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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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on twitter @howardkurtz and we'll keep the dialogue going. we're back here next sunday as we are every sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. and we begin with a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump giving his first sunday big-time news program interview since his election and he sat down with us exclusively on fox news. he was interviewed on chris wallace on a wide range of issues from the disturbing allegations the russians hacked our election to supposedly try to help him as well as his views on the reported new top contender for the job of secretary of state, that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news hour. >> hello, everyone. mr. trump praising mr. tillerson's years of experience on the global stage as a
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negotiator for the oil giant, but tillerson's deep ties to russian president vladimir putin are raising serious concerns for a possible confirmation process in the senate. still, the president-elect keeping his cards close to the vest on just who will become america's top diplomat. >> have you settled on a secretary of state? >> i'm getting very close. i'm getting very, very close. >> do you know who it's going to be? >> i just have -- i have someone in mind that i think will be really fabulous. i think we're going to have one of the great cabinets ever put together. >> all right. let's go to brian now outside live there in front of trump tower and here in new york city with the latest. so everyone is asking, brian, why is rex tillerson now the leading candidate to be secretary of state? >> reporter: good afternoon, arthel. if you listen to the president-elect and his aides, it's clear mr. trump is impressed with the exxonmobil ceo's ability to make deals.
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rex tillerson has been ceo of exxonmobil since 2006. he's helped that company become the largest gas and oil company $200 billion over the last decade. he has relationships with world leaders in over 50 countries and if you listen to the interview with our chris wallace, it's clear that these relationships matter to mr. trump. >> why does a business executive make sense as the chief diplomat? >> well, in his case he's much more than a business executive. he's a world-class player. he's in charge of i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much double the size of his next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed, and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, for the company, not for himself, for the company. >> now, tillerson if chosen to
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be secretary of state, he could have a tough time getting confirmed by the senate because of his close relationship with russia. he was awarded the order of friendship by putin in 2013. he brokered billion dollar deals with russian state-owned companies and senator john mccain says he's enormously concerned about this. senator marco rubio also tweeting being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i am hoping for from a secretary of state. we could expect an announcement sometime as early as this week on that secretary of state position. mean meanwhile, mr. trump did not deny he's going to keep a stake in his businesses but he insists he will not have anything to do with the day-to-day management of his companies while president and he insists neither he or his children will be brokering deals while president. >> i turned down seven deals with one big player, great player, last week because i thought it could be perceived as
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a conflict of interest. it was probably a billion dollars of deals that i turned down -- >> but if your kids do it, isn't it the same? >> it's totally different. they're not president, but they're not going to do it either. oh, i see what you're getting at. no, they're not making deals either for my company. >> reporter: mr. trump will have a press event on december 15th where he will detail more on these potential conflicts of interests. >> thanks so much, bryan. about those elections involving russia and the elections. senators from both parties calling for a report that the russians tried to influence the outcome of the election. a joint statement from senator john mccain, charles schumer and others saying the reported conclusion that the russian goal was to help mr. trump should, quote, alarm every american but
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the president-elect criticizing the reported cia conclusion on fox news sunday this morning. he called it in his words, quote, just another excuse. >> if you look at the story and you take a look at what they said, there's great confusion. nobody really knows, and hacking is very interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act, you're not going to catch them. never no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed come place. never they have no idea. >> president obama has ordered an investigation. far more on this, kristin fisher live in august. >> reporter: just this morning republicans on the senate armed services committee joined forces with democrats calling for a full investigation with the reports that russia interfered with the presidential election. in a joint statement they say, quote this, cannot become a part san issue. the stakes are too high for our country. we are committed to working in this bipartisan manner and we will seek to unify our colleagues around the globe of investigating and stopping the grave threats that cyber attacks
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conducted by foreign governments pose to our national security. now, that statement puts republicans like senator john mccain on a collision course with the president-elect. mr. trump is continuing to claim that russia did not interfere in the election, but senator mccain is essentially saying, sorry, mr. president, and he believes they show russia did interfere. >> it's clear the russians interfered. now, whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, i think that's subject of investigation. >> reporter: so here you have bipartisan agreement in the senate armed services committee that russia did interfere. the question is was they really trying to get mr. trump elected or were they trying to sow seeds of doubt in our democratic process. but a democratic member of that committee, ben cardin, says motive really shouldn't matter. >> they're attacking us.
