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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 12, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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something special. we'll do that in the after the show show. go to "fox & friends".com. >> happy monday. >> put that down. we're on television. >> we're on at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. martha: fun morning. thank you, guys. there are two developments in breaking stories. sources telling fox news that president-elect donald trump settled on exxon ceoç rex tillerson as secretary of state. there is so much back and forth about this position. appears the president-elect has chosen his man. he is criticized for close ties to russia. at same time, mr. trump blasting a report over the weekend that cia believes russia did interfere in our election. donald trump calls that claim ridiculous. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom."
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>> good morning, martha, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. there are a host of unanswered questions about the lal mitigations that the russian government deployed hackers to disrupt our electoral process and help donald trump win the white house. the president-elect responded to all this in exclusive interview on "fox news sunday." >> this is ridiculous. just another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know and, i think it is just, they talked about all sorts of things. every week it is another excuse. >> do you i that the cia is trying to overturn the results of the election, some you how to weaken you in office? >> if you look at story, take a look what they said, there is great confusion. nobody really knows. >> for more, senior national correspondent john roberts is live right now outside of trump tower. so, john, good morning. what is mr. trump saying this morning about rex tillerson? reporter: good morning to you, eric. secretary of state is probably one of the most if not the most
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important position in the president's cabinet, second only to who is running pentagon. you have to be the president's representative the world over. you have to represent united states interests around the globe and be prepared pretty much to work 24/7 for the next four years. sources tell fox news that president-elect donald trump settled on rex tillerson, the current ceo of exxonmobil, his choice for that esteemed position. he was recommended to the trump campaign from a number of people outside of government according to sources among them, robert gates and condoleeza rice, who you might remember recently met with the vice president-elect mike pence in washington. one of the things that donald trump really likes about tillerson he has crafted deals, some of them very, very difficult deals in some of the most difficult places around the world to do business. here is what donald trump told chris wallace yesterday about rex tillerson. >> he's much more than a business executive. he is a world-class player to
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me, a great advantage he knows many of the players and knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, not for himself, but for the company. reporter: but those ties to russia may create headwinds for rex tillerson during confirmation. senator john mccain as you find out in a few minutes is critical of the pick, suggesting he might be too close to putin. so donald trump's campaign and tillerson himself may have a lot of explaining to do before congress as why he should be the secretary of state. eric. >> john, meanwhile the president-elect is pushing back on those allegations about russian hacking, saying it's a democratic plot. what else has he been saying? reporter: as you said right at the beginning, eric, he doesn't believe it for a minute. he was on with chris wallace yesterday. doesn't know if russia was behind it. doesn't think russia was behind it. if the shoe was on other foot and hillary clinton won election, republicans would be accused of spouting vast conspiracy theories. donald trump wondered why none
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of this is issue before the election. here is what he told chris on "fox news sunday." >> hacking is very interesting. once they hack if you don't catch them in the act, you will not catch them. they no idea if it is russia, china or somebody sitting in a bed someplace. they have no idea. reporter: that statement puts donald trump at odds with many people in the intelligence community who believe russia was behind hacking of dnc and organizations and was trying to skew the election. even some of his colleagues in the republican party, senator john mccain, who believe there should be a investigation how deep these allegations of russian hacking went and whether they actually did happen. >> reports say the cia is vinced this did happen to try to help him. who is visiting trump tower? reporter: a lot of meetings at trump tower. carly fiorina, who some people say might be candidate for direct are to have national intelligence. west virginia senator joe manchin will be here as well.
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he is being thought of as position of energy secretary. raul labrador, idaho, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum will be here. a couple of people might be up for secretary of the interior. ryan zinke of montana and cathy mcmorris rodgers, highest ranking woman in congress. she would be a powerful add should donald trump give her. >> former congressman allen west standing in the elevators. there he is live, former congressman. allen west. talking about international affairs, so certainly see what job potentially could be up for and why he is there for an appointment. good to see you. martha: busy monday morning at trump tower. president-elect was tweeting as john was saying about the russian hack story. here is what he said. imagine the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russian cia card, it
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would be called a conspiracy theory. byron rork, correspondent for the "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. does he have a point? >> he does. there is no doubt there would be allegations of trump engaging in conspiracy thinking. on the other hand this is something the intelligence community has been saying for a while. they didn't just come up with this over the weekend. they suggested in october a month ago that that was involved in trying -- russia was involved in influencing election. cia questioning about russia's motive, there seems to be disagreement in the intelligence community, about russian attempts to influence the election they have been talking about that for a while. martha: seems two shoes here. we'll talk to john mccain about this in a while. while hacking our election system and trying to influence is a food idea, which everybody thinks this is bad idea. you need to be on top of that
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the that is what this investigation in the senate will be focused primarily. you have political side. fbi says they don't believe there was intent and effort to sway this election away from hillary clinton and towards donald trump. the cia says the opposite, byron. >> you have another couple of things which is, on the one hand there are things like the hacks of the democratic national committee and the podesta emails. that is one thing. you have attempts to influence voting machines, hack with actual voting machines on election day. we don't think any of that actually occurred. there is still one other factor. it is one thing for russia to try to influence the american election. it is another thing to actually influence. a lot of skeptics are saying wow, did russia convince hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan until it was too late? did they convince her to have giant email scandal? martha: good point. >> did they make obamacare premiums and deductibles skyrocket? that is a whole different question. martha: you remember back in the election when donald trump was
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bringing up issue of poe things, watch the polls, watch what is going on in voting areas. president obama said this, we have tight system. the internet is not connected to voting booths across the country. there is no way to get to that. he was sticking up for the system to say how solid it was. interesting what can flip when the shoe is on other foot. >> he appears correct at time. all recounts efforts have pretty much fizzled. martha: very true. i want to get your take on rex tillerson, the other big story of today. a lot of talk about him, his ties to russia. but he is also getting a lot of very positive feedback on this pick. >> long-time executives ceo of exxonmobil, been with the company 41 years. getting a lot of positive press. he is the kind of fresh, creative, outside the box choice that donald trump promised when he ran for president and as john roberts noted, he was actually recommended by condoleeza rice
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and bob gate, two("t rqrs&y-resc servants. in the case of gates, one who served administrations of both parties. so, he does come highly recommended. on the other hand, he is going to get caught up in all this russia stuff. he did do really big deals in russia. developed a close business relationship with vladmir putin. was awarded russia's order of friendship in 2013. and this is going to get caught up in these allegations of russia's attempts to influence the election. we'll have to see where that goes. we do have some serious republican players in the senate, john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio, asking questions already about this nomination. martha: yeah. there you have it. their concerns, they're willing to give him a very fair hearing and they want to listen. we'll see. thank you very much, byron. >> thank you, martha. bill: martha there is bipartisan push for special investigation and upcoming hearings on that cia report that russia
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interfered with the election and tipped scales for mr. trump. there are calls for more information about what moscow may have done in our election. arizona senator john mccain spoke with martha this morning, he says there is no proof of hacking yet, it is critical he maintains to make sure it never happens. >> i do not and, that is the reason why we need a full investigation, but, i have seen no evidence of that but we should be deeply concerned about their ability to get into almost any place they want to go. if they do that with political campaigns, can't they do it in every other aspect of america, especially our military capabilities? >> you don't want to miss martha's full interview with the senator who says every american should be alarmed about all of this. that is coming up 20 minutes from now at bottom of the hour. martha, can't wait to see it. martha: his concern is clearly we're behind the ball on cybersecurity on the whole and that it is something we really
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need to ramp up on. you will hear that a few moments from now. meantime israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, a vote of confidence from him for donald trump. watch. >> feels very warmly about the jewish state, about the jewish people and about jewish people. there is no question about that. martha: will there be resurgence of friendship between israel and the united states? former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here with his thoughts coming up. >> man, oh, man, have you seen that gigantic bird, the 757 on the tarmac a lot of times, that is donald trump's private plane. guess who got on it? chris wallace took a ride during his interview with donald trump. we'll show you that, what it looks like inside. what he has and you will the gizmos and gadgets. how luxurious the plane is. martha: we'll show you that in a moment. meantime a fox news alert here. terrible news of a kind that has become too frequent. two police officers shot entering a home with a warrant.
