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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the nasdaq and s&p down just a little bit, and oil is way up. neil cavuto knows everything business. he'll share if with you because he is a super nice guy. see you later. >> we are on top of the market advance, some curious ropes for today, and what dialed it back. first, on the increasing -- of a campaign to discredit the campaign. the clinton camp chairman, john podesta, is demanding a hearing for all the electors so they have a chance to hear what we know and don't know about the russians presumed involvement in hacking the election. now, not everyone is on board that it was the russians. our former ambassador to u.n., john bolton, says this was misconstrued when he said the russians might not be behind it. he is convinced somebody is but
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says we shouldn't jump to conclusions. >> i'm not saying the administration was responsible for the hack. do worry about the politicization of. [unintelligible] -- intelligence of this administration. it came out at a very con convenient time to conclude it was russia after a tie trump was criticized what he was saying about putin. >> the secretary of state job seems to be going to the exxonmobil chief, or -- byron, what is curious how quickly this snowballing into hearings they want done presumely before the 538 electors will immediate would decide the next president of the united states, and most of them are duty bound to the vote in hero state us. a way of prying a few off. >> there are lot of moving part
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here. on the electoral college thing. the electoral college meets monday, december 19th and their 538 people. electors who will be meeting in state capitols. trump has to get 270 of them to win. he won 306 on election day. if you do the math, if he were to lose 37 electors he would be downdown just below 2 0 andment would be pret president. that what a group called the hamilton electors, named after alex door hamilton have been trying to do for a good while and now latched on to this new news, these allegations, especially from the cia, that the russians interfered with the election, and now they're saying, wow, the electors can't vote without knowing more about this russian stuff and we have soon john podesta take their side. i think this is going to snowball in the next few days.
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>> they want to plant seeds of doubt. no one is denying that a country might have been trying to mess up our election, but no one has come up with proof that it messes up if the results. nevertheless, by raising this, the talk of the hearing and might with electors themselveses and giving them a private hearing on this, the intent is to do just that, right? >> well, the intent is to taint the election of donald trump and perhaps weaken him as he takes office. that's pretty clear here. >> byron -- i don't want touchydown but they keep calling it bipartisan and that john mccain is pushing for this, lindsay graham, about the poll role of the russians, saying they, too, want to discredit the election or turn at the results. that's not the case of those e. >> a mostly democratic effort but republicans, too. they're not denying that the russians made some sort of
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attempt to interfere or involve themselves or influence the election. they're not denying that. there are -- does appear to be a disagreement inside the intelligence community that the russian's specific intent was and their a difference between an attempt and actually influencing the election. there's no talk that the russians actually hacked any voting machines, changed vote totals and skeptics are suggesting that even if the russians did attempt to influence, it was a minor, minor factor, unless the republicans were so good that they got hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan until it was too late, got hillary clinton to refer to half of the hectorat as deplorables or made obamacare premiums and deductible goes sky high. so, there is, i think, some consensus that some foreign
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country, probably russia, tried to do something, buttoned that -- but beyond that there's a difference. >> wouldn't mean the elect would necessarily go to hillary clinton. it would be thrown into the public house and they decide. >> there's only one republican elector from texas who won't vote for trump but will vote for another republican. so the idea is to send it to the house but you have to -- >> mentioned john kashich of ohio -- would not flip to hillary clinton. >> no. if they fantasy to think that a republican controlled house filled with republicans from states that donald trump won, would ignore the guy with 306 electoral votes in favor of some anonymous person with zero electoral votes. just not going to happen. >> that's the michigan votes and surprising victory there and the 16 electoral votes provideed
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cushion. >> a former fbi assistant director with us. ron, goes back and forth between the cia and the fbi on their respective intelligence takes on this. who are we to trust or count on for reliable suspicions? >> that's a great question, neil. i think that they could be -- we could be in a situation where the different agencies are relying on different intelligence to form the basis of their individual opinion. that could be the cia has deeper access to sources and methods that are their own, that they're protecting from others, and they should. and then drawing their conclusions on sources and methods that the fbi dot nat -- does not have immediate access to, or the fbi is more cautious. no doubt in counter, when we talk about a beyond a reasonable
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doubt situation, the standard, the burden of proof issue is much, much higher, but here we're not talking about convicting somebody. we're talking about al intelligence assetment there should be a gathering among the intelligence agencies to say here's our understanding what happened and what our conclusions are, and forming agreement around the conclusions. >> you know, they're not waiting for that, ron i don't care whose side you're on in this intelligence -- not you specifically but anyone -- that they howth ought to be on the same page. what gives me pause when i see there's no pause on the part of some politicians who are leeching at the chance to have a hearing, or meet separately with all the elector toes -- to what end? you want to plant seeds of doubt? >> i would absolutely agree with the proposition that the government ought to have a
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wholeisic, detailed, meaningful approach to understanding the russian cyber threat. the russian influence threat. and i don't think that has happened. moreover, i think the u.s. government ought to have a systemic policy-driven approach to how to respond. frankly, think that's yet another failure of this obama administration, that there isn't such an approach, such a unified understanding and policy decision as to how we're going to approach these indrugses and respond to them. >> no one is open to the possibility that maybe we could all be set up here, something as was laughed at that first when john bolton races raised it but tried to clarify. >> it's entirely possible that it is a false flag operation, that somebody planted evidence -- >> who plant it?