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we can't be naive. we have to use the best intelligence to take action against russia. >> reporter: president obama has ordered a full review of all campaign season cyber attacks and he wants it completed by the time he leaves office. >> thanks so much. in just about ten minutes from now we'll have former ambassador john bolton here to talk about this extreme tlofcontroversy. president-elect donald trump closing in on a pick for secretary of state. one of the contenders reportedly exxonmob exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson. that would be as unconventional as the rest of president-elect trump's choices so far. what qualifies tillerson for the choice of top diplomat. let's bring in byron moore. rex tillerson, is he serious contender, and before you answer that, tell us why
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president-elect trump went that way. he's a business magnate that run an oil company and has a close business relationship with vladimir putin. are you hearing of anyone saying why rex tillerson would be the right choice for secretary of state? >> well, i think donald trump went to tillerson because some of his earlier choices weren't working out. remember we were talking about rudy giuliani who openly wanted the job. said it was the only job he wanted. trump talked to mitt romney on a couple of occasions. there were others involved and it wasn't working out. there was clearly a snag. there are four big cabinet departments, the big four secretary of the treasury, defense, secretary of defense, attorney general, and secretary of state. now, three of those trump filled pretty quickly with kind of a very regular process. so there was a problem with secretary of state so trump looked further out.
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we should remember rex tillerson who is being criticized as not having the experience he needed was actually recommended to donald trump by condoleezza rice and by bob gates who served under both the bush and the obama administration. so those are pretty high-end recommendations. >> i want to go here for just a second though. does mr. tillerson's connection to president putin fall in line with the theme of russia that seems to attach itself to president-elect trump, whether it's someone with ties to president putin, mr. putin complimenting mr. trump, or the cia reporting that russia having worked to influence the election? >> well, it's certainly the talking point of the day and there's no doubt that tillerson as head of exxonmobil has made a lot of deals with russia. he has a close working relationship with vladimir putin. so there's no doubt about that. and i mean that's what
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confirmation hearings are for. i mean, there are other reasons, i guess, to be concerned about a tillerson nomination. he's not been in government. he's 64 years old, and he's been at exxon since he was 23. so he's been in one company his whole time. is that the kind of experience you want? there are plenty of questions you can ask about almost anybody for a big nomination like this and russia is just one of those as far as tillerson is concerned. >> and getting back to those high-level recommendation that is you mentioned plu eed presidt trump looking to pad his cabinet with others from the business world like mr. tillerson, which at first blush appears to represent conflict of interest. but ultimately could the trump administration's dealings with the international business leaders prove to be good for the business of america? >> well, i mean, if they do their job well. obviously, trump, he's the ceo who has just become president. so he likes ceos. he thinks that there's kind of a
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bureaucratic mindset in washington in which people just kind of do what they're told to do and they do it in the same old way they always did it whether it's working or not, and he wants to jump out of that. so he's really gotten people who are used to being in charge. it's kind of a talking point now to say he's picked generals and ceos but he has gone kind of heavy on that because he likes people who are in decision-making positions and he himself feels -- does not feel that his business interests, which are pretty vast and wide ranging create a conflict for him and i believe he believes these ceos will be able to get out of any potential conflicts themselves. >> one of the reasons the people who voted for mr. trump was the fact that he is a successful businessman and he's going to surround himself with like kind in terms of business success and maybe that's what americans are hoping for, that that will apply again to the business of america. byron, i think i have to leave it there unless you want to add
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10 or 15 seconds? >> i mean in all of our history, we've had candidates who arise who are business people, who said we need a person to run the united states government like a business and like ross perot and they never won. now one finally has and we'll see what happens. i think it's clear donald trump is going to try to run the government on some of the same principles he is used all his life. >> byron, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric? arthel, a louisiana republican winning last night's remaining senate seat. it happened in a runoff election in louisiana. the state treasurer john kennedy, who is no relation to his namesake, the former senator and president from massachusetts. well, this mr. kennedy beat his democratic opponent foster campbell. garrett tenney has more on the
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new senator, john kennedy, from washington. >> some republicans are describing this victory as the final nail in the could of fin for democrats this election cycle and in louisiana voters went with the anti-establishment candidate. louisiana state treasurer john kennedy ran on his reputation as a political outsider and fiscal hawk and he was an outspoken supporter of donald trump. you will remember trump won the state by 20 points and he returned there on friday to encourage voters to get out and vote again telling them he needed kennedy to win to push forward theagenda. foster campbell was largely on his own for this runoff which was viewed as such a long shop most democratic groups including the democratic senatorial campaign committee stayed out of the race. last night kennedy told his reporters he plans to fight washington insiders and change the direction of the country. >> in the world we live in