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martha: out of georgia this morning, two police officers were shot overnight. they were trying to serve a warrant at a home. they were part of a drug task force. they were shut as they entered the home an hour south of atlanta. officers returned fire killing the suspect. one officer has already been released from the hospital.
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the other is in surgery. we wish them well. not a lot of details on the condition of that second officer. we're watching it. we'll bring you any developments as we get them. ♪ >> i know donald trump. i know him very well and i think his attitude, his support for israel is clear. he feels very warmly about the jewish state, about the jewish people and about jewish people. there is no question about that. >> with trump do you think that israel will not be as at odds with the united states as you have been under the obama administration? >> yeah, we had differences of opinions, i had differences of opinion with president obama and most well-known of course is iran. eric: that is israeli prime minister netanyahu of course last night on "60 minutes" expressing optimism about president-elect trump and israeli relations with the
6:17 am
incoming administration. what will change with mr. trump in the white house. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, former presidential candidate and fox news contributor. governor, always good to see you. the prime minister seemed especially welcoming and warm to mr. trump. a bit of a contrast than recent years. >> i'm guessing in the prime minister's office, there is calendar, every day that gets closer to january 20th. there is x going on that date looking forward to a new relationship because the obama administration has been hostile towards israel, hostile. not that theyç have been indifferent. they have spent more time condemning israel building bedrooms in judea and samaria than condemning iran attempting they have constantly haranged israel which is our best friend in the middle east, the most stablizing force in the middle east and it is an irrational position that the obama administration has taken. so i am sure not just the prime minister, but citizens around israel are celebrating that the
6:18 am
end of this very hostile regime of barack obama is coming to an end. eric: some would say the settlements have been increasing, building that continues threatens the peace process. >> no, i will tell you what threatens the peace process. it is the palestinians never being held accountable for continuing to push in their education systems the celebration of terrorism, to celebrate the murder of jews. we'll never have a peace in the middle east as long as there is an unwillingness of the palestinians to acknowledge the right of israel to exist. and the so-called settlements, these are neighborhoods and communities. these are well-established communities in land that frankly, israel has every legal and moral right to claim. judea and samaria are a part of historic land of the jews. i'm not jewish but i've been to israel some times i've lost count going back to 1973. what the israelis have done in building a remarkable nation is nothing short of miraculous,
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both economically, medically, politically. it is, you know, a bright spot in and other wise dark part of the world. eric: shimon peres in july told me it was the human spirit that built his nation because they had nothing. when i was there interviewed the prime minister about the iran nuclear deal. as you know president obama and prime minister were at odds. he said the main difference was that president obama did deal with iranian behavior. i want you to listen to what the prime minister told me. >> if you will lift restrictions on iran's nuclear programs, you should do it by conditioning the lifting of these restrictions on a change of iranian behavior and not on date certain on the calendar. that was essentially the difference. >> they haven'ted change the behavior? >> no. eric: that behavior, ballistic missiles, support for hamas and hezbollah, still on largest
6:20 am
state sponsor of terrorism on the state department list. what will change? how can president affect, can he, iranian behavior? >> well, for one thing he can be very clear he is not going to tolerate the continued military buildup of hamas and hezbollah. hezbollah directly north of israel able to fire missiles and hit israel within minutes. there is no margin of error for the israelis. this is what people don't understand. hamas to the south and syria to the northeast, they're surrounded by mortal enemies who would love to destroy them. those enemies are not house away from an attack, they are within machines independence. when the prime minister of israel or the nation of israel expresses concern that we have rewarded iranians for bad behavior, like what we've done, giving cookies to the worst kid in the neighborhood and telling the good kids they will not get any milk today. this is defying common sense as well as statecraft. so i have to believe that if donald trump just shows up and
6:21 am
recognizes the difference between good and evil, israel is in a better place and frankly so is the rest of the world. i have often said eric obama is the only person i i know who cod watch a '50s style western and still wouldn't be able to tell who the good guys and bad guys are. there are good guys and bad guys in the middle east and he doesn't seem to know the difference. eric: quickly, governor, your name is mentioned as possible ambassador. you said there are other uses for your talents. what do you think? >> that is donald trump's decision to make. i will leave it to him because he is the only person who is the president-elect, the only person who gets to make those decisions. so we'll see what he decides and what he thinks is best for the country. eric: we'll see if you end up in israel a lot more than you have been, you have been there a lot, governor huckabee. >> a lot. eric: always good to see you, thank you, sir. martha? martha: two giant american companies are under pressure. what president-elect donald trump is saying this morning about lockheed martin and the billion dollar f-35 jet
6:22 am
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eric: two breaking stories from syria this morning. state media saying government forces almost completely recaptured eastern aleppo from the u.s.-backed rebels, leaving them on the virg of total defeat. syrian troops backed by russian airstrikes have been launching an all-out offensive on aphelp poe as you know. critics say the obama administration did far too little to help the rebels in their cause. while the assault is underway. there is set back against the radical islamic terrorists isis.
