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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  December 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sparking charges of cyber bullies. >> you spoke this morning on the contract of the air force one. >> well, the plane is totally out of control.
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it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program, and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> trump has mastered making dramatic announcements. last week it was a deal to save 1,000 jobs out in indiana. today he tweeted the threat to cancel the deal. >> i have to tell you that if this were a come crate, people would be screaming. >> is the belt way offended? state news sees the center stage as they question some tweets and his son that was dropped from the transition team. an armed man and then at the center of a conspiracy center. >> the terrified moment and a man with an ar 15 opening fire after police say that he showed
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up after reading a fake news story around the election. >> fake news is not on the verge of getting someone killed. that's what almost happened in washington at a pizza restaurant. >> what is fake news and who passes it? >> fake news is whatever people living in the liberal determine to be believed by the right. >> so how dangerous is that and is there any way to stop them. >> plus s there a bias to the left? it's own internal watchdog cries foul. this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ here is what is fascinating about the washington scoop and the obama administration of course said that the russians hacked into if rnc as well as the dnc and held back the matter
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of dispute. they waited to go approximate public during the campaign and thought it was up late and then the bipartisan of the hill and then the senator majority leader raised the doubts and said that he would do the russians and often the case there's some things in what the cia found. the trump campaign sent a statement. these are the same people that said that sudan had weapons of mass destruction. juning us now for the cover can rage of the breaking story and the trump transition, erin political common at a or the and amy home and ruth marcus editor at the washington post. now, the story was leak into the washington post and some had it and if this is so important, why not go public rather than using
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the sources? >> well, obviously it was leaked because the administration officials did not want to be big targets and the kind of criticism that james did in october when he resurfaced the investigation. >> so they were hiding behind the protect themselves from criticism? >> absolutely. >> i'm shocked about that. >> let's play the interview with donald trump that aired this morning. >> so why would the cia put out a story that the russian wanted you to -- >> i'm not sure that they put it out. i think the democrats are putting it out and that's the greatest defeats if the history of politics in the country. >> so it's a part sons. >> was it the cia or disgruntle
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people that did not like the election. they have to investigate what happened here and that's the national security and has to do of course with the electoral process and because it's washington and immediately it becomes partisan. >> now, they say that it's the deal and the management now and then the bush and so should the press be skeptical about the cia findings that are not 100 percent solid? >> well, everybody should be skeptical. the president-elect is correct about the folks that brought you wmd are the folks that brought us a lot of intelligence and that's prevented a lot of terrorists attacks in the future. i mean yes, wonder how he know. they failed to do that and then about wmd. i'm disturbed about the president-elect kind of of
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reaction and these are the people. i don't trust them. i'm not hearing anything interesting and has to go to the daily brief asking he has to work with them and it really would represent to a lot of the people are incredibly hardworking people and professionals and not people that are out to get donald trump. >> sure. but they also sometimes get things wrong. it's tough. >> you can't -- i don't think that the president-elect should say what is the basis for believing that. he should just not assume that it's a fact guy in new jersey. >> in a related story amy, news organizations is expected to pay the secretary of the state exxon mobile and who is friendly with putin for two decades and then the parts around the world. the media reaction is what? a business man with no experience? >> yeah, a business man that just became the president of the united states for the experience. i know that i read one analysis
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that really struck me and that's all of this pile on throughout the entire process of president-elect and picking the cabinet thmembers. the media is using up all of the ammo now and we see the reports and they do not trust the media and it's a constant garage of donald trump and seem bias throughout the election ocess. >> yeah, but the focus on having dealings with russia. well, the ceo he had dealings all around the world and that's one of the reasons that president-elect donald trump is thinking of choosing him. >> well, alarms and exxon chief could empower putin. accord to go the services and the way that they're thinking. seems like again the political battle lines are being drawn in the media accounts. >> well, i think that i saw a statement from them to this
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effect. you clearly see the right divisions but right right divisions and understandably so. i am not taking anything away from donald trump's victory. but these reports that strike me as credible and though as you point out should be questioned and that's about the russia interference and then putin at the very least deserve questioning and scrutiny. that's the confirmations here and if there are republicans senators and good for them for doing the con vising jobs. >> yeah. >> people in washington just don't have a familiarity and that's going to be interesting once we finally see him. >> yeah, it's funny because we knew rudy that was clear for some time and then romney and why was romney considered. it's not a household name.