9:14 am
today, there are no state issues and there are no local issues and there are no federal issues, they're just issues. if any single louisianan has a problem at the state level or the local level or the federal level, it's my problem. i will be involved in washington and back here in louisiana. >> and with the win republicans now hold a 52-48 edge in the senate giving them a little more wiggle room to pass the massive reforms that both they and president-elect trump has been promising throughout this campaign season. eric? >> thanks so much. >> have you noticed -- >> man. >> you definitely really know given where you've been. winter has arrived, and it is a whopper in parts of the midwest. in fact, runs of flights have been canceled in chicago. now, the storm is heading east so what can we expect? and what about russia, our election, and the very integrity
9:15 am
of american democracy? how should the united states respond to these reports? up next, a man who is in the middle of all this. former ambassador john bolton on his view of what we need to do to protect the republic. >> i don't want anyone hacking us, and i'm not only talking about countries. i'm talking about anyone, period. but if you're going to do that, i think you should not just say russia. you should say other countries also and maybe other individuals. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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some headlines we're following this hour. heavy snow sweeping across a broad section of the country from the great lakes to the northeast. detroit seeing some of the heaviest accumulations. this ahead of a blast of arctic air expected to push temperatures down to some 30 degrees below average later this week. italy's president now asking the incoming prime minister to form a new government. the move likely bringing a rapid close to a political crisis spark sparked bay last weekend's no vote on a constitutional reform.
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and secretary ash carter making a trip to iraq. you know, some republican lawmakers are joining the democratic colleagues in the push to thoroughly examine the reports that russian hackers tried to influence the presidential election to help donald trump. it comes on the heels of the reported cia conclusion that moti moscow did meddle in the election raising widespread concerns about vladimir putin's intentions. here is senator john mccain. >> there's a whole lot of issues out there. it requires investigation. the president has ordered an investigation. you're not going to find all this out in the next month. >> joining us now is ambassador john bolton, former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at the american institute and foxes contribute who is on the list for a possible secretary of state. ambassador, welcome as always. >> gad to be with ylad to be wi.
9:21 am
>> many say the a russian influence on the election would be an outrageous invasion to our country and a threat to our national security and the tenets of this republic. what should we do? >> it's important to determine the facts first. the fbi has one view, the virginia may havecia may have a different view and in the public we have no idea what the underlying facts are, but i would say this any effort by any foreign government to influence an american election is a direct assault on the constitution. it's something we have always worried about going back to george washington's administration when the ambassador from revolutionary france came to this country and openly tried to build coalitions with people who wanted a more pro-french policy. this was a searing lesson for the early republic, and i think if the facts prove out that
9:22 am
russia did try to influence our election, they should face very grave consequences both so they never even think about it again and so that nobody else ever thinks about it again. >> what type of grave consequences? you know, the potential candidate for secretary of state, mr. tillerson, in the past has been against sanctions on russia. would you support sanctions? what do you think we should do? >> that's why i say we have to know the facts here. it's not at all clear to me just viewing this from the outside that this hacking into the dnc and the rnc computers was not a false flag operation. let's remember what fbi director james comey said dealing with hillary's home brew server. he said we found no direct evidence of foreign intelligence service penetration, but given the nature of this, we didn't expect to. meaning, a really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints. and yet people say they did leave cyber fingerprints in the hacks regarding our election.
9:23 am
so the question that has to be asked is why did the russians run their smart intelligence service against hillary's server but their dumb intelligence services against the election -- >> when you say false flag, that's a very serious charge. false flag by whom? here is "the washington post." the post reported the cia has concluded individuals with close ties to the russian government hacked the e-mails. intelligence officials have determined that russia's goal was to help trump win rather than simply undermine confidence in the election. are you actually accusing someone here in this administration of trying -- in the intelligence community of trying to throw something? >> we just don't know, but i believe that intelligence has been politicized in the obama administration to a very significant degree. >> would the intelligence officials politicize this to go so far that could damage our republic and what we have for
9:24 am
200-plus years stood for. >> i think the whole thing is called into question and an independent investigation becomes extremely important. i think it's critical to answer the question i posed. if you think the russians did this, then why did they leave fingerprints? >> maybe because we have such sophisticatedable -- >> james comey and the fbi couldn't find any fingerprints -- >> they use a different standard. it's been shown they have a criminal start by the cia has more of an intellectual -- >> let's hear the debate. >> what do you want to hear? something from the cia director? >> i'd like to know. i think we have something now. we don't want to compromise intelligence sources and methods but when you make that kind of allegation, if it were true, and ige the russians have the capability and the intention of doing it, i'm not by any means trying to exonerate them, but if you say they've done that, let me be reclear, either in the cyber world or elsewhere, we should retaliate.