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>> another country, china, iran, north korea, for reasons of their own. >> but you are saying that they say that a country potentially hacks into our election. >> i think russia is entirely capable of doing it. >> no doubt, john bolton has no doubt our election system was hacked by somebody. >> i don't see any evidence to the contrary. >> he is also saying there is that it wouldn't be beyond the russians to do something dumb like that, and leave their fingerprints on it, would not be in keeping with their past, but you would also leave yourself open to here's your firefighters on it and its look -- your fingerprints on it. >> our intelligence community is smart and would me able to detect the false flag. a piece that looks obvious is that the influence was perhaps by wikileaks. so, with the false flag be the russians trickling this information outs' making the dna
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look like it was wikileaks. we heard of some intrusions in state election systems but those are so disconnected they don't have a chance of influencing the election. so it is very valuable that mare take a look at what russia was up to, what their intent was, but as you said, think a lot of this today comes back to politics, to discrediting the president-elect. we're hearing the different sides based on the politics of who wrote the piece. let's take a comprehensive look but let the process go forward. >> you couldn't get that fully answered and then a sudden mad dash to make sheer the electors are previousy to this. ron, thank you very much. if any of this is having the markets doubt whether our constitutional system is crumble, they have a funny way of showing it. the dow 200 points.
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this is how the markets have fared since the other lex of donald trump five weeks ago tomorrow. this in the face of oil prices rocketing ahead. $52.83 a barrel now. a number of analysts saying, click the former head of shell oil, sees oil prices around $75 a barrel by the end of the year, this end of this year, three weeks away. not even. not everyone is of that opinion but is a reminder how volatile the situation is, that even the face of that the bull rampages on. still waiting to hear from president-elect trump and who is going to pick as secretary of state. rex tillerson is the front runner. but you say you can't have a guy that steeped in business to run a major department like that, do go back in time to john f. kennedy and that guy who was running his defense department. talk about estopped in business. -- steeped in business. more after this.
