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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  December 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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bill clinton blnk. >> he is using mark burnett to work on the inauguration and he produces "celebrity apprentice" and they are having a hard time getting a list music acts to perform. >> does he ask you? >> no. >> they will never, ever, ask you, joy. >> greg: hello, my friends, we will welcome the guests right now, like the great wall of china, with the mustache seen from space, john bolton, former
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ambassador and fox contributor. she leave as trail of flat tires in her wake, political journalist. >> and she puts salt in everything, including your wounds. and he is mistaken for texas, d.n.a. wrestler and fox news contributor. >> another wild week at trump tower and everyone is showing up to kiss donald's ring. world leaders. politicians. crazy people. and these two. beavis and butthead. leo and al, the maverick of carbon abuse saying they are saving the earth dozing in their private jets and their dumb and
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dumber emitting more gas that flatulent cattle and imagine trump having to listen to these bozos before lunch. >> massive change is required right now. one that leads to a new collective consciousness. a new collective evolution of the human race. >> all that sounds geeky but it is a rally big historic thing. >> after that, even the planet would say, please kill me. >> after listening intently to the jack asses or pretending to listen, what did mr. trump do? he picked scott pruitt, now suing the e.p.a., to run the e.p.a. i like that. that is like hiring michael moore to guard your refrigerator. i have to hand it to donald he leads you on and hits the trap
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door, he probably put exlax in their coffee before they left. they left and could not use the bathroom and they are in new york city. that is a lost fun. pruitt is the key threat against the left climate agenda and probably thinks greece peace is a lawn fertilizer or the sierra club is a sandwich. three yes has to be -- leo has to be crushed. he must be back to models and colonics. al, got out of the bed, shaved, plucked the nose hair and he put on a clean pair the sweats before he came over. the one that still has the drawstring. and donald gave him one massive orange head fake. but not just him, earlier donald saw rahm emanuel. i agree, he is the worst mayor since this give.
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♪ a wonder >> pretty bad. make in mistake, rahm emanuel sucks with 600 murders in chicago, lead poisoning is airborne. >> how did the meeting with donald go? >> i was clear about where i stood and other mayors stood on immigrants, that weeing with them because they are frying for the american dream. >> how did donald receive him? >> i [ blank ]. and [ blank ]. [ inaudible ] >> that never loses. why would donald meet with him? rob didn't mind any reason to leave chicago and you know he did not want to go home, he could get shock there. trump offered, rahm emanuel who have taken the job of naval lint
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picker and picked mcman who ran the wwe to run the small business administration, which brings up, there is a small business administration? i had in idea. for labor secretary, he picked a fast food guy who runs carl's junior and hardy's. they have curly fries. that is enough tore me, america. so, we will look at the pecks so far, fast food, wrestling, we have a lot of generals. this is exactly what a teen age boy would do if he were elected president. all that is missing is a monster robot and a plucky assistant who looks like kate upton and this is very good. this team is one big group of aggression designed to give the entire staff of "rolling stone" heart seizures which i'm for but if it happens you have a kind
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doctor near. ben carson is heading up hud but he is really there to revive liberals overwhelmed by panic. who is left? good question. secretary of state is still on if only i knew someone that could fill that spot. someone with the spine, the pedigree, the common sense, and the willingness to speak frank about our enemies, too bad, i'm busy. >> already, ambassador bolton a pleasure to see you. you have been in the news a lot. what the hell is beginning on? >> actually, it was michael
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bolton who met with the president. >> wow, do you look alike. >> but a better singer. >> i don't want to start anything but have you been offered secretary of state? >> you can have my name, rank and serial number and that is all. >> deputy? >> name, rank and serial number. >> without not take deputy? >> they switching to the golf channel. >> you would not take deputy? you are not a number two? >> i have no comment. on anything. >> what do you make of the process so far? >> look, he is equal to or exceeding the pace at which cabinets in other senior administration appointments have been filled and he is off to an excellent start. that is immediate media are in such a frenzy they did not expect it. athey cannot keep up with him. that is the thing.