9:25 am
it is unacceptable for the american constitution to be assaulted by foreigners in that way. so it is absolutely critical as well that we get the facts right on this, and i don't think we have anywhere enough in the public domain to know what the facts are. >> the president has ordered a review. senator mccain and others of the armed services committee are having hearings on this with the new congress. let me read you a statement from both senators mccain, senators graham, schumer, and jack reid of rhode island both bipartisan. for years foreigned a ver tears have directed cyber attacks at america's physical, economic, and military infrastructure while stealing our intellectual property. now our democratic uninstitutin have been targeted. recent reports of russian interference in our election should alarm every american. this cannot become a partisan issue. the stakes are too high for our country. mccain this morning called putin a thug, a killer, and a murderer. the president has ordered a public review. what are you calling on the president to do before january 20th? to reveal the classified
9:26 am
information? to bring it all out so americans can know if russia had a hand in this election? >> one thing that makes me very nervous is barack obama saying let's have this report before the 20th of january so i can wrap it up. i think the burden for well or ill is going to fall on mike pompeo who has been named as president-elect trump's cia director. i think he's trusted by republicans and democrats. he doesn't bring any baggage. he's a new official at the cia. i'd look to him to head up an investigation across the entire intelligence committee. i just think these are such serious charges, again, if the russians or any other foreign government think that they can undermine the integrity of our elections or defeat our constitutional process, this is just as serious an attack as a military attack. >> for those who are bothered by your claim of a potential false flag, that's very disturbing as an american.
9:27 am
>> we would want to know who else might want to influence the election and why they would leave fingerprints that point to the russians. that's why i say until we know more about how the insurance communi -- intelligence community came to this conclusion -- >> the cia has said they believe it's the russians. we'll see as this investigation continues. finally, it's been a joy to have you here for the last decade on sundays with us. we've heard that you are, of course, in the running for secretary of state and maybe deputy secretary of state if mr. tillerson is chosen. would you accept a deputy of state position? will you be here next sunday? >> probably. i have tried consistently to say you are going to get my name, rank, and serial number and that's it. >> good to see you. we hope to see you next sunday or not perhaps. we'll have to say. >> thank you, ambassador and eric. the opioid crisis in america reaching a grim new milestone. the jaw-dropping numbers and
9:28 am
what public health officials are doing to tackle the problem. plus, turkey observing a national day of mourning following yesterday's twin bombings that rocked a soccer stadium in istanbul. what security forces are doing to track down those responsible. ♪spread a little love today ♪spread a little love my way ♪spread a little somethin to remember♪ philadelphia cream cheese,
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9:33 am
stadium in istanbul yesterday that claimed nearly 40 lives. we're live in jerusalem with the latest, sad tragedy and litany of attack that is continue in jerusalem. hi, conner. >> reporter: the bloodshed and violence that's plagued the middle east and the entire region really for decades showing no signs of letting up. on saturday kurdish separatists claim credit for a pair of bombings out a high-end neighborhood. the soccer stadium appears to be part of the target along with a police station. at least 38 people were killed, more than 150 people wounded. this is just the latest bombing and violence that's hit turkey in the last 18 months or so. both isis and kurdish separatists have claimed credit for the violence in the last year and a half. last night it was kurdish separatists who claimed credit for this attack. the kurds are a valuable american ally in both iraq and syria battling isis and the assad regime. but in turkey they have long
9:34 am
waged a decade-long rebellion essentially against the turkish government there and turkey really does fview the kurds as enemy number one. there's been this long tension between nato which has viewed the kurds as a real ally in iraq and syria and the turks who are members of nato who view the kurds as the real enemy. now, in egypt though a bombing outside st. mark's cathedral which is the home to the egyptian coptic community, killed at least 25 people. egypt has also seen a wave of attacks in the last few years since a coup removed the former muslim brotherhood president muhammad morrissey. the current regime is pointing the finger at the muslim brotherhood for this latest attack, but the violence and the problems in egypt run a lot deeper than just the muslim brotherhood, and there's growing frustration with the president,
