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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 11, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. president-elect donald trump sitting down phenomenonfor ash exclusive interview tackling everything from hush shah's hacking of the dnc to whether mr. trump plans to take a quote wrecking ball to obama's legacy. >> the president-elect defending his consideration of rex tillerson as a potential secretary of state. the ceo has sparked an outcry today over his close ties to russia and honored by the kremlin and has a connection to
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vladimir putin. mr. trump praising mr. tillerson as a world class deal maker but did say he will be the nation's next top diplomat. >> have you settled on a secretary of state? is. >> i'm getting very, very close. >> do you know who it's going to be? >> i just -- i have someone in mind i think will be really fabulous. i think we're going to have one of the great cabinets ever put together. >> so is that someone tillerson? brian is reporting outside live of trump tower. brian what more do we know about the businessman rex tillerson? >> reporter: rex tillerson, 64-year-old ceo of exxon mobile is the only company he worked for and he had brokered deals and met with many world leaders in over 50 countries where the company operates. this is something mr. trump is hugely impressed with and also hugely impressed with his first meeting with him on tuesday and they also met for a second time
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this week on saturday. mr. trump says the exxon mobile chairman is a world class player and deal-maker and despite all this, he says people are going to have to stay tuned because he hasn't made a decision quite yet on who will be the nation's top diplomat. >> massive deals in russia and massive deals for the company. i have tremendous respect for him. >> now, tillerson is chosen to be secretary of state, he could have a tough time getting confirmed by the senate because of his close relationship and ties with russia and vladimir putin. he was awarded the friendship in 2013 and really he also is against u.s. sanctions. he was against u.s. sanctions against russia after they inv e invaded crimea. very little is known about his
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personal foreign policy view points. >> senators on both sides of the aisle are expressing concern about him. what are their worries. >> reporter: that's right. we have senators on both sides. republican marco rubio says anybody thatby friends vladimir putin is not exactly an attribute he's looking for in his secretary of state and john mccann expressed his concerns earlier today. >> it's a matter of concern to me he has such a close relationship with vladimir putin and obviously they have done an enormous deals together, that that would color his approach to vladimir putin and the russian threat. but that is a matter of concern. we will give him his chance. >> others like democratic senator clair mccaskill say they are concerned given the fact that tillerson has zero formal diplomatic experience. listen. >> i worry about the lack of experience that he has had on the diplomatic front and
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frankly, i think that's true for many of the appointments to trump's cabinet. they haven't had experience in the areas that they're being asked to manage and a very complicated world and a very complicated government. >> reporter: eric trump's white house chief of staff says if you don't believe tillerson is ready or qualified to be secretary of state, that's insane. they point to the fact he's been able to broker deals all around the world as leader of exxon mobile as proof he can handle this job. eric. >> thanks so much. folks, if you want to see more about mr. trump, talking about rex tillerson, it's mr. trump and chris together on fox news sunday. a spirited in-depth interview with analysis, too. it reairs again later tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. of course, only right here on the fox news channel. val. >> thank you. meanwhi meanwhile, senators now calling for an investigation into a cia
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report concluding that russia int intervened in the 2016 election. senator john mccain says a bipartisan probe will begin immediately while president-elect trump is criticizing the cia's findings. >> i think it's ridiculous, another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why and i think it's just -- you know, they talked about all sorts of things, every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory as you know in the electoral college. i guess the final numbers are 306 and down to a very low number. no, i don't believe that at all. >> kristin fisher has the latest. is mr. trump blaming the cia or democrats for this report? >> he's blaming democrats. keep in mind this was first reported by the washington post and new york times, two newspapers mr. trump has accused of being biased against him.
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today the president-elect said this is simply more of the same. >> why would the cia put out the story this russians wanted you to win? >> i think the democrats are putting it's out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in politics in this country and they're putting it out and it's ridiculous. >> many prominent members of mr. trump's own party disagree. republican senator john mccain said there's no doubt russia interfered in the election. the question is how much? >> it's clear the russians interfered. now whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, i think that's subject of the investigation. >> and that investigation will be led by republican senator lindsey graham, a critic of the president-elect. one more sign it's only a matter of time before mr. trump and some republicans on capitol hill go ahead to head over russia.