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erin, they have the first 100 daze he started the 100 days 50 days in. so they have to have the next election not in 2020 but in 2019. >> this particular on opening for secretary of state is being drawn out. there are a lot of shiny objects going on because he throws out david petraeus who jeopardized national security. >> for a woman. so it is worth it. >> it is not like edward snowden who did it for --. >> please stop with the snow a ran damage excuse to bash edward snowden. >> he if it to have a movie made. >> but petraeus was in love with the reporter.
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>> but show has done quite well and she on her own publicity tour for the last year. >> it worked out for her, she deserved the job. >> petraeus would be great ambassador. that is an ambush. now we are in an oil and gas executive for the top diplomat. i am sorry to say this buttic he is coming back to mitt romney the one guy endorsed going to end and donald trump has been very compliment of him throughout >> the guy ran the olympics. that is what they say when they bring him up, he ran the olympics. and the hair. it would show total bravery on trump by picking mitt romney because his share so beautiful and trump's hair is unique.
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>> i'm all for a good look myself but i will keep it real. if it comes down to hair opposed to a cool mustache i would have to go with the mustache. >> what do you make of the process? anything? >> for me personally, mrs. mcmahon is a great choice. i am a supported entertainer but my big moment in new york, i did a few wrestlemania and because of the undertaker they went 15 minutes over and i got cut so it is like going to the super bowl and they took the field away. i was not close with the mcmahons, i worked for them and i felt terrible about myself the next day and tweeted something like you don't know what you love until it breaks your heart and mrs. mcmahon said she was sorry my match got
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cut and was proud of what i wrote on twitter, we had the rock and all these amazing moments and she took the time to actually see me and go up to me and when hat not spoken and that shows just because you are a great business person, you are a human being. she will help small business. >> i am a great businessman not a human being the i met her once in the lobby at fox and she was very, very nice. cat, now, i want for pick your brain or ever what you call that in your skull, poor girl, speaking to a lot of different people, a last unusual people. what do you make of al gore and leo and all that? >> love it. it is great. he picked the fossil fuel industry's best friend to nominate but made it look like he cares about the environmentalist's feels, i talked to leo and al like a
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husband who agreed to go to couples therapy, giving the appearance he is "trying." >> speaking of appearances is it me or is al gore the now rodney dangerfield? he doesn't get any respect but he is turning into --. >> he doesn't look good. >> the most interesting senate confirmation hearing we will have is for the new labor secretary, his choice for two reasons, one, can anyone actually say andrew's last name? >> a weird name. >> he is connected with weird names. >> he has the ads with the
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burger and bikinis, and automatically a bad choice for some people. >> i like those commercials and i like that he likes robots, that is important. i don't know, ambassador, who carl's is, did carl leave carl's? >> never been there so i am not the right person to ask. >> you are not a man of people? >> depends on how you mean that. >> we will take a break. i will still pepper you with questions. the greatest story you will hear in the next 10 minutes. the inauguration is weeks away and i have not dry cleaned my tux. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift?
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>> trump's inauguration is in exactly 40 days plenty of time to get into the hot tub shape,
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ambassador. so, what will a trump inauguration be like? will everything be plated in gold? extravagant food like cocktail weiners and great music by country singers we forgot about years ago the we have a preview of the festivities. are going to pay for this. but we will continue working, powerful, beautiful, >> that looks like a blast. protesters could have a hard time finding a place to cry, the national park service spokesman said agency rules in place since 2008 give the inning -- innothig reality committee access to surrounding lands but the denial of the protester moments is unconstitutessal and threatening legal action. they were not threatening that
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back in 2008. am i right? speaking of president obama, he had quite the star-studded event with appearances from stevie wonder and someone named yo-yo ma, so he should be the entertainment for trump when the real entertainment is donald trump himself? i have some suggestions. poetry reading by willie robertson? dunk booth with nancy pelosi? a rap performance by nasty newt gingrich? got what you are wearing, tire russ. >> what with the chain? >> are bringing the chain back. >> you have to be a gangster to have a chain? >> that is how it works.
