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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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right here for "outnumbered" overtime on the web. find us on we're back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. happing you now starts right now.% never happen. >> the dow approaching 20000 as the dow gears up for a big week. >> they call it the trump bump. >> the dow breaking one record after another and up eight percent since election day. what does it mean for main street? >> plus a run away bev perrage cart injured a passenger on the american airline's flight. >> i was in extreme pain. >> why he said the airline is not treating him right. >> and bringing the holiday spirit to families of our american heroes. >> christmas is hard since
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losing my husband and brings light to our lives this year. >> it's all "happening now". buoy we begin our second hour with with a story that is rocking law makers. congress will investigate a cian assessment that russia interferred with the election. >> cia concluded that russia tried to influence the election in trump's favor. mitch mcconnell said the senate intelligence would investigate. >> i agree this simply cannot be a partisan issue. the russians are not our friends. >> unless you catch hackers in the act it is hard to determine
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who was doing the hacking. why was it not brought up before the election? can you imagine if the election results were the opposite. we tried to play the russian card? it would be a conspiracy theory. mike emmanuel has more. >> reporter: jon, good afternoon, it sounds like president-elect trump believes democrats are rushing the hacking issue because they don't think hillary clinton could lose the election. >> once they hack. they have no idea if it is russia or china or somebody sitting on a bench someplace. >> reporter: yet there is a push on capitol hill all issuing a statement saying democrat and republicans must work together and across the
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lines of the congress to examine the recent incidents and offer solutions to deter from further cyber attacks. >> the question is what was the intention? and that's why we need an investigation. but more importantly than that, we need to seriously address the issue of cyber and the potential damage it does to the national security and the obama administration has done nothing. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell favors the intelligence committee doing a review. and mccain plans to do a cyber security threat review in the the armed services committee. the issue must not turn into a political football. >> a bipartisan investigation
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that looks at the broad scope of this is what is needed. the cia saying one thing and the fbi something else. we need to get to the bottom of this in it a fair and nonpartisan and nonfinger pointing way. >> reporter: the concern for the transition team this is an effort to delegitimize the victory in the 2016 election and so they have their own concerns, jon? in the meantime the federal judge rejected the green party recount captain in pennsylvania saying there was no evidence that a hack occurred. the wisconsin recount is concluding today. the federal judge in michigan stopped the recount last week. the trump administration is taking shape.
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cyber security swat teams spoke about the threats on the now administration. cyber security is a huge concern and in the wake of the alleged hackings by the russians. they on the front lines of the threats. we have more from catherine. >> reporter: the nsa tackled some of the cyber attacks. where more than 18 million records were stolen to the destruction of sonny network by north korea and now russia. the recommendation for the new administration bundle fbi homeland security and defense department capabilities. >> by the time we respond to cyber incidents, it has affected and you need to collapse those in one organization and where we are more responsive for the nation.
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>> reporter: the nsa spoke about the mission that secures government systems and assists the private sector. the hackers are seeking out new targets including the russians. >> they will do it for certain on a mission objective and may get to certain intelligence that they can't get to any other way and they may use it to counter inherative that is an anti- russian thing and that nature. >> hackers took advantage of sloppy security or employee error and not hardware or software have you beenerability. they didn't have a magical tool, but relied on basic security issues, jenna. >> thank you. fox news learns rex
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tillerson, the ceo of exxon mobile will be nominated as secretary of state. this comes as mr. trump's camp announced john kelly to head homeland security. politico is a piece trump winning converts with cabinet picks. many of the cabinet points selected he united the party far more than he did as a candidate. even at the risk of back lash of supporters for failing to drain the swamp in washington. >> joining me is john and michael. michael, to you first. is this a main treme conservative cabinet? >> yeah, you have a hard time finding the appointmentes that
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wouldn't have been made by another republican president. those are the exceptions and those will be the sticking point. if the reporting that rex tillerson is the selection for secretary of state is, you have three septemberors, john mccain and lindsay graham and marco rubio who has concerns. i imagine there will be more. those exceptions i think are are going to be problematic for donald trump but gained a lot of good will on national security issues by getting jim mattis for dance and the cia director and john kelly for homeland security. exceptions will stick out like a sore thumb. graham and rubio and kaine. those are all three republicans. is this not a senate that is
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going to be rubber stamping donald trump's pick? >> three leading republicans raising questions about perhaps the most high profile person in the cabinet secretary of state, is a sign they will do due diligence and raise questions in particular about russia. they are in a divide in many ways between the mainstream republicans such as john mccain and president-elect trump about p how close of a relationship the united states should have with russia and the secretary of state pick is a manifestation of that with rex tillerson. >> someone like scott pruitt to be head of the environmental protection agency, michael, that is a pick that delighted republican and democrats are going crazy. >> one thing to do to unite republicans, make the democrats go crazy. but again scott pruitt is not
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far out of the republican mainstream despite what the democrats say. and the editorial times say about it. betsy devosas well. and so it is it a predictable republican cabinet. but that important position of secretary of state, rex tillerson, that will be a sticking point with some republican and there is a possibility that republicans will reject a nominee and you need a simple majority to do that. and i think donald trump will have to think carefully about the high profile appointmentes if not to it face a no vote. >> democrats have to think carefully about whom they will oppose and they can't say no to every person that donald trump wants to put in the cabinet.