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>> kristin, who else is onboard with this investigation? >> this is a bipartisan effort led by members of the senator armed services committee in addition to chairman mccain and lindsey graham. also chuck schumer and democratic senator jack reid. this morning they put out a statement that reads this cannot become part of an issue, the stakes are too high for our country. we will seek to unify our colleagues around the globe of investigating and stopping the grave threat that cyberattacks conducted by foreign governments pose to our national security and they say that this investigation will begin immediately. val. >> kristin fisher there in d.c. thank you. >> thanks. >> it turns out that john kennedy is back in the senate, not the well known former senator and president but a louisiana republican who clenched the country's last empty senate seat in a runoff election. the results last night.
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louisiana state treasurer john kennedy beating foster campbell. kennedy, no relation to the democratic kennedy family. the win giving republicans a 52-48 edge in the upper chamber. more on john kennedy from washington. >> there are a lot of folks who have been waiting for the 2016 elections to be over with and this was a final chapter we have been waiting on. in louisiana this was the year of the outsider. republican state treasurer john kennedy was a heavy favorite throughout the runoff. the one time democrat reigned on his reputation as an anti-establishment candidate. last night kennedy told his supporters he's going to washington to fight for them. >> in the world we live in today there are no state issues. there are no hopeful issues. they're just issues. and if any single louisianaen has a problem whether it's at the state level or local level or the federal level it's my
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problem. >> the democratic candidate former state senator foster campbell tried to paint kennedy as a flip flopper for siwitchin parties. kennedy was an outspoken supporter of donald trump and hammered campbell for supporting hillary clinton. president-elect trump won the state by 20 points and he returned to the state on friday to campaign for kennedy. that's partly why democrats viewed this race as a long shot and largely left their candidate on his own. with the win republicans are celebrating one final victory for this election season and an important one that expands the gop's majority in the senate giving them a 52-48 edge over democrats. >> thanks so much. >> more disturbing terrorist attacks in the middle east. this time a bombing at a christian church in egypt killing 25 people and leaving dozens injured. the media reporting a suspect
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actually threw the bomb into a chapel at the end of a service at st. mark's cathedral coming as turkey observes a day of mourning after a bomb yesterday claimed nearly 40 lives. we have the latest. connor, do we know who is behind the bombings in istanbul? >> yeah. turkish authorities are pointing the finger at kurdish separatists. in the last 18 months turkey has been rocked by a wave of violence by both kurdish separatist and isis fighters from syria. the country has seen also an attempted coo against the president. instability there has been on the rise. but the attack, a pair of bombings outside this upscale soccer stadium in downtown istanbul saturday night came as people were watching soccer and were out as a festive night there. at least 38 people killed and
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150 or so wounded. this is a major attack and seeing this more and more frequently happening here in the last few months. kurds are in syria and iraq valuable u.s. allies in the fight against both isis and the assad regime and these kurdish separatist who have waged a decades long battle are tied to those kurdish allies and this is part of the problem and the tension between the united states and turkey. turkey really does view the kurds as enemy number one in their country and in the region and have worked to sort of prevent the kurdish countries and people in the kurdish regions of iraq and syria from gaining their own actual country. this is a big tension and only makes the middle east more problematic. >> about the attack in egypt, how is the christian community there responding? >> reporter: well, christians have been under a lot of pressure in egypt for some time.
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they make up 8% or 9% of the overall population and the community there was celebrating mass in the cathedral when a bomb was thrown there. at least 25 people killed. there's a lot of anger in egypt among the christian community. they supported the coo that brought to power the president for the sole purpose that they were very scared of the muslim brotherhood and they were begging the president for support and security. a lot of christians believe that the cc government is failing them and not providing security. there are reports that the government, the egyptian military and security guards supposed to be protecting the church are not doing their job and there's anger that assassiss not bringing about stability.
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although the leaders are pledging support to the president. but there is still a lot of anger. >> thank you so much connor. >> as you know, president-elect has called it ridiculous. is it? the controversial report and assessment that russia intervened in the 2016 elections specifically to help him win. why do you think vladimir putin would want that or some are asking today is it really true? jeanie miller on what she thinks. >> plus a blast of winter weather grounding more than a thousand flights in the midwest. we'll tell you where that system is heading next.