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>> you made it. ambassador, why does there have to be entertainment? why? why? why? >> plenty of entertainment, imagine a bowl -- a whole hour or more of president obama squirming during the inaugural address. >> you live in washington, dc, what is your exact address? i kid. i kid. >> i can walk to the national mall and i know you are going to ask about the protesters. >> how did you know? >> for get the principle, think of the last couple of inaugurations can you not get anywhere near the capitol so forget it. i know the protesters are upset they can get as close as they want and get up close to the barricades but it doesn't matter. >> they will not see. by the way, a great protest is a counter inauguration, have all the familiar faces, like sir a
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silverman and green day, and poor man monkey's, and i don't know if anyone follows that. now, cat, it has been said by many in the media that they are not landing any a list musical talent like madonna orache but i hear that [ blank ]. >> what should the inaugural committee do if they say, well, all we have is, you know, name somebody that we often see on "fox and friends." >> it doesn't matter. >> that is the name of the band! >> the people who are already excited will be way excited about trump and it will be entertaining no matter what and the people who are not are going to be very mad in the streets yelling and screaming and it is
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not that. the happy winners will not care but if they do care they will be happier. i don't know if they realize that is how that works. >> it will enjoy, now, what would you like to see? >> wrestling event would be cool. you can bring matt in, as mrs. liberal, pit fighting. that would be cool. the protesters are now protesting the park because the other group had their protest in a year ahead of time. all the thing about activists they do not keep up on the paperwork. they do not have the organization am skills or the neat little piles of paper. they are usually living in a van. >> put the protesters in a cage as entertainment. and give crackers to feed 'em. >> don't applaud that!
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>> that is good. >> how about a death match, ghost match. thank you would be incredible. >> i will take the deputy deal. >> see? you broke the news. he said can you be on my side so that means --. >> all that training? >> only for you. by the way, they should get david cop are -- copper field and have hick make the monuments disappear. >> britney is a registered republican. >> no. >> would? >> britney. >> no one watches the
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inauguration. >> let's have the speeches a rally, do his thing, and we don't need to hear, until it is someone cool like acey, we will take care of business and --. >> get kid rock that would be fun. >> on that note we must move on, a story so magnetic you have to pry your eyeballs from the tv, disgusting but, first, our commander in chief surprised by the rice of isis, how could he miss that? i get it wasn't on n.p.r.
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>> isis is on the rise took him by surprise? i cannot believe it but listen to president obama's answer in the cnn interview. >> at rice of the islamic state surprised and you took you by surprise and the administration by surprise? >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offensives was not on my intelligence radar. >> translation: it wasn't often the golf channel. golf always worked. now, how was it not on the president's radar? it was on my radar. i'm barely conscious. if i can figure isis could expand why couldn't he?
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second, president bush told us in 2007 this would happen if we get out of iraq. >> if we with draw before the commanders say we are ready would be dangerous for iraq, for the region, and for the united states. it means we with be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allowed terrorists to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace what they lost in afghanistan. >> third, an excuse like president obama can't lie, no president cannot say i didn't know it was going to be on the test. it doesn't work that way. the president's dropped ball on isis does not help the party during the last election or hillary clinton. so in that regard, good job, mr. president. well done. >> is the president in denial? he cannot bring himself to say
2:30 pm
he exclude up? thank you has been a remember for a long time. he was perfectly familiar with isis. he said that they are just junior varsity. he were on his radar. but because he doesn't understand the ideology that motivates terrorists he did not pay attention on it until it was too late and a lot of people died because he did not or would not understand it. >> in fairness a lot of european leaders don't, either, don't understand it or know what to do with it. >> comparing us to europeans is not if way to go. i just throw that out. >> they are suffering from -- you are saying a lot of mass scale attacks in european the last couple of years so it is clear that no one knows what to do and we saw that. >> i knew. i knew from day one. >> what? >> kill them. >> i got a million of them.
2:31 pm
unfortunately, my answer to everything is "kill them." >> i understand why he was surprised. he had this ideal in his head he would be the 18ty war president and anything that didn't fit into that vision you don't really pay attention to it the we have ignored red flags before. you are surprised when you find out they are cheating on you but in the back of the head you said, i know that bible study did not go until 4:30 in the morning. >> on top of whatever --. >> what happened to you? when your book comes out i will need tissue and --. >> wow. another thing that we forget the politically correctness and we need to leave them and let them solve their own problems. we did not let generals be generals and but the handcuffs on the army.
