
3:10 pm
irredeemible. that's why they lost. it wasn't russia that beat them. they beat themselves and they can't accept it. >> the evidence overwhelmingly points to hackers aligned with russia for the multiple breaches. >> president obama is now calling for a full review of election cyber security. how far back will that investigation go, do we know. >> reporter: at least until 2008, there is evidence the campaigns were hacked that year as well. senator chuck schumer says he wants to hold congressional hearings on this. today he said that country could be meddling in our elections should shake the political parties to our core. they will join to demand a congressional investigation and hearings to get to the bottom of this. the white house says it wants to reduce threats for future collections. >> caroline shavely, thanks. a runoff election for a u.s. senate seat is underway right now in louisiana. president-elect donald trump held a rally in that state
3:11 pm
yesterday urging voters to help john kennedy defeat campbell. will carr joins with us the latest. >> reporter: as it stands now, the the senate is closed. that's why today's runoff is important enough for president-elect trump to take time away from picking cabinet positions to stump for the republican candidate, john kennedy, on friday in louisiana. if kennedy, who has been leading in the polls, is elected, republicans will have a narrow 52-48 senate majority next year. on friday, trump said he needs kennedy to help with his agenda including repealing obama care and building a wall along the border. >> balanced 16 budgets, returned millions of dollars to taxpayers. he is a tax cutter. he will be a true fighter for louisiana and washington, he will be a fighter for you.
3:12 pm
so important. >> kennedy, who supported trump in the general election is serving his fifth term as louisiana state treasure. mike pence said a runoff within in louisiana will put an exclamation point at the end of a great american victory this year. his opponent, foster campbell, has put up a fight though, he has been a member of the louisiana public service commission since 2003. he has the backing of big name democrats. he has raised money. listen to this add with the democratic governor, john bel edwards. >> i'm supporting foster campbell for u.s. senate because he will stand for the u.s. president when he is right for louisiana but have the courage to say no when he's wrong. >> polls close at 8:00 p.m. in louisiana. will carr in los angeles, thanks. nine months after the group was removed by syrian and russia
3:13 pm
forces they are seizing the military houses and oil fields. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his european and arab counter-parts in paris to discuss a post battle plan for the city of aleppo, this as syrian forces are on the verge of defeating u.s.-backed rebels in that city. john huddy is at our middle east bureau with the latest. >> reporter: militants once 'em again stormed a city in syria after being pushed out of that city nine months ago. ash carter announced today, an additional 200 u.s. troops will join 300 special operations troops already on the ground in syria helping in the fight against isis. ash carter made the announcement today in bahrain. the additional troops will add to those already training, advising and equipping both syrian and kurdish forces fighting isis and now gearing up
3:14 pm
to retake raqqah, isis de facto capital in syria. as they do, there are reports isis militants re-entered palm iry after a three day assault nine months after syria's forces pushed them out backed by russian air strikes. this as the civil war continues along with the humanitarian crisis with thousands of people trying to escape the horror in eastern aleppo. russia's defense ministry released air video of what it says is 20,000 people trying to flee aleppo today. syria's military halted operations to allow people to escape. >> after civilians leave the eastern part of the city, the syrian army will continue. the militants will be pushed away or eliminated. >> secretary of state john kerry met with arab and european foreign officials in paris to discuss the crisis with syrian opposition leaders. and in particular the withdrawal of opposition forces.
3:15 pm
>> russia and assad have a moment here where they are obviously in a dominant position. they have an ability to be able to show a little grace. >> syria's military says that it controls 93% of eastern aleppo at this point. and secretary kerry added that even if syrian president barbal ar al assad's regime retakes aleppo it will not end the syrian civil war. >> greg, did you hear what i heard? >> yes, army just broke navy's long winning streak. 21-17. >> so there you go. it must have beenly lard have ittard's stand willing all day long braving the elements. he brought them good luck, i guess. he was the game changer. we can think that at least. >> congrats army, way to go. >> congratulations. growing challenges for our armed forces. what military experts and veterans say about our ability to beat the threats from overseas in the next decade.