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>> i am sure they are choosing their battles which ones are worth it and not. nancy pelosi said they will work with president-elect trump where they can and oppose when they need to. and that will apply with cabinet picks. choice of epa, you might see opposition because he would come in and many ways unravel everything that the obama administration did on climate change and epa now. that may be one that they choose to fight. and we have to see what the other ones may be. thanks. >> my pleasure. >> president-elect trump going after the expensive weapon's program. what is he tweeting on. we are are live with that story and mr. trump and controversial phone call with the taiwanese
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>> a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump announced there may be rethinking one china policy on twitter. josh earnest is speak about it in the white house press believing. >> donald trump and his campaign don't necessarily agree with that? we have heard donald trump on twitter this morning that it is impossible to tell who was responsible for hacking without catch canning them in the act and john bolton has been in line for a john with the state captain. and it could be a hack being and
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perhaps the obama administration was responsible for that. obviously they raise questions and i wonder about your response? >> again, i have tried to avoid to the charges with from the president-elect's twitter feed. i have tried to present objective facts and the objective fact is that the intelligence community a month before the election came forward and presented a high confidence assessment that china was engaged in malicious. >> you said china. >> i am sorry, russia. put them back and forth between topics is tricky. but thank you for clarifying. but listen, the intelligence community's assessment was
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unanimous and direct about. >> a bit more on donald trump and his thoughts of china and taiwan ahead. it doesn't seem to be a lot of love lost between josh earnest and donald trump in regards to the tweeting that comes out of trump tower. more on this ahead. >> china is reacting to president-elect trump's suggestion that he is reconsidering the u.s. treatment of taiwan. hery's more from chris wallace. >> you recently took a call from the president of taiwan and on the sunday shows, aides said it was a congratulatory call. next day. you have been think about it for weeks to send a message. >> it is not right.
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it was a call coming an hour or two before. i understand the one china policy. i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy. >> mr. trump raised the possibility that u.s./china relations would be badly affected. in trump tower, transition meetings are on going and arriving to trump tower is joe manchin. he's from the state of west virginia. being a big state for the coal industry and senator manchin is up for potentially the job of energy secretary. he told reporters that he's anxious to have a great consideration for sure and we'll see what come canning out of
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that conversation. there is a constant parade of people coming in and out of trump tower. and all eyes on wall street today. investors celebrating what is referred to the trump bump and the market rally and more economic news. and what investors are predicting what it means for you.
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>> the federally reserve and investors are are expecting janet yellen to announce a rate hike. and it will be only the second since the crisis of the obama administration. the two-day fed meeting kicks off tomorrow. >> wall street is benefitting to what is refer ared to as the trump bump. the dow was up 14 points. what does it mean for the small investors. we have a columnist from the new york time and forbes.
10:24 am
we are on track to a record close. what do you make of it. >> the trump bump. >> people ask what dew think will happen to the stock market. people predicted it would drop. there is a lot of confidence out there, jenna and i don't know if that is playing in the market, but my company serve small clients and i write for business. and people are expecting good things from this administration. because it is pro business. >> we will ask you about those numbers. some think how will i play this. is it based on emotion or is there strong fundmentals. >> mostly psycheicology. fundmentams have is not changed. it is expectations of what people think will happen. what i advise my clients.
10:25 am
trump is promising tax cut cans and things happening in health care. but there is a lot to it look forward to. oil prices are going up. we saw that with opec's announcement. and uncertainty. and insurance rates are going up. and i tell people before you jump in the market, there will be be a lot of issues to look at. and potential trade with china and talk about the things you just mentioned. one of them is debt. you see the debt clock going up by the moment. and we are at 20 trillion in debt and this is the a chilles' heel of our economy and a lot of folks have debt including china. do you think we have new energy to it address that issue and make the number go down or slow
10:26 am
it down. >> trump's tax plan which is awesome for businesses including my own company which wants to reduce taxes. pundits think it will contribute another 10 or 20 trillion. and how about 30 trillion in national debt. >> there are those who believe be we could could and the folks lending us money. you are never going to pay us back. you will not do it anymore. >> and others say it is like buying the house. if you service your mortgage and debt. it doesn't make a difference. and close the taxes and economy and that is a didded thing. i am not sure anybody knows the answer is 20 trillion or 40 trillion too much much.