2:32 pm
we left the keys, the directions in the midwest to let them do what they want to do, we pulled out and our presence was gone and it was reset, do what you wanted to do and no one stopped them so we are responsible because, one, we cleared out the competition. and we left. we left the field, the tools and no one did anything. we say, god forgives them. game over. we did it. all we really did was helped the next man up. >> i have a theory. he didn't want to listen to political adversaries and he has been like that and the adversary is correct he does not have the ego to accept they could have a point and did not want to feed the idea of islam ma, and he thought taking isis seriously
2:33 pm
would be complimenting them, like we don't want to treat them -- give them a big head. even isis, i think, was kind of offender, and are, like, hey, how many people do we have to behead before the united states cares? >> every action movie you have ever seen the bag gay ignores, well, don't worry, but, literally it is the blueprint of every movie with a bad guy. >> he literally inspired them. >> the other assumption he made that the american public is so war weary they did not want to take it on but that is a lazy
2:34 pm
assumeing that is done. but it is not the case. >> when you deal with evil, ambassador, people are willing to step up and do something. >> and it understates the role of the president. the president's job is not to physical public opinion when american national security is in danger. the president's job to lead the nation to explain the threat and describe what we are beginning to do to defeat the threat before it kills americans. and obama has failed to do that. >> thank you. >> next, is the president elect picking winners and losers when he threatens to stop a boeing project? ♪
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the ad >> they had a good run with air force 1, president-elect donald trump threatened to cancel the boeing order for $4 billion. he is trying to get a better deal. he is a keep dude that is good. he would have been great at extreme couponing. can you see him homing a sloppy folder of coupons, buying five shopping carts full of gatorade for a nickel? president-elect donald trump, if you are getting companies to start giving us better products if our money, why stop with boeing? here are my suggestions, potato chips, why not fill the bag full of potato chips?
2:40 pm
with chips, not air. which is not actually chips. air is not chips. can you please tell the people we make dress shoe places governor they cannot stay tied, they are not shoe places. they are just string. we am know this when you buy shoes. why do i have to grind my own salt and pepper? isn't that what child labor is for? don't make me work for it, give me back my restaurant shakers. stupid. finally, wet wipes, can we make them truly flushable, please? not for me, i am asking for someone else. i have no problems in that area. at all. ambassador, he is doing a lot of things, some things i like, some i am not crazy about. the carrier thing drives me crazy because it is lick turn --
2:41 pm
like turning conservatives into protectionist. all the issue is not understanding some of the trade deal we have made are not free trade deals they managed trade deals. our trade partners do not honor their commit ms. if do you not first them to honor their commitments it is in wonder we have the problems. the real answer is lower government regulations, lower government taxation allow hundreds of billions of profits overseas to come back and the decisions are easier. >> you said you would tell me something about the air force force one bed. >> on the one you showed, i flew on the first international flight of that with president george h.w. bush to helsinki to meet mikhail gorbachev after saddam invaded kuwait. the president has a big double bed, him and the first lady. >> or whoever. >> and -- >> or the president and the
2:42 pm
first gentleman or whoever. but it has a big seatbelt. that is crazy. they can be tucked in all snug with the seatbelt. it is something. >> i had one in my bedroom. >> just violated national security. all the master bedroom seatbelt law. >> i'm in trouble. >> anyway, that was interesting. i will never stop think about that. >> you could be bothered by carrier but the boeing decision was a much different decision. what people missed on boying is that there was no competition for being to get that. >> good point. >> the air force only went to boeing because it is the only united states manufacturer with the ability to credit a plane suitable. but maybe in trump delayed this contract, the next contract, for building the plane not just doing the exploration, maybe some day there could be competition. that was part of the point and
2:43 pm
he talked about draining the swamp, that's what he is going for. the government contracts, no bid contracts. >> i thought the goldman sachs because he is draining that place. i used that joke last week and it still worked. i will use it next week, too. chances are some will not watch tonight but could watch next week so i can use it again. >> for say anything else. >> continue making that drain the swamp joke. what do you make of this, you are a libertarian, a lot of stuff is going on that is not free market free mind. >> right, the conservative guy meddling in business affairs before being elected makes me...he said he believes in fair trade. he doesn't believe in stupid trade. but this country is all about having the freedom to be stupid. we give the chipmunk song three grammys. did you know that?