6:26 am
they took back the iztoric city of palmyra. only nine months after the islamic terrorist group was expelled in that city by syrian and russian forces. martha: new developments concerning billion dollar programs with two of america's biggest companies. president-elect donald trump voicing concerns about the cost of lockheed martin f-35 jet program, suggesting that he will scrap it when he takes office. at same time boeing says it sealed a 17 billion-dollar deal to sell jetliners to iran. that would make it the major u.s. company to enter into an agreement with the islamic republic. how will mr. trump feel about that and impact on markets? chief correspondent ed henry live in washington. ed, let's start with the latest piece of information, he tweeted this morning about the lockheed deal and f-35. what do you make of it? reporter: what i make of it, he
6:27 am
started with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" and going after wasteful pentagon spending. particularly a republican coming into office would be all for defense spending which he said he wanted during the campaign. he still says, donald trump, that he wants it, but wants it not to be wasteful. there is billion of dollars going down the drain. this is why his critics say look he is going after the companies, he is unpredictable. supporters say wait a second. that is why they want him and went out and voted for him and elected him because he thinks he will take on the sacred cows. look at tweet about lockheed martin. donald trump saying the f-35 program and cost is out of control. billions of dollars can and will be saved on military and other purposes after january 20th. remember, this follows him going after boeing last week. boeing's stock took a hit. people will not be looking in a couple moments what happens to lockheed in the markets you but remember, as you look at that live picture there, of trump tower with more and more
6:28 am
meetings coming, boeing last week, the president-elect after them went about the new air force one saying on twitter boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order. remember, there were a lot of critics then as well last week saying how could even think about canceling order. those critics forgot that president barack obama canceled an order of helicopters for marine one just for that very reason. sometimes the critics, sort of shoot before asking the right questions, martha. martha: it is clear that this is a businessman. he looks at the bottom line. looks at the costs and these contracts that are entered into for military equipment, you know, have very inefficient bidding process. this has been a long-time story. this is reformer, from what i am hearing all the conversations that are had about reform in all of these agencies. reporter: martha, look, this is
6:29 am
why you look at boeing as well with this new deal that you mentioned a moment ago, over $16 billion for planes going to iran. that would be separate obviously from taxpayer money and bidding and contract process donald trump says he will go over with fine-tooth comb. what has he also said? iran nuclear deal, opening door for major companies like boeing, big multibillion-dollar contracts with iran. the bottom line is, what i think you're seeing from boeing, for example, in the iran deal, they put out this statement saying today's agreement will support tens of thousand of u.s. jobs. why that is important. think about the carrier deal. these companies like boeing are looking at donald trump being very unpredictable. going at them on cost overruns. maybe going after boeing on separate issue selling planes to iran. they're saying hold on, mr. president-elect, this will mean u.s. jobs. critics say this is very
6:30 am
unpredictable and messy. donald trump's supporters, hold on a second. he is holding the corporations accountable and making them focus on what is important, saving taxpayer money in terms of government contracts and creating u.s. jobs, not just jobs over in iran but u.s. jobs over here. martha. martha: federal spending on one side and question of u.s. jobs on the other side of that equation. and airbus will get a lot of those airplane deals if we don't get them with companies in our country like lockheed. a lot to chew over. ed, thank you very much. more to come. you too, thanks. eric: democrats apparently doing some soul-searching after their election loss. you know senator harry reid, is now pointing finger directly at this man, fbi director james comey. coming up, why he says comey should be investigated and resign. martha: plus, more from the exxon chief's pick for secretary of state. mixed reaction to rex tillerson as our top diplomat. senator john mccain will weigh in on that coming up after the
6:31 am
break. stay with us. >> when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly, it is an issue that i think needs to be examined. and again, that does not mean we should prejudge mr. tillerson. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at martha: president-elect donald trump dismissing a secret cia assessment that russia interfered with the presidential election to help him win the white house. bipartisan group of senators calling an investigation. mr. trump calling the whole thing ridiculous. >> why would the cia put out this story that the russians wanted you to win?ç >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the democrats are putting it because the they suffered one of the greatest defeat in the history of the politics in this country. frankly i think they're putting it it frankly it is ridiculous. martha: senator john mccain.
6:35 am
>> good morning thank you. martha: interesting reports out of the weekend. a little tricky to tell whether any of this new. do you think any of the information cia came across is new? >> no. this hacking has been going on, martha, my campaign in 2008 was hacked into. it is something that has been going on for quite some period of time. the question is, of course what was the intention and that's why we need an investigation, but more importantly than that, we need to finally seriously address this issue of cyber. and the potential damage that it could do to our national security and the obama administration has done nothing. we have no strategy, we have no policy concerning this whole issue of cyber warfare which our military leaders told us we're not at an advantage. martha: i ask if it is new what prompted this particular story over the weekend president obama was aware and the hacking seems focused on
6:36 am
podesta emails that came out and all the discussion generated about that, and perhaps that had negative impact on the clinton campaign. to say somehow that the russians were engineering the outcome or that they want the donald trump to win, do you see any evidence of that at all in this story? >> i do not. and that is the reason why we need a full investigation but, i have seen no evidence of that but we should be deeply concerned about their ability to get into almost any place they want to go. if they do that with political campaigns, can't they do it in every other aspect of america, especially our military capabilities? martha: absolutely. i think the hacking issue in and of itself is something that we need to feel that we are much stronger and more capable in. in terms of the political ramifications of this story in the "new york times" over the weekend, is there anything that indicate, or do you agree in any sense with what donald trump said, that perhaps there is a
6:37 am
political motivation in dredging all of this back up now to say, well, it wasn't hillary clinton's fault that she lost the election. it is that she was targeted by the russians? >> i think the reason why we have to be careful, we're going to have an investigation and a special subcommittee on the armed services committee on the whole issue of cyber including this issue, making sure we don't make it a partisan issue an somebody using it as a way to justify what was a free and fair election in the view of any observer. so, we need to look at it, but we also need to understand that it is only part of a larger issue of this whole issue of cyber warfare. are they capable of shutting down every satellite? that is a good question. martha: excellent question. so digging deeper on that and for good reason. let's turn our attention now to rex tillerson who looks to be the pick of president-elect donald trump for secretary of state.
6:38 am
what is your reaction to that? >> i am concerned about his relationship with vladmir putin. vladmir putin is a thug, a murderer, a kgb guy, who only wants to restore the russian empire, who has killed, murdered boris nemtsov, the leader of the opposition in the shadow of the kremlin. his equipment shot down an airliner. he dismembered ukraine. russian planes are pinpointing and bombing hospitals in a help help -- aleppo. i am concerned but we should give him a fair hearing. let him make his case is the president's choice and exercise our responsibilities of advise and consent. i am not be and we should not prejudge him. martha: to you put up on the screen, condoleeza rice, james baker, bob gates all expressed some support for rex tillerson. they think he is outstanding individual that deserves a good shot at this position.