9:35 am
the former general who now runs egypt about his handling of not only the economy but also the security situation which continues to deteriorate. obviously both in egypt and in turkey they have the same problems that we're seeing in syria and iraq and lebanon and a lot of other places including here in jerusalem as well. there is a real problem with growing violence in this region, eric. >> it is so sad and continues. connor from jerusalem. thank you. for more on this let's bring in retired navy captain chuck nash, a fox news military analyst. and captain nash, i want to start by getting your overview of what's going on on both fronts and then tell us more pointedly why should americans pay attention or care of course apart from the fact that no one wants to hear the sad news of innocent lives being lost. >> well, there's the innocent lives piece, but the other thing is that what we're really seeing is not only a civil war inside of islam between the two main sects which are the shia and the
9:36 am
sunni, but we're also seeing a contin continuous effort to purge christians from the middle east and southwest asia. if you look at who the real refugees are and if you look at who the united states are taking, we're taking high 90 percentage, like 97%, 98% are sunni and about 2% to 3% are christian and the reason is because the christians are trying to maintain their foothold in their locales whereas the sunni are trying to flee. so part of the stability issue, and it may be impossible at this point. you know, we may be so far out on a slippery slope that we can't get back, but the christian communities are dying. they're being purged, and those what are not being killed are being forced out as much as possible and they refuse to go to a lot of the refugee centers because most of the refugee centers are filled with muslim refugees, and there's conflict
9:37 am
within those centers, which is why the u.s. can't, to our credit, if you will, can't get a lot of christian refugees because they're not in the refugee camps to start with. >> does this complicate what president trump and his defense and state departments and national security team will face? >> i think so, arthel, and the reason is because the turks, who were really solid nato allies, really solid, i've spent quite a bit of time in turkey and dealt with the turkish military. what's happened under the erdogan regime is they're moving more towards a sunni islamist regime and erdogan and putin have made up. you'll recall, as a matter of fact we talked about it when the turks shot down a russian aircraft over syria and relations were strained between the ruthssians and the turks. erdogan has recently cut a deal with putin where he could pull
9:38 am
out the turkish backed muslim brotherhood fighters out of aleppo and use them to go into -- to have turkish troops go down and join with the militias to keep the kurds separated so that they don't join up coming from the east and join up with their fellow kurds to the west, which would provide almost like a constant flow right under the southern border of turkey. turks are not going to put up with that. the other regional allies are not going to put up with that. they don't want to see a unifie kurdistan that has political sovereignty own that much territory. >> captain nash, based on what you just said pointing out how erdogan and putin made up, does that play in favor of president-elect trump who speaks of having dialogue and a
9:39 am
relationship with putin? >> i think pluresident-elect trp is going to be forced into cutting a deal with the russians and the reason is because the turks it appears are now working against the people we're supporting, which are the kurds, and working on behalf of the interests of the russians, not on behalf of the interests of the united states. by the same token, putin is backing assad. so, therefore, they have the vast majority of the ground forces and the air forces that are based in syria working against a diminished threat because the threat is moving -- the thet against them is moving elsewhere and our sway in backing those people is vastly diminished. >> if i could get a short answer on the complicated question, president-elect trump has effectively dismissed the rumors
9:40 am
that russia hacked into our systems to influence the election. does that present any sort of security vulnerables in america? >> i don't think so. the facts aren't known and i think everybody should just back off of even talking about it because as ambassador bolton just had the conversation with eric with the potential for a false flag operation, that's very real. blame it on saturday. >> okay. we live it there. captain, thank you so much. >> my pleasure, arthel. >> thank you. we've got president-elect trump's answer about that house coming up. plus an unsettling milestone and what health officials are trying to do to combat this insidious problem. for lower back pain sufferers the search for relief often leads... here, or here.