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defeats in the history of politics in the country and i think they're putting it out. it's ridiculous. >> now members of mr. trump's party are jumping onboard calling for an investigation into these disturbing allegations. senator john mccain and his cle colleagues said the report should alarm every american. >> the russians have interfered in a lot of other elections. the russians have hacked into some of our most secret military information. the russians have been active using as a tool as part of vladimir putin's ambition to regain russian prominence and dominance in some parts of the world. >> in fact, the senate armed services committee plans to hold hearings. we are joined at the manhattan institute for policy research. a author and journalist and fox news contributor. judy, do you think the russians did it? >> well, i think as senator mccain says it's pretty clear that the russians did something.
1:19 pm
it's pretty clear according to 17 u.s. intelligence agencies that what they did helped donald trump. however, the motive of why they did what they did is still to be determined and unlike hacking which is fairly easy to detect, it's very hard to detect motive. so of course, if i were donald trump and had just narrowly won an electoral victory unlike his claim that he won at a landslide i would want to immediately dismiss these reports as ridiculous. >> do you think it's going away? >> it is not going away. absolutely not. number one, president obama has made sure it's not going away. because his full intelligence review guarantees that this baby is going to be delivered to mr. trump as a welcome present to the white house before inauguration on january 20th. secondly, i think much more
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problematic for mr. trump and that is republicans in his own party who don't like the russians and don't like all of the nice things he said about the russians are going to hold their own hearings and demand to get to the bottom of this. not just because it is really a serious issue but secondly, because they dislike the thrust of his policy. >> john mccain called vladimir putin a thug. a murderer. a killer. he said he was hacked in 2008 and believes that the russians did interfere in this election. it's disturbing. we are americans, all americans. if it's true, it's a violation of our dignity and the very basis of this republic. earlier in this chair john bolton, the former u.n. ambassador up for secretary of state and in our interview he thought or raised the possibility this could be a false flag operation. let's hear what john bolton had to say. >> it's not clear to me just viewing this from the outside
1:21 pm
that this hacking into the dnc and the rnc computers was not a false flag operation. let's remember what fbi director james comey said dealing with hillary's home brew server. he said we found no direct evidence of foreign intelligence service penetration. but given the nature, we didn't expect meeting a really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints. >> the issue and the question -- that's an incredibly serious charge if you're suggesting and not saying he did this the interview, that it's an american intelligence operation, but somebody, some place, not the russians did this. >> it is a serious charge and yet another reason why there has to not only be an intelligence review but a real ruby the senate. you know, when wmd estimates wrong. we had at least three independent reviews. two on capitol hill and one a commission that looked into how
1:22 pm
this terrible mistake happened. i think we need exactly the same thing now especially because the fbi and the cia seem to have rather different interpretations of what happened. >> they have two different standards. the fbi has more criminal and evidentiary and the cia has the analysis stuff. >> we know that the cia from time to time has been accused of politicizing intelligence and we know that mike flynn, the man slated to be the president's nsa adviser also said that he has a lot of concerns about the intelligence community because he was fired he claims in part because he disagreed with the assessment that isis was on the retre retreat. there's a lot of mistrust in the intelligence community understandably given how often they have gotten things wrong but for the incoming president to pick a fight with the people upon whom he's going to depend for information is really a very risky strategy for trump. >> what type of message does
1:23 pm
that send to the world when the president of the united states, president-elect raises questions about the veracity and vedability of american intelligence that he's going to have to rely on for us to protect us over the next four years? >> well, if the cia's record were better, that charge would fall flat. but because the cia's record is spotty and because mr. trump is known for doing unorthodox things that turn out to be right i think you have to give him at least a benefit of the doubt. he said he thinks the charges are ridiculous. let's find out. he ought to welcome such an inquiry if he has nothing to hide and if in fact the russians didn't do this. >> finally you have a lot of experience about all the secret stuff, all that secret, secret stuff. >> right. >> what's your gut? how do we find out about this? what should we as americans believe? >> my gut is that the russians interfered absolutely. i believe that given what the
1:24 pm
report is so far about what we know. i think the motive is less certain and that's what these inquiries will focus on. also, the broader question is what kind of policy should we have with russia even if russia did this, how do we stop them from doing it again and does that mean we shouldn't be working with them on syria against isis in another areas where we have common interests? those are separate issues that tend to get muddled together. fact versus motivation sorted out. >> judy, no american wants our republic violated. >> very serious charge. >> judy miller, as always. >> thank you. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump sitting down with fox's chris wallace for an exclusive wide ranging interview on fox news sunday discussing jobs in the u.s. and mr. trump's intervention into a private business matter.