6:39 am
does their support, what does that indicate to you? >> oh, i think when you you get support from people that are of that stature certainly is helpful to him. i also, as 100 of us have to exercise our best judgment, but when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly an issue that needs to be examined. again that does not mean we should prejudge mr. tillerson. martha: you know, when you look at cabinet picks so far, you look at general mattis, general kelly, and potentially rex tillerson, which would create and general michael flynn, would create sort of that circle of people who would have influence over our relationship with russia, and i know that it is very important to you that we negotiate with them from a position of strength, do you think that's a strong triumvirate? >> i think it's a strong team but the problem is that we have
6:40 am
cut defense and cut defense, as importantly this president has no plans, has no strategy. as we, pretty soon silence will descend over aleppo. the only thing there will be around is dead bodies and carnage and destruction and all of that did not have to happen. it is one of the great tragedies of recent history is what is happening in syria with 500,000 killed, six million refugees. they have got, that team and that, has got a hell of a lot of work to do. martha: and it's worth pointing out something that you have spoken about for the last three to four years about what was going on in syria. all of those lives that did not need to be lost and what continues to be the devastation in aleppo is something you've been speaking out about for a very long time. so when you talk about what needs to be carved out and so much is already lost but at what
6:41 am
point would you begin to try to turn that around? >> i think we could turn a lot of it around the day the president is inaugurated, the same way that the day in 2,000 and 81, when ronald reagan was sworn in and hostages came home from iran. a strong peace through strength strategy with the kind of leadership and kind of capabilities that we have. we're still the best nation on earth, martha. we're still the most innovative. we're energy independent. everything about america makes us the strongest by far in the world. it is a matter of leadership. that leadership has failed the last eight years and it has been a disgrace. martha: one last question for you on china. donald trump was asked about china and about taking the phone call from the president of taiwan. let's listen to this, get your reaction. >> i don't want china dictating to me. this was a call put into me. i didn't make the call.
6:42 am
it was a call, very short call, saying congratulations sir on the victory. it was a very nice call, short. and why should some other nation be able to say i can't take a call? i think it actually would have been very disrespectful to be honest with you, not taking it. martha: what do you think, senator? >> i think he did exactly the right thing. taiwan is independent nation. chinese behavior violation of the agreement they made when the british handed over hong kong, their threats to taiwan. listen, somebody has got to stand up to china also which again, this administration has not done. martha: senator john mccain, thank you very much. always good to see you sir. >> thank you, martha. >> great interview, martha. president john f. kennedy, every president since him routinely gotten them, but donald trump says he doesn't need to unless something changes. we're talking about the
6:43 am
presidential daily briefing. what does it mean if you skip some of the pdbs. is he correct? we'll have a fair and balance debate. that is next. >> i don't have to be told, i'm like a smart person, i don't have to be told the same thing and same words every single dayç for the next eight years. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms.
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6:47 am
eight years. i don't need that. but i do say if something should change, let us know. eric: that is president-elect donald trump firing back at critics saying he does not need those intelligence briefings as you heard every day because he says, he is a smart person. and he does not need to hear the same thing twice. so, what does it really mean to our national security if the president skips the pdbs? marianne marsh, former advisor to secretary of state john kerry joins us. katie pavlich, townhall. com. start with you. you heard him say that he doesn't need to hear same stuff every single day, is he off point or off base? >> everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. that is what donald trump is doing here to deciding to shun these briefings. tough ask yourself why? it is clear he has been openly contemptuous of all the intelligence agencies throughout the campaign and since the election. so he either doesn't want to know the information that they're sharing with him.
6:48 am
he doesn't want to be held accountable, or he doesn't like the fact he is facing the very intelligence agencies that have donald trump, paul manafort and carter page under investigation for their ties to russia. those are the only explanations. and i think that is pretty ironic, the last one. eric: like an ostrich putting his head in the sand, marianne? >> anyone who is the commander-in-chief of the united states of america is obligated to be held accountable and fully informed. donald trump bys choosing to shun the briefings and saying he will put his own people in the agencies is doing just that putting every american life at risk in the process and that is irresponsible and dereliction of duty. eric: katie, will american national security be endangered. >> it is important to point out there is no evidence that the intelligence communities are investigating trump himself. >> that is wildly published in "new york times" and "washington post" and everywhere. >> the russian connection to meddling in the election you about in terms of national security i know that
6:49 am
donald trump is an efficient guy and i know he doesn't like to waste a lot of time but the fact is he should be taking these intelligence briefings every single day especially coming into the office and preparing to be the commander-in-chief. it is great that the advisors around him are getting briefings as well when he is not getting all of them but the fact at end of the day he is the commander-in-chief. he is the one who is going to have to make decisions. the other thing too is, look it is one thing to get updated if things change. but the whole point of these davely briefings to show americans are under constant, daily, dangerous threat from a variety of foreign actors and terrorist groups around the world. that is the reminder of getting that briefing every day. we don't want things necessarily to change. it is also about preempting issues that may come up. i think he should be taking briefings. by the way he criticized president obama for skipping briefings and he shouldn't be held to a different standard. eric: i mean ignorance could be catastrophic. remember august 6th, in crawford, texas, when president george w. bush received the
6:50 am
briefing that bin laden was going to strike at u.s., but to be fair, marianne, finally what does the president do when you get this type of information? >> well you're exactly right, eric. the fact is, george bush did not take his daily briefing seriously. >> come on. eric: that is not really fair. it's a matter took them. >> he did not take the briefing just before 9/11, seriously because he was told the united states was going to be attacked, number one. number two, let me correct katie, widely reported in october "the washington post," "new york times," many publications stated by name, donald trump, paul manafort, carter page under an intelligence investigation for their ties to russia. that is a fact. look it up. eric: which don't know if mr. trump himself is. there is no evidence. >> no, widely reported. they named him by name. eric: sadly we're out of time because we're up against the clock. that is the ultimate, judge, that is computer.
6:51 am
it is not me, katie, and marianne. thank you. martha: move over air force one. chris wallace getting aboard trump force one. we're getting a rare look inside of the plane. for instant results of the number one prestige eye cream, without paying twice the price. show your amazement, not your age. with new olay eyes. ageless.
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6:54 am
eric: fox news alert, the president of egypt, he he he wis sees sy, saying it was a suicide bomber that carried out the attack on a coptic christian cathedral. it killed 24 christians during a sunday mass at st. mark's cathedral. the bomber identified as 22-year-old man. el-sisi say three men and women are arrested in connection with the blast. this is one of the the deadliest
6:55 am
assaults on christians in the last few years. martha: you have seen the outside of donald trump's plane thousands of times as he traveled around the country during the election? what about the inside. chris wallace was going on inside and he asked mr. trump about his future lifestyle when he gets into office. >> mr. trump says the plane is a step up from air force one. much of his team was there. chief of staff reince priebus and senior advisor steve bannon. national security advisor general mike flynn and rudy giuliani, who just took himself out of the running for secretary of state. once we had leveled off i asked the president-elect, about his new life. there is a lot of curiosity about your life-style as president. are you going to live in the white house? are you going to spend most of your time at trump to youer? >> no, i will live in the white house with my family. baron will finish up school because he has just a couple of months to go, so it's a little
6:56 am
hard to take him out of school. melania will be back and forth for that first couple months. no we'll stay in the white house. >> you talk about the fact that mrs. trump will stay back in new york with baron until he finishes school. are you going to be lonely rattling around in the white house by yourself for a few months? >> no. i will be working. i will be working. it's a very special place. it represents so much, and there is a lot to do. there is a lot to do. more than i even thought. it is so many things we can do to make america great again. i mean that is what it's all about. and i'll be working. i won't be lonely at all. martha: fascinating. chris said he didn't appear daunted. there is a lot of discussion right after the election that donald trump felt daunted by the awesome responsibility now upon him. he said he does feel that way. chris said, he didn't give off the vibe at all. he seems to feel on top of where he is going with all of this.