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family members saying former u.s. senator kate hagan is in the hospital after becoming seriously ill. senator hagan's brother saying the 63-year-old had to be rushed to a washington hospital this week and is now in intensive care. her family has not given any more details about her illness. she is a north carolina democrat elected in 2008 and was defeated six years later by republican tom tillis. we wish well. some startling new numbers about the opioid epidemic. a new cdc report showing last year for the very first time heroin deaths actually outpassed the number of gun-related homicides and it comes as life expectancy for americans fell in 2015 for the very first time in over 20 years. joining us now is a foreagansic
9:46 am
psychologist and addiction specialist. we have 12,989 heroin overdoses. this knows no classes, no race. it's been sweeping the country and devastating families. how do we start to address this? >> eric, it's really startling when you consider every 19 minutes someone dies of an opioid overdose. this problem really started with prescription opioids back in the late '90s and early 2000s and has now the pendulum has swung the other way. it's a simple supply and demand issue. prescription opioid use to be more regulated but now people are looking for a quicker, cheaper high. >> vermont has one of the leading programs in the country that deals with prescriptions. they have some of the medicines to deal with this and they've had great success. officials in vermont show the prescription numbers have gone
9:47 am
down. can the rest of the nation follow their lead? >> the key is using medications to help with cravings, to prevent relapse. we know we can cut overdose deaths in half but we really have to destigmatize this illness and not punish the addict. would you pin initial if they had heart disease or cancer or diabetes? we need to be treating people and not punishing them and going after the dealers peddling this poison. >> are you talking about decriminalizing heroin or some of the open ouioidopioids? >> treating the addict and not punishing them. clearly the doctors are partly to blame. there are many irresponsible doctors who i consider to be licensed drug dealers. there are certain states like tennessee, west virginia, and kentucky where the number of prescriptions actually outnumbers the number of people in the state themselves. so clearly doctors have to be
9:48 am
more responsible about prescribing and have to do their due diligence when it comes to screening people for drugs of abuse. >> specifically what type of programs would you advise and if someone, probably there is, many, watching at this moment who have this addiction or have a loved one, one close to them who is suffering from this opioid prescription overdose and abuse, what would you tell them? what do we need to do specifically? >> i would tell them they should try outpatient treatment first, but every now and then people will require residential treatment where they have to be in an organized structured setting which includes group therapy, individualized therapy, and medication to help with cravings to prevent relapse. relapse is part of recovery and many people will have several relapses before they get clean. >> and who should they call? you call the department of health in your state? where do they go to get help? >> well, very often it starts with their primary care physician. most people don't know this but most mental illness and
9:49 am
addiction presents to the primary carry provider first. i think it's incumbent on them to refer people to the right place and it starts with counseling and it may require that more specialized treatment. >> what if you don't have a doctor? >> if you don't have a doctor, you could go through the public health department. there are programs for people of little or no means because we recognize that this is a public health problem and this is not just something that's an individual level. it affects families, communities, and it's something we need to confront as a society. >> so the advice right now this afternoon is if you know someone who suffers from this or if you do, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and take action. >> absolutely not. reach out and get help. >> you could save a life and yours. >> absolutely. >> doctor, thank you so much for on joining us. >> very, very important. mr. trump winning the white house, but will his family life there full time? mr. trump's answer up next. ♪
9:50 am
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president-elect donald trump speaking with fox news' chris wallace on "foxo news sunday." mr. trump talking about his time as a cadet at a military academy and answering the burning question of whether he and his family will live in the white house. >> you spent five years at the new york military academy where you became the captain of cadets. what did you learn there about military discipline? >> well, i learned that i respected it, and i respect people in the military and i always have, at least since i've been there, and we had military people there. we had drill sergeants and colonels and we actually had a general and i always respected those people, and i learned at a young age they're terrific. >> there is a lot of curiosity
9:55 am
about your lifestyle as president. are you going to live in the white house? are you going to spend most of your time at trump to you summer. >> no, i'm going to live in the white house with my family. barron is going to finish up school because he's got just a couple months too long and melania will be back and forth for this first couple of months. we'll be staying in the white house. >> you talk about the fact that mrs. trump is going to stay back in new york with barron until he finishes school. are you going to be lonely rattling around in the white house by yourself for a few months? >> no, i'll be working. i'll be working. it's a very special place and it represents so much, and there's a lot to do. there's a lot to do. more than i even thought. so many things we can do to make america great again, and that's what it's all about, and i'll be working. i won't be lonely at all. >> mayor rudy giuliana on the
9:56 am
plane watching the interview in person. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
. we know some college students across the country are using libraries to do more than just study. they call it the library olympics. now students at the university of texas at austin with a video of themselves as you can see competing in a series of random physical challenges like tumbling down the library
10:00 am
aisles, jumping over stacks of books. >> fail. >> makes you wonder, where is the librarian of all this. >> at least it gets them into the library. i don't know. >> i was afraid of the librar n librarian. >> we're back at 4:00 and 6:00 eastern. hope you can join us. washington today buzzing about exxonmobil chairman and ceo rex tillerson. that's the guy on the right. his ties to vladimir putin on the left. and tillerson's chances of being our next secretary of state. >> he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company. i have tremendous respect for him. >> a horrific bombing attack on christians in the middle east at one of the region's oldest and most historic churches. more than two dozen worshippers dead, many more injured. we'll bring you the very latest. and now a month since election day. we


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