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well, if it is exxonmobil cheech rex tillerson the next secretary of state the worry is something like this. that he'll beholding to the energy industry than his open -- well -- citizens in america. something that sticks in the craws of liberals who thinks
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twice about business titans. of course they pick and chew. but a reminder how much mr. tillerson looks after his shareholds was evident when we talked to him about the business and energy in general. >> in the case of ex-son, exxonmobil we have built the company to deal with large corrections and be an important energy supplier today and the future. >> that's the fear, he will be beholding to this energy share holders and more particularly big oil than he will be the country. but no one raised that when it came to the choices in the john f. kennedy cabinet. there was again a no concern mcs the death of defense would deanything that would benefit ford at the expense of the country. you can criticize mr. mcnamara
1:17 pm
but ties to ford and whether he was doing something in the interest is not one of them. the uva senator for politics, the kennedy half century where he looks a at this and history it coming. a what due like are to the detroit sympathies guy will be beholding to his old industry? >> that's not been the practice in past presidencies youch mentioned john f. kennedy. he actually had four senior businessmen in his cabinet. you mentioned bob mc -- mcnamara at defendant and that was haled of a way to get ahold of the defense debt -- depth which was sprawling, douglas dillon, the treasury secretary, who hodges who was the governor of north carolina but off of the cotton industry, and the
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postmaster genoas a lawyer and a businessman. that was considered good practice and as i look back at a whole series of presidencies there hasn't been one without a senior businessman or woman in at least one cabinet position, usually multiple positions. >> mcna marry would was worried- -- mcna rare a was concerned he didn't hey andens but kennedy i didn't he experience for my job. is there more scrutiny for republicans or do we forget that? fault the kennedy cabinet for a lot of things. the fact they were slaves to respective industries wasn't one of them. >> yeah itch think that -- i happen to know mr. tillerson a bit. talked with him in washington and also in houston over the years, long before his apparent nomination for secretary of state. i think when people get a chance
1:19 pm
to talk with him and know him, they will see that while certainly he spent his career at exxonmobil, that is hardly limiting. it is a multinational corporation, one of the largest companies in the world. they actually have their own foreign policy. >> they do, really. he visited more countries than all the other candidate being mentioned combined, which is the nature of the multination conglomerate but he will only have one view. what comes up in the discussion is you have more and pour people in a trump administration who had barely an under kind word to say about russia and rut vladimir putin hences that shows they'll be puppets for putin. >> i say people can change their positions depending on the position they're in. that old line about where you stand departments on where you sit. his exxonmobil career will be over and he'll have another
1:20 pm
job and the policies will be set by the president of the united states, who we all learned that donald trump is not a shrinking violet. don't think he's going to turn to tillerson, if i it is tillerson and say, rex, you set all the u.s. policies toward all the other countries. that not going to happen. he has a lot to say about and it so will the national security adviser. >> professor, always a pleasure, my friend. thank you. >> thank you. >> one week away from the electoral college vote and now, now, you have no less than john podesta, running hillary clinton's campaign, saying, we think it's a good idea you have your own intelligence briefing on the hacking thing. just saying. which has u.s. just wondering. what's behind this -
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well, you know, say this about donald trump but when he goes after one government contractor, like boeing lyric goes after others. so a fair and balanced -- what he considered to be overpriced items, including in the case of lockheed martin the f-35 fighter program. he says the cost are out of control. this little more than a week after saying of boeing, $4 billion for air force one? are you kidding? so here we go now and one week away from the electoral college on who becomes the next secretary of state. 2010ing that elector toes should block donald trump. we're five weeks from the gnawing separation the president-elect is unhinged. the electoral college must do
1:25 pm
what they're designed to do. judge, this has nothing to do with russian hacking, everything to do with this guy finding donald trump -- doesn't think electors into reflect the vote in their states. >> who can get into his mindset. you might have some success when you interview him tomorrow. here's where we stand as of today. there are two lawsuits, one in colorado and one in the state of washington, in which trump electors have filed lawsuits against the governors and the secretaries of state of those respective states, in federal court, asking the federal court to invalidate the state statutes which bind them to vote for trump because they were put on the ballot and on the ballot they promised to vote for trump. their rearry is, their argument
1:26 pm
is, that historically the electoral college came about so that the electors, the members of the come, would be free to vote for whomever they want as long as the person were a candidate for president, and there's historical basis for that. but over the years, the law has morphed into, thou shalt vote for the person for whom thou told the voters would vote for. >> judge, we're getting a statement from john podesta, who ran hillary clinton's campaign. the gist, the bipartisan electorate raises abrave issue regarding national secure. electors have a solemn responsibility to the constitution. he is talking about having a briefing for the electors ahead of their gathering next week so they can hear what we now know, whether it's at or a lot, about the russian involvement in
1:27 pm