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let's go to trump's tweets that's going to take an hour and a half. one of them got a lot of attention and then the fallout from the carriers and information deal and then the jobs that would otherwise go to mexico and the tax breaks:there was some criticism from the local steal workers chuck jones in indiana who first told the washington post trump was i guess lying his ass off. >> those folks had to say that i'm e keeping the job only to find out no, there's 550 being laid off. that was not mentioned by anybody. trump did not answer any of them and never mentioned about 550 and moving them out of mexico. >> so trump jones has done a terrible job and one of the companies and that lead to one
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that said trump as cyber bullying in chief twitter attack on the union straws and fired. >> yeah, he is a private citizen and the point is that they're going after -- >> he is not entirely and second of all, i understand the criticism of trump singling people out and he was responding to guys that called him a liar. >> well, they're criticizing each other and have a right to free speech so have at it. chuck jones is not a private citizen. she a labor union organizer. he was elect and made the remarks in a public forum. trump's tweet elevated the issue and elevated the position and he wrote it for the washington post. i understand why have the attention of the president of the united states could be intimidating on twitter when there are twitter follower coming up with vicious attacks. >> yeah i think the jones tweet was provocative.
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when you have the bully pulpit and a huge twitter acoucount, that's a big set of ammunition. i'm not as troubled with the use in this situation, but there's a young woman that spoke up at a trump rally and questioning him pretty strongly, but not in aapop ritly. he went after her and produced threats and death threats and also he needs to be careful about that now that he is in the bully pulpit. >> yeah, the media and there's a big spoonful when it comes to this and when president obama in 2012 is running against mitt, the campaign singled out private donors and eight of them for the public disparagement and accusing him. you did not hear the media saying that president obama is the bully in chief. >> yeah, the president is just not accustomed to the finding
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and we saw this all during the campaign and seeing this again. just briefly they say this is trump as the performance artist. >> yeah, you know i do think that this is going look a lot different once donald trump is sworn in as president. we did hear from kellyanne and trump's tweets are between him and the secrete service. this is going to look a lot person. >> donald trump is person of the year. let's put this up. the headlines say that he is in charge of the divided states of america. let's look at the last two covers before this honor was destoued. it was the orange face and then met down and i guess the news took a little bit of a different turn for the time magazine editors. okay. let us know what you think. questions and kbhepts about the media. ahead chris wallace with the coverage.
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inside of the fake internet news story that led a gunman to to open fire at a pizza shot. how a theory spread and was held from trump's national security adviser. >> nbc lester holt prompted by an online theory that they were conducting a sex slave operation and nsnbc said so general flint truly does not feel guilty tonight and men and woman and children of washington almost got killed. that was wrong. it was not the national incoming
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adviser but his son. they updated the information and did not issue any kind of traction and saying that we got this wrong and we're sorry about this. >> yeah, in a story about fake news and putting out fake news. this seems to be the current name that was elevated by hillary clinton when she was giving a speech about it in washington dc. i would submit that fake news has been submitted by humans as long as we're living in groups. in 2008 when hillary clinton operative very well known told me that video was going to be coming out asthma shell obama using a term to describe white people and wanting me to put that out into the media atmosphere. i did not take it and fake news has been with us all of the time. >> there's fake news and gossip that's trying to get out there. now fake news has a business model and people are making money from it and fake news has
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what they get the information and not expose today other pieces of information. just one data point on mike flynn, the general. he did tweet out a fake news story on a different child sex ring than the one that hillary clinton was involved in. >> yeah, hillary clinton did give a speech on the senate floor and did not say that's why he lost. at the same time a lot of the focus is on stories that help trump. this is a big problem and people make money off of it on facebook in particular. >> yeah, to that point and your point ruth, we did see after the election that donations to nonprofits that focus on journalism has increased and it maybe that there needs to be another foundation that investigating fake news so we can get between the two. >> yeah, it's not investigating but what giants are
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going to do about it. let me close out by talking about "celebrity apprentice". man, the media went crazy about it. >> yeah, they wondered if it's going to influence the coverage of him in some way. with what we're seeing is that it's a royalty for donald trump in some way. >> a lot of this is that the media was not understanding what the title means. that's not an editing suite and it's collecting royalties. >> trump tweeted that he is going to be spend zero time on this. he owns a part of the franchise and tweeted this. reports that i'm working on the apprentice part time is untrue. fake news is the title of that.