1:25 pm
listen. >> you recently intervened with carrier to save about 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico and you said at one of your rallies you were asking for a list of ten companies that are thinking about it so you can call them as well. should the president of the united states be calling companies? how would you have felt if barack obama gets on the phone and says donald here's how i want you to do business? >> i would have been honored. i don't have to do it myself. we have top, top smart people but what are you going to do? we're going to have to impose a major tax on companies that leave, build their product and think they're going to sell it to our border like we're -- >> what about the free market sir? >> that's not free market when they go out and sell back into our country. >> but that's a free market. they made a decision -- >> no. that's the dumb market, okay, that's the dumb market. i'm a big free trader.
1:26 pm
but it has to be fair. so what's happened is we have lost over a period of years, short years 70,000 factories in this country. chris, 70,000. i always say to people i think it's a typo. how could it be so many? 70,000 factories. we're being stripped of our workers. we're being stripped of our bjos and we got to stop it. the only way you're going to stop it is reducing taxes, very substantial for companies so they won't have to leave because of taxes. reducing regulations. now, those are the nice ways of doing it and everyone is happy. businesses way down. also middle class but way down. the taxes and regulations. but when a company wants to move to mexico or another company or another country and they want to build a nice beautiful factory and they want to sell their product to our border no tax and
1:27 pm
the people that all got fired so we end up with unemployment and debt and they end up with jobs and factories and all of the other things, not going to happen that way and the way you stop it is by imposing a tax. now, i've come up with a number of 35%. there is no tax if you don't leave. there is no tax at all. people are saying they don't understand what i'm doing. i read the wall street journal. honestly, their editorial board doesn't get it. i don't think their board -- and i know some of them. they're really nice. i don't think they understand business. they don't understand what i'm saying. there's a 35% tax but there is no tax if you don't move. but if you move your plant or factory and you want to sell back into our country, you fire all your people, there are going to be consequences for that, there are going to be consequences. you know what's going to happen?
1:28 pm
nobody is going to move. they're not going to leave. they're going to stay here. >> and you can catch chris wallace's full interview with the president-elect, fox news sunday reairs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> the fight against isis as the terrorist group retakes an historic city and we'll tell you about why some are pointing fingers at the russian military for this as the radical islamic state of isis. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter.
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from the city of mosul. mr. carter greeting our soldiers and the fight to retake the city from the terrorist of isis is still on track. iraqi forces have been fighting for two months to try and recapture that city and coalition forces have killed or seriously injured more than 2,000 isis fighters so far. despite that, it's believed 3,000 to 5,000 icy fighters continue to be holed up and try and defend mosul. >> isis has regained control of the city of palmyra almost a year after troops liberated the city. russia's military allied with the syrian government is fighting for rebel held territory in aleppo and some questioning whether enough resources are going towards the fight against isis. joining me now is retired u.s.
1:34 pm
navy captain bob wells and adviser to vice president dick cheney. what is the real story here? what does it mean? what's really hatchippening andt does it mean in the over all fight against isis? >> number one, i think the russians and the syrian armed forces are stretched a little bit thin. i also think that you look at what is really happening around mosul and what's really happening in palmyra. i would be interested to know if the reports about 200 of the fighters that actually were in palmyra were the isis fighters that came from mosul. this development where mosul's effort as well as the future effort are all connected. >> is russia selling propaganda?
