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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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drivers have to take or leg strength before getting behind the pedals. looks kind of fun for the first mile or two, then you're like, i don't want to do this anymore. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington, dc, where the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has a warning. the russians are not our friends. he is among those republicans supporting an investigation into intelligence agency assessments that russia hacked our presidential election, but president-elect trump is peninsulassing the hack attack, saying if he played that card people would call if a conspiracy their rearview mirror its at -- their -- it's not a card. it's the assessment by the national security agency. that man, is ready to page rex tillerson as secretary of state. he has closes ties to? your boy, vlad putin, and going
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to china, donald trump says he is not sure we have to go along that countries feelings about taiwan. >> first on the monday afternoon, the stunning conclusion from all 17 u.s. national intelligence agency. all of them in lock step, that the russian government did intervene in the u.s. presidential election and is now bringing bipartisan action. the top republican in the united states senate, republican, mind you, says it will investigate whether russian hackers tried to help donald trump win the election. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says moscow's meddling cannot be a partisan issue. the hacking and invasion of crimearch on saying to nato, come together to prove moscow is try to undermine america.
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>> let me just speak for myself. the russians are not our friends. i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> this comes after two of donald trump's biggest republican critics, john mccain and lindsey graham, joined chuck schumer and jack reed in calling to a bipartisan investigation. senator mcconnell says it's hard to believe any republicans could in any way ever be against reviewing these russian tactics. but president-elect donald trump has called the cia's assessment ridiculous. a fact -- a statement he based on nothing. tweeting today, can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russia-cia card. it would be called a conspiracy. unless you catch hacker in the act it's hard to gem who was doing the hacking. why wasn't this brought up before the election? >> it was brought up before the
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election. over and over and over again. u.s. officials absolutely did say before the election that russian hackers stole e-mails from democratic officials and then gave them to wick dileaks -- wikileaks. it what all in an effort to help donald trump, not just to disrupt the election but to help donald trump, and 17 national security agencies are in on this assessment. "the new york times" reports the hackers targeted the republican computer system but never released any stolen information there. so we don't know what they got. but we know that our intelligence agency said they hacked into republican computers, tooment then thirst recent peek probe -- priebus says nobody hacked their democrats. president-elect donald trump said it's just sour graham grapes of the democrats. but that's not try.
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here's what trump told sun done "fox news sunday" chris wallace. >> it could be somebody in a bed someplace. they have no idea. >> why would thei cia put out the story that the russians wanted you to win. >> i'm not sure they put it out. the democrats are putting out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in highlight of politics -- >> that is now true. the national intelligence agency put those out and there's an investigation into it which donald trump is against. after the assessment is that the russians hacked -- attacked our election. the white house says that obama administration will conduct its own review, and focus on breeches from countries other than russia. two sources within the trump transsignatures team say the president-elect is expected to nominate the ex-john ceo rex tellerson to be secretary of state. at haven't of the one of lastest oil companies he has ties to
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none other than vlad putin and the kremlin. putin awarded him the russian order of friendship, an honor for a foreign citizen. president-elect presented the ties as a selling opinionment we have team coverage of the trump transition and russian hacking. mike emannal mass more, and first to john roberts live at trump tower in mid-town with more on the secretary of state search. john? >> reporter: good afternoon. the announce. won't come for another couple of days, but sources tell fox news donald trump settled on his pick for secretary of state and is the exxonmobil pret -- president and ceo, rex tillerson, tillerson was recommend by neatable people who used to be in government. robert gates and condoleezza
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rice, very big supporter's tillerson and he is friends with james baker. one thing that donald trump likes with tillerson he is a dealmaker and has crafted some very complicated deals in in of the most difficult plays in word, here's what trump said about tillerson. >> much more than a business executive. he is a world class player. and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players. he knows them well. the does massive deals in russia, for the company. not for himself. >> reporter: but it's possible that tillerson could run into head winds in congress because even republicans are said to be very concerned about just how close his ties are to vladimir putin. the head of exxonmobil he has a lot of deals going in the oil patch there in russia,s' some members of congress, including senator john mccain want to know just how deep the ties really run. >> another of the