6:57 am
6:58 am
. . .
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: president-elect donald trump said to be nearing a final decision now on the very important post, secretary of state, probably the most important after choosing the vice president, transition sources telling fox that mr. trump will nominate exxon mobile rex tillerson. the announcement to come this week, probably mid-week. welcome, everybody. new hour of america's news room. i'm martha maccallum. >> hello, everyone, i'm eric sean for jon scott. he has described as aggressive deal maker.
7:01 am
president-elect trump, though, praising mr. tillerson yesterday on his appearance on fox news sunday. >> well, in his case he's much more than a business executive. he's a world-class player. he's in charge, i guess, the largest company in the world and he's in charge of an oil company that's doubled the size of next nearest competitor. a company that's been unbelievably managed. the trump transition team in the lobby, we also now have a list of people of who mr. trump will be meeting with today and that list includes one of the former rival carly fiorina, former pennsylvania senator rick
7:02 am
sanitorium, all possible candidates for various jobs. martha: senior writer for the weekly standard, good morning, to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: it started to bubble over the weekend, indications that rex tillerson was emerging as perhaps the top candidate for the job. each person had a flaw, perhaps, tillerson does too. >> you heard donald trump make the case for him and suggest that he's got experience making deals that he dealt with world readers in the past and that gives him the kind of experience that would allow him to be a successful secretary of state, he has a general familiarity with these issues. no question. what exactly is his relationship with vladimir putin, does he have the requisite skepticism of
7:03 am
expansionist russia at a time when we are seen putin make clear designs on his neighbors and others. why did rex tillerson receive this order of friendship from vladimir putin in 2013 and if that's the case, tillerson was making to ease sanctions. i would hope that republicans and conservatives would be asking them along with democrats while they give him him a fair hearing and ask him about how to do the job. martha: he struck a deal in the artic ocean and that followed with a order of friendship that was given to say and that deal got frozen after the crimea invasion. he's a businessman. if you're an oil exploration, if you're not trying to do drilling
7:04 am
in places like the arctic ocean and trying to expand your shareholder value across the globe, you're not really doing your job, are you? >> well, look, i think that's one way of looking at it, the other way of looking at it is what are you doing that would potentially increase the power and influence of somebody like a vladimir putin who as john mccain said in your interview with him earlier is a thug and murderer and has a goal, expansion and restoration of the old soviet order, you have to balance those things. it certainly is tension that donald trump was making as a candidate against globalism and the kind of things that appeal to his supporters and the activities that you're seeing and describing from rex tillerson. those are the kinds of things that we should see hashed out in a confirmation hearing. somebody like a john mccain and marco rubio who has raised questions, there's no question they want to get to the point where they can look at tillerson in a friendly way but if he's
7:05 am
unable to provide answers to them, they should be pushing hard. martha, no, that's their job. that's what we expect from them. >> thanks, martha. >> mitch mcconnell taking questions and addressing the alleged hacking. let's listen. >> human trafficking, trade promotion authority and many others. so even though there were obviously some pretty big differences in the time of divided government, i think we are were able to search for the things, it was my desire to search for the things that we had agreement on and make some progress for the country and there were a number of things upon which we were able to score some points for the american people. so with that, let me throw it open. >> do you believe that the russian government -- [inaudible] >> as i indicated, the reason i
7:06 am
read that statement is i think that pretty thoroughly covers what i'm prepared to say about that issue. >> you talked about an investigation, you support a bipartisan investigation, do you want to do -- [inaudible] >> we have -- we are going to follow the regular order. it's an important subject and we intend to review it on a bipartisan basis. >> in your statement and obama administration -- [inaudible] >> does it like wise concern you the signals from the new administration of a different attitude orientation and more friendliness toward russia? >> well, let me speak to myself. the russians are not our friends. invaded crimea, senator mccain and i and democratic friends met with the delegation from the baltic countries just this past week to say that they are
7:07 am
nervous about the russians to put it mildly, let me also said as i said last year, nato is important. we intend to keep the commitments that are made in the nato agreement which i think by any objective standard one of the most if not successful military alliance in the world history and i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> senator mcconnell, is it a problem that incoming president is sending signals to russia that -- that he is sending and what he says about his supposed appointment of rex tillerson. >> well, i'm i'm going to save a lot of time on how i addressed how i feel about the russians and i hope that those who are going to be in position to
7:08 am
responsibility in the new administration share my view. >> you mentioned your confidence in u.s. intelligence agencies, are you concerned that the president elect continues to deny that russia was behind the hacking and that he's now questioning the credibility of the cia? [laughter] >> look, i've already addressed my own view about where we are on those issues and i really don't have any intention of further elaborating. yeah. >> should president-elect trump nominate -- [inaudible] >> well, i've been very impressed with the nomination so far and we will have to wait and see who is nominated for secretary of state and will obviously treat whoever that is with respect or go through regular process and respond to questions and we will see where
7:09 am
it comes out. >> do you think rex tillerson could be confirmed? >> let's wait till we get nominees. of the nominees that we are already aware of,ic i'm optimistic that they'll all be confirmed. but i don't want to accommodate -- accommodate on a phantom nominee today. yeah. >> russia is not our friend, so says senate majority leader mitch mcconnell supporting the cause on an investigation of alleged hacking by cia report that allegedly helped donald trump win the presidency as they say. the senate armed services committee to held hearings. standing by on capitol hill mike emmanuel with more on all this. mr. trump has blamed the democrats for these allegations, he's attacked the intelligence community. we heard senator mcconnell say that he supports an investigation that should be
7:10 am
looked into. >> fascinating stuff there, eric. you could tell that the majority leader was choosing words carefully because he believes a lot of the information is classified and wanted to be careful in a public setting. as for the president elect, he sounds like democrats are using this as an excuse because they can't accept that hillary clinton won the election. it would be call conspiracy theory. chris wallace tried to get at his skepticism. >> why would the cia put out the story that the russians wanted you? >> i think the democrats are putting out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country and frankly i think they're putting it out and it's ridiculous. >> mr. trump suggests that the democrats are very embarrassed after losing the 2016 election.