1:35 pm
if so, what's behind that, the claims, tough talk, is it because isis took back palmyra from syria? does this impact the civil war in syria? >> it does. i think you look at the total effort with the russian air cover with the coordination around aleppo and in the eastern part of aleppo and the diplomacy going on that the end state may be upon us with aleppo combined with the syrian forces that were protecting palmyra. they had it since march and they were trying to recover some of the lost artifacts down there but they surprised them with coming right down the road. went through the two provinces and some as i mentioned were likely from mosul and this is really connected. looking at where the syrian armed forces can protect and now a response by the russian
1:36 pm
federation, it really shows that the defeat of isis has still got a long way to go. >> so if isis the shell of its former existence? does it pose a threat and if so, to what extent? >> it's a shell of its former existence in the territory it used to command. if you look at the initial territory it commanded throughout iraq and syria, it was significant. it really was the lines of communications and the roads. these a key part of what's happening in syria. the river area leading up to raqqah and the approaches that are the eastern part of aleppo. they have less territory and less of a threat. as you noticed with the secretary defense being in iraq and talking about the effort in mosul, there's still 3,000 to 5,000 fighters in around mosul and you still got fighters and capability certainly in raqqah and that's the next step with
1:37 pm
regards to the future 200 plus addition of u.s. special forces going in for the raqqah campaign working with the syrian democratic force which is pro-kurdish as well. >> james mattis is working on a strategy to fight isis should be confirmed, what do you think he might or should be his first order of action? >> i think his first order of action is making sure we have the right force mix, especially be the end state with raqqah and i think he would be working with the state department and secretary of state and our future secretary of state and our diplomats to work with the russians. they have to be held to account. they're responsible for this entire northeast area of around aleppo with the air cover and the syrian forces have given a pause. we need to really fix the end state vision with regards to syria and conclude this civil
1:38 pm
war. >> how do you hold russia responsible? what do you do? >> you do it at the united nations, bilaterally. visits to moscow, look at the actual human cost especially the united nation's refugee association. look at what needs to be done with regard to taking care of people that need to basically have humanitarian departure from that part of aleppo. you got a huge humanitarian crisis that's only going to get worse and the russians and their humanity need to be brought to the table and there has to be a reason in order for the people to be safe. as syria becomes more stable around aleppo, we don't want a situation which the entire city is rubble in order to defeat an enemy like they did in grozni.
1:39 pm
i hold the federations -- what secretary kerry has been doing needs to go further. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric. >> the country lost a true american hero this week with the passing of legendary astronaut and senator john glenn. former astronaut tom jones is here on senator glenn's legacy and two historic space flights that happen to be 36 years apart. >> capsule is turning around. oh, that's u.s. tremendous. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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godspeed john glenn. five, four, three, two, one. roger. the clock is operating. we're underway. roger, we're programming. >> well, during this past week the country has been mourning the loss of astronaut john glenn. he rocketed into the history books as the first american to orbit the earth. he did that on february 20th, 1962. the former astronaut and senator died this week in ohio at the age of 95. he was as you know the last of the original mercury 7 astronauts who launched the u.s. space program and joining us is the author of the book "ask the astronaut." answers to your questions in space flight. he has been up there former astronaut tom jones who joins us from washington. so good to see you. john glenn was so iconic. the very symbol of american
1:45 pm
achievement and accomplishment and he represented at a time such a hopeful and optimistic era in our country. >> well, it was a can-doer are in our country when the president just a year before pledged we would go to the moon by 1970 and back, when we were well behind the soviet union, had 30 minutes of space flight experience when john glenn crawled aboard that capsule and he single-handedly with that orbital flight five hours long put america back into the space race, into a competitive position and he did that at great personal risk. that was a fact. he did it with a model of humility and grace and integrity. that reputation was real when i saw him come to work at the astronaut office in the 1990s. he lived up to the role model. >> i love the astronaut office and what goes on there and when the astronauts are in the office. what did you talk to him about? >> it was a dream come true.