8:20 am
i don't know why he blamed them. i guess that he was watching cnn. >> this is a trend that i'm watching and that's the con nation of news that you don't like and news reports that might be inaccurate with deliberately fake news. there's a difference. we're a floud business and sometimes we get it wrong, but we don't deliberately get it wrong. those that are doing the fake news get it wrong for the financial reasons and then for him and others to be comparing us is unhealthy for democracy. >> that's an important point to close on because there are a lot of flaws in the main stream media and biassed distortion and getting aroundment that's in a different level than people that basically do this and the only thing that's wrong and thanks. great to see you. ahead newt gingrich on the coverage and how the president should beat the press. first, chris wallace on the
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my colleague chris wallace secured the trump interview on sunday flying around in a plane and i sat down with him moments ago. chris wallace, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> donald trump was dismissive on that russia tried to help him. you did not get a clear answer when working with cthe cia afte being so add missive. >> well, he is going to have to rely on the people and he had two answers i'm going to have my people in charge and not his people. he thinks a lot of this as partisan. i thought it was fascinating when i asked him of the daily brief. it's called that because you can get it everyday.
8:25 am
i said why aren't you getting it everyday. he said that you i don't want to hear the same thing over and over again. >> that's an interesting answer. >> you asked about labor and being opposed to what the agencies have been doing for the last eight years. when you suggest that he is trying to take a wrecking ball, he would not imbrace that or take the bait. >> no, that was a bit of bait that i threw out there. interestingly what he is saying is that this is not just a wholesa wholesa wholesale chain but a course direction. he said at one point if there's something that's still going to block it if it's going to hurt the environment. we don't want all of these regulations and all of this red tape that keeps us going for tiniers and we end up disapproving it any ways. i want to speed up the process. >> yeah, now you have interviewed them a number of times during the long campaign.
8:26 am
did you find him to be different and caution than the donald trump that we saw in the campaign? >> no, i thought he was donald trump. the thing that impressed me was that he is always comfortable in his own skin and now he is comfortable in the president-elect. there's no sense at all that he has any doubts about the ability to do the job. even when we were at the army and navy game. i pointed out to him that these are young men and woman that you could be sending into war. he said i don't want to do that. that's not not what it was about. i'm ready and pe parepared to be commander in chief. >> very compelling interview. >> thank you. >> you can see the whole interview at 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern. it's worth a look. the really really fake news but up next newt gingrich on why donald trump should get his m s
8:27 am
message out. 1ke
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1ke. as the covers of the trump transition turn critical, i sat down with one of his advisers and author of the new novel treegs about the plot. >> welcome. >> good to be with you. >> they seem stunned that he is tweeting about the boeing contract and jobs going to mexico and cyber bullying for tweeting of a local steelworker union o official that took him over the carrier deal. don't the media have a point that they're picking too many fights publicly? >> well, i think so but it seems to work for him. he is such a unique character that it's a little hard to second guess him because it just continuing to evolve in ways that you cannot quit imagine. >> i hear you saying that i would not do it but. >> i would probably not do it because i'm more timid than him.