7:11 am
>> looks like the hearings would be coming in the next new year. martha: vladimir putin will always be america's enemy, fox news strategist explains why in just a few minutes. we will be right back with that and also the president elect tapping a man who has been a long-time friend of russia, would that be a good or bad thing for our foreign relations? >> one of the top democrats demanding investigation into fbi director james comey over the lost by hillary clinton. does he have a case, judge napolitano is here on that for what he thinks. >> martha: challenging epa regulations is greened agenda hurting our economy by driving jobs overseas. >> where are you -- >> i'm somebody that gets it and nobody really knows. it's not something that's so hard and
7:12 am
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7:15 am
we are we are back senator mitch mcconnell taking some questions. i want to bring in fox news strategist for more on this. the discussion of rex tillerson as secretary of state. >> good morning, martha, i would like to make it clear that senator mcconnell and i did not call and coordinate.
7:16 am
there's no doubt about it. >> talk to me about rex tillerson. he's getting a lot of positive feedback from rice and bob gates and people that i have spoken to saying he's very impressive. what do you think? >> well, i think accommodations are so much measured and cautious. i personally know of know one that thinks it's a wise nomination. martha, we have real problems. i'm impressed of what the president elect has already done, the people he's nominated like kelly and mattis for cabinet positions, taking on lockheed martin, taking the phone call with taiwan, all good stuff but there's -- this weird stumbling block where the president elect will not ever criticize vladimir putin for anything, ever. he just praises the guy. no matter the atrocities the in syria, no matter the threats, he
7:17 am
won't criticize him and now you have the floating idea of rex tillerson, ceo of exxon mobile to be secretary of state. it is a terrible idea. this is a guy who got the order from putin, the last thing we need in a time when putin is trying to harm nato, a guy that thinks putin is great. martha: i understand what you're saying. let's look back at eight years. vladimir putin has been so aggressive over the course of last eight years while we have had active diplomacy. john kerry has been in there. we have been pointing the finger publicly in very strong ways and doing nothing that actually undermine his movement across syria. do you think that sex tillerson understand that this is a man who wants to spread russian power back to the glory days? >> well, if he understands it he sympathizes with putin.
7:18 am
putin like john mccain said is a thug and a murderer. putin has an emotional core, visceral hate for the united states, blames us for collapse of the soviet union. he wants sanctions lifted. we didn't do enough. obama certainly is not a model of effectiveness but we did something. putin wants sanctions lifted, he wants nato destroyed, europe divided, he want the empire in long-term restored. martha: i understand that. what i'm saying is what we have done so far is just sort of publicly berate and allow him to do whatever he wants. >> i'm with you. >> martha: the person that's been nominated, we don't know if he's the right person for the job. perhaps somebody who does have a
7:19 am
relationship with him and perhaps that's what president-elect trump is trying to do not to throw down any mark because he wants to keep friends close and enemies closer. >> martha, i know the russians. we are suckers for the russians. the president elect is being a sucker and i do not trust anybody who has done mega billion dollar deals with putin's government. martha: you're saying he's an agent for vladimir putin, is that what you're saying? >> i think it's what the russians called a useful idiot, someone who puts profit motive above the welfare of the united states. you can't do business with putin's russia without getting dirty. it can't be done. i want to see somebody who puts america's interest in front of exxon mobile. sorry. i tell you, again the president elect is doing a lot of good things, but i want to hear him say at least criticize the bombing of hospitals and clinics
7:20 am
in syria. martha: believe me, i understand what you're saying. let me ask you this of who you think -- we have been through a number of picks, we saw the rudy giuliani situation, petraeus once they started digging in they were nervous about confirmation, i think this morning we both heard from mitch mcconnell and senator john mccain that this may be the one that they decide to push back on and we know there will be someone along the way. do you -- is that your picking up that he's going to get a very tough confirmation? >> well, he better. i think really with this problem with putin, this could be john mccain's finest hour as a politician, the one voice, the voice standing up and saying, no, putin is not our friend because, martha, putin is not our friend, he just hates us and washington doesn't like terms like hate or passion, but putin hates us with a passion. martha: president-elect donald
7:21 am
trump doesn't hesitate to mark enemies where he sees them, do you think that's true? >> well, yeah, but why is he so devoted to putin, why won't he ever criticize him, why does he praise him? his campaign was infected with paul, he's gone, of course. martha, i have not been a conspiracy theorist, there's a whole lot more back story on the relationship with russia and the trump campaign and the other thing is i think vladimir putin is being underestimated in his efforts to tilt the election and i believe there were efforts. he made have pulled the greatest spy craft of the century. martha: interesting points. ralph, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> senator harry reid who he thinks caused the democrats to lose the election and his name is james comey. senator calling for an
7:22 am
investigation. judge napolitano will weigh in on that coming up.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> reid is accusing comey of knowing about russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. nevada senator claiming the fbi director who is a republican was supposedly holding onto information he says about russia's alleged hacking for political purposes. >> why don't we look at the cheating they do in presidential elections and as you have heard my voice, i am so disappointed in comey. he has let the country down for partisan purposes and that's why i call him because i believe
7:26 am
that. >> is this true and what does this mean judge andrew napolitano with us, fox news senior analyst. >> yes, i do think he should be investigated either by the congress or a special prosecutor appointed by whoever the next attorney general will be presumably senator jeff sessions when he's confirmed and sworn in. >> what did he do wrong in your view? >> well, there were so many questions that are left unanswered by his behavior. and this investigate will bring the department of justice as well as the fbi for the following reasons. how did the phoenix airport tarmac meeting between clinton and loretta lynch and they kept the press away, what was discussed and what was agreed there? why was no grand jury impaneled in the investigation of mrs. clinton. why were no subpoenas issued or
7:27 am
warrants executed. why did the justice department give promises not to prosecute mrs. clinton's inner circled. there are so many unanswered questions. how did when announced that she wasn't going to be indicted she went on national television and listed all the evidence against her. how is it that they found anthony weiner's laptop, eric, the questions -- the questions are a long list of questions. >> on the last one they said the computers can do that. they go right through computers and find that. >> they should have done that before making announcement that the investigation was being resumed only later that the investigation is being shut down for the second time. >> why do you think he made that announcement two weeks before the election? >> i don't know. he said he made the announcement because in one of his under oath testimonies to congress he had
7:28 am
agreed the minute something happened in the case, he would tell congress. guess what? he doesn't work for congress. he works for the doj, he has no obligation to give congress a snapchat of a criminal investigation, revealing it would almost get you in trouble. he's in trouble now. >> what type of investigation do you think there be in capitol hill, what do you think will come of this if anything at all? >> i think there's impetus in congress to answer questions that i gave you. by the time the investigation occurs, he will be the former director of the fbi. we know for sure that mrs. lynch will be the former attorney general and it's up to the president -- president elect if soon to be president trump wants a serious investigation, he will have jeff sessions appoint an independent counsel with fbi agents and subpoena power and with a grand jury sitting in the wings. if they want a political
7:29 am