10:27 am
my advice is to do it with somebody be who does it for the living. >> interest rates are going up and what is the impact on the american. >> 0. it is 25 base points and i know business raising money or financing. geez, i am not going to it go with this financing and it could go another full point. and it will not make a difference. >> and so we have a ways to go to. however, they do build up over time. can you and i may be talking about it in december when things are yeahing down on us. >> we'll keep you jon? >> the president-elect talking about the climate change.
10:28 am
>> look, i am some body that gets it and no one really knows. it is not so hard-and-fast. >> he said no one really knows the facts about climate change and what does it mean for the policies. a fair and balanced debate. >> winter comes early. and where is the big storm headed nextment can theed canned can chlor canned concern pa
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>> several stateses are are dealing with with snow and bitter temperatures. a polar vortex. temperatures 25 degrees below normal this time of year. matt has more in chicago. >> jon, polar vortex. second week of december. we have had it easy but now winter is here. what is piling up is the ugly snow piles. here in chicago. seven inches of snow over the weekend and more in other areas. and biggest head@chicago o'hare.
10:33 am
91 flights were cancelled. and yesterday it was a travel mess. in detroit, a close call when an inbound flight from buffalo skid off of the runway. and here in chicago, icy commute. and folks trying to keep warm through various methods. >> i shovelled five time andate and then a shovelled. >> and we have high temperatures in single digits. >> i am leaving for texas. >> hopefully no trouble out of o'hare. >> i will be be able to leave. >> long underwear. >> and hot cocoa with bailey's. and keep your head covered. >> and this storm system moving northeast. and expected to drop more snow
10:34 am
and sleet. and then highways in the single digits. six degrees on thursday. winter is here. >> i hope you point out that she doesn't have her head covered, right. >> i got called out for not having a hat on, to. >> chicago folks are truff tough. >> president-elect voicing doubts about climate change despite meetings with al gore and leonardo dicaprio. and chris wallace discusses are that on fox news sunday. >> where are you on the environment. >> i am open minded. no one really knows. look i am somebody that gets it, no one really knows. it and not so hard-and-fast. other countries are eating our lunch. and we need decisions quickly.
10:35 am
and the keystone. you will have a decision quickly. and you will see. now i am studying. i don't want that agreement to it put us at a competitive disadvantage with other countries and there are different time limits on on that agreement. i don't want that to give china or other countries signing agreements an advantage over us. >> joins is patrick motorcycle mike and author of climate warming. patrick, you wrote. fasten your seat belts we may witness a scientific cat fight of our time. >> if mr. trump wants to change the policy at environmental
10:36 am
protection agency. they will have reverse the endangerment finding. that will not happen overnight. that is going to pit committed people against committed people. and get your popcorn. >> get your popcorn, why do you saw -- say that? >> it will get ugly because of people's temperature and global warming will be be quite real. >> and that fits in the exact round. michael, what do you think of that assessment? >> what will face mr. trump. should we build on the economy with solar and wind. and what is happening in tennessee and texas and the countries or will he follow the lead of the people he put in
10:37 am
charge and back away from what the countries of the world are doing which is clen energy. or allow the fossil industry pollute our aria and water. he is about to let oil and gas and coal industry to have their way. >> give us one specific that raises a lot of concern for you personally. >> sure, first president-elect trump appointed for every agency that deals with energy and climate. he appointed someone who doesn't believe that specific trade is will. one example is scott pruitt. he worked to undermine the agency he would lead.
10:38 am
and opposed that and limit sot and murkee pollution and every case the court will rule against him had. now he would be leading the epa. his appointed needs to it be be rejected. >> patrick, the comnalgdzination of is up a fight. >> the administration is serious with the appointment with pruitt. he is a accomplished lawyer on this matter. all the president is doing is what president obama did in about the environment in the are reverse. everything president obama promises he would do he would.
10:39 am
and what mr. trump did he would do. >> not really. the sierra club has been around years. we have had republican and democratic presidentsme do. it is okay to have different approaches and different governing policies but putting scott pruitt in charge of the environmental protection agency that did a great job of cleaning up our air and water and protecting the health of the americans. and putting scott pruitt in charge of that agency, is like putting an arsonist in. >> you have a scientist background. what about p the denying science
10:40 am
on climate change? >> i think the administration is graveitating to the lukewarm point of vow. -- view. if that is the case you can justify policy changes and i think that is where they are headed. >> i am curious. there is really strong voices on parts of the spectrum when it comes to climate change. if we operate on the assumption we want to protect where we live, could a boisterous debate on the epa be good for the country and so we can all do better. >> a debate about the epa would be fantastic. it out weigh the costs 30- 1.