3:16 pm
plus a corporate ceo as a possible secretary of state? that zpobl other trump cabinet picks raising some eyebrows.
3:17 pm
3:18 pm
3:19 pm
3:20 pm
and as president-elect donald trump fills out his cabinet some of his choices are raising eyebrows. some pundits say picks like global warming skeptic scott pruett for epa and fast-food exec andy putser for secretary of labor seem at odds with the departments or agency they are supposed to run. on the hill, mark plotkin writes, quote, president-elect donald trump's choices for his cabinet and other important positions can be summed up with one word, bizarre. they have views and have made statements that challenge the very essence of the department they have been selected to lead. let's talk about this with jeff mason, the white house correspondent for reuter's. jeff, i want to get to this talk about rex tillerson, ceo of
3:21 pm
exxonmobil, has close business relationship with vladimir putin of russia. does the putin connection raise any red flags there on dc? have you heard anything? if so, in what regards would this be concerning? >> definitely it's raising eyebrows in dc for sure. my indocks is filled with statements from people, environmentalists in particular who are concerned about his background at exxon. on the putin subject in particular this comes just a day after the white house said president obama ordered an investigation or report into rest's hacking of the 2016 election. so really 24 hours or so after that to have these news reports that tillerson, who is somebody who has a close relationship with putin, would be the nation's top diplomat, that has definitely raised some eyebrows, both among democrats and among republicans. >> none of this has been confirmed yet. just talk. but let's try this on for a
3:22 pm
second if you would with me, jeff. >> sure. >> you have mr. tillerson taking meetings at trump tower. all eyes are trained on that palace, mr. trump's palace here in new york. it automatically builds name recognition for mr. tillerson, right. >> absolutely. >> so check it out. even if mr. tillerson is not under serious consideration for the position of secretary of state, might donald trump be mr. trump, president-elect donald trump be sort of giving him -- doing him a favor, a branding favor? that's who he is the king of. suddenly we are all talking about tillerson, rec tillerson. could this be part of a show? >> it's sort of been a show the last few weeks because of the nature of where president-elect trump has been doing his cabinet making decisions. the fact that people walk through that lobby, the press are there and able to watch that. sure, on some level it is a
3:23 pm
branding exercise for the people walking through. but it's also the reality of how this president-elect has conducted his search for cabinet members. it's been in a way quite transparent. the press has been able to watch who is coming in and out of that building and who is going up and down that elevator. so, yeah, i mean, it's put attention on those people. but it's also really kept the public in that way rather informed about who he is considering for the top jobs. >> we are up on the screen i'm going to ask them to put it back up there again. we have a shot of president-elect trump's choices so far. to name a few, treasury secretary steve men uchen. jeff sessions, wilbur ross, department of health and human services, dr. tom price. also congressman, dr. ben carson, et cetera. as the president-elect's choices line up, jeff, what does it signal in terms of tone and type
3:24 pm
on tap for the trump administration? >> it has certainly signalled that he wants a very conservative cabinet. and there are some question marks about that. donald trump was not a traditional republican. he was a former democrat and admitted that he had given nun to both democrats and republicans throughout his business career. so there are some questions about what type of political bent he would put or impose on his cabinet. so far it's been very conservative. and also unconventional. he has chosen people with little government experience. he has chosen people who as you sort of quoted with the hill article that you read earlier have sometimes been at odds with the mission of the agencies that they will be expected to oversee if they are confirmed. >> okay. i had another question for you but i'm told i have got to go. so jeff i will catch you next time. >> sounds good. >> thank you so much. tuck about must-see tv. president-elect donald trump choosing fox news sunday for his first sunday show interview since the election. so be sure to watch chris
3:25 pm
wallace in this exclusive sit-down with our next president. check your local listings to find it on your fox station, or tune in to fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. and again at 10:00 ti every parent hopes their child will be better off than they were. but a bleak new report finding that many 30-somethings are failing to break that barrier. is the american dream dead? plus this. >> e my gosh. whoa! >> oh, wow. did you see that coming. >> looks horrible. >> all right. dangerously cold weather reeking havoc across the pacific northwest. that is just one example. >> i heard a cracking noise, and then i saw the power lines all visibly wiggle. all of a sudden it started
3:26 pm
cracking and the rest of the tree came down.