1:46 pm
i read books about him as a kid. i still had my 10-year-old copy, my copy i had as a 10-year-old of glenn's life and to actually meet this guy and be able to ask him how his training was going and talk to him on a first name basis was a great privilege for us. >> what made him so special? kind of like neal armstrong, did credit to others. even said at one point anyone could have been selected for that flight as you called it. is that part of that great american character and virtue and value? >> well, we would like to emulate john glenn any way we could. certainly he had the track record of world war ii combat veteran. a test pilot who set coast to coast speed records. he had all the credentials and still had them in the 1998 training session he came to houston for. we hoped we could live up to
1:47 pm
those ideals in the professional pilots and crew member categories and hope you had the same kind of ethical dedication that john glen had. that's something we all tried to live up to. >> he served our country and the senate and after the 1962 mission, 1998 as you referenced, he's 77 years old. he goes on discovery. some controversy over that. look, 77 years old and you're not sitting in your rocking chair. you're getting rocketed up into space. >> it was a fair thing for glenn to fly aboard the shuttle. he had been denied a follow-up flight because john f kennedy said we can't afford to lose this guy, ground him. i think the nation owed him that and he did a bang-up job doing the task he was assigned aboard the space shuttle discovery and he did the training with complete professionalism and dedication. it was back being a crew member
1:48 pm
and astronaut. >> your final thoughts in terms of his legacy? we were kids of a certain age. you go to the restaurant and there you are with john glenn when you met him as i will continue my story being a little kid because you would go into the restaurant and order a john glenn? you know what that is? ginger ale and grenedine. he was more than just the space flight and astronaut. you got to grow up to be an astronaut. they were the giants of this country and you would want to aspire to be like them. do you think that we have that legacy now and the people across the country can know the legacy and the contribution of john glenn because i don't know if they are right now? >> i just talked to a 10-year-old and a 9-year-old today and they knew who john glenn was own before he passed away and they still understood he was like the epit me of being an american hero.
1:49 pm
we still have people that young people can look up to if nasa has given the goal and leadership and resources to get back to the moon for example or to an asteroid or a mars. i think you'll see the people come to aforeagain. we'll have to call them captain on the shoulder and they'll step forward. >> you were one of them. thank you for your service and being a nasa astronaut and your dedication to the space program. i know you will join all of us and all americans who say that time honored phrase godspeed john glenn. tom, thank you. >> indeed. privilege. thanks. >> of course. >> indeed. >> and what? >> ginger ail. you would get a shirley temple. >> okay. we'll go with that. heavy snowfall blanketing a huge churv chunk of the country. delays with all caps. where this massive storm system a heading next.
1:50 pm
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>> here we go, a powerful winter storm dumped up to 1' of snow? minnesota is sweeping through the midwest and on the way to the northeast. the system blanket add birthday
1:54 pm
-- blanketed a broad section of the country canceling 1,400 lights out of chicago. robert gray is following this in los angeles? really, problem from los angeles? get to chicago! >> somebody has to do it, arthel. covering a large area of the nation right now, colder climates than i am standing in affecting travelers and residents through the midwest and into the northeast. look at chicago, a winter storm wanting is in affect there. air travel is getting snarled. 1,500 flights have been canceled. many more delays. snowy streets have been the scene of 100 accidents already. when the sunny elevens, the mid west can look forward to temperatures 30 degrees below average. >> it is cold outside. i have more on than i am wearing
1:55 pm
now, but it is still very cold. >> the massive snowstorm is affecting a number of nfl games not to mention the fantasy football playoffs. the home of grown bay packers holding the seattle seahawks, massive snowstorm, and browns and buffalo hosting games in the snow. detroit, they play indoors but michigan is getting the brunt of the sunny storm expected to get" in detroit. this is only the start of another season, arthel, with winter just around the corner. >> the snow is nice for a in. after that, not so much. i will take california weather. >> in southern california it is in the mid-60s and maybe we will dip into the 60 i will have to break out a summer. >> i am feeling so sorry for
1:56 pm
you, the 50s. >> christmas is just around the corner and a thousand runners got in the spirit in the european country of latvia with santa claus costumes raising $13,000ure rose for kids with physical disabilities. it runs each year with a record number of runners have turned out. if i knew the conversion of euros to dollars but what we know is, it is for a good cause. >> we will see you in one hour at five o'clock p.m. easton -- eastern. listen, sugar, we're lettin' you go. it's that splenda naturals gal, isn't it?
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coffee: look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste, and zero calories. all the partners agree? even iced tea? especially iced tea. goodbye, sugar. hello, new splenda naturals.
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bill clinton blnk. >> he is using mark burnett to work on the inauguration and he produces "celebrity apprentice" and they are having a hard time getting a list music acts to perform. >> does he ask you? >> no. >> they will never, ever, ask you, joy. >> greg: hello, my friends, we will welcome the guests right now, like the great wall of china, with the mustache seen from space, john


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