investigation maybe just to get the answers but not to prosecute anybody, they will have the congress. >> if there's no investigation, swept under the rug? >> we will never know the answer to the questions and that will feed the conspiracy theorist. republicans and democrats want to know the answer. even hillary clinton that lost want to know the answers to this. >> martha. martha: well, president-elect donald trump poised to choose chief diplomat, it's been a long process in the making. eric tillerson has done business with vladimir putin for nearly two decades, so what would that relationship look like? >> trump campaign on rebuilding the military but what he's now saying about a huge fighter jet program, well, that may just deviate from that vow. >> look at the hundreds of billions of dollars and it's out
7:30 am
of control.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: the comes and goingings at trump tower, today carly fiorina arriving to meet with the president-elect. she was one of mr. trump's harshest critics on the campaign trail, john roberts reporting she's in the mix for director of national intelligence. it's the person who is supposed to improve all of the coordination at the top ranks of 16 different intelligence agencies in the country. so if she were selected, she'd be the first woman to hold that post. transition team, you see kellyanne conway bringing her into the building this morning. they're going to have a briefing any moment. we always yet a lot of -- get a lot of information in that as well. stay tuned, more to come where that's concerned. in the meantime, president-elect donald trump taking aim at an expensive military program, coming down hard against the f-35 which is
7:34 am
the world's most advanced stealth fighter jet just as israel prepares to take delivery of two of them. mr. trump tweeting: the f-35 program and cost is out of control. billions of dollars and will be saved on military and other purchases after january the 20th, inauguration day, of course. john huddy is live in israel. s has there been any response to mr. trump's comments so far there, john? >> reporter: well, martha, there has. we spoke earlier today with the vice president of strategic integration for lockheed martin, a guy named jack chrisler, about what mr. trump said, the fact that the program in the united states is out of control. and mr. chrisler is involved with israel's f-35 program. as you mentioned, the first two arriving here. and here is what he had to say about president-elect trump's comments. listen. >> since 2010 when the technical
7:35 am
re-baseline took place, we haven't asked for another day or another dollar for this program. we're delivering on time. the program's maturing as we planned it to. we're ramping up production right now, delivering on cost andéñ?ñ? on schedule, and we are delivering zero-defect aircraft. and the state of israel will be f-35 outside of the united states, martha. martha: john huddy, thank you very much. thanks, john. ♪ ♪ eric: meanwhile, the controversy over president-elect trump's likely pick for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. he has no government or diplomatic experience, but what really is raising questions are
7:36 am
his ties to russia. he's been doing business with moscow for nearly two decades. he has a good relationship, it seems, with president vladimir putin. he's even been accused of sympathizing with mr. putin, though tillerson's global experience helps, in mr. trump's view, not hurts. >> he's in charge of, i guess, the largest company in the world. he's in charge of a, an oil company that's pretty much double the sides of its next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed, and to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players, and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, he does massive deals for the company. not for himself, for the company. eric: so are the concerns warranted? governor john sununu joins us, white house chief of staff to president george h.w. bush, author of "the quiet man." governor, always good to see you. >> good morning, eric. eric: good morning. first and foremost, do you think it's appropriate that the secretary of state of the united
7:37 am
states of america had been honored with the order and friendship of russia, to have that medal pinned on his chest in moscow, or does it matter? >> well, i'm not as bother ored by the medal as i am the fact that there is, apparently, a real relationship there. and every major cabinet appointment brings pluses and minuses. donald trump talked about the pluses, but i think you've had senator marco rubio and john mccain and lindsey graham express their concerns, and i would be concerned about the values he would bring in particularly with the senate and congress going to have a bipartisan investigation of the russian involvement in that whole wikileaks package. the last thing in the world you want is your secretary of state's credibility being undermined by his history of a relationship with a major adversary around the world. eric: and what do you think that would mean? >> well, i think it means that
7:38 am
almost anything he says and does relative to the soviet union -- the old soviet union, now russia, and anything the president does with russia will always carry a tinge of doubt as to whether or not it was a decision tainted by these previous relationships. and it is too important a set of issues that have to be dealt with to have them tainted that way. so i think the president-elect has a reason for doing this, but i just wish he would take another look at the reasons for not doing it and make his evaluation a little bit more understanding of the problems that the nomination might bring. eric: critics on capitol hill, new jersey senator bob menendez calls it alarming and absurd. pretty strong words. in contrast to the current secretary of state, john kerry, he has called for russia to be tried for war crimes because of the attacks in syria and in
7:39 am
aleppo. the united nations, and there have been calls for putin to face trials for war crimes. do you think that would be a position mr. tillerson would take? >> well, i suspect that's not a position tillerson would take, and i suspect that no matter how serious he is in his analyzing with the right level of criticism of russia what the right level of cooperation is, it will always be undermined by this particular sense that some people will have that he leans too close to vladimir putin. eric: and finally, what has other critics concerned in terms of policy or sanctions, he was and is the head of exxonmobil, and a few years ago in a speech he was against actions. this is what he said. quote: we -- meaning the company -- do not support sanctions generally because we don't find them effective unless they are very well implemented comprehensively, and that's a very hard thing to do. we always encouraging the people who are making those decisions
7:40 am
to consider the very broad collateral damage of who they are really harming with sanctions. obviously, speaking in his role there as the head of that global company. but do you have concerns, perhaps, that he would pull back against any possible sanctions against putin and russia and officials there? >> well, in a a larger sense i have concerns that he comes with an instinct developed over the years that follows that line of reasoning, an instinct in terms of dealing with other countries in terms of how it impacts just the economics of it and not the politics of it and not the diplomacy and the foreign policy of it. and those are hard instincts to overcome especially when you've been so good at honing those instincts as tillerson has done over the past few decades. eric: and as you know as chief of staff, the secretary of state has to coordinate also with the pentagon and diplomacy. maybe some of the questions that will be asked at his
7:41 am
confirmation hearing if, indeed, he is chosen. governor sununu, always good to see you. >> have a good day. eric: of course, you too. martha: it's a messy and dangerous morning for commuters as a winter storm pushes across the midwest and into the northeast. eric: and the president-elect says the key to reviving america's economy might be at the epa. we'll explain coming up. >> other countries are eating our lunch. if you look at what china's doing, if you look at what -- i could name country after country.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
♪ ♪ martha: so the president-elect voicing concerns about international climate deals and environmental regulations that he says put the united states at a competitive disadvantage. here he is with chris wallace. >> other countries are eating our lunch. if you look at what china's doing, if you look at what -- i could name country after country. you look at what's happening in mexico where our plants are
7:45 am
being built, and they tonight wait ten years to get an approval to build a plant, okay? they build it, like, the following day or the following week. be -- we can't let all of these permits that take forever to get stop our jobs. i won because of the fact that people that are great, great american people have been forgotten. martha: that was an interesting exchange. lisa booth is a contributor to the washington examiner, richard fowler is a democratic strategist and radio show host, both fox news contributors. welcome to both of you. >> hi, martha, good morning. martha: you know, richard, people who want to start businesses across the country, the red tape is just so thick that you can never get through it and that it is a detriment to job creation in this country, so what do you think about that? >> don't get me wrong, i think that we need to roll back regulations. i think the obama administration would say the same thing, and they rolled back quite a bit during his time as president.