3:27 pm
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bottom of the hour. time now for top of the news. funeral arrangements being announced for john glenn. former astronaut and american hero will line reposed at ohio's capitol building next fry before a memorial service at ohio state university on saturday. kay hagan hospitalized. according to her brother she is in intensive care. no details on what ales here. a massive storm gripping portland, oregon. incredible pictures coming in. look at that oops. the house -- i hope nobody was inside. as freezing rain knocks down trees and power lines. the icy conditions following heavy snowfall yesterday. >> i hope their insurance covers that. shut don averted.
3:31 pm
late last night the senate passed a stopgap bill to allow the government to function for another four months. garrett kenny has more. >> reporter: once again, we were an hour away from a government shutdown. and this time it was senate democrats from coal producing states who were threatening to block the spending measure over health benefits for retired coal miners. west virginia senator joe mansion led the effort to extend health benefits for more than 16,000 retired miners and their widows that were set to expire at the ends of the year. mansion and others were push forth the coal miners benefits to be extended an additional year. late last night it became clear they did not have the votes to do that and the spending bill ultimately passed 63-36. >> our intention was never ever to shut the place down. our intention was to make the extension to make the necessary corrections. that's what we've been working
3:32 pm
for. the house for some reason felt they worked too long since we've been off 100 days already this year. >> reporter: in addition to the spending bill the congress passed a water spending bill, providing $10 billion for water projects across the country, including funds for drought stricken california and flint michigan. with those pieces of legislation taken care of congress is now on break until january 3rd. as soon as they get back some of the first items the up are beginning the process of repealing and replacing the affordable care act. and confirming president-elect trump's new cabinet. arthel? >> garrett kenny, thank you. all right, there is a new report out, pretty discouraging news for young adults in the workplace. researchers finding roughly half of 30-year-olds are making less than their parents did at the samage n. 1970, 92% of americans were better off than their parents. now it's just 51%.
3:33 pm
what is going on. we have the managing partner at chapwood investments with us. great to see you. >> what's the deal here? >> it's simple equilibrium. you look at supply and demand and you have a lot of people looking for fewer jobs. now the question, why are there fewer jobs? because it isn't as though -- we talk about minls being lazy and living in their parents' basement. most of them don't want to be that way but at the same time they can't find jobs and they don't want to necessarily pick up and leave the rust belt and move to texas or other places to find jobs. how do we get those jobs back? we have to create a better business environment. we hear this all the time. when you have higher taxes and costs. if i am a business owner which i am and i can get better profits going outside the u.s. you know what, i report to my shareholders. >> you have a duty to do that. >> exactly. if i don't find the best way to
3:34 pm
make the best profit for my shareholders or my investors they are going to get rid of me. >> donald trump has a solution for all of this. he says we are going to lower the corporate tax rate, which is among the high nest the world. the effective corporate tax rate is 39.1%. he wants to drop it all the way down to 15%. >> uh-huh. >> and get rid of the onerous regulations that are costing companies so much. if you do that, what effect does that have? >> you are going to have a multiplier effect that is going to be fantastic. you are going to have more consumption, you are going to have more people having more money in their pockets, including the corporations that can use that money to expands. that's what this country needs. we have had eight years of a negative business rhetoric and regulations that have made it so that a lot of these 30-year-olds can't find jobs because the companies are leaving. yes, there have been technological advances. we know there is a recent study that said there are some technological advances that made
3:35 pm
it so these jobs have gone away. when that happens, it might take a while but eventually we will see jobs come in in a multiplier effect. >> when technology advances workers must adapt, right. >> of course, right. >> i will cite as an example pits pi. when the steel era ended they lost 150,000 jobs. what do they do? just sit there and watch television? no. the city retrained their workers for high-tech jobs. then they attracted all of these high-tech companies. they brought in 1600 high-tech firms. and now pittsburgh is like the greatest place. it's got a unemployment that is below the national average by 2%. >> pittsburgh, you know, along with carnegie mellon, which is an amazing university, it's a think tank that creates these new opportunities. but it is a spirit. what happened also over the last eight years -- you can tell i haven't been a big fan of the last eight years but we have had lots of government programs that have made it easier for people
3:36 pm
to not go out and get trained and retrained. so you take pittsburgh as a model. that's what the whole country should be looking at, a very positive tooutd attitude towards the future. >> what about unions. >> unions to me, i can't -- i'm very anti-union. >> why? >> when you hear the word union think of the word inflation because they cost a lot of money. and any time you are doing anything with a union, you are going to find that you could have done that a lot cheaper if you hadn't had some sort of union involved with it. >> which is why jobs flee to mexico and elsewhere? >> mexico, china, colombia. i mean, in eastern europe. and that's why business owners will do that, because they are rewarded for doing so and that's what they are paid to do. once we change the tax policy here and some other anti-business regulations and reduce some of those -- not all of them -- but that's how we are going to get those 30-year-olds making a lot more money. >> ed, good to see you. thanks for your insights. the incoming trump administration facing many military challenges, among them a technology gap.