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president-elect's formers a sir varies visited trump tower today. >> this one was really interesting because you will remember the nasty comments between donald trump and carly fiorina, remember the "rolling stone" article where trump said, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that as the face of the next president. carly fiorina said the statement speaks for himself and then called hi a serial philanders and she would by horrified at the possibility of a trump presidency. listen to how the tune changes after she came back down the golden elevator with her meeting with donald trump this morning. >> first, he has really cool stuff in his office. athletes have given him this incredible memorialable. i was impressed by shack
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o'neill's huge. takes a champion to know a champion. >> she said she was honored to have spent time with donald trump today. one note from the transition office, gary kohn will head up the national economic council at the white house. the day ain't over yet. >> the big banks very popular all over again. john roberts to tower, thank you. now more on the reports that the cia told lawmakers and 17 u.s. intelligence agencies agree, russia interfered with the u.s. presidential election to help donald trump. officials told "the new york times" the assessment is not based on any new intelligence but it was an analysis of a mountain of circumstantial evidence, something intelligence agencies do all the time. the fbi is not so sure russia's main goal was to help donald trump but that it could have been one of the goals. but 16 national security agencies are in complete agreement. the fox business network's blake
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berman with more on this. >> reporter: accord 0ing to the "washington post" the cia shared several determination wiz u.s. senators in a closed-door briefing. among them, that wikileaks got it itself -- its next czech it to the russian government. the goal, help elect donald trump to become the next president of the united states. however, that paper also reports in a separate meeting with house members, the fbi's findings were not as clear. rather, those agents were, quote, ambiguous, earlier this afternoon the white house press secretary would not comment on the intelligence but said the ties between mr. trump, some members of his campaign, and russia were publicly apparent. >> he called on russia to hack his opponents. he called on russia to hack secretary clinton. so he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this activity was coming down on.
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>> reporter: a bipartisan group of members on the hill are calling for a congressional review, and earlier today, ernest said it's unlike he the entirety of the russia-relited material becomes declassified for the rest of the public to see. >> what else are we hearing from trump's team on the matter? >> reporter: mr. trump's advisers are certainly following his lead on this one, pushing back very, very hard on this story. for example, earlier today, the transition spokesperson, jason miller, called it an attempt to delegitimatize mr. trump's victory, he said, quote, first after the election, it was the recount nonsense. then the discussion of the popular vote. now it's anonymous, off the record sources with conflicting information, trying to raise other issues. end quote. to put on top of that. kellyanne conway said, for some this is just an excuse for hillary clinton's loss and she said,en insult to mr. trump's victory. >> blake berman in washington to be clear and rerepeat, this the
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assessment of 17 united states intelligence agencies in effect the russian affected the election and put their finger on the scale. not political but from the intelligence agencies. lawmakers are call fargo thorough investigation, both runs and democrats see this as an affront to american dem cross, and the ceo found russian hackers inintervened in our presidential election to help donald trump. mike emannal is on capitol hill. >> reporter: top lawmakers say the relevant nantz securely agencies have been working the cyber issue for some time but now that the democratic institutions have been targeted, more work needs to be done. >> the question is what was the intention, and that's why weed in an investigation, but more importantly than that we need to finally seriously address this issue of cyber, and the potential damage that it could do to our national security and
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the obama administration has done nothing. >> you have the cia saying one thing itch hafted not gotten the briefings yet -- the fbi something else. need to get to the bottom of this in a fair, nonpartisan, nonfinger pointing way. >> reporter: they call cyber attacks bay foreign government a grave the to our national security. >> what are you hearing from the house zinger? >> reporter: he is also calling for pushing back forcefully against the russians and condemning the action, but does say, quite, at the same time exploiting the work of our intelligence community for partisan purposes does a grave disservice to those -- and potentially jeopardizes our national security. as we work to protect our democracy from foreign innuisance we should not cast doubt on the outcome of this election. nancy pelosi calls is russian's unprecedented assault on our democracy, and pelosi says
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congress has an absolute responsibility to investigate the hacks of our election. >> mike eman you. thank you. while donald trump is caping that the reporting on russia's interference with our election lacks sources and specifics, the president-elect is at the same time skipping out on daily intelligence briefings. up next why donald trump says he does not need the brief every president has received for more than 60 years.