8:31 am
i'm not the showman that he is. he has something going with about 50 or 55 percent of the american people that is really working. they feel like they know him. they like him. it gives them something to talk about. >> gives the media something to talk about. >> he understands the reagan rule that if you don't give the media ar rabbit to chase, they'e going make one. if you want to look at a steelworker guy, why not. they need something else. part of trump's theory of life is if you can eat up enough days on his return, it's called winning. >> interesting. i think that the other 45 percent will see if he can win them over. you said the other day that new york times is fake news. even if in your view the times are bias and get things wrong, how is it fair to equate it with
8:32 am
the websites that just make up the bs? >> well, i think if you look back to the trump campaign and the clinton campaign to use your language and not mine, they had a fair amount of bs and also. >> anyone that you want to point in particularly? >> well, the best example is the woman that had the entire article and said that they got -- they took what was a totally positive pro trump and was a nice man and gentlemen. i enjoyed the date and turned it into trump hitting on her inappropriately. she held the press conference and said that it's crazy. >> new york times also revealed that hillary clinton had a private server and donald trump gave the paper the first interview so he may have said that it's not totally fake. >> the new york time at one time
8:33 am
was the greatest newspaper in the world. it's remarkable. there's messages like that, and the fact is that some on the floor the best times reporter are the best reporters in the country. the underline i is that as a time reporter is that copy editors never change and never leave. >> now, you have the idea that president trump does not need to allow some major news organization to have seats in the white house press room and does not need to deal with the media all that much. i know that he has his own meg phone, but isn't that giving up the giant one? >> well. >> i wonder if you need to have the first two rows and i think that it's unhealthy and my
8:34 am
experience of people that i talked to is that sitting and knowing that you're highly paid and skilled person that's picked because you're really smart and sit around all day in a cage and people go sour just from the experience then they get to feel like they're precious. what i'm trying to think is that if you did not have the current system and you were trying to invent the best way for the american people to learn about what the president is doing and what is president wants to do, how would you invent it zm what would it be like? well, it might be for example that i think that there are very substantial numbers. >> we know that you're not a big fan of main stream media. it sounds like to some people that you're going to take the
8:35 am
revenge or marginalize them. >> yeah, let me be quiet clear. when you're told that amng the political donations in the news media, it was 96 for hillary clinton and 46 for trump. >> well, most are not political reporters. >> but they're in a news room. go out and look at the editorial endorsements. take whatever indicator that you want to take. look at the reporters that are shattered on election night. martha getting emotional. >> most of us did our job. let me ask you this because we're short on time. donald trump met with al gore and they treated as opposed to get v giving him credit for the other side. >> i think that he is just somewhere and i would love to have heard him explain science.
8:36 am
>> you will notice that they moved him so deeply that he was very cautious in who he picked to be the head of the epa and then the head of oklahoma that was made. >> the new book is treason. i wonder if you stay up at night worries of a terrorists attack on washington. >> i do. >> thank you. >> it's good to be here. . i don't like fake news from either side. coming up dan abram is on social media and in the wake of a gunman being arrested that was the target of conspiracy theory. why are people saying that the president-elect is is hiring too many generals. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift? x marks the box! too many generals. with your purchase of $999 or more. helzberg diamonds.