3:37 pm
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prosecution resting in the will smith shooting death case. cardell haze who is charged with second-degree murder of the former new orleans saints star telling the jury today he fired only after smith grabbed a gun following a traffic accident in new orleans last april. prosecutors say the evidence does not support hayes' claim. military veterans and experts testifying before the senate armed services committee on how the u.s. should deal with new challenges in the next decade. among those giving testimony, fox news military analyst general jack keane, who warned about a technology gap facing our military.
3:42 pm
>> as a round is about to hit the vehicle you actually have a kill system on the vehicle that kills the round before it hits. brilliant technology. where do we get all of that from? private sector. technology is proven, and the united states military ground forces still haven't put it on anything. >> joining me now to discuss this is captain ben collins a green beret. captain, i'm happy to have you with us here this evening. if you could, thank you, first of all explain or address how quickly could the military implement changes to close the gap that general keen addressed. and what technology resources would be considered priority? >> well, arthel, thank you for having me. and by the way, congratulations to the army team for beating navy for the first time in 14 years. >> absolutely. >> yeah.
3:43 pm
sorry, lucas tomlinson. but no pun intended or actually pun intended, this is going to be like turning a battleship in a bathtub. because i think the primary problem here is the bureaucratic stag nation that has occurred within the point is massive. you know, just to understand, we still spend pretty much dollar for dollar the same amount on defense as we did 30 years ago yet we are fielding 35% less combat troops, we've got 50% we've got 60% less combat aircraft. so the boocratic more as has just taken over. you know? so if the intent is there and we can streamline, number one, reduce all the waste -- we just saw that report with all the waste that's occurring it could occur quickly with the acquisition side. as the senate stated it's there. the commercial market lays has it. we're just doing a bad job in the military.
3:44 pm
>> how do you think this will play with the pick for defense secretary. >> i think general maddis spent time in afghanistan and spent time in iraq. he certainly understands the problems that the acquisition side has in terms of being that very slow-moving problem that we have. look, the marine corps is one of the hardest hit. so he understands. i mean, right now one third, you know, one third of our combat troops have been deemed pretty much uneffective for ready for combat. that's a huge number. he has seen that up close. he understands that. you know, number one, technology is very important. you know, number two, the soldiers and the moralee and i think general mattis will have the ability but they are going to have to make humongous changes. i'm not going to lie. has to be massive changes in the pentagon to accommodate it. >> you are talking about increasing moralee of our troops. foreign to make sure they are equipped emotionally as well as
3:45 pm
with the technology. general keen saying there is a huge gap. we have been talking about that and how important that is. how will this aid, if we were to upgrade the technology for the military, how will this aid and cyber war against russia and china? >> look, we have bar none hands down the most effective offensive cyber capability. you know, number two, you know, it's the way that our strategic i'd say conflicting countries or enemies, the way that they have evolved their technology. for instance china has built you know a very long-range shore to ship cruise missile. so we can have the best, you know, aircraft carriers, you know in the world or the most highly technological ships there are but if they can't actually get to where it needs to go because a missile can hit it before it gets within range of our own aircraft that's a problem. but i will say that i think one of the key things we have to identify -- one of the reasons
3:46 pm
moralee is so low, look, arthel we have no idea what we have been doing the last eight years, the last ten, 12 years. i think the moralitye will go up as soon as we have adults inside saying here's what the plan is going forward and this is what the end state should be. clarity of mission and i think the moralee will go up. that has to happen before we start figuring out what technology gaps we have. >> captain collins, before we go, had those improved systems been in place before november 8th, would russia have been able to tamper with the election as reported by the cia? >> unfortunately i don't know much about the cyber -- because i certainly haven't seen anything. and i actually advocate. look, i think it's huge problem i think right now that we have that the cia and some of our other intelligence organizations