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donald trump's credit civil of the cia report on russia is not his only issue. yesterday donald trump said he does not need intelligence briefings every day because, in his words, hi -- he is a smart person. >> i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. could be eight years, but eight years. i don't need that but i do say if something should change, let us know. >> donald trump went on to say of the briefing i get it when i need it and note note mike pence it getting briefings inhis stead. trump says the -- the intelligence agencies could get that for him as he is the president-elect and yet he is
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skipping out on briefings. let's blame in the associate ed store with real clear politics. seems incongress group. >> the most interesting thing is that the initial report was that the russians were interfering in this election process before it sort of evolved into trying to help donald trump win. that information was given to nominee, donald trump, after his nominating convention, along with hillary clinton after hers, in intelligence briefings, starting in august and september. they were telling members of congress this. leaders in congress were very concerned. i spoke to members of the intelligence committee, republicans, who are very alarmed what they were learning, and as you know, senate majority loader mitch mcconnell was questioning the truth and the veracity of the reports in september. now changed his mind. so donald trump has been turning his ear to this now, going back
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several months, and has decided that mike pence is better suited to ingest all this intelligence on a daily basis about our varying threats and updates that the commander in chief requires because he is not interested in these briefings. if he was he would be taking them. >> i suppose. it's interesting. if you saw the "washington post" today, it came out late morning, for those who may have read it earlier. she writes: if a presidential candidate had fall 'under the influence of an ex-kgb agent it's hard to said he would be doing anything different that donald trump is right now. hiring russian sick co fans -- sycophants. denying russian espionage, suggest ago on gages to nate for not not iron clad. why all these favor plus vladimir putin and the last is a
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good question? >> note the first person to come into this job and want a reset with russia. you know that george w. bush famously said he looked into vladimir putin's eyes and he trusted him. and it happened -- the same reset failed under the obama administration with president obama and hillary clinton as secretary of state. people try this because it would be help follow work with russians, and we do. but in the -- basically since the annexation of crimea and the ukraine and the bold moves vladimir putin has been making, people have been put on the spot here, especially the republican party, around trump to explain why he ever, ever criticizes russian president putin, whether it's syria, while he is working with the assad regime to attack his own people, that when it comes to this hacking issue, he says, it's ridiculous and
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actually really speaking with great contempt about our own intelligence officials who risk their lives to inform us and help us mitigate the threats we face. but really are going to be the people he relies on. so in time after time, even you put aside the fact he chooses people who share his world view on russia, when it comes to these moments that the republican leaders in capitol hill are in right now, where tall having to agree russia is not our friend, donald trump never backs down and never criticizes the russian president. >> this one is not over. thank you. >> thank you. >> ahead, the man who would be secretary of state. by the way ex-guess who rex tillerson is really good friends with? your boy, vlad putin, obvious l, and the stands to make a lot of money at exxonmobil. certain of the rules changement wouldn't take much. stay with us.
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>> more now on the president-elect's expect pick for secretary of state. rex tillerson. the president-elect hat presented tillerson's ties to the creme lip and vladimir putin as a selling point. >> but -- the trump senior adviser with an interview defended tillerson's russian ties. >> a leading candidate, rex tillerson, has debt with russia for many years. heels not pointing down vodka with vladimir putin but dealt with him in a different context. >> there is comes after 1 u.s.