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in the wake of the story that's being dubbed the pizza gait and keeping sex slaves in a tunnel. they served out people that say that they spread out stories on such sites as facebook. >> this is the biggest election clicker. fbi expected and found dead in an aparent murder suicide. >> it's the killing and police say that brown was a highly rmted agent and very well like
8:41 am
in the community. is notify that true? >> not a single thing. totally fiction. >> how hard is it to stop the poplar but false stories? i spoke to a chief legal affairs anchor for news. >> when i talk of fake news i think of the bogus and bs and i get some people pushing back and it's like new york times and cbs run fake news too. >> yeah, there's really not a comparison and i know that people want to make the comparison and then the people that are angry at places like the new york times and then you can understand why they get angry. it's not the same as the fake news that we're talking act. what we're talking about when i say fake news and what i mean is someone that's literally writing something and knowing that it's false or clearly should know that it's 100 percent nonsense with nothing to back it up. i have seen stuff on the
8:42 am
internet and show up really high on google search and suggesting definitively that hillary clinton lost the poplar vote. it's just not true. it's not a matter of opinion. that's a fake story that someone is trying to peddle in an effort to try to make a point. >> yes, it can be and to make some money because it can be lucrative. >> the new york times with a guy that says that he reads fake news for entertainment. each one has the goons and there's no way to know what is true and so we will stick to the guns and own ed. do you think that a lot of people feel that way and it's i tied to being looked down? >> yeah, that's a real problem and if we throw up the arms and say none of it is true and we can not rely on any of this and then the main stream is not telling this and then we have nothing. we have nothing to use and when
8:43 am
they're true or not true. i hope for someone and people that take what the media does seriously even if they do not like it, will not just say whatever and none of it is true, but say you know what, i'm going evaluating what is true and not true. it's going matter if it's not true. meaning if my friends on social media are sending out things that are clearly false, i'm going to call them out on it. i'm not going to just laugh it off. it matters. it's a big deal. social media has fundment mamen changed the way that we consume news. >> yeah, some ways healthy and other ways not. a lot of attention in the north carolina man brought a weapon into a local pizza place here in washington and common ping-pong and fired off a couple of rounds and said that he was responding to the that were circulating and really hot and the place was a center for child
8:44 am
sex trafficking ring. will the shock over that help to change the debate or not really? >> i don't know. look first let's call it what it is. it's not just conspiracy but totally nonsense, right. it's 100 percent false. i think that it's important that we say that because some people will say you have not proved or disproven it. imagine if i say that i have a cure in two days and what evidence do you have? i mean disprove it. it's not way that we can function. >> what are the people that said that is michael flynn jr. and the son of the incoming white house that wrote after the incident and the pizzeria until pizza gate given to be false, it will remain a story. >> right because people like him are continuing to peddle it. i mean when you think about how crazy that is that every time
8:45 am
someone makes an assertion that's not true, that the only way to get rid of it is to disprove it opposed to making the person that's making the allegation actually back it up with some evidence is a bazaar world. >> so if millions of people are willing to retweet or repost this stuff, how can places like facebook and twitter and other social media places stop it like if they crack down, they're going to be accused of bias and center ship? >> well they have to figure out something with the algorithms and not to reward it. that's a real danger there. i think that people that are share things that end you up specifically aligning individuals, are going get sued. we're going see more lawsuit that is people that are sharing false information about other people are going to end up getting sued. when that starts to happen, i think that's going to be a bigger wake up call for a lot of
8:46 am
people. let's say that it was not about hillary clinton involved in a child sex ring but someone else that's not running for president and saying wait a second. i'm not going to go after the approxima person that wrote it. bill jones that has a lot of facebook or twitter follower shared it. i'm going to go after bill jones for sharing it because he should have known that it's not true. he did not do any reasonable investigation. that stuff is going to start to come back to haupt people the way that it haunts media organizations that gets things wrong. >> dan abrams. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> just checked twitter and this topic is on fire. why a military take over of the trump administration and then the espn and political bias.
8:47 am
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8:50 am
donald trump naming retired gem generals. "the washington post" is worried that policy, quote, may be shaped disproportionately by military commanders. "the new york times" says that quote runs counter to the credo of civilian control of the military. joining us is jillian turner, a fox news contributor who worked on national security under president obama and bush. these are generals who are, after all retired. >> there's definitely a culture clash, but in this case my bottom line up front is i don't think there's too many generals.