3:47 pm
are effectively getting -- their veracity is being called into question in the public domain. i understand it would take a lot but to me the delegitimatization of those organization is kind of scary. we have the capability. the technology exists. the question is do we have the twoil use night the technology exists? >> that's what general keen said they are missing, there is a technology gap. >> the technology exists within the commercial space. so the gap is the defense department actually changing their acquisition and their procurement bureaucratic nightmare to bring that technology that exists in the commercial marketplace and bring it into the u.s. defense. but yes it exists. like he discussed, you know, the armor plating, you know, some of the stealth technology that's being used in chinese and russian aircraft. it exists out there. the defense department just does a really bad job of getting
3:48 pm
ahold of it because we've got so many bureaucratic layers. but, yes, the technology exists, just we haven't brought it into our own military yet. >> thanks for clarifying that, captain ben collins we will see you next time. thank you. >> thank you. it is an iconic product from you an iconic brand. but fur hoping to score some ll bean duck boots, that's right, you better hope santa acts really fast or you are going object out of luck. we'll explain. i love duck boots. i have got a pair. they are great. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem.
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thousands of santas are packing the streets of new york city for the annual santa con. it has grown substantially since it first came to new york in 1958. and 50 bars signed on to entertain the rowdy revellers.
3:53 pm
last year they raised 100,000 donateed to various charities. >> i think i saw billy bob out there. >> and if you hope to find a pair of ll bean boots under the tree. the demand for ll bean to the wear is higher than ever. >> visit college or high school campus and an american classic is back public in style. >> it seems to have fashion catch over the last few years. >> the ironic ll bean boot made in the usan is the must have footwear this holiday season. >> made by hand one hair at a time. >> the company has been making more of them. many, many more. >> we used to only do 350 pair
3:54 pm
a week. and now, we're doing 2000 a day. we are riding a fantastic wave of demand. ten upon years ago it was hundred thousand bots and this year just over 600,000 and in 2018 a million bots a year. >> they are opening up new factory space and hiring new workers. and the race to fill the christmas rush is on. >> it is the size 13 and all of the kids want them. they are practical and look good and she's dying for a pair. >> some are back ordered but the best are working six days a week to it turn out the coveted made in the usa boots. >> nice. >> i have a pair of those.
3:55 pm
they are good as new and never cracked. >> dependable. >> best bots i ever had. >> penguins live in the frozen tundra. they don't need them. check out the adorable critters. they wear santa suits. that's how they get in the holiday spirit. we'll tell you where it is. >> that is. that's when we come back. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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brighter denture every day.
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>> you are going to love this. in japan getting the penguins in costumes. all of them are dressed like santa claus. you can see a staffer herding them around with the cape can and bells. >> listen to the bells. you kind of hear it? >> one of them tries to make a run for it and gets caught. the video is catching millions of vowses on facebook. >> and one more reminder, president donald trump sitting down with chris wallace.
4:00 pm
first interview on the show since the election. check out your local listings. it has been fun. >> and heading off to julie banderas. absolutely. president-elect donald trump may be closer to filling a major piece of his cabinet puzzle. secretary of state. this is the fox report. president-elect trump met again with exxon mobile chief rex tillerson this morning. tillerson is a emerged as a front runner to run the state department. all of that in the background since army faces off with navy. first time in years army won. mr. trump is believed to be very first president-elect to attend the match


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