10:41 am
here is my messages. don't be chump cans and don't believe what the administration is saying if it is doing the opposite. if the incoming administration appointed people who side is with polluters. they will undermind the protections for clean air and water. and even under mine the prekdz that keep our national parks, a try to testimony you they issue doing different. what is happen suggest source and we can't support it. >> i know our viewers are not chumps. and they will be just fine. michael and patrick, thank you both. >> an injury in a cross country
10:42 am
flight. the passenger is upset with the airline's response. he had a bad bruise and what he punish punishes . >> christmas is hard since losing my husband. and this brings a little bit of light to our lives this time of year.
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a special program bringing families of fallen military heroes together for the holidays. snow ball express organizing holiday events for children and spouses that lost loved ones. american airlines flying the group to dallas. hundreds of workers volunteered for the program. >> it was started four years
10:46 am
ago. he was in the army. and it was a healing process to be around hundreds of kids who understand what you are going through. >> you know, we are doing something positive. and it is in the spirit of the holidays. >> and parfistants say the snow ball express makes a tough time of year a little easier. >> an airline passenger is speaking out on an injury he received on the flight. and a rolling beverage cart hit him and leaving cut and bruises on the leg. it cost him several hundred in medical expenses. and the airline never apologized. and he's also a travel blogger and joins us in the studio. and a lot of ironies a lot. >> you are in coach.
10:47 am
>> yeah. >> we all know that coach seats have little leg rhyme. >> the seats are smaller and i was in the front row with legroom and it was great. but the aisle curves when it goes from 2 or 3 feet and i took it head-onment>> the nose of the plane starts to rise. and when did the deverrage come from. >> it was between the and it was an unfortunate event. >> they weight 300 pounds. >> they are not supposed to be able to start flying through the
10:48 am
cabin. >> carts are latched and brakeed and show stoued and fall safes which are meant to keep it from happens. the brakes were not on and if . >> it is hard to assess how bad things are in real time. i had bleeding from my knee and it was chaos in the cabin and the pilot wanted to divert. and i honestly had places to be and so did a lot of other people be. i thought for are a knee injury it would be ridiculous to turn it around. >> what happened. >> i was met at jfk by the ground services team and they did a full report and the pilot
10:49 am
and purser foiled a report and that's where the story ended there. not only as a passenger who thinks that airlines would care about injuring a passenger as their car. >> i am's writer and i never heard from anyone. and that was amazing. >> earn airline. we provided hem a full refund and the a 800 travel voicher. on his arrival. he decloined medical assistance. you're chicling. >> i received my medical reimbursement on friday. two and half weeks on. and i have not been refunded for
10:50 am
my ticket. i heard no word of a refund and that is news to me. if it is true, i am thrilled but up to that it is vouchers and i am not excited to it take them vouchers and i'm not excited to use them. >> i got flowers in the mail, my wife came in chuckling, saying why are why are you laughing? virgin atlanta sent you knee pads and flowers. >> president-elect trump put regul regulations on examination with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals -
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. hello, i'm melissa francis. mitch mcconnell supports opening investigations into russia hacking our political system even though president-elect trump doesn't think it happened. plus, which of trump's fierce primary rivals went into the golden elevators to meet with him today. which state is considering allowing guns at nfl and mlb games. president-elect trump promising to toss out some of the regulations enacted in the past eight years. they say issues have hurt economic growth and hiring. how long will it take to repeal them? peter? >> in his interview with chris
10:55 am
wallace, the president-elect reiterated his support for rolling back regulations to boost the economy. >> we're redutying regulations. those are the nice ways of doing it and everyone loves it, everyone is happy. businesses and regulations. on the campaign trail, he claimed he could roll back 70% of regulations. the costs run from tens of billions to trillions. one measure of regulation is the official register. according to president obama, the pages have swelled about 30%. president trump will be about to appeal some of them quickly, on
10:56 am
the day he enters office. >> the president-elect will have to have a 100 minute agenda and a 100 day agenda. you have to go through the same time for comment. that's true. on the other hand he could get congress to legislate. >> they are committed to making sure that regulations are smart and effective. and that they minimize uncertainty. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital
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dramatic categories including best picture. >> "the people versus oj simpson" got five not make thes. >> thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> the white house now responding to president-elect donald trump's comments on whether or not russia affected the u.s. election. it comes as they have downplays any report from moscow. in the meantime, they continue at trump tower and president-elect


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