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intelligence alleges concluded russian hackers tried to interfere with the election and the cia says the motive was to help donald trump win the house. the ties go back a long way. the reason rex tillerson got the big bump in the exxon company which made him the ceo of the biggest company in the world is because of his early success in russia. he met validity putin in 1999 and in 2012 got a spatial award of prepared to -- special award of friendship, and tillerson's company stood to make billions of dollars in rich nothing all the sanctions were put on russia. but were the sanctions lifted. ex-son-in-law mobile would make the bills. any conflicts to you apparent here? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. and when you promoted in 2006, the obvious ties to russia were
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key interest for that. he did -- mr. tillerson did oppose the sanctions involving russia over the annexation of crimea in 2014, so, yeah, i think that is a big -- potential conflict of interest. of course raid of raised by democrats in senate confirmation hearings and republicans who have suppressed early concern. >> do you see any patterns that are disturbing? >> well, it's interesting. kind of a remarkable appointment if he is announced as the pick as expected. he wasn't really on anyone's short list, even as recently as last week, and hails from the business community and work for exxon for 40 years, trump is appealing to trump because he is a kind of wheeler-dealer, making deals around the world with exxon. he doesn't have the political experience that other recent secretaries of state in modern history have, and so for some even republicans, that can be of concern, especially the big
12:27 pm
conflict of interest just because exxon is a huge obviously worldwide company. >> what do you make of these every move is pro russia? there's nothing that pushes back against vladimir putin. if there is one direction or other with this incoming administration it's in the favor of vladimir putin. does that say anything to you? >> that definitely seems to be the case so far negotiating egg back with the campaign trail with the rhetoric from now president-elect trump. if he is serious about wanting to have closer ties to russia, rex tillerson is the obvious pick because he has permanent tie -- personal ties with vladimir putin. if that's the direction trump wants to go, that is the case, whereas mitt romney, another secretary of state candidate, in the last days, was -- >> we government this week over the weekend the leak went to nbc news and they tweeted and it
12:28 pm
sent it out and then if your reporter and you have ties on the republican side you start getting these messages, like -- some of them i was getting were, oh, my god, can't believe this is happening. can't really be true. by monday they'll be dialing back on this. kept hearing that from people, different kinds of people who i can't quote on the air, sadly, but did you see there a possibility that rex tillerson might not make it as the there is no clearly a lot of opposition out there? >> as is the case with some of these top level cabinet picks, the leak is out there and then we see the initial pushback. the final determination -- it's not final until trump announces it so we can't rule out any other possibilities but it does seem like he is the leading candidate, and trump is intrigued by this view of the world and ties to russian. while a greet concern to democrats and round like mccain and marco rubio, don't seem to be an apparent concern
12:29 pm
to trump. even this coming at the time of the intelligence community really putting the blame on russia for the hacking over the summer of democratic groups. so all coming to a head at once. we'll see what kind of announcement trump makes and if russia is part of this decisionmaking. >> jesse burns, thank you. >> absolutely. >> the president-elect is doubling down on taiwan and beijing is now firing back? think problems with china would be, well, problematic? wait until you hear what the chinese have to say. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout.
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>> 0 fox report. witnesses say two young girls strapped with explosives blew up near a crowded market in northern nigeria. the blast injured 17 people.
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officials blamed boko haram. witness says the girl may have been as young as seven or eight-year-old old and in the attack on friday, two women suicide bombers killed 57 people. a big sinkhole swallowed a walkway in san francisco. the rain coming could make the problem worse. >> new video of firefighters in canada rescuing a moose in new brunswick. the crews use action -- axes to give space for the animal. it is now on the loose. the news continues right after this. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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>> the president-elect is catching heat from chinese for his tough talk about taiwan. trump says the chinese should be willing to make a deal if they don't want the united states to
12:35 pm
restore relations with taiwan. >> i fully understand the one china policy but i don't know why we should have to be bound with the policy unless we make a deal with china, including other things, including trade. we're being hurt badly by china with devaluation, with taxing us heavy at the border. >> beijing fired back, chinese-run newspaper called trump as ignorantas -- as a child and an official warns cooperation with be out of the question should the u.s. strengthen its ties with taiwan. a spokesman in beijing says there is no possibility for the two countries to grow their relation in key areas. for decades has foiled the one china policy. the united states recognizes taiwan as chinese territory, and america cannot have any official
12:36 pm
relations with the so-called rebels. president-elect trump broke from that protocol when the -- he took a phone call from tie at-the taiwan president. >> beijing is absolutely riled up about what president-elect trump had to say. the government spokesman went on to say beijing has serious concerns about any meddling with that one-china policy, going on to say, quote, we urge the u.s. leader and the government to fully understand the seriousness as the tie one issue. they're already taken aback about the phone call between trump and the taiwan president. the concerns about territorial integrity, if donald trump wanted to press beijing's button he certainly did. >> what are analysts are saying if the united states gets rid of the one-china policy.