potentially hacking the elect. no conclusion whether that would tip the vote but clearly casting doubt in their minds. >> on this i share the president-elect's view, that much of this is not based in fact and it's not based in evidence. it's based in an emotional unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election, neil. look, the electors are supposed to vote for the person for whom they promised vote. there is obviously evidence of serious hacking of democratic work -- party work and republican party work, and there's some evidence that the russians were behind it. there are 16 known intelligence agencies in the united states, and god knows how many secret ones. the president-elect has seen some briefings, and he has chosen not to believe the same ones of "the new york times" and the "washington post" believe. he has to have the benefit of the doubt because he will soon
1:28 pm
be -- ready for this -- the chief intelligence officer of the united states of america. the law does not guarantee a perfect election. it guarantees a fair eye lex -- election there has been no evidence to demonstrate the hacking was a hacking hacking oe totals. may have changed some voters' attitudes about donald trump and hillary clinton. >> what if it did and donald trump is sworn in as president. what if it did? >> well, look, if there's evidence that the electors in a given state were not truly elected, because the russians or some foreign entity fooled around with the outcome, then the government of the united states of america hat a positive duty determine that before next monday, november after it, but before. >> even if discovered after the fact. not trying to make -- get ahead
1:29 pm
of it. we're in a real quagmire. >> discovered after the fact, too little, too late. he ifs not the president-elect today but will be the president-elect a week from today, once those electoral ballots are cast. >> soothly talk about elect temperatures getting information is all about planting the seeds of doubt. >> the seeds are being planted by those who want to undermine the legal basis for his presidency because they voted for hillary. >> it is wild. judge, always the best. thank you, my friend. >> you're welcome. >> soviet leaders are open to this another of a russia probe. that's next. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score...
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>> so many people are just now digging out from the snow this weekend but there's another arctic blast coming, and it's going to make this one seem like hawai'i. not quite but i want you just thinking of that.
1:33 pm
mitch mcconnell says he backs investigation into the possible enter phoenix -- interference in the to u elects. >> the committee is more than capable of conducting a complete review of this matter. i agree with senators schumacher, chairman mccain, b
1:34 pm
ryu and others, this can note be a partisan issue. the russians or not our friends. >> house speaker ryan supporting this, and scalise at trump towers. his thoughts on what donald trump has been saying about this if think, congressman -- good to have you -- donald trump said much ado about nothing here. but nevertheless he investigations are going to go on. is it your sense that these investigates will reveal that this tipped the election to donald trump? >> i don't think there's any involvement by russia that tipped in the election. the american people spoke loudly. they wanted change and didn't want hillary clinton and wanted donald trump and responded to his message. had a message of making america great again. >> so what you make of the democrats democrats who seem me saying we went the elector toes to get the information and whatever routes
1:35 pm
so they can assess this a ahead of their meeting on deciding who will be the next president of the united states. >> it was a overwhelming victory by donald trump. to be president. one state that hadn't been won by republicans in money pull soils, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. i was historical because people responded this message. the dem contracts just elected nancy pelosi as their leader. they're planning the first 100 days andon to get our country moving again to create jobs and get the middle class back engaged in a where where are president obama's policies have left them behind and shipped jobs overseas. >> you're convinced there's nothing in there whether the russians were behind trying to mess up our elections or not -- that didn't ghetto point that they -- get to the point where they flipped to results. >> no. the secretary of state across the countries. >> what too you have to prove.
1:36 pm
>> let's get the facts out but i'd like to see us look into other countries hat hack into america. it's not just russia. your i have north korea, china, hacking into the department stores, corporations, american individual data of americans. so,ow have had hacking a problem for a long time, not just russia. maybe barack obamas only getting interested now but this has been a problem for a long time. let's look into it but the american people decided this election and said they wanted donald trump to be in the next president, and we're already making plans to work with president-elect trump to get our country moving again and that's what people want. focus on jobs, strengthening security. addressing the real problems that matter to everyday americans. >> whatever the investigations reveal, there is something to the speed element that john podesta, who ran the clinton campaign, wanted to get the electors aware of whatever you guys know before next week.
1:37 pm
obviously to affect their vote. >> that's a ruse. they're trying to undermind the results of what the american people revoted on. first the said let's have a recount but that didn't go anywhere. then they said let's try to contort the electors and maybe they'll ask the supreme court justices not to swear donald trump in on january 20th. that's not going to work either. look, at the end of the day they lost bad alive because hey that a flawed candidate and donald trump had a message that resonated with millions of americans, many of whom felt like they were then the sidelines and donald trump said we're going to be your voice and we're getting this country moving good 'and if they want to work with us and create jobs, we're willing to work with. the but i they want to fight battles that were lost, shows you why they're out of touch with the american people.
1:38 pm
>> does it worry you that appointees in the trump cabinet that however connects with russian, in the face of rex tillerson or said kind things about and to putin that would be an an administration less disposed to criticizing either/or both. >> most people recognize this administration is going to be more aggressive at standing up for america. barack obama watched the creation of isis and expansion of it to the point where they're attacking us one our homeland mulling pel -- multiple tie. watching iran getting to having nucleares. that happened under barack obama's watch. look at rex tillerson, incredibly respected as a person who has negotiated complex international agreements. that's the experience you want in the secretary of state. if you compare rex tillerson,
1:39 pm
the only person with mow experience dealing with russian is henry kissinger. nobody is knocking kissinger because the knows how to deal with russia. >> all right. congressman, thank you. we'll watch very closely. we did just catch as the congressman some i were chatting here the famous elevator scene on the floor at trump tower moments ago. former texas governor rick perry, widely rumored to be the choice of energy secretary. we'll see. one thing it very clear, among the names, not a one was an early rabid supporter. not a one. after this. ♪
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my desire to be in the cabinet was great but wasn't that great, and he had a lot of terrific candidates, and i thought i could play a better role being on the outside and continuing to be his close friend and adviser. >> much has been -- no way to hid the trump tower going in or out. you can try different entrances. did you find this process demeaning or others have said
1:44 pm
you can't escape the glare, what? >> i found it transparent, which i think is good. put me aside, would i rather go in privately and have is discussed privately, me as a person? probably. but from the point of view of the public and the job that all you have to do, and looking at candidate, i think think it's a be way to do it. >> rudy giuliani will not be serving a role in this administration nor will chit -- chris christie, interior will newt gingrich. up in having a role with the administration of donald trump. what do you think. >> i think it's actually quite refreshing that donald trump isn't just picking from a pool of his loyalists who were there by his side from the beginning. he's keeping an open mine and bringing in a wide array of people. today we saw car lay fiorina -- carly fiorina, a big rival, and
1:45 pm
he brought her no for a meeting itch think that's refreshing and if the shoe were on the other foot and put in all these people like giuliani and chit chit -- chit -- chris christie, we would say this i cronyism. >> he gets the rap for being thin-skinned, whether it's a skit on "saturday night live" but these appointments appear to indicate just the opposite. a lot of the people who have joined him, people who didn't flip over him in the beginning, and some as recently as a few week others were saying awful things about him, and yet he is above that or trying to find a way that they can be a part of things here. is it the guy who is responding to the snl skits and tweets that are nasty or this?
1:46 pm
>> i think trump is very good at -- it's not personal, it's business, and once the campaign is over, he is getting down to work. who is the best person for the job. who will be the best secretary of state in his mind? for his agent. -- for his agenda. we saw him bringing in al gore dish. >> but not for a cabinet position. pick -- rick perry said some nasty stuff. they all did, and some, including -- were not big backers of his early in the campaign and now are -- our ambassador to the u.n. shows he is magnanimous or does the draw the line at nasty stuff like mitt romney saying he is a cheat and a -- flawed or others who
1:47 pm
said less. >> mitt romney comes in line for his big backers and his inner circle. they were more offended by what mitt romney said during the campaign, which they're the people that are saying, you cannot nominate this guy because of all the things he said and crossing the line. i don't now if trump -- if he ron -- mitt romney was the best guy for the job aid side from what he said. donald trump is willing to get past it. i think he doesn't take it too personally at the end of oday. >> something is indicate that because the picks are indicating that. good to see you. >> now think oil prices are high now, what if i told you 75 bucks a barrel and told you before the year is out? before this year is out? after this. i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke
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>> by the end of the year we'll be at 75. >> we have another 22 bucks to go in the next few weeks. >> i think oil is very bullish. >> that's the former gulf oil ceo saying get ready for $75 oil. that would be a 50% runup from now. >> i think he has his years messed up. i think he is a year early. think we'll see 75 next year but i don't disagree with him what happen this weekend is very bullish for oil. we could see $60 a barrel by the
1:52 pm
end of the year easily. 65 maybe in the first quarter -- >> he didn't say in those exact words but akip -- akip to the stop market. >> we're going to melt up, it's a question of how quickly. this oil market is excited about a donald trump presidency. excise it beside the expectations of more demand, and now you have the reemer yeps of opec as a factor in oil prices, not because reemergence of opec as a factor in oil prices. not because of themselves because they were able for the second time in history to work with non opec nations like russia, like mexico to work together to cut production and -- >> that's short lived. history suggests that they can't keep to that too long but i guess this is longer than of late. >> well, we know they're going to cheapen. they have to be good for a
1:53 pm
little while. the market has an imbalance deal. >> i see, i see. >> every time they cut production in history, prices gone up. cheat or not xaeting. it seems to get the market to get a little bit of a boost and people use more and higherices. >> what will be the spillover effect if it holds? heating oil and gasoline. what do you foresee? >> gasoline prices go up every day since opec looked like a deal 15 days ago. heating bills go up. no doubt about it. it's not all bad news, neil. u.s. energy producers took it on the chin and we helped bury the u.s. energy producer. this brings a lot of jobs back to america and the donald trump presidency means a new energy boom in the u.s. >> phil, thank you, my friend. >> thank you. all right. we are getting word now from pennsylvania department of state
1:54 pm
that it's certified the presidential election results after federal judge rejected jill stein, remember, the independent party candidate's, recount effort. pennsylvania stands right now. the green party, i should say. that will stand. pennsylvania no more recounts there. they really hadn't gotten off the ground and if you were caught in, by the way, the wicked weather this week, you had a tough time getting off the ground flying. good news is that's behind you. even worse, even worse weather is coming up. kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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introducing walkabout it's our best deal ever. tender center-cut sirloin. or chicken on the barbie, fries or draft beer or a coke all for just $9.99. only for a limited time. so don't walk, run to outback. all right. looking at a live shot of chicago where it's cold, snowy and more could be on the way. regina miller, meteorologist, brace us. what are we looking at? >> well, neil, you know what? winter isn't officially here yet but the winter cold is going to be blasting in so buckle up.
1:58 pm
we are already seeing the cold air into bismarck. 2 degrees there. 6 into minneapolis. 17 degrees right now in chicago. so, cold there. it is going to continue to press southward. in fact, some of the coldest air with the architectist blast heading in for the midweek. some of the coldest air in many locations since february of last winter. so, some of the real feel temperatures for your tuesday, places like chicago, madison, also into sioux falls, it is going to feel like -- this is where you factor in the wind with the actual temperatures, it is going to feel like the single digits and northern north dakota, northern minnesota, it is going to feel like it's in the minus teens for tuesday and then that cold front presses eastward. by wednesday night, the leading edge of it is impacting places like buffalo, back to pittsburgh. that's where we see that cold blast coming in and then thursday it moves off the coast so the northeast gets the colder
1:59 pm
air pushing in, as well. plus, with the plunge and then the cold air, gusty winds across the lakes and lake-effect snow showers, flurries, could create slick spots in the northeast going into the thursday late commute. maybe some of the cities. but look at the real feel. it will feel like it's in the teens in new york and d.c.. buffalo back to pittsburgh, minus teens. neil? >> all right. so regina, say hypothetically you live around northern new jersey and the kids ask a white christmas. you say -- >> northern new jersey, did you say? >> yes. >> you know what? it's been pretty cold, neil. >> i know that. >> i would hedge on the side that maybe. >> really? >> we could. >> don't go overboard here. don't commit. regina, thank you very, very much. good to have you. it's going to be a white christmas! maybe. all right.
2:00 pm
one last peek at the dow here. record territory. you know the drill here. everyone seems to be waiting for 20,000. it wouldn't take that much of a leap. take my word for it. we are little more than 200 points away. so man oh man, i hope, santa, you're watching. after this. hi, i'm greg, ebony, eric and a walnut is bicycle walnut is dana perino. the five. you got the hand it to the russians. so russian. according to the cia, that big lovable bear of a country tampered with the elections to help mr. trump win. the's no evidence of coordination. without that, this is just suspicion. there may be proof they tried to do it but none that they succeeded. but let's be honest. how would we react if the situation were reversed and hillary won


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