8:51 am
there's no way to figure out whether one, two, three, four generals in a cabinet inclines any administration towards being very militant, but i think it's also important to have this national dialogue, so i do think the media's contribution here is to encourage people to think about that military/civilian concept. >> interesting, but i think it's fair to question why a donald trump drawn to these generals as he clearly is. he certainly has more of an aversion to military intervention around the globe. but this whole threaten it's -- threatens civilian control of the military is overblown to me but what's behind the drum beat. >> there is what of a culture crash built into the situation but in it was of the generals here, having worked with generals, among generals, with former generals who are in policy positions over the last
8:52 am
ten years, there's some really big misconceptions here. one of them being that generals are by nature going to be hawkish and want -- kind of advocate for kinetic operations around the world. >> more trigger happy. >> exactly. i actually think the reverse is true and i can make that argument this these people have seen firsthand and know intimately the costs involved in military action and as a result are going to be more reticent about using military force or human people around -- >> they've been alongside people who have died for this country. >> exactly. >> when you talk about the three we're talking about now and there might be one or two more, mad dog mattis, michael flynn, and john kelly. i don't think the immediate yar being a little overheated. is it unfair to these three -- it's fine to criticize but is it unfair to these three former generals? >> i don't know that it's unfair. i think it's the media's job at
8:53 am
large here to hammer on the drum beat about are these good appointments in general? are they the right people for the job. >> they should focus more on the individual qualifications of these people rather than the fact that they have tremendous military service in their backgrounds. >> you think the media are sparking a useful debate but at the same time are they playing a little bit into military stereotypes? >> yeah, absolutely. and that's what we need to dismantle. the reality is that all these gentlemen have just as much political acumen, diplomatic experience, and interagency experience with the government as they do military. >> or they wouldn't get to be four stars. thank you very much for joining us. still to come, an msnbc anchor makes up stuff about fox news and espn a called out for liberal bias.
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msnbc anchor stephanie rule is making stuff up by donald trump and about fox. this is what is he -- she said about the new hotel. >> the robinsnc is having their christmas party there. fox news had their party there. >> we haven't had our christmas party yet. it will be at another hotel. >> i am truly, truly sorry. the mistake entirely my fault. >> now, espn's ratings have plunged by 9 million subscribers in 3 years and this may be part of the problem. an increasingly liberal bias. that is the conclusion of its own public editor jim brady, former "washington post" executive who says many staffers share that view. he quoted one as saying, if you're a republican or conservative, you feel the need to talk in whispers. there's even a fear of putting fox news on a tv in the office. some examples, espn awarded
8:58 am
caitlyn jenner the arthur ashe courage award even though she hasn't been a pro athlete for decades. mike ditka was drop from sunday night football after saying he preferred donald trump. >> espn said diversity and inclusion are core to the network. when they pick up and move an event because of statements by a potential president candidate, it's hard to see how it can be read by anyone as anything other than a political statement. the president told brady we don't think tolerance is the domain of a particular philosophy. there was also the treatment of curt schilling after he jumped into the transgender bathroom controversy with a facebook posting that many found offensive. >> you heard by now that curt
8:59 am
schilling is out by espn . a lot of folks are asking why now and why with this latest transgressi transgression? >> he was fired from posting an image of an overweight man and a wig and women's closing with the kag caption let him in. brady said maple leaf espn employees i talked to said the company's politics have become a little too obvious. sports and politics have become intertwined, but espn is trying to appeal to all fans, liberal and conservative, and on that score it seems to be striking out. that's it for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. we appreciate you watching. check out our facebook page. give us a like. we post a lot ever originf orig content there. i'll try to respond. let's continue the conversation on twitter @howardkurtz and
9:00 am
we'll keep the dialogue going. we're back here next sunday as we are every sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. and we begin with a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump giving his first sunday big-time news program interview since his election and he sat down with us exclusively on fox news. he was interviewed on chris wallace on a wide range of issues from the disturbing allegations the russians hacked our election to supposedly try to help him as well as his views on the reported new top contender for the job of secretary of state, that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news hour. >> hello, everyone. mr. trump praising mr. tillerson's years of experience


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