12:37 pm
>> there are real concerns, shep. among regional experts that any jostling of this one-china policy status quo could destabilize and it could grossly destablize the u.s. and china relations. we heard from the white house just a short time ago saying it could hurt cooperation with china on areas of shared interest. still, critics say that china is so unhelpful on trade to north korea it might be helpful to give it a poke or two, but the stakes are high and the president-elect is going to be dealing with serious issues. >> thank you, greg palkot from london, let's bring in john busse. this is escalating? >> it is. the best case scenario is probably that trump wants to rattle china, wants to talk about a lot with them and this is a way to do that to say that we'll be talking bat -- about a
12:38 pm
lot of different issues weapon don't know because we don't have trump's patrol sis, whether this was a little bit of a spark, a one-off, whether it was long-term and intentional. i shows the president-elect is a dealmaker and no deal is ever finish. you bargain right down to payment date. this was a deal that was made in 1979. it was closed in 1979. there was recognition of china. there was accommodations made by china in return for us rescind ore diplomatic relations with taiwan. >> now trump wants it to be something different but there's a downside to that. >> there is and he is saying we have a lot to negotiate with them. on trade for sure there are tons of issues. lack of reciprocity, investment
12:39 pm
opportunities, indigenous innovation, transfer your technology. that was not part of the original understanding with china so there's a lot of really legitimate issues. national security i issues, regional security issues. when he raises currency it's weird because china lately has been trying to prop up its currency. it's not devaluing its currency. the market is devaluing the currency inch. in fast ball when donald trump raises check issues with china, rattle the diplomatic sword, it causes even more consternation about the chinese economy weakening and the chinese dollar continues to decline. china is trying to bolster it right now, buying dormrooms and selling -- buying dollars. not sure the currency issue -- china is fraught over tau juan. maybe it's trade. >> he seems to be siding in every circumstance we can
12:40 pm
document, talk facts -- no every circumstance he sides with putin and against china. >> yeah. remember, this was a campaign sort of run on issues related to china. you are losing your job to china. it's china's fault. our bad trade deals with china so not surprising he is coming out of the blocks with statements on no better way than to then the chinese sanctity and control over taiwan. major domestic political issue in china. the population supports a one, china policy. taiwan is part of china, this reverberates with china. >> the islamic state has retaken the ancient city of palmyra, months after syrian government
12:41 pm
troops claimed a major vic against the terrorists. the united states state department cannot confirm it, that's really neither here nor there. excuse me. 'tis the season. opposition activists say isis has been rounding up people in palmyra. they cut of the heads of statues and the cities ruins are thousands and thousands of years ol'. the tear yosts appeared to have time their push for pal -- palmyra will the government has been working with aleppo. >> the former congressman excused of using tax dollars to decorate his office is heading to court. he claims the accusations are lies. his instagram caught the attention of investigators. [ crowd noise ]
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12:46 pm
why not? you can see him jumping on a glacier, we all do. he also ticketed his congress office like "downton abbey." he stepped down after be questions about this spending. his lawyer says he had made mistakes with his bookkeeping. what kind of charges is he facing,. >> reporter: could be years in jail. he denies the allegations but this was a 24-count indictment last month and alleges all kinds of misuse of funds, including campaign funds and taxpayer funds. what is new is he will appear before a federal judge in springfield, illinois, the state capitol, for arraignment on the indictment. expected to enter a plea of not guilty to this indictment. he has denied the charges, as you say, but interesting that
12:47 pm
the indictment runs 52 pages long, and this is somebody who had been considered a rising star among republicans. his political career now over but he has a legal drama still playing out. >> the social media use makes this different than other congressional scandals. >> yes. you mentioned those photos that he was posting himself, showing his own exploits. that sort of provided -- there he is dancing the tango and also at music concerts out and about, rafting, visiting the great wall of china, even posing at one point with a penguin as well. and so that was almost like a road map for the fbi and other law enforcement officials to track all this down. as for "downton abbey," the bottom line is the architect of the capitol says -- you can see the office there, all in bright red and all of the extras he
12:48 pm
decorated his office with to look like the british show. the architect of the capitol says once the congressman or woman leaves office, all of that is painted over and redecorated. so you can be sure it no longer appears like that. >> ed henry, thank you. other former coining mon using a donor has a human atm is heading to prison. he was sentenced to ten years on dozens of corruption charges. he also has to pay more than $600,000 in fines. prosecutors say he used charity money to pay off his son's student loans. he also took an $18,000 bribe to help a friend become an ambassador. though at the friend didn't get the job. defense lawyers claim the former congressman had nothing to do with any of it. that's a quote. they said the feds based their case on testimony from his former political consultant who cut a plea de.
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>> the man who cops say shot two cops in georgia is now dead. investigators say police killed the guy after he opened fire on their fellow officers. happened this morning in byron, georgia, an hour and a half south of atlanta. investigators say eight officers from a drug task force went to a louse to serve a search warrant. nobody answered the door so the cops went in the back way.
12:53 pm
investigators say that's when the suspect started shooting and hit two officers before other cops shot him to dead. the wounded offers are expected to recover. >> some parts of the country feeling an arctic blast from canada, bringing snow and freezing weather. over the weekend. minnesota got a foot of show to. ten inches in detroit and eight in chicago and now it's heading east. forecasters warping warning of s low as 40 degrees below zero. just about everything, 30 degrees lower than normal. parts of me midwest and neared say it could be coldest of the century. more images. crews are dealing with the snow at the field from yesterday's game. this is the steelers game
12:54 pm
yesterday. and here's some -- from the stands. blackfield, michigan -- bloomfield, michigan, nor and west of detroit, a lot of snow to shovel. >> do you speak emoji? then thumb's up, brief case, dollar sign, that means lillian has found a job for you. there are not a lot of -- everybody needs a good job. lillian found a job. >> a firm in london is looking to hire an emoji translate you're. it's harder than you expect. the waving hand in america could mean hello or goodbye and in china it's a rudes way to say goodbye and we're not friends anymore. the firm wants somebody who can understand all the dynamics that go into emow gentlemen -- emojis. an example if this white flower thing and in japan it's a signal
12:55 pm
that mean goods job on your homework. the tiers of joy -- but context is everything so deading on the conversation it could mean you're laughing so hard and crying or landfill are in a self-dep pit -- deprecating way, and the story would be clout with the controversial praying hands or high-five hands. >> that's praying. >> always thought it was a high five. there's no real official word on it that i know of. some people claim to be official. >> you know how you get around this? just use the words. >> we could. >> we did that not very long ago. i'm trying to incorporate them, but especially with loud bang effects. >> the thumb's up i like. >> thank you. we be right back with a look at a new idea that forever changed the american road trip, giving
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families a place to rest up and take a break from the car.
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>> on this day in 1925 the first motel opened its doors in california. the owner designed so the get e guests could drive up to in the room. wanted to provide a cheaper option for americans who cooperate afford a hotel or didn't want to find parking the owner planned to built 18 motels along the west coast, from seattle to san diego. the great depression put an end to those plans. but his original idea does live after the first motor hotel opened for business, 91 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the dow is looking good again today. every day is a new record, as long as we keep going up. the dow up 36 on the session. we're getting a couple hundred points away from 20,000.
1:00 pm
the nasdaq and s&p down just a little bit, and oil is way up. neil cavuto knows everything business. he'll share if with you because he is a super nice guy. see you later. >> we are on top of the market advance, some curious ropes for today, and what dialed it back. first, on the increasing -- of a campaign to discredit the campaign. the clinton camp chairman, john podesta, is demanding a hearing for all the electors so they have a chance to hear what we know and don't know about the russians presumed involvement in hacking the election. now, not everyone is on board that it was the russians. our former ambassador to u.n., john bolton, says this was misconstrued when he said the russians might not be behind


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