7:46 am
and i think that's what donald trump spoke to, the fact that many americans are looking for jobs and opportunities. but with that being said, we can't see our environment as a speed bump to america's progress, because the reason why america is such a great country and the reason why our economy's number one in the world has everything to do with our natural resources and the ability, the work we're able to do right here in america. so we could play this game of rolling back all the regulates, i don't think donald trump is going to do it, to be honest with you. not only based on the fact that i think he's more sensible than that but, two, his daughter, aye van ca trump, is a big believer in -- martha: there's got to be some middle ground here. >> i agree. martha: it can't take ten years to open a factory. and in china perhaps it's too short because people are walking around with something on their face just so they can breathe. i would like to think this country is capable of figuring out where we need to be in the middle of that. >> well, exactly. and i think that's what donald trump has said as president-elect trying to strike that right balance.
7:47 am
and i also think that's what attorney general scott pruitt who's his pick for epa has also said. look, economic growth and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. but the problem we've seen is that we've seen the epa promulgate unlawful regulations, and you will get something like president obama being unable to pass his cap and trade legislation in congress and then using the epa, directing the epa to essentially push and implement that agenda unlawfully. and that's what they tried, the epa tried to do with the clean power plant, essentially trying to rewrite the clean air act which was struck down by the supreme court. and mind you, those regulations are essentially decimating an entire industry. also the regularringlations from the epa are costing this country hundreds of billions of dollars in costs from those regulations alone, not to mention the fact that they stifle economic growth in this country. so i think that is what donald trump is saying, is that we cannot push and unlawfully push
7:48 am
these regulations that are going to cost american jobs. martha: that is something that business has been furious about. the epa basically got its own executive order ability under president obama to pass legislation, essentially, without needing to pass legislation. and it affected companies in a very deep way. >> yeah, here's the thing. i think there's a middle ground here, martha. what obama did very well and i think trump, hopefully, will continue is closing down power plants that violated federal laws where people were suffering from asthma, and kids couldn't breathe, or the fact that we had power plants next to playgrounds, and kids were -- we saw that just across the river in alexandria had a coal-fired power plant that was harming the residents who lived near it. so i think we have to have a middle ground. yes, we should find a way to produce in america, but at the same time we can't -- that can't outweigh the healthf the and i think that donald trump believes in making america great again and empowering american workers, and we've got to make sure we take care of their health --
7:49 am
[inaudible conversations] maria: go ahead, lisa. >> and that's why we have plenty of laws on the books, both federal and state laws, regulating the environment to make sure that we have clean air and clean water. so the problem is that president obama has struck no balance, and he's put his radical environmental agenda to the detriment of the american worker. you can look at -- >> clean power plants are radical? >> in the sense of -- no, but the clean power plant was struck down by the supreme court because it was unlawful -- >> but it was unhealthy. >> hold on.the problem is that he's done this to the debt can limit of the american worker. and you can go down the list, whether it's the keystone pipeline that the state department said would have little impact on the environment, on climate that president obama refused to go forward with. you can look at the fact that he has cut off 87% of the outer continental shelf for energy exploration, the fact that he's shut down sales that would lead to -- martha: i think -- [inaudible conversations]
7:50 am
martha: you know, given what we've seen so far, president obama definitely leaned towards giving the epa a lot of power. he was very, very much wanted to have the backing of that organization, and he got it. but to the detriment, perhaps, of the business side of the equation in the country. and i think it look like we're going to get the opposite of that in the next president, so we'll see. you guys, thank you very much. good to have you both here. >> you bet. eric: martha, what's up next on "happening now"? jon scott is in to tell us. jon: the president-elect making a whole lot of progress in filling out his cabinet. fox news reporting rex tillerson to be his pick for secretary of state. also making big news with his interview with fox's chris wallace and comments about russia, the election and climate change. we'll get into all that. plus, donald trump versus the mainstream media and a terrifying flight, accident onboard an aircraft. you've got to hear it to believe. all ahead, "happening now." eric: thanks, jon. after that winter blast ground
7:51 am
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eric: all right. it's not officially winter yet, but a wintry blast hit parts of the midwest and the great lake region over the weekend. that storm, it dumped more than half a foot on several states in the midwest, dangerous conditions also canceled more than 1200 flights at chicago's o'hare airport over the weekend. we're in chicago with the very latest. matt, i guess until this weekend, the midwest has pretty much a break in the weather. >> reporter: good morning. winter is here. this winter storm dumping 7 inches of snow here in the city and even more beyond that.
7:55 am
the big headache here at chicago's o'hare airport were, like you said, 1200 flights, nearly half of all flights delayed yesterday. 1800 flights affected nationwide yesterday. at chicago's midway, another 170 reported cancellations. and a dangerous situation in detroit where an airplane skidded off the runway. now, back here in chicago this monday morning, it was an icy and cold commute. people we talked to have mixed opinions about this first blast of wintry weather. take a listen. >> put as many layers as i can on and get out the door as quick as possible. >> i've been here my whole life, i'm still not used to these winters. they get colder and colder. >> i came from new mexico, i'll never get used to it. >> we love a white christmas, so i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: no complaints? >> not yet. >> reporter: now, this storm is fast moving, it's already in your neck of the woods in new york and the northeast where it's expected to dump much more snow, sleet and even some rain.
7:56 am
eric: all right, matt. by the way, that delta in detroit came in from buffalo. they know about snow. everyone was okay thankfully. thanks, matt. martha: it's monday morning, that means donald trump is back at work holding meetings in new york city. right now he is meeting with former presidential candidate carly fiorina who we just watched walk through the lobby a little while ago. who else is on the list for today? when we come back. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, no interest for 48 months on qualifying purchases! hurry, ends sunday. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
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what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. martha: golden globe nominations came out and a movie called lala land is nominating with seven nominations. i'm looking forward to seeing that one. the los angeles theme musical got nominations for lead actor, also best picture, commodity or musical and best director. monolight is another one that everybody is talking about. that one got six nominations. manchester by the sea looks very good. >> have you seen any of them?
8:00 am
martha: no, nothing yet. thanks for being with us, eric. >> see you tomorrow. martha: good, we will see you as we go through the week. happening now starts right now. jenna: another busy week in new york city where president-elect trump is holding more meetings today as new questions are raised about russian's interference about presidential election. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. russia not only hacked to undermine electoral process but did it to put donald trump in the white house. mr. trump responding to those reports in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> according to washington post the cia has concluded that russia intervene in the election to help you win the


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