2:44 pm
this amount of intervention, the carrier thing made me worried right off the bat, before he is even president. >> i don't think american companies should be build hotels abroad. how about that? what in president obama in 2008 calls up donald trump and said can you make all of the hotels in the united states? he would have said no. what do you think? >> he would have. but that is not where we are now. he is changing things and he is doing things that would not necessarily benefit him if he was not in that position he is take on a new position of president and relied we need to change these things because it is not fair and i am trying to make it better. i like what he is doing. the question was, is it good or bad? we don't know. we have to wait is see what happens. when you call taiwan or they called him, and it was like, my god, the top five military in
2:45 pm
the world? usa, usa, usa, usa, usa. when it happened, and everyone was like whoa, and what did china do, sorry about taiwan we will deal with that. he will make other countries uncomfortable that have been comfortable and got fat off us and now they have to pay back so he is doing things out of the box and sometimes you have to do ugly things to make change. let's see what happens. see what happens. >> he is making china nervous again. >> he is making the world nervous. not bad for an old nervous world i would rather have the world scared of us than laughing at us. >> company that canceled its christmas party because it is in a trump funk. just as well. probably would have sucked anyway. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift?
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>> hollywood p.r. first canceled the holiday party because of donald trump's election. the representative of struggling artists including affleck and leo will give the party budget to charity. the c.e.o. said the gesture is to "defend the values we hold dear." what i hold dear is unlikely friendships so i am donated to these two fellows. >> i am not trying to ruin your chance of becoming secretary of state. >> you are doing great.
2:51 pm
>> i said last ditch effort gets a dude in a onesie and kind of funny. people are emotional. >> my invitation did not come in the mail and i could not figure it out. in that is how snowflakes behave, in college and they graduate, great, we will control the presidency, the senate and the house of representatives as far as the eye can see. go for it. >> and the p.r. firm for celebrities, they party every single day. and, also, what they are shing is they they know how to get publicity because that is what they did here. >> they ended up on this show, that is what they did. i have a holiday party rule if you are looking forward to the holiday party it means you do not have enough going on in your life. she was telling me how she was excited she was about the holiday party. >> i was like, things are not
2:52 pm
beginning well but i have two holiday parties. it is stupid to cancel party. if there is one thing i have learned, no matter what you are going through never stop partying. always have partying. they will turn it into a charity event. there is partying and then there is volunteering, they are both good but they are not the same. you do not have to replace one the other. tyrus, are the employers fury. >> they sounding elitist and his like, we the people. why scare who won the presidency or would won, if there is a part i will is a good time and celebrate. it is christmas. the end of the year. you can celebrate your personal accomplishments if you lost, whatever the case, it is not about that but about them and their egohey will donate
2:53 pm
to a charity. they seem like, what is the word...a bunch of [ blank ] is literally like governor i said to one of my children, we could not get the pent south donkey for your birthday party so it is canceled. no matter this year we try next year if we can get a donkey. >> holiday party could be fun. let me give. >> warning, nothing good happens at holiday party. especially if you are not a drinker or you are the quiet we sent person at work or the wall flower, you end up having a few drinks among company and you are without pants, you are arrested and this happens every single holiday party. it is not the party guy, it is the quiet person that falls
2:54 pm
apart because they do not drink that often. >> i have been practicing all year. >> missile toe and december approximately machines are sexually offensive. that is true. >> i am not going to any holiday parties. i don't believe in 'em. they are immoral. >> final thoughts. next.
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2:59 pm
all my life, and now the country is free. free. so free. >> no one knows what to do about isis, maybe it is not such a bad thing that trump is appointing all of these generals. agood point. >> tyrus? >> well, i have been with fox a week and martha is now walking my chain so mama i made it because the white girls are rocking my socks. >> all right. cat? i want to tell everybody there is no reason to sit at home on the couch all depressed. get out there and be depressed in public! >> she does magnificent cry on the subway. >> thanks to ambassador john bolton and all of our guests and
3:00 pm
studio audience. >> president-elect donald trump giving the first interview since the election and sat down with us exclusively. shielding a wide ranging discussion with chris wallace with thoughts on everything from the allegations the russians tried to influence our presidential election so he could win and whether he will move to try to dismantle president obama's legacy. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> he also defending the qualifications of the top contender for the job of secretary of state exxonmobil c.e.o. tillerson